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The Weekly Minnesotian. [volume] (Saint Paul, Minn. Territory) 1852-1858, December 18, 1852, Image 4

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g3~ W« depart (rum our usual practice aa to tbe char
acter of poetry which Anil* place In our columns, In order
to give the folio* tag—the most gorgeous picture of Im
perious beauty ever drawn by modern pen—whl ch after
some year* of neglectful slumber again starts “the rounds
of the press.”— MirtKESOTl as.
Fair Inez.
O mw ye not fair Inez ?
She’s gone Into the West,
To dazzle when the sun is down,
And rob the world of rest;
She took her daylight with her,
The 6ml! e» that we love best,
With morning blushes on her cheek
And pearls upon her Ureas;*
O turn again fair Inez,
Before the fall of night,
For fear the tnoon shouM shine alfiie,
And star’s unrivalled bright;
And blessed will their lover be
That walks beneath their light,
And breathes the love against thy cheek,
I dare not even write.
Would I bad been, fair Inez,
That gallant cavalier,
Who rode so gaily by tbv aide,
And whimpered thee so near !
Were there no bonny dames ai hoin*.
Or no true lovers here,
That he should cross the g'-a* to win
The dearest of the dear ?
I saw the lovely Inez,
Descend along the shore.
With bands of noble gentlemen,
And tanners waved before;
And gentle youth and maidens gay,
And snowy plumes they wore;
It would have been a bounteous dream,
If it bad been no more !
Alas, alas, fair Inez,
She went away with song,
With made waiting on her steps,
And shoutings of the throng;
But some were sad and felt no mirth,
But only music’s wrong,
Iu sounds that sang tarewell, farewell,
To her you’ve loved so long.
Farewell, farewell, fair Inez,
That vessel never bore
So fair a lady on Its deck,
Nor danced so light before.
Alas for pleasure on the sea,
And sorrow on the shore !
The smile that bles»ed one lover’s heart
lias broken many more.
“Take him Eorr."—The best joke that we
have heard related of the believers in “spirit
ual knocking" is told of a man in Norfolk
County, in this State, who a few weeks since
visited the house of a neighboring farmer; and
as soon as the dishes were removed from the
supper table, proposed to have a “sitting" with
the familyin the kitchen, to see if his dear guar
dian angel, St. Luke, would not make some
new revelation.
After sitting in deathlike silence for about
ten minutes, some one hinted the possibility ol
ihe gentleman's being mistaken about his're
ceiving communications from St. Luke ; where
upon the spiritualist brought his list down up
on the table with decided emphasis, and ex
_ “Gentlemen, I know that 1 have had commu
nications from my dear guardian angel. St
Luke. Yes, you may laugh as much as you like,
but St. Luke is in the room neoie! Yes, his
blessed spirit is here ’ I feel something neon
in my t-r-eow-sers! Yes! ah! ki-yi! ki-vi! take
him eout! take him tout
And here the gentleman leaped from his chair,
grasped with both hands that portion of his
pantaloons which is usually worn thinnest, and
begged the spectators in the most piteous tones
to “take him eout, or he should die upon tin
Requesting the ladies to leave the room, the
gentlemen present made an examination of the
piritualist s pantaloons, and found them to
Contain a mouse, that by the stillness of the
company had been induced to leave his quar
ters and search for crumbs upon the floor.
It is not known whether the gentleman still
believes that he is watched overby his friend
St. Luke, as he now avoids all spiritual assem
blies, and is immediately silenced whenever he
attempts to introduce the subject of spiritual
by mischievous boys exclaiming:
“ Take him eout! take him e-o-u-t .'—Boston
An exchange, commenting on the singular
circumstance that a number of Cincinnati young
ladies have recently heen married and carried
away to other places, says that no city has a
better claim to supply spare rids for the uni
Canine.—lt has been discovered that where
a tot of boarders are fed some time on sausage
exclusively, they begin to “growl.-’
0"r exchanges are making merry on the fact
that Miss Eliza Music recently recovered Uf
teeu hundred dollars damages from Mr. Hcnrv
Drum for breach of promise. The Cincinnati
Commercial says that tho' Henry had no •Mu
sic in his soul,’ he is certainly a ‘base Drum.
We wish, says the Savanna Mews, the Post
master General would appoint a few females in
Georgia. They never tolerate irregularities in
the males.
A new Insurance Case.— During one of the
recent heavy gales on our Lake, the imminent
danger of the foundering of a brig laden with
railroad iron, drove the crew to the long boat
for safety. In their efforts to get into the boat
several ofthe men fell into tbe lake, but finally
all but one were safely stowed in the boat. He
was a regular “Old Salt,” who had been for
® an y year* engaged iu the “ blubber trade "
tn the Pacific. Ihe boat was crowded beyond
hercapacity for safety, and the insiders resisted
all his appeals to lie taken on board, alledging
that all must perish if they took him in. For
half an hour he manfully hung on to the gun
wale, while they steadily plied their oars,
hoping to reach land, but, finding bis strength
railing him, he called out: “Hold on boys ! mg
life is insured fur five hundred dollars, and ,
abandon myself to the Company—tube me vn
board and claim salvage CYcee. Hera/d.
Ladies who Musk. —Did you ever travel in
an omnibus on a rainy day, windows and doors
closed, eight on a side, limited, of course to six
and among that number two women covired
with musk? “Drivare,” said a Frenchman
let me come out of ze dore : I am suffocate 1
You ave vat you call one musty rat in ze om
zebus. I ave no paraplue mals. I have zc
rain waier to ze inanvals shell,”
Methodist MissroNAr.r Appropriations. —The
General Missionary Committee of the Methodist
piscopal Church, has been in session for some
aays at the Missionary Rooms, in Mulberrv-st
j™ '” r . k v ; On Tuesday, the Hoard of Mana
f, Ol the Missionary Society met with the
were made’f M ?K tlie ,olloM ' in K appropriations
were made for the current year :
M . issio aa—Africa (Liberia) 55G.000:
South y™ cric a. *4.000 : China, $lO 000 • Ger
many, slo,ooq. Total 550.000. Domestic Mis
sions—Germans, $V.5,300; Foreigners (other
nati maUS> s }°’r so > Indian Missions, $13,-
500 , native population, $74,260. Total sl4l -
300. New Missions—Prance, $2.500: Ilulaarla
in Turkey, $5,000; India, $7,500. Total sls
000. Special appropriations—for Missions iii
Norway and Sweden. $750; German Missions
in California, $2,000; sundries. $950. Totai
The Madison County Whig, accounts Tor Gen.
“® oM ? defeat, in the fact that his military ca
reer disqualified him from running!'’ He had
never run, and couldn't learn how:
district in° r v S 'V JC name of an election
Indiana U. S. Senator.— The Governor of
Indiana has appointed Hon. Charles W c a th
cart, U. S. Senator, to fill the vacancy 'cauw
by the death of Hon. James Whitcomb
Cheat —Well Tom does your gal continue
to love you? “Yes, more than ever. Why
she makes me presents.” “ What has she given
you lately V « Oh, she made me a present of
«« P aid fire dollars for before 1
6* v e it to her.”
received A
«&3.aa& &a»irga.
Importer ol Wine*. Liquor*. Cigars, etc..
So. 32 Levee, Catena, 111.
and well select'd stock of Groceries, Provision*, Wines,
Liquors, etc., which he offers to ihe trade at the lowest j
market rate* for oa’-h.
