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The weekly Minnesotian. [volume] (Saint Paul, Minn. Territory) 1852-1858, October 16, 1852, Image 4

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For the XiuneaoUan.
Lines on the Death ol Miss Emily Martin.
A schoolmate and a friend has gone
Far from this vale of tears,
We’ll watch to hear her voice again
In vain through coming yearb,
She has gone from home in her youthful bloom
T<* take her place in the spirit home.
When Autumn winds were blowing chill
And leaves were falling round.
And the flowers had faded from ih earth
We laid her In the ground;
She has gone from earth while ’tia early day,
And her c -mrades sigh 44 she ha» pii'sed away.*’
And her mother, now so lonely left
Must feci the chastening rod,
But though of a darlin:, child t er* ft,
It is the nand of God ;
And may the la sweet submission kn. cl
And ble>* Ills name who wounds to heal.
Character —llow Formed. —Hon. Robert C.
Winthrop, on a public occasion, recently tie
tailed a conversation which he had with John
Quincy Adams, a few weeks before his death,
and very near the spot where he died. ‘'Every
day,” he said, “during his father’s absence in
in "attending the Congress of Independence, af
ter saying his prayers to God, he was required
to repeat the following exquisite stanzas of Col
lins’ :
H'-w sle'p the h ave who sink tv rM
By all their country’s wishes M«*s<!
When Spring, with dewy flngirs cold,
Returns to deck their hallowed mold,
She there shall dre** a sweeter sod
Than Fancy's feet Lave ee« r trod.
By fairy hands fhcdr kn •!! is rung ;
By forms unseen their dirge is sung ;
Their hon«r comes a pilgrim gray,
To bless the turf that wraps their clay,
And freedom shall awhile repair
To dwell a we* ping h**imit thure.
Mm*. Adolphus Smith Sporting the “ Blue
Stocking." —Well, 1 think I'll finish that story
for the editor of the-Dutchman/’ Let me see’;
where did I leave off? The setting sun was just
gilding with his lust ray—"Mu I want some
bread and mola-ses—(yes dear,) gilding with
his last rays the church spire—•• Wife where's
my Sunday pants?" ( Under the bed, dear,) the
church spire of Inverness, when a—“ There's
nothing under the bed, dear, but y our lacecap."
—(Perhaps they are in the coal hod in the clos
et) —when a horseman was seen i poroaching
“Ma'am, the pertators is out; not one to bile
for dinner."—(Take l some turnips,)— approach
ing, covered with dust and—•• Wife the baby
has swallowed a button —(lieeerse him. dear—
take him by the heels,)—and w aving in his hand
a banner, on which was written—-Ma, I’ve
tommy pantaloons"—liberty or death! The
inhabitants rushed cu masse— “ Wife, will you
leave off scribbling?'’ Don't be disagreeable.
Smith. I’m just ge.ting inspired,)—to the public
square, where Dc Deguis, who had been secret
ly—“ Butcher wants to see you, ma’am,” —Se-
cretly informed of the traitors—“ Forgot which
you said ma'am, suasages or mutton chop,"—
movements, gave orders to fire ; not less than
twenty—“My gracious. Smith, von liavn't been
reversing that child all this time ; he's as black
as your coat—and that boy of vot'lis has torn up
the first sheet of my manuscript. There! it’s
no use for a married woman to cultivate her in
tellect. 1 must wait till I'tn a w idow. Smith,
hand me thvse twins. Fanny Fern.
MA.vrraeiiiii.vo Shoe Strings.—Mechanical
ingenuity finds nothing too insignificant not
to improve upon if it supplies a want of
humanity in a better or cheaper manner.—
Among the enterprises in Georgetown. Mass., is
that of manufacturing shoe strings. The pro
cess is simple, yet requiring quite a number of
workmen to meet the demand for the article.
The strings are made from calf-skin and sole-1
leather, the former costing S2O per thousand |
the quality of stock ranging the prices. They 1
are made for the Southern and Western market
and used with brogan shoes, which are so ex
tensively manufactured throughout New Kng
land, in exchange for the breadstuff's of the
South and West. The proprietor lias acquired
quite a competency within a few years from his
Indian- Treaty.—The Washington Republic
announces semi-officially that a preliminary ar
rangement has been made with Hilly liouicp-'
delegation by the commissioners ot* Indian af
fairs. for the removal of the Seminole Indians,
to the west of the Mississippi. The emigration
to commence during the present scaso-i.
A gentleman elimhed Mount Washington, one
of the four of the White Mountains, mi Thurs
day morning last in a Minding snow storm, and
he uudhis companion came near freezing. The
season is over, and the regular stages between
St. Johnsbury and the mountains have been
hauled off. —Jllbany lie%i»Ur.
“nullum in Parvo.
Comer Fifth & Jackson Sts., opp. Mlnntsotian Office
T)R. JARVIS very respectfully solicits
from the hi lias an<| gentlemen of Saint Patti ami
vicinity, a visit to his new establishment. We have com
menceff our carver as a Dispensing Apothecary and Chem
ist, and from this Jay forward It shall be our highest claim
to public patronage to merit success only In proportion to
the amount of attention ami the faithful discharge of our
professional duties. The compounding and dispensing of
medicines has been with u» a life-study. To the physi
cian and to private families we respectfully urge our claim
to confidence amt support—for how much soever or medi
cal talent he brought to bear In a sick case, both, the skill
of the physician and the kindest attention of friend: will
be all useless unless the prescription he faithfully com
pounded and of pure and effective medicines. Th.se
things we pledge ourselves to the public faithfully to sup
ply The next important question with our customers is
—“Doctor, what do you charge?” To these Inquiries we
say, “try us.” It has become such a common trick in
trade for advertisers to profess a proround attachment for
the “nimble sixpence” and small points, and then skin
a man when they get hold of him, that we say again “fry
, . w. If. JARVIS,
JUI Y *• Apothecary and Chemist.
Western Emporium.
FULLER has Just opened for exhibition at his NEW
BRICK STORE, directly opposite his old stand, a
a large and splendid assortment of Dry Goons, Clothing,
Indian Good-*. Hardware, Cutlery, Glassware and Crock
ery, Boots and Shoes, Hats and Caps and India Rubber
Goods: with every article usually called for In a western
establishment, all of which he offers at wholesale and re-
Jff 1 ’ at prices much reduced. Merchants in the Indian
iraae will rind every article they may wish, in the trade,
and with the assurance that the chanjes will he moderate
and satisfactory. Orders can at all times be tilled to anv
amount. J
To th' Ladles we would say, we have a few pieces of
Delaines and Cashmeres.
20 pieces Alpacas needles
60 do bleached cotton 60.000 sharp", between and
on a o °°J buckskin needles
*0 do book and Swiss 100 packs pins
muslins, a superior aril- 100 duz reding and ivory
c'ver ? » superior
sortment e\er brought to article
2 bales sheetim?« 200 rtoz Autl assorted
* £ "J'JW 10o’ll>s skehn'eotton
* B *f »<*‘*«haw]s brad” W;>X ’
1l" r ihre.H < ’ hose Milts, wristlets and childrens
l-toie thread, cashmere and gloves
silk gloves, a few plaid Cotton wadding
«.rsm’e?c ! P f le M d ' d S / ticle Dam " k » n<l bru»h linen la
. J buUons for ble covers
60 p"cei"hm n h es , ‘* !r bn,sl ' es «“•*">
Gimps and'frm h “ rtk ls peaarl and plain
Linen rtbbo'n^ 6 ' * Ladles’ and children’s shoes
Woolen yam sud knitting L^SL" n * d
over coats 199 dozen hickory shirts
10 doz French and German 99 9° ove ,r <*« twill’d flat
cloth coats 9° under do «
100 cloth, tweed, jean and 69“ 9l llled ban drawei
salt, sacks 9“ fivers frocks
*OO blue and black monkey nierm^ *" n y wrappers,
Jackets »0 d« “‘‘ a,,d rfh’d shir
300 long green Jacket* sdar!9t r'lw. rlbb, M »n
600 pr black and fancy cas. 100 doz super v
and doe skin pants io do black °f ks
1000 pr heavy lined, all si- 60 do silk hsndkemh?
in / , ‘ S “ u, ' color 3 10 •>» rtocks aud Heart.
