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The Weekly Minnesotian. [volume] (Saint Paul, Minn. Territory) 1852-1858, April 29, 1854, Image 3

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Rifllftlini the licensing of the sale of Spiritu
ous Liquors, and the keeping of Billiard Tables
and Ten-Pin or Bowling Allies or Saloons.
THE Mayot and Common Council or the cliy of Saint
Paul do ordain and establish as follows:
Section 1. That no person or persons shall sell, vend,
tM.-pose of or traflic or deal in any spirituous, vinous, fer
mented or Intoxicating liquors in or at anyplace or house
within the limits of said city, without tirst having ob
tained a license for that purpose from the Mayor and Com
mon Council, and If any person or persons shall violate
In any way the provisions of this section of this ordinance
he or they 6hall forfeit and pay to said city the flue and
penalty of one hundred dollars.
Section 2. Any persoti upon paying to the city Mar
shal the sum of fifty dollars, and who shall produce to the
Coniruou Council the Mar.'.kal’s receipt therefor, (and
►hall file wjth tue clerk of the Common Council, the bond
hereinafter mentioned In every case where such bond is
required,) shall be entitled to and on demand shall receive
a written license issued by said clerk and signed by the
Mayor or President of the Comniou Council to sell, vend,
deal in and dispose of any spirituous, vinous, fermented
or Intoxicating liquors, at any one certain place, house
or room within said city, to be designated in said license,
for the ]*eriod of one year next after the date of the issu
ing of such license. Provided, however , that such li
cense shall not authorize the person receiving it to sell,
Vend, deal In or dispose of any liquors In less quantities
than one quart aforesaid, unless the persons obtaining
buch license shall ilr*t llle with the clerk aforesaid a bond
for the penal sum of SSOO 00, executed to the city of .St.
Paul with at least two sureties, (who shall swear before
any officer authorized to administer an oath, lhateah..f
them are worth the sum of $250,00, over and above ail
Indebtedness, liabilities, and exemptions,) and condition
ed that such person or pels ills thereby licensed shall,
during said year cou luci said house, saloon or place so
licenced as uforc-a:d in an orderly, peaceable and quiet
manner, aul not to permit therein any gaining ol any
description for money, property or other thing, or any
unusual noise, disturbance or breach of the peace. That
MKh,taloon, house* or place shall lo tl >sed on and during
bun day, and at and after 12 oVI »ek at night, of each
day au«l that th rein no spirituous or inb-xi at ng li
quors shall he sold, given to or disposed of to any je -
hoti then being intoxicated, or who shall he a habitual
drunkard, or to any in.nor or any person of ui» mmi
mind, and for each and every breach of the tondillon
of such bond, the obligor and his sureties, shall forfe t
and pay to the city of Sa nt Paul, the sum of twen \ -
five dollars to he recovered iu a civil action on said
bond: Provided , That said license shad not be trans
ferred to any other person or persons, nor shall the place
named lit the license for selling or ilaaliug lu spirituous
or intoxicating liquors be charged during the existence of
aabi license except by consent of the Common Council.
TIO.N 3. No person shall keep in this city any pub
lic ten pin or bowling alley or saloon, or any billiard table
wherein or on, such person shall permit for any reward
or otherwise, any other person to play at any game of
Millards or ten phis or any other game or games whatso
ever, unless such person shall first obtain a city license
therefor: and every i*cr.-oii violating the provisions of
ibis section, shall pay to the city of Saint Paul the line of
tweutv-ltvedollars for each and every such oilence.
Section 4. Any person or jhtsoiw may obtain a li
cense to keep such table, allej saloons as are men
tioned In the last preceding section and to permit the
game of ten pins and bi Liard* to be played therein and
thereon to be obtained In the same manner provided for
obtaining licenses to m-11 or vend spirituous liquor*: Pro
vided, That all j>ersuii or persons obtaining such license
shall pay as aforesaid the sum of ten dollars license for
each uud every billiard table or ten pin alley so licensed
as aforesaid.
Section 5. This ordinance shall lake effect Immedi
GEORGE L. BECK Kit, President.
Attest: Siilrivooi> Hough, City Clerk.
Passed April 25th, 1-51.
ORDINANCE Relative to Nuisance*.
THE Mayor and Common Council of the City of Saint
Paul do ordain:
Section 1. If any person or persons within the boun
daries of the SUM e.ty shall permit or suiter on liis, her
or their premises, or which he, .-he or they may he the
»>crupaut or occupant*, either by exercising any uuwhole
soiim or offensive trade or calling or by permitting any
building, sower or oilier thing whatsoever to remain on
the premises of which he, sin* or they shall be the owner
or occupant or occupants, until by offensive and ill stench
es or otherwise, they, or any oi them, shall become of
fensive, hurtful or dangerous to the neighborhood or trav
ellers, it shall be the duty of the Marshal to give notice
to such pers* »u or persons to remove such nuisances forth
with; and li the owner or owners, occupant or occupants
of premises on which such nuisance shall be situate, shall
neglect or refuse to remove the same for the space of
twenty-four h<-ur> alter such uoiice shall have been given
he, she or they on conviction thereof, shall be liable to
pay a line not exceeding five dollars tor each day he, she
or they shall have permitted such nuisance to remain after
notice as ab.resaid.
Section 2. lr any person or persons shall, after no
tice as aforesaid permit any aucii nuisance to remain,
which shall be manifestly dangerous or Improper, it shall
l>e lawful for the Marshal to remove and abate such nuis
ance either by removing any putrefactions, or by draining
the premises or by tilling them v.p forthwith under the
directions of the Common Council, and the person or per
sons permitting the same to remain as aforesaid shall, on
conviction thereof, be liable to pay a tine not exceeding
thirty dollars, and the expenses of removing such nuis
ance, togetuer w ith the costs of prosecution: Provided ,
The Common Council may at the time of the abatement
or any such nuisance or at any time within thirty days
thereafter, direct an assessment to be made on the lot or
lots from which such nuisance shall have been remove'!,
sufficient to pay all the expenses of removing the same,
and when such assessment shall have been levied aud
collected, it shall be a bar to the recovery of the same
by any proceedings before the Police Justice of the said
city, but shall Hot prevent the recovery of any lines or
costs under this chapter, to which any person or persons
may have become liable for creating such nuisance, or
suffering the same to remain after notice*
Section 3. No person >hall deposite or cause to he I
left, placid or dep«>»it -d in auv part < f said city, any
dead animal, or any animal, vcgetableorotiiersubstai.ee
which Is offensive, or which bv proce>sof decomposition
may become offensive tmle.-s the same hlvall he burled ut
least thre»* feet below the surface of the ground, any per
son offending in the premises shall, on conviction, t>c lia
ble to pay a line not exceeding fitly do.la;s, and the ex
lieuseof removing such nuisance, together with the cost*
of prosecution.
Section 4. It shall be tlio duly of tlie Marshal to re
port tu the Common Count ;1, the exigence of anynuls
uncc whatever in said ciiv, and peiform >ucli other acts
relative to the same according t.» the general or special
regulations prescribed relative thereto. Ami th • Mar
shal is hereby required to make complaint to the City At-
Vortick of any violation of this chapter.
Section 5, Tins ordinance shall take efftet from and
after Its passage.
GEORGE L. BECKER, President.
Attest: Sherwood llouoh, City Clerk.
Passed April 251 h, 1851.
St. Paul Banking Office.
COLLECTIONS 111 I le in any part of the Territory, ami
promptly remitted at lowest rate of exchange.
ZJrThe hiyhcztprices paitSfor Eastern Exchanyc,
Laud Warrants Wanted,
Will attend to the investigation of Laud Titles, loaning 1
money, payment of laws, ice., &.c.
Money reinitied to Gnat Britain or to any of the i:u- |
portum points on the coutlueut of Europe.
