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The weekly pioneer and Democrat. [volume] (Saint Paul, Minn. Territory) 1855-1865, May 08, 1856, Image 2

Image and text provided by Minnesota Historical Society; Saint Paul, MN

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SAINT l-Alll.
ruiiK>U4V *•» a* IMI
FafcU»U*i *»*ff lhttrt«Uy fct u»* !*.«••** ■••Mu.**
'■jJMf Tl»U<l Ml Jfcfli*"U •%*•»»• >n-
UUI » RtHl"*
• m ri a aairwn * '** *i>n*r*
ia mm wu».
fIIMI it f 1 V K
KnU( Plonrtr *n.l UrMornt.
(Ilflt €(•■?, •••*•♦•
Tw« **
Tn OtpiMi ..... 9io
r«Mir 0cpin,..... in
rm» MpiM, M*
OM RhIM NflNk ... HI
tmr cm r.i.r.crioN.
tlnll HaMNIIt Vlrlorp~KI»»ll«u wf
MrCulllahi lor Rirrr.
W* Ur* bat time to anuounra IU result of
yesterday'* election, noil mutt rraenre *ll • nan
m*ot for • Ibtara day
TU follow log exhibit* tbe result
Mayor -tiaoeo* L. Bimn, Democrat
Jaitlo*—Orlando Hinox*. Democrat
**«•«*•-» » Mim.rr, Democrat
* ltouara, Republican
mtl , ,"**r ward
Bchool Inspector*—l'abxrr Pavnx, A. M.
Tnaiar, *iml P. P. FruKtK
*■oollo ward.
Aldermen —Wn H MoOrortv and Cha*.
School Inspector* Wx It. Mamho.i, H.
E. Bun, and Wu. L. A <■*».
Aldermen (!. L. Kmrrjw.h aixl I’atrh r
School Inspector* K 11. Nrii.i., K. C Pai.-
■hsrvwya ill UIN wf rahllc l.aiasla Iw
We received yfaterdny. from Washington,
the following letter from Tiiomam A. If km
lißlrli, f oinuiiasinrx r of tlx> llroeral l«rul
Office, addressed to our IMegatc, Mr Ron •
Oeatnit |.»vi> oarer, I I
April Uri, H»* J
lln. lU.Nr M Kn i, lf<>i s* or Rirmairorioi
AO i- V*ressbli 10 *.'tir ih<|-i.hi, I lih.* to IHfvrx.
r*m iboi to.truittoor I-**, i. rn wv#*asa 1 . *»<t mil I.
••ol (o llio Rorrrror 11.1i.r0l ol lihNsuhs, low., Ixsarrv
'..1 Ik. luofliomni* of .orv.i. In Mims— is T01u,,,
Ml 111 111. M ta«lMl|i|rl wklrfl liar. |o.t liMfi s|»pr»oosl [
ofbf 111. lino Roor.i.r. ol lb. lnl.rlo>
Wilb cr.nl r..iwi' ro ir oli I Mtr'r,
TltoS A, IIRNI.HII ko,
Mr ttn i infiTiii. un Hint this uriliT I. for
the immediate Aurvey of tin'luiulo wcol ot the
Misxuaippi, iiml u. tar oorlh an I row W him .
Rdtl *l«o fm tlx- survey of tin IntiiU in flu vrl>
Icy of Sunk rim
Mr fto c also writes n- Somr • lay. ago
ail or.ln wttii unit out tor tin* Mirvcv ot tlwi :
Irdilh in Mini#.,it* on ilw north shore ol lake
’I lirii' will In' Init n .until quantity ol laixl
in Mlnußturia advertised tor calc thin yeai. nmt
no Hal. will. I think, takr place Irfmv toll
••Our Wtillerl»a*lslua»lrr*aie." {
Dubuque mill tjaleim have rigniti cumnirstced
their chilit ili ami fnolinh play ol rivalry So
long an the consequence* ol then rooriui t ilo
not altor't iln' people 01 miminoiui. we are an
linir to allow them to fight Ihr'ir own hntllc
Itnt tlw* nniiniil our rl|(lilo nn' nlfrcted iho
lOntrat liei "*xi>. a free tight
1 Ail spring, it tiuik the Captions ol tin*
mail Iroato and the Pml waster at l>uliii<|iii'. a
mouth or two, to darhlr tlw trilling point a. to
whiweiluty (Iho I’oatniaatiT'.or the Captain a)
it wan, to traiw|a>rt the mail, front the l>u
I tuque f'oat oflle* tn the lawt*. W. ilo'not re
ntemlwr riaetly the coni'liaaion tlw high ran
teitßUl* came to, but imallug I lie liecumw. our |
builiHM* men www pot to great inconvenience I
The winiMliSoulty has arir'O thiw yrar.--J
The Ualro* *rri»eil yraterilay morning, hut
brought nn mail. Prwtutaater Cavr intirm.
uc th*l the omtaalnn w*a owing to a ititlervuee
of opinion twtwien the Captain of the .tuamur
and Coat matter Corrert, rh to who*e duly it
waa to carry tire mail, from thr I’oal o®ce to
the ■tmuntmat
W* woukl rail tbe altMitimi of oar ilelegate
In I'ongfeaß, to tbl* «t*te of thing. Then' it
a wroof lomewUre, ami #» our ciliter w are tla'
Hiitf rrrt liy it. an* tru.t la' will endeavor to oh
tain a dccUkui from thr* I’oat t MBiv Drqwrt !
meet lb*t will nettle the .Impute A« long ac
the Dubuque ami tinleiu [aople are ho luwy
with their dmputiw. at to Iw unable to attend
to our righU, it la iiArlemi to e*|»tl “ perma
nent remedy for the rvII .otnplaineil of thta
.ide ol the IV'tnumter tleneralt ofll'V
The t'.dßllnh I'oai Oltlr.- lie part wtenl.
Tin' I'. -.,h"h I'.v-tal .ytt. in If full of iuteivat
in the |aople ot th'u euwutry, where we have
laeo gradunllv but tardily approximating ehenp
|H».tnge lly reeent report .it apprart that
during the year Ih.V., n. w I*.—t office* wen
Created, making the eelm- number at tin < leer
of the year 10 t'ta. Of Ihr-a- 020 are 11.-ail i
I*,at oAkt'e. Hint Sul- Ihvtt offioea it He
is'ivh* ortirs-. Thtr.- were 4frti,oofl,ttoo let
Ir-rw, HOO.iHMt vakutllaM. 11 000.000 m'Wtpa
pi'r and ul.uit .1.000.000 |>arket« of twsvka
aml ollier traiwx'iit proit.sl tunlUr tent hypo*!
dnriag tla* year 1 N'twrly 2.tOO.Otki h't
lem or about one halt |x'r rssit rut the wlmk
iiutulx-r loaded und lilXI taxi m-wspujx'tw. wen’
wnt to the dead letter ..ffie. IV pottage r«i
,trail letter* in lHit* »*' C, |ht .vnt. mi the
groat peatal revenue amt ted tla- wsuvral
rear of the Penuy Pottage it had fallen to ?>,
iwr cent., in to I per real „ml hut
rear it waa only three quartern of I per cent on
the gnaw revenue, All tbit wta or eoald lwbv
law . collected from the writer* ot the letter*
t'RiH.nt.si The f'niian. tlw leading Ro
mao Cathohe lournal of Trams', mxl. itxkssl of
Turupe. tart Jown >n the Id April tlw 10l
lowing axiom.