10 doz black satin vests 25 do lln. bosoms .n,t e o
10 do ane black doll, do 26 do buck glove, and ml I
2 do fine black cloth do 12 do coshm. and silk
3 do corderoy vests gloves
j* do lion skin do 3 dozen dressing gowns
26 do heavy winter vests Kip, c»lf aud thick boots
J* J° white shim Irish linen
10 do fine calico shirts Broad cloth and easm.
25 do com do dd Satinnet and doe skin
Rubber ovor shoes Black satin
do overall, Black silk velvet and slrn
do sack coats Rubber officers coats.
Importer of Wiuts, Liquors, Cigar., etc.,
No. 32 Levee, Catena, 111.
-1 anti well selected stuck of Groceries, Provisions, Wines,
Liquors, etc., which he offers to the trade at the lowest
market rales for «a*h.
*2*25 lilidu X O >ugar 160 Lids graen apples
i ‘*oo I this clarified do 60 bales hatting
100 hhls loar, crushed and 60 bbls butter crackers
powdered sugar 60 1001 b b.v» codfish
172 bids St Louis Sll mo- 76 501 bdo do
lass:s 125 251 bdo do
; 100 bids plantation molasses *260 bxs Scotch herring :
j 150 u N O S II do 15 cases sardines
, 75 * 4 Syrup do 72 doz buckets
| 25kc*;.s Golden Syrup do 60 nests tubs
! 350 bags Rio coflee 126 colls rope
75 pack* Java coflee 150 doz l**d cord*
15 “ Mocha do 6n doz plow lines
35 bags Maracaibo coffee 100 l.ales oakum
! 50 hf chests V 11 tea 50 bids ro*in
I 75 do Imp do 75 do pitch
; 40 do G P do 50 do tar
1 125 131 b bxs Imp do 375 kgs assorted nails
100 do G P do 50 do spikes
100 do VII do 75 bxs qt and pt flanks
; 250 61b G 1* Y II aud Imp do 50 do a*Vd tumblers
125 21b Caddys tea 25 do ass’d decanters
, 75 bbls nos 1,2& 3 inackl 50 do spice Jars
' 50 hr qr and 1-Dtli bbls do 126 do Virginia tobacco
i 05 kits salmon 75 do Mo do
! 75 do mackerel 125 cases Va do
20 bbls pickled herring 100 bxs smoking do
25 drums codfish 25 bbls i( do
250 bxs palm soap 15 bxs Scaffarlaii do
50 bxs \ aeb-gated do 25 do Vcrmlcella
75 do shaving do 30 do Maecaroni
200 do mould candlea 25 csks Zante currants
100 do dipt do 28 bxs spice chocolate I
75 do «tar do 260 lbs dried cherries
50 hf bxs star do 6 cases preserved ginger !
J 50 qr •* d.» 25 bbls S S almoinls !
; 50 bxs solar do 15 do Alberts
j 25 hx-* sperm do 30 do pecans
100 61b bxs solar candles 10 do pea nuts
125 bxs pipes 15 do Brazil nuta
40 bxs fancy stone pipes 10 do Eng walnuts
75 bales candle wick 75 bxs pt and qt pep sauce |
50 do wrapping twine 35 do walnut catsup
30 bxs ground spice 15 cases table salt
| 30 do do pepper k ginger 25 do asa\l pickles
, >SO mats cassia 200 1 x > M raisins
1 bll nutmegs 150 hf bxs do
1 do cloves 100 qr do do
j ‘*s bxs citron 600 drums Smyrna figs
1 150 gross blacking 25 nests cov’d buckets
100 dox blacking brushes 25 bxs clothes pins
| 50 scrub brushes 50 nests clothes baskets
26 casks Bostou saieratus 30 tierces rice
30 bags pepper and spice 250 i nis and bals wrap paper
75 doz zinc wash boanb 50 do letter do
| 500 dags assorted shot 25 do cap do
J 1000 lbs bar lead 75 gross asvd playing cards
I 500 keg?* rifle powder 10,000 gunny bags
j 300 do blasting do 60 bbls vinegar
! 15 cases canister do 15 do lard oil
j 250 M percussion caps 10 hhds whale and sperm oil
22 bbls oysters 25 baskets olive oil
' ®0 ca.-es asst'd preserves 15 cases P A cheese
150 bxs Eng dairy cheese 150 bxs w R do
; 250 bush dried apples 25 do soda crackers
75 do do peaches 60 do do do
150 bxs lemons ami oranges 600 bags G A salt
35 doz brooms 126 do L B do
35 bxs ink 350 do dairy do
60 do candy 250 bbls hydraulic cement I
2o bxs lemon syrup 300 do m**ss pork
125 gross matches 60 do lard
50 bxs prunes 160 kgs do
75 do ipustard 10,000 lbs dried beef
| 50 cases mustard 176 kg> butter
25 bxs tomato catsup 75,000 lbs hams and sliould’s
50 do starch 1,000 lbs S F flour
: 300 do window glass, asst*<l
:50 qr casks B port wine 100 bxs Cuba cigars
I 10 qr do Sicily Madcria 60 do fin** imported regalia
10 casks pure Juice P wine 15 qr casks united proprie
-6 do old sherry dark do tors brandy
25 do Malaga do 10 hfps (Hard aud Co brandy
sdo old pale sherry do 16 qr pipes assignette do
6do London dock do 6de Moreau do
10 do Oporoto do 10 hf casks champagne do
10 do Lisbon Madeira do 6qr do Megglery do
sdo cherry bounce do 6hf do Goddard do
? Teneriffe do 10 qr do llennessev do
r.o I k's Iliedsie<*kehampg*n 10 qr do Rafteau ' do
75 casks Khlnelsb wlue sqr do Pcllevoisin
c J. aret do »°‘ir do JJDnpuy do
J*® ? twark cld< *r sqr do Ala Mondcredo
150 do claret wine 10 pps Otard &Co do j
100 do llaut Pautone very fine vintige, 1793. •
6qr casks Muscat wine 60 l-Btl. cskssignette brandv ,
50 bxs white wine 75 bbls X Y do i
25 baskets Hock Rhine do 10 do old Va peach do i
25 do B.'uker’s Bankers 590 do Ohio whisker
sup champagne 50 do old Bourbon do
lo cases abysynth 75 do Moiiongahela do
15 bxs creoso 25 do Rye do
10 cases orange Juice 2 punch Scotch «|<>
25 casks London porter, pts 3 do Irish do
and qts 3 pipes pure Swan gin
30 csks Scotch ale, pts fc.qts 25 bbls N E rum
casks brown stout 1 puch pure Jamaica rum
360 >1 regalia cigars ldo do St Croix do
25 M principe do 25 bbls Baltimore gin.
Agent for a Galena and St. Louis, aud Galena
and St. ram racket Line of Steamers.
Gal na, May 15, 1H52. 31-y
A appointed agent for the sale of Louisville Cement, j
| ' V *H k**ep a large supply on hand, and will be sold at a
i small advance from manufacturers prices.
Galena, may 15. il F XcCLOSKKT.
A- appointed agent for the above mills, will keep con- j
rtantlv on hand a supply of “Extra Family Flour.” War- •
ranted superior to any ilour sold in this market.
Galena, may 15. II F McCLOSKKY. |
Demijohns—lso, i, 2, 3,4 and 5!
Kails, received per Excelsior, and for sale l»-
, V/ celved per Golden Era, and for sale by
I ______ II F M'Closkev.
‘’l OBACCO—I2S bxs. Virginia, rec'd
' «n't '••> r *»«« l-v _II F rCMWT. ;
i L' IGS—SOO drums received and lor sale
i *• l> V 11 F M’CLO.KEV. I
j t-/ ICE—2S tierces rec’d per Golden Era
j *• and far sale by _ II F M’Ct.oXKEV.
] WALERATLS—2S bxs. BostonSalera-
I tils, rec’d and fnrsaletiy |[r M’Closkey.
A ! ACKEREL—7S bbls. No. 1. 2 and
***’*“ 3 mackerel, rec’d per Golden Era, and for sale by
_________ II F M’CLOSKEY.
'I EA 150 hf. chests G. P. Imp. and
-A- Y II tea rec’d p r Golden Era, and for sale by
jl' UR RANTS—2S casks Currants rec’d
, vy 1-er Golden Era, and for sale by H F M’Closkey.
j XJ ERRING—22S bxs. Scotch Herring
! rec’d per Golden Era, and for?ale by ""
j H F M’Closkey.