•2*25 hhds X O sugar 150 bbls green apple* >
200 bbls clarified do 60 bales batting
100 bbls loaf, crushed and 50 bbls butter crackers
powdered sugar 60 1001 b l*xs Codfish
172 bbls St Louis S H mo- 76 60!b do do
lasses 1*26 2510 do do
100 bid* plantation molasses ‘260 bxs Scotch herring
150 “XUS 11 do 15 caseb surdiiu*
75 44 Syrup do 7*2 doz buckets
26 k«*g> Golden 3\rup do 50 nests tubs
350 bags Kto coffee 126 colls rope
75 pa’’k* Ja\a coffee 150 doz bed core*
15 44 Mocha do 60 do* plow lln-#
35 bags Maracaibo coffee 100 bales oakuiu
60 hf chests Y If tea 50 bids rosin
75 do Imp do 76 do pitch
40 do G P do 50 do tar
125 131 b bxs Imp do 375 kgs assorted na!!*
100 do G P do 60 do spikes
100 d** YII do 75 bxs qt and pt flasks
*250 61b G 1* Y 11 aud Imp do 60 do aasM tumblers
125 21b Caddys tea *25 do asa’d decanters
75 bbls nos I, ‘2 & 3 rna.'kl 60 do spice jars
50 hi qr and 1-Slh bbls do 125 do Virginia tobac.-o
05 kits salmon 75 do Mo do
75 do mackerel 1*26 cases Va do
20 bbl* yickled herring 100 bxs smoking do
‘25 drums codfish 25 bLls “ d<>
250 bxs palm soap 15 bxs Scaffarlatl do
60 bxs \arl»'gatt*d do 25 do Vermicella
75 do shaving do 30 do Macoaronl
200 do m< uM candles 25 cskb Zante currant.*
100 do dipt do 28 bxs spice chocolate
75 do star do 250 lbs dried cherries
50 hf bxs star do 6 cases preserved ginger
50 qr ** d » 26 bbls S S almonds
50 bxs solar do 15 do filberts
25 bxs sperm do 30 do pecan*
100 61b bxs solar caudles 10 do pea nuts
125 bxs pipes 15 do Brazil nuts
40 bxs fancy *to:»e pipes 10 do Eng walnuts
75 bales candle wick 75 bxs pt and qt pep sauce
60 do wrapping twine 35 do walnut cat*up
30 bxs ground spice 15 cases tabie salt
30 do do pepper & ginger 25 do os»M pickles
150 mats cassia *2OO M raisin*
lbbl nutmeg* 150 hf bxs do I
1 do cloves 100 qr do do
25 bxs citron 500 drums Smyrna tig*
150 gross blacking 25 nests cov’d buckets
100 dox blacking brushes 25 bxs clothes pins
50 scrub brushes 60 nests clothes basket*
26 casks Boston saleratus 30 tierces rice
30 bag* pepper and *plce 250 run and bal* wrap paper *
75 doz zinc wash boa.d* 60 do letter do
500 dag* assorted shot 25 do cap do i
1000 lbs bar lead 75 gross assM playing cards :
500 kegs rltle powder lu.ooo gunny bags
300 do blasting do 60 bbls vinegar
15 cases canb ter do 15 do lan! oil j
250 M percussion caps 10 hhds whale and sperm oil '
22 bbls oysters 25 baskets olive oil
50 case* assGd preserves 15 cases P A cheese
50 bxs Eng dairy cheese 150 bxs W It do
250 bush dried apples 25 do soda crackers
75 do do peaches 60 do do do
150 bxs lemons and oranges 500 bag* (> A salt
35 doz brooms 125 do L B do
35 bxs Ink 350 do dairy do
50 do candy 250 bbls hydraulic cement
25 bxs leuioa syrup 300 do mess pork
125 gross matches 50 do lard
60 bxs prune* 150 kgs do
75 do mustard 10,000 lbs dried beef
50 cases mustard 175 kgr butter
25 bxs tomato catsup 75,000 lbs hams and should’s :
50 do starch 1,000 lb* S Fttour
300 do window glass, asst’d
50 qr casks U port wine 100 bxs Cuba cigar*
10 qr do Sicily Maderla 60 do line imported regalia
10 cask* pure Juice P wine 15 qr cask* united proprle
-6 do old sherry dark do tors brandy
25 do Malaga do 16 hf ps Otard and Co brandy j
sdo old pale sherry do 15 qr pipes assigncue do
sdo London dock do 6de Moreau do
lOdoOporoto do 10 hf casks champagne do j
10 do Lisbon Madeira do 6qr do Meggtery da !
6 do cherry bounce do 6hf do Goddard do :
sdo Tenerlffe do 10 qr do Hennessey do |
125 bk’s Iliedsleck champg’n 10 qr do Rafteau do j
75 casks Rhiueish wine sqr do Pelievolslu do i
50 do claret do lo qr do J J Dupuy do
150 bxs Newark elder 6qr do Ala Monderedo ;
150 do claret wlue 10 pps Otard &Co do ?
150 do Haul Pautene very tine vlutiße, 1793.
sqr casks Muscat wine 501-Stii c»ks siguette brandy I
50 bxs white wine 75 bbls X Y do’ j
25 baskets Hock Rhine do 10 do old Va peach do ;
25 do Broker’s & Bankers 590 do Ohio whiskey
sup champagne 60 do old Bourbon do ?
15 case* abysynth 75 do Mouongabeia do |
15 bxs crecso 25 do Rye do j
10 cases orange Juice 2 punch Scotch do j
25 casks Loudon porter, pts 3 do Irish do
and qts 3 pipes pure Swan gin
30 csks Scotch ale, pts stqis 25 bbls X E rum
15 casks brown st«*ut 1 puch pure Jamaica rum j
350 M regalia cigars ldo do St Croix do i
25 M prlncipe do 25 bbls Baltimore gin.
Agent for a Galena and St. Louis, and Galena '
and St. Paul Packet Line of Steamers.
Gal na, May 15, 1852. 34-y
-E appointed a?ent for the sale of Louisville Cement,
will keep a large supply on hand, and will be sold at a
small advance from manufacturers prices*
Galena, may id. II F AfcCLOSKEY.
A appointed agent for the above mills, will keep con
staidly on hand a supply of “Extra Family Flour.” War- ;
ranted superior to any Hour Sold in Oils market.
Galena, may 15. HF' McCI.OSKEY. I
PkEMIJOHNS—ISO, 1,2, 3, 4 and 5;
A-r galls, received per Excelsior, and for sale by
f ’OF FEE—3SO bags Rio coffee just re
ceived per Golden Era, and for sale by
H F M'Closkcv.
f POBACCO—125 bxs. Virginia, rcc'd
_ **** ,or ** l * if n rS’Cwwrr.
L'lGb—soo drums received and for sale
*- by M'Closkev.
ICL—2S tierces per Golden Era
«•» and for sale by 11 F* M'Closkev.
SALERATUS—2S bxs. Boston Salera-
4us, rec*d and lor sale by UF M’CLOSKEV.
|\/| ACKERF.L—7S bbls. No. 1, 2 and
A 3 mackerel, ree’d per Golden F.ra. and fur sale by
ll y M’Closkev.
| LA 150 hf. chests G. P. Imp. and
\ if tea rcc’d p r Golden Era, and for sale by
f 'URRANTS—2S casks Currants ree d
per Golden Era, and for sale by It F Jt’ULosKEY. j
UERRING—22S bxs. Scotch Herring!
A. x. re e’d per Golden Era, and for sale by
_ _ _ H P lI’CLOiKEV.
P AISINS—2S bx«. M.R. Raisins, rcc’d 1
-W*_atKl for «aje by II F JPCloskev. j
AX/INL —150 casks Claret and While
— rs f d alld tor sale by ][ I’ .M’CLOSKEV.
DACON—SO casks Hams and Shoul
-17 <l*™, rcc’d per Bon Accord, and (.* vd, i u » •,
j\/I GLASSES—IOO bbl*. ’rec*'*! itiVl"fbr
AFX sale by , .... ~L H .*'.ilVn.osKi;v
PANDER—ISO*;brxs.I Starr'Cancfle’s,’
rec’d per tVi(conslfl, «*d for Sa’lehj-’ * ’ * "
PAR o 0 bbls. Tar, rec’d per AA iscon
»"t, and for sale by HJ M’CLOMtKT.
| ARD—SO bbls. Leaf Lard rcc’d per
Wisconsin, and for sale hv it r M’Closkev.
®OXES Pint and quart Flasks, rec'd
” v and for SA'e by H F M’Closkev. I
f 'IDER A’INEGjVR —Received and for
_ u,e by 11 F M'Closkev.
C/J.UNNIES —10,000 Gunny' Sacks rec’d
7A‘"T Bon Accord, ajnHor sale by Dr -M’Closkev.
fjRIED BEEF—IO.OOO lbs. Dried Beef
rw: P” Bon Accord, and for sale by
-^- R ——— — H F M’Closkev.
OLrorsS^ 0 bxs - rec?d
F n° L STL 5 !? bbls ' cxtra superfine Fam
llj, rec d per F.xcclslor, and for sale by !
HF* M’Ci.oski: v. |
/5 v ; GS P rime Lca ‘‘ Lard, rcc'd per !
I y' Excelsior; for sale by H. F. M’Closkev. !
Hams and shoulders— 20 cks:
rec'd per Exc*.*laior> and for sale l>y
H y iPCtonir* i
MESS PORK—3OO bbls. on band, and;
1 - u for sale by H. K. M’Closkev.
fIOAP—2SO bbls. Yellow, rec’d per Ex- i
V J Excelsior, and for sale by H F'M’Closkev. I
( RANDLES —150 bxs. Mould, rec’d and .
- !* rl ** f II F M'Closkev. |
QREEN APPLES—IOO bbls. in store,!
liMs- fair to prime N. O.
