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Anse, and other places on the Lake, the
IndMms had commenced buying, with
their annuities, small farms with a view
of permanent settlement. Their children
were being educated, and they surround
themselves with a thousand comforts
that were unknown to their old roving
life; when about two years ago an order
was issued from the Indian Department
lor the removal of their Agency from La
ointe to Sandy Lake on the Mississippi;
and as a consequence the Indians were to
tollow or lose their annuities. At the
same time the offices of Government
larmer, carpenter and blacksmith were
abolished on the Lake, and they were de
nied the use, all at once, of the Govern
m®nt farming and mechanical utensils.
The Indians protested against this breach
of good faith on the part of the Govern
ment, and petition after petition went
lrom the Indians and the whites along the
Lake for a reconsideration of the unjust
and unwise order; but all as yet to no
purpose. The Agency was removed at
an immense and useless expense to the
Government—the Indians from the Anse
and other places would not give up their
homes and their privileges for the mere
pittance that the Government doled out
to them in the shape of annuities, and for
two years they have received little or
nothing from the annual payments pledg
ed to them by their Great Father.—
Without entering further into the partic
ulars of this miserable affair, we take the
liberty to say that the practice of the
Government of late toward the Indians
has been directly opposed to its long es
tablished policy. An awful wrong has
been committed, and the Government
should see to it, that this foul stain on
our national name be forthwith removed.
Let the Government inquire into the
cause of this order for their removal, and
inquire who is benefitted by this injus
tice ; let the acts of her Agents and her
Agents’ Agents be fully and thoroughly
scanned, till it is seen at whose door lies
the blame for this disgraceful proceed
Although the Indians need their annu
ities for the purpose of buying homes
and educating their children, the great
majority of them will sooner lose them
than remove to the Mississippi. If the
Government wishes to exterminate them
outright, she should force them into this
removal, but if it still be her policy to
elevate their condition, to do what will
be for their present and everlasting wel
fare, this order lor their removal will yet
be reconsidered, and a more humane
course be adopted. Many of the Indians
at this place read and write their own
and some ol them the English language.
Father Baraga, of the Catholic Mission,
has recently published a grammar of the
“ Otchipwe Language,” a work of 570
pages, which is likely to be of service in
the study of Ihcir language. He is now
engaged at a lexicon, which, like the
Grammar, will be the most extensive ever
published in the Chippewa language.—
The first part is now ready for the press,
and contains 1,0-11 manuscript pages ; he
has done considerable at the second part,
and thinks he will have it ready for pub
lication in a year from this time.
Here is another one of the numerous
exhibitions of ignorance in regard to In
dian affairs in the West, which we daily
see manifested by Eastern editors. The
editor of the Lake Superior Journal
doubtless had a motive in writing the
above article, and that motive was not the
present and eventual welfare of the Indi
ans. Those as conversant with such
matters as arc our home readers, need
not be told what that motive was. It is
only necessary to note with what stress
he dwells upon the fact, that the pay
ments are no longer made at La Pointe.—
“Aye, there’s the rub!” But the article is
copied into the New York Tribune—
from which we extract it—and other
Eastern papers of pliilanfhrophic or re
ligious disposition, as a glaring instance
of the brutality of the Government and
Government officers towards the Indians.
The reverse is exactly the fact. The re
moval of the Agency and the Indians
from Lake Superior is an act strictly in
accordance with treaty stipulations, and
undoubtedly greatly for the ultimate bene
fit of the Chippewas. The idea that
they will be more open to debasement by
the presence of evil influences among the
far-off wilds about the sources of the
Mississippi, than at their old homes, is
“all in your eye.” The very position
of the shores of Lake Superior, situated
60 much farther east, and within the bor
ders of a rapidly populating State, contra
dicts the presumption effectually.
W A Silt NGTO.V , Aug. 6.
The Washington papers of this A. M.,
publish telegraphic despatches received
yesterday from Commodore Perry, of the
steamship Mississippi, to the Secretary of
the Navy. They arc dated East port, and
say: “ I have been collecting all the infor
mation possible to be obtained, and every
thing indicates a favorable issue. I shall
leave for St. Johns, N. 8., to-morrow —
the fog permitting.
Arkansas Election.
Memphis, Aug. 5.
Lovejoy, Whig, is elected to the Leg
islature in Crittenden county, Arkansas.
The regular Democratic nominee for Gov
ernor, ahead as far as heard from. Re
turns come in very slowly,
New York, Aug. 6—2 P. M.
Capt. Wilson, of the schooner Mary
B. Knapp, from Cape Hayti, 22d of July,
reports that a malignant epidemic was ra-
S’ng when he left—it somewhat resem
ed the plague in its effects, carrying off
large numbers of the inhabitants of the
lowa Legislature. —lt is probable
that the Whigs have not carried either
branch of the lowa Legislature, though
they have taken a strong step towards it.
At the last accounts, 29 of the new mem
bers elected were ascertained to be
Advance in Thi Beef and Pork
Market. The New York Express says
there has been a gradual advance in the
prices of Pork and Beef in their market
tor some weeks past; and the figures, as
now quoted in the daily commercial report
are higher than they have been for twen
ty years past. The stock on hand just
now, is said to be very light, but the ad
vance is not attributable to this fact so
much as an inadequate supply from the
West. Since last spring, mess beef has
gone up from sll to $lB 55, and mess
pork sl4 to S2O. The export to Europe
is not much greater at present than is
ordinarily the case.
The New York Evening Post says
that there will be a very extended crop
of the flax this year, raised purposely,
with a view to its application, by means
of Claussen's invention, to the production
of flax-co'ton goods. In another month
the crop will be harvested and on sale,
and large preparations are making for its
manufacture. It will be mixed with cot
ton or wool to a considerable extent, and
produce a great reduction in the cost. In
Connecticut it will be first tried. In all
the Eastern States, many Western and a
few Southern, the patent obtained in this
country by Claussen has been purchased.
At the late election in lowa, seven ed
itors were candidates for office—two
Whigs and five Locos. The two Whigs,
it is said, were elected, the five Locos
Thompson’s Bank Note Reporter quotes
Land Warrants as follows:
Buying. Selling.
160 acre warrants, $l4O $144
80 “ “ 70 72
40 “ “ 35 36
North of lowa. —lt is probable, that
Montgomery and Garber, Whigs, are
elected Representatives in Clayton coun
ty, and it is reported that Harrison, Whig,
has about 500 majority for the Senate.—
Alamakee, likewise, gave a large Whig
majority, considering its age.