LJ AISINS—2S bxs. M. R. Raisins, rec’d
-*- 4 “h'l lor "sic by H F JUCi.osKrv.
\\l INE—ISO casks Claret and White
-» » Wine, rac’d and for sale by U F M’Uloskey.
DACON—SO casks Hains and Shoul
<l«r»» rec’il per Bon Accord, and for sale by
______ H FM’Closkey.
jV| —IOO bbls. rcc’d and for
-!=■ “'•■’T H FM’Closkey.
HANDLES-—l5O bxs. Star Candles,
rec’d per Wisconsin, and for sale by
H F M’Closkev.
I Ah 50 bbls. Tar, rcc’d per VViscon-
JL_sln, and for sale by H F M’Closkev.
I ARD—SO bbls. Leaf Lard rec’d per
Wisconsin, and for sale by If F M’Closkey.
fSO Pint and quart Flasks, rec’d
“ »n<» for sale by H V M’Closkey.
f 'IDER VlNEGAß—Received and for
___ Mlc b >’ H F M’Closkey.
/^UNNILS —10,000 Gunny Sacks rec’d
per Bon Accord, and for sale by H F M’Closkey.
-Kw* rec’d per Bon Accord, and for sale by
n f M’Closkey.
( iRANGES—SO bxs. Oranecs, rec’d
!r anrt [or Mle b -V II F M’Closkey.
17 LOUR—SO bbls. extra superfine Fam
fly, rcc’d per Excelsior, and for sale by
—— M FM’Closkey.
r /P) KEGS prime Leaf Lard, rec’d per
* Excelsior; fortale by M. y. M’Closkey.
Hams and shoulders_2o ck*.
rec’d per Excelsior, and lor sale by
II F M’Closkey.
JVI ESS PORK—3OO bbl*. on hand, and
ITA for sale by 11. F. M’Closkey.
COAP—2SO bbls. Yellow, rec’d per Ex-
V 7 Excelsior, and for sale by n F M’CLOSKEY.
( ’ANDLES—ISO bxs. Mould, rec’d and
by II F M’Closkey.
f IREEN APPLES—IOO bbls. in store,
“i l° T !,ale b r H F M’Closkey.
SYGAR —55 hhds. fair to prime N. O.
Sugar, ree’d per Wyoming, snd for sale by
C cwL 10 ’ 000 La Union Regalia
dodo; 9° 1105 10 ’ ao ° Washington
00 Union ®’ ooo Tr « Marla do do; 5,-
dodo; 7,000 La -» Almelna
d.; rec’ p-r Wyoming; , or s.£’ by 6 ’ o< s
No. 3 o Lever,(Galrna, 111.
Nominee, Ca|>t. O. Smith, leaves Galena, Mondays, at
12 o’clock.
Ben Campbell, Capt. Lodwick, leaves Galena, Fridavs,
at 12 o’clock.
Doctor Franklin, Capt. R. Blakeley, leaves Galena,
WrdneMtay*, at 12 o’clock.
tlj-floods shipped to go by the above Line, fortvareed
Ir-e of eliarge.^j;
receiving their Spriug Stock of Groceries, Provision?,
Liquor, Glassware, Ac., which we will sell very’ low,
auJ would respectfully invite vour attention to our *tock
and price? before purchasing elsewhere. We have in stor#
the following articles:
288 hhds Mugar 100 bb!« cider vinegar
25d bbls clarified sugar 200 bxs candles
75 bbls crushed, powdered 26 bxs sperm candles
and loaf sugar 60 bxs star do
200 bbls molasses 500 bbls fl«>ur
100 hf-bbls do 300 bbls pork
16 bbls golden syrup 60 bbls lard
26 hf-bbls do 100 kegs do
30 kegs do 30 bxs starch
350 sacks Rio, Lngulra and 10 bales Gunnies
Java colli e 300 bxs raisins
60 hf-chests Imp, Y II and 200 hf-bxs do
black tea 200 qr-bxs do
300 caddies Imp, Y II and 50 tierces rica
black tea 100 bbl? dried apples
75 M assorted cigars 50 bbls dried peaches
200 do* bed cords 300 hf-bxs glaps
100 colls rope 10,000 lights sash
60 bales oakum 10 bales hops
500 bbls seine twine 50 bxs pint flasks
60 coils lath twine 25 do tumblers
260 bbls whiskey 20 doz decaulers
30 do Bourbon whlakey 60 doz wine glasses
30 do Monougaheia do 20 doz champaign glasses
25 do Am braudy 10 doz lanterns
26 do N K rum 150 bxs cheese
20 qi cks port w ine 100 nests tubs
29 do Malaga do 100 doz bucket*
10 do Maderiado 25 c.isks taleratu*
10 do Sherry do 39 bxs alnmmls
2 pipes Holland glu 25 frails do
1 do St Croix rum 20 bbls filberts
10 hf-plpea braudy 16 bbls Eng walnuts
20 qr-pipes do 20 bxs maccaroul
30 1-4 do do 60 gross lamp wicks
26 baskets champaign 100 rms letter and cap paper
76 bxs champaign cider 300 rms wrapping do
10 bxs Muscat wine 30 bxs cloth- s pins
59 bxs Claret 30 bxs groun i ginger
10 bxs Anuesctte 25 bxs extracts, i>-orted
100 bbls Dayton ala 10 bbls lard oil
100 lbs Isinglass 10 bbls linseed oil
20 bxs preserves 10 bbls sperm do
26 baskets olive oil 100 market b.x>k* t»
25 bxs pickles 75 bbls mackerel
20 bags p<*pper 76 hf-bbls do
16 hags spice 40 qr-bbls do
40 cks currants 100 kitts do
1 bbl cloves 100 kills salmon
1 do nutmegs 25 drums codfish
100 lbs mace 100 bxs do
25 bxs chocolate 100 bxs herring
400 kegs uails 100 small bxs tobacco
30 bxs ground pepper 100 large do do
20 hxs do spies 40 bxs smoking do
16 bxs cassia 26 bxs fine cut rh’ng tobacco
500 lbs cassia in mats 10 bxs scaflarlati do
60 doz scrubbing brushes 100 bx« pipes
26 doz shoe do 30 bxs brandy cherries
500 M gun caps 100 doz zinc washboards
16 cases sardines 50 bbls tar
30 bbls oysters 25 bbls pitch
30 bxs Ink 25 bbls rosin
30 bales twine 60 bxs lemons
30 do wlcking 10 coses prunes
300 drums figs 600 sacks salt
200 demijohns
No. 35 Levee.
Galena, May 15, 1852. 34-y
R. S. Harris & €o.
Forwarding and Commission Merchants.
HAVE on hand and are constantly
receiving the following, which wr arc prepared to
sell cheap and nn terms that cannot tail to suit purchasers.
40 hhds* X. 0. Sugar, 50 hills. S 11 Molasses,
100 bbls clitrldcd AAR sugar 50 hi I,bis SII do
60 do “ OAOO do 20 kegs do do
20 do loaf do 20 bbls X O do
20 do crushed do 20 hf bbls do do
10 do pulverized do 10 kegs Golden Syrup,
100 sacks Rio Coftee, 76 bxs Imperial Tea,
30 sacks Jnva do 60 61b bxs do do
30 “ loguira do SO bxs G p do
10 “ St. 1 Spuing.) Coffee, 40 61b lixs G P do
20 « Havana Green do 10 6 A 131 b bxs Y H Tea,
10 bxs ground do 30 bxs blk Oalino do
5 ** Manilla do 10 do do verv tine do
100 bbls Mess Pork, 600 Sugar Cur, 4 name,
30 do Prime do 10 casks clear Sides,
40 hf bbls Pamllv Pork, 10 do Shoulders.