Susar, rec d per Wyoming, and for sale by
rxiriTrSo — 11 9 M’Closkev.
0 cigars; lowi s’T Luion Regalia
110 do; 10,000 Bloonriradodo* 1 6j)oa t lO ’°SP
00 Union do do; 6,000 La I ;ni. a h do do; 5,-
d. do; 7,000 S N“l L do J d a o? 0 5^0 10 pC
do; r-c’ per Wyoming. for „ Ir ■
aaasßHA a»]rwfc_ i
B. If. CAMPBELL; !• »• JONES, j
No. 35 Levee,’Galena, 111.
Nominee, Capt. O. Sml'li, leaves Galena, Mondays, at
12 o'clock.
Ben Campbell, Capt. Lori wick, leaves Galena, Frliiavs,
at 12 o’clock.
Doctor Franklin, Capt. H. Blakelev, leaves Galena.
Wednesdays, a t 12 o’clock.
23’“ floods snipped to go bv the above Line, forwareed
ir-e of chargc._££
-* receiving their .Spring Stock of Groceries Provision*.
Liquor. Glassware, Jtc., Ac., w hich we will soli very low-,
and would respectfully invite your attention to our stock
and prices before purchasing elsewhere. V*'e ha% ein store
the following articles:
288 hhds sugar 100 bbls cider vinegar
250 bbls clarified sugar 200 bxs candles
75 bbls crushed, powd-red 25 bxs sperm candles
and loaf sugar 60 bxs star do
200 bbls molasses 600 bbls flour
100 hf-bbls do 300 bids pork
15 bbls golden syrup 60 bbls lard
25 hf-bbls do 100 kegs do
30 kegs do 30 bxs starch
350 sack* Rio, Laguira aud 10 bales Gunnies
Java coflee 300 bxs raisins
50 hf-chegt.s Imp, Y II and 200 hf-bxs do
black tea 200 qr-bxs do
300 caddies Imp. Y II and 60 tierces rice
black tea 100 bids dried apples
76 11 assorted cigars 50 bbls dried peaches
20u doz bed cords 300 hf-bxs glass
100 coils rope 10,000 lights sash
50 bales oakum 10 bales hop*
5-JO bbls seine twine 50 bxs pint fla,k*
60 colls lath twine 26 do tumblers
250 bbls whiskey 20 doz decanters
30 do Bourbon whiskey 60 doz wine glasses
30 do Monongah*da do 20 doz champaign glasses
26 do Am brandy io doz laments
25 do N E rum 150 bxs cheese
20 qt ck* port wine 100 nests tubs
29 do Malaga do 100 doz bucket*
10 do Maderla do 25 casks saleratus
10 do Sherry do 39 bxs almonds
2 pipes Holland gin 25 frails do
l do St Croix rum 20 bbls filberts
10 hf-plpes brandy 16 bbls Eng walnuts
20 qr-plpes do 20 bxs macoaronl
30 1-4 do do 60 gross lamp wicks
26 baskets champaign 100 rms letter and cap paper
75 bxs champaign cider 300 nns wrapping do
10 bxs Muscat wine 30 bxs clothes pins
53 bxs Claret 30 bxs ground ginger
10 bxs AnueseUe 25 bxs extracts, assorted
100 bbls Dayton ale 10 bbls lard oil
100 lbs isinglass 10 bbls linseed oil
20 bxs preserves 10 bbls sperm do
25 baskets olive oil 100 market baskets
25 bxs pickles 76 bbls mackerel
20 bags pepper 75 hf-bbls do
15 bags spice 40 qr-bbls do
40 cks currants 100 kiita do
1 bbl cloves 100 kills salmon
1 do nutmegs 25 drum* codfish
100 lbs mace 100 bxs do
25 bxa chocolate 100 bxs herring
100 kegs nails 100 small bxs tobacco
30 bxs ground pepper 100 large do do
20 bxs do spice 40 bxs smoking do
15 bxs cassia 25 bxs fine cut ch’ng tobacco
600 lbs cassia in mats 10 bxs scaflarlatl do
50 doz scrubbing brushes 100 bxs pipes
25 doz shoe do 30 bxs brandy cherries
500 M gun caps 100 doz zinc washboards
15 cases sardines 60 bbls tar
30 bbls oysters 25 bbls pitch
30 bxs Ink 25 bbl* rosin
CO bales twine 60 bxs lemon*
30 do wlcking 10 cases prunes
300 drums figs 600 sacks salt
200 demijohns
Xo. 36 Levee, j
Galena, May 15, 1552. 34-y j
It. S. Harris A Co.
Forwarding and Commission Merchants.
HAVE on hand and are constantly
receiving the following, which we are prepared to
i sell cheap and on terms that cannot fail to suit purchasers.
; 10 hhds- X. 0. Sugar, 60 this. S II Molasses,
100 bbls clarlded A A Bsugor 60 hf bbls S II do
50 do « OXOO do 20 kegs do do
20 do loaf do 20 hbls N O do
20 do crushed do 20 hf bbls do do
10 do pulverized do 10 kegs Golden Svrup,
100 sacks Rio Coflee, 15 bxs Imperial Tea,
; 30 sacks Java do 60 6ib bxs do do
i 30 “ Laguira do SO bxs G p u„
10 “ St. Domingo Coffee, 40 61b bxs G P do
20 “ Havana Green do 40 6 & 131 b bxs YII Tea,
10 bxs ground do 30 bxs blk Oalmo do
6 •* Manilla do 10 do do very fine do
100 bbls Mess Pork, 500 Sugar Cur» d name,
30 do Prime do 10 casks clear Sides,
1 40 hf bbls Family Tork, 10 do Shoulders.
I 25 bbls No 1 Mackerel, 6 drums Cod Fish.
!20 do No 2 do 60 bxs do do
: 15 do No 3 do 51 kits Salmon,
I 50 kits No 1 do 100 bxs Herring,
200 bxs Mould Candles, 100 bxs Palm Soap,
j 60 do dipt do 15 do Family do
1 100 do Star do 125 do Quincy Yellow,
10 do Adamantine Candies, 30 do Variegated do
j 25 bxs assorted Pickles, 25 bxs Tomato Catsup,
5 do Cabbage do 5 do Walnut do
! 6do Picolila do sdo Mushroom do
I 20 bxs ground Pepper, 40 doz Extract of lemon,
10 do ground Pimento, 10 do do Vanilla,
i sdo do Cassia 30 do do Cloves,
, SO mutts do 10 do do Rose,
I 15 bxs Cherries, io bxs preserved Pears.
; 10 do Peaches. io do Quinces,
; 10 do Strawberries, 10 do assorted Jellies,
; 10 do Apricots, 10 do Jams,
i 50 bxs Virginia Tobacco, 100 bxs choice Regalia, viz
i2o do Missouri do 20 do Jenny I Ind,
i 25 do KJcK smoking 20 do Napoleon,
50 do G&AV do lo do La Union,
; sdo S L chewing do 50 do Washington,
j 10 do Xeetarina do 6( i do Principe,
sdo Gold Loaf do 50 do Cuba sixes,
20 hf pipes Brandies, viz: o~r cks Burgundy Port.
4hf do Otard. pure sqr do Pure Juice do
4hf p> Pinet, Castillar Xco 1 pipe Swan Gin,
j f do Gotard, 100 bbls rectified Whisker,
j * doJJDuprey, 40 do M. n’la and Rve do
* < 0 p” I’™' 10 bxs Champagne Cider,
20 do Brandy 60 do Claret,
40 Bth pipes Brandy, 10 do Stoughton,
j 20 bxs Brandy Cherries 10 do Peppermint,
! !o a <I( 1, Reaches, ■> qr casks Malt Wine,
10 do Absintha, 10 bxs stomach f>ltfor<«
100coilsass’d Mun’laCordag-soo Tackle Blocks, assorted
60 do lur’d 500 Hooks and Thimbles, 5
25 do Hemp 100 Capstan Bars, assorted.