C. il. PARKER,
dec 10 Attorney an<l Counscllcrat Law. j
400 Acres Good Farming Land for Sale.
ALL lying In one Ihxlv, on which there i> 30 acres of !
tine building Taiuarae, forty acre.-, fenced and ten
acres Irv ke. A title truing near the dour of the house, I
(which 1> a comfortable Kg.) and adj- ining which there 1
is a line body of logs, and with a small expenditure, can
l.e made a large, comfortable and convenient house. The
land is good, wed wat« red and timber plenty, which w ill j
be sold ch‘-ap if applied lor soon. For further particu
lars apply to .\. E. TYSON K. CO.,
_Ai.nl :_•!>, ISSI tH!3 UuU-rt* htri-t't. !
THE subvert tiers have Just received a consignment of
Ulu Whiskey, which they offer to the Trade at
verr reduced prices. Tin y respectfully Invite an early
call* A is,.,
40‘) sacks « f Family Flour,
lot) btils extra supcriine do,
40J this Mess Pork,
With hams, shoulders, bacon, oats, earn, &c. Also, ev
ery article u*uu‘ly kepi In a Family Grocery. Don’t tor
get the stand on Si. Anthony >trcet, l ppi-r T«.wn. I
april 59 1854 133 KELLOGG K KINNEY. '
OLD Otard Brandy—Dark and Pale—Vintage of 1846,
Dud Gordon’s Sherry, Sand 1 man’s old Port ami l
Madeira, pure Scotch Malt Whisky, vintage lSdt); Old
lfc.urlfc it and Mom-ngaluda Whisky. The aliove Liquors
and Wines arc guaranteed pure, and of their respective
vintages and brands. Atrial Is solicited.
April 29 1854 4(33 KELLOGG & KfXXKY.
TO the consumers of fine Imperial Teas and Old La
gttira ami Java Collet s.~l>ur sel* ctioii of the above
necessary articles of domestic use have been made w.th
great care. Also, auextensive a>.- rtm, mol S-gar* fivtu
slsto *4O per M. KELI. JGG N. KINN EY,
ap 29 1851 4133
Laud Office.
FOR the purchase and sale of Real Estate, Every dis
cript ion of Heal Estate business attended to per
sonally* Three years residence in the Territory, and ac
tual observation has enabled the subscriber to become
■well acquainted with the surveyed lands that have been
entered, as well as with those that a e now subject to en
Licatcd upon such tracts only, as are known to the sub- !
scrlber. Accurate and well deiiued Maps are now ready
Jor the inspection of all wishing to invest or purchase. ;
Collections made, taxes paid, and loans negotiated.
Ills Excellency W A Gorman, Gov Min Ter; Hon IT M
lt’ce, Delegate to Congress; lion R Smith, Alton, Ills; J
James R Whltlnpj Esq., New York City; Hoti. David
Olmsted, Mayor St. Paul, Borup and Oakes, Bankers, do.,
Ames and Van EUcn, Attorneys, do
Kotarv Public and Dealer in Real Estate, Third street.
st» Paul, April 29? t 133
*> or Suburban Residences.
SEVERAL si lendlu two and five acre lots only one
mile front the eorpor*** oll limit*, are now for sale—
Terms, part down and th* bfli^ Tlcc oli
odptiuu of R«>\ Estate for t»alc, information concerning
which ea« be had by tailing vn J A<?« STARK, hi,
Real Estate Dealer, Third bt. Paul.
April 29 1864 tfja
Mankato City, Minnesota.
Situated on the Great Southern Bend of the MifiWO
ta or St, Peters River,
m Lota in Mankato City, Blue Earth county,
4 Minnesota, tor sale for Casij or on fiijie.
HtMkT In R'.al Estate.
$t PBtrt; Jan 28, *64— tW
The Rice House again in Motion.
HAVE Just received from the eastern and southern
markets,*a large and general assortment of
consisting In part of the following, via l
20 hogsheads sugar—N O and clarlrted;
20 bbls sugar—crushed and powdered j
40 bids N () Molasses;
20 bbls Belcher’s and X O Golden syrup;
60 boxes Western Reserve Cheese—warranted;
40 casks Bacon —hams and shoulders—every piece war
ranted— Henry Ames A Co’’s brand;
5o bbls Mess Pork-City packed;
6 casks dried beef;
25 bbls Leaf J-ard;
76 kegs Xo 1 Leaf Laul, for family use;
6 drums Xo I Codfish;
6 boxes do do
10 44 Dried Herring;
25 bbls and halt bbls Mackerel, No’a 1 and 2;
20 boxes tobacco;
6 bbls cut and dry tobacco;
10 boxes do do
10 bags Coffee;
10 cheats tea—assorted;
50 boxes soap do
40 do star candle*;
50 do Tallow do
100 kegs pig's feet, pickled;
50 lla’.f Barrels do
200 bushels dried apples;
60 bushels dried peaches;
26 kegs powder;
5 half l bis Prunes;
2 casks English Currants;
10 boxes Raisins;
Our »t(#ek includes almost every article In tlic Grocery
line, which will he sold at a small advance. Our goods
are entirely fresh having all been purchased this spring,
and our friends and tlie public generally are Invited to
give us a call at the old stand of A. W. Tullls, in the
‘Klee House.’ T. L. & CO.
April 20, lb'sl tf33
/V BBLS Fresh Family Flour Just received at the Klcc
April 29, 1&54 tf33
BCSIIELS Oats and 200 bushels good sound corn
just received by TULLI3, LIVINGSTON & CO.
April 20. 1854 1133
xrv BBLS Vinegar aud 100 bbla Whiskey Just received ;
at the Rice House
Ap 29, 1851 1133 TI'LLIS, LIVINGSTON A CO.
tullTs, Livingston" & co.,
AT the Rice House, will be in receipt of large addi
tions to their stock during the teason, upon every
arrival or the steamer Kxcjl&lor.
April 29, 1851 tfSJ
Seeking Bargains.
A 1.. LARPK XTEL'R wishes it lobe generally un
• derstood, that notwithstanding the WAR IN EU
ROPE may raise the price of
In some of the markets of the world, It has not had that
effect yet in St. Paul, at least so far as his stock is con- |
tvrnod. lie Is now receiving direct from the East, one j
of the finest and largest stocks of DRV GOODS,
ever brought to this market, which he is prepared to sell |
at prices cannot fail to suit purchasers. Having i
taken great care iu the selection of his stock, the public *
can rely on finding everything in his line of the best j
quality. The hull, s will find in the following list, com
prising but a small portion of our slock, u variety of arti- j
vies for their use, such as J
S U 3131 E 11 B OA’AT E TS ;
Silks, satins, and Dress. Velvets, a large and,beautlful as
sortment ; summer’dress goods of the latest styles and
superior quality; l)e lauies of every style ; shau L; gb.vcs; I
Caliches,oil, plain, and figured; Hosiery, cotton, woolen,
fitc.j Curtain Damask, different colors
Carpeting, and Oil-cloths,
Carpet rugs, etc., a large and beautiful assortment, se
lected with great care from the best manufacturers, and
will be sold at a small advance on eastern prices*
Cloths, Cassinif res and Vestings.'
Summer hats and caps, late?t styles; boots and shoes, for
nu n and boys; ladies aud misses boots and shoes, a large
and vaaried assortment
a large variety and of superior quality, which will be sold
very low; persons whliing ready made doling will do
weii to call and examine our stock before purchasing.
We will continue to receive additions to our present j
st.'ck Ly every arrival from below, and can boast as com
pleie a-.-ortineiit for tlic summer trade as any estubli.>b
meiit above St. L>uis.
Next door’be low can be found/m all occasions a gene
ral and well selected stock of Groceries, Provisions, fitc.,
which will be sold cheap for cash.
1 am agent for one of the best agricultural Implement |
inanufjc'orie* in the country, and w ill always have a full :
supply and general assortment on hau l.
April 29, 1851 1123 A. L. LARPEXTEUR. j
Produce , Groceries 4' Provisions ,
Lower Landing, £a:ut Paul, Minnesota.