26 bills No 1 Mackerel, 6 drums Cod Plsli,
20 do Ko 2 do 60 bxs do do
15 do No 3 do 50 kits Salmon,
So kits No 1 do 100 lixs Herring,
200 bxs Mould Candles, 100 bx« Palm Soar,
60 do dipt do 75 do Pamllv do
100 do Star do 12", do Quincy Yellow,
10 do Adamantine Candle", 60 do Variegated do
25 lixs assorted Pickles, 25 bxs Tomato Catsup,
6 do Cabbage (lo 5 do Walunt do
6do Piculila do 5 do Mushroom do
20 bxs ground Pepper, 40 doz Extract of Lemon,
10 do ground Pimento, 10 do do Vanilla,
sdo do Cassia 30 do do Clovis,
30matfs do 10 do do Rose,
15 bxs Cherries, lo bxs preserved Pear",
10 do Peaches 10 do Quinces,
10 do Strawberries, 10 do as«orted Jellies,
10 do Apricots. io do Jams,
60 bxs Virginia Tobacco, 100 bxs choice Regalia, viz:
20 do Missouri do 20 do Jennv Lind,
25 do RAH smoking 20 do Napoleon,
50 do GAW do 10 ito la rnion,
6 do S L chewing do 60 do Washington,
10 do Neetarina do 50 do Principe,
sdo Gold Leaf do 50 do Cuba Sixes.
20 hr pipes Brandies, viz: 6 qrcks Burgundy Port,
4hr do Otard, pure 6qr do Pore Juice do
4hf psPinei,Castlllar Aco 1 pipe Swan Gin,
4 do Golard, 100 bills notfned Whisker,
4 doJJDnprey, 40 do Mon’la and Rve 'do
4 do First Proof 10 bxs Champagne Cider,
20 do Brandy 60 do Claret,
40 Btli pipes Brandy, 10 do Stoughton,
20 bxs Brandy Cherries 10 do Peppermint,
10 do Peaches, 2qr casks Malt Wine,
10 do Abslntha, lo lixs stomach bitters,
100 coils ass’d Man’laCordagesoo Tackle Blocks, assorted
60 do Tar’d 500 Hooks and Thimbles '
26 do Hemp 100 Capstan Bars, a-sorted,
26 nils Packing Yam, 200 Yaw l and Skiff Gars
25 coils Cotton Rope, ass.’d 600 Setting Poles, ’
2 do Lead Line Hemp 200 Sockets,
2 do do Cotton 10 pair Cant Hooka
2 do Bell Rope Hemp, 60 Sheaves, plane A bnshed
2 do Wheel Rope, 25 do for Tiller Rone,
6 doz Dick Buckets, 10 doz Hickory Brooms,
Gum Tacking, all sizes, Guskvt Paper,
20 bbls Tar, 60 bbls Pitchand Rosin,
200 kegs Tar 60 bales Oakum,
60 do wTo’t Spikes, ass’d 1000 lbs Spun Yam A Marlin
30 Wood Pumps, 26 Caulking Mallets
200 sacks G A Salt, 300 hbls Family Flour,
30 do L B do 20 cases Matches,
50 do Dairy Salt, 20 bxs Pepper Sance
do 6 do Green Corn and Peas
‘S* B* l , Sp L rru °i'> 10 ‘'o Lemon Syrup,
20 bbl, 1 -aril do 6do Orange Watert
10 hf bbls lard Oil, 20 do Starch,
10 bbls Linseed do 5 tierces Rice,
5 do Tanners’ do 100 bxs Bby 10 Glass,
6 Basket* Olive do 80 do 10 by 12 do
500 cans Sardines, 40 do 11 by 16 do
600 do Fresh Oysters, 60 do 12 by 18 do
20 -Vest’s W Tube 1000 Hie Lathe Twine.
20 doz Painted Buckets, 20 121 b cans Mustard,
5 casks Saleratus, 30 bxs do
20 bxs do 30 do Pipes
60 bbls Ciiler Vinegar, 20 do Collins’ Axes
60 cans Lobster* and Clams2ooo lbs Bar I,cad,
00 kegs Blasting Powder 100 pigs do
00 do Rifle 20 bxs Jenny Lind Candy
65 do (annon 20 do assorted Brandy do
620 doz cans Sporting do 60 kegs lard,
100 do Brooms assorted 60 Firkins Butter,
00 rms wraptg Paper, ass’d 10 bis Ginger
20 dz Writing Paper, 20 bbls S S Almonds,
260 gross playing cards, 10 do Brazil Xuis,
250 bxs W R Cheese, 10 do Pea Nuts,
23 do E D do 10 do Filberts,
260 kegs Nalls, assorted, 20 bales Wrapping Twine,
60 drums Figs 200 lbs Seine do
20 bbls Pilot Bread, 200 do Sack do
2 dz Husk Matts. 100 bxs Raisins,
2 do Manilla Matts, 60 hf bxs Raisins,
6 do Butler prints, S casks Raisins,
5 do Ladles 20 gross lamp Wick,
20 do Scrub Brushes, ass’d 200 lbs Caudle Wick,
60 packages Pins, 20 doz blue and black Ink,
10 dz shoe brushes, 20 do Shoe Blacking,
10 do Zinc K ash Boerds, 60 do Shoe Tacks,
10 do Paint Brushes, 10 bxs Clothe* Pins,
2do Dusting do 60 doz Bed Cords,
® , 6 do Mouse and Rat Traps
600 Iba live Geese Feathers, 6do Coffee Mills,
6 bxs Cayenne Pepper, 5 kegs Salt Petre,
600 bushels Plasterers’ Hair 1000 gals Stone Ware,
*<’ l un Cap., 200 sacks Shot, aMorUsl,
too lbs Nutmegs, 2 doz Oil Cans,
10 bxs Vermactlla, 100 bbls Louisville Cement,
10 dz Macaroni, 2 dot Selves,
10 do Coopers’ Isinglass, 6 bxs Curlso,
10 do Shred do 20 do Yeast Powders,
90 bxs Chocolate 60 bbls Crackers,
100 do Indigo, 6 cases Prunes.
Galana, June 6, 1*62—37y
W HATEVER concerns the health and
, ~ happiness ot a people is at all times of the most
valuable fciiportance. I take it for granted that every
l»ereon will do all In their power to save the lives of their
children, and that every person will endeavor io promote
their own health at all sacrifices. 1 feel it to be my duty
to solemnly assure you that Worms, according to the o
pinlon of the moat celebrated Physician, are the primary
causes or a large majority of diseases to which children
and adults are liable ; If you have an appetite continually
changeable from one kind of food to another, Bad Breath.
Puiu in the Stomach, Picking at the Nose, Hardness and
* 'rtln**** of the Belly, Dry Cough, Slow Fever, Pulse Ir
regular—remember that all these denote Worms, and you
should at once apply the remedy :
An article founded upon Scientific PriiMpies, compound
ed with purely vegetable substances, being perfectly safe
when taken, and can be given to the most tender infant
with decided beneficial effect, where Hnwcl Complaint s
and Diarrhea have made them weak and debilitated the
Tonic properties of my worm Syrup arc such that It stands
without an equal In the catalogue of medicines, In giving
tone und strength to the stomach, which makes It an In
fallible remedy for th-»se aflllcted wilh Dyspepsia, the as
tonishing cures performed by this syrup after Physicians
have failed, Is the best evidence of Its superior efficacy
ever all others.
the tape worm.
Thu Is the most difficult Worm to destroy of all that in
fest the huinau system; it grows to an almost indefinite
length, becoming so coiled and fastened In the intestines
a«»d stomach, affecting the health so sadly as to cause St.
Vitus Dance, Fits, &c., that those afflicted seldom If ever
suspect that It is Tape Worm hastening them to an early
grave, in order to destroy this worm, a very energetic
treatment must be pursued, it would therefore be proper
to take 6 to 8 of my liver Pills so as to remove all obstruc
tions, that the Worm syrup may act direct upon the Worm,
which must he taken In doses of 2 tablespoonfuls 3 times
a day; these directions followed have never been known
to fail in curing the most obstinate case of Tape Worm .
Hobensack’s Liver Pills.
No part of the *y*ti-m Is more liable to disease than the
Us er, It serving a. a tilterer to purify the blood, or giv
ing the pnq>er secretion to the bile; so that any wrong
action of the Liver affects the other important parts of
the system, and results variously, in Liver Complaint,
Jaundice, Dyspepsia, etc. We should, therefore, watch
every symptom that might Indicate a wrong action of the
Liver. These Pills being composed of Roots and Plants
furnished by nature to heal the sick: Namely, Ist, an Ex
pectorant, which augments the secretion from the Pul
monary mucus membrane, or promotes the discharge of
secreted matter. 2d. An Alterative, which changes in
some Inexplicable and Insensible manner the certain mor
bid action of the system. 3d. A Tonic which gives tone
and strength to the nervous system, renewing health and
Vigor to all parts of the body. 4th. A < atliurtic which
acts In perfect harmony will, the other Ingredients, and
operating on the Bowels, and expelling the whole mass of
Corrupt and vitiated matter, and purifying the Blood,
which destroys disease and restores health.