25 nils Packipg Yarn, 200 Yaw! and Skiff Oars,
. ,2{j Rope, assM .500 Setting Poles,
’* a **> l Js“ad*.Linu Hemp 200 Sockets,
:*4Jo • • do Cotton 10 pair Cant nooks
| 2 do Bell Ro^e.Ugms,. 50 Sheaves, plane A. bushed
.•‘V'‘ ..l 5 do for Tiller Rope,
sJ]#z Di*<> BiJclepLsj , * • to doz Hickory Brooms,
.Gutn J’atkJng , alUlzoe, . • Gasket Paper, ’
20 bids Tar, 60 bbls Pitch and Rosin,
200 kegs Tar 60 hales Oakum,
SO do wro’t Spikes, ass’d 1000 lbs Spun Yam A Marlin
50 It ood Pumps, 26 Caulking Mallels
200 sacks G A Salt, 300 bbls Family Flour,
30 do 1,8 do 20 cases .Matches,
50 do Dairy Salt, 20 bxs Pepper Sauce
d “ , odo Green Com and Peas
1000 gal Sperm Oil, 10 do Lemon Syrup,
|2O bbls Lard do 6do Orange Water,
10 hf bbls Lard Oil, 20 do Starch,
10 bbls Linseed do 6 tierces Rice,
6 do Tanners’ do 100 bxs Bbv 10 Glass,
5 Baskets Olive do 80 do 10 by 12 do
500 cans .Sanllucs, 40 do 11 by 15 do
600 do Fresh Oysters, 50 do 12 b'v 18 do
20 Nest’s W Tubs 1000 lbs Lathe Twine,
20 doz Fainted Buckets, 20 121 b cans Mustard,
5 casks Saleratus, 30 bxs do
20 bxs do so do Pipes
50 bbls Cider Vinegar, 20 do Collins’ Axes
60 cans I/>bsters and Clams2ooo lbs Bar I.cad,
00 kegs Blasting Powder 100 pigs do
00 do Rifle 20 bxs Jenny Lind Candy
60 do C annon 20 do assorted Brandy do
620 doz cans Sporting do 60 kegs Laid,
100 do Brooms, assorted 60 Firkins Butler,
00 rms wrap’g Paper,ass’d 10 bxs Ginger
20 dz Writing Paper. 20 14,1 s .s s Almonds,
260 gross playing raids, 10 do Brazil Nuls,
250 bxs W It Cheese, 10 do Pea Nuts,
25 do B D do 10 do Filbert*,
260 kegs Nalls, assorted, 20 bales Wrapping Twine, j
drums Figs 200 lbs Seine do I
20 bbls Pilot Bread, 200 do Sack do
2 dz Husk Malts. too bxs Raisins, j
2 do Manilla Matts, 50 lif bxs Raisins,
5 do Butler prints, 5 casks Raisins,
on do «. r, v „ L:ul !' " 21 6™* Lamp ivk-k,
20 do Scrub Brushes, ass’d goo lbs Candle Wick, !
10 rtsshoeTo-n b S ’ 20 doz bll,e and hloc k Ink,
10 dz Shoe brUhllFS, >»0 qhnp RU. b.nr- *
10 do Zinc Wash Bosnia, 50 do Shoe Tacks, j
, o°l°Dn‘«iuv rU d hCS ’ 10 bxs Cloilmspjns,
2do Dusting do 60 doz Bed Cords,
6 do Jelly Moulds, 6 do Mouse aud Rat Trans
600 lbs live Geese Feathers, 6do Coffee Milk ’ i
6 bxs Cayenne Pepper, 5 kegs Salt petre,
600 bushels Plasterers’ Hair 1000 gals Stone Warn.
100 M Gun Caps, 200 sacks Shot, assorted,
100 lbs Nutmegs, 2 doz Oil Cans, I
10 bxs Vermacilla, 100 bbls Louisville Cement. I
10 dz Macaroni, ‘J doz Selves,
10 do Coopers’ Islnglasa, 6 bxs Curiao,
10 do Shred do 20 do Yeast Powders, j
20 bxs Chocolate 60 bbls Crackers,
100 do Indigo, 5 f'aaee Prune*!.
Galana, June 6,1862—37 v
XXJ HATEVER concerns the health and
\ l»appinww ot a people I.* at all time* of the most
valuable importance. I talte it for granted that every
person will do all in their power t» save the lives of their
children, and that every person will endeavor io promote
their own health at all sacrifices. I feel It to be my duty
to solemnly assure you that Worms, according to the o
plnion of the most celebrated Physician* are the primary
causes of a large xnajorby of diseases to which children
and adults are liable; If you have an appetite continually
changeable from one kind of food to another. Bad Breath,
Pain in the Stomach, Picking at the Nose, Hardness and
Fullness of the Belly, Dry Cough, Slow Kevvr, Pulse Ir
regular—remember that all these denote Worms, and you
should at once apply the remedy :
HOBENSACK’S worm syrup.
An article founded upon Scientific Principle*, compound
ed with purely vegetable substance*, being perfectly safe
when taken, ami can be given to the most tender infant
with decided beneficial effect, where Boicrl Complaints
and Diarrhea have made them weak and debilitated the
Tonic properties of my worm Syrup are such that It stands
without an equal In the catalogue of medicines, in giving
tone and strength to the stomach, which makes it an in
fallible remedy for those afflicted with Dyspepsia , the as
tonishing cure* performed by this syrup after Physicians
have failed, i* the best evidence of Its superior efficacy
ever ull others.
the tape worm.
Thi* 1* the most difficult Worm to destroy of ail that In
fest the human system; it grows to an almost indefinite
length, becoming so coiled and fastened in the Intestines
and stomach, affecting the health so sadly ns to cause St.
Vitas Dance, Kits, &c., that those afflicted seldom if ever
suspect that It is Tape Worm hastening them to an early
grave. In order to destroy this worm, a very energetic
treatment must be pursued, it would therefore lie proper
to take G to 8 of my liver Pills so as to remove all obstruc
tions, that the Worm syrup may act direct upon the Worm,
which must he taken in of 2 tablespoonfuls 3 times
a day ; these directions followed have never been known
to fa.-l in curing the most obstinate case of Tape Worm.
Hobensack’s Liver Pills,
Xo part ot the system Is more liable to disease than the
Liver, It serving as a lllterer to purify the Wood, or giv
ing the proper secretion to the bile; so that any wrong
action of the Liver affects the other Important parts or
the system, and results variously, in Liver Complaint,
Jaundice, Dyspepsia, etc. ire should, therefore, watch
every symptbm that might indicate a wrong action of the
Liver. These Pills being c-mposedot Roots and Plants
furnished by nature to 10-xi the sick: Namely, Ist, an Ex
pectorant, which augments the secretion front the Pul
monary mucus membrane, or promotes the discharge of
secreted matter. 2d. An Alterative, which changes In
some Inexplicable and Insensible manner the certain mor
bid action of the system. 3d. A Tonic which gives tone
and strength to the nervous system, renewing health and
'lgor to all parts of the body. 4th. A Cathartic which
acts In perfect harmony with the other Ingredients, and
operating on the Bowel?, and expelling the whole inass of
corrupt and vitiated matter, and purifying the Blood,
which destroys disease and restores health.
To Females.
You will find these Pills an Invaluable medicine Ju tnanv
complaints to which you are subject. In obstructions, ei
ther total or partial, they have been found of inestimable
benefit, restoring their functional arrangements to a heal
thy action, purifying the blood and other fluids so effec
tually to put to flight all complaints which niav arise from
female Irregularities, as headache, giddiness,' dimness of
sight, pain In the side, hack, etc.
None genuine unless signed -J. N. ITobcnsark,” all olh
ers being base linltailun.
FT- Agents wishing new supplies, and Store Keepers
desirous of becoming Agents must address the Proprietor,
J. N. llobensack, Philadelphia, Pa.
4n >' For sale by J. 11. STEVENS & Co.
[ » “ the largest and best assorted stock or FUIINITritK
; and rPIIOLSTKRY, we have ever had; which wc oiler
I to whole.vale and retail dealers at the very lowo-t prices,
and feel confident we cannot fall to meet their approha
i tion. In connection with our manufacturing, we purchase
I from all the best markets, East or West, thus keeping pace
with all improvements in our line, and enabling us to of
fer a great variety of late .styles at the lowest price*. Our
Warehouse is large; this with other facilities every way
equal, enables ns to keep a large stock at all times, thus
ottering great inducements to Wholesale Dealers.
We Invite attention to a large stock of sofas, sofa l*ed%
lounges, bureaus, wardrobes, divans, rocking and parlor
chairs, cane-seat chairs, tables, bedstead*, office and easy
chairs, wire and tin safes, spring, hair, cotton, moss, no
line and husk MATTRESSES, with a complete assortment
of UPHOLSTERY, all of our own make, and every aiticle
warranted, thus making a perfect assortment of desirable
To which we are continually receiving additions, thus
i keeping our stock large and complete, and insuring older*
filled without delay.
,t.u. , . PATENT SOFA BED,
v\ hlch Ik acknowledged tue most desirable article of the
kind ever produced, ftlwav* on hand or made to suit vour
tasie at short notice. The attention of all housekeepers,
hotel-keepers, steamboat oilicers, and the public iu gen
eral, Is requested to an examination, when we think they
will each and all sav we are correct.