The weather continues fair, with cool
nights and warm days. Both corn and
potatoes arc suffering for want of rain.—
A gentleman just returned from the east
informs us, that the drought does not ex
tend far in that direction. —Gabna Adv.
Louisiana.— The Louisiana Slate Con
vention adopted the new Constitution by
a vote of 98 to 8. The Slate election is
fixed for the 27th December.
Pittsburgh, Aug. 9, 1852,
The Delegates to the Free Soil National
Convention are assembling in great num
bers. The hotels are already nearly
tilled. Ohio, Pennsylvania. Illinois,Wis
consin and Kentucky are largely repre
sented. Seven Delegates arc here from
Maryland; twenty-seven l'rcm Wiscon
sin. Among the arrivals are Messrs.
Giddings and Judge Spalding, of Ohio;
Rodney French and Charles F. Adams,
Mass ; Lewis Tappan, New York, and
Rev. Dr. Brisbane, Cincinnati. Several
other prominent men are expected to
morrow. To-morrow will be spent in
caucusing. It appears to be the general
determination to nominate Hale, notwith
standing his declination, and thus throw
on him the responsibility of breaking up
the party, if it is to be broken up. Messrs.
Giddings, Spalding and Lewis, of Ohio,
arc spoken of for Vice President.
Base Counterfeit.— We were shown
yesterday morning, some counterfeit half
eagles, made of a villainous compound of
lead washed with gold. Any one can
tell them by the light weight; but if this
test is not satisfactory, they can be bent
double like a piece of soft lead. We are
told that large numbers of them have been
passed off to raftsmen, in exchange for
paper, though the counterfeit is so base,
we should think no one need be deceived
by them. The community should be on
their guard, and the police on the alert to
grab the auduc'ous villains who own the
mint. They should be made to know,
that their criminal work was the hardest
kind of work, and that they, after all,
make but little money by their money
making.—Galena Mv.
An Irish paper says, that among those
mortally wounded at Waterloo, was Ma
jor O’Brien, afterwards Mayor of Dub
Rats vs. Dog.— The Louisville Jour
nal says a terrier dog was actually killed
by a number of rats in that city last week.
They attacked him with fury, and, though
many were slain, others supplied their
places. The dog fought his natural ene
mies valiantly, and died, like Macbeth,
" with harness on his back.”
Monument to Aaron Durr.— The
Princeton Whig says that a neat and plain
monument of marble has been erected
over the grave of Aaron Burr, lately.
The inscription is “Aaron Burr, born
Feb, 6th, 1756, died Sept. 14th, 1836.
A Colonel in the army of the Revolution.
Vice President of the United States, from
1801 to 1805.”
The Benefits of Advertising.— A
merchant in one of our northern cities
lately put an advertisement in a paper
headed—“ A boy wanted.” The next
morning he found a band-box on the door
step, with this inscription on the top—
“ How will this one answer ?” On
opening it he found a nice, fat, chubby
specimen of the article he wanted , warm
ly done up in flannel.
American Sunday School Union.—
At the last stated meeting of the Board
of Managers, held July 21st, reports
were received from fifty-one missionaries,
laboring in fourteen different States.—
These reports of a month’s missionary
labor show the following results :
New schools organized, 3/3
Schools visited, 396
Teachers in these schools, 5,448
Pupils, 35,360
Society’s publications sold, .$6,301 08
do do given away, 1,327 44
Intelligence has been received of the
safe arrival at Panama of Rev. A. H.
Myers, the society’s agent on the Pacific
Another Suspension. —The publish
ers of the Southern Press, Washington
City, will suspend issue, owing to want
of funds to carry it on.
Cholera at Harrisburgii.— Late ac
counts say that the cholera has broken
out at Harrisburgii, Pa., and that several
deaths have occurred.
Cor. Third and Cedar sis., St. Paul.
T'HIS Gallery was built expressly for
nr-iT an.l Is furnished with the VERY
of Apparatus. The light is arrange,l upon the most
i P t h iclenUUc Principles. Thu proprietor uses his
nair „ '' ur .“„ to plcas “ n “’ se «*>“ favor him with their
, An are respectfully Invited to call and ex
amine specimens. 19
r OCKETS! LOCKETS !—Splendid
Gold Lockets at extremely low prices at
Pocket Editions of Nature.
OTllttle < F , l n« k *v! T« S, ' l o" tho " y Fi,Us > “Mlnne-ha-ha,”
sola sC ne'rv » ® ncl,to *' °tl,er U-autilul Mlnne-
Thlnl and Coclar struts,"saint*Pmm' * U ‘“ ltry ’ CUr “ er uf
These views have been procured" with great la,sir in.l
not* ’"S' anJ ot^ecuthmVm,-
examlne sis-dmens "‘vited to cal. and
August 21, 1852. ..
XT AS received by recent arrivals a large
~ addition to his previously well selected stock of
Drugs, t hemleals, Perfum-rv, Essential Oils and Pat-mt
Medicines, at his drug store, comer Fifth and Jackson."
TJIIVSICIANS will be supplied, also
1 dealers In Drugs or Patent Medicines, on as good
terms ns they can effect purchns s by sending to Galena.
I will sell at Galena prices without the addition of trans
portation. JARVIS, Druggist.
T WILL contract for the construction of
A some 300 to 600 drawers; ahn, for new fixtures and
counters. Apply to JAVRIS, Firth st.
X. B. Terms cash on the completion of the work.
TRISH MOSS, a very superior article,
A Just received and for sale in the “Muiturn in Parvo”
Drug Store.
OONGRESS WATER— another lot
has arrived of the genuine. For sale bv (lie bode
or dozen. JARVIS, Apoth’y.
OBBLS. BLLE LICK, fresh from the
“Springs”—for sale by the glass or gallon.
JARVIS, Druggist.
piLLS ! PILLS ! PlLLS!!—Wright’s
Indian Vegetable, Brandreth’s, Mortal’s, Cra-fen
burgh, Lee’s, Cook's, Dr. Javm’s, I)r. Soules’, Parr’s Life,
Hooper’s Female, Sugar Coated, ami Dr. Davis' Antihill
ious Pills—for sale at the Patent Medicine Store, corner
sth and Jackson.
A and delicious article at the Fifth st. DRUG STORE.
From 230 deg.
A- down to 10 deg. below Zero—for sale by JARVIS.
DR. GREEN’S Oxygenated Bitters are
a never-falling remedy for Dyspepsia—for sale by
"OEPSIN, the genuine article, 75 cents
A per bottle, for sale by JARVIS, Aiwthecary.
T' XTRACT of Bene Plant unequaled
AJ by any other medicine for the cure of Dvsentery and
Diarrhea. MULTUM IX PARVO Drug sto're.