To Females.
You will find these Pills an Invaluable medicine In many
complaints to which you are subject. In obstructions, ei
ther total «>r partial, they have been found of Inestimable
benefit, restoring their functional arrangements to .a heal
thy ac- lon, purifying the blood and other fluids so effec
tually to put to night all complaints which may arise from
female irregularities, as headache, giddiness, dimness of
sight, pain In the side, back, etc.
None genuine unless signed “J. N- Hobcnsack,” ail oth
ers being base imitation.
Agents wishing new supplies, and Store Keepers
desirous of becoming Agents must address the Proprietor,
J. X. llobcnsack, Philadelphia, Pa.
*>>' For sale by J. 11. STEVENS & C>.
» ” the largest and best assorted stock of pi lINITURE
und rPHOLSTKHY, wc have overbid; which we offer
to wholesale and retail dealers at the verv prices
and feel confident wc cannot fall to meet'their approba
tion. In connection with our nnnufaclurlng, wc purchase
from all Hie b-st markets, Hast or West, thus kecpln" pace
with all Improvements in our line, and enabling us to of
fer a great variety of late styles at the lowest prices. Our
Warehouse is large; this with other racilitscs everv wav
equal, enables us to keep a large stock at all times, thus
offering great inducements in Wholesale Dealers.
We Invite attention to a large stock of sofas, sofa beds,
lounges, bureaus, wardrobes, divans, rock ill" and parlor
chairs, cane-seat chairs, tables, bedsteads, office and ease
chairs, wire and tin safes, spring, hair, cotton, moss, p.i-
MATTRESSES, with .complete assortment
of t.PIIOLSTERY, all of otir own make, and every at tide
warranted, thus making a perfect assortment of desirable
To which we are continually receiving additions, thus
keeping our stock large and complete, and insuring elders
tilled without delay.
Which Is acknowledged the most desirable article of the
kind ever priainccd, always on hand or made to suit your
taste at short noilee. The attention of all hou-eket ta>r
ii.uei-kei-p.Ts, steamboat officers, and the public In gen
eral, Is requested to an examination, when we think thev
will each and ull say we are correct. J
We offer at Wholesale—
20b Bureaus, 200 Children’s chairs,
100 Sofas, ioo Office . hairs,
100 Mohogany rockers, 100 Willow chairs,
50 Rosewood and uiahog- 100 Willow cradles,
any easy chairs, 100 Tin and wire safes,
200.Mahoganyparlorchairs500 Bedsteads;
200 Cane-seat rocking do; 260 Dining and breakfast ta
-200 Wood seat do do; bles,
1,000 Cane-seat chairs, 200 Work stands,
1,000 Wood-seat do ioo Sewing stand., &c.
\1 e have made arrangements for a continued large sup
ply of the above and all other articles In our line, aud
confidently say don’t “go further, as you uiav tare worse.”
Please call and examine, at .\o. 00 Washington Avc
n"°’ , „ SCaRKITT fc MASON.
ht. Louis, May 1. 33 . 2 m
t> E\ & FARMER, Roberts street, next
XV door to thr* World’s Fair, have Just received pi r Dr.
Franklin No. 2, their second spring slock of fresh Famiiv
Groceries, Provisions, &c., which they will sell at their
U'Ual cheap rates. Our supply is now superior to
any ever brought to this market; and we confi
dently appeal to our former customers for a continuance of
their favors, knowing that those who have purchased of us
once will not fall to come again*
_ntay 22. KEY & FARMER.
T?XTRA superfine War Eagle Flour—
A supply on hand, which we can sell at the most ac
o inmudatmg rales. REY 4t FARMER.
13GRK—An excellent article for Fam
-I- lly use, for sale by KEY & FARMER.
r l EAS—Fresh Teas, received at New
-1- York by the late qukk trips of the “Clipper ffect,”
only ninety days from Canton, the best in market.
. b “A new supply of fresh and good, rec’d per Frank
lin .No. 2, for sale by RI’Y 6c FARMER.
f? AISINS—Fresh M R. Raisins, of this
A-w Spring’s importation, rec’d per Franklin No. 2, for
salob >' ItEY 6c FARMER.
TSRILD I' RUIT— Apples and Peaches,
■U a most superior article, for sale bv
"XT AILS—Of all sizes, from the best
J- N manufactories in the country, for sale at very low
by ' KEY FARMEr.
f'HILDREN’S Carriages and Willow
Ware of all kinds, purchased at the manufactory, and
for sale by REY & FARMER.
mould candles and the best quality of soap for sale bv
( - OTTON BATTING—A good supply
OP hand. REY & FARMER.
both largely replenished by arrival of Franklin No. 2,
every variety of these articles for sale by
THE PROPRIETORS of the above
-*■ establishment would call the attention of mill-wrights
and mill-owners, with others that may want machinery
to the fa t that they are ready to furnish various kinds of
work at their establishment viz :
Mill (ieavlng for flour ami saw mills, lmlsting nnrl light
er screw*, reaction w ater wheels of different kinds, horse
rowers, threshers and separators, fanning mill, com shel
lor, plow and cultivator castings, wagon linbs, arms and
boxes, grates for windows, pavements and parlors, fronts
for store and warehouses, columns, plain or fluted square
or round, boat and mill engines, large or small, liorlzon
tal or upright, slide or lever cut-oft; Blacksmlthlng and
finishing, and In fact everything ordered in our line, of
Iron brass, composition or babbit metal.
Our patterns arc all new, and mlll-wrights ordering ma
chinery ran have It In the latest and best style. We do
not Intend to be surpassed by any establishment, for neat
ness of proportion, or strength and durability. Care and
experience will be exercised In selecting, mixing, and
smelting of metals, to make It satisfactory to the purcha
ser and creditable to the manufacturer.
Davenport, May 22,1862. 36-4nt
Choice Lands for Sale.
WE have several tracts of choice farm
ing lands, a short distance from St. Paul, which
we wish to sell on reasonable terms.
A tract of heavily-timbered bottom
land, on the Mississippi, opposite Little Crow village, four
miles below St. Paul. This tract offers rare Inducements
to persons wishing timber for manufacturing purposes and
firewood. Apply to
Livery Stable, Roberts Street.
TnE subscriber, by late arrivals is now in receipt
awl opeulng iu his store on St. Anthony street, near
the American House, a large and mo*t complete assort
ment of the above named goods, which will positively be
sold at lower prices for cash than ever before offered in
this place. Uls entire stock was selected with great care,
and purchased In the eastern and southern markets for
cash, so that he can safely assure his friends and the pub
lic generally that it will be to their Interests to call be
fore purchasing elsewhere and examine his 6tock, which
consists in part as follows:
6 liluls N Orleans sugar, 12 chests fine T H tea.
12 bbls do do 17 caddies tine Imperial tea,
15 44 clarified sugar, 25 44 gunpowder tea,
5 44 crushed do 25 boxes W R cheese,
3•« pulverized sugar, 10 44 fresh raisins,
8 44 SII molasses, 1 cask 44 currants,
10 44 N O do 10 drums fresh figs,
3 44 golden syrup, 6 boxes assorted candy,
13 bags Itio coffee, 28 dozen boxes sardines,
6 44 Java do 20 44 cans oysters,
10 bbls rice, 5 ba.-kets olive oil,
10 4 * butter crackers, 6 boxes assorted pickcls,
5 ‘ 1 mackerel, 7 44 to nato catsup,
3 44 do salmond, 3 44 mushroom catsup,
10 boxes smoked herring, 3 44 walnut catsup,
25 44 codfish, 5 44 pepper sauce,
50 * 4 table salt, 6 44 lemon syrup,
10 sacks coarse salt, 10 31 regalia cigars,
7 boxes X Y mustard, 12 44 Cuba 44
5 cases do 6 44 Principe 44
5 boxes groud pepper, 15 boxes chewing tobacco,
3 44 grain do 100 dozen smoking do
3 4 alspice, 60 lbs macaboy snuff,
~ ‘ cloves, 6 boxes S D pipes,
2 4 cinnamon, 15 a matches,
8 44 wheat starch, 5 44 ginger,
15 44 No 1 soap, 6 gross Mason’s blacking,
2 44 castile soap, 9 boxes ink,
2 44 fancy do 10 kegs rifie powder,
15 * 4 mould candles, 8 dozen cans do
7 44 star do 40 bags shot,
4 44 sperm do 900 lbs bar lead,
3 bbls sperm oil, 10 M gun caps,
6 44 lard oil. 10 dozen brooms,
12 dozen axe helves, 6 44 shoe brushes,
4 44 mop handies, 6 44 scrub brushes,
4 44 door mats, 20 44 bedcords,
10 44 clothes lines, 8 44 painted pails,
6 44 covered buckets, 6 44 washboards,
2 44 well do 10 44 measures,
4 boxes clothes’ pins, 6 colls raanilla rope,
6 dozen market baskets 6 dozen wood bowls.
