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The weekly pioneer and Democrat. [volume] (Saint Paul, Minn. Territory) 1855-1865, November 20, 1856, Image 3

Image and text provided by Minnesota Historical Society; Saint Paul, MN

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SAINT HA 1)1.:
Thursday Unruluf ..Nor. SO. ISM.
HruratUti t'lrc- The nice (Sanaa in j
VirlcrUay morning, about lour o'clock, a tire ,
broke out iu Ike thirJ slorjr ol tbe lurgv brick
buiMiug »«i >St- Autlwiny »tru'l, mmr Markut,
known as the Rice House. The fire was first
iliseoveml by an employee of Mcwis. KlSt.
A Hun, iu a room unxl by that firm for storing j
u|<li<>lstery. An alarm was given, and vigorous i
«fforu wire made, by those persons who wire in j
the building, to stay the progress of the lianas..,
The tire luuigot under too much hMidway, how
. >rr. tor the successful id this
purpose, and the attempt was ..handoutd, and
every ettnrt imuU' to save lli. ns rchaudizc and
.>l Ik r valoanlo projierty in tlx.* building, ami
prws rve frinn the lire tls- adjoining buildiug.
no nliy invUxl by A. V *ae« lianas, Kw|.
I Ins Imilding was kivax), but tls 1 Bice House
was totally ihalroyid.
I'he Kiev Homs' was occupied, with the e\-
eeplnsiof lour room*. by Miasrs. Kiso A Unit,
us ..i«' of tls.' most extensive upholstery estals
ledum ids in tlai west. Sasuoas A Faaseu,
attorneys at law, occupied three risuus iu (lie
s. e.usl story, and l». V. I avijui A <Jo.,une ris.in
ou tic tirsl tloor.
Iho High the p rsevering efinrts of tlune
pi. cut. a large uuioinit of usirc hand tic belong
n r to Kino A Kn n »rx. i-avwt. tml their lists
will -till lie heavy. Tliey tsliutale their loss
in furniture ami upholstery goods destroyed, ul
;>I(IIHI||; ot this, some tft.btHl was covered by
ni-urumv in tls l Aina lusuratM-e t'oilijsiny, of
I Inrtlord.
Missis. Svmuisn A I'i;i:m n as re fortunate
in -n> mg tin ir iiiiwl valuable [Bijs'ru law Issiks,
oid a portion ol their olliee lurnitnre. A gold
a. I tell, mill other articles dcatniyisl, made up
the total of their lists, nut over tf.'iOO, u(sm wloeli
He nr wan imi insurance. A safe Is hHieing to
the firm fell through from the mvond story to
the ground llmir; it Inut not yet Isen ujailHsl,
tml judging Irmii outside a|i|«'«iamvs. it.- con
i. ol s have not sutlcrcd uvueli damage.
It. I' Tavi.uk .V tlo, Isiukers. mnreiviled in
.i\ mg all their Issiks. money, and valunhle |ki
|« rs Their Imw will not i «n«l #.'i(hl; no in
an ranee.
The building ihrstrnyivl was owned jointly
by Miwsrs. Ai.mkht AkustuolOi ami T. S.
Wo.ms, of (ailiimbiaiia eoiinly, Ohio, and N.
M . kick, of this city. li| smi the Iwo lliir.ls ol
tli" building owmsl by the livo first tmitisl gen
lleiiM'ii. there was all ilwurance. in tin llarllord
In.itramv t'iwn|iuiiy. ol fM.IKHI. Mr. M vsiek,
owning one fliinl of llie building, was insured
Ol tin- same eonipiny. in tin' .lint of
I lie building is totally destroyed. It was val
ills I at #M.OOO.
I lin mljoiuing building to Hie liice House,
iv is a tliris' story briek house, ivivotly irerlixl
by A. \*M »: llaoss, l's«|. Tin- N.vun.l and
third storim were imoeeupied ; tlaTirtt story
was ts'etipiml by M. .losas. ns a liurdwure
storv Mr. .lonics suffers ii.i I.hk, as his ixitire
nt.H'k was removed from tls' building. The
building was injur'd to the extent of live «r»ix
Inmdnsl dollars. Mr. Ilunw.x was iusurnd in
tin I’lueuix for S 2,
The l.*wes by the lire may Is- set down as
follows :
lr.!.so'.a< W... 1 * UjrSW
k r.s V Ktsli, Mre-hariUius oi.uisi I,"si
ft . ... .
4 V »TI *» Ht'-wll
♦»!>*<> •
Ihc «*y ut|«itlii«ii ol tln* < utitv community
will U- with Mosn. Kind A Rich in tln-ir
Thi* firm wa* oim* «»l tin 1 most cri
b-rprin ll»»? city, Mid the numM-rt* o| it
*h*tinguWwd :» , ike l'*r IV* probity, ami crx r
i'V. wh»*’h churmH**ri»-d llswn in tM’ir Mikirww*
| ♦»*• Uiff IIot»w» w:i« one of tV “ ancient
I indmurk* w of 4m:i city. It wux erect**! in
!-v|tl, by lion. 11. M.ltnß; wax one of Un
h i if i)4it tin- »‘-ry find-brick buildingx
itfil m Si. I'uul, uihJ when ftsoilt. it mx*
■o • • i| upon uji »n «‘.\<.vf»xivf!y niter
t . . Tli* buililiiiK iu it.H « arly «Jayj*. or
» ujimtl a hotel. llt i*von«l of tin l'» r
niori.il I/> . ;uhl *#f l!o* Suitn-in*' (Joart
•.f ih IVrr.t »ry. Wa- h* Min it.
Tli. IW r Hook HMf| l/nM('r f'omfeinj.
ii. 1 ! < ' -mji.uiy, were present ut tli* fn.
I Uiihf nißlcrcd »Ilk tent nervki- in |uiiliii(r
• |.»«vn ;i miiiiUt *»! Into)*’ m tin- n a?
of »*«• Ui« n Horn**, th<u |*r« vent ir.-* fV etlen
on 4>t til. (iiiiani in tli.it iltfirliitij
tih- jinynw of tin* Ur«*, uo*l wlutralt
•***l . in/. ?k; won i»«iiv»»fy HifAffi’fil in iv. '
in*»m tin- tUlites u* ftiud) property ID*
mil l ol <h«pcr*l*' villuiits wen* lm.-ily
• mploy il in thi* i lie. S* vi rnlof
wn trUn Imw am-ted, an-1 now in
Mr r.-itn, .i ptith-man lu»Vin*.' in the
!••«ikliiiix. «rwl hi* fnmk lr *m tlir I!hhcm. plgrrtl
it hi th«* ‘lot t, >4ii*! Imhhtl in tie* i
►r rf \ •'( ‘ftbr* Miring Mu alnnt, hi - !