A YRE’S Cherry Pectoral, Wistar’s
d A Balsam of Wild Cherry, Perry Davis' Pain Killer,
and pure Port Wine juice lor invalids; at the
Fifth Street DRUG STORE.
JARVIS’ Anti-Corrosive Steel Pen Ink,
for sale wholesale and retail at the
TIOOD Pickles require good Vinegar,
VJ Mace, Cloves, Ginger, Allspice, Mustard seed, black
pepper and alum ; all which can be purchased low at the
Family Medicine store, cor. Fifth and Jackson.
'TEAS, black or green and mixed, the
-A- choicest lot ever brought to Minnesota from mixed
at 45 cts per lb., to the very best Imperial at 80 cts per
lb. For sale at JARVIt’ Drug store.
14LASTERS—Poor man’s, Jew David’s
l Badeau’s, Dailey’s pain Extractor, Cauthardlne Tis
sue. Conklin’s Salve. Corn pla-t. r; all hi lug superior ar
ticles. For sale at the patent medicine store, corner of
Fifth and Jackson. JARVIS.
Fresh Groceries.
\ \ E have received, per Eavclsiui, c«
* * very large stock of every thing in our line, which
we will sell on our usual accommodating terms.
WUCIARS of every description, of the
best qualiy an«l large quantity. Just received by
CODA and Butter Crackers, just re-
|\/| OLASSES.—N. O. and S. H. Mo
t lapses, fur sale by REV & FARMER.
VA, OODEN WARE of all descriptions
' ' for sale by REV H FARMER.
» ■ excellent article, for sale by REY & FARMER#
DRIED APPLES—just received by
St. Paul Ho lime.
'THIS House, formerly kept by J. W.
-* Bass, being the original hotel of St. l*aul. at the corner
of Thin! an«l Jackson st*., opposite the Minnesota Outfit,
is thoroughly repaired, and remodeled, anil with the addi
tions now made to It, Is one of the most spacious and con
venient hotels In town. Having taken a lease of it, and
fitted it up throughout with new furniture, 1 invite the
traveling public to call upon me; believing they will find
this house equal to the best, In all respect*. The charges
will be very moderate. GEORGK WELLS.
St. Paul, July 31, 1852. 46y
F. E. Collins,
Auction and Commission Merchant,
Saint Paul, Minnesota Territory,
In the three story Brick store, Third St., opjjosite W. n.
Forbes’ Outfit.
HAVING received a regular License
from the Town Board, which I have paid for , I
am prepared to sell real estate or other property, at Public
Auction ;rt ail tlmes and places.
Saint Paul, July 31, 1852. F. E. COLLIN'S.
Notice to Pre-Emption
I’ HE following Township Plats have
this day been received at this Office, and placed on
file, to wit:
Townships Nos. 37 and 38 North, Range 25 West
“ “ 37,38,30 40 “ “ ‘26 “
“ “ 38 and 37 “ “ 27 «
“ “ 39 « 28 “
The above Townships Include a portion of the Pine
lands on Rum river.
A. VAN VORHES, Register.
Land Office, Stillwater, July 26, 1852. 46t3
BRAN AND SHORTS—Just received
5000 bushels Bran and Shorts, for sale cheap for
cash by CATJICART tx. TYSON.
TERRITORY OF MINNESOTA, j Ist I)ist. Court, for the
County of Kamsey, j County of Ramsey.
Allen Picree, )
Charles K. Smith, j
To Charles K. Smith,
A non-resident of the Te.Titory:
You are hereby summoned to answer the complaint of
Allen Pierse filed against you in said Court (a copy of
which accompanies tills summons) and serve a copy of
your answer on the undersigned, at his office in St. Paul,
in said Territory, within six weeks from the date hereof,
exclusive of this day, or he will take Judgement against
you for two hundred and sixty-two dollars and fifty cents,
witli interest thereon from the Ist of January, 1851, and
costs of suit; or have his damages assessed by a Jury, or
the amount he Is entitled to recover ascertained by the
Court, or under its direction, and Lake Judgment for the
amount so assessed or ascertained.
St. Paul, July 24, 1351. 44t6
Clothing for the Million!
Ready-Made and Made to Order.
The attention of the people of Minnesota in general,
and St. Paul in particular, is respectfully solicited at the
On Roberts Street, a few doors from Third Street,
Saint Paul.
II’INNE & COOLEY, having opened
x * a new Clothing Establishment tn St. Paul, would
respectfully call the attention *,r the public to their ex
tensive assortment of Dress, French, Enttllsh, and Ger
man Cloths and Cassimeres, as well as rich Vestings, all
purchase*! expressly for tlietr
Their style, texture, and finish warrant them in assuming
that It is the largest and most varied assortment of the
before mentioned, newly-imported good* in Saint Paul,
embracing all styles, from the richest and most costly to
the plainest of stout clothing. Particular attention will
be paid to the
Hosiery, Glare and Shirt Department.
In the Clothing Department, they challenge all
competition as regards quality, style and low prices.
May, 1852. 33y
W. H. C. Folsom,
Taylor’s Falls, Min. Ter.
in Dry Goods, Groceries,
Provisions, Tlardwmre, Cutlery, Crockery, Quecns
ware, Ready-Made Clothing, Boots and Shoes, fitc. 43 y
A Sims’ celebrated article for Roofs, Fences, Brick
4tc. For sale by the Barrel, Keg or pound by ’
]\/IONEY TO LOAN—In' sums to
I-* A suit borrowers. Call at the Office of
House and Lot for Sale.
THE Subscriber wishes to sell his
house and lot on Fifth, between Jackson and Ro
berts streets, near the Minnesotian Ottlce. The house is
a good and comfortable dwelling, nearly new and conven
iently adapted to a faintly of six of eight persons. A
good stable is also upon the premises. The lot is fifty feet
front by 150 deep. Apply upon the premises to
43tf _ FRENCH.
superior article, cured In the best of style, for saie
The Northwest Express Co.
WILL deliver good Fresh Lime in St.
Paul at $1.20 per bbl., Superfine Flour, warrant
ed, for $4.25. Also, any kind of merchandise at 5 per
cent advance from wholesale prices In Galena or St. Louis.
Call on the subscriber on the Nominee or of W. N. Per
son or C. R. Rice & Co., Agents, St. Paul.
July 3,3 m J. C. BURBANK & Co.
Minnesota River Packet.
For LeSueur,Traverse des Sioux, Mankato
and intermediate Points.