The above enumerated goods comprise only a small
portion of my stock. 1 shall keep constantly on hand a
large quantity
such as hams, shoulders, butter, lard, flour, pork, peach
es, apples, potatoes, corn and oats. Also,
consisting of whiskey, brandy, port, madelra, gin, porter,
claret, champaigno and ale. Also,
a complete and fashionable assortment, made up In the
best manner, and of the best material, among which are
overcoats, dress ami frock coats, and vests of all kinds,
colors ami sizes; under clothing In great variety. Also,
a very large and well selected assortment, too numerous
to mention. Also,
embracing all the fall and u Inter styles. Also, a gene
ral assortment of hardware, paints, glass, tinware cutle
ry, oils, Ac. JOHN FARRINGTON.
Protection Insurance Comp.’y
Capital Stock, Annual Premiums A Western Fund
TnE merchants and householders of St Paul and Ramsey
county, are respectfully refeired to the superior advan
tages offered for Fire and Marine Insurance, by
W. 1». MURRAY, Esq,
The duly authorized Agent for this Company:
By the establishment, 26 years since of a central office
at Cincinnati, for the prompt settlement of western and
south western losses, a careful selection «.f risks, the most
unremitting attention to their dispersion, and prudence and
economy in all its transactions, the officers of this Compa
ny have had the satisfaction of seeing the usefulness and
prosperity constantly upon the increase during a long pe
riod or years. Many otiierCompanils have in the
Insurance Companies of this stamp and character arc
continually springing up in various parts ..f the country.
It is not our purpos-e (by accepting premiums inade
ouiupcU with such ii responsible omces, whose object would
seem to be to collect a considerable sum from the opera
tions of one or two seasons, divide the proceeds, and pay
their losses, or not, as expediency may dictate. On the
of Hartford, will maintain its business upon a PERM A
nent and responsible basis, and thereby secure a con
tinuance of the patronage which lias hitherto been so lib
erally extended. \V. B. BOBBINS,
General Agent Protection Insurance Comp’y.
The undersigned, local Agent, Is supplied with blank
policies and renewal receipts, which will be issued, cov
ering approved risks upon reasonable terms.
Agent Protection Insurance Company for St Paul ami
R.inis«*y county.
St Paul, November 13,1851—<1
Fresh Oysters, Strawberries, Peaches, kc.
Edward Wright.
NO. 16 HILL STREET, Baltimore, Md.
HAS now, and will continue to keep conctadily on
hand, a good supply of Hermetically Sealed Fresh
Cove, and Spice Cove
of superior qualities*, put up expressly for the Southern
and \\ estern trade. Also, fresh Fruits, Vegetables,
Meats, (’ream and Milk, Clams, Soft and Hard Crabs. Tur
tle and Diamond Back Terrapin, put up with their line
flavor, .and warranted to keep in any climate.
53" The attention of dealers is respectfully Invited.
Oct. 17—c at
ON If AND—A selected assortment of groceries, pro
visions, dry goods and ready-made clothing, hard
ware and tin-ware, boots and shoes. A general a>sort
ment selected particularly for the lumber trade- -••heap
for cash.
On time, terms agreed to suit parties.
Taylor's Falls, Minn., Sept. 23,1861. y
MANNY J£ WE 1.1)
156 Main Street, St. Louis,
WOULD respectfully call the attention of dealers in
Minnesota, to the largest and most varied assort
ment of Boots and Shoes ever offered in Sf Louis
Believing that they can offer better Jndiicrni* nts to pur
chasers, than any other establtohment; which they are
willing to demonstrate upon an examination of their goods
and prices.
September 24, 1851—r
St. Louis Rolling Mill,
From Missouri Iron Mountain Ore.
PHAS. W. BORUP lias on hand and
vy Is constantly receiving, Iron Slecl olid Nails, manu
factored by the above establishment, at the following
prices for cash, or approved credit:
Round, square and fiat bar, B large size, 4 1-2 tu 5 cts.
Round and square, A 44 44 5 1-2 to 6 1-2
Round, square and flat bar, B small size, 5 1-2 to 7 1-2
Flat bar A 44 44 7 to 9 els.
Sheet Iron from No. 10 to 27 - - ff to 7 1-2
Spring Steel, -
Rough, ..... 9
American Blister - - . - 10
NAILS 10-12-16-20-30-40-50-60d per II). 5 ots keg $4 50
u 8 - - do 6 1-2 44 625
‘‘ 4 * - - do 7 cts 44 675
3 - - - do 8 44 776
SPIKES—cut, - - - do 7 44 675
“ wrought - - do 10 44 950
Anvils, - - - - do 17 cts.
Wagon Boxes, - - do 4 1-2
Buggy 44 set - - - - -70 cts.
The Nails will be found on trial to be superior to any
other In market.
May 22. 35-6 m
r | HOSE indebted to me by note or oth
erwise, will confer a favor by paying the same to
Truman M. Smith. n. M. SPENCER.
Saint Paul, May 7, 1862.
WANTKD, ten thouaand dollars Iworth of Furs, for
which the highest market price, in cash, will be
P *D«. 20. P1T 10 n. FORBES.
, ('banning, with an engraving, in 3 vols. For sale
b - v LeDUC tL KOHKKH.
T IFE ar.d Public Services of John
-»-* Quincy Adams, by Wm. n. Seward. For sale by
-*■ p, P e > Bheetlng, and Bar Lead, Patent Chums, Ire.,
for sale by F. S. NEWELL.
St. Paul, June 6,1863—37 y
TS warranted ten times more efficacious,
-I- and ten times cheaper than any other known, no mat
ter how large the bottle, or extravagant the advertisements,
and it is beyond all question the most valuable preparation
of the day. So highly concentrated to it, that the dose to
***** of a Sln *ff tea-spoonful, while the do6eof that
which is sold in large bottles is nearly a wine-glass full,
and has been pronounced decidedly injurious in many
cases, owing to its liability to become sour and ferment.
The power of the Green Mountain Vegetable Ointment
Is astonishingly groat. There to no medicine known tiiat
can surpass it In prompt an.l energetic action. Applied in
sufficient quantities to the body, In the vicinity of the most
highly Inllamed parts, whother external or Internal, It at
once subdues the Inffnmatlon and pain. It will quiet the
most “angry” looking wounds, soften and reduce swell
ings of the hardest kind, and purify and restore to perfect
soundness old and Inveterate sores. Among the diseases
to which this wonderful Oiutmeut is adApted arc the fol
lowing :
Glandular swellings, ague In the face, swelled breasts
and sore nipples of nursing women, bronchitis, felons and
ring worms, scald head, and is an Invaluable dressing for
burns, scalds and drawn blisters, shingles, erysipelas, piles,
inffamatlun of the eyes yields to Its power immediately ;
all bruisces and fresh cut wounds are cured with great
rapidity, fever sores and scroffulous sores ares«>ou changed
into a healing condition, and frequcnly entirely cured.
Tills celebrated and unrivalled medicine Is of Immediate
efficacy in the most violent and obstinate caaes of dysen
tery, dlarrhu-a, bloody mix, Asiatic cholera, cholera mor
bus, cholera infantum, looseness of the bowels, gripiugs
and all other Irregularities of the Intestines.