•t ii.li M*4ri|.
.St I’ll, inn St. Am-nwmi U. II Fr»*ni •
i in »Hir rolumriH t->«luy. t)*« .Smut |
\ t»h«H)V 'n. oMli* I ’Mh ifft ,it will j
♦<»» that IV St Tan' nn*i S» AntluHiy If
K l'tMi|Mnv ; a thuuC »*f I»k*. We kani fftfe
M' .Ifh'i-Hi. th»* n'iMry, ttiat u*n YV».d»hi.
•f 't'»k h 4i o i(* I \ lak*ti. .ifnl that
m>»rr w jHnl/.-d t'»j.ii4b*t« »f»
4nt it will pay , aid it m Rot impftihAb'.
.»i la!mnTv wdl rtmiia* n*v lb* r-iai
.) newt •fwmr- t’Wwr tV traHt * A 4;
..1 the iOKI le»rw fnmi away «l >vk
W'twnnnaio. will U* in <ra? itmt
btoioiTtoi On t V 23.1 of Ort'Vr. ta*
i ‘•’KT* ‘»f the Kf}*HtU f.in. Mr tkvirt**
It*nt wv* U» t)r O-iwprl mtnmtry. :*a
i't f.vafiffOnt, hy % nainril caiW<tl l*y t|«e
* *M*ntrati*44ii «fmfch r*f Aaaka. with wk«h
»* <4 kalmrinj;. IV ankw of tirffM* w. rr m
4. *w« IntrfMhrtify ri by llrt K
I «x4w<fl. Sem4*n by ll*t V SanwwV fV
*) 'Mitf |4i|rr liy Uri. If llai’ fhartm by
•f* » kar* New’ »r li jltljird f ( i!**w p
It* v. ?» 11*1 I’riyt Ilf'.mVtmß hy
. tmVKT Itmt
V Vl4 l'#T Mm* v la* bw ■ tMi-Vl »l
•"..i l.i I'tMftlr ruuiity, Wi< ltd J<wtr •
M• / - • I'himM' r
SfKMtsDau. Hit* publication of Ur- MintK*-
«kiU ZtftHHK. a tvrrman wm*kK oewi*paper pub
lialaxl iu Uii* city, Urm bun FtUtfaruJtxl. Caoic:
it didn't pay, siooc iU toiiK'wbut Mtdtkn con
version tea IIiir)«h) IbfmMicun journal
We arc gV) to amioutu e that iu a few week*,
there will be ummM in lit* city the tirat iiuiuUt
of th»* Mncxßaur.% National Dkmotiut, u
i airman weekly ncwnpaper. IV iVmocrat
will be priatui no Uew type, and we have no
donbt will be ait ably cuudacUtl advocate ol
tM>uad national prlncipica.
A Nkw I'twTtiAmK. —The <«ett
eral has ortlertxl the apiMuntmcnt of Martik
Fox a?* l'i*tmaster at Mouticello, Wright
county, in place ol J aw» |l. Hrkkrar. n»
F;rk at ilA4TIN**4.— Kvi mag before hut,
alN>ui eight o ckick, a iin* broke out tit Hast
iugn, but tin* destruction of firopcrty by it, we
di«l not «k*fi!iitcly awvrtuin. Home say three
Htureß were burned ami otliennwy build
iuifw weft* etm**um*Tl, logvllwr with a
amount of freight Mousing to St. Paul mer
chants. bins iu*nt ulmhi! the burning of tn iqld,
wcant inclined to lM>lieve is nothing but a
lioui. Wc Khali, iloublk-ej, learn tlie particu
lars to-tky.
Nkw Stramim. - -Tlu* (<nlena ami Minncao
ta Pocket Conijiauy inUml building this win
ter, mivlcrlhe sup rvisKui of the Pn-sukmt of
tin* t’oHijiiOiy. Ukkim Smith, l*^«|. t tlntv new
sUainers, t<* plv U iatt n tins port and Hun
leitli. They will la- built at Pittsburg and
will Ik- pit up in the very In at style, and with
all lit* modern improvement*, thw of the itn
pruvciueiiUf which the new lioat* will hivunror
tlu present |uu*kets will In*, that tliey will
atpird a pla«.v l«»r la*li« * and ntleim ii to prom
himml*- m.uoid tla euiuc vckw I. ilk*iw sjihiv
Millie tint left ladWivu tlw wlai'l Ihniw* and
cabin to allow ample room fora genUeman with
a holy on hi* arm, to pas* with all east'. The
new b*nit* will U- c<mstruet4'd with u view to
lightness of ilralt. and earn* oi id,
ci»iubined with the greatest Rjsvd.
Next HcaMoti, thr*w pack* l* will h ave our h*vee
every tlay, iliuu alliir»lin:; p.uc** liters oppoihini
tiiw to I 'MiH'aod go wlienovcr they fivl im'limtl,
and at aluioHt any hour of the day tiny wish
t*i. It is exjN'eted the in* reap'd travel U*l w***»»
this |sirt and Hunleilh in »7 will fully jiiHtily
this large addition to tli*' shipping inb'nwt of
Hie r.itiijiatiy; an expectation which. w»* have
lit* doubt, will Im> fully realiard.
Snot -John I'. Tavlok, Slterill of WiniNV
hapi coaiity. Illinois, wa shot about hull |m*t
nine oVlcs'k, mi tlw ii»*»rnmg of tin* 11 tli ult.,
at l&orklonl. by AiaaKii rot,*r*ik*w who in
company with hi* broil* r hail Imt h airt st*'*! on
siuipiciofi of ***m*' cattle. 'Hie Slier iff
hail Haeoolol in l«*l>rin|C tin* brotlnr in jail,
but Ai.kkkd »'*c.up»**l from t ujtltidy, iuml rail.—
Mr Taviuih {fave chois* and had almost over
taken him. when he tun**! and tin*! a pistol,
the ball enlcritif* just In •low tin* *li«Hikl« r. and
paasinir downward ihrouirh t!*' la-art, l<*lp‘d in
the I* II side producing diutli in u very short
time. The murderer l«*-*l t«* tin* w*o*b. Mil
was fill*iwrsl by a number of citiz4 ii*. who after
u Kmart cliiw mic*eeihsl in < apturing him, and
bringing him Mick to ti* city, wl*n- !*• waa
lodptl in jail. Tlierc a stnmg dujsmitn*n
mum Ir* t«d by sou* to l>i*h him al *m<*, whn h
w.i-v happily pn-veiiU-«l by th*' mU rl* n nee of
pnuniric-ill citi/4-iM. Ur* at exciteiiß'iit still e*
ißli-d at that place at last accounts.
The ChmgrcgatHinui chan Mw of this Terri
t**ry met, through tluirdeh g.it' *. in the ebtircb
of I hut **r*l*’r iu St. AntloNi v. *m 'lliurwlay and
Friday. OcU*M-r 2kl and 24th. Ih*v. S. Hall.