The new and substantial steam
HALL, Master, will make seml-
OpNg: — weekly trips between Saint Paul
The Black Hawk Is a new and
com frtable boat, fitted up and furnlshedin the best of style,
and well adapted to this trade. For feight or passage ap
ply on board. 42tf
Tobaeeo! Tobacco!!
fARONOKA—BIb, 51b, and one pound
’ ' lumps of Tobacco—a first rate article, for sale by
the box or half box at Saint Louis prices. We have also
un hand, Oats ami Butter, which we will sell at market
rates. 42i3
Oats! Oats!!
I nflA BUSHELS, just received
■B. v-F U and for sale by
Contracting and Building.
and Architect, thankful to the citizens of St. Paul,
for favors since he commenced business, would respectful
ly inform them that he 1; prepared to contract for and e
rect stone or Brick buildings, and furnish materials if re
quired, on fair terms, having permanently settled in Saint
Paul, lie solicits a share of public patronage.
Dralts and specifications furnished on reasonable terms.
X. B. Orders for work left at the store of 11. C. Sand
ford. near the Post Ofllce will receive prompt attention.
Haas Sic Kriegcr,
Grocers and Provision Dealers,
Corner of Roberts and Fifth Streets, Saint
Paul, Minnesota ,
Also, Prunes ami other Fruits, Queensware, Fancy Ar
ticles, of ladies and gentlemen’s wear, all kinds of Thread,
Knives and Forks, Brushes, Looking (Haves. Window
Glass, Nalls, Tobacco, Cigars, fitc., and in short ever}’
tiling needed by housekeepers and Families. Our prices
are reasonable and our stock such as will please all custo
mers who may call. 42tf
Nichols’ new map of St. Paul, embracing all the
Additions, for sale at our store. Price SI,OO.
Territory of Minnesota, )
County of Washington, $ ***
By virtue of two executions
issued out ami under the seal of the District Court in ami
for the county aforesaid; and to me directed and delivered
against Sylvanus Trask, defendant, in favor of Albert
Harris and Emanuel 1). Fanner, plaintiffs, 1 have this 7th
day of July, 1852, levied upon the following described real
estate as the property of the said Sylvanus Trask, to wit,
Lot No. 4, in Block, No. 29, said lot being fifty feet front
on Main street, and one hundred and forty-four deep, to
gether with the building situated thereon known as the
Eacle Saloon : also, lots Nos. 2 and 3, in block No. 21, said
lots being each 50 f«*et fronting second street ami 150 feet
deep, all In the town of Stillwater, as surveyed and platted
bv Harvey Wilson, and recorded in the office of the Reg-
K-u, «.» i.uu.l w. .'«m counry ot Washington. t ,7c
northwest quarter of southwest quarter of section twenty
niue, (29,) and the north half of the northeast quarter of
section two (2) and the southeast quarter of the sonthtvest
quarter of section three (3) in township No. thirty (30)
Range No. twenty (20), containing 181 acres. And on
Saturday the 21st day of August, 1852, at the hour of ten
ii’clock, A. M., at the office of the Register of Deeds in
Stillwater, I shall expose to sale at public auction to the
highest bidder for cash, all the right, title ami interest
that the said Sylvanus Trask had in and to the al»ove de
scribed premises on the 21th day of April, 1852, or has
since acquired, or so much thereof us shall be sufficient to
satisfy said executions, besides cost of levy, advertising,
commission ami sale.
Sheriff'of Washington Co. M. T.
Stillwater, July 7th, 1862.
** 71 ill turn in Far vo.”
Corner Fifth & Jackson opp. Minncsotian Office
lAR. JARVIS very respectfully solicits
' from the ladtas ami genii -men of Saint Paul and
vicinity, a visit to his new establishment. We have com
menced our career as a Dispensing Apothecary and Chem
ist, and f rom this day forward ii shall be our highest claim
to public patronage to merit success i nly in proportion to
the amount of attention and the faithful discharge of our
professional duties. The compounding and dispensing of
medicines has been with u* a life s.udy. To the physi
cian and t > private families we respectfully urge our claim
to confidence and support—lor how much soever of medi
cal talent be brought to bear in a sick case, both the skill
of the physiciau and the kindest attention of friends will
he all useless unless the prescription be faithfully com
pounded and of pure and effective medicines. These
tilings we pledge ourselves to the public faithfully to sup
ply The next important question with our customers Is
— % ‘D»>ctor, what do you charge >” To these Inquiries we
say* “try u>.” It has become such a common trick in
trade for advertisers to profess a profound attachment for
the “nimble sixpence” and small profits, and then skin
a man when they get hold of him, that we sav again “fry
tt«.” \V. 11. JARVIS,
July 3. Apothecary and Chemist.
' 1 O PAINTERS—BIow’s pure & No.
JL 1 White Lead; Linseed Oil, Turpentine, Varnishes,
Colors, Clue, Whiting, Faint and Whitewash brushes.
Call and ascertain our prices before buying elsewhere.
Fifth Street IMMJG STORE.
PURE Port Wine Juice for Invalids
vintage of ’42; pure brandy pale and dark, for me
dicinal purpose only,at the MULTUM in FA 11 VO Drugstore
I —Opening this day. a fine assortment fishing Lack le,
canister powder, shot, caps, Ate. KcLdlcd at Eastern prices.
JARVIS, Apothecary and Chemist.
TJEOPLE are perfectly astonished, on
A visiting the Multum in Parvo*Drug Store, to witness
the amount of business we are doing. Though a little oft
the “street,” purchasers of articles in our line find the*v.-
selves amply repaid by a call where they can purchase
every thing at Eastern prices. Our facilities for doing a
heavy business are equal to any; and with few expenses
we can a fiord to give our patrons the benefit thereof.
JARVIS, Multum In Parvo Drug Store.
P~ LASTER PARIS—by the barrel,
bushel or quart. JARVIS,
Multum In Parvo Drug Store.
' PHE attention of housekeepers is called
to the low rates we are w-lllng Arrowroot, Sago, Ice
land Moss, Fresli Spices, Cream Tarter, Maccaroni, pure
English Mustard, Lemon. Orange, Van! 11 a, Clove and Nut
meg Essences; Soda, Salaratus, Potash, Vinegar, Cider,
Lemon Syrup, etc., at the
HOPS! HOPS!! —Don’t dance all over
town for the article, but apply at once to the Fifth
Street Drug Store. JAKVIS.
(~’ORN Shelters in Store and for sale by
PORTABLE Fire Engines of all sizes
for sale by F. S. NEWELL.
PARPENTER’S Tools, Pianes, Chis
gels, Bits, Files, T. S- NEWELL’S.