Gov W A Gorman, St. Paul; J& E Walsli, St. Louis;
lion D Olmsted, do U P Hill k Cu. do
lion A Ramsey, do 15 II Campbell, Galena;
Horup fic ().;k ”s, do S W.McMaster, do
Rice, llollinsliead & llceker; II F McClosky, do
| Anics fit Van Ettcn, do Norton, £c Hempstead, Chi
('apt A Wilkin, do lion G W Jones, Dubuque,
Hon if II Sibley, Men lota, Xcdcau & Rogers, do
Durand, Dortufii Co., X. V.; Hon A C Dodge, Burllng’n
C A Barriero it Dro. X. 0., John II Gear &Co do
Firniiu L-uapere d» A McGregor, 31cGregor’s;
April 29, 1854 tf33
SINGLE and double sealed Buggies* One and two
horse Carriages for sale cheap by
| April 29, 1854 1 133 A REV, Lower Land’s.
BIJLs extra Jasper Flour for sale by
ap 29, 1854 1133 ALEX. REV.
1 ~ BBLS Prime Pork, ALEX. REY.
, ap 29* 1854 t 133
ap 291854 tU43
|/| BBLS Prime Leaf Lxnl AUL REV.
AU ap 29 1854 t 133
1 .) BBLS Butter—-0 kegs do. ALEX. KJBL
I ** ap 29 1854 t!33
on BBLS Kean 4 ALEX. REV. j
ou * ap 29 1854 ti 33
BBLS Buckwheat Flour ALEX. REV. I
U ap 29 1854 tJ33 |
Dozen Brooms AUL IST* ‘
ap 29 1854 ti33_ _____
O non Bwkels Oats. ALEX. KEY. |
ap291854 U 34 !
/?r\ Boxes Green Apples ALEX* REV.
ap 29 1.854 1133 \
ACi t Bushels Coni ALKY. REV. )
SA,A; ap 29 1854 tf33 1
inO BuMiels Spring Wheat for seed ALEX. 11EV.
L\J\J 29 1854 t!33
Qfv Barrels Whiskey ALEX. REV.
ap 29 1851 1133
1 Galena, Pt* Prescott atul Clayton ui i • for
XtJv/ S ale by __ ALEX REY. 1
i rv Parrels New York Brandy—Just receive land for sale ;
1 U at the lower landing, by ALEX. REV. i
ap 21 18c 4 1f33
For the Million!
B PRESLEY is now in St. Louis purchasing the
• largest stock of Goods ever brought to this place,
to which he would respectfully call tin* atiention of his
many friends and customers. Great Inducements are of
fered to those who wish to buy cheap. Please step in
and examine prices and quality, and although Mr. Presley
may be absent, you will always find Mr. Oliver Arseno
I ready and wiling to wait upon those who may favor him
! wKhacall. ik ing anxious to dispose of their present
j stock, iu order to make room for the one expected sliorly,
i great bargains w ill be given. His stock consists Li luirt
l «.f the following articles: Hams, Shoulders, Eggs, But
tor, Corn Meal Flour of every hAi 1 ; Chee?e, Oysters,
! Sardines, Lard aud a great many other articles too nu
' merotis to mention. B. PRESLEY,
i Wholesale 5* Retail Deal r, at the large Brick Building,
Third Street, St. Paul,
i April 29 1554 t 133
AN OFFICE is opened for the sale and purchf*<e of
Real Estate on St. Anthony street, near Kellogg
N. Kinney’s store, a \ery large quantity of property is of
-1 tv red at great bargains both in St. Paul aud the surround
ing country. 33-1/
BY DAVIS fit WHITCHER, SI akopee. This new
and commodious Hotel has been recently fumishol
1 at great expense, and Is now ready to receive the travel
i ing public. The proprietors are experienced hands at
, the business, and will spare neither time nor money In
order to render the sojourn of guests agreeable.
! Their table is supplied with every luxury the marketaf
i fords. Their stable is commodious and their servants at
’ fentiveand polite.
' PJeasu e Parties in quest of game cannot do letter than
! to visit Bhakopee. Our lakes atqand with fish a \d our
*>r dries are covered with grouse.
I' Shatopee, April2s, 185 C 35-tf
Great Bargains for the !
FEET fronting on St. Anthony street and
wlFw-F the river, a most inviting Investment tor
capitalists. Also, several most excellent business lots
near the Winslow House, aud eleven gi**l farms near St.
Paul. ap 29 A. VANCE BROWN.
NOTICE Is hereby given, that the books fer
to one million of dollars of the
JEEiHLCapital Stock of the Minnesota and North
western Kail Road Company, will be opened simultane
ously, on Monday the first day of May next, at the office of
the Bank of the Republic 111 the city of New York, and
of Messrs. Burup and Oakes, in St. Paul, Minnesota Ter
ritory. Ten per cent, of the amount bubscribed !& requir
ed to be paid In specie at the time of subscription.
New York, April 5,1554 2w82 Committee.
HAS supplied himself with instruments for making
surveys of every description. All surveying com- i
mitled to his care will he executed accurately, aud at rea
sonable charges.
County Surveyor’s Office, Corner 3d and Cedar streets.
April 22, 1654 1y32
llam.ine University of Minnesota.
THE Trustees of this Institution will hold tliefr first
meeting on Tuesday the btb.day of M ty,ut 10 o’clock,
A. M-, In the Methodist Episcopal Church, St. Paul. A
full attendance is desired. B. F. HOYT,
April 22, 1554 2w32 DAVID BROOKS.
notice to Taxpayers.
-WTOTCK Is hereby given, that the taxes levied by town
A-M of st. Paul for the year 1853, are now due ami paya
-1 ble, and the same will be received by me at lv: Due’s
Book Store, corner Bench and M'abashaw streets.
St Paul April 13,1855 1f32 City Treasurer.
exatuiue the ImnifU'e stock «»f New and Fashlon
■ able CLOTHING, wl.leh hasjust arrived, and made
expressly for St. Paul. The most elegant assortment of
..f silk, tweed, cloth and cassimere. Also, 3,000 pair of
bla-k and fancy Cas-imerC, Limn and Tweed Punts, etc.
2,000 Vests —silk, linen, satin, Marseilles, etc.
t; Call and see and vou will be sure to buy. Our
terms are cash. L. lIYXEMAN.
April 22 1854 tf32
BIDS are Invited fur furnishing material and erecting
a Brick Building at the corner of St. Anthony and
Capitol streets. Plans and specifications to be seen at the
store of L. 11VN EM AX
April 22 1851 tf32
New Scene of Operations.
NHI HAL'S & CO. have removed their Tailoring and
Furnishing K»taU'shtm iu to the opposite side ol 3d
jstreit from the place heretofore occupied by them, and
I have received by hue arrivals as fine and fashionable a
(stuck ot seasonable Dress and Furnishing Goods as could
I>e purchased In the Eastern cities. Thej respectfully ask
i that gentlenmn will cal! and examine their elegant Cloths,
j Cassimeres, Vestings, Ke., before trading elsewhere; sat
i isihd that in reference to the articles wanted, their pri
ces, and their faslih.uable styles of cutting and making
! up garments, they can suit and Jit all customers who may
offer. They abo keep on hand a general assortment of
And every article in the gentlemen’s furnishing line that
uiav be called for. Store and shop on Third, between
. Minnesota and Cedar streets, two doors below
sotianomce. XEIUAI'S & uO.
April 221854 tfß
Oliver Arseno Getz & Co.,
KEEPS constantly on hand, Fruits, Toys, Perfumery,
. Jewelry, Candies and a general variety of Fancy ar
ticles, such as Pocket Knives, Port Monies, Pistols, Per
cussion Caps, Fish II »uks and Lines, and a general assort
ment of everything usually kept in an establishment of
this kind; also keep in addition to this, a
always In readiness, that can *beat the world’ for the de
-111 clous summer drinks it produces, to which we respect
fully invite the attention of the Ladles and Gentlemen,
and Invite them to give us many calls daring the summer
and none the less during winter.