We offer at Wholesale—
-206 Bureaus, 200 Children’s chairs,
100 Sofas, 100 Office chairs,
100 Mohogany rockers, 100 Willow chairs,
60 Rosewood and mahog- 100 Willow cradles,
any easy chairs, joo Tin and wire safes,
200 Mahogany parlor chalrssoo Bedsteads;
200 Cane-seat rocking do; 2CO Dining and breakfast ta
-200 Wood seat do do; |>les,
1,000 Cane-seat chairs, 200 Work stands,
; 1,000 Wood-seat do 100 Sewing stands, &c.
j . We Uave Iliade arrangements for a continued large sup
ply of the above and all other articles in our line, and
confidently say don’t “go further, as you may fare worse.”
• Please call and examine, at No. 00 Washington Ave-
I f , , r . SCaRRITT K MASON.
St. Louts, May 1. 33.2 m
i T? EY & FARMER, Roberts street, next
I r- V door . to the World’s Fair, have Just received per Or.
F ranklin >o. 2, their second spring stock of fresh Family
Provisions, &c., which they will sell at tlicir
u-ual cheap rates. Our supply is now superior to
any ever brought to this market; and we confl
dentl.v appeal to our tonner customers for a conlinuauce el
their favors, knowing that those who have purchased of ns
; once will not lail to come again.
may 22. _ KEY & FARMER.
EXTRA superfine AA’ar Eagle Flour—
A supply on hand, which we can sill at the most ac
commodatlng rates. RKY A FARMER.
L>ORK—An excellent article for Fain
»y usc > tor sale by Kiiy A FARMER.
f | LAS—Fresh Teas, received at New
-R- York by the late quick trips of tho “Clipper fleet,”
only ninety days irom Canton, tlie best in market.
It A— A new supply ©f fresh and rec’d per Frank
lin Xo. 2, for sale by KEY & FARMER.
R AISINS—Fresh M 11. Raisins, of this
-*-w .Spring’s linj)ortatloii, rec’d per Franklin Xo. 2, for
sdle RET it FA R.MER.
TJRIED h RUlT—Apples and Peaches,
-*-E a must superior article, for sale by
TYfAILS —Of all sizes, from the best
-L w manufactories In the counln*, for sale at very low
rates by r E Y X FA KMER.
I 'HILDREN’S Carriages and TVillotv
Ware of all kinds, purchased at the manufactory, and
for sale by RKY A FARMER.
( ANDLES AND S() AP— St a r~an7
v-x mould candles and the best quality of soap for sale bv
( ’OTTON BATTING—A good supply
_ "" hand. RKY A FA I! MK k/
;\/| ANILLA CORDAGE—For sale by
both largely replenished by aiTlval <«f Franklin Xo. 2,
everj* variety of these articles for sale by
davenport. IOWA.
THE PROPRIETORS of the above
**• establishment would call the attention of mill-wrlghts
and mill-owners, with other* tliat may want machlnerv
to the fa a that they arc ready to furnish various kind* of
work at their establishment viz :
Mill Gearing for flour and saw mill*, hoisting and light
er screws, reaction w ater wheels of different kinds, hors*»
lowers, threshers aud separators, fanning mill,com sh«*u
tor, plow and cultivator castings, wagon hubs, arms and
boxes, grates for windows, pavements and parlors, fronts
fer store and warehouses, columns, plain or fluted*square
j or round, boat and mill engines, large or small, horfzon-
I !f , ,°L lipr,ght ’ slldeor tover cut-off; Blauksmithing an.i
| finishing, and in fact ever? thing ordered in our line of
j iron brass, composition or babbit metal.
; Our patterns are all new, and mill-w rights ordering ma
: chinery can have it in the latest and best style. We do
| not intend to be surpassed by any establishment, for neat
’ ness of Proportion, or strength and durability. Carr and
| ex Pcrience will be exercised In selecting, mixing, and
smelting of metals, to make It satisfactor> to the purcha
ser and creditable to the manufacturer.
May 2*2, 1852. 35.^
Choice Lands lor SaleT
V\/ r E have several tracts of choice I'arm-
V hi* land*, a short distance from St. Paul, which
we wish to sen on reasonable terms.
A tract of heavily-timbered bottom
land, on the Mississippi, opposite Little Crow village, four
mil« below St. Paul. This tract offers rsre inurements
flrew™™ S f ° r " lanuMr ' url " B P»n»ses and
f4 v<> ry Stable, Robert* B*r+**.
THE subscriber, by late arrivals is now In receipt
and opening In his store on St. Anthony street, near
the American House, a large and most complete assort
ment of the above named goods, which will positively be
sold at lower prices for cash than ever before offered In
this place. His entire stock was selected with great care,
and purchased In the eastern and southern markets for
cash, so that he can safely assure his friends and the pub
lic generally that It will be to their Interests to call be
fore purchasing elsewhere aud examine Uls stock, which
consists in part as follows:
6 hhds N Orleans sugar, 12 chests fine YII tea,
12 bbls do do 17 caddies fine Imperial tea,
15 u clarified sugar, 25 “ gunpowder tea,
5 u crushed do 25 boxes W R cheese,
3 •< pulverized sugar. 10 “ fresh raisins,
8 “ SII molasses, 1 cask “ currants,
10 “ NO do 10 drums fresh figs,
3 66 golden syrup, 6 boxes assorted candy,
13 bags Rio coffee, 2B dozen boxes sardines,
6 (6 Java do 20 *• cans oysters,
10 bids rice, 6 baskets olive oil,
10 u butter crackers, 6 boxes assorted pickets,
5 No 1 mackerel, 7 u to nato catsup,
3 “ do saluioud, 3 « mushroom catsup,
10 boxes smoked herring, 3 “ walnut catsup,
25 “ codfish, 5 « pepper sauce,
50 K table salt, 5 66 lemon syrup,
10 sacks coarse salt, 10 M regalia cigars,
7 boxes N Y mustard, 12 « Cuba «
6 cases do 5 « Principe “
5 boxes jrroud pepper, 15 boxes chewing tobacco,
3 46 grain do lUO dozen smoking do
3 “ alspico, 60 lbs macaboy snuff,
2 4 « cloves, 5 boxes JS D pipes,
2 44 cinnamon, 15 44 matches,
1 8 44 wheat starch, 5 44 ginger,
|ls 44 No 1 soap, 5 gross Mason’s blacking,
j 2 44 castile soap, 9 boxes ink,
» 2 44 fancy do 10 kegs rifle powder,
|ls %4 mould candles, 8 dozen cans do
7 44 star do 40 bags shot,
4 44 sperm do 900 lbs bar lead,
| 3 bbls sperm oil, 10 M gun caps,
I 5 44 lard oil. 10 dozen brooms,
112 dozen axe helves, 5 “ shoe brushes,
i 4 44 mop handles, 5 44 scrub brushes,
i 4 44 door mats, 20 44 bedcords,
10 44 clothes line*, 8 44 painted pails,
|5 * 4 covered buckets, 5 44 washboard.,
j 2 44 well do 10 44 measures,
I 4 boxes clothes’ pins, 6 colls inanllla rope,
6 dozen market baskets 6 dozen wood bowls.
The above enumerated goods comprise only a small
portion of my stock. 1 shall keep constantly on hand a
large quantity
such as hams, shoulders, butter, lard, flour, pork, peach
es, apples, potatoes, corn and oats. Also,
consisting of whiskey, brandy, port, madeira, gin, porter,
claret, cUauipulgne and ale. Also,
a complete and fashionable assortment, made up in the
best manner, and of the best material, among which are
overcoat*, dress and frock coats, and vest* of all kinds,
colors and sizes; under clothing In great variety. Also,
a very large and well selected assortment, too numerous
to mention. Also,
embracing all the fall and winter styles. Also, a gene
ral assortment of hardware, paints, glass, tinware cutle
Protection Insurance Comp.’y
Capital Slock, Annual Premiums & Western Fund
rrilE merchants and householders of St Paul and Ramsey
J county, are respectfully refeired to the superior advan
tages ottered for Fire and Marine Insurance, by
W. P. MURRAY,'Esq,
The duly authorized Agent for this Company:
By the establishment, 26 years since of a central office
at Cincinnati, tor the prompt settlement of western and
south western losses, a careful selection ..f risks, the most
unremitting attention to their dispersion, and prudence and
economy in all its transactions, the officer* of this Compa
ny have had the satisfaction of seeing the usefulness and
prosperity constantly upon the Increase during a long pe
riod of years. Many other Companies have in tiie
Insurance Companies of this stamp and character are
continually springing up in various parts of the country.