1/ Spades, Hoes, Rakes, Forks, Cradles and Plows In
store and for sale by F. S. NEWELL.
U ARDWARE—Cross Cut and Mill
O. Saws, Axes, all kinds, Hammers all kinds, Ac.
For sale by F. 8. NEWELL.
J2AMILY Grindstones, Oil stones, &c.
J- for sale at F. S. NEWELL’S.
T7TTCHEN WARE—knives and forks,
IV Waffle Irons, Ladles, BastlW Spoons, Chopping
Knives, Tea B dls, Sieve*, Shears, Sal Iron, Bras* Kettles,
Pie Plates, Ac., for sale at ¥. S. NEWELL’S.
Good Rooms,
SUITABLE for families can be had on
accommodating terms, by application at the Minne
sota Boarding-House, Eagle street.
4«f S. C. McCRAT.
The St. Paal Hat, Cap amd Gentlemen'* Far
nishing Store.
r UHE subscriber respectfully offers to
the Gentlemen of St. Paul, lits new stock of Roods,
and will endeavor to keep a fnll assortment of articles for
Gentlemen’* use and wear, such as—
Silk Ilats, Shirts G 1 , V e»,
<•<> Collars Shaving, Tooth and
Children do Drawers, Hair Brushes,
Kossuth do flueery, Combs,
Magyar do Cravats, Hair (Mis,
Oil cloth and Cloth Caps, Suspenders, Soap, to. Buttons
anil Tailors Trimmings, Ladles sewing birds, a useful ar-
Uclc; Trunks, Valises, Carpet Bags, Umbrellas, Ice.
R. O. WALK It K,
Corner Third and Wabasliaw si.
may •». 35.,.
George Id. Hanks,
Cincinnati, Ohio,
HAS for many years been extensively
engaged In the manufacture of BELLS, anil by
careful observation and study of the principles Involved in
their construction, he has been eminently successful in
producing an article of
.Superior Form, Tone and Finish.
The quality, combination, an! proportion of metils,
together with the degree of heat requisite to pp duce a
coniiKHind the most sonorona, possessing, at the name time,
sufficient Density and .Strength, also, the peculiar outline,
or shape, having a correct proportion of the different
parts, thereby giving them elegance of form, have been
subjects to which Mr. 11. has devoted a great amount of
time, in critical olwervation of effects through a long se
ries of Experiments: Bella cast by him, are unsurpassed
In their Symmetrical Figure, and Beauty of Proportion,
and for Melody, Strength and Brilliancy of Tone, are
universally admired. Mr. Hanks is prepared to supply
Churches, Colleges, Academies, Public Buildings, Steam
boats, fitc., with his superior Beils, at a short notice, hav
ing at all times an assortment on hand.
Church Chimes or Peals, and Musical
Hand Bells, to any number on the Chromatic Scale made
to order. B dls sold by Mr. H. are furnished with Yokes,
Wheels and Springs, of the latest and nv»st approved
Plan, and th<* whole warranted in every particular. Thos»*
wishing further information will please address
Cincinnati, Ohio.
X. B—The Great Bell, “St. Peters,” and the Chime of
Eleven Bells, at St. Peter’s Cathedral, Cincinnati, were
ca>t at tills Foundry* July 3 Sm.
St. Charles Hotel.
J. C. CLARK, Proprietor,
SI. Anthony Falls, Minnesota.
This House has been thoroughly retired and renovated,
and will be kept in a manner equal to the best Hotels in the
West. The Falls of St. Anthony, with the fine fishing and
hunting grounds adjacent, together with a climate unsur
passed on the American continent for health and loveli
ness, render this the place of all others to enjoy the hot
season. 44 tf
John Bradley,
Carpenter and Ruilder. Point Prescott and Willow
River, Wisconsin.
U/ ILL attend promptly to all business
* » intruded to his charge.
References.—The houses he lias built during
year in the towns above named. 43y
A large consignment Just received, and for sale
cheap. REY fit FARMER.
General <tfob Printing.
r PHE Proprietors of the Minnesotian
*■“ Office, have recently made extensive additions to
their stock of Book and Job Printing material. Their
assortment now embraces all the
lift IMA IliijM
of Plain and Fancy Type. They are consequently pre
pared to execute all varieties of printing in a manner not
surpassed any where north of St. I»ui.s.
We charge small profits and execute all orders with
despatch. Both of us being
We superintend all work entrusted to the Minnesotian
Office ourselves, and allow nothing to leave our hands
unless it be executed in a
We rely upon the public for a liberal share of their
A stock of Plain and Fancy Letter Paper, Foolscap,
Flat Cap, Folio Po*t, fee., on hau l for printing. Alt~
Printing cards of different kinds, sizes and colors.
June 26. OWENS & MOORE.
Dr. C. L. Viechcrs,
COUCUER—WiII practice his profession in Saint
Paul and vicinity. Office, corner of Fourth and Roberts
Streets, over Cat heart fit Tyson’s Store. 4l)y
L. B. Wait & Co.,
Wholesale and Retail Grocers and Commission
HAVE opened at the store lately oc
cupied by C. F. Tracy, on Third street, a general
assortment of Family Groceries and Provisions; which
they will sell at low prices for cash or in exchange for
country produce. They respectfully solicit a share of
patronage. CHARLES MILBCIiX,
St. Paul, Jun? 21, ’s2—4oy L. B. WAIT.
Ch’a W. Borup. Uh’s 11. Oakes.
HAVING formed a Co-Partnership
for transacting an Exchange and Banking Business
in ail its various branches, will he prepared to furnish
sight and time exchange on the East, and principal cities
ot the West- Remittances to Great Britain, Ireland and
Continent of Europe made in sums to suit purchasers.
Sight anfi home bills and European Exchanges pur
chased. Collections made and proceeds remitted at usual
rates of Exchange. Ail other business committed to our
care punctually attended to.
St. Paul, Minnesota Territory, June ‘26, 1852.
Office at the Minnesota Outfit buildiug. 40y.
R. I’LAttAI,
Storage, Forwarding Sc Commission Merchant,
Dealer in Grain of all kinds Fruit Trees, Ac., Main st.,
near the Bradley House, Galena, ill.
Refer to B. n. Campbell A Co., Galena; W. L. Ewing
& Co., St. liOuis. 40y
[Corner of Bench and Wabashaw streets, St. Paul, M. T.]
saa rxc sNHiSLa.
JUST opened at the corner of Bench
and Wabashaw streets,
Cncle Tom’s Cabin, or Life among the Lowly.
Reveries of a Bachelor, by lk Marvel.