The causes of the above various complaints arc various,
sometiin s they are atmospheric; sometimes thev arise
from the oatlugbr unripe or unwholesome food; sometimes
from the us - of river water; sometimes i rum* a natural
predisposition of the system; sometimes from teething
children are frequently affected without any noticeable
cause. But no nutter what the origin, this svrup Is sov
relgn, in the most sickly tropical countries as "well as the
must temperate climes. The following directions should
be carefully observed. Unlike all other medicines offered
for similar complaints, thla syrup acts spccittcaliy upon the
secretions, restoring them at once to health, other dysen
tary medicines merely allay the ntore violent symptoms—
It Is beyond all question true that the Consumption
(phthisic pulmonarls) Is A curable disease. Some of
the ablest medical writers assert this; among whom we
may cite the celebrated names of La-nec, Andral, Cruvil
lier, Stokes and Williams. Thctr researches, as well as
the more recent ones or Rogee and Boudet, that so far
from pulmonary tubercle being necessarily fatal, It is spon
taneously cured by uat ure In a vast number or cases, even
when large ulcers have been funned on the lungs.
The great object, is to arrest the progress of the ulcers
(or tubercles) upon the lungs, and to heal them perma
nently. Health w ill then follow. This the Graefenberg
Consumptive llalnt will do, and It is believed t. be the
only remedy ever discovered. It acts at once upon the
tubercles ami Invariably arrests their progress, ami restores
the lungs to soundness, it will not or course replace those
portions of the lungs already consumed, but It will heal
u hat may be lelt; leaving the individual In health, though
it may be with diminished lungs.
As prepar si for the Graefenberg Company, and bearing
the seal of Unit institution. None genuine unless it has
the sea! of the company.
This is a sufficient argument to induce every person suf
fering under this disease to try it. The money will be Im
mediately refunded if a cure does not result from its use
according to directions.
For disorders of the eye tills lotion has no equal; it is com
pounded uiH.n the most scientific principles, and has per
formed exi raordinary cures. For violent infiamatton, dim
-11 ss and failing ot the sight, weakness of the eyes, invol
untary weeping, foreign substances iu the eyes, etc., It is
a positive and speedy cure.
A most strange and incredible fact meets us at the very
threshold of our remarks on this valuable medicine. It is
this: that no medicine prepared adapted to the various dis
eases of children and youth has ever been offered to the
public, wliile at the same time it is established by the
most accurate tallies of mortality that one-hair of the hu
man family die before reaching the age of five years.
3\ e should supi>osc that to this great class of human suf
ferers—this one-half of the race—the most anxious and
earnest attention would have been given; that medical
skill would have been tasked to its utmost capacity to find
out a medicine to which mothers and nurses might resort
under the constantly recurring necessities which present
themselves in this connection. The world is literally
crowded with medicines for adults, but to thesuffering of
children no one has seemed to turn proper attention. No
one has regarded their condition. No one has seemed to
think it possible that the ravages of disease and death
among them might be stayed. It is true that there are
numerous \ ermifuges and Cordials of some value, but
each of these are confined exclusively to one or two forms
of disease. The Graefenberg Children’s Panacea to the
only medicine extant to either h inisphere that is at all
worthy of being called a Children’s Medicine: or that sup
plies the great want alluded to.
lliktonj of the Grarfenherrj Vegetable Pillt-Pcrftc-
lion the remit of undivided attention,
The Inventor of these Pills, possessing * long and Inti
mate ac iuaintance with the human system, and with the
numerous medicines to which medicai men usually resort,
studied for many long and wearisome years upon the sin
gle proposition how to prepare a PILL which would act in
harmony with the great laws of Nature, and expel diseases
without doing violence to the system.
Entirely Vegetable.
Skillfully and elegantly prepared by the Graefenbcrg
Company, from a number of most purifying, invigorating
and hea.ing ROOTS, HARKS, IIKItIIS and vines, gathered
in the forests anti prairie-, of America. Sold by
J. 11. STKVKNS & CO.
September 1, 1951. St ‘ ■^ ntll, ’ ll >'
A LL persons interested, please take
O , . ""V".' that 1 havc bei ' n a PPo;nted by the Court of
Probate of the County of Kamsey, administrator on the
estate of John stean, late of said county, decease,l, and
will attend to all elaims or demands for or against his es
tste - THOMAS r. KKKI),
St. Paul, March 30, 1862. 3m Administrator.
Competition defied at the Cheap Stove Store
On Third, between Roberts and Jackson streets.
T p now 0,1 hand n splendid assortment of Stoves
, ~IP niost approved patterns, among which will be
found Letiel’s double oven, Queen of the Prairies, Ir
ving s air-tight, Prairie Queen. Prairie Stale, St. Louis
air-tight, prize premium. Grecian parlor, cottage parlor,
Ktna parlor, Saratoga box, air-tight, Bridget Brother*
sheet-iron air-tight, of all sizes and patterns, seven and
icn-plate stoves.
1 have also a good assortment of the following article*-
hollow ware, camp kettles, fry pans, bake ovens, stew
pans, brass kettles, spoons, ladles, collee mills, churns,
buckets, brass, Iron and tin candlesticks, sieves, brooms,
wooden and metal faucets; zinc, sheet iron, copper and
Japan ware, iron and bra-s wire, snuffers, trays, suittoon*,
patent zinc washboards, wattle irons, sad-irons, rivets,
iron ears, steel traps, sheep and cow bells, spring balances,
currycombs, horse cards.
Alsu, Axes, axe handles, hatchets; rip and X cut saws;
shovel.., spades, lire shovels, trigs, grnb and garden hoes,
garden scythe*, pitchforks, plows, hydraulic rams, force
and lift pumps, leail pipe, pig, sheet and bar lead,Russia
iroH, grind stolie*, percussion caps, pistols, huutlug-glas
ses, hunting hatchets, Sic.
In short, my assortment consists of almost every thing
usually kept iu the stove and tinware line. U is of (lie
best quality, and I will sell at prices low enough to satis
fy almost any one.
All kinds or Gutter cave trough, spouting, &c., also
0n ° f Jub " ork ’ al aM tl,,,es neatly and
substantial!; done at my tin-shop, at reasonable prices.
TIIE undersigned having received an Auctioneer's Com
mission from the Governor of Minnesota, has opened an
Auction ami Commission House, In St. Paul, where he
will sell on commission, Groceries, Dry Goods, Furniture
&c. He believes that the superior advantages of
St. Paul as a market, will be a sufltelcnt Inducement for
busiuess men and manufacturers at a distance, to scud
their goods, Ac., to be sold on commission at private sale
or at auction. His charges will be moderate.
N. B. Particular attention wl|l be paid to the sale of
real estate, iu or about SU Paul, St. Anthony, or Stlllwa
Marcb 6 F. E. COLLINS.
Gov. Alev. Ramsey, St. Paul,
Hot*. 11. 11. Sibley, Mendola,
“ David Olmsted, Merchant, Benton Ct.,
“ J. C. Ramsey, St. Paul,
“ Wiu. H. Forbes, j /
Klfelt A Brothers. / ,
J. W. Simpson, > jS*rchants, SI.
John Farrington, \ Faul.
D. L. Fuller, J
Franklin Steele, Mer. St. Anlhoßy,
WE. Holcombe, K*«., Stillwater.
For Rent.
'T'WO new frame dwellings with two
-i- lots of ground attached to each house, suitable fur
good gardens, as It was cultivated last year. Also one
flood log house, With live acres of ground, and a good
cU«p. Aptf," A "°’ K ° R SALE * 60
W„ w - A. CnEEVER,
St. Anthony City.
KittMon’n Addition.
desirable ground, lying in the
of St Paid' 2 lril and advantageous part of tha basin
tailneL ni’.TS . mUB ‘ l P* TlUbl >- be ">« Principal river
«3SdXhu?i .iT?’.?" 1 attbtd'ug also the most choice
floa r ’ <n>on the bench for dwel-
,n, ° lo,s a"* l now offered for
btl nHe u “?'‘P ut «* and Indisputable, at reasona
and upon liberal terms of credit, for most
p " rch “' money, and hunber for building on lots
sow In the addition, will be furnished at the rotary saw
mill on easy terms. CRAB. 11. OAKKB,
Agent for Proprietors.
Mai 1852. jSL
United Stales Mail Line.
Consisting of three first class boats:
Leaving Galena,
The NOMINEE, Capt. 0. Smith, Mondays, at 12 o’clock.