It is not our purpose (by accepting premium* inade
compete with such irresponsible offices, whose object would
seem to be to collect a considerable sum from the opera
tions of one or two seasons, divide the proceeds, and pay
their losses, or not, as expediency may dictate. On the
of Hartford, will maintain its business upon ?. perm a
NENT and responsible basis, and thereby secure a con
linuanc« of the patronage which ha.* hitherto been so lib
erally extended. \V. B. ROBBINS,
General Agent Protection Insurance Comp’v.
The undersigned, local Agent, Is supplied with blank
policies and renewal receipt*, which will be Issued, cov
ering approved risks upon reasonable terms.
Agent Protection Insurance Company for St raid and
Ramsey county#
i>t Paul, November 13,1851—d
Fresh Oysters, Strawberries, Peaches, ice.
Edward Wright.
NO- 16 IIILL STKEF.T, Baltimore, Md.
HAS now, and will continue to keep constadtlv on
hand, a koo't supply of Hermetically Sealed Fresh
Cove, and Spice Cov e
O Y S T E It S
of superior qualities, put up expressly for the Southern
and Western trad'". Also, fresh Fruits, Vegetables,
Meat's, Cream and Milk, Clams, Soft and Hard Crabs, Tur
tle and Diamond Back Terrapin, put up with their fine
flavor, and warranted 10 keep in any climate.
£3" The attention of dealers is respectfully Invited.
Oct. 17—c at
Attention, Company!
A T. CHAMBLIN would resfpectfiilly
call the attention of the citizens of St. Paul and
the vicinity to bis large and well selected stock of fresh,
.Yew and Seasonable Goods,
Which he is nowopenin* on Third street, between Roberts
and Jackson, which ho will sell at stu h prices as to dery
competition. He would respectfully Invite all who are iii
want of any thin* In Ids line to call and examine before
purch.vlnu elsewhere, ns it Is No Trouble to Show
Goods. Our motto is "Small Profits and Quick Re
Black, Gray and Fancy Colored Cloths,
Blue ami assorted colors—Blanket,
Blue and assorted colors—Pelting,
Blue and Urah pilot,
Petersham Double Coats.
Black French Cloth, Dress and Frock
Black and Broadcl.u li. Dress -ark
Plain and Fancy Tweed, Business sack
Satinet anil Blue Blanket Monkey Jackets.
Fine Black Doeskin and Casslmere,
Plaid, striped and plain do
Stcelmlxed, Fancy and Plain Black -atincts
Sliee|Js Gray and Corduroy.
H'.ack, Plain, and Fleered satin
Black, Plain and Fancy Casslmere
Tweed, Cloth and satinet
Single and Double Bn a-tcl of all kinds.
Shirts and Drawers.
Fine White Linen Boson
Fancy Calicoes
1 and 2 Check and Rivkory
Red, Blue, and striped Flannel
Frown and Bleached Canton Flannel
Brown and Bleached Canton Flannel Drawers
I’lain and QuiUc I Red Flannel do
lloots, shoes, Hats, Caps, Buck Mitts, Buck Glove-;
B.ack and Fancy Cravats; suspenders; Perfumers-; Hair,
< loth, Tooth and shaving Brushes; Pocket, p..„ a ,„] Bowie
Knives; PorUnoiiles ami Mon.-y purses; Razor strops; soaps
of all kinds. Wool Comforts, Cashmere scarfs, Pocket
Handkerchiefs, Under Wrappers; Cashmere, Wool and
C otton socks; Trunks Valises, Carpet Bags, and a number
Of other articles usually kept In furnishing stores.
Come One, Come .'lll,
’Tis no Trouble to show Goods, at
, , _ . , A.T. ('HAMBLIN’S,
Third street, between Roberts and Ja kson.
Third, between Jackson and Robert Streets St
I I , I ,' V y K ' ,n " ?. n 1,,n ' 1 * st, x* of Groceries, Liquors,
w , Pl ’je’.r, lr ’ ur ’ Domestic Dry Goods, Qucensware, Ready
S‘, i f 18 ’ <*P‘- Ac-, that Will corn
par- favorably with any ever b,ought lo this market Mv
assortment ot Queen,ware, e-peciaily, I can reemumend
as the largest and best selected In Ihe Territory. Care
has been Liken to procure the latest styles to be tound In
the Eastern markets. To my old customers, arid all oth
ers, I would respectfully say, call and examine, as I am
determined to sell very low for cash, and close out mv
stock by the opening of navigatlen. This ia a ’’sure
nov. 29—tf. q. n. SERGEXT.
I, mnber for Sale.
r FHE undersigned wishes to inform the
citizens of .Saint Paul aud its vicinity that he is
opening a Lumber Yard, near Ihe old .Shingle Factory,on
Jackson and Seventh rdreets, and l* lire pared to fill or
ders for ail kinds of Lumber of any description* Laths or
Terms easy, one half up, and the balance on the de
livery of the Lumber. J . h\ BASS,
Ajent for St. Anthenv will O.
r> warranted ten times more efficacious,
and ten times cheaper than any other known, no xn&t
--■ ter how* large the bottle, or extravagant the advertisements,
. and It Is beyond all question the mo>t valuable preparation
. of the day. So highly concentrated is it, that the dose is
! but the half of a small tea-spoonful, while the dose of that
, which I* sold iu large bottles is nearly a wine-glass full,
• and has been pronounced decidedly injurious iu many
cases, owing to its liability to become sour and ferment.
The power of the Green Mountain Vegetable Ointment
i* astonishingly great. There Is no medicine known that
can surpass It In prompt and energetic action. Applied In
sufficient quantities to the body, in the vicinity of the most
’ highly inflamed parts, whether external or internal, it at
} once subdues the inflamution and pain. It will quiet the
most * 4 angry” looking wound*, soften and reduce swell- ;
Ings of the hardest kind, and purify and restore to perfect I
soundness old and inveterate sores. Among the diseases
to which this wonderful Ointment is adapted are the fol
lowing :
j Glandular swellings, ague in the face, swelled breasts
; and sore nipples of nursing women, bronchitis, felons and
1 ring worms, scald head, and is an invaluable dressing for
burns, scalds and drawn blisters, shingles,erysipelas, piles,
’ liuiamatlon of the eyes yields to its power Immediately ;
’ all bruisees and fresh cut wounds are cured with great
j rapidity, fever sores and scroti ulous sores are soon changed
: into a healing condition, and frequenly entirely cured.
Tills celebrated and unrivalled medicine is of immediate
, efficacy in the most violent and obstinate cases of dysen
tery, di&Trhtea, bloody flux, Asiatic cholera, cholera mor
bus, cholera infantum, looseness of the bowels, gripings
aud ail other irregularities of the intestines.
The causes of the above various complaints are various,
sometimes they are atmospheric; sometimes they arise
, from the eating of unripe or unwholesome food; sometimes
from the use of river water; sometimes from a natural
predisposition of the system; sometimes from teething—
children arc frequently affected without any noticeable
cause. But no matter what the origin, this syrup Is sov
reign, in the most sickly tropical countries as well as the
most temperate climes. The followiug directions should
he carefully observed. Unlike all other medicines olicred
for similar complain .-, tills syrup acts specifically upon the
secretion*, restoring them ut once to health. Other dysen
tarv medicines merely allay the more violent symptoms—
It is beyond all question true that the Consumption
(phthisic pulmotiaris) i* a curable disease. .Some of
1 the ablest medical writer* assert this; among whom we
i may cite the celebrated names of Andral, Cruvii
ller, Stokes and Williams. Their researches, as well a*
the more recent ones of Rogee and lkmd« t, that so far
from pulmonary tubercle being necessarily fatal, it is spoil- i
taneously cured by nature In a vast number of cases, even j
when large ulcers have been formed on the lungs. !
The great object, is to arrest the progress of the ulcers j
, (or tubercles) ujxm the lungs, and to heal them pernia- j
nentiy. Health will then follow. This the Graefenberg
Consumptive Balm will do, and it is believed to he the
only remedy ever discovered. It acts at once upon the '
. tub'*rcles and invariably arrests their progress, and restores
, the lungs to soundness. It will not of course replace those i
* portions of the lungs already consumed, but it will heal
what may be left; leaving the individual in health, though
it may be with diminished lungs.
As prepared f«-r the Graefenberg Company, and bearing !
the seal of that Institution. None genuine unless it has j
the seal of the company,
Tills is a sufficient argument to induce every person suf
firing under this disease to try it. The money will be jm- I
mediately refunded if a cure does not result from its use !
according to directions,
I- or disorders of the eye ihi- lotion lias no equal; it is com
pounded upon the most scientific principles, and ha- per
formed extraordinary cures. For violent inrtaniatioii, dim
n as and failing of th< sight, weakness of the eyes, invol
uiitary weeping, foreign substances in the eyes, etc., it is
1 ft positive and speedy cure.