Dream Life, do
Fresh Gleanings do
Dickens’ Works, complete.
Wandering Jew, illustrated.
The Camp Fires of the Revolution.
Lo6*tng’s Field Book of the Revolution.
Forest Life and Forest Trees—being camp life among
the loggers.
Peucillings by the Way, by Willis.
Outre-Mer, by Longfellow.
Ami many other works which we cannot enumerate in
an advertisement. Call and examine them.
Just ill Time.
\X7 E have opened, for sale, some superb
\ V engravings of Gcn’l Winfield Scott. Also,
his Life and Services, by E. D- Mansfield. Call before
they are all sold. LEDUC A ROIIRER.
A A prising Memoirs of the most Prominent members,
with numerous steel portraits and fac-simile autographs.
June 24. Le DUC A KOnitEß.
"IA7ALL PAPER—A large stock of
VV Wall paper, Curtains, shades and Fire Board
Prints, now opened and for sale by
June 24. Le DUC & ROnRKR.
TO SPORTSMEN A superior lot
X of Fishing Tackle, for sale by
j\/IISCELLANIOUS. —-Scrap Books,
IVA Herbariums, Albums, Papier Mache Card Baskets,
Can! Cases and Work Boxes, Newspaper Files, Patent Air
Tight Inks—Post Office boxes, Calenders, be c., Slc.
C' OLD PENS —Just Received, a supe-
V-T rior lot of Gold Pens—Gome new stviet.
HOUSE Trimmings, Locks, Bolts,
Latches, Butts and Screws, at F. S. NEWELL’S.
V 8 doz cane fishing poles, at the Book Store of
may 22. LB DUC A ROHRER.
O Rnn FRUIT TREES—Grafted,
-o,’J' / V Choice Varieties, (peach and apple) now
growing in my nursery and forp ARRINGTON^
’IT/'ANTED —1800 cords of wood for
VV the Empire Foundry. £ kkweLL’R.
Summer Arrangement!
18 5 2.
QT. PAUL and St. Anthony Falls,
three Daily Stages, leaving each place at 7 o’clock
A. M., 12 M. and 4 P. M.
M ill be at the landing, ou the arrival of Steamboats at
Saint Paul. Also, a
Daily Line of Stages between Saint Paul and
id* An extensive Livery Stable at the corner of Fourth
and Roberts streets. Particular attention given to the
accommodation of Pleasure Parties, ujion liberal terms.
Cathcart Sc Tyson,
TTAVE leased the new store on the
* Comor o! Robert, .ml Fourth streets, where they
nn.l SEWiX U ,res, !L » UK * “l Groceries, Provisions
nn I Ftetl, which thc> offer at wholesale ami retail lo the
citizens ol Saint Paul ami the surrounding countrv, o :1s
low prices as they can be purchased west of St,' Louis
Their stock consists In part ns follows:
Crushed and Powdered Sucars, Java, Klofc La cnlra Coffee
X() and Clarllied do YH, Imiierlal,Gunpowder
Tobacco and Sonars, and Hla It Teas
(choice brands) Rice, Italsm, and Currants
Pepper, Spices. Nutmegs Cloves, assorted pickles
Pepper sauce, Catchups Powder an I shot, Chocolate
'V H Cheese, Starch, Citron Mustard,Pigs,Kxt of Lemon
Rose and Vanilla M’ld,star and sp’m Candles
Palm and Variegated Soup Mackerel,CodlWh, Herrings
Shaving do Pork, Hams and shoulders
Fresh Butter and Flics Butter and soda Crackers
Molasses and Golden syittp Linseed and Isird Oil
Cider, Vinegar Oats, Com and shorts ;
Corn Meal and Flour, choicest brands,
also other articles usually kept In a Pamllv Grocery store,
too numerous too mention, which thev will sell for Cash
exclusively at small prints. Purchasers will please call
and examine lor themselves.
Si. Paul, June, IS6J (38\) N. E. TYSON.
JUST RECEIVED—2OO bushels fresh
•J Ground Com Meal, and for sab* cheap by
J u »“? *0 CATHCART & TYSON.
‘•Competition is the Life of Trade/’
T 3 ATTISON & HENSON’S new Coach
-1 os havo arrival, an«l are now upon the road between
St. Paul and St. Anthony, r.-adv to accommodate the pub
lic on all occasion*. They have also received in addition
to their former large and excellent Livery stock, several
new and elegant Carriages and Barouches; also now Har
nesses and Horse Fumishlng>, and equipage of the most
elegant description.
ALSO—an additional stock of Fine
Blooded, well broken Horses. Query.
** horses come in under the
f|i M: K/Jj Liquor Law, will they be in danger of !>«*-
Jv ’l big knocked on the h«al? Our entire
L w shK-k will cost over $ 1,000. Xoother
stable in the West, out of Saint Louis will
lie found as complete as ours.
Will our friends and the public remember, that at the
Livery Stable in the r *arof the American House, at the
upper end of Saint Paul, they can at all hours, have such
conveyance by land, on wheels or on horseback, aa they
niav desire. PATTI SOX & BEX SON.
St. Paul, June 10, 1852. (38v)
W. H. Sr mines,
Attorney at Law, and Solicitor in
Chancerv, Willow River,Wis.
Will practice in the counties of St. Croix and La Crosse,
Wisconsin, and in the District Court of Washington coun
ty, Minnesota. £3* Valuable town lots In the village of
Willow River for sale. 38y
r T'HE Co-Partnership heretofore exist*
-L Jng between F. E. Collins and C. P. V. Lull In the
Auction and (vcneral Land Agency business, is hereby dis
solved by mutual consent. F. K. COLLINS,
Juii3, 1852. C. P. V. LULL.
F. E. Collins will continue the Auction,
Commission and General loind Agency business at the
large brick building on Third st., below Jackson.
pURNITURE—just received a splen
-t- did lot of Furniture from Cincinnati which I will
sell at Saint laonis prices, ('all at the rooms of
F. E. COLLINS) Thirds!., below Jackson.
(Just received per Excelsior.)
WS. COMBS, near the American
• House, has Just received a large and varied
collecti.'ii of new book<. Just from the press, to which he
Invites the attention of all the reading community. They
are OFFERED at EASTERN Prices. Terms cash.
Come ami examine—no trouble to show goods at the
“Franklin Bookstore.” 37
g The Minnesota Remedy,gj
FOR Bsjj
Cholera Morbus, Dysentery, Diarrhoea,
&ic., Sfc.