Itadriwds are not u is ogres
Telegra|.tix are an ai.aiogu«rt inviTitioo .
Tb* fbwdoui "f industry it not n progrett.
Macbinca derange til tgneultural labor .
luduttrial diteovrriM an- a sign of ;iba»r
rneut. and not ol grandeur
The Nat* Way tl hUllaf Ttrrllwrl**—
A Caalraat
Kant*. [><>**«** >eruin advaotagmi am
.Minoeaota. She oeeupie* a mar* ccatral geo
graphical fioaition ; her ciiamt* is milder, and
her ft-rtllr prairie* are aeommtd* to the erai
grant., when Umk of Miigpwota art cloatd to
tlx-m. try the ocmathm of rieer navigation It
it true, we of Minuraota hare land tomnuuiii-a
tion with thr mat and aouth during the winter
(to alto Ktnaat) but law amlgraata rare to ro
rnuiiter tlx- teverity of the traaon. by making
tlie joiinu y
Yef tlie |» iqile ol Kaotac, notwilhttanding
llie inanifr-xt natural adrautaget they puwem
over the ptople of Minnneita. are iu a tuflbring
eondition We ate in tbe Tribune, trel other
AUdilioa priuta, appealtoo their behalf, to th*
humane and philanthropic, to contribute lilwx
ally In aid of arttlrrx in Kanaat, many of whom
an rrprrarnted at lieiug in want ot the nte*
aarioi of lit- We Irmt they will be raliered
The eaute of the allegwl diatreat eiitting
among the people of Kaneae. ia not romnmol
rated to tbe public, b*t it ia a fiiir pntump
lion, thatthiaerilconaaqomiee ha* b**o browght
apon tbemselrra. by their frxiliah tinkering at
(Mat* Corwtitutlon*. getting np Ixignt-legiala
lure* and Mae* Conv*ntlona, to tb* neglect of
tb'ae mure lalmrioua, but noc—mry dutwa. that
iurartably fall upon tlie Brat arttlan la a new
oountry. Smarts'* rifle, max* meeting!, and
tareieul Iwgialaturer, are bat poor aide to tbe
lihixxl or * eomptflMey * A four ni'oai n 'ioa,
a breaking, plough ar* of more arail than
SM.ari a reuownnl weapon, aixl the time .pent
In political gathering!, might be far nmre (iroflt
ably employed in tilling tlx- ami If a diflnrent
com roe hail tmen punurd by the people of Kao
Mi, we would not now behold their pretended
friemli Holieitlng charity on their behalf.
That Mioixaota to-day poamaara a population
of eighty tlimuarxl aoula; that ibe liai within
tier border* thrirlngcitiea, town* mxl vlllagi* ;
that college., iclmol* and aeminarie* of learning
arc *up|Kirt<s| liberally. that farm, ham twrn
-i/ermr ■**. r— rtaftjijnor.ng mol
rrery hram-li of iralnatry ia in a Itouriahing coo
dithui . and that emigration continue* to a ile
grie unpnredented, I* due, we firmly Ix-lieve, to
the malntenams- ul good oriler In the Territory,
tlx- protection gunrantowl to property. a>al |>ar
linilarly to the alxMncc of all altctuplx, by
foreign eor|Hinitioii», Htatci, nr eommunitldt, to
rolonizc our Territory, in order that the |x>liti
cal Minllmanti of the |xw>ple nwy he ao moulded
ax to eonfurm to tlx-ir own alandard of right
ami wrong Tlita ia the a-errt of Mim.wota .
uopurulli li.l |iroa|xrrity. Rial tlx- »s-i*t alao, of
th< iinforlouaU- cotalition of tlw|xxiple of Kan
m Political momnieiila In Hal Territory.
<lo ixit .pri*g .jMHitaiMsmtdy from tla' |M-oplc
Init on tie contrary, they an' dinctrsl and tsai
trollwl hv mwcrupnlmia |xihtielan*. nwhllug at
|>oiht. ii mote from the Territory, uml who aw
inltucneisl In their action hy motlviw
It u rlmigixl that tin. ilepkuiilili .talc of
tiling. i> iittiihiitahli to the |«aaagi of tlie
Kuiimu lull. We ilcny tlie avi rnntit It ia
attributable uhax- to tlx |. i vermin of tlx' prin
eijilca ol that bill, by tlioxi who wem ila mint
driully eiicmii. while 1< waa pending I "'foie
llongrcM The kaiiaa. hill guaraulnsl to llm*
I |xsipl* ot l lmt Territory, the right of .elf gov
ernment The netliui o| the fanatic, of the
Tail, and ol the South, li*. been prejudicial to
th< exerri*. of tlmt .xeteil pMngatiTc. liy the
ami with truth, that a. well might fix' Author
ot tin t'hri.tlan leligion Im- lirld rcxpoiMihlc for
the I-V.I HI.. ami tMnatieUui of aome of It. pre
tfi.ted dlHi ipli a. u* tlx' advocate, of tlx* Kaie
am hill, Im tlx- petTrrainn of Ita principle, liy
ita moat deadly eneniie*
Minneaota without theaid of Emigrant S<x t
etie*. atal iu the lace of their oppoaitinn, haa
pMgnwMst to an ertrnt without preradenl
The pen)da of Kanaoa, aided in their etnigra
lion by forrigu eorpnratioua. hut controlled al
*0 in their pnlitiiw hy them, ar* reduead to tbe i
humiliating altcrnalieo of anKciting charity I
l.ow Price*.
Sims' the fir.t of January taat. thi' prie* of!
all grade* of flonr hoa Ihllmi In ttic New York
marksl frilly two dollar* per barrel. Th* fob
lowing table cxhibitM thr atatc of the Hour
market thorr on th* lot day of January and
Uth ol April. IHftC
J** X A gill It
i,mhi -a ai*i. a: a. m
g<t«* mhi* at* n M
»■«•«< Hill* I lb AM
• •'•*4l** la «o - Ml
Mitt II H l M i
I xi. i««>. na* •as
Tlx* tall within the laat wash i« fully HO!
•von ; ami t)x> laat *teamcr'a neb* report* a!
marked dccliac in hreodatulli ia Kurofat It ia |
evident, therelore. that the k>w**t point it not
yet rraehtxl. amt that the rwtgn of high pricaai
ia nt an end
Pssvhti.vasu hwt at laat eraarxl from her i
•latute luniks tliat old aiai unjuat law of Ithcl 1
which v*y* 1 the greater the trath tbe greater
the libel ** Hx' law a. recently (maard hy the'
1.-gialaturc of IViiicylvaiiiaaßy* : "That on tlx
trial ol hwlictualil* for writing or publiahing a
1 libel the truth of the matter chargvd aa libel i
|l"u* may lx- given m eviilencr ; and if the Jury
1 in any -urli nv .hall Ihxl that the aome waa !
written or puUv-hed from gvx»l nxitin* nud,
] for unlihable mils, ami tliat the mailer at) j
I I'hnrge.l wn« true, it ahall o|x-ratr to the ar >
, nuittal of the ik feixialit or defendant
t'uxM hist Tlx- nffieial vote tor ttovwr
! nor. give*
Vlam, a a t-t.taa
Wen**, a.e<ii'ii.-a* .. . *.:«*
g«k«*tt Wx* t .ast
"eattrriat It
le. *ui |).’mix rat . A. 'll!
'n*b*m bo h* *1 t B**)'Wtl. 1 W
fix' Senate gtaixl* S IVuxvrat. to II t)p|s"
: sitiou \brahaai I teacher. I Vni l.itehfield
eontilx >. di'teahsl hr nee mfe.
Ihe st I ixti. hittlhgtioii ol the lUMb alt.,
.tato Llwt tla* dixxl txaly of JoH. H Laxuist,
who tkia lassi known in that etty for at* or
eight vrara {mat u« * gomtdar and a aporting
man xra* fmind ntxlrr «neh cirvumatOlx-ca a* to
iixluix? the atroug protmbdity that hr had brra
twrn murdervxi by hia co«upuni.wa ia gamble
i houar. and hi* txaly thrown Aiwa atoirx S*r-
I oral of the *u«pcct«xl partioa have l« 0 ansated !
The Near*.
In tb* Hx-oati', on the 2fith. no motion of Mr
Toons* a rewdution waa adopt l. l ioatneting
tb* Committo- on Jodutiary U) inquire lato tlx
expediency <if repaaliag it* act ot June lkt*
amcrxllng tlx* natumiixatmo law of IHl.’i
In the noladelpliia < ommon f.'ooonl, on
the 24th a rrwolution waa <dfer<d. tnxlcrmg
th* uar rj Imk-pendenie 11*11 tn Mr. licnux
an. TV ri-w-lution kd tn * brand political
•lebade, and waa defratml try a nrtc of 23 to 11 '
Thb dMrraprct to Mr, Bk.hanax enatid an
indignant theling among all riaaaea of citi/cta.
Mr H arrived at Philadelphia on tlie 24th. -
He m«4 witli a RM*tcnthaaiaatir reception from
tbe eitixeus of that city.
The detailt of liw Ib-rsi*'. ix-wa preaent
nothing of atriking Interct ft I. raported
that tb* ailiwl loroex are to eonuMuc* the evac
uation of Turkey within forty day*, oiler tlw
ratification of the trraty of pracr. nod tliat
in til montba. none of th ir soldiery will remain
in tbe country. An ioanrraction hoa broarn
oat in Arabia, and 60 000 men are in arm*,
againat the exUting gp>v*rnrmnt A collmuo
took place on the 13th of March, at the Turk
lab town of Nleodnsa. twlween tlw Chriatiou.
oad Mohammlaua, cauar.l by an attempt of the
firmer to place Ml* on their i-hurctxw Thirty
C'brlttlaa. were killed, including aevaral Kn
Kuropeoo new* anuonnm tb* dratruction ol
the acrew ateanier Mmho. In the Modhcrmnran
A ditjiatch from frxk-|ienileuec. Mo., dated
the 32d inat. aaya • "We have intelligence
from e rcliabk' aource that Irouhln ia timwing
again iu Kan*** Territory Sheriff Jos*, at
tempted to arret one of tlxse- men who wax
an active operator in the pravioua trouble, but
waa prevented by xlxxit three hunrlrcd per
•omi. liovernor HuANaos haa onlerxxi out tlw
firat regiment of Kanaaa militia. What will la
the reeult ia yet to be aren "
Tlw ('omuiilhw on ('ummcris- in the Tnitcd
Stab* House of Ib-pmsMitativax alaU- the
'aHMf ■T'pmar.my tmxt'inr l "mr,rr-.‘iru,-
York hy ahipwrerk, in the rear ISSI !i, at
• I 0,000.000 Tlxi lost ycur alao haa been very
diaoatnma -i-apeciolly II w* iaeludc theateamar
I'aciflc, of whow a*fety tlierc sc-rn* to lx- very
little ho|x*
A Ix-autiful gold imslal has bcea receivtsl
from Holland, at tlie State Department ut
Washington It waa .truck hy order of tlw
King ol tbo NcthcrlaixD, in honor of l.icut.
Mai av. On ita (nee i* tlw image and aiqicr
acriptiou of tlie King. Wiujau III.; un the re
verae an inacrlptlon iu the Dutch language of
which the following ia a traualation: "To M.
T M«t av, tlw Investigator of Nature, tlw
Oiiidc of tbe (tiean aixl tho Itenclactor of Seu
nx-n The King IhSG."
The loixlctnoKl slaver Fa 1 !i, recently
M-iaixl at New York. lioa lieeu aoid at tbe Na
vy Yard ir Brooklyn, with her cargo and fix
lure, for Bt,fi,7H
A i lex patch Irom Kris, Paansylvanio, atatna
tlmt a moll are destroying tbe Cmutituhtii
printing offlec, aixl threatening to destroy the
Itonac* of tlx- Ruilroail men The mob origina
ted, it is a*xl in a atnet tight t.'twe-n young
Wti.Kua uml foniaixa
The italtimorc City t'mineil in the 2jth
pasxml a reaolutiou leixk'ring tlx- hiwpitahliea of
the city to Mr Bixvialix. The K N’.'a hnve
a majority in the t 'lauicll
• •'-» *-l t’.ina, t'itv to the St.
Ixiui* Wx/miNioki. ilalist April 2'- aayx tlx- I
State* tron|i« have made wicral urnwls at
lawrvix't Shrrifl Joxßa. while guarding
the pruoims. «i> allot. No |xirlicular • yet
The Haltlc amlrsl on the 26th for Uverpool,
with 15,1 ixAsM-ugcra uml f. 100.000 ill ipts-ir
Among the pawangcrs who aailrd in tlx llultic
wax Mr. Ww M. Thai aaavv
Tlx' Waabington corrrapondrnt of the N Y
HnrJ I aaya tlmt Col. llxntov will aJJreiu a
letter to tlx' |*x»p!e of Miwaxiri. ihs lining a
nomiimlion for Doveraor The only iiominu
tioo he would poaaihly aceejit he sav*. ia n
nomination fiir the Preaiilency
Kai las II Davie, Superintended ol tlx-•■* ■
tenalve fouixlry In Waltham. Mas*, haa all
acnmlrd, having committed fr'Vgeriea on ll,i*
ton and Naw York mcrclmnts to a large
anxmnt, lawidea swindling Ins immediate ix igh
t bora aixl frlcrxla out of various auma of mowy
The liabilitio* are aaxl to he tl frO.OOO, he
' waa a promiuent citizen and a dcoc n ol the
! Ilaptiat Church.
i The Waahingtou ('nuaa of tho 26th. is in
. tain* tlie I.anr aixl Doi oi.a* ivrrospoixleiice
Mr IVjeuta* ‘.'Oneludea Hi* reply to Col l.v'R
i aa follows
•01. I .as a colls <« n*' for an. h explanatum 1
ot my language aa will remove all Imputation
of the Integrity of hia net ion ami motivi* in I
connection with the memorial My reply ia 1
that there are nn hcti within my knnwkslge!
which ran remove all imputatum npon the in I
tegrily of hi* aett.xi and motive in eonnrrtioa
with that memorial
Dnawaaiax have bran maxk' of lurgxsl loixl
warrants A drapatch fr>un Waabington s*ya
the aim amt of forged warrant* alreoily diacover ,
rsl. evisssl- 1 '.tbio acre*, the iimntigalion ia
atill in progtees and aahlitHvnal fraixl* are cone
ing t* light
Tiik Mayaville and l«liugl<*i It It. with
ail itx uppnxlagsx. waa *<4d at lexuigton. Ky .
on tlie 2Sth. fr«r SkOOlbk' It w*» Ix-ught liy
Mr Tl!.**. the aiteul of the first nx'rlvagc lauxt
Tiix legislature id Wiwsvoam h*-s inode pro
vision for a revunm ol tlx- law* tsov Haxm
•stan hoa appsanted Heai. J. it. Ilssim.i ot
Ita. ex' ll.wt T O llowrwl tirwui Day. aixl
SkatXl J Tods. hl*q ,of Beloit. Comsiiaaioo
ers to csunpilr th- atatab" ami prepare a cixh'
of practice
Hrfcvrv *.|yonruing the laytialatuo' ot I'tah,
charlrrsxl a .smipsuiy mxler the name id the
IVweret Kvpnsai t'onapany Tlw' a-beam ut
the isunpauy » to estahliah from ten to twenty
mile atatmnx along the road tx-tween Salt Ixike
t'itv amt t'nlifrmna. aixl sone- point on thr
Mi-woun river, wogixi* ami tesune to arree aa
atathma at tint At each *Utma then' will be
ptaewd three mru amt tix homes or male* at
th* cumtnromtacnt The rout* between Salt
Lake City and th* Stale* is mwch ahortar than
the old mats . and from there to California by
the lately dhcorrwd abort route -making a
diatasra of about 1.7U0 mikst in all. over tbl* 1
route it ia rah-uhtln) to bring a weekly, and
when the busitxra peasnU, a daily "ipre**.mak
ing the time between thcStatra ami Son Prate
cuc " iB •• nr aevci. wliea nasemitv re
qu.rv Tk< prier for letter*, tho . ap,- -t»l
aource of pr-.fi> la not Jet fivrd l«t will be
a lent 81 a*eh.
In tix l Senate on the 29th 10.000 eilra
copix* ut I'apt. Marcv * Report on the Krpkx
‘ ration of the Brawn and Ouchlta river, were I
order«i to Iw printed
Tbe K loans Investigating ('fsmndrtee eom
metieed their labors on tb* 23<l
A letter to the Hi J A/tlis brnur nU. ilatesi
April 24. st .lc* tiiof while Sheriff
loses was sitting in his tent, on the 22d. lx:
I woe abut at hy aoiiw ouc uulMle. oad itangwr ,
oasly wounths). J• iu hail inode ten arraat* 1
o* the ilay lx- was rhut. owuted hy * company
•A U. S. dragoons. Hi* life i* deepairrsl of
1 'Thi' [ier["-trater of th* lined i* unknown
Nicaragua pap“i' received at (,'bafkvibin.
!H. C„ from Havai.a l.y ibe -teanxr laabel, on
th« 29th, report that Wai.xxr bad won a great
| battle at Kivaa on the 7th of April, over the
U'oeta Rieaarmy. Rivaa was captured , Three
hus<lred of Wackga-. army were kdieil. and
aix hundred of tlw Coata Kira army
Onr Miniatrr. Mr Whvki.kr, haa oddrema)
a k-lter to I’reexlent Mooo, relative to tbe
.hooting of Amariean eitixeim. and proteating
ogam t tux or.tar for expelling all American
eiliawx. s *• narki aw * -
io* tlx; 22th, in ngx) days uml 1 .'!,.' . ur * f '|
I Uverpool. Th.. ixra« ia not very fmjxirtant I
[ Its chief leaturea nr.- the riming of the Paris
OgiAtmicv, the post|x>rx rn«nt of tlie debate iu
| Parliament until Hie return of Uwd i'i akxv
nsiN. from Pari", the banquet given in Ue.don
to Mr Dam..*, the explanation by Uml Pan
mnz why trw.pn were aunt to CanaiU. tlx:
alight defeat met by the Uorernment in thr
vote against tlx-grunt to Muynootli College,
and of Htrengtlx'iied rumor* in rooiieqarncr that
Parliament will shortly he diwolvrd. 'tlx: fol
"'x»»-je-'g. rter.vref r:w,vr:rr mrt TrrTfiV'i
'ITw MumUm annoumsii that the ('onk reuce |
Hoard it* aitlmga on Thumday. the 17th Ttx
ratiflention* will lie exchanged at tlie end of the
month, iimnreliately ufrrr the promulgation ol
the (icnrra! Treaty.
The Protocal will l<e laihlialiad, aixl make
known the luliors of the (oagreas in <letail
'Hie question-’ ronaklered at the leal .sitting
wi re :
1 Ist 'Thu free navigation ol the Danube.
Jd, Interior regime of tlx: prinripnlitiex. mxl
tho ui rangi-mcnt of fronticni.
3d Kitimtinna ot Chrntians in Turkey; and
for tlwv purposes < 'nmmissionera ure ap-j
It is rejsirted m Paris that diplomatic move- j
mints of fuiportuoiv- ure ou foot re.-|*s.ting Ila ,
ly. An An-triun Kmlioasailor is to go to lloine
iiunxsliately .hi a special mission It ia ru
inorisl that the mission refer* to tlie concordat
hut Dalian journals my it refer* to the general
I utuleof Italy
I Count Orloff goes to N a pies immediately af
ter the exchange of rutifieations to see his son
who was wounded in tlie Crimea.
Tlio Uml Mayor ol U.ud.xi eiiteriainol Mr.
Dalliu on Thursday ut the Mansi.m House, in
honor of his arrival as Minister from the Uni
ted Stall* 2ik» guests wem present. 'Tlie
i Uird Mayor toastisl Mr. Dallas, prefacing it
, with a s|x» i li full ol gcix-roiii sentlinetits to
] wards Amorim, and n gmtiag that auy i|ue»-
tiou should ever arise Ix'lWccn the two COUD
| trim whirh should threaten the dreadful alU'r-
I native of wai, Tim Mlyftrs toast was the
health of Mr Dallas, and the prosperity of the
great lieputilic to which he has the hAnor to
ruling tl.« ’g.-’ncrous si-ntlnienta' T ri> |
Mayor, mxl nasuring him he waa not aiitliori/eit!
to ks l aixl did not frvl any desire utlx r tlian that
of giving him his tnsd i ix-rgn-i aixl exertiunx |
anrvseivsdiy, to the restoration oi the moxthai |
monioua scnlinx ota and friendly relations.
ttther apeiH'hm were nui.k\ niter which Mr
Dallas gave the hisslth of the Indy Mayor, m
The laird Mayor res|xin.le.l telling Mr. Dallas I
! that be was authorinsl hy tlie la.iy May ore*.
! to auy If hl.a diplomacy equalled h:s gallantry.:
' there could lie no f.-sr" of the suecexs of Ins |
In the House of I .or. Is, in reply to Karl Kl ,
gin's quo.tlon, touching reports tlmt large Ixxl
iea of troojM and quantities ol amunition were ■
alxiut to tie di*|vatehed to Canada, said it was j
true tliat th* Uoveniment coatempiaU'd doing
so, lint the iinpreaxion tliat they were to lie v-nt'
for purposes of aggrexsion was imfoundeil The 1
Dovemmesit intendetl replacing tr.xipe, imiui j
lions of war and store*. In place of thoxe pre ''
viously witlxlrawn for Crimea wrvi.s's.
Ths> Cabinet of Vienna is bent on occupy
| ing every corner ot Italy where political ex. ite j
I nx-n' can la? got np, a< an excuse for their pre*
A terrible alfray occurred at Panama, on tbe
llltli of April. Ix'twecn the Transit Company'*
poxw ogers. and the native*, iu whit h tbe form
rr hu.l thirty kilksl aixl 20 wounded. Tlx-
Knipire City lus wight to New York, three of
tlx' wounded.
Tlie stramer Forest City canx> iu collision
with tbe steamer Northerner, in Imke Huron,
on the 2kth, ainking the lattrr immediately
But one |arson is miming
In tixs Senate. Mr Su art itilnxluerel a lull
provxling a puniahment tor lorginf or counter
teiting larxl warrant eertifientes.
Iu tlx House. Mr t-'iiLLKx Democrat, of
Maine whow rewt was eooUMhxl by MlU.lkav
ftisurist was -let so si the Wgal ly elected mem
Mr »Ji itXA' advisatisl the repeal <g the
neutrality laws, which heeonxideresi a violation
of tbe Constitution r»1 ia stigma on American
tntelllgeora In this csmnectioa lie raid
"Mexico i« in a state of iliadoiutiswi. divi.led
iuto (actuals, aixl drawing .Hit a miserable ex
i.Usxv by selliug her territory to this country
In t isitral America ttxre has tasn a «rx» ol
rcvolutxHx lor years. Cuba, th* last remnant
of tla- gigantic .knpotisro ot H|uun, is ix-ciwsary
(or lh«' protavtiuai of o*r rewaunerct'. and tor tlx'
tiaii.Hwl rvp.ee aixl araurity llw law id na
tions depends upon circumstance-, its touixla
tion is right aixl justHW. " c have not >«r
iMmxrtmg link tirtweeD thr Atlautic aixl thr
Pacific Htatiw, oud tliat man a guilty of moral
treaw-'ii who halts about the uieaiw of seising
tlx- Isthmus. It muat lx- taken, wen at thr
i'A(wtwx' id a war. It is aaaaifrwt ox a national
In thr ivsirse ot hit remarks, hr *i»l Kngiaixl
hail the a.klreea to irxluer our government to
reject a tavoral'lc treaty with IVimiiUt-a, and
hail Iraxh'H cx, rbil au i nthx-aoe over Spam to
our Artrmmit. Our country dnuaaibt that are
guard agmest thr repetition of such fisemnt
W ismxoTt'v May 1
Hoi <x —Mr Maxwell apoke .hi tbr south
ern aide *vt th* alaverv qwrathvn and Mr. Faery
afomat tbe cxtcaatoa of da very ami ia hvor
of the restoration of the Mkaouri r'^xspromise
in ilefence (A tG- Republican party.
Hr. tollman introduced a bill to repeal cer
I**’ 1 'Otioos of the naturalization law*. Ke
fcn>-d la Judiciary Pommittoc. Adjourned.
Simla—Mr. Wuxaa introduced a rew.la-
Uf’n in rt-feren<v to Central American afisin
Mr. W. read a letter from (Jen Walker in
wliirh It It smarted that the Jlntnh Quart)
lia»c late.lend in the present straggle between
!'<**• Rican* and Nicaraguan* and have
furiiuh.il tlie I'oata Ricans with arm- A state
! ** "" » ««•«*■»«* between than govenv
m* ut* jj eljjfli rue Viea't of feeling Minted
between thin government and the government
of New Grenada. and he had no doubt but
the whole power of the latter would be exerted j
l to bring the oflenden to justice.
Mr Seward remarked that several wceli
ago. on Ilia motion of a resolution, it wan adopt
j ed, calling on the President for information on 1
thit subject, but as tberu hod leeii no reaponv:
the Pneiitent probably had good reason*. in;
view <if the onmnlieated state of affair* for de
■ dining to hear tne resolution
Mr. Weller rejdieil that he was not aware of
that lart clae lie would not have oflered this
I Mr Heward thought it was best to let the
•object net a day or two, as information coo
| renting it ia daily lieing received, it was im
i portanl that tlie President mould be left free
: to efereise hi* discretion in thin delicate mat
Mr. Ifoaglaa believed that the Clayton and
Bulwer treaty wai lieing violated every day by
Great Britain, and be thought aometbing ought
! to be done about it. lie thought the preaent
Government of Nicaragua legitimate, or aa
1 much no aa the other existing Government* of
i Central America It was the foremost and
l*^y , \ ( |jable Government tliere had Gen since
! fhr aa Is. kn»w7u*Vic#WV»W h *°
, miDiaterrd. and the right# of tnen and propeftV
more sacredly guarded anil protected iiixler the
' existing Government than umler any previous
one Nor wax it any objection, in hie mind,
i that an American by birth was in command
ol the Nicaraguan army Nicaragua ha* as
much right to become the asylum of emigrants
trom this country as we have to receive Kuro
' pean emigrants Hhc has us much right to
, naturalize Gen. Walker, and give him military
command, ns we had to do the same by Gene
ral Shields. Farther, N iraragua has as much
right to send nn American bv birth ns Mini#
GTWTnffivswffryas weTave" l6 sew! aimin'
| of foreign birth to represent us in the (,'otirt of
, i Spain, Italy or Holland. He believed we
' ought to enforre our international laws f.ut not
go u lair's breadth further than the lineol our
I ‘inly
I Mr Butler thought we ought to lie careful
, not to involve ouranlvea in a war with any na
tion through tlie acts of internnsldling adven
, | turers.
i Mr Wclh-r withdrew tlie resolution,
Mr. Hnehauau In New York.
Vs Im* already Ini n announced by telegraph,
Mr. lit < iianan arrived at New York in the
Am go On the day following, he was acorn
I panic! to the City Hall, where, in response lo
au uddresa of welcome from the Mayor, he
spoke aa follows:
Mr Mayor— l accept time resolution* with
•le«'|) gratitude I consider this one of the
proudest momenta of my life, ami it shall al
wuys l«. cherished us a green -.pot in my mem
ory In the Cniti.il States a public man lias
many difficulties to coatend with : but such a
acme as this, alter n long period of public!
service*. from au intelligent and patriotic pop
ulation. is reward enoogh for the whole. In
foreign lands I have ever felt proud of New ;
York ; It is known throughout the world; the \
skill and industry of its mechanic!; the energy j
and enterprise n| its merchants ; tlie benru's ■
lence displayed in its public and private insli-'
tutions of charily all combine to give it re-:
nown My heart swelled with emotion yeater
day ns our noble ship ascet ded your magnifi- ■
cent bay ; I exulted in the opportunity nflord- 1
l edme of pointing out its beauties, and thou
■ inmls of vessel*, to the stranger* on hoard the
What has given New York its
I States (Applause Without that union’what
| would become of its prosperity ami power?
' But I am oue of those who will never appre- '
| hood danger to the Union. (Applause.) Never!'
In the darkest day 1 never leared for its integ- \
rity or that the people would prove untrue to,
tbeltwrlrcs, and to their country by severing'
the bond which bckl them together in one com- 1
mon nationality. (Applause.) All mankind!
arc interested in the succew of our glorious ex
| |»'riment -it is the hope of the world; and
while every portion of the country is dependent j
l lor it* pro*|>erity upon the (be preservation ol j
I the Constitution, of all the spot* on earth the'
I city ol New York i» most interested in it* con-'
| linnance (Applause.) That the citizens of
Now York fil l tins truth in their hearts I (
! know lull well, and I know also the energy, the
| enterprise and the patriotism with which they
| always art in u noble ami righteous rauae. In
regard to my humble srll. I thank you, Mr.
Mayor, newt cordially for the appreciation
i which you have expressed for me and my hum
-1 hlr service* , that it is too high only demands
my deeper gratitude However, 1 think it is
, the jwart of prudence for me not to add any
thing in addition to what you have heen pleased j
to say -to let well enough alone; I cannot'
, .'occlude without expressing my ileep gratitude
i to the chairman ami members of the joint nan- j
nott-w. who have bus appoint-d to I* my com 1
paninns We met as strangers—we shall part
as friends As for voonelf, Mr Mayor, you '
arr an ancient friend id mine ; our friendship is!
of "anld lang svne. ' Since our first acqiuunt
am e it has suffered no diminution or cheek.!
! and I can my. while you have hern my Iriend I
have teen no less a sincere friend of yours ; and ’
a* wean' both growing old—l beg your par
.lon laughter) I man. aa lam growing aid
i —the ronti nuance ol your IHeodahip is nothing
more than I expected (Laughter and ap
plause ) | don't know, thtrvlore. that I should j
| thank you very rnneh. for if I had not met this 1
innlial rereptiou at your hands I should have ;
Gvn grratly disappoint'*! (Renewed laugh
tor ) I now ikwire (said Mr Buchanan , to !
salute the many fn.nV by whom I am sur
rounded. ami to whom you" will do n*' the hon
or to introduce me
Nrsiso.iußxt rn* l»nrr n Ksolard.—Ac
vonl.ww la tlx. Ou-ssl returns just aa the i
Ist of August last, there wrre no less than one
tixHi-aod ami ninety-eight persons confined in I
tlie various prisons of Knglarsl for debt. In
tG' prison of Bedford, ooe inan. whose original i
.h-bt was nine shillings, was incarcerated for ‘
| twenty .lays. lieeansr he could not pay the ex- [
peffcsw of tlw suit benight against him — 1
Thesr amounted to j£l K. or more than three
itmc* a* much as the original debt In anoth
er casr. a man w** m prison for ten davs. be- 1
cait-e he coukl not pay ten drilling* ami four
I'm.*' being the erpriara of a debt of three 1
shilling* ami sixpenw In a third, the debt
amounted to XI 7* 3d ami the costa to £3 A* 1
7d These ami many similar cases, have at
tracted much attention, and the policy of »Gri
i*hmg imprisoumrnt for ilebt is now openly dis
Tux Ifovrr (N. II ) f.'nywner ii-arne that
addrew-<» will I* given at the next l ■■mis.nor
ment of Ibuimouth College. July 111. a* fol
low* , Before the united l.iterary Sm irtie*. j
rpAssor Hot «s. of Harvard College. Phi
Beta Kappa Society, II J. Ratwoxp. Editor!
of the New York T.»w» Theological Society.
I’roi Hrrcwe-ixi. of Caioo Theolcgieal Sen
1 inary. late of Bowdoa CoUegg i
■satwa Cwaaig.
f CIS *.**».. 4ihs haain sad Irsci.i
Ttw rsia rsuriwi sal rasrmi—li4k-v > '-*v-i|.i ace-
Is*l -A-.OILST Ao-ISsai—« usk (sa/i ar
Back Hatid- Gy ‘J.
As tnjr old friend, Mr. SiuurtAKruwil to
remark In am noon in a while, “ It neve rains
but it pours." For the last two weel» we
have had a verification of the remark , ami it it
requires two week* to Drove HitJrrtflio '«.eks
then it is true that it never rains but it pours,
for during the [amt fortnight it lias rained all
the time and poured a great deal, while other
folks wen* asleep Tlie poet says that the stu
“ Pursa • «r his bolt
which I have no doubt la trne ; but there is no
•tudmt in existence, whether ol divinity, med
icine. law. mathematics, military science, sea
manship. mormon ism, or spiritual rapping* that
nut pore over hi* books half so much in his
whole life of thres More years and ten. a* the
storm king has pound over “the region round
about" Benton county and its dependencies dur
ing the time afotementiooed. There is no noed
of pawing any " Main* liquor law," for the law
ol nature has said that cold water must rule
“ for a few day*," and rule it does -for great
ami beneficent purposes.
let us see about thcae purpose*. First and
forenuet. the small rivers, tributary to the
Mississippi, are all foil,and the mill-logs which
were cut ou their baoks during the past win
ter, and several former winters, are coming out
and moving down mi the surface J*o me folks
ter than milk within her hanks, there is great
impropriety In using the term Gwom,) of the
Mississippi. Platte river full, and loga which
were cut two years ago are coming out with a
rush, to lace the steel at 81. Anthony and other
places. It ia feared, howeviv, that if we do not
hare lair weather pretty soon, off the logs in
Platte will not reach the stihurlM of the white
settlements but will be sent hither ami thither
jta ‘its at'ih «ecsUr* .wad , <o>iums..'.dniktam l
milre in extent, amt there remain lor more than
"a few days." However, Oapt. Nat Tißnm*
understands the navigation of Platte river per
fectly, and aa hr has a great number of lugs
therein, it is fair to suppose thatc he will
"make hay while the sun shines"—l should
say while the rain ahiues— and that every log
in Platte river will come out and take a plunge
in the white water of Hauk Rapid*.
Secondly, speaking ol high water, the great
river itself, the mighty Mississippi, is full; and
l verily believe that the I Gnu lie ami the Khiue
both together, though so much talked of in the
newspapers, do not diacharge so much water nt
their months as nina over Sauk Rapid*, two
thou sand miles from New (Means, which is with
in one hundred and thirty miles ol its ileboui lie
mcnl. Were it not that this great rivor is oG
structed by rapids and boulders ami its volume
wastrel by lieing divided amongst numerous
■ islands, steamboats might leave Now Orleans
i and proceed upward to Sandy Lake and through
that to within forty miles of lake Superior.—
There is plenty ol' water at all times lor any
steamGmt. but no Gmtcan dodge the boulders,
|or climb the awful rapids that intervene bc
; tween St. Anthony and the outlet of Sandy
lake. Well, let that be. The oaisr hiveii
|ison a regular liar. She got high a lew days
! ago. ami seems bent on keeping so; for she is
rising all the time, and the oldest inhabitant
says that he lias never seen her so raving bo
fore. She seems like an enraged elephant that
mn'umß«felelninirot , W»nwfel tfefi W.hMtfi
denuded of, limbs, ami many other things that
: lave never licen teen in these diggings Well,
i let her rip !
I told you in my last that many logs have
! liecn put afloat aliove here, and hoped the boom
; at St. Anthony would he strong enough to hold
them. I made the wish in a spirit of prnphe
' cy, for I knew that there would be a tremendous
! rush, and that a great many logs would go by
—like the people rushing into Tammany Hall
I —without tickets. We have heard since then,
flat the limestone structure of the (alls has Gvn
severely "exercised" by its too near proximity
to the pineries, and that the untutored logs,
like the foolish buflalo. have ruahivl on and
taken the flnal plunge, regardless of the ex
pense. What the upshot of the aflair will be
ia more than I know . but 1 think tlat tlie
steam saw-mills in St. Louis will have more
logs from the upper Mississippi to saw than
; they aver had before in one season
A sad accident occurred here on Tuesday
j last. Mr. Et-tnc Shea, while endeavoring to
' "snub'' a raft of timber. lieearaeentangled in the
! rope, and the toe* of one foot were completely
, torn away, and tbc cords and sinew* of the leg
were so badly damaged that it wa* deemed nee
j rewary to remove him forthwith to a neighbor
hood where bis want* could he attemlret to
, Accordingly. Mr. 8. 11. OutniAD, of your
! county, took Mr. Shia along in a boat propel
led by four stout men, down with the rapid
i current, and the power ol their muscle, to Bt.
] Anthony, where I hope, and every one else
hope*, around here, that poor Bms will receive
treatment that will set him afloat again amongst
his numerous friends without a sign of a limp.
Mr. Sues has Gen engaged in the Gathering
buiunew lor several years, and has many frieodt
hereabouts who would like to see him with two
gad feet. Let the surgeon who has hi* rare
In i—s a. u. i-—*
Quite an excitement was created yeater
,lay. by a geatleman named STIKLX- Dot
the original and moat excellent Fbasc. of
coarse, became he knows Iwtter—who. in
smlravonug to crom the Miesimippi above
the rapids, got tucked in. and capsized
ami went length* a* ot the river instead of
crowing it. Uc stuck to the skiff in which be
hml embarked, and was apprehended at Lower
I I food, about five miles further down the river
than he deaired to go. He was taken out in
, rather a wet condition, though ooe would sup
Kfrom hit long immersion in the water that
nut ba somewhat dry; for it it a singular
(act in natural hittoey. that those who are most
familiar with water are more duty around the
root* of their tongues than thoae who Jive in
the highlands. Mr Brm.a is doing well, and
the ugh be hat his hat in the tarbnirot, and in
satiate waters ot the Rapids, yet by good man
agrment he prtwerved hm appetite unharmed,
aa Oaaw B. Ust, Bsq-. «>» 0 ™ ehietiy metre
mental in thr rmeoe. eao tastily.
The Wnteb peopH ere_mah;ng great nrepa
ratione fag eoart term. The chueh ou the hid.
a spacioasead Ljremndioaa baUtog m being
• uanamogrtfled inW of that and
David Giu-a* . his very
»*« as happy *»
ZliTXn Horn*** COODIr “ d - r
OtUtAit han one alretedY^ 1^1 Ti „ r iACX
oar New Yard foattar.
- - warn uTtei rm*-» “* •>*“*“*'
Nrw koai, Apvu iagr.
tin Yen tuteres-Tbs rwtedeaiul C*svsm-»tere'
WoW— NyrteflM* tempiwsri
Tbumb—Aßrisai LiOauO
I‘cace reigns in the Orient, but the accident
is decidedly pugnacious. To eay nothing of
the Filibu*teroca. nor of Yankee Scluvas
Falstafing it with the Prince Hal of the Band
wich Islands, the - fancy" are promii ently be
fore the public in New York. He former
adore in the Poole tragedy have been again
brought on the Metropoliten boarde, and two
of them at least, with a benefit. Policeman
Lixx, who aided Baker in bis escape, boa been
re-instated and received a thousand dollar* re
ward lor his valuable services. Our reform
Mayor seems to have adopted the principle of
1 encouraging the prevention ol arrests- Probe
bly it is due to this eccentricity of the Mayor
that the New York police have become famous
for not arresting thieves and murderers. Again,
James laviso, also indicted for aiding in kill
ing Pools, has jut been appointed Bnperin
| tendent ol Buildings. A verr nice benefit for
! this tragedian. Baku himself is going through
] the farce of a trial, finally to be be acquitted.
I and then to lie pensioned off with some nice
I sinecure, t 'ouncilmen Kuaiosir, (number four
iof the same castle,) playfully put a bullet into
! a roan * abdomen oo Tuoaday last. Nobody
! roroplaiutti of him and be wa* discharged. The
will, do doabt, find tome
failed to discover them!‘a&f 'Vocrefore tins ueg
lected sou of renim returned from Nicaragua
last week, in disgust. But “ blood will teli,”
and therefore this scion of the ancient family of
j the Kkrkiuak* is "bourn! to be n butcher, by
j heavens, or die!"
With all this explosive material, thus honor
ed ami rewarded, we arc likely to have a lively
time when the blaze of the Preeidentiel canvas*
lis brought to its full beat. Bone, sinew, sod
: pluck an going up to a high figure. Brains are
lat TiJfccOuiir Ttiey an' (Tfff ,irttctiuti nor erra
I tive. "On the contrary quite the reverse." l ull
the late celebrated New York liegi»l»ture ; the
1 talented young mm, poet* and orators,
j which New Vork City sent u lier teprenta
j tativis These Samsons of municipal intellect
| rivalltil their gre*t prototyi* in Lis deatruc
| tirne*s, and excelled him in the skill with which
they liaudle his primitive weapon. l 7 pon the
1 whole, probably it is less hazardous lo pension
knuckles. than to perpetuate yutc. Some ol the
genuine New York article is to be retailed to
i the Richmond folks next month by our Mayor.
l in the way of a lecture G-forr the Mount
j Vernon Association, upon the character of Ai
’ exASnKH Hamilton." The Richmond people
wen' moved to instuitute this vict vina, of
Mavor Wimio to Kvßsrrr, from the fact that
;aaiii Wooo once sold tabacco in that city—
' "(iri-at oaks Iroiu little acorns grow "
The Gsly of young Pmn, who roysteri
ouslv clisappeareil last Feburary, ha* lieen
1 found, thrown up from the Ocean, on Rocka
* way Beach. It is supposrd that hr was not
1 murdered The manner of his getting into the
I water is still the mystery, however. Authentic
' records show that during the past year, no lew
cr than twenty persons have thus disappeared
l in this city and Brooklyn The bodies or seven
of them have heen recovered. All is silent as
to the dread fate of the rest. Is there eny
thing more *tartling than these facta, in tbc
records ol violence ami death ol the citiee of
the old world ? Well mav New York tremble
at the ilark shadows which threaten human life
within her borders. The great situr army which
is paid to guard life ami property, is aneolute
ly worst than useless. Loss and danger have
(track their fatal alarm at so many doort that
our citizens have been awakened from their
fancied security, and tnen are forced to enter
taio thought* which they dare not whteper to
one another. And it is not .thA fMf'VlifiWlJ
of his daily steps, but the stranger is also inter
csted in demanding that our streets and dwel
lings should be somewhat more free from nut
rage than a CamaDche war path or an encamp
ment ot Bedouin*.
To-day the ritv is alive with excitements ol
mingled grief and coogi atulation. The corpo
ration Hags flaunt joyfallv in the spring brwa j
from the City Hall. The masses are welcom
1 iug James Bucuaxan home to his native land
There are other standards drooping at half
1 mast Down our great avenue, a thousand
men arc following a gallant soldier to the grave
1 The one up wart Is to, possibly, a great foture .
the other downward to his rest. And the
thoughtless crowds turn carelcsesly from the
craped banner* and hearse, to join the (just as
eareless) stream which struggles into the Gov
ernor’t room to have a sight at greatnere. The
renowned Captain of the Empire Club, while
standing near the waiting crowd at the en
trance. was ask'd if he was going up. He re
plied carelessly that "didn’t care a great deal
about it." Probably that duty which is the
imperious exaction of tlie Custom House at
present, influenced tlie reply. The great Dem
ncratic acrmirhment. to come off at Cincinnati,
i will try the nerve* ol the electors. Ictus hope
! that the result will lie "a good egg."
| Genera! Tom Tiii m* is now here exhibiting
on his own book, and kissing the new genera
tion which has risen to womanhood since Ba*-
ncm first trotted him ont. Harntu is also
around, looking seedy, but hopeful. The ad
i verse current which stranded the great show
man. is on the turn, and is now floating him
rout to a summer sra. Barni m is bound to
i *hine yet.
, The okl landmark ol youthfal holiday laugh
j ter the American Museum, is about to pam
1 away, and itself to be nnmbered as ooe of the
:by gone remembrance* of Broadway. All our
' places ol amusement are tending tn the north
with the current of population. " Butter and
i cbee*e and all." will soon administer extreme
■ unction to the lower part of the city. Contracts
and corruption will nold on. for some yean to
i the regions of the City Hall, and faabion, beau
; ty and wraith must soon be sought for by thane
only who can command the price of a six penny
ride for tlie privihge of vicinity. Contentment
prefers a country cottage to the hent of eitv
PsTniortc Anvtm to Patriotic Whios.
We copy the following from the Kentucky
Statesman The uwne ia thi* contest de
mand* of these old-line whig* no amalgamation
nn fusion, i»o run-endec of principle, but (imply
that they shall for a time *tand united side bv
■de with the democracy in eradicating danger
oa* and alarming politieal hrrrsis: and this
they most inevitably he forced to do. or stand
committed against ns. After this ia done, and
oar sovereig* equality as States in the Union
pat beyond peril, and the reorganintioo of the
old whig party tan he accomplished, we shall
then he ready as ever to meet them in open
honorable and American discussion, and de
fend those great faDdamental principles of the
damoeratie party upon which we thick our
country has attained its pecant pmspeeit? ami
" When you meet with oog'ect. let it rouse
you to exertion instead of mortifying your pride
Set shout learning thoae defects which expose
you to neglect, sod improve thoae evw.
which command etwatioo sad xhte
« exeeUsat advice

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