A most strange and incredible fact meet* us at the very
threshold of our remarks on this valuable medicine, it is
>' U'is: that no medicine prepared adapted to the various dis
- cases of children and youth has ever been offered to the
public, while at the same time it is established by the
most accurate tables of mortality that one-half of the hu
man family die before reaching the age of five years.
c " e should suppose that to this great class of human suf
d f» rers this one-half of the race—the most anxious and
• . earnest attention would have been given; that medical
d skill would have been tasked to its utmost capacity to find
- out a medicine to which mothers and nurses might resort
d under the constantly recurring necessities which present
- themselves in this connection. The world is literally
u crowded with medicines for adult*, hut to thesuffering of
- children no one has seemed to turn proper attention. No
Y 1 one has regarded their condition. No one has seemed to
f I think it possible that the ravages of disease and death
i among them might be stayed, it i* true that there are
e ! numerous Vermifuge* and Cordials of some value, but
. j each of these are confined exclusively to one or two form*
Ut disease. The Gra’ fenberg Children’s Panacea Is the
o only medicine extant to either hemisphere that is at all
»1 worthy of being called n Children’s Medicine; or that sup
- plies the great want alluded to.
’ History of the Graefenberg Vegetable Pills—Perfec
tion the result of undivided attention .
The inventor of these Pill*, possessing a long and inti
mate ac juainiancc with the human syst- m, and with the
numerous medicines to which medical m n u.-ualJv resort,
studied for many long and wearisome years upon the sin
k f lc proposition how to pr< pare a PILL which would an in
- harmony with the great Jaws of Nature, and expel dis'*as< s
without doing violence to the system.
Entirely Vegetable .
| Skillfully and elegantly prepared bv the Grarfenh'-rg
- ; Company, fr -m a mini!, -r of most purirvlng, invigorating
! a*-'* fi' aling ROOTS, BARKS, HERBS and vin*s, gathered
in the forests and prairies of America. Sold l.y
J^cmterl, 1851. _ »«• Ami,Falls.
\ LL persons interested, please take
A. notice that l have been appointed by the Court of :
Probate of the County « f Ramsey, Adminf-trat'«r on the i
:i estate of John Stean, lite of said county, deceased, and j
, w 'ill attend to all claims or demand* for or azami-t bis es- '
i* St. Paul, March 30, 1852. 3m Administrator. ■
Competition defied at the Cheap Stove Store 1
On Third, between Roberts and Jackson streets.
iHAVK now on hand a splendid assortment of Stoves
of the most approved patterns, among which will b
, found Left el’s double oven, (Jtieen of the Prairie*, Ir
i ving's air-tight, Prairie Queen, Prairie State. St. Louis
i air-tight, prize premium. Grecian parlor, cottage parlor,
N Etna parlor, Saratoga b. x, air-tight, Bridge \ Urothef’H
sheet-iron air-tight, of all sizes and patterns, seven and
I ei i-plate stoves.
,! 1 have also a good assortment of the following articles:
“ hollow ware, camp kettles, fry pan*, bake ovens, stew
pans, brass kettles, spoons, ladles, coffee mills, churns,
buckets, brass, iron and tin candlesticks, sieves, brooms,
wooden and metal faucets; zinc, sheet Iron, copper and
Japan ware, iron and bra-s wire, snuffer*,fraw, snittuons,
; patent zinc washboards, w.ifib* iron*, sad-irons, rivets,
iron cars, steel traps, > beep and cow belis, spring balances, 1
currycombs, liorsc turd-.
Also, Axe*, axe handle*, hatchet*; rip and X cut saws: j
! 'hovels, spader, fire sb »vels, tongs, grub and garden hoes,
i garden scythes, pitchforks, plow*, hydraulic rains, force 1
j and lift pumps, lead pipe, pig, sheet aud bar lead,Russia !
iron, grind stones, percussion cap*, pistols, hunting-gifts- j
ses, hunting hatchets, bee.
| In short, my assortment consists of almost every :?dng <
usually kept iu the stove and tinware line. It Is of the 4
I Im’sl quality, a,iff 1 will soli at prices low enough Iu satis- !
j fy almost any one.
i AI! kinds of Gullor rnve troucli. s|s,utln?, Kc., aN, i
.■very description of J.. 1, „urk, at all rimes neatly and '
I substantially done at niy tin-shop, at reasonable price- j
I JHj® F. S. NKWKI.I.’. I
j Foe Rent.
I \VO new frame dwellings witli two
j A lots of ground altaoh.sl to each house, suitable f ., r I
! z°“", •““*"»» as '»«•«» cultivate,! last year. Also.
l-o,si leg house, ,V I 111 live acres Of ground, and u I
ham, 30 l.y 40 feet. Also, FOR BALK, 50 town h,t
cheap. Apply to 1 ’
_ - mr SU Anthony City. I
Kittson’* Addition.
r I HIS desirable ground, lying in the j
o'"? c f , ‘ ,ral m,d «rtv»uUgeo.w part of the basin
or M. I .nil. where most Inevitably he the prinelpal river
Inis!ness or the town, and affording also the most choice j
and delightful lots In the rear, upon the bench r»r dwel
ling houses; Is surveyed lino lots and now offered/or
sale with titles undisputed and Indisputable, at reasona
■ Iffy low prices, and upon liberal terms of credit, for most
of the purchase money, and lumber for building on lots
sold In the addition, will he furnished at the rotary saw
j mill on easy terms. C’HAS. If. OAK FIS,
Ag**ut for Proprietors.
W. Thomson,
No. 6 CARROLL IIALL, Baltimore, Md.,
INK and NEWS INK, ol superior qualify, and at the low
! ent prices.
j W. T. wan ante the Ink made .it the Baltimore work-, i
j to be of the very quality, aud should any article!
: shipped by him fail to give satisfaction it can be returned '
' at his expense.
Xo. I Power Press, News, 25c; Xo. 2 Power Press "
I News, 30c; Hand press, news. 25c; Xo. I, Power press, I
book 30c; Xo. 2, Power press, book, 40c; Hand press, I
book, So. 3,40 c; Hand press, book, Xo. 2,50 c; Hand 1
press, book, Xo. ), 15c; Card Ink $1 00, Fine blue Ink, '
*2 50; Poster blue ink. «l 60: Fine red ink. $2 50; I”
Poster red Ink, *1 50; Green ink, $2 00; Brown ink,
$2 00.
r l HOSE indebted to me by note or oth-
J- erwi**, will confer a favor by paying tin- to 1
Truman M. Smith. ft. AI. fcPEV'FH. I
Saint Pant. Mav 7. |«v*.
I \\lE have now in store a complete as
! * * assortment, making our stock unusually large,
j we offer to purchasers at lowest prices, and on best
j terms—among which may be found a complete assortment
of —
Axes —Simmons’, Collins’, Hunt’s and others.
Scythes—Waldron’s grass, grain, hemp aiui bush«~ftf
Scythe Snathes —Assorted,'all prices,'qualities and l
Scythe Stones and Rifles—Aborted, all prices,
qualities and kinds.
FORKS—nay and manure, 2,3, 4 and G pronged, aas’d.
Chains—Bright ox and log,B-b, 7 1-6, l-2ands-B lnch,
Chains—Bright trace assorted; coll, breast and halter,
Collars— Horse and mule, assorted, (hog and kla
Ha mes — Horse and mule, steam bent and riveted.
Hoes—Carolina, planters’, ey«xl and handled, ass’d.
Rakes—Hay and garden, iron and wood, ass’d.
I Knives —Table knives and forks, all patterns and qua}*
i Knives—Table knives and ft>rks, all imuterns aud qual
I Razors— Wade & Butcher’s, Crooks, and other*, ass’d.
i Shears and Scissors— Butcher’s, Lux’s, great vari
ety of patterns.
j Locks —Mineral knob, assorted; door, newest pattern**
and styles.
I Locks—Pad, chest, trunk, till, plate, assorted.
I Latches—Knob, thumb and Others, all kinds, ass’d.
j Butts—Greenwood, narrow, broad and Congress, ass’d*
I Butts—Wrought, narrow, broad and Congress, ass’d.
j Screws—l-4 to 4 inch w»mxl, New England taper,
i Bells—Ox, horse, cow, hand and sleigh, as&’d.
Brushes—White-wash, shoe, scrubbing and horse, as
Chisels—Framing, socket, firmer, mortice, assM.
Cukry Combs—American, new patterns, ass’d.