“Indian Compound Astringent and Tonic.”
r PHE materials of this medicine arc en-
A tirely vegetable, indigenous to Minnesota, and well
known to the Indians by whom they have been used from
time immemorial, with invariable success.
The Proprietor can confidently recommend this medicine
to the public, as a CERTAIN, SAFE, and PLEASANT
cure for Cholera Morbus, Diarrhoea, Dysentery, and
all diseases of the Bowels. It affords almost instantane
ous relief in cases of grlplngs or cramps, and ordinarily
effects a complete cure in six or eight hours.
To Boatmen, Raltmen, Lumbermen, and all per
sons traveling on the river, this medicine is invaluable.
Our citizens going Ik* low, during the summer months
should not fail to provide themselves with it.
The “Pesiguagomik” must of course derive its repu
tation from the testimonials of those who have made trial
of it.
Please read carefully the annexed certificates.
Prepared by E. F. ELY', St. Paul,
And for sale at the Bookstore of LeDUC Sl ROIIRER,
and at W. 11. FORBES’ Minnesota Store, St. Paul. Also,
at the Minnesota Bwkstore, St. Anthony, and Churchill be
Nelson, Stillwater. Also, at the Drug Store of lliclicox
A Axtell, St. Paul.
Price Fifty Cents per Bottle.
I have used the “Pesiguagomik” re
peated Iyin my family and can recommend it as the safest
as well as most efficacious medicine in all derangement*
of the Bowels, I have ever known. It has, to my know
ledge, saved several valuable lives in most obstinate cases
of Cholera Morbus, Dysentery, Ac.
St. Paul, May 28, 1862. C. W. BORUP.
This may certify that I have used the
Vegetable Compound Astringent, prepared by Mr. E. F.
Ely, in my family, anti have found it to be the best by far
of any tiling of the kind 1 have ever used. In one In
stance, two doses cured an obstinate case of Cholera Mor
bus. Not a single individual should Ik? without this valu
able medicine, particularly In a a country where the Diar
rhoea and summer complaint are prevalent.
Having used this preparation in my
family, I m«st cheerfully Join Mr. Oaks In the above cer
tificate of it* virtue*.
St. Paul, May 24, 1862. ALEX. RAMSEY.
I take pleasure in being able to state
that I have used In my family, Mr. Ely’s Compound As
tringent and Tunic, In cases of Diarrhoea, with much suc
cess; and especially last summer in a case of summer
complaint tn an infant of mine some nine months old, and
cheerfully recommend Its use to the public.
St. Paul, May, 24, 1762. WM. HENRY FORBES.
I have used the Indian Compound As
tringent and Tonic, my-elf, and In my lamlly, and found
It effective, especially In cases of children teething, anil
consider It an active and safe remedy for all Bowel Com
plaints. A. U. FRENCH.
St. Paul, August 1,185!.
I have used the Indian Compound As
trlngent and Tonic, prepared by Mr. Edmund F. Ely, and
found immediate relief; and can cheerfully recommend it
as a speedy and sure cure for disease* of the bowels.
.St. Paul, May 24, 1862. 11. F. M ASTERSON.
I certify that I have used the Indian
Tonic, called “Pesiguagomik,” and recommend the same
as an excellent astringent, pleasant in its taste, and certain
in Its cure. J.J.NOAH.
August, 1861. 36m6
Ail orders for the above Mediclm*’ should be ad
dressed to E. F. Ely, SL Paul, Minnesota.
Real Estate.
afim I offer property situated In the town of a***.
frtSL St. Paul and its Immediate vicinity, for K*|
MR sale extremely low tor c **h. The term* £
are such as do not often present themscls es
tott^capHallst or man of moderateme.n*, lumvestmon
ey in a prosperous and rapidly growl ng town and It. vlcjn
•»«* imnnii various nroperty I have to dispose of are the
IS; * . r .(welling house and several lots of land
of Jt. wiu. abundant supply of ex
cellent water; also, a small house adjoining. M ith this
orogeny wUI be add about ten acres of land covered with
thrt«y growth of wood-a great object now
that the Sioux land cannot, at least, at present, supply us
with fuel until In market.
I have also for sale a number of five acre lota with
growing timber, situated on and in the Immediate vicinity
of public roads and not over a mile from SL Paul.
The above property will be sold on such low terms for
cash, that the purchaser can Immediately sell a*»Jp
advance. For sale on time—prices will be
higher. Apply to HENRY X-I-AJtIWBiWa
Third street, corner ofCedar,
43t< Or to B. F. HOTT, St. F»-
Minnesota Historical Society
FOR 1833.
A FEW copies of this interesting An-
XX. Dual, containing more about the dtscowr. ~„r
early history of Minneota) Its and
mineral and geological resources than any
i l « u " d > V «»> hand, anti for sale at me BoOtat^lof
i _ OWKXS & MOORE, Publishers.
Wholesale Dry-Goods Dealers,
ARE constantly receiving new and de
alral.le style, of STAPLE AND FANCY GOODS whic h
ar- offered at a very small advance for Cash, or to Mer
chants who pay their notes when due. Cotuitry Merchants
will find a decided advantage by an examination of the lar
gest ttock of goods west of the mountains.
St. Laris, May 22. 35-y
Produce and Commission Merchants,
Xo. 21 South Lever, Vi, Louie •
E. M. Hyland fii Co., J
F. B. Chamberlain, > St. Louis.
R. M. Wither*, \
SL Louis, May 22. J5-y
Manufacturer., N. Y. St. '
(SuccesHor* to I*wls, Thayer A C 0.,)
Clothing, Shirt*, Drawers, and Furnishing Goods.
No. IHO Main street,
Corner of Green , one door below the Virginia House,
CONSTANTLY on hand nn immense
stock. Mimi'** ita and Wisconsin L'inibenueu and
Merchants can at all time* find ut “ 190,” a full supply of
(Mottling got up expressly for their trade , and many ar
ticles which can’t be found in any other House in St. Lou
is, such as extra sized, liue and heavy red, blue, mixed and
Old Colony Flannel Shirts and Drawers; extra weight
Satinet and Casimere Pants, Dunage Bags, Jumpers, Over
alls, Umbrellas Trunks, Valises, and Rubber Clothing,
Carpet and Enamel Traveling bags, Satchels, and Oil
Purchasers are respectfully invited to call and “look
through our st-ick.” Always on hand the largest and
cheapest stock of assorted shirt* and drawers tit the West>
Fresh Clothing received from our Factory every week#*
Stock manulactur d expressly for the Western market#*
Terms liberal. HANFORD, THAYER fit CO.
Corner Main and Green sts.