The DR. FRANKLIN, Capt. R. Blakely, Wednesday*,
at 12 o’clock.
The BEN CAMPBELL, Capt. M. W. Lodwlck, Fridays,
at 12 o’clock.
The above boats will run regularly during the ensuing
season. Having the mail contract their punctuality can
be relied on. They will remain at St. Paul sufficiently
long to enable passengers to visit the Falls of St. Anthony.
For *peed and accommodation these boats are unsur
passed, and every attention will be paid to Passengers and
Freight They will leave punctually at the hour named*'
The Nominee will make the trip so as not to be out on
Goods shipped to the agents at St* Louis or Galena, to
go by this line, will be forwarded free of charge.
Galena being the termini of the great thoroughfare
leading westward from Chicago and Milwaukee, nearly
all the travel from the eastward, destined for the Upper
Mississippi, takes passage by steamboat from this point I
also, nearly all the steamboats on the Southern trade,
from St* Louis and other i»orts below, come into this port
for resliipment for points above.
R F Sass, St Louto, Nelson, Gilbert A Co.,
B If Campbell & Co., Galena Nelson’s Landing*
G R West, Dubuque, C R Read, Lake Pepin.
S M Langworihy, do L nertzell, Point Douglass,
A McGregor, Churchill A Nelson,
McGregor’s landing, Stillwater,
B W Brtobois, Pdu Chien, J W Babcock, St Paul,
F D Cowles, S H Sergent, do
Campbell A Smith, Russell A Rice, St Anthony
La Crosse, James Peck A Co., Chicago.
Galena, Feb. 26, 1852. 26tf
T'HE favorite passenger steam- . tTP'. i.
* cr Dr. FRANKLIN No.?. Capt URIAH
Brock, will run regularly durlug the season betwoenthe
above points. The No. 2 has been put in first-rate order,
aud to Just as good as new'. She offers superior accommo
dations to the traveling and emigrating public,
may 22. )6-U
nE new and splendid pas- , fTOr*. >
nger steamer 44 GOLDEN ERA,”
RAM Beksie, Commander, will make regular weekly trip#
between Galena and St. Louto during the season, leaving
Galena every Monday evening at 6 o’clock, and St. Loula
Friday evening at 4 o’clock. The Golden Era has been fit
ted up with every regard to the safety ami comfort of her
passengers, and her State Rooms and Saloons are furnished
with elegance and provided with even’ improvement. For
Freight or passage apply on Itoard or to
Galena, May 22. 36-tf
Regular Galena aiitf Saint Paul Packet, Twice •
superior and fast running passen
-L ger steamer West Newton, C. S. , r,'*s>
MORRISON, Master, wi.l leave Saint Paul
for Galena and all intermediate ports, on
Wednesday mornings at 9 o’clock, and Saturday evenings
at 6 o'clock. For freight or passage anply on board or tc
If. C. TIRIIKLL, Agent.
June 12, 1852—38-tf
r |'HE entirely new and splen- , try-,».
-K did Passenger Packet BRUNETTE
Charles Barger, Master, will leave Galena tor St.
Louis and intermediate ports, every Friday evening at six
o’clock; returning, will leave St. Louis every Tuesday
evening at four o’clock. taking the Nominee
from St. Paul, will always arrive at Galena In time for
the Brunette, and will have no delay in going below
U*The BRUNETTE is second to none in her arrange*
nients and accommodations for the comfort ami safety ot
Passengers; and, for speed Is not equalled by any boat o&
the Upper Mississippi.
39-5 m Agents.
To Hotel and Boarding House Keepers, Merchants
and the Public in General.
• O’Hara Glass Manuiacturing Company,) has open
ed on Third street, nearly opposite the Post Office, a very
extensive assortment of GLASSWARE, which he is offer
ing at Wholesale and Retail, below St. Louis prices.
Call and examine this beautiful, and for St. Paul, unique
display of Glassware. You will find
Tumblers of every deserpt'n Sugar Fowls,
Cruets, Fruit Bowls,
Celeries, Jelly Bowls,
Salts, Molasses Cans,
Pilchers, Custard Bowls,
Fruit Plates, Jelly Glasses,
Cake Salvers, Jelly Stands,
And indeed a variety too numerous to mention. Call
early at the St. Paul Glassware Store, Third street, be
tween Roberts and Minnesota streets.
May 1, 1552. 33..
I {BLACKSMITHS, at the Red Shop on
| A J tin* east side of Roberts
! Street, St. Paul, have conic v
I to the determination that wHfbOP
they will do Ilorse-Shaeing
a leetle cheaper than any W. f
body else in Minnesota. The A . #
i '«^ r > e tting old ones, 20 and
All other work in proportion.
i , V l / V** 1 a ßt<Krk * l,d always on hand, and none
»jut first-rate workmen employed. Our terms are CASH*
w2LS , «K eCt * on our Shop, we have also a
agon bhop, with a supply of the best seasoned white
I . k “ n 'i o b : r J n »to ri «'> lor miking tip-top wagons, bug
gies and sleighs, which we make, Iron and warrant to or
der on short notice. Also every description of plowe.
Me Intend to put the business of onr shop straight
through. And though ir may be said we live by our vises
wo J rk™?S S pT,“. f ' JrJ lIYiDg ’ We m^< ’ OhODMt
W. Thomson,
Xo. 6 CARROLL HALL, Baltimore, Md.,
LN V"d NEWS INK, of superior quality, and at the luw
estwHces. 1
s W m T * * arr " nte the ln k made at the Baltimore works
to be °f the very best quality, and should any article
shipped by him fail to give satisfaction It can be returned
at his expense.
s>w°‘ New *’ 2Sc » No- 2 Power Praia
■ ’ J aI,U pri ' M * neWf : 26c I No- I, Power press,
kT°t P°«er Press. book, 40c; Hand press,
j»x>k, N 3,40 c; Hand pres., book, No. 2,60 c; Hand
towk, No. 1. 76c; Card Ink $1 00, Fine blue Ink,
$- 60, Poster blue ink, $1 60; Fine red ink. *2 60:
$“ 5t (5o r mi iUk ’ * l 60; <:r,!cn Ink, $2 00; Brown Ink,
Lumber for Sale.
r PHE undersigned wishes to inform the
citizens of Saint Paul and Its vicinity that he Is
opening a Lumber Yard, near the old shingle Factory, on
Jackson and Seventh streets, and is prepared to All or.
der* for all kinds of Lumber of any description, Laths or
Terms easy. One half up, and the balance on the dc«
livery of the Lumber. j. w. BASS,
Agent for St. Anthony Mill Co.
L? ARBER and Hair Dresser—has fitted
J-v up a saloon on Third Street, next door west of the
Post Office in Saint Paul, up to the Increasing luxury*
style and elegance of the growing metropolis of Minoc
sota, where he will be happy to serve citizens and stran
gers in St. Paul, In every branch of his business, accord
ing to the best of his ability.
Third, between Jackup and Robert Street., St.
1U A Y E . now on ban<i * "to** <* Groceries, Llooore.
Pork, Flour, Domestic Dry Goods, Queenawire! ReacG
Made Clothing, Hats, Cepa. Shoes, Ac, -
pare favorably with any ever b, ought to this market. My
aarortment of Queeneware, especially, I ran recommend
us the largest and best selected In the Territory* Care
has been taken to procure the latest styles to be found In
the Eastern markets. To my old customers, and all oth
ers, l would respectfully say, call and examine, as 1 am
determined to sell very low for cash, and close out my
stock by the opening of navlgaUen. This Is a “sure
nov » 29—tf. S. H. SKRGKNT.
new grockry and provision store,
TnE undersigned would respect fully Invite the attention
of the public, to their large and well selected stock of
Groceries and Provisions. Also, Ready-Made Clothing.
Boots, Shoes, Wines, IJquors, Nalls, Glass, Hardware,
Kc, all of which will he sold cheap for cash.
S3* Please call and examine before purchasing else
where- IRVINE & HRO.
St Paul, October 29, 1861 7
D USSIA, English, and American Sheet
Iron. »i'l «0 assorted itoves In store and for Ml*
b * F. 8. NEWELL.
C't LASS—AII sizes, Fireproof Paint,
M Scales, Trucks, kc., in store and for sale by
WANTED—3OOO old stove* for Foun
* » dry purposes, by r. S. NEWELL.

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