*if Sun* Rapid*. w;is cho** n mod* tutor ; un*l j
lb*v. U. |t* j)t, of Anoka, aeribe. Is ttiT* were
r,u«l from Hr Haight, ol Mmiin*. Hr Ihmick.
Ma.s*ac)iu*ctta. S. S. Ih.lturl. Mulligan. Hr.*
liaom. t'onnccticut. Hr Palmer, N»*w York,
Rev. F. Ita*4*iin, IHi not*, und U*v Awi'lur
ikt. lowa. After fnr .I' lils-rution and liiKciia
iioti of t v # reports of th* ('ommitUe*. a !'«*••
•dilution, r*sh ol Hy Law* and Confession of
Faith w* re islnptivl. tl* ** Uitntal Conhfrnee
of Mi nr* -sola * w.w* onuni****!. him! tl** follow- J
ing <»!Ti'*«*r- w.-n- clhka ii : -lkv S. Halt Saul*
Rapid*. Moderator ; Rev. C. Sn-oftiM-, Si. \f.
thony, C »r. He* y; and Rev •’ It HheMon
Kxccliiior. Ui-c. Secretary.
StfiKig afttl 4«rrnr .rwnlati-*,- w*vi (4 J
a* wei! x »rv***liitt«n 'l* pr**Mbng th**-| tread
of He- vice ot iiilenifv-r in* e. and pk*lgifig ti*-
chur* Is* t** th* m*Mt u'tr* nutting * (Mu ugamst
M'lh of th*-** evil*
T»*« rw*Xl inwnoki will !«• kM ;»f l*r«"*‘ , *»tt l
\Yi«*or*uu. «*i tM* «<•***l Thun*lay mihioMr
n* it.
(V»Mo*a.iiMT«ui.— TM* bfeliiM loot Mim****t*i
am! Piihmpi* IVbl(!"Oi|*iiiiH-i*lov* l* tic/*n
wiltilafeil. and n**w f *rm a t-ommon
Too uminwiwiit w»* fu*l*-r*tand •»*■•* m* n ♦*<
feet OQ the 1 <*t ot •fauiiarv next. Iho <Mibliofi
on th*‘ part <4 1l»*- HuW|ue Coni(Mi') with ll*
okl Ualevm lir* .(• vrry mnat tsfa* tof b- *'*T*wt
.uiary eithm* M tl** |>*in« r pNM'* > W* ** in
loor l»ul»wjti* w % era) eotamimkw
1 1* hi* firofe«tiac against it. from Inflnrrrfcl rn* n
I there 'I he iwhbw*. rlmu. opf*we*l to it ■
| As tlm l*argain h ringNinimabtl. w«- t«f»|Nee
•they wilt have t/i ®!jbti»it to thir*tf» a-* t!*)’ ar»
New Pa**, sr iVtvriiir - A r*w
i rKiifmav Ihu bum < l*» run » liftr- *»f fuck
4*ts M twe*ii Prairie do I*lu#n *»sl Ibir.U dh
callol tlb Fra;r* *lti I *h* u ufwl <»ai oa Packet
C<»rn|iai»y Three he-f cVnw pa^-n
rr *teaim-r* wdl Ik- hoilt thin wii»t«T. for thi
In* utvh r tM* dir*dion *,f t lo;* Harrm, f**j
Fe -».|*-ef *4 tls- Cal -a an*l Minr***•*,fa Packet
d mnpinjf. rhrwe i* w Mmln. it • r n*i will
1 r"t c*4 aaythiatr mMr way *te*mee«. «t*t put
afloat oo tin «al*ra of tie* Mn— unpj*
Srinnr A * transfer cr«Mnilf/tI «tjici*le In
thi* villacr- rm lh* f.th mat., m y% the Ht. petar
• Ukour •iryckiilne An irepieat
w%n MLI by C«*ior I-riri. F u ta. K«r| t>»f
! coorfw-ain arr»r***l at by j jry i» in erxifirmathw*
c»f lk** atm*-.
hfRRKRv Aaw»*Ttfiov. TV* c4thßrrta of St
P*»»y w* olmstw*. in *vNt t *k»r>if for
ii»» forma:»«*» of a lanrary Awnn «lira:. lbi*
*■» .a *>■! rd »h* uk! x + talrd by
tl* '»t /* t** *i i oiler place* in th* TfTTfUwy
If *. 1 ■".« Umar «n» raker of t ; * Arka*
* -»•»■. M*l ig. ».I iv« %fo fr »m *U b.*.
<»f * vfmkT
*1 uk very clever |kr(ioo! eflWion
aliouid have appeal vd ak w day* *UKV. \Yv
craw the whlerb purxlon lor the uuioUvithiiul
vu.t *U uiJ •• ii**»ofii g*Ni<i# a***-u
Our trow id I. nj*i
Vho%iU daunt Ini i* «r»nv*r l** '».
* iu:-- it* fouvi
Tt» •uan> III# **bu|».''(*4 l**** 1 ,
Tli*t ««tr (pfit'i cm* 1 ,
TR*rrr *ra ital l-v».l »t mrnrory * iar«***#.
And f >r u> a ; r*jrr.
WKy •a**! I •» *i«a * lt>*rv ttroka a** a**tt
l'nw*ft, unk*v*'l tv all;
Vaiar* h*»|‘.<’*it"‘4 !*• *•«■*> • )»*rl
!u i**l rtiaa - thrall.
"H«*r oh. a»t Wav* lit* real to find, *
AuJ aniti* at litua act «-«r»
Tarcr afr, a Kara oner oar lr<at,
W Im* in* la Kh*> u lltrfa
kr fAlll, No* U- W ft T J
.Sxn Aiviukxt. Y I'nUt.lu)' (fUfitoun, «
man liy tU 1 nanu'ol Kiiwakii Finxk. Into of
tt.v-1 oil. 0»N Wulking along i hil.l Mnvt, uikl
when ii.hi th.' alloy Ira. Img into th.' liv.Tjr »t»
hitt of Mr I.aniiliiv, w»s ntrurk ainl knortuvl
liown l.y u Utkin ol liorMH tK'longilig to WTi.i.-
IMOIIVY , rUlik', wtm li liatl it k * iniMurutii tw
tori' tukiti Ihglit hinl thrown thr ilriver Irom
hU wi»t in llm* iiirringo to whl.'h llwy were at
larhivt Oik of |lh' wLocta of Uh.' vrlik k'atrui'k
Mr. Kinkk on ttiv In;ul. iiimluriiig a trightlul
womnl tli «iw Inki'li li|. nml ivnvryiNl to
llir Tiin|»r»m.x I too*', on .ImkMUi »trxvt.
wlicro In, aoim.l. witu .Irnwit liy Hr. Moktok.
Hr I. now lining writ Whut rvinkm lli.s «ixim*
|n ruiiMtl> tiar.l. In Uk Imt tlml Mr. l-'lak* lull
KtrangiT in nnr nty. un.l without nionoy. \S*
hoju' ln> will mviv.' |irouni»ry ni.l from Non*'
of our Uin voli ntly ilin|n>m .I > iti.-. iih.
Tun Fu nat ll iarriNi.x. Tin I.mn I.j I In.
lar ill llwtiugn on SliiNlay owning la.l. in <■»
tinutol ul *'JU.IMMI. ll Wtu ngairi.'.l lunvlln'
ttiuiii'N ma.lo smt liltvoo in Niimlry jitliN ol nn r
rlmn.liu on tin l lovu-. In longing to iiH'rrlnuita
ul our city, hut III.' r. |.oil. wo nro tiu|.|iy to
li uru. InriiN out to In. nnlouni|i«l, un 11.0 liiv
inn urrol romo iliHtumv Irom tin laikliug Wo
lint.' Util I. ainoil llio ham. of (In- aulli nm l.y
till* tiro, nnr Liu* niunuur in wlnoli it origma
Nokthkkk Hkkai.ii Tlio Inr I MUii.lwr ol
lliii* |Ni|»'r. |.Mlilol on mutimil* |.uri Imw.l nl
tl.ii ofiioo, l.y Hot I’aiixyii II I'hks. ii, II I.
ma.lo itu iip|»'iiruiuo ll in printol ami |.nl>
linlnnl l.y Mr. F.. i' Cm h< ii. iiii <4*l, e.w'lriil
printer, and oi* <»l etil.trp r e»l e\|*Tnsn'e in tl*-
ncw-j*up r biinineM*. 'l'l** llt nth! i< liM-att-d ul
VYittub, lUnbm county, hi thi** Tirritnry. i*
is utrul in |N*liti(*s. it,*l pM-HcnlK u Very i*‘nt
lypVTaphicul upfHurntHe. wlolst ita eilitoriuls
jfive evidence (il tin*- Hlulity u* u writ* r. on the
p>n t of liilll wit*) wields tl*' ediloi ltd |«»l.
1 Ainu bin to ll*- lln at» i, Huy w* .
Kiuvkmxh l lli ntinu.—TM- otl* r day Mr.
IMhaf. ami Mr. I'kvakuai *,n. n couple ol print
era, formerly employed in this offl*-c, r- turtml
from it hnnting ci|H*lition hi Wisr<4i)tiii, hut
ins. during their hunt, killed thirty hnu (Lera
und two beam, winch they brought with thciu
to this city, as trophic* of their jwowes* u*
liuuUm. To men, its su(H»Mtful in th* t hu»* um
Mcwoh. It. and T. luve proved ilm-iuw lv*it, IniiiM
itur will prove v* ry lucrative, u* tlh y will lh*l
u ready «*al«- f*»r their *-im»\ ut it pood price, in
this miiili* t \Ve ulwny l kiM-w tMw*
men wen well oc«p!*itib*d willi a shtk,
but were not uwaru tM-y so well understood
how to liuihllc u ihnutiui• imu Tlwy otart on
uimilicr hunt iu h “few day*
At a Mtlloou asd'Oriou on Moriduy we* k.
at K«*)kuk, KiHin-of th* seats I'll down and
w vend lad* s were injur**l tl*>in, m
M iv* Fkc* *ull* rad tin fracture of a thigh
Mm**, and it i>* feared she has Men nmdc n erij*
plc for lik
Fifth in Snu.wvmi On Monday lasi, be
tween tin uiai dev* n oehsk, the Second I'rea
byteriun M«viinp ll*mist, in Stillwuter, wan
«lisc»n »*r* d to U in llunien, and in a very short
tiiiH-, rax out inforniAiit, if wu« reduced to
sish*» It IS sup|MMi(i bv (dlxiiis of Had place,
to have Mvn If** work of un incendiary
Th** building hud jurt Inti elo*a«| In. imdthv
pU ftr r- were getting n mly b* jdastr-r. Fve
rythmg in al** hi* ha- ear|*eiit* f«' i*s.|»*. < hrata,
Ac.. Ac., was * it Mr aNiniinol, or so oijue d ns
to (iw |... 'lh* Ik !» aid* !, wn*. the target
m. ami il •• an on. *i mot U*. iM- i ily, after M»*
niff la 4l*-*l •*- v* o tin* s hotl* i iMm it was wont
to M M iled |. tl from »u pl.ua- m tf* t« Ifry,
nisi wv *h;tfn red into fr i«»m-i,ts.
Siras tM * re. a olmciiptiiNt arfi'"in« f)j» to
h.*s l»*ii takm tip. i*k tM- 1 re* i*K) «*f
axiis i hoikloer tM *.t«- *»f il*- *dd of**
| lll** 'J» *k well f»f It* *d*t:»bty of th* l it!
trtw ‘d "»»f SO • f city on 11* UL* .
lie. I lon M'lmim*.
A fentk'fanu wcitife* from I a*Ms I I Wa,
•talc »t.!*f !.» Foift* t ruly f ive a majority
•A -i(iy i.’i* !*»r I* l fi*Mv •* •.(<.(». I.uisln*)
!4».w; >..t«m,.
lh«- 111.. U in llmlloniio
late fMHbnor** p»p r cofit.iiu i fi-t of the
L.I:• *1 aisi » •fili'M in rn*!* in ll .1 * ily on tl*e
*fi? . . ..Im*, llsn were hair kilhsl four
tes*i tfitully winksH'l Hid *nly riiie Mikr* »«!•*»
• *Miiid«l. «**,ffie f| ii*;** run Ay \w*n? the
wonts I**! ar< tl.r*» ar<«! (our M»y».
Me«t <*« rur K»o~ 'I Ik- ciUfvww t 4 Saint
|»'u wrtt ef*trr*-'*ic«s *t with a fr*-* romr-rt, on
tls '» vr mag of tis Of k ifwUut, by n» of tM
nrwty n.vef)t»*t •(« w«n instruments, M ing |*ut
in ojwratiim n* ors- • f iM- tram* of car* a« il
C«os in oc tb* *»j*j»#i**- *!*• of |M rir*T
11* tirat *a 10- play**l »*- llf*»i* A/ata, '
which WHS M Ifd disln* tlv b> I• llf »M lItiJWTM
*4 tl*e city A number «*!lsc |a**rva were
p(ay*d iftitvini* Ihe f/*»! I'>bt«ir of the
Hi I/hii. l+m« if l.i j.vA *dtU 4,».%1»ty
of thr masic
We hr aft Mr Ota *r. and U* *f*aii WTasislf,
it whs * !■»!.• u*. . ift l I *• * wf, » • is *r u
at t.M tin* •l*ars*f w r«qr ha !;r.|r* **l phoswre
aa Weft ua mqrffae '|'hi* •tcafr* ttyytt net;
have Un ( ar-«lowei| *r*l wiffefisd d -WN »r* its
j wane sin* I to*- wsk ed tort.si* nt nver
WM Us f *K Uto l that tr**j iiavi Is* n it aoorslrd
v-fv is th:# «sk *o*l m*/ht >0 im»gio
nd to r*-«ts- from •*>•» hag* -.rif-*»' j4a>T»l «k
tij »-»ts M*rr*f fa-isf «if »obfn, done. I
W. M.j#- rl« r%n o* r ;M* river will * krrp
jp t . tofs oft <„ • ir.v* «• fTK»r» arnoo
*»-l ... il* (r»w* <' **s w *t.A .k tls- ipnti*-m ; «n
|y t Ssh'Ct/K f - la** « • n-'*g * fr»s r isa-tf
I hv I'rffwAvailal % oie
JWi Fefruf
LLuhl ami St%§ //<iatp#Ao f
M laniUHiim.-The Uyialuturc ktand*
J2ff Itcpulvlimna. H iVmiHTnta. nod S Fillmore.
CiNtgnwsnviml dchyathm. 11 Urpulvlicam*.-
Pi\«i*k'ntial vote tmtire, in an follow* :
taam I"* >:»
1 Har Uhmhh .......
VMm h V VM
OoKKKTicrT Whole vote, 80.000. Iswt
!*|*ring whole vote waa f*t»,7lh. Hr* lute vote
i* tlw- largest ever c*w»t in Connecticut, by 13,-
OtH» W«-amw.v the rvcapitulati«»fi hy coun
ties :
l istHssi Duck l lit,
lUrit-rt :*W7
\,w tU**H . TNI TUI »T 4
S#w In>hal..m aas4 4*
ruhilvkt nrn»T Ml* HR*
WueOiHm. a»ta tm u
LIWHOsU .... Ml tN*
\t i.Hlaw* % , V*S4 tr.
T* lUmT . ,a**4 tvwa I*
4R*N* 34*2.’ 1)4*4
lvitoiiß iKLaat) 'lbe following ta tlw vote
of Rhode Island:
f..-H«*>««l Hack mi.
Ill|nllt| #•* *'! Ilk
K«*i ... ... |JM) :*(•«■ i»
l*r*»* i-iww *>vwi 41« n ;ui
Wk*lim(liH* 114. V ft-. Ik 4ftv
tmi lifu icm»
NRR 11 XVICSIIIKK llw following U tilt
vote in detail :
lniu.il Hurh gill
ll.VklN,liuu ,MM ,1
MM W. vi
n,Uu.|. jmu w:u VI
Minwi'i i*n <ivu M
i n.ii.ii m, vnm i;
llin.i».i.«.(i. t'CS U-iKi nv
I 1...1N 4NI« TM Ml
Ni.III. nn . T4;ll vwl ,N
■n»n.Ni in. a 4lii, M
11w... 11 MM HUM V
T 1.1.1 .... AW.I4 .ItIMI »>l
I’knnvvi.a 4M14 Tin' .fillrml rrluriM of llm
vuii' of A.l ciHinllin in IViimiylAuniu nhnw. for
Ifiirlmiuin 'JI3,(IM. Kuviim IW.fii'J, ilivukvl
»n Kilioitn : I’rvmi.ul U7.71H1. Killinori'ft‘).o“o,
Nlr.oglil Killiihuv «l>.
Tin* iiuimwol t In* 'J i'iiiiiiliim that nn- to Im
Ikwil from lire riarmn. elrarik'M. Klk. I<‘iil*ih.,
.li lli rMMi. lAnu rou'. MrKrmi. I’lki' nml War
low a. Twnity arvi'ii rouiiliiNi liavo Ut n
ln«nl from ollu'ially. Itr|iul.lli'aii gain on An
giiKl i kmlMHi 1,.11 111
Wimninhin.— A, Ur hn lii-aril Inmi.
h remoal'H 11u.|• ni ! v I‘f ulfil Ui'inaining
iNMinliva Mill inaki* ll K.IMMI.
)rt*m (Its Cli|i-«|o TiUmihs, Atadittaii
from imiMM 4<<«Hliial off ibr frwwiiaic
Tin* iiiortiing tM* Court met. und after tin*
tratiMM turn* of amir pn-liiuinaty buxine**, Mr.
Htej»h*i)4, l'.fs|., cimiumcl for tlw *h*fema«, then
until. liin * hwing urgiiuient to the jury. It wa*
Ul) utd* I‘lt«*rt, and reffecbnl great enalit U|N>||
tl*' an I hoi.
ll* wus follow***) by Mureuxa). I'ariott, Kxi|.,
of Is-avi ii worth City, senior etHiiiM-l for tli«-
ddetHv lie inv*atigub-*l tuoxt thoroughly tlmt
evidence iiitnNliieed by thec*NiiiM4 lor tlw Uov
iTtnuctit,4-i(losing tM-irtHwakhol and laeatioa!
tiMMiioption*, hi a clcur und forcible manner,
evliM-ing tlw highest Icgul utluums-iit* *nd *
moat thorough ainiiiainlance with ull the inch
*l**uts eoniweted with th* arrest miml trial »*f tM’
primuwiß at llw liar.
He wax folio wist by C*»l. Isaac**, Attorney
Uetwral of tlw 'l’.Tritory, who chised for the
prosecution, in it tnuaterly manner, iminileNtitig
great luirtHw* b.wanlx tlw del* ndunU. avoiding
all |m rtsMiul ollu dotiM to tls ir |Nilitical opiuions
wlneli cannot M huh! ol Ins collcugiw* in tM*
cax*- Alt* i l*< hu*l concludc*l.tlx* .Itxlge guv*
hi# cliarg* to tlw jury. They retired, mid utter
un hlhn’iicv from tls* Court nsmi of uu hour
nisi ii lialf, tlwy return* 1 *! with nve rdict ol * Not
Uuilty. *
'llm* following nann-d (s-rsonx w*r*’ tla-n re
le<ixeil : John I*. King, formerly of KridllcMiro,
N t , Tliotiiux.l. Ilowitin. tftiilliootM’, Ohio, .1.
If. York, Ru.’hanati county, Mo , iMvul Pat
rick, Is xingtmi, M<, Ueo. N. Ni 11, lU*Mtinirig
ton. I lliii ol*. Je<-*- |' Fyk, Ur* ericas tie, limli
uiiu; JuMtnxU. k* t* burn, lihxmnngtiMi, Ulinon*,
dumex Cnuky, Hull Hay, llltiNiis.
'l l*’ oflwrx were a* nt iwk to their prison
Imnim*, to awuil trial l**r otM r eritma* uJI* g* *l
ugainxl th* mm tM indict iiM-nt of the gram!
It ik uiml* iKbsHl Mre tlmt Judge |> <ompt
wdl ud joorii Court on Haturduy nigld, him I
thow- who are not tried M fore that tins- will
have to ninuin in prixon until tls twit b-rtn of
Court, in April is it.
•fudge Is-eornpl ho* s* nt* ne* d Mr IMirdtr,
wn<* wjo* eonvicted u few days owe, l*»r ’ u>»*auh
uiml bufiery with ml* nt to kill,” to an yi’arx
iropriMoninenl in tM? |m lotentinr).
Your«, 8. I*' T.
'fllirty thrve enmities hi Ml* higau give the
Ih'ptitilieun ticket IHdiM'i majority, (••*ciff«bog
to tM-ir orgarM
IMurh l»e N' miii out ti \ tint Own i.pr
MrlllaH rwMaNUkropff f icmffllflsO.
I'biMnlhropy u tlw prebm*e oakr which
Uritixb (Kotros to aympalhiar
with tls- ma*l aebeiiw* n| A b*4ite*msin hi the
IJnibal Stulkw. Mow b— kv* i- xuH, w pr*
teuti*: i# lully <l* monxtraU-*! t»y th* Irish <«i»no*
tabUw j«4 |»uM>dM'*l I hink •*< ta«wly otw
Uiou *und human Miing (icrishiiig I nan starva
tion in orx year in Inlaiel, urnl tls iv think of
tM- aina/oig hyp*s-r!#y whxh i»**M cer Ibihdi
(•iiihmthropMt- to mourn over IM* imaginary
wiflefiog* <»f tM- well fed weft * lad. find r*a»l*nt
ed »laves in tl# aowtM-rti Flat*-- We r**j*y
fraa llw Albany AiLmnul Atfu i.
“Am arV|H<«*4 te* TV* 0>s«» W— m»m »4XO |•(
#«k MWlr«t*4t U.HW'-*** f»«f uwv* •‘r#’2l,7.M4-«ilM
‘ Tli* WiS* *a Ik* NvKssl *#•
*•«*•■ I (Hi ••#•• Iks osw-Msai.sv* Mbmhf
«r mu«i i«# *«• *fc fi • < i*»* i*s(k T*KI l afM.-e.g ••
ui# |«>. H ih iu* i*-a* **r i*•* •*► ** a**# 4«>«io 'Hmi
;«•'•#'* Uy 'k* «•)*•*# aw 4 is Hu >-l»s«<|s«-
lr>**4 k“*»* sH-.s* “sjS** «mk »4M*r • ih
■ T(s-a*- vieliUM of -larvateKi were tM -ioali
tenant* .ost i-hUm-t* WM* Were lhru*t Iron. Its »r
Man*# uisk r a > Lin ••f «*virti*ai bk< tha»
whieh tts I to* M'S* *4 hulheflaisl In* f*a*ntly
(Hit mt*» iff #»fal tMy l»ave Is* it I* ft t*» *M
i*i Us way*sk llsi* l*ax Isen g*ang on in
If'dand rd lab yea/ » -*# tal atsl pf-js riy rev
'•Mooli, by whs h tM- hills (arm ois! h**kliog#
have Mo-ii swejg away, a*sl tls f -soiUy tmiwd
mb> large finis workml »*y itmt hns-ry uiml by
lrir*«l Ist 0f
1 Its- p tmf UwMit* l»a*e M'wls-r* to go. for
tM n M IS* ny«Df»» oi (XsK-ho*iwa in (reiaisl
s#ii a* list* 4in J «*g»afsJ, arsl tlsw (ssk
fraalnwn. afU-r tagging fr»*wi to *h#*f on
a w *ry round *M m tls *liU4sa a*. tM- way
*At tlo# v* ry tins- a Itrithdi ih# t as ho«< ring
olf Tis- c#<a*t of Na(#ka. (ifeb islmg b# ftisi a
; >st «■arus- of *ar m tls **a*l*#ctof its king to
bw s«i*pK-I#. fbit w* re tM <4 Naples
tlw- v»ctfins U a (sdn )*• crwH as that of Kn
glaisi, King iVanba w<sd«i r*’tgn a *Uy.
• 'Har oixl tis (s-**|*l. *»f KnglaAx) M*wl
over th* wxinksw of Am* ruan #4*.* ry Ibl
Mr r»«'jrd of Ambyhiu) Blwviry »M*w out 2m.
Mill vutiina of «tarvatHai in a year, a irfvih
iisorntliufi wonkt t. raor*atn >t l**r« trr
* kwgiais! ih tM M *d«gtart/TB of tuttrk (do
lanthropy uA m t Blar ia ever arraigruog
Us nttwta ii( tM- 'irtli Infer*' Mr and « k»
\ vninOg thata lint d** **• ord*r to div* rt »»
imtsai from trr own ww<*U ti*at *M i* Uhm
ever |s,iriLng to tls of otM-f«
I'rum N«Mn*
t*X Um> l‘h«Ml and
IlltUl IK TMtt MtU NTAIN. M T., (
November l*. IHM». j
I You. iv* well iu** Inrjjv iniquity of your rvud-
CPU, t4TV douhfUkw* ftWUlVllli*l during tI»C Ihj*l
I uemimi t*f i NmvfT'x***. through the i*\(tlkw o!
the lion. Wu. 11. Nohi.kk. 4*l St Puul. n bill
up|*ropruiUng £to,ooo f%*r Uk* ttirvey uml oon
atniction of u ttiiliuiry mod fr«»m Fort Ithlghy,
in MinnoikotA, through to the ‘'South Phnn ,# In
tin* Ihftkv MomtUna*. wan |*mm*l hy ttm* Uftly,
uml Uh) control ami mminmuil ol ilh enter jmiw
given to Mi NOm.iM.Ul be |»r% mrufril n* muhi
un jtrutTieuhle. Accordingly. with hii* cliorue
Uriatic energy. Mr. V. on Ihe ?‘*M duy of Inat
iiHMitli, id I St. rmil with eight two-home tenmn
amieight* vii men, lor the purpu*' of it ytv l mi
inary turvrjr tlm winter to the Miwtoun river,
ami erecting kiiluMc afore li.mvee# for th«> or
rotnnmdutiotiol lilt* I'tftmiiNiml. in onler to fort I
itule Ilia itrliotiA in Hu* upnng ,
IMi 11*4 ultimo llui expedition arrival
at the I rower Sioux Agency, where urruugv
mmtn won' mode f»»r the atorugc ol proxrlimma
und tonw, ami throe two lama* loann* iinuuxli-
Hlefy dmpatched |o St. Paul, lo In iimxl in
troiN*i*trting mu|>|»li.-h Ironi tliut |»oint to llm
A|t«*iM'V. thiw Iwingiuir lira! «lci*ot utter leaving
Fort llidglcy,
\ catcrdot wv arrived ut thw |N»inl, aim'll
him 101 un|uni»out»cttl4c limlikii nani* . hut in tin
hint; » Kngliuh naim* ‘ Hole in the Mountain
ll* iv wo art' to Imvo allot her depot, ami already
hot* Mr. N. oommetavd the erection ot aultalde
liuiMniga f*»r Morore of Nuppluw. ami ih*|Mtch
***l three tenm* to the Agency to onnurt with
the line from t. Paul.
Mr. N. In ilctrituimil that thi* work ahull hr
priMiNittnl with Hint energy that the true inter
twtaol Mimawota demand, ami ah*' may well
In* |»iou.l that tin He|kUimenl of tlm Interior
* lee I iil iiiw of lu*f nohlcNt m»iih l*»r tin' com
niaml of thin i*ntef|»riae, of wlih'li lie waa the
In Him cxpuhtion, Mr N ta tnuMatcd hy S
Mh*4k\, Km| , a young mail ol energy, ami a
pra«‘tii*al etignavr lie will In* of threat **l*l
amv to loin in tin* atireoaatul pr*M«VMtion of tin*
Tin* r»»ute ou r winch we cumc to I hn* |N>iut
i» hy nut it h admirably adapted for a rood- It
1 lir«»«ii;li tin* richcxl j tor lion ol the Ter
rilory I hau* a»vn, with an ahumtame of wmiil
ami water, ami with mi hilftw of any account
Tomorrow morning Mr. Nohijm atari* tor
the MiHt»*>llll riier. with lait little expectation
ol reaching it thia winter, on a*'4*miut of Ha
lt 1 him on tin* prairiea haviuir lieen huriMNl, whi«*h
will of onurae pn*elu*le him from pmetimu?
lor u*i' on tlw* r«»uh'. \on ahall h**ar from me
ft* *»fr* ll ut* pia* tuahle. \ lIY AtIKK
from lain* Awferlwr.
I t»i 1 r*|MH..|t'ur» \«| ll»»* t*l«NK*r mi<l IfMi^nl
lUvnai.it, Nov #». IHUf*
I am happv hi aniMMimv to tlie eiti
wm* of St Paul y**t atio(h<*r link in tin* ehaiu
ol l»«f I'onnm r< i<tl fffratiHw- I rrtf to the
4*MtnMm!iiiN-nt of n Imm* of mail ataip a, rouiHM'U
itiir willi the liia* fr* mi St. t'aul at Taylor‘a
Pullm, ami on hi llayflehl, every alt*male
TliurMtlay. h*nviii)r Tuylor'a Palh* mi the 301 h
ol tin* pr»w« ut 111*hith Make rtwmi in your
lirliNw mrrent for froth trout, while lUh. amt
Ninkowit fnun liik** S|N rior, withmNwaionally
lawr iiN'at ami limver tail** Th** ft**lH*fim »i
are pmt their lull work It mix
|N*cfrtl they will take at h*uet two thoiiHaml
Ihimvlh of fUh. Inwiiltn enough tor lln ir own
rmirtfintplinti dumie tin* winter Tlifr liUNim-wi
ii rnrnnl on In a very tonall way ; in anotlwr
year thin hnality will ev|Nirt fUh t«» the value
ol N'vvnty To** thoimaml dollar* Thk l" om*
HI th«* tii iim t*iw»r«lM huikliny: up lUyth*M
A rem* lin jj to a rcn-ui taken a month ngn, we
hat** a n-vi*!* ut populati*iti of one humlreil an*l
ten wail**, nml at ill eouiiiifr ill. Itnildiuvo* are
rofru* up mpiilly Mi** lianitw have work lor
all winter, ami their pay lor it In money Pm
vmioiim an* |*l. nly aial |*fM**a reaMiiiutile
The 4 otnpMtiy'N Hotel will he nmfHiwneeil
im xi week. It mto In* *hm humlml ami two
feet trout, with two wiMK«f<ar!jNi«ty fret ; and
will In* I.mil In a MilMtanlial manner, with all
the liitiMt 1111 pro vein* nln 'l'he f!owi|Niny eon
l« iiiptnl*- Imihlini* tin* front nf nil NnmUtoiM*,
«if whu hwe have (lie Him**! ipiality convenient
uiNlcaiuly woiknl. 'lla* Imililinp In to In*
ready h»r the n«-pi ion *»f Ntrai»|OfN hy .lane
IN Xl. ai**l a *ll In- kept m th« I Nit at) I*
Ha ium iu-imii.
t(* W lark.
'I In* otli* ml vote ol New York city 1 mk 10l
l*#w Hh iiakan, 41,114, Phkmont, 1
pll.l MONK, r»,>•►*'» Hi I iiaKAK'n tnnjOf it) over
K»rao%r 21,641; nv**r Fii i nomn. 21 ,f*2s; aver
Indli. I k** vote of the eity fur Hover
m»i * xeept thni* dUtrirtii, not yet n turmil. In
Parxkn X'J M 7; Kino. 11,.*14 2. Ilmam-. 20,-
If* tuna* from ull Hn eounlhn 111 the State
tail m mi, many ol th**m offt* >al ami a f«*W
et.inplel* , f*»**t up iNwrly aa folh*w« I'NWoNt,
lOIHUNi. Hi* »mnxa IfiMwiW, Fiii nonn l(M,
Ir lout I*.* 1, ofti*«ul!y announced in t*r*at
Intum that th nmnonolh *>n<MMiHhip final
will In luiiin tail alamt Hte aiaklU* ol
A|»nl nrit. Her lanlen* wen* t«* In* n*a*ly In*
it f* Hn* «!«*>*• <*f th*' pnwnt iiN*nth Tl»e |N»»-
|n ilia* loin ty waa m jrm*l a* lln
IfluO-N **o iirr hull were nearly all Hied. Tl*e
♦ lifilNV'f, ISKI MVI4 , haN liaitnn«l hi* plain f*»f
In r launch
iIIIMWIVIRM 14 »H»(MNl|*pl ami Mwliiimii ]
ur* now wkkd l*» tie HUto »•* which lln- 'ilMh !
ol Nov* tulMf will l*e **l*aitveil aa Mmlik-K'*'in>f
It t now i*rtll*«l that fifteen StatiM will unite
or* lla at»*.v« day l*»r the anntveraarv I la
wlrd*' thirty **«a- »h*M«M have a •!***< ail day of
thanki* ll»at the ehe*thni m over the «*Ninlry
**al* . a*al * arti nalivalawl o«»w ut Idierty lo at
I*ml t<» hi* r*yuh»r l*u*lnr»*e.
Fiat .1 It Hwitii * cotfrai weaving factory
at I’h Liklplii* ti» hurra*l ini On* rnomintf of
the fth In**! I/e f Ml.fiOfl, o*»nn-«l lor I'itl,-
IMNt lln factory etfi|**ny**H one huiNlml an*l
hlty harnl** who are. hy thia 1 onfhM/ratuNi,
thr *wm #ait of *'rn|»h*ytoent
wince I NNNerilwN vallb Na» field.
We b »n» hy a Idler lrwtiTuov*n P finraw
prwpva tor. that nn thw 2fNh Nwviwaher. a r«*r
utar *ni*.i monthly Ina *»l anwil will r ® f ’ !
|la tw**wi Taylor’• f all* and fflwyHekl, owm I
in? at Ha* f*»rtnet |4aee with utac*** !
! I'ml wol »ll (•»•« of it*’ n»tMry
A •!w|*trt> KtUiWKiwl 4«, tlir 7t»i
[•»»..«)•**.*■«■. I*f» N »Ur4»ltn
C.i,nM m li. I.nt»r Arxiow •It.iru-t, In.at
*fly n-|ir*wtil*«l ty lb* H **t II Itxiurv. *h*
i* .»-d V ,r/.».m i cv»t.o *l» W • •taa* Pole
/r»w a |kiwj*r»tir
The tail eat New a ! I
P»iHAi»Wii*nu Nov. 14.
j IveluriM Irtun all Ha* ctHintaw iu the State
| ate in. Tin? vuit* atamU *« 10l low*.
narkawwa ... u**,v*.* j
► r*NM**o (|.4HM«) 141,441
t iUm«»*e iluoam) XA,«**l
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killNaw* v* , *N | «ki> WhkRN
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Ifrii HAKAK'n majmity nver Funiou, *27,11*2 ,
over all, 70fi.
Anoiher ntariiie IMawalerl
/h»<y/l*v four* /aaf Ntaimtr Softerw '
H »**A#*/ Lt*( of l *t om! Stirred,
IfrrtoiT, Nov. 14
111** hli'anit r Su|a'rua waa h«t it* a Htorm«*n '
14ik*» Sn|a'r4**r. on Ha* *2ll th ull , mai tirand
leluml Her nnhhT waa earmxl away, ami the '
I**a*t Ml into tin* thmph of tla* tan, wln-u «»
ter 4 4*nu*M'mTx! into la r, «k***|»it«' all el ,
forta, ami put out tla* lire* A aliori him at ! <
h'rwanlN mm* willi to ptoow J
'Hiirty live livvw wtux' hwt ami aixtixui nuvml.
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»Io«m nh Havia, lat mate
Hte|»livii Pmik'liau, I at
Annualua kenaie. car|aniter. t
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Henry tilamk'r, tireman. •
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A. PaltiMT deck lunat
Huvid I'tahit, a aweep (
t'luv* Krmwt. |Nirtei
.lohn Ituti-lmr, lin-iuau
A. J. Fiaitv, KtlfiobliurK.CflNilV Mich , J
|*a*M« up 1 1
Hill’ll Slu'lhy, Ih'trolt |Ni*a*n}(«*r
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tfeo. Pi)aw, " "
Jun I h um**, Ituttuh* "
Oapt. 11 Irani *l. Joma, maNtn *»t tin* Sup* ,
nor, iMrml. 1
Win Nnrriv, clerk, f*hicn|ri« j
Win IhihhiitMin. *2d clerk. Indiana
Henry If. White, **t«-war«l J
,l«4fc*rwmi Warner, Nahum lotpr, IMrml
Max, *2«l eii|rimx*i, Itutlah*
d MeHlaiiKhliu, wlai Itnuli
Thontaa, whe« luiaii 1
tlua Ih iiiM'iiy. «k*i k haml
t 'unay **
Aku Werbi, eohiml waiter
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Maryuret F*a*t* r, |ninni up’r, halwNiiUhiirK. J
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Writ Hwaaon, |NiNaeup‘r, linliiiiim|n»lin Iml b
Wm. Ihtwe, |*a«NiiiKi'r
Kolnvl, color.il, c*a»k j
Hard M aailor.
.lohn M Hr* man i
Tta* |*r<»fN‘ll««r Hen Taylor, jml aimed Imm '
I iiku Su|N-fhit, n jNuIN tfc* Ntmim r Hnjiermr. J
from t 'hniipi, iNaiml up, aaliorc on Pu-tuml
lt*N*k«, loike Hii|N*ri«*r
•** h
Naw \ oaa, Nov 14 1
Tla aliwtiuihlp Furo|N*, with I,ivci|hn»l dal** 1
to Nov. I at. arrived al‘2 r. m
I'lie |.ivcr|MHil Arm *n an i'lmnita r i*f 4'oni 1
na<ni* puhlmla N an addnaa lo Ha- Soiitla m j
f ’liainU t , <*oiiiph«niiuK of tla* l.ti« |ao kiutr ol
• <>i icn *
Tla* N ciii *tl it an i|W**Nlt.m r. ilia Min prerhu ly ,
w lure it tin I the mily ivMithaiul iiaaknl In
itig that tla* tiov* rniia lit ol Nuplri had a*i 4
ilh Mil u eirculai *»l lumlerute lota- to ita ill \
plotiiMtic ap'tiU, aia! that Ha* klup luut will 1
M*»ii*4. H AiK'-'Mit, ii Frvnchmwii In liin ..mli
ilt'luv, h» Par la on a a»»«-n*t liiliwioii.
A •Imputdi **tal«M, nlHi.aiirh. |a rlia|*N, with *
out authority, that a Frem.li i.ijui-itinu fr* ,
<\aiiiul*' tla* Hunutnuii PiiiM-ipaliltcN,tla Ana <
triaiM have n turiail u flat r* fimul, m*«l tlifr mnt (
ter of Ha* Prlm*l|N«lifhw hua uaauuad a |»r**ml 1
ta tu*• over oHa*r h*pi«'M 'l'lie Frem Ii fiovern *
na nl Jihjiiiuln NNai-ri, definitely ami i xplmtly. ( ‘
that tin Port * hua «b-ni;in*l*il. in due h»f ill, that
tb< Aiiatriuiia rlinll evu* Mat*-the Priiieip.dilai,
ai*.l tla* Mrtlfewli tb« HU*k H«*a. hut tfmt th**y,
hy a aecret mutunt umler*tioa)lUK. refuai' to
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ita*|Mi*lliNi of Ha ,on tla* contrmy .
tliut no aueh *h iimtid haa lierti mail* hy J
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I i* mli an«l fiernmu **|a ak mi umhAKuiMoil t* rum •
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taU We* fi Fnplaial ai*