Cocks—Cock stops, us.vd; brass do ass’d.
Files—Butcher’s celebrated mill, fiat bastard.
Files—Round, half round, square flat and all kinds,
Guns—Double and single barrel, shot and duck, ass’d.
I Rifles and Pistols— Revolvers, cast steel barrel, as
j sorted.
I Gun Barrels—Assorted; gun trimmings and findings*
j .assorted.
! Hatchets— Shingling, lath, bench and claw, ass’d.
! Hinges—Hooks, and hinges, strap and T, ass’d.
Kettles—Brass, tea, preserving, glue, ass’d.
j Mills — Coffee, Parker’s, Adams’ aud others, ass’d.
j Mattocks and Picks— Clay and coal, a^’d.
Nails—Wrought, 6 to 12d; horse, 6 to 12d, asa’d.
! Planes—Bench and moulding, ase’d, all kinds, supe^
: rior qualities.
! Pans — Fry, ass’U; sauce and preserving, ass’d.
I Shovels—Ames’, Rowland’s and others; garden, min
j ing and post.
Tacks and Brads—Assorted, all sizes and kinds.
A l ours— Bright, patent concave, convex and cast steel.
; With u large assortment of carpenters’ and blacksmith’s
; tool*, of newest patterns and best qualities.
House and Building Hardware—a large a^rtincnt.
1 Also, proprietors of St. Louis Saw and Scale Factors»
where we are now manufacturing largely of,
j Saws—Extra cast steel mill, circular, cross-cut, hand
I panel, bow, wood and pit saws, of various qualities and. of
j any kind wanted. Also,
Scales—Viz: platform, 300 lbs to 4.000 lbs; counter*
hav, fluur, packing, coal and car, of all kinds and dcscrlp-
I tion*.
j Scales and Saws repaired and made to order.
We are better prepared to serve our customer* and par*
j chasers generally than ever before. Our terms arc as Ja*
j vcrable and price* as low as the lowest.
147 Main street.
, Jit. I/mis, May 22, 1852. 35-2 m
it. n. bird, Cincinnati.] (j. b. Armstrong, SI. Loulf.
rirda aidimtrovg,
Suulh-Mrfl Uornrr Vinr :m:i Second ils..
St. l.'iutK, Mo.
\\ HOLESALE and retail dealers in
• » Chairs arc respectfully Informed that <ve will con
stantly keep on hand a ami vneral
of Chairs of our own manufacture, consisting of Wal-UL
nut, Mahogany. Cherry and Maple cane-seats ~f ev-YWI
er> description. Wood-scat Fills,w, l.trc .■ and small *l *
Office, 80.-p.li and Ban. Arm Rockers,Polka, French, Bns
ilc, Jenny Uud, Bannister, Scrolls, Mock S. Tools, Scollops,
j Slats, ( hil'lren s, Ac., which wc will sell to the trade on
i til** must liix-r.ii terms, and warrant them to be unsurpas
st-d in b- auty of style or finish. Having large inauiMactn
ring facilities, we can offer inducement* that will Instim
general satisfaction; and hojK.> through a strict and prompt
attention to business, to merit a share of public patronage.
\\ e invite the visits of purchasers, either Wholesale or
Retail, to our Ware-room*, in order that th« v may Judga
for themselves. BIRD ARMSTRONG.
St. Lotto, May 2-2. Zj.y
2 The Minnesota Remedy.^
! Cholera .Morbus. Dysentery, Diarrhtra,
iS'c.. Sc.
I on '
••Indian Compound Astringent nnd Tonic."
The materials of* this medicine are en
j A ti-oly vegetable, Indigenous to Minnesota, and well
known to the Indians by wh .m iln-v have been used from
I time immemorial, with Invariable succ. -s.
I File Proprietor can confidently recommend this medicine
! 6>the public, as a CERTAIN, SAFE, and PLFASAXT
cure f..rCholera Morbus, Dinrrhn a. D>wrnlcry,and
all diseases of the Bowels. It affords almost Instantane
ous relief in cases of gr:p ngs or cramp., and ordinarily
effects a complete cure in six or cicht hours.
To IFoaiuien. Raflmeu, I. uin be rni in. and all per
sons traveling on tbe river, this medicine is invaluable.
Our citizens going below, during the summer mouths
should not fail to provide themselves with ,t.
The "I’esiguagomik - ’ must of course derive jts repu
j tat ion fr.,m the testimonials of those who have made trial
1 ot it.
11~ J*l*-ase read carefully the annexed certificates.
Prepared by E. F. EI.V, St. rani.
And for sale at the B,s>kst re of KeDUC JtiHIIIKR.
[ and at W . 11. FORBES* .Minnesota Store, SI. Paul. Ms.
at the -Minnesota Bookstore, St. Anthony, nn.l Cbnrellill K
i •'" htrilwat.-r. -Ms ~ at the Drug St.-re of Uichcox
, N. Axtell, M. Paul.
23* Price Fifty Cents per Bottlo.«£3
I have used the “Pesiguarcomik” re-
I peatetily in my family and can recommend p as the safest
i °f Th' 11 nf "‘r* c j ,ltac,, ’ , “ mtsllclne in all derangements
1 ever known. It has, t. my know
| ledge, saved several valuable n, | n mod obstinate cases
, uf Ch*>icra Morbu». Dysentery, toe.
! Paul, May
This may certify that I have used the
I Vegetable Compound Astringent, prepar ’d bv sir F F
| Ely, in my family, and have found it to lw the best by far
;of any thing of the kind I have ever used. In one in
stance, two dvs-c. cured an ob-tinate cas- of Cholera Mor
bus. Not a single Individual should be v Hhout this valu
able medicine.particularly in a a country where the Diar
rlopa and summer complaint arc prevalent.
Having used this preparation in my
family, I most cheerfully join Mr. oaks in (he above cer
tifleate of Us virtues. ™
SI. Paul, May 24, 1852. ALEX. ItAMSEV.
I take pleasure in being aide to state
that I have used in im r.unilv. Mr. FI-•„ c. im. .vn I *
.rlngcnt and Tonic in caaes of v. Mh nuic„ sue!
ce-s. and especially U-t >umm -i in a case of summer
complaint in an infant of mine some nine in-.nrhs old. ant
che-rfullv r- commend Us use Io ihe public
SI. Pa.ll, May, 24, IMB. WM. HENRY FORBF.S.
I have used the Indian Compound As
tringent and Tonic, my-elf, and In no familv, ami found
it effective, especially in case, ol children teething, and
consider It an active and safe remedy lor ail Bowel Com
plaints, a. If. FRENCH.
| SU Paul, August 1,1851.
I have used the Indian Compound As
trl.-’eent and Tonic, prepared by Mr. Edmund F. Elv, and
found lil’mediap* relief; and can cheerfully recomnicnd It
as a speedy a:.'d sure cure for diseases of the bowels.
St. Paul, May Si, 1852. 11. F'. M ASTER.SON.
I certify that I have used the Indian
Tonic, called 4 »po*fguagomlk.” and recommend tbc sain-*
as an excellent astringent, pleasant In it.- *astc, and certain
in ils cure. j. v *. NOAII.
Angn«t, 1851. 3<Ji.:?
**• All onlrr* f.-r flic .above Metlicinc sbuuM be ad
dressed |.» K. P. Kly, St. Paul, Minnc«ofa.
IRO.Y, Y.iIUS A: STKE| 4 ,
St. Louis Rolling Mill,
K&Su&EJ "•*‘j 1 --• i-c im*,
Hound. *|>i»rc and flat l„, r , it email sire, 5 {'* m * l-t
- » ev?&
HoUKhy I . . ” Q <U%
v American B1Ik(«t - .
XA I LS-IMMt-M-n. N-«M»iI ,„. r 3 'j,, M
« 5 * - - do o 1-2 •* 625
« •, ' '•<* I<t* “ «75
""‘“-SXh.' * * * -2*
Anvils, - - ' - * J* 10 “9 64
Wago? Boxen, . . ' V 17 «*•
Busio- *4 eel - - _ 7 * *-2
The Nalls will h#» found «>ti tr’il Kn* 1 .
other in market. ' su l >o rior to any
May 22.
” .To-fim
W A wh™ D ’,be'"hlgtrmari'r! 1 "': •*"* «* »'»«, **
paid. Apply to mark 1 «-h, will be
Dee. 20. VVM. 11. FORM'S.
)lv < banning, win, an engravltn?, In a vnl». For aalA
TJ™ a ' l ' l 1,111,1 io Scr 'ices of John
cinlne,. Adame. M n . Seward. For
i.lpit «. nt'Ußrr.

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