St. Louis May 22. 35-y
h. n. bird, Cincinnati.] [j. b. Armstrong, St. Louis.*
Sooth-West Corner Vine and Second its.,
St. Louis , Mo.
\T7 HOLES ALE and retail dealers in
* * Chairs arc respectfully Informed that we will con
stantly keep on hand a large und general assortment*?*
of Chairs of our own manufacture, consisting of Wal-V>L
nut, Mahogany, (’berry and Maple cane-seats of ev-
ery description: Wood-seat Kll>ow, large and small" 1 *
Office, Boston and Ban. Arm Rockers,Polka, French, Bus
tle, Jenny Lind, Bannister, Scrolls, Mock Scruols, Scollops,
Shits, Children?.-, fiic., which we will sell to the trade on
the most liberal terms, and warrant them to be unsurpas
sed in !>• auty of style or finish. Having large manufactu
ring facilities, we can oiler inducements that will insure
general satisfaction; and hope, through a strict and prompt
attention to business, to merit a share of public patronage#
We Invite the visits of purchasers, either Wholesale of
Retail, to our Ware-rooms, iu order that they may Judge
for themselves. BIRD &. ARMSTRONG.
St. loouis, May 22. 35-y
Foreign and Domestic Hardware and Cntlerr.
No. 147 Main street,
(Third door North of Bank of Missouri,)
may 22* 35-v. St. LOUIS, Mo.
WE have now in store a complete as
assortment, making our shick unusually large,-
which we offer to purchasers at lowest price*, and on best
terms—among which may be found a complete assortment
AXES—Simmons’, CoHlnt’, Hunt’s and others.
Scythes—Waldron’s grass, grain, hemp and bush, as
Scythe Snathes—Assorted, all prices, qualities and
qualities and kinds. ’ ** *
Forks—Hay und manure, 2,3, 4 and 6 pronged, ass’d*
Chains—Bright ox and log,*-*, 7 1-6,1-2amis-Bloch,
Chains—Bright trace assorted; coil, breast and halter,
Collars—Horse and mule, assorted, (hog and kip
skins.) •
Hames—Horse anti mule, steam bent and riveted.
Hoes—Carolina, planters’, eyed and handled, ass’d.
Bakes —Hay and garden, Iron and wood, omM.
Knives—Table knives ami forks, all patterns and quid'*
Knives —Table knives and forks, all patterns and qu&U
Razors —Wailc & Butcher’s, Crooks, and others, ash’d.
Shears and Scissors —Butcher’*, Lux’s, great vari
ety of pattenio.
Locks—Mineral knob, assorted; door, newest patterns
and styles.
Locks —Pad, chest, trunk, till, plate, &shorh*<L
Latches—Knob, thumb and others, ail kinds, ash’d.
Butts—Greenwood, narrow, br«»ad and Congress,
Butts—Wrought, narrow, broad and Congress, as*’d.
Screws—l-4 to 4 Inch wood, New England taper.
Bells—Ox, horse, cow, hand and sleigh, ass’d.
Brushes—White-wash, shoe, scrubbing and horse, aa-
Ciiisels—Framing, socket, firmer, mortice, ash’d.
Curry Combs—American, new patterns, ash’d.
Cocks —Cock- stops, ash’d; brass do ash’d.
Files—Butcher’s celebrated mill, fiat bastard.
Files —Round, half round, square Hat and all kinds/
ass’* I.
Guns—Double and single barrel, shot ami duck, ash’d. !
Rifles and Pistc*ls— Revolvers, cast steel bam 1, a*-
Gun Barrels—Assorted; g«tf trimmings and findings/
Hatchets—Shingling, lath, l*nch and cfcOT,'ass’d.
Hinges—Hooks anfi binges, strap anfi T.ass’d.*
Kettles —Brass, tea, preserving, glue, ass’d.
Mills—Coffee, Parker’s, Adams’ and other*, ass’d.
Mattocks and Picks—Clay and coal, ass’d.
Nails —Wrought, 6 to 12d; horse, 6 to I2d, ass’d.
Planes —Bench and moulding, ass’d, all kinds, supe*
rior qualities.
Pans —Fry, ass’d; sauce and preserving, ass’d.
Shovels—Ames’, Rowland’s and others; garden,milt
ing and |n»sL
Tacks and Brads—‘■Assorted,-all sizes and fcindk.
Augur**—Bright, patent concave,convex and cast steel.*
With a large a-pon H»*-nt uf carpenters’ and blacksmitb’r
tools, of newest pattern.-, and iK*st qualities.
House and Building hardware—a large assortment.
Also, proprietors of SL Louis Saw and Scale Factory?
where we are now manufacturing largely of,
Saws—Extra cast steel mill, circular, cross-cut, hand
panel, bow, wood and pit saws, of various qualities and of
any kind wanted. Also,
Scales—Viz: platform, 300 lbs to 4.000 lbs; counter,
hay, Hour, packing, coal and car, of all kinds and descrip*
Scales and Saw* repaired and made to order.
We are better prepared to serve our customers ami pur
chasers generally than ever before. Our terms are as fa
vorable and price* as low as the lowest.
147 Main street.
St. Louts, May 22, 1862. 35-2 m
No. 166 Main Street,
West side, bet. Washington Avenne and Virginia notcl,
St. LOUIS, Mo.
rect f rum the East, a large and superior assortment
of Clothing and Furnishing Goods, for Gentlemen’, wear,
consisting chletly of the liner and better grades, selected
from the best Importing and Commission Houses, and
made up In a superior manner, expressly for this martet.
All kinds of Clothing, ready made and warranted, at
wholesale, very low for Cash or .
A creat variety of Gents’ Furnishing Goods, such a*
Shn-hn Cravats, Gloves, fce., (kc, which will be Wd to
the trade at New York wholesale price..
We respectfully solicit a call.
81. I/OUls, May 16, IBS'- 34-ir
jMcph N. Waggoner,
Ho. 93 Main Street, Jour lory Brick Corner,
Galena, lIL
nr Agency for the tale of superior Printing Paper.«£S
Galena, May 22.
\\J HOLES ALE & RETAIL dealer in
VV Cook, Parlor, Bax Slav- .fall kinds- _
CHARTER OAK, four sizes,
I w.e.l ISUi KMi * very largo oxen, bake* per
T FFFEL’S Double Oven, the neatest
o««^" C “ Ung ' WU V^N T EW^L’r
boilers, can be seen si * ,
rpHEQueen of the Forest, an elevated
1 oven .tove pleasing to all who am It by the satis
factory mann»r work ltdone 4,4
In store and for sale by ¥• 8. NEWELL.

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