Third street, next door to B. Presley’s Grocery Store.
N. B. Also keep constantly on hand an assortment of
fine imported cigars.
April 22 1854 tf32
Grocers, and Dealers in Grain and Provisions’
Whof Boat , St. Paul , 31inncsota .
SHIPPERS and Consignees will find It to tlielr Interest
to do bilsiucss with us, aj the expense of labof aud
dray age is saved.
References.—Gov w A Gorman, Tlonry M Rice, W
R Marshall K Co, Alex Wilkin, Bt. Paul; II II Campbell
and Co, George W Campbell, Lorain and Co, R S Harris
and <V>, Galena; Otis West, R F Sass, St. Louis.
Mark packages care of B. fc. Co., Upper Landing,
St. Paul, M. T.
A pril 22 1854 tf32
K. BBLS Buckwheat Flour for sale by
9jP apr 221654 U 32 BURBANK and CO.
BBLS White 8.-a:isJust recehe.i by
opr 22 1854 U 32 BURBANK and CO
BOXES fresh garden seeds Ju«t received and for
•L W sale very low by BURBANK and CO
p* BBLS Cranberries ol*. hand and for sale by
***} apr 22 1854 tf32 BURBANK and CO
BBLS Extra Flour, warranted of best quality,
f*»r .-ale at i*>G per barrel, by
Apr 22 185-4 if 32 BURBANK and CO
liiimber, Lumber.
HAVING the agency for the St. Anthony Mill Co.,
we will keep constancy 011 hand at our Levee, Up.
per Landing, a g.ssl assortment of all kinds of Lumber,
which we will soil aiUrn lowest cash prices.
Persona wishing to ship lumber up tlie Minnesota Riv
er or to points below, will find it to tlielr interest to pur
chase of us, as they cun save the expense of hauling.
April 52 1564 U 32 Wharf Boat.
Ami Commercial Carden.
rBIHE Proprietors of this establishment take pleasure
JL in informing the citizens of St. Paul and surround
ing country, that they are now receiving an extensive as-
I sorinunt of Trees, Shrubbery, &.«•., from Eastern Nur-
I series, which, with the, stock grown upon their own
i grounds, will enable them to supply quite an extensive de
[ Tlielr stock conslsts'of all the really desirable varieties
'of Apples and Pears, both standard and dwarf, Cherries,
Plums, Peaches, Grapes, Currants, Raspber
ries, Strawberries, Pie Plant, Asparagus, &c. Also, Or
namental Trees and Shrubbery, such as’ Mountain '8
j Ash, Balaam Fir, R-d Cedar, Arbor Vitae, Spruce.
I Show Balls, l.bMacs, Choice Roses. Also, Dah-NjwjjJjg
1 lias, Lillies, Paconies, Pliiloxes, &c. Those di -
\ siring to ornament their grounds, or supply their gardens
or fields with choice fruit, are invited to call and exani
i |m* our stock. Our grounds a*e two miles south-west or
1 the city. MEKRtFIELD & NEWTON.
April 15,
To tlie Public.
j A I L persons are hereby cautioned against purchasing
any town lots in the village of Eureka, embraced
j in the follow ing limits, towit: Commencing at Poplar >t.;
; thence running east to Shirk street; thence north to For
rest street; thence west to Poplar street; thcncc along
Poplar street to the place of beginning: Of any person
! other than the subscriber, who is the sole and only clai
mant thereof. 11. CAY WOOD.
Eureka. March 30, 1554 6w31
JUST received per steamer Nominee, direct from New j
York ! y KNi'r.'s.,. at C. UAVCII’S I'onf.'ctiuiiary, ..i>-
i |H»site the Post office,' a large assortment of Stew art’s
Celebrated Kell net l Candy.
April 15, 1864 tf3l
THE subscriber has Just received out tlfic maps from
the Land Office show ing the location of the Military
Reserve, lines in the 8 fractional township on the west
side of tlie Mississippi River—the only map In the city—
ail interested will find it fur the ir interest to consult them
at mice. C. 11. PARKER.
April 6, 1853 tf-W
Navigation Opened!
THE first boat” has come, bringing with It for the
uudersigued a choice selection—spring style—of
direct from Philadelphia, consisting in part.of the follow
ing articles:
A large stock of Exra Moleskin Tints
** “ bell crown pedal straw hats
« « Canton Regatta * fc “
“ « white Canton Regatta straw* hats
« rustic senate “ «•
<* o sewed jn-dal wide brim u u
“ « India p aid M M
« “ double brim teaeol’d Hg horn n
« a ee yellow “ f 6
« “ extra Panama •*
“ mens’ palm leaf (all kinds) **
t* boy’s 46 44 4 *
« 44 boy’s cloth caps 44
Together with a complete assortment of Gentlemen s’
Furnishing Goods of the best kinds, which w ill be fol
lowed by other bills during the season, such as the market
may tequire, ail which will be sold extremely low lor
cash. K. M. SPENCER,
Third stTcet, between Jackson fit Roberts, Lower Town,
St. Paul, Minnesota Territory.
April 8, 1354 1&9
Wholesale and Retail City Drug Store, Oppor
Saiat Paul, M. T.
have had no lime of late to write advertisements,
w v IVe have now received the largest and best assort
ment of everything In our line ever yet brought to Saint
Paul, and as freight will unavoidably be very high in a
very short time, w e advise our country customers and
friends generally, t > call early fur tlielr supplies. We
guarantee 10 give satisfaction buth as to price and quality
of every article. No one desirous of purchasing will be
allowed to leave the O d Drug Store without a trade. Call
April 22 1854 tf32
\y UITE LEA D—Linseed Oil—Turpentine—J ust rect iv-
II ed a very large supply of each, and for sale low at
April 22 1854 t 132 BOND and KELLOGG’S
Window Glass—Direct lin port a lien.
YI7E wish all to take notice that we have perfected ar
il raiigemeuts with the best manufacturers of window
Glass in Pittsburgh, for a constant supply of every size,
on the lowest possible terms, our present stork has been
brought directly from Pittsburgh, in Capt. Humberstoiie’s
new* steamboat; and consequently having but one hand
ling and no trmishipmaut, has arrived Iu first rate order,
without breakage. Call aud leave your orders early at
April 22 1554 t!32 Drug fit Glass Store.
“Garding Sass.”
HOE ! all who Intend planting gardens—who arc dis
posed to mind tlielr peas and q’s—who have faith
in cabbage—(Tailors not excepted) who “know beans
when the bag is opened”—who 4 * acknow ledge the corn”
in the roasting ear—who believe In tlie good lime coming
—when new* potato-ses and ripe tomato-ses—fence rail
cucumbers and inclined plane squashes, w ill please the
eye and administer to the appetites ol the 4i toiling mil
This special proclamation, greeting: If you want fresh
Garden Seeds, Cuine and get them at
April 22 1854 tf32 At the Old Brown Drug Store.
Third Street, First door below Minnesota.
HAVE just received by last arrivals, a splendid and
fashionable stock of Goud>, for
with which they will suit customers, »n I warrant tlielr
making of clothes to fit. They are prepared t<» execute
all orders appertaining to the Tailoring Busiueess
with their accustomed despatch and neatness, and about
prices which will not be complained of by reasonable per
sons. They respectfully solicit a share of public patroii
°April 22 I*sl tf32
Otcx Grocery and Provision Store,
Just opened on the corner of Roberts and
Fourth St ret is,
.*’111:111-; maybe found constantly on banj, a supply
▼ Y of Groceries fit Provisions al Wholesale and Re
tail, all fresh front tlie lower markets. Purchasers will
do well to call and examine the quality and prices of
goods offered, believing that they will be fully satisfied
with both. Fresh supplies will be received weekly from
below'. And as the proprietor is manufacturing ali kinds
of Crack rs and Candies, they w ill be sold here the same
as at tlie Factory, with freight added only.
St. Paul, April 15, 1854 ti3l J. 11. FROST, Ag’t.
April 15,1354. )
William Brewster & Co.,
(Late of Western Hank Piiriadc'phia, Pa.,)
PPOMPT attention given to collections in all parts of
the Territory, and proceeds remitted at currant rates
ol exchange.
Land Warrants bought and Sold,
and located on time to the favor of actual settlers.
Town aim country property for sale for cash or un time.
We give personal attention to the purchase and sale of
property, tlie payment of taxes, entering land, locating
land warrants, and all other business tiiat may be entrust
ed to our care. H3l
Minnesota River Packet
ft?, THE new and splendid steamer MIXXE
ter, will run as a regular packet between
Paul, and the ports of the Minnesota
river, during tlie present season of navigation. Th • M in
nesota Belle is an entirely new boat, Just completed at
Pittsburgh, having been built expressly for this trade and
will be found equal in every respect to any steamer on the
western waters.
April 15, 1851 tf3l
(Pioneer and Democrat copy)
Cnrriage Manufactory.
THE undersigned wish to Inform the citizens of St.
Paul that they intend to be there sometime tills
spring to start a Coach aud Buggy shop; tiiat they will
also take with them some twenty Carriages and Buggies,
which they n *\v have on hand of the latest patterns and
style, and which they will warrant equal tu any manu
factured in any part of the Union. Persons Intending to
purchase this spring, will do well to examine our stock
before purchasing. We will Le there, and no mistake
Is. C. PIXNEY fic CO.
Klttanning, Armstrong county, Pa, March 20,1854 tf3l
Scaled Proposals
I NOR furnishing fresh beef for the United States troops
‘ at Fort Sm iling, M. T., for one year will be receiv
ed at the office of the Assistant Commissary of subsis
tence at. Fort Suelling, until 12 o’clock, M. on Monday
tlie 7th day of May next. The proposal* tu be endorsed
‘•Proposals fur furnishing fresh Beer.”
The beef is to be of a go «d and wholesome quality, in
quarters, with an equal proportion of each, (necks and
shanks to bo excluded,) in such quantities as may be from
time to time required for the troops, not exceeding thrice
in each week on such days as shall be designated by the
Assistant Commissary of Subslstuiice.
The contractor will be required to give bonds with ap
proved security, in the sum of twelve Uuudtcd dollars,
for tlie fulfillment of the contract; and the contract to
be subject to the approval of the Commissary General.
lA Lieut. 3d Artillery, AC S
April 3d 1 c 54 4w30
Filial Settlement.
Minnesota Territory, j i> rol)atc CoKrt .
Washington ( ounty. $
ON application of John S. Proctor, executor of th«*
last will and testament ol Calvin F. Leach, deceas
ed, late of Washington county, for a final settlement and
discharge front further duties and liabilities in the pre
It Is ordered that said application be hear lon Wednes
day the tenth day of May n-wt, at tmi o’clock, A. M., at
the Office .of Judge of Probate for the county aforesaid at
Stillwater, and that a copy of this order be published iu
the Weekly Minnesotlan four successive weeks previous
to the time fixed for such hearing.
Stillwater, March 20, ISSI 6t30 Judge of Probate.
11 XCIIAXOK f r *al.: on tliv oast or south; Money re
milled to (treat llillain, l'rsnee an.l (iorman.v, or
mv otln-r Important points on the c .utinent of Buroye,
Interest allowed on special >l.|*<'its; e .lleeiions inado
thryoithuot the Territory, charyiinrihocurrent rate or e\-
cliango and the actual expense of collection. Referen
ce, Pv permission: (Jov. Win. A. Gorman, St. l’anl, Kx
(»ov. Itamsey, do., M> s-rs. Pare to Ilaeon, at. Ismis, Mo.,
American ICxchat l .© Hank, N. A . 1 would f:arl:cularly
invite attention tu the
Real Instate Dcparlmcnt
Of ray Oftice, which lias been csuhllsbed at great cost,
and which consists, In part, of a rail list of Government
Land Kutrles, Maps of unentered lauds corrected semi
weekly, a may of the county i f Hamsey, an t plats uf the
different cities aud additions thereto, iu said county. A
complete iist of all the iatals sold tu said county for un
paid taxes. A full and perfect abstract of tite title to
each distinct tract or parcel of land situated in said comi
ty, from tlie General Government to the latest grantee:
wherein is Holed every detect of tltie, either iu form or
substance, and every possible kind of Lieu creating an
incumbrance, whether it arises by way tf Judgments,
mortgages, taxes, mechanics’ or otherwise.
I am Justified in stating tiiat so far as a Urge portion of
tlie Heal Ksiale of this city is concerned, a chain of title
cannot Le satisfactorily established by aa examination ol
the r»conls alone, the aid of a surveyor Is absolutely es
sentia!. Tills iltsidi ration 1 have supplied t y ascertain
ing aud defining tlie original claim lines, upon tlie proper
maps. In fact, this Office is in possession of facts seri
ously effecting titles to real estate in this county, atat lu
said office only, can a know ledge of such tacts be obtain
Land Warrants Bong lit and Sold,
And Government lands entered for setllers on reasonable
terms. laiansnegotiated,yielding front 18tu 30 percent,
jier annum, with unexceptionable real estal. security;
Coupon Bonds, payable in hew York or elsewhere as in
structed—-1 per cent, commission; and generally all bu
siness tiiat may he entrusted to my care, and usually done
through a Banking House, Beal Kstate Agency, or Law
Office, will receive n.y personal and prompt attention.
April S, 1851 tf3l>
PKKSEKVKSof all kinds; extra fine Worcestershire
sauce; Catsups - assorted; Oysters and sardines; In
fact every thing in the Grocery line can be found at No
4, next door to Fullerton’s, on Fort street.
A Large assortment of Rogers’ and S Brooks’ finest
knives for sale at W 6 Le DOC’S Bookstore
TOO 0 Inah IMts
• E. TYSON & CO.
Galena & Minnesota Packet Co.
will run a daily line of Boats daring the ensuing season,
between Galena, Stillwater and St. Paul, stopping at ail
intermediate landings, leaving Galena at 12 M. daily, ex
cept Sundays.
The line will consist of the
NOMINEE, Captain R. Blakely,
ROYAL ARCH, 44 li. 11. GLEiaf,
all first class boats, and commanded by experienced and
accommodating officers.
These boats will connect, at Galena, with tlie St. Louis
& Galena dally line of strainers, which line connects at
Rock Island w ith the Chicago fit Rock Island Ruilroad.
This Company’s Boats being U. 8. If ail stcamenf, their
punctuality can be confidently relied upon.
Freight shipped at St. Louis, or between St. Louis and
Galena, on the St. Louis and Galena liueof boats to points
above Galena, will be re-shlpped at Galena fr»-c of cuarge
for drayage or forwardiug, un i without delay.
The Railroad between Galena & Chicago, connecting
with the various Eastern Roads, Is now completed with
in a few miles of Galena, and the unfinished portion of
tlie Road stocked with comfortable stage-coaches.
B. 11. CAMPBELL, fit CO, Agents, Galena.
Galena, March 24, 1854 030
Kellogg A Kinney,
Wholcslo and Retail Grceers
FarringtorPs Building . St. Anthony St ., the stand rc
~ centlg occupied Oy.C. D. Fillmore.
WK have purchased flic entire stotk o' Mr. Fillmor rt ,
an I‘will continue the same line of business at his
eld stand. The present stock will be sold at ten per cent,
advance on the original New York and St. Louis prices,
111 order to make room for our New Gm*l.-, which will ar
rive w ithin a tew week'. YW intend to be regularly sup
plied wi;U even thing, new mid fresh, in the Family Gro
cery and Provision line, and will be thankful for a due
share of public patronage. We "are determined our cus
tomers rdmll find fault neither w iili our goods or our price?*.
April 1, 1854 ti 29 KELLOGG fit KIN NET.
Wholesale Grocers, Forwarding and Commission
St. Paul, . Minnesota.
Vl*E wonM respectfully Inform the pul lie that we
▼ ▼ have made exteiirivc arrangements, with Increas
ed facilities for continuing the Storage, Forwarding and
Commission Business In tills 1 1 ice. Consignment* and
any other business intrusted to our care, will alway s re
ceive our prompt, pers» nal and strict attention.
Liberal Cash Advances will be made on Produce and
Merchandise in hand, and consigners will always he as
sured of obtaining the highest prices and quickest returns
afforded by our market. Orders for purchasing tilled at
shortest notice and lowest market prices.
The Forwarding and Receiving Business will have In
every Instance, the niost I ,partleular/attenUon; A dispatch
and care guarantied; the lowe.it rates of freight always
obtafued, an l the expense of storage oi:d drayage’as xauch
us possible avoided.
Feeling assured from our long residence in the country,
our experience and method uf transacting business, to
gether with a liberal rate of charges, will Injure us the
public custom aud approval. BASS, BORUP 4* CO.
II Chouteau, Jr. tf Co, New York, Livingston tf Fargo, 1
Buffalo, 1) fic J W Banning, Cincinnati, Dole, Rmnsev 4*
Co, Chicago. Hi.* gs4* Levering, St Louis, George Smith,
Chicago, P Chouteau, Jr, 4* Co, St Jamis, James Carter 4*
Co, Galena, Chouteau 4* Valle, St. LonD, B II Campbell,
4* Co, Galena, Buford Brothers, Rock Island, II F Me- 1
Closkey, Galena, II II Sibley, Mendota, Franklin Steele,
Fort Suelling, Borup &. Oakes, St Paul.
April 1, 1851 tl 5 29
Taylor’s Falls, Minnesota.
Accommodations f*r travellers and transient guests j
equal to any ludel iu tlic United Status.
March 4—25
R E M a~lV~
ttfCULD re pectfirfly Inform the citizens of St. Paul
V V and vicinity, that they have rcceivdd their large
stock of Groceries and Provisions, which they are
now disposing of at exceedingly low rate?, at wholesale
and retail. They have a ; so on consignment, a choice lot
of liquors, which will be disposed of In quantities to suit
purchasers; also, an article of ground feed for stock.
They would particularly Invite the people from small
towns a.ljac* nt, to call and give tlielr stock an examina
tion before purchasing elsewhere, feeling confident of sel
ling to ali on reasonable terms. Don’t forget tlie place !
Third Street, in the store room formerly occupied by
(’apt. Sergent.
St. Paul, April 8, 1554 30-tI
Minnetonka City.
HAVING laid out our property at Minnetonka, lice- J
iiepiii county, into Town Lots, we invite the alien- j
tion of the public to this very de.Arable local on.
This place is tio\v two years old, has the best waterpow
er in the Territory, an excellent sa-.v mill, a store, Mack
smith shop, and hotel. A steamboat Is building to ply
from tills place to the various poirtx on the L-ke.
Believing Minnetonka City holds oitt great advantages,
\vc would refer persons desiring to invest, to Messrs. Win.
Brewster fit Co., Bankers, St. Paul.
Minnetonka City, March 25, 1354 29
Fullerton & Burgess.
JE. FULLERTON has this day associated with him,
• J. Burgess in his BRANCH STORE, iu the Wins
low House, Fort street.
The business will be conducted by J. Burgess under the
name and firm of J. E. FULLERTON fit BURGESS, where
th« y have on hand a large and well selected stock of Dry
Goods of every variety, together with a complete stock
of Clothing, Boots and Shoes.
We shall do all in our power to satisfy customers, both i
as to price and quality.
April 1, 1854 29
4§s, Du Page County *%,
f|MIE Proprietors of this Establishment would call the
JL attention of the citizens or Minnesota to their exten- I
sivo Stock of Fruit Trees, or ail the leading popular varl- i
erics, botli standard cud dwarf, consisting of Apple, Pear, \
Cherries, Plums, Pea Che«, 4*c.; small Fruits; Grapes, !
<;.»u.->herrie/, Currants, Raspberries of various choice kinds; j
Q lime hushes, Ike; Ornamental Trees ff:id hit rubs; Uo
s,.s a choice selection —we arc importing 30 choice vari
eties from Europe this season; Dahlias, Paionies, Iris,
Pink-, Pliiloxes, of new and choice varieties; excellent
K o ,,ts—Rhubarb, Hybrid, Tobolsk, Victories, Giant, As
»>aragiis Roots, fitc.
AM persons purchasing may be assured of receiving ar
ticles ordered and packed in the most careful manner, so
as to endure a Journey of weeks. Those wishing, can or
der through Jacob Marthaler, near St. Paul, or of 11. Wit- j
t«-c, Jackson street, St. Paul, or by mall. Articles for- (
warded by railroad or steamboat.
lfw i s e llswom n fit CO.
Naperville, Illinois, March 1, 1854 2m029
For Sale at Bargains.
Messrs, ouvkr, stone & kolsom ufior forsaic
at tin lr Real Rouins tn tlic court house In
St. Paul, the following property In the city of St. Paul:
hots 1 mi l 2, block 1, aiul lots 16 ami 17, Muck 3, and
lot 4, block 4, 111 Mark icy mid Walkvr’s addition.
J. ds 7 and H. block IG, hi Kittson's addition, upon which
has lately been built a very tine cottage dwelling house
and other improvements.
Lots 3 and 4, in block 4, liass’ addition, and east half
of lot 11, block 2, Leach’s addition, froltling SG 1-2 reel
oh Ramsey street. Also the following land near St. Paul:
In town 3!t. range 22, 400 acres, being the IV 1-2 X IV
1-4, and N E 1-1 N W 1-4, sec 26, and S El-4 of S\V 1-4,
sec 23, aud tV 1-2 of N W 1-4, and X K 1-4 S K 1-4 sec 5,
and s E 1-1 N L 1-1, and X>V 1-2 X K 1-4, and X E 1-4
X\V sec 6. . _ '
In town 23, range 23, 160 acres, as follows: It 1-2 X
w 1-4, and s K 1-5 X IV 1-1, sec 10, and S \V 1-4 sec 3. |
In town 30, range 22, 4G2 acres, being lots Xos 1,2, 3,
and 4, an t S 1-2 S E 1-4 and X tV 1-4 and E 1-4 8 W 1-1
sec 31, and lot Xo 5, sec 20.
In town 28, range 22, 431 acres, as follows: X 1-2 X
IV 1-4 and S 1-2 X K 1-1 sec 10, and lots 2,3, and 4, and
S E 1-4 X tV 1-4 and X E 1-4 S W 1-4 and tV 1-2 S E 1-1
sec 15. Vartot the above land Is heavy timbered and ly
ing upon the Mississippi river, within three miles of St.
Paul. Tlic whole will be sold at a bargain. For further
particulars, enquire of OLIVER, STONE fic FOLSOM
March 25, 1654 lred
Jcxiip A Company,
B.FXKERS, &,-c.
sold and purchased on New York, 800-
Id ton, Philadelphia, CUi ago, Detroit, and other Cit
ies or tlie United States. Notes Collected and proceeds
remitted at current rates of Exchange. Interest allow
ed on special deposit*. We also draw direct, payable
without discount, on
England.—Liverpool, London, Manchester,fcc.
Ireland. —Dublin, Limerick, Belfast, fitc.
Scotland. —Edinburg, Glasgow, Penh, fiir.‘
Also, Drafts payable in Francs, Florins or Thalers, on
France. —Paris, Havre, Lyons, and Marseilles.
Germany.—Hamburg, Frankfort, O- M., Brussels,
Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Antwerp, Cologne, Zurich, Co
penhagen, Dresden, Berlin, Hanover, Strasburg.
Switzerland. —Geneva, Berne, Basle.
Italy.—Mllan, Florence,Rome, Naples, Venice,Mes
sina In Sicily.
Austria.—Vienna and Trlest.
Russia.—Sl Petersburg*!, Warsaw.
Sweden. —Stockholm.
Debuque lowa. Marcli4, 1554
HAVING laid in a very heavy stock of everything in
our line—we are now prepared to accommodate the
people iu advance of the opening of navigation,aaU at the
usual summer rates.
■%*, r E have a large lot of CHAIRS, which wo will 41s
lf Poe* i f ui" si reasonable term-.
Importors, Wholesale and Retail Dealan In
China, Glass, and Quoonsw&ro,
# Nos. 32 and 34 Main Street.
Between Chesnut Streete, ST. LOUIS , MO.
WE would again respectfully Invite the attention of
our friends aud the trade generally, to our very
large and complete stuck of good*, selected especially for
the spring trade, which we are now receiving by direct
IniiKiriation from the Potteries. Our stock consists, iu
part, of KARTKNWARR; C. C Blue-edged, Dipt, Paint
ed, Sponged, Painted Flown-Blue and Mulberry, Printed
Flown-Blue and Mulberry. Canton Blue, While Granite,
Fancy Lustre and Japanned, Gold liand Granite and Mat
Blue Printed.
Plain White, Enamelled and Lustre, Blue and Lustre,
Raised Figured and Gold Band, Teas, Tea Sets, Plates,
fitc., of new and beautiful styles aud pattern*.
Plain White, Gold Baud and Decorated Dinner, Tea and
Toilet Seta; Vases, Mugs, fitc., file., iu every variety, of
our own iinpui ration. Prices very low.
American, (Eastern and Western.) French, Bohemian
and Belgian manufacture—plain, Pressed, Cut aud En
graved, at the lowest prices.
English T I) PIPES; American Pipe Heads—Yellow
and it •cklughain Ware.
LOCKING GLASSESj>f best quality, all sizes, by the
box or dozen.
BRITTANNIA WARE iu all lu varieties, of superior
Glrondolos, fite.
Luma Chi mule* and Solar Lamp Wick, at low prices.
<ljr~ Assorted Crate-of all sizes, for the Country Trade,
put up in our own house by most experienced packers,
always on hand.
We Would state that our stock of Earthenware was pur
chased by our resident Agent in Liverpool, fur cash, and
before the recent advance in prices w as mad<-, and w«- are
thus enabled to offer our goods at prices that will enable
us tu compete Hueees->fully with Jobbers in the Eastern
cities. We respectfully solicit Country Merchants and
others to call and examine our st«*ik before purchasing
elsewhere RII MILLER fit CO, 32and 31 Main st.
St Louis, March 10, 1851 23
IS hereby given that the books for subscription to the
capital stock of the Saint Paul Bridge Company w ill
In? opened «t the office of W. G. LoDuc In the Post Office
building, St. Paul,« u tlie la>l Saturday of April, A. D.
1851, at four oVlock P. M.
St. Paul, March 11, 1851.
Joseph Charles, tayloii blow. wm. t. blow.
Wholesale Dealers, 66 & 68 Main St., St. Louis,Mo.
RESPECTFULLY cali the attention of Merchants of
tlie West to their immense stock or Goods ready for
inspection, c.uisi»t!ug of:
3000 packages of Drug*, Medicine* and Chemi
5000 kegs pure White Lead
300 package* Tlerinau'* celebrated Color*
2<)i) barrels Linseed Oil,
*2OO barrel* Turpentine,
100 barret* Tanners’ Oil, pure,
150 barrels Refined Whale Oil,
100 barrels Smith 7 * celebrated Varnislie*,
1000 boxe* ? by 10 f;lass, beat Pittsburgh brand.
! 3000 boxes Glass, Cram by 12 up to 40 by GO
best Pittsburgh,
| *2OOO boxes assorted Glassware,
I With a complete assortment ot all the popular Patent
! Medicines vt the day. The libera! course pursued by o;:r
i house for the last twenty-il v*e years is still conti ’m d.
j and prompt time or cash customers will find it greatly m
their interest to purchase here, as wc can and will soil a»
| low as any Jobbing house iu the United States,
j March 4.—25-3 m
V superior article of Metalic Memorandums, Just re
ceived and for sale at w G Lk DUC’S
A BEAUTIFUL assortment of Albums from $1
2SL $lO, Just received at Le DUC’S
No. 4, Winslow' House,
JXV. DOWXER lias opene Bra nch •th e
• accoiiimudation of persons living In that part of
the Town, where will be touud his usual good supply of
Fresh Groceries.
Sale Stable.
THE undersigned begs leave to Inform
the public generally that he
leased the stable on Third street formerlyffllf
occupied by J W Vincent* JjT I H
Having put the stable lu
pair, it is now ready for tlic reception of tuuac w u-j may
favor me with their i>atroiiagc.
The strictest attention will bo given to all descriptions
|of stock left in my charge; also my unlimited knowledge
j of the market affords my friends, strangers, ami the pub
lic generally, au opportunity rarely mot with for making
Horses kept by the month, week, or day a* reasonable
• rates. A goodly share of the public patronage Is respect
fully solicited. E. A. BISSELL.
Saint Paul, March 18, ISSI. 2 111
At Lc Hue 7 * SSoukstorc.
J UST received, a new assortment of Books; S. Bn
best Cutlery; Back (iamnion Boards; Clicssmeu,
stationery, etc, at low prices.
LE DUC’S Bookstore,
Cor 3d and Wabasha sts, opposite tlic Post Office.
Hennepin County Land Agency.
BOUGHT AND SOLl)—Farm*-, To*n Lots and Real
Estate, of all dcacriplious, at the Sheriff’s Office, lu
Minneappolis ISAAC BROWN
March 25, 1854 23
Valuable Ground Rents to Lease.
JE. FULLERTON will lease for a term of years
• some of the most valuable businr»s lots In St Paul.
Lots for Warehouses at the Lower Landing;
Valuable lot on Third street in ar Ids own store;
Isffs on Fourth street lur shops or dwellings;
Lots on Bench street;
Also, 160 acres of unimproved land, a few miles from
St Paul will bo leased with specified privileges, tlie rent
to be paid in improvements. 3?tf
J FELIX coin s, Importer; New Orleans, La., has
• Instructed me (advice* received by last mall) to
close the consignment made by him, and which will he
sold at private sale at such low prices asfwill make It an
object to purchasers.
S quarter casks old Port Wine;
20 baskets Champagne, the celebrated Crown brand;
15 pure B »rdeux claret wine,
10 1-8 casks A Selgnctte brandy.
Third Street, between Roberts and Jackson.
Machinist Wanted
IMMEDIATELY, at the St. Paul Braa» fit Iron Foun
dry. V. GILMAN.
March 11, 1854 26-2 w
|/WWk HIDES, for which the highest market
price wil be paid In cash. Enquire at
P. T. BRADLEY S Leather Store,
March 11, 1851 St. Anthony St.
To HOtcl Keepers.
TnAT fine building known ns the Saint Louis Hotel,
near Fort Suelling, Is for Rent.
It is better furnished than any other Hotel In the Ter
ritory and is well stocked with Liquors. Proposals will
be received until April Ist, 1851.
JW. DOWNER, would lake this method of Inform
• lug the citizens of St. Paul, and Minnesota gener
ally, tiiat he has purchased the entire stock of W. N.
Fer sort he Co., and Is now prepared to furnish Family
Supplies as cheap and of as good quality, a«? can be pro
cured at any other establishment in the country, fresh
Groceries will be received by every Express arrival from
below, which will enable him to keepon hand at all times,
a full supply of every ib ng in the Grocery line. Ills
stock consists in part of the following articles, viz:
12 chests Young Hyson; 10 ilo Imperial; 6 do Gun Pow
der; 6 do Souchong, and 25 Cadies Young Hyson, superi
or article. _ _
Old Java Coffee,
a very snperior article received ylrect from New York
pronounced the best ever offered In this market. Also,
Ceylon and Rio Coffee, warranted of the best quality, aud
sold at the lowest Cash rates.
Peaches, Pears, Plums, Pine Apple, Raspberry, Quinces,
(Miron, Limes, Olives, and Natural Pooches, Cherry Jams,
and a variety of others too numerous to mention.
Pickles —Assorted and put up in gallon and half gallon
jar*. „ -
Sauce —Warcestershlre Sauce, Pepper Sauce, Xc.
Catsup —Walnut, Mushroom, and Tomato, very aupe
rl<Th*<f bist’of Wlori »n<l Llq«or. for medicinal and
ullttary purpose. .
oy.ter. and Sardine.;
A choice lot of Cigar*; Salmon and Hackercl, No*. 1 and
2 In klta; Cocoa and Chocolate, prime articles; Ralalns,
(Miron* and Ft?*; Crashed, Powdered and Clarified suaar;
Dried Currant* and Prune*; Pickled Lobsters; lemon Syr
up; Stoughton Bllters; Spices of all kinds; Essences and
Extracts of all kind*; Tapioca; Sperm, Star and Tallow
Candles; Baleratus; Crackers; English and Knickerbocker
Mustard; Vermacelll; Maccaroni: Pearl aud Corn Starch;
Dried Herring; Pine Apple Cheese.
2900 Iks. Fresh Batter.
Also a superior lot of Crockery, etc.
All of which will be sold low for cash. Peraons wish
ing to lay lu their winter supply of Groceries and Provis
ions, would do well to gtvo me a call before purchasing.
St-. Anthony itect, ti . Paul.
Jan 14, 13$i-lßlf
City Cash FurnUhia# Store
nzmxs at
furnishing goods i
Roberts Street, Saint Paul, Min. Tef’y.
Bt. Tanl Mutual Insurance C«appiy.
Capital jSloiik and Constantly Increasing.
ALEX. WILKIN, President ;
W p Murray, Vice Praeid^nt;
George W Farrington, SttcretnTyj
C U Parker. Treasurer;
Are now prepared to issue Cash or Mutual Pollcloa, at as
favorable rates of premium as any other responsible Com
Franklin Steele, Alexander Raman*
Chas W Borup, Alexander Wtlklu,
Chas 11 Parker, Henry M Rice,
Chas D Fill more, William I. Ames,
Levi Sloan, William P Murray,
John Farrington, Geo W Farrington,
Abraham fit Fridley,
Olfiee on St. Ant bony street, In room formerly occu
pied by the Territorial Secretary.
_Feb, 1854—22-ly
(Etii luiiiuc (oihib
CAPITAL $300,000.
THOMAS' K. BKACF, Praslilent.
E. G. RIPLEY, Vice Pre>UuuL
■f J. B. BENNETT, Cincinnati,
General Agent for the Western and Southern SULaa.
tasVC*-. —-
Till*: ('••mpany'ba>4 for thirty four years maintained
a high n puUition, through periods ol great disaster
by tire, ft.r ability, promptitude and fairness In tlie’adjuaC*
meiit of losses, and still continuesjncrcaslug its buslneM,
strength and popularity,’while' iiianyg Uninpaules bava
cefl«cil t*» exist for want of capital and proper management.
It. K. Nelson, Esq., having resigned the Agency of St*
Paul, the undersigned has been ’.appointed his successor,
an l will receive application* for Insurance, aud Issue pol
icies at fair rate* of premium.
HENRY A SWlFT,'Ajrenf.
At Judge Cooper’s’office lu the Rice House.
St. Paul, Feb. 18,1854. ‘ tt-Sm.
Wholesale and He tall ealer In
Near’tho head of Tldrd street, St. Paul, Mlnneaota,*aru
prepared to furnish Mechanics, Builder?, House
keepersjand others with ail goods in their
line at the lowest prlcesTfor cash. 18-t ap 1
Blow's Pure While Lead.
££ SPRING time of year is coming,” and *•* Is paint-
Ing time. Painters, house owners and builder#
who Intend painting early in the spring, should give us a
call. We have a large lot of Blow’s Pure White Lead op
hand, reserved especially for surlng pafmhif, ard will
sell It very low for the ready tin. .
March 4. Wholesale and Retail Druggist#;
Painting Oils.
JTJ flT.r. on Imnil several barrel* of the best Linked Oil,
boiled ami raw—both tirst-raie articles, lo which and
for which wc ask the attention of ail intending to paint
tlielr houses; or to give color to any other “idea. ,„ Call
March 4. Paint and Oil Warehouse, St Paul*
S. W. JlfMaslcr,
Forwarding and Commission Merchant,
Galeur IMlnol*.
VGKNT for the War Eagle Mills;
« “ Galena Soap an l Candle factory.
I lut' ivl to give my personal attention to the Receiving
and Forwarding l>urinesa> aud as my charges will be mod
erate nisi facilities ample, 1 hope to receive my share of
patronage from tlie MinnesotiaiA.
Feb 4, 1854—21tf _____
350 bid* Mess aud Qoor'Foi k In store and for sale by
100 bbls, 200 kegs; 200 Jars, Leaf Lard, In store and foe
sale by S W ML MASTER.
SOgar cured Hams, in smoke house, lind for salo
by 8 W Me MASTER
OF th 6 bc-*t brands—a full supply on hand and for sale
Dee 12.
» ONCE more we present b» the pulilie a
few articles comprising a very small
part of our extensive stock, as It is liu-
Fix possible to present au entire li*t In any -
one advertisement, we shall continue to notice a few lead
ing articles from time W rime a* our customers will give
us time.
BAY RUM received by the last canoe and for.eale try
the gallon or bottle at the
PRESERVED Fit I TIT —Pears, PI urns, reaches, Phio
apple, Apricot, currants, fitc.. at the
CtORN 4t\RCH f .r pies, custards, Wane mange, Rc.
/ It is also held in high estimation as a diet for Inva
lid*. For sale by SV. W. lIICIK'OX.
RAISING a few boxi*9 of those fine, large rafslna, for
sale ty w. w. nicnco^
dec 17 Cor Third and Cedar streets.
€IOD LIVER OIL, warranted pure and genuine, for
J sale at the - PJ u,i
( | oC j 7 cor /bird and Cedar eta#
aa’INDOW GLASS— Although our assortment Is bro
y\ * ken we have Mill a large lot which will be cut to
order at the ST. PAUL DRUG STOKE.
€1 LASSWARE —tlic remains of a stock of Glassware,
W embracing svrup cans, cream pitchers, tumblers,
prvscrvvjars, *l, for lal. by W.W. BICIICOX
cor Third and Cedar sta.
PERFL'MKRY stiff Cosmetics, • large assortment for
eign and domv,tl«
S MIAN’S MRDICtNKS —a targe assortment of theta
deservedly popular medicines at
corTlilrd anff Cedar street!.
CtOK.n CANDY—Storm’* aud WallL’ for sal* Mr
f W. W. llftlK U-v* _
Hanford, Thayer & Co.
ready-made clothing,
No. 190 Main Street,
HANFORD, THAYER & CO., are now in receipt o#
their Immense supply of NEW SPRING fit SUM
MER GOODS, embracing every article In the offiflutn#
husinesß, which they pledge to sell at Eastern Prtom.
Constantly on band the target at.artv.ent of
to be found in S*. Lout*. _i.iu.w
We respectfnlly aollclt a call from Merchant* viuhb.
St. IjOUls, before making their purchase*.
Orders Promptly Tilled.
St. Ion!*, March 11, 1854-2* if
H" omeVoTthe Mew World, by Mias Fredrika Br.-
mcr, Just received at L£ Duc<B Bookstore,
; .\._ Kivrr - ’ by F. W. Shelton, Inst rw*t»-
* 6 U P eff i? RlTef ’ W.JLJ.E arcs’ BoofateW.
. ~Z~wpif a.d Inffaslry of th. Cry Wat Falac, by He
A- Greeter, juet r.oetrod @

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