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The weekly Minnesotian. [volume] (Saint Paul, Minn. Territory) 1852-1858, September 04, 1852, Image 3

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A Corner’s inquest is now being held
over one of the bodies recovered, name
The survivers subsequently held a
meeting and strongly condemned the offi
cers of both vessels, recommending their
arrest, &c.
Later accounts set down the number
lost at about 130—mostly Norwegian
In addition to what is published else
where, we have the following in regard
te the sinking of the Lamartine;
Among the freight which formed the
cargo of the steamer Lamartine, sunk on
Sunday night at Portage Island, was a
consignment of 5,061 pigs of lead to
Messrs. E. B. Kimbell & Co., transferred
to the Lamartine from the Minnesota on
the Lower Rapids. Some 3,000 pigs of
this lead arc on board the boat, and is,
consequently, mostly under water. The
balance was on board a barge which she
had in tow at the time and was not sunk.
We are informed that the lead, and most
probably the greater portion of the grain
on board, was insured. It is very sel
dom, indeed, that insurance on lead is
deemed necessary while on its way from
Galena to St. Louis.
The boat was entirely uninsured. She
was owned hv the following persons, all
residents of Dubuque, viz : Capt. Samu
el R. Harlow, John Bell & Co., J. 11.
Thedings. Edward Lang wort by, A. Rich
ardson, Mordccui Mobley, each three
sixteenths. Emerson & shields fifteen,
and Jesse P. Farley twenty sixteenths.—
Capt. llarlow thinks she can be raised
with but little difficulty, and intends pro
curing a boat to go up for the purpose
as soon as possible.— St. Louis Rep.
These “ accidents” never come by
ones or twos. The following was brought
by the same mail:
Reported Expressly for the Galon* Dally Advertiser.
Esplofti u of Dr. Franklin >'o. 2!—Terrible Los*
of late !!
St. Louis, Aug. 23,
The steamer Dr. Franklin No. 2, which
left for Louisville on Saturday, collapsed
nflue at Turkey Island,at about 1 o'clock,
killing and wounding several persons.—
The following arc dead :
Charles Scliwrimer, Mr. McMeadcr,
Mr. Multcn, J. Stestc, James Moreay.
John Brown. John Jones, Charles Wil
liams, Patrick Murphy, John Mitchell,
John M. Powell, Mrs. Payne and infant,
James Hirnan and son, Hugh Drum.
Patrick Danley, Edward Leding, J. D
Fosjoy, Margaret Seluvruli, and several
others, names not known.
Missive.—Robert McMurtry, head
engineer, and Geo. Bocher, stryker.
W ousnr.u Badly.— Mr. Lanney and
daughters, B. M. Shaplcy and Mr. Still
All the wounded, capable of being re
moved, were taken by the Herman and
Selby to Cairo. The Franklin will return
to this city for repairs.
Tribute of Respect.
At a meeting of the Masonic Lodges of
Minnesota, convened in St. Paul, Aug.
29, 1852. the following preamble and res
olutions were adopted:
Whereas, It has pleased Almighty Go l
in the wise dispensation of his govern
ment, to remove from us by death our
worthy brother, James M. Goodhue, by
which dispensation, suddenly and at a time
when it was but little to be looked for,
this fraternity has been called to mourn
the loss of a worthy, upright and de
serving brother; the community a faith
ful, true and enthusiastic friend, and his
family a kind, generous and affectionate
husband and father.
And whereas also, the fraternal tie
which bound us to our departed brother,
enjoins upon us the pleasing duty of pub
licly expressing the high regard which
we entertain for the memory of the dead,
and also the deep sympathy which we
feel for his deeply afflicted family.—
Therefore be it
Resolved, That in the death of James
M. Goodhue, the Masonic Fraternity has
been bereft of a member whose attach
ment to the principles of our ancient in
stitution, whose ability and sincerity in j
maintaining and vindicating them, have
endeared him to the breasts of all the
members of our institution, with whom he
was well and intimately acquainted.
Resolved, That the death of our Broth
er will be seriously and deeply felt by
every citizen who is truly interested in!
the welfare of Minnesota, for by his
death our Tcrritorj Inis lost a most able
and devoted advocate ;'who has from the
first organiz ition of our Territorial Gov
ernment to the time of his death, firmly
and with masterly ability, advocated those
measures which tend-’d to upbuild the
best interests of our Territory, its pros
perity and happiness.
Resolv'd, That we tender to the be
reaved Widow of the deceased our deep
est sympathy, yet we are well assured
that the consolations which we can ofTer,
arc of Earth, and poorly calculated to con
dole a wounded spirit in an hour like this,
but all that we can do is to commend her
to the Fatherly care of him who hath or
dered all things aright.
Chairman Coin.
Sate or the Glencoe. —The safe of
the steamer Glencoe, blown overboard at
St. Louis, at the time of the explosion of
that boat last spring, was lately discover
ed in the river by a party of laborers,
nine in number. They dragged it ashore,
agreed to keep it a secret, broke it open
and divided the money, about $2,300,
and made off. Four of them were cap
tured by the police in a field, counting
their spoils, and were arrested for larce
ny.—Galena .idv.
Wax Seals. —The Postmaster Gener
al again cautions the public against the
use of wax seals on letters which are to
be transmitted across the Isthmus, either
to or from the Pacific.
The Postmaster at San Francisco re
ports, under date 15th July, that “the
[thenj last mail from New York con
tained a large number of letters thus seal
ed, which (owing to the melting of the
wax) it was impossible to separate with
out injury to a portion of them.”
Similar complaints have been received
from other quarters, and particularly from
England, in respect to letters sent sealed
in this manner from California.
Fur the Minn sotiau.
Mb. Editor : It would be diverting,
if it were not pitiable, to see how some
men act in life. They may have been
brought up with all the advantages of a
good education, but some how or other,
on account of some defect, their educa
tion has been of little service to them, ex
cept to furnish them with means for their
own destruction. Talk to them of a mat
ter upon which there can be but one
opinion, you will find that rather than ac
quiesce in the common judgment, they
will perversely take, if not the out and
out antagonistic position, at least a posi
tion different from that of the ordinary
mind. They will take a position suited
to their perverted sensibilities and tastes.
You have only to express to such persons
a notion as being well received, and
therefore to be respected, to draw from
them a cavil, or a downright dissent.—
Such characters are calculated to do harm
where they are little known ; but where
they are well known, when their disposi
tion to cavil and oppose is known as a
fixed habit, and to be the emanation of a
diseased heart, if not of a weak head ;
they are powerless except to bring upon
them the contempt or indifference which
such habits are sure to engender.
In this category does it seem to me is
the editor of the Democrat. lie evident
ly shows the prestige of a good, early
| education. lie can write flippuutlv,
though not massively, or with power, oil
the subjects of the day. lie is quick
and (justifying , but not deep or convinc
ing. He is rather taken up with what he
has to say, than to weigh fairly and give
just consideration to what his friend or
opponent has said. He has none of the
heartiness and candor which will cause
him to fall in without reserve with the
just sentiments of a community, and be
come thoroughly concurrent with them,
except when these sentiments happen to
have been first aroused by himself; and
then there is no one mure flattering or
puffy. But it is the fate in all advanced
stages of a community, for the vain and
pulled up—the unreasonable and the per
verse—lo find their own level. Be they
editors, or merely private characters, in
proportion as the perverse characters of
their hearts and minds become known,
just in that proportion do they tend
towards the low place to be assigned
them in the conduct of this world’s af
To come to particulars. The editor of
the Democrat, in his Don Quixotte attacks
upon every tiling in which lie is not re
garded a leader, I perceive is now try
ing bis lance against whole masses of
community ; even against the majority of
the good people of this. Commonwealth—
pure democrat though lie professes him
self to be! There was a time when be
even lent bis pen to the advocacy of the
great temperance reform ; but lie was not
regarded as a leader in it, and therefore,
true to bis nature, lie must oppose it. His
perversity must discover itself. Now, no
one that favors the carrying out of the
laws in regard to temperance, is to be
free from the attacks of his courageous
lance. The civil, religious, moral, and
military portions of community arc all
to wheel about and submit themselves to
bis modest dictation, or else suffer the
vengeance of bis scathing indignation!
lint. Mr. Editor, I think the public
will survive all the severe onslaughts of
this mighty n an. 1 really do not think
he is going to do a very great deal of
harm to the Commonwealth. I really do
not think that the whole policy of this
Territory is to be suddenly changed at
bis bidding. It sccins to me that this
very same gentleman has made just such
furious onslaughts on other measures
which the good pleoplc of this Territory
bad determined upon and established as
of public utility, and as all these meas
ures happily survive the infliction of his
august mind, I cannot but believe that we
shall all live to see law and order carried
out in this community, and the temper
ance movement go onward, notwithstand
ing his Don Quixotic opposition.
A Loyal Sox of Minnesota.
By Authority.
Minnesota Territory—Exec. Df.partm’t, )
St. Pail’, August 30, 1F62.
Notice is hereby given that pursuant
to “ an act to provide lor the esiublisinent
of election precincts in unorganized Coun
ties,” approved March, 1852, new elec
tion precincts are established in the un
organized counties of the Territory as
follows, viz:
So much of the county or Wabasha,
as lies between the south line of Dakota
county, and a line running due west, from
a point on the Mississippi river, known
as Diamond Bluff, is constituted an elec
tion precinct, to be designated Olive
Grove precinct; the elections to be held
at the house of Henry B.iilly. So much
of the said county as lies between the last
named line, and a line running due west
from a point midway in Lake Pepin, is
constituted an clecti« n district, to be
known as the lied Wing precinct; the
elections to be held at the house of Cal
vin A. Potter.
So much as lies between the last named
line, and a line running due west from a
place on the Mississippi river, known as
the “Grand Encampment,” is constituted
a precinct to be known as Wabasha
precinct; the elections tobcheld as here
tofore at the house of Augustine Rock.
So much as lies between the last named
line and a line running due west Irom the
foot of Wabasha Prairie, on the Missis
sippi river,is constituted an election pre
cinct, to be known as Rolling Stone pre
cinct, the elections to be held at the
house of William Haddock.
So much as lies between the last named
line, and a line running due west from
the mouth of Pine creek, is constituted a
precinct, to be known as Bunnell’s pre
cinct ; the election to be held at the house
of W. B. Bunnell.
So much as lies between the last named
line, and the lowa State line, is constituted
a precinct, to be known as Wild Cat pre
cinct ; the election to be held at the house
of Job Brown.
All that part of Cass county, lying
north of Long Prairie and the Crow Wing
rivers, is constituted an election precinct;
the elections to be held at the Chippewa
All that part of Cass county, lying
south of Long Prairie and Crow Wing
rivers, is constituted an election pre
cinct ; the elections to be held as hereto
fore at the house of David Olmsted.
The county of Hennepin is constituted
an election precinct; the elections to be
held at the house of John H. Stevens.
Section 3 of the act of March Ist, 1851,
requires that all elections, which may be
held at these precincts, shall be conducted,
and the returns made, as now provided by
law, for the precincts heretofore estab
lished by the Governor, in unorganized
counties west of the Mississippi river;
and section 4, chapter 5 of the Revised
Statutes provides that the voters of these
precincts shall have a right to elect their
judges of Elections, who shall appoint
their clerks.
By the Governor:
Alexander Wilkin,
Attention, City Guards!
MEET at Spencer S Co’* Warehouse on Thurs- X% l A
day evening n xt, at halt-past 7 o’clock, \.\.l 7
for drill an i business.
By order of Capt. Simpson.
R. C. KNOX, O. S.
Sept. 2, 1852.
Hook and Ladder Co.
’ I HE members of the St. Paul Hook
" and Ladder Company are requested to meet at the
Temperance llall on Monday evening, Sept. 6.
By order of the Foreman.
J. F. Pea trick, See’y.
lot on Main Street, back of the
American Hotel; two Lots on Fourth street, near
Jackson; two Lots on Huberts street above Sixth ; also
several p<h*l farms*
Persons wishing to purchase town property or farmers
will do well to call on me before purchasing elsewhere.
IUST RECEIVED, on Consignment,
Six splendid dreasing Bureau', with l.'*oking Glass***
on top, t..r sale cheap; also2o good substantial bedsteads,
willed 1 will 6.11 cheap for cash.
Ware Rooms, Third street.
Squire A Reed,
Eagle Iron and Nail Store, 23 Water st.,
Between Olive and Pine, St. Louis, Mo.,
DEALERS in Iron, Nails, Hollow
Ware, Castings. steel, Iron Axles, Kliptic spring*,
Fireproof »af* s, smiths’ Tool', Sr.. agents for the sale of
Hope Cjtton Yarns, and Pittsburgh manufactures gener
ally. Sly
TVEFAULT having been made in the
a * condition* of a certain mortgage bearing date the
eleventh day of December in the year of our Lord one
thousand eight hundred and fifty-on", ma le by Andrew
Shearer an I Theresa Shearer his wife, of the county of
Ram* y, and Territory of Minnesota, parties of the first
part, to Joseph W. Bab- ock of the same place, of the sec
ond part; and which mortgage was duly acknowledged
and recorded In the office* of Register of Deeds for the
t fih'.v of Ramsey. Minn sofa Territory «*n the 12th dav of
December, A. D., I*6l, at 4 oVlo k, P. M., In book A of
mortgages ..n pages 484, 4*5, 486, and 457. Th»* said
mortgage was given to secure the payment of one bun T*d
and fifty dollars with Interest thereon on or before the t't
day of January, A. D. 1852, according to the conditions of
a promissory note bearing even date with the said mort
gage, upon which said note there is a receipt endorsed on
the bark thereof f,.r the anm of $50,00, da*ed Fobruarv
10th, 185*; and that the sum of one hundred and fifty-two
dollars an l thirty-nine c«*nt* Is claimed to be due upon
the said mortgage at the date of thl* notice*
The premises mortgaged to secure the said debt ar- de
scribed in the aforesaid mortgage *' follows, to wit: All
tin* following described pl-ce or pare#! of land situate,
lying and being in the county of Rain* -v and Territory of
Minnesota known an l designat 'd as follows, to wit: !x>t
numb-r five (5) In block number twenty-seven In ltlce and
Irviue's addplon to the town of St. Paul, subject to the
reservation of the right of the said Kic* and Irvine and
the r legal representatives, to convey any stream of water
or spring from, through, or to -aid lot.
And th* subl mortcagr anti note were, on the 20th day
of Maxell, A. D.. 1852, duly a>i.*d-'n'‘d by the said J. W.
Babcock, the pav**e of th«re**f, to Charles 11. »>ake*,
w'hlrh *abl assignment was duly recorded In the office of
Register of Deeds of the county of Ramsey in the Terri
tory of Minn sola, on the 19rh day of August, A. D.
1852, in >Hx»k B of mortgages on page 122.
Now therefore, no *ult or proceeding having instituted
at law to recover the d bt now remaining secured by such
mortgage or any part thereof, notice Is hereby given that
pur-rant to an I by virtue of a power of sale contained
therein, said mortgaged premises will be sold at public
auction, at the ••Central Hons-” in the town of St. Paul,
in the said county, on the 18th day ot October next at one
«.V|occ in the aft rnnon of that day.
Dated, September Ist, 1862.
Cl IAS. IT. OAKES, Assignee.
Babcock S Wilkinson, Atty’s. sitds
ULOUR—2OO bhls. extra War Eagle
-I Flour, for sale by KKV & KAKMKH.
wI’GAR—2O lihds. sugar—so hbls.
clarltlod—BeMiors", by KEY St FARMER.
j\/l GLASSES—IO bbls., just received
IVJ and lor sale by KEY St FARMER.
U OFFEE—2O sacks Rio Coffee, for
v_. Bair by REY St FARMER.
S,OAP —50 boxes Palm Soap, just re
crlvnl by REY At FARMER.
C 1 ANGLES —SO boxes mould candles,
‘ 53 box -8 star canillrr, by REY St FARMER.
IARD —5 bbls. Prime article, received
HAMS —2,000 lbs.—Prime article, for
Pair by REY St FARMER.
QALT —20 sacks G. A.—lo do. Dairy,
I MCARS—2O,OOO Havana Cigars, for
' y Sale by KEY St FARMER.
And a general assortment of Groceries aud Provisions
constantly on hand.
August 28, 1852.
Cor. Third and Cedar sis., St. Paid.
'I'HIS Gallery was built expressly for
*• Dagucrreotyplne, anti Is funiLhetl wlih the VERY
IJEST of Apparatus. The light is arranged upon the m«»st
approved scientific principles. The proprietor use*, his
b«*>t endeavors to please those who favor him with their
patronage. All are respectfully invited to call and ex
amine specimens. 49
A-i Gold Locket* at extrenv ly low prices at
Pocket Editions of Nature.
X-* nc-totik.t” or St. Anthony Falls, k ‘Mlnne-ha-ha,’’
or Little F ils, Fort Spelling. and other beantitul Minne
sota scenery, f\»r sale at Whitney’s Gallery, comer of
Third and U.*dar streets, saint Paul.
Thesis views have been procured with great labor and
expense, and for beauty and perfection of execution can
not t>e surpa-s-d. All are respectfully invited to call and
examine specimens.
August 21, 1852. 49
Good Rooms,
SUITABLE for families can be had on
O accommodating terms, by application at the Minne
sota Boarding-lit'use, Eagle .Street.
46tf S. C. McCRAT.
St. Paul House.
'PHIS House, formerly kept by J. W.
-X Ba-s, being the original hotel of St. Paul, at the corner
of Third and Jack-on sis.. opposite the Minnesota Outfit,
is thoroughly repaired, and remodeled, and with the addi
tions now made to It, is one or the m >st spacious and con
venient hotels In town. Uavi.ig taken a lease of It, and
fitted It up throughout with new furniture, 1 Invite the
traveling public to call upon me; believing they will find
this hous» equal to the best, lu all respect*. The charges
will be very moderate. GEORGE WELLS.
St. Paul, July 31, 18*2. 46y
wUGARS of every description, of the
O best qually and large quantity. Just received by
CODA and Butter Crackers, just re-
O celved by RET A FARMER.
IVI OLASSES.—N. O. and S. H. Mo-
IV l fir tv, RET A. F 4R.WFR.
Clothing for the million!
Ready-Made and Made to Order.
The attention of the people of Minnesota In general;
am! St. Paul In particular, is respectfully solicited at the
On Robert. Street,a few door, from Third Slreet,
Saint Paul.
IT'INNE & COOLEY, having opened
' * a new Clothing Establishment fu St. Paul, would
respectfully call the attention of the public to their ex
tensive assortment of Dress, French. English, and Ger
man Cloth* and Ca**itnere*, as well as rich Vesting*, all
purchased expressly for their
Their style, texture, and finish warrant them in assuming
that it U the largest and most varied assortment of th<
before mentioned, newly-Imported good* In Saint Paul,
embracing all styles, from the richest and most costly to
the plainest of stout clothing. Particular attention will
be paid to the
Hosiery. Glove and .Shirt Department.
In the Clothing Department, they challenge nil
competition as regards quality, style and low prices.
May, 1852. 33y
X Sims’ celebrated article for Roofs, Fences, Brick,
&,c. For sale by the Birr'd, Keg or pound by
House and Lot for Sale.
HE Subscriber wishes to sell his
* house and lot on Fifth, between Jackson and Ro
bert* streets, near the Mlnnesotlan Office. The house Is
a good and comiurtable dwelling, nearly new and conven
iently adapted to a family of six of eight persons. A
good stable is al9o upon tin* premises* The lot is fifty feet
front by 150 deep. Apple upon the premises to
43tf A. K. FMIfCB.
LX superior article, cured In the b *st of style, for sale
The Northwest Express Co.
UILL deliver good Fresh Lime in St.
Paul at $1.20 per bbl., Superfine Flour, warrant
ed, for $4.25. Also, any kind of merchandise at f» per
cent advance from wholesale prices in Galena or St. I ou s.
('all on the subscriber on the Nominee or of W* N* Per
son or C. R. Rice Co., Agents, M. Paul.
July 3,3 m J. C. BURBANK Co.
Tobacco! Tobacco!!
/ARONOKA —81b. 51b, and one pound
V,./ lump* of Tobacco—* first rate article, for sale by
the box or half box at Saint Louis prices. We have also
on hand, Oats and Butter, which we will sell at market
rates. 42 3
Oats! Oats!!
| iTfl/T BUSHELS, just received
1 UVr an l !or sale by
Contracting and Building.
P D W A R D STEWART, Bricklayer
-Li and Architect, thankful to the citizens of St. Paul,
tor favors since he Commenced business, would respectful
ly Inf- rn them that he 1: prepared to contract for and c
rect stone or Brick buildings, and furnish material* if re
quired, on fair terms, having permanently settled in Suiut
Paul, he solicits a share ot public patronage.
Drafts and specifications furnished on reasonable terms.
N. B- Orders for work leit at the store of 11. C. Sand
ford. near the Post Office will receive prompt attention.
Haas & Krirgcr,
Grocers and Provision Dealers,
Corner of Roberts and Fifth Streets, Saint
Paid, .Minnesota
Also, Prunes and other Fruit*, Quecnsware, Fancy Ar
ticles, of ladles and gentlemen’s w.-ar, all kinds of Thread,
Knives and Forks, Brushes, Looking G.’a*: e*. Window
Glass, Nails, Tobacco, Cigars, ,\c., and In short every
thing needed by housekeepers and Families. Our |»rl e*
arc reasonable and our stock such as will please all custo
mer* who may call. 4.*tf
-L v Nichols’ new map of St. Paul, embracing all the
Additions, for sale at our store. Price SI,OO.
‘‘Mill turn in Parvo.”
Corner Fifth & Jackson Sts., opp. Mtunesoiian Office
DR. JARVIS very respectfully solieiis
from th-* l.idias and gentl -men of Saint Paul and
vicinity, a visit to ht> n *westablishment. We have com
m need our career as a Dispensing Apothecary’ and Chem
ist, and from this day forward it shall be our highest claim
to public patronage to merit success oniy in pn>|»ortiun to
the amount of att ontion and the faithful discharge of our
professional duties. The comitoundinz and dispensing of
medicines has been with us a llfe-siudy. To the pliysi
c an and t >private families we respectfully urge our claim
to confidence and support—for how much soever of medi
cal tab nt be brought to **ear in a sick case, both the skill
of the physician and the kindest attention of friends will
be nil useless unless the prescription be fa thfully com
pounded and of pure and effective medicines. These
things wo pledge ours five* to the public faithfully to sup
ply The next Important question with our customer* Is
—“Doctor, what do you charge?” T>* these inquiries we
say, ••try u>.” It has become such a o*mni»n trick lu
trade for advertisers to profess a proto ind attachment for
the ••nimble sixpence"’ and small profits, and then skin
a man when they get hold of him. that we say again “fry
us.” W. 11. JARVIS,
July 3. Apothecary and Chemist.
HAS received by recent arrivals a large
addition to his p-« vious’v well selected stock of
Drug?, Chemicals, Perfutn- ry, Ks.Neiifl.il Oils and Patent r
Medicines, at ills drug store, corner Fifth and Jackson. j
PHYSICIANS will he supplied, also
dealers in Drugs or Patent Medicines, on as good ■
terms as they can effect purclias s by sending to Galena. :
I will sell at Galena prices without th<* addition of trans- !
portatbm. J.\ KYIS, Druggist.
I IVILL contract for the construction of
some 300 to 50J drawers; a!s ». for new fixtures and
counters. Apply to .1 Wit IS, Fifth st.
N. B. Terms cash ou the coinp! ti«»n of the work.
TRISII MOSS, a very superior article,
X just received and for sale in the * Multum lu Parvo”
Drug store.
pONGRESS WATER—another lot
w has arrived of the genuine. For sale by the bottle
or dozen. J A It VIS, Apoth’y.
• J BBLS. BLUE LICK, fresh from the
“ Springs ”—for sale by Hie glass or gallon.
J ARVIS, Druggist.
PILLS! PILLS ! PlLLS!!—Wright’s
Indian Vegetable, llrandretli’s, Moffat’s, Graefcn
burgh, Lee’s, Cook's, Dr. Jaym Dr. Soules’, Parr’s Life,
Hooper’s Female, Sugar Coat at, and Dr. Davis’ Antlbill
lous Pills—for sale at the Pat -nt Medicine Store, comer
sth and Jackson.
X and delicious article at the Fifth st. DRUG STORE.
r I'HERMOMETERS—From 230 deg.
-X down to 40 deg. below Zero—for sale by JARVIS.
TAR. GREEN’S Oxygenated Bitters are
TJ a nevei-lalUng rcmidy fur Dvept-pala—for sale by
PEPSIN, the genuine article, 75 cents
per !«>«!., for sale by JARVIS, Apothecary.
jpXTRACT of Bene Plant unequaled
J-J by any other lueillclne for the cure of Dysentery and
Diarrhea. MULTVM IN PAKVo Drue store.
A YRE’S Cherry Pectoral, Wistar's
JA. B.il-itm of Wild Cnerry, Ferry Davis’ Fain Killer,
and pure Port Win*' Juice for invalids; at the
Fifth Street DRUG STORK.
JARVIS’ Anti-Corrosive Steel Pen Ink,
« for sale Hied, sale and retail at the
C' 1 OOD Pickles require good Vinegar,
J Mace,Cloves.r.lmc-r, Allspice, Mustardae«rt,black
pepp**r and a uni; ail w hich can be pu chased low at the
Family Medicine tewre, cor. Fifth and Jack* »n.
r PEAS, black or green and mixed, the
A choicest lot ever l.r..urht to Minnesota r r ..m mixed
at 45 CIS per lb., to the very best Imperial at 80 cte per
lb. For sale at JARVIS.’ Drug store.
FLASTERS —Poor man’*, Jew David’s
Hadeaa’s. Dailey’s pain Ext-actor. Canthardlne Tis
ane, Conklin’s Salve, Corn plast r; all belna superior ar
ticles. For sale at the patent medicine More, corner of
Fifth and Jaekson. JARVIS,
\\: OODEN WARE of all descriptions
I V tor sale by *«' *• FARMER.
\ . INNESUI’A CHEESE—a new and
lV JL excellent article, for sale by REY k FARMER.
TARIED APPLES—just received by
T 5 RAN AN D SHORTS— Just received
c ,. h b y°°° butl>eto Br “ *“ d cAin s CAßT“kVrwx!° r
Fresh Groceries.
\I7E have received, per Excelsior, a
VV very large stock of every thing In our line, which
we will sell on our usual accommodating term*.
TTOPS ’. HOPS! !—Don’t dance all over
LX town tor the article, hut apply at once to the Fifth
<irmr4 I>Piß JARVIS.
The St. Paul Hat, Cap and Gentlemen’* Fur
nishing Store.
'['HE subscriber respectfully offers to
L th* Gentlemen of St. Paul, bis new stock of Gouda,
and will endeavor to keep a full nysorttn .nt of articles for
Gentlemen's use and wear, sucli as—
Silk Hats, Shirts Gloves,
Beaver do Collars Shaving, Tooth and
Children do Draw n. Hair Brushes,
Kossuth do Hosery, Corahs,
Magyar do Cravats, Hair Oils,
OH cloth and Cloth Caps, Suspenders, Soap, Ace. Button;
and Tailors Trimming*, Ladles sewing birds, a useful ar
ticle; Trunks, Vail* s. Carpet Bags, Umbrellas, ike.
Corner Third and Wabasha* st.
ttUtyO. 35-y
<»eorge L. Hank*,
Cincinnati, Ohio,
nAS for many years been extensively
engaged in the manufacture of HELLS, and by
careful observation and study of the principles Involved in
their const ruction, he has been eminently successful In
producing an article •»!
Superior Form, Tone and Finish.
The quality, combination, mu prop »rtion of
together with the degree of heat requisite to produce a
Compound the m >st sonorous. |>oS'«‘S'lne, at the name time,
sufficient Density and Strength, also, the peculiar outline,
or shape, having a correct proportion of the different
parts, thereby giving them elegance ..f form, have been
subjects to which Mr. li. has devoted a great amount of
time, in critical observation of effects through a long se
ries or Experiment*; Bells cast by him, are unsurpassed
in their Symmetrical Figure, and Beauty of Proportion,
and for Melody, Strength and Brilliancy of Tone, are
universally admired. Mr. Hanks Is prepared to supply
Churches, Colleges, Academies, Public Bui Mines, Steam
boats, Ac., with his superior Bells, at a short notice, hav
ing at all times an assortment on hand.
Church Chimes or Peals, and Musical
Hand B 11s, to any number on the Chromatic Scale made
to order. B 11s sold by Mr. 11. are furn shed with Yokes,
Wheels and Springs, of the lato.'t and most approved
Plan, and the whole warranted in every particular. Those
wishing further information will please address
Cincinnati, Ohio.
N. B.—The Great Bell, “St. Peters,” and the Chime of
Eleven Bells, at St. Peter’s Cathedral, Cincinnati, were
ca.'t at this Foundry. July 3 Bm.
A large consignment Just received, and for sale
cheap. BEY S FARMER.
M MW, Mil.
General Job Printing.
'j HE Proprietors of the Minnesotian
* Office, have rec -fitly made extensive additions to
their stock of Book and Job Priming material. Their
assortment now embraces all tho
Lit, AMI .5 JL
of Plain and Fancy Type. They are consequently pre
pared to execute all varieties of printing in a manner not
surpassed any where north of St. Ix>ui*.
We charge small profits and execute all orders with
despatch. Both of us being
We superintend all work entrusted to the Minnesotian
Office ourselves, and allow nothing to leave our hand*
unless it be executed In a
We rely upon the public for a liberal share of tlielr
A stock of Plain and Fancy Letter Paper, Foolscap,
Flat Cap, Folio Post, Sc., on hand for printing. Also
Printing cards of different kinds, sites and colors.
June 2C. OWENS &. MOORE.
L. B. Wait & Co.,
Wholesale and Retail Grocer* and Commission
HAVE opened at the store lately oc
cupied by c. F. Tracy, ou Third street, a general
assorm-nt of Family Groceries and l*r«»vision*; which
tlvy will sell at low prices for cash or in exchange for
country produce. They respectfully solicit asi are of
patronage. CI!ARLES MILBURN,
St. Paul, June 21, ’s2—4ov L. B. WAIT.
Ch*s IV. Borup. G'h’s 11. Oakca.
LTAVING formed a Co-Partnership
LX for transacting an Exchange and Banking Business
lu all its various branches, will be prepared to fumMi
si'-ht and t.i«'»* .a tv*»> vmi. »nd nrincinal cities
of the West- Remittances t » Great Britain, Ireland and
Continent of Europe made in sums to suit purchasers.
Sight and home bills and European Exchange* pur
chased. Collections made and proceeds remitted at usual
rates of Exchange. All other business committed to our
care punctually attended to.
St. Paul, MinneaotaTerritory, June 26, 1852.
Office at the .Minnesota Outfit building. 40v.
R. M’MtiAA,
Storage, Forwarding & Commission Merchant,
Dealer jjn Grain *.f all kind*. Fruit Trees, Sr., Main st.,
near the Bradley House, Galena, HI.
Refer to 11. 11. Campbell N Co., Galena; W. L. Ewing
& Co., St. Lov.i*. 40y
[Corner of Bench and Wabashaw streets, Sf. Paul, M. T.J
~wwsr uni.
JUST opened at the corner of Bench
an<l Wabashaw .-treets,
Uncle Tom’s Cabin, or Life anung the Lowly*
Reverie* of a Bachelor, by Ik Marvel*
Dream Life, do
Fresh Gleanings do
Dickens’ Works, complete.
Wandering Jew, illustrated.
The Camp Fires of the Revolution.
LoSslng’s Field Book of the Revolution.
Forest Life and Forest Trets—being camp life among
the Loggers.
Pencilling* by the Way, by W'illis.
Outre-Mer, by Longfellow.
And many other works which we cannot enumerate In
an advertisement. Call and examine them.
Just in Time.
\XJ E have opened, for sale, some superb
» » engravings of Gcu’l Winfield .Scot!. Also,
his Life and Services, by K • D- MausiiHU. (.'all before
they are all sold. LKDUC k UOIIREK.
-1- X prising Memoirs of the most Prominent members,
with numerous steel p»rtrait* ami fac-simile autographs.
June 24. LE DUC &. HOllitEß.
Y\7 ALL PAPER—A large stock of
• * Wall paper, Curtains, shades and Fire Board
Prints, now opened and lor sale by
June 21. LE DUG k ROIIRER.
'TO SPORTSMEN A superior lot
X of Fi.-hitig Tackle, for sale by
June 24. Le DUG k lIOHRKR.
IVX Herbariums, Albums, Papier Mache Card Biskcts,
Card Gases and Work Boxes, Newspaper Files, Patent Air
Tight inks—Post Office boxes, Calenders, &c., &e.
C ' OLD PENS—Just Received, a stipe
vJ rlor lot of Gold Pens —sum** new styles.
HOUSE Trimmings, Locks, Bolts,
Latches, Buns and Screws, at F. S. NEWELL’S.
v 8 do* canc fishing poles, at th<* Iksik Store of
may 22. LK DUC k ROIIRER.
F. E. Collins,
Auction and Commia*ion Merchant,
Saint Paul, Minnesota Territory,
In the three story Brb k store, Third St., opposite W. 11.
Forbes’ Outfit.
HAVING received a regular License
from the Town Board, which / have paid for . I
am prepared to sell real estate or other property, at Public
Au tlou at all times and places.
Saint Paul, July 31, 1862. F. E. COLLINS.
fORN Shellers in Store and for sale by
_ F. S. NEWELL, j
PORTABLE Fire Engines of all sizes
for tile by F. S. NEWELL.
CARPENTER’S Tools, Pianes, Chis
aele, BIU, t'U<‘e, &c., at F. S- NEWELL’S.
l Spades, H *es, Rakes, Forks, Cradles and Plows In
store and for sale by F. S. NEWELL.
O ARDWARE—Cross Cut and Mill
Lx. Saws, Axes, all kirds, Hammers gll kinds, Ac.
i For sale by F. S. NEWELL.
L'AMILY Grindstones, Oil stones, &c.
X for sal* at F. S. NEWELL’S.
TZITCHEN WARE—knive. and forks,
XV Wafll. Iron’s Ladle.. Baling Spoon., Chopping
Knives, To. Bolls, Stove., Shear.. Sallron, Brooa
Pt- Plate*. for sal** > “• yCF.wKI J/i.
Summer Arrangement!
18 5 2.
PAUL and Sf. Anthony Fall*,
*■ three Daily Slate*, leavin* each plac at 1 ■ Vluc*
A. M., 12 SI. aad 4 P. H.
Will b? at the landing, on the arrival of Steamboats at
Saint Paul. Also, a
Daily Line of Stages between Saint Panl and
Tl- An extensive LI very SUM* .it the o>rn?r jf Fourth
and Roberts street*. Particular attention given to the
Aci\>nimodal-on of Pleasure Parties, upon liberal terms.
Cathcart Sc Tyson,
LTAVE leased the new store on the
* X corner of Robert* and Fourth street*, where ther
arc now opening n stock of Groceries, Provision*
and Feed; which they offer at wholesale and retail to the
citizens of Saint Paul an l the surrounding country, at a*
low prices a* they can be purchased west o i St. Louis.
Their stock consists in part a* follows:
Cru-liedand Powdered Sugar*, J.iv.t, Kio At Laguira Coffee
X O and Clarified do Y 11, Imperial,Gunpowder,
Tobacco and S-garv', and Black Tea.*
(choice brand*) Rice, Rjig;u, and Currant*
Pepper, Spices. Nutuu'ga Cloves, assorted pickles
Pepper sau :e, Catchups Powder and *bnt, Chocolate
W R Ch» eae. Starch, Citron M nstard,Figs,Ext of Lemon
Rose and Vanilla M’!d,*tar and sp’n* Candles
Palm and Variegated Soap Mackerel.C nlfi>h, Herrings
Shaving do Pork, Hams and shoulder*
Fre.*h Butter and Egg* Butter and soda Cra kcra
Molasses and Golden syrup Linseed and Li.d Oil
Cider, Vinegar Oats, Corn and short*;
Corn Meal and Flour, choicest brands,
also other articles usually kept in a Family Grocery store,
too numerous too mention, which they will aell for Caah
exclusively at small profits. Purchasers will please call
and examine tor themselves.
St. Paul, June, 1862 (38y) X. E. TYSON.
JUST RECEIVED—2OO bushels fresh
Ground Com Meal, and for sab* cheap hr
••Competition is the Life of Trade.’’
es have arrived, and are now up*«n the road between
St- Paul and St- Anthony, ready to accommodate the pub
lic on all occasions. They have also received In addition
to tlielr former large and excellent Livery stock, several
new and elegant Carriages and Barouches; also n.-w Har
nesses and Horae Furnishing*, and equipage of the tuo»t
elegant description.
ALSO—ail additional stock of Fine
s+l Blo«>d*d, well broken llorsea. Query.
“spirited*’*hordes Come in under the
fL IJquor L tw, will they be In danger of be
iß knocked «»n the Inal? Our entire
V-n 1 w stock will co*t over $ 1,900. No other
stable in the West, out or Saint Louis will
be found as complete as ours.
Will our iriends and the public remember, that at the
Livery Stable in ih<* r*arof the American n«u*e, at th**
upper end of Sa*nt Paul, they can at all hours, have such
conveyance by land, on wheels or on horseback, a* thev
may desire. PATTISON S BENSON.
St. Paul, June 10, 1852. (38y)
CPHE Co-Partnership heretofore exist-
X ing between F. E. Collin* and C. P. V. Lull In the
Auction and General Land Agency business,!* hereby di -
sci ved by mutual consent. F. K. COI.I.INS,
Jin-, 3, 1852. C. P. V. LULL.
F. E. Collins will continue the Auction,
Commission and General I-and Agency business at the
large brick building on Third st., below Jai:k*>>n.
FURNITURE—just received a splen-
X did lot of Furniture from Cinclnna l which 1 will
sell at Saint I-ouis prices, ("all at the room* of
F. K. COLLINS, Third at., below Jackson.
(Just received per Excelsior.)
WS. COMBS, near the American
• nouse, lia* Just received a large and varied
collect! n of new bo. k>. Just from the pre**, to which he
invites the attention of all the reading community. They
Come ami * xaniine—no trouble to show’ goods at the
••Franklin Bookstore.” 37
gr The Minnesota Remedy,^
Cholera Morbus, Dysentery, Diarrhcea,
Sec., Sic.
••Indian Compound Astringent aud Tonic.”
r I'IIE materials of this medicine arc en-
JL ttrely vegetable, Indigenous to Minnesota, and well
known to the Indians by whom they have been used from
time immemorial, with Invariable siicce-s.
The Proprietor can confidently recoimn nd this medicine
t., the public, as a CERTAIN, SAFE, and PLEASANT
cu. e for Cholera Morbus, Dinrrha n. Dyson tery, and
all diseases of the B«>wels. It affonis almo't Instantane
ous relief in cases of grip ngs or cramps, and ordinarily
eff ets a complete cure in six or eight hours.
To Boatmen, Raflmen. Lumbermen, and all per
*ons traveling on the river, tni* medicine is invaluable.
Our c.tizens going below, during the summer months
should not fail to provide themselves with it.
The **l*csi;;uazomik , ’ must of course derive it* repu
tation from the testimonial.* of those who have mad.- trial
of it.
Please read carefully the annexed certificates.
Prepared by E. F. ELY. Bt. Paul,
And for sale at the Bookstore of I.kDUC S ItOHKKK,
an<l at W. 11. FORBES’ Minnesota Store, St. Paul. A Ist.,
at the Minnest.ta lfc«okst»»re, St. Anthony, and Chnn hill it
Nelson, Stillwater. Also, at the Drug Store of llichcox
it Axlell, st. Paul.
xy Price Fifty Cent* per B.>ttle. c^it
I liave used llic “Pesiguagomik” re
peatedly in my family and can rec. .nmietid It ns the safest
as well as ni«w»t efficacious medicine in all derangements
of the Bowels, 1 have ever known. Ii has, to my know
ledge, saved several valuable live* In m«*t obstinate eases
of Cholera Morbus, Dysentery,
St. Paul, May 1b52. C. W. BORUP.
This may certify that I liave used the
Vegetable Ctmipound Astrlugcut, prepared by Mr. E. F.
Ely, in my family, and liave found it to be the beat by far
of any thing of the kind l have ever used, lu one In
stance, two doses cur-d an obstinate case of Cholera Mor
bus. Not a single individual should t»e without this valu
able medicine,particularly In a a country where the Diar
rhoea and summer complaint are prevalent.
Having used this preparation in my
family, 1 most cliwrmlly J"ln Mr. oaks 111 t!v- al»v>c cer
tliicaie nt Us virtue*.
St. Paul, May 21, 1552. ALEX. RAMSEY.
I take pleasure in being able to state
that I have used In my family, Mr. Ely’a Compound As
tringent and Tonic, In eases of Iltarrhoe., with much sue
ce*«; and especially la*t summer in a case of summer
complaint In an Infant of mine some nine months old, and
cheerful I v r comm-nd Us use to the public.
St. Paid, May, 24, 1752. WM. HENRY FORBES.
I have used the Indian Compound As
trln-ont >n«l Tonic, mvsolf, nut In my f..mlly, and found
It effective, csp -cl lily In case of children toctlilng, and
c*snider it an active and w»re rent -dy for all Bowel Com
plaint., A. R. FIIKNCU.
St. l’aul, Ancu-t I, ISSI.
I have used the Indian Compound As
trlngent and Tonic, prepar'd by Mr. K<imuttd F. Ely, and
f..unJ Immediat - relief; and can cheerfully r-comniend It
a* a *peialY and sure cure for dlsea*** <*f the t*ow<*ls.
St. Paul, May 24, 1b52. H. F. M ASJKKSON.
I certify that I have used the Indian
Tonic, catbil “FesignaKumtk,” and r,command the earn,
as an excellent a.-trlngeiit, pleasant in Its taste, and certain
In its enre. J* NO.'H.
August, IS6I. 36mG
All orders for the al«ve Modlcinc should be s*<l
dre«***d to E. F. Ely, St. Paul, Minnesota.
Real Estate.
1 offer property situated In the town of
TCSfit St. Paul and its immediate vlelnl'y, for Hw
*ale extremely low for cash. The terms 111
are such a* do not often present themselves
to the capitalist or man of m*xlerate means, lolnvest mon
ey In a prosperous and rapidly growing town and its vicin
ity. Among various prep Tty 1 have to dispose of sre the
billowing, viz: a dwelling house and several lots of land
in a central part of St. Paul, with abundant supply of ex
cellent water; also, a small house adjoining. M ith this
property will be sold about ten acres of land
a large and thrifty growth of wood—a grt*i
that the Sioux land cannot, at least, at present, .uppy us
wtth fuel until in market.
I have also for sale a number of flve mctc lota Tilth
growing timber, altuab-d on and In
of public roads and not over a mile from st. Paul.
TTte above property will be sold on such low terms for
cash, that the p lrcha'Ct can imnredlsbdy sen again at an
advance. For sale on tlmo-prfo* be Prop -rtbrnably
higher. Apply to A *
Third street, corner of Cedar,
45tf Or to B. F. HOYT, St. Paul.
n pv AA FRUIT TREES—Grafted,
Choice Yaiieties, (peach and apple) now
growing lo my nursery and for sale.
VX7ANTED—IBOO cordt, of wood for
* * the Empire Foundry. Enquire at
F. «. yFWET.T.*«.
Minnesota Historical Society
FOR 1859.
A FEW copies of this interesting An
uusl, Ounialnlag more about the dlMurery
w\j hutory or MiauewU; 1U *eosr»pUl<»l UMC f uA
mineral »ud urological naouroe. tb.n uir wort heretofbr.
, U-u-d, are »Utl on buvl, and for ude «t the trlnn-ti of
. Mewr. L Duc h Rokrer »ud Combs’: tlso >t tki«
I Prlee, Thirty Cents.
; O'VKXS It MOORE, PaUlsh-rs.
DOAN, KI.\G Sc Co.,
Wholesale Dry-Goods Dealers,
A RE constantly receiving new and de
| tl slrmbli' stylr, of STAPLE ANDFANCT OOOn.S which
; or,- o lcrru at * v.'ry small tdvmice for Cash, ~r u, Her.
| chants who pay their notes when due. Country Mi rchsutu
will ilud s decided ndrantsitc tjy sn exnmlnatlonuf tliclsr
-1 (test -took of goods west of the moiintslns.
I St. Louis, Mny fi. 36 y
Produce und Commission Mcrchauu,
.Vo. 21 South Lrvtr, i'f. l.uuis*
. E. U. Ryl.uid A Co., j
I F. H. Chsmtx-rlsln, ■ Sr. Louis.
I R. M. Withers, )
! St. I.uuls, May 22. 30 y
Manufuclurers, N. V. St. Louis.
(Bucct:aaor» to U wis, Thayr S Co. t >
C lothing. Shirt*, Drawer*, and Fiirui«hlo^tio«la,
No. ISO Main street,
Corner of Green , one door beloxc the Virginia House,
f 'ONSTANTLY on hand an immense
Vy §t*>ck. Mluni*a»ta and WU-vrafin L unbcrtucn and
Merchants can at all times find at ** 190,” a full supply of
Clothing got up expressly for their trade , and many ar
ticles which can’t be found in any other House in SL l»u«
is, such as ixtra sized, tine* and heavy red, bin**, mixed and
Old Colony Flannel Shirts and Ifratcers; extra weight
Satinet and Casiniere Paula, Dunag** Bags, Jumper*., over
alls, Umbrellas, Trunks, Valisca, and ltubt>er Clothing.
Carpet and Enamel TravelJuj bags, Satchel*, and Oil
Purchasers are respectfully invited to call and ••look
through our stock.” Always on hand the largest and
cheapest st*»ck of assorted shirts and drawers In th * West.
Fresh Clothing received from our Factory every w-efc*
Stock manufactured expressly for the Western mark*!#
Terms liberal. HANFORD, TIIAYKK S CO.
Cirucr 31 un and tirven sts.
SL Louis May 22. M-y
ii. x. bird, Cincinnati.] [j. b. armstro.to, St. Loula.
South-West Corner Vine aui Second ats« t
St. Louis , Mo.
\Y’HOLESALK and retail dealer* in
» * Chairs are respectfully Informed that we will con
stantly keep on hand a large and general assortment^
«>f Chairs of our own manufacture, consisting of
nut, Mahogany. Cherry and Maple cane-seats of ev -
cry description: Wood-seat Elbow, large and small * "
Oifice, Boston and ban. Arm U«jckers, Polka, French. Bus
tle, Jenny Lind, Bannister, Scrolls, M -ck Scollop*,
Slat.-*, Children’s, Ate., which we will aell to th:* trade on
th • most liberal term*, and warrant them to be unsurpas
sed in b- auty of style or finish. Having large mannractu
ring facilities, we can offer Inducements that will inaura
general satisfaction; and hope, th rough a strict and prompt
attention to business, to merit a share of public patronage.
We Invite the visits of purchasers, either W'holeaal** <#
Retail, to our Ware-rooms, in trier that they may Judga
for themselves. BIRD S ARMSTRONG.
Su Louis, May 22. 35-y
Foreign and Domestic Hardware and Cutl#ry v
No. 147 M<iju street,
(Third door Morth of Hank of Missouri ,J
may 22. 35-y. Sr. LOUIS, Mo.
l Aj E have now in store a complete as-
V v ossortm nt, making our stock unusually large,
which-w** ofli-r to purchasers at lowest prices, and on beat
terms—among which may be lotmd a complete assortment
Axes—Simmon C«»llln..’. Hunt’s and others.
Scythes—Waldron’s grass, grain, hemp and bush, as
Scythe Snathes—Assorted, all prices, qualities and
Scythe Stones akd Rifles —Assorteil, all prices.
Forks—llav and manure, 2,3, 4 ami 6 pronged, as*’d.
Chains—Bright ox aud log, 8-8, 7 1-6,1-2 and 5-Blnch,
Chains —Bright trace assorted; coil, brea»t and halter,
Collars— II -rs<? a:;«l mule, a*sort'‘d, (hog and kip
IIAMES Hors* and mule, steam bent and riveted.
Hoes—Carolina, planter*’, eyed and handled, asa’d.
R akes —II iy and garden, iron and a*s’d.
Knives—Table kmves und fork*, all putt -riia uo*J qual
Knives —Table knives and JLrks, all patterns and qual
Razors—Wade & But« ht rV, Crooks, and others, as?Fd.
Shears and Scissors —Butchei’*, Lux’.-, great vari
ety oi pattern*.
Locks—Mineral knob, assorted; door, newest pattern*
and styles.
Locks—Pad, chest, trunk, till, plate, a«sorted.
Latches—Ku*>b, thumb and others, all kind*, oss’d.
Butts—(irwuwood, narrow, broad and Congress, a*wM.
Butts—Wrought, narrow, broad and Congress, os^’d.
Screws—l-4 to 4 inch wood, New England taper.
Bells—Ox, horse, tuw, band aisl sleigh, acs’d.
Brushes—White-wash, shoe, tcrubbiug and horse, as
Chisels—Framing, socket, firmer, mortice, eas’d.
Curry Combs —Auv-ncan, ucw patterns, a-Al.
('o« ks—Cock stops, Myd; bra** do a*s’d.
Files —Butcher’s celebrated mill, fiat bastard.
Files—Round, half round, square fiat and ul! kind*,
* und single barrel, .'hot and thick, ask’d.
RiFI.ES and PlSTOLS—Revolvers, cast steel barr« l, aa
Gvn Barrels- Aaaortcd; gun trimming* and finding*,
Hatchets—Shingling, lath, bench and claw, »*to*d.
Hinges—Hook* and hinges, strap and T,a**’«l.
Kettles—Bra-*, lea, preserving, glue, Wd.
Mills—Coffee, Parker’*, A darn*’ and others, ask’d.
Mattocks and Picks—Clay and coal, a**M.
Nails —Wrought, 6 to 12« l; horse, G to 12d, ass’d.
Planes—Bench and moulding, a**’d, all kind*, supe
rior qualities.
Pans—Fry, ass’d; «m<:e and preserving, ask’d.
Shovels—Am* *’, Rowland’s and others; garden,rain
ing and post.
Tacks and Brads—Assorted, all sizes and kind*.
Augurs—Bright, patent concave, convex and cast steel*
With a large assortment of carpenters’ and blacksmith’s
tools, of newest pattern* and best qualities.
House und Building Hardware—a large assortment.
Albo, proprietors of St. Louis Saw and Scale Factory,
where we are now manufacturing largely of,
Saws—Extra cast steel mill, circular, cross-cut, hand
panel, how*, wood and pit saws, of \ailou* qualities and of
any kind wanted. Also,
Scales—Viz: platform, 300 lb* to 4.000 lbs; counter,
hay, fiour, packing, coal and car, of all kind* and descrip
Scales and .Saw* repaired and made to order.
We are better prepared to serve our customer* and pur
chaaers generally than ever before. Our terms are as fa
vorable and price* as low a* the lowest.
14? Main street.
St. May 22, ISO 2. 35-2 m
No. IGG Main Street,
West side, bet. Washington Avenue aud Virginia Hotel,
* * reel frura the East, a large and xuperior assortineut
of Clothing and Furnishing Good*, for Gentlemen** wear,
consisting chiefly of the finer and better grades, selected
from the be*t Importing and Commission Houma, and
made up In a superior manner, expre#*ly for this market.
All kinds of Clothing, ready made ami warranted, at
wholesale, very low for Cash or good paper.
A great variety of Gents’ Furnishing Goods, such as
Shirts, Cravats, Gloves, kc., kc. % which will be sold to
the trade at New York wholesale (tricet.
We respectfully solicit a call.
St. Louts, May 16, 1862* *4-1 y
Jowph K. Wa,(Mtr,
.Vo. 93 Main Street, four itorg Brick Corner,
JX“A«enc7 for the Mlo of aupertor Prlnttne P»p”.-£J
Laima, May B.
\l7 HOLES ALE & RETAIL dealer in
» V Cook, Parlor, Box Swvea of all kliwl*.
rpHE CHARTER OAK, four ,i*es,
| patented 18S*i It b« a rorr larse oxen,JWkr* per
fectly and to a charm* For sale by F. 8. NKM eLL.
T EFFEL’S Double Oven, the neatest
1 j of the Cincinnati castings with extra oval cast Iron
boilers, can be seen at F. 8* NEWELL’S.
rpHE Queen of the Forest, an elevated
X oven Move pleeelnc to all who dee It hjr the aatla
factorr manner work le 4w>* and Ike eaee auendtnf ft,
In .I'—. end for rale In* F. S* Hff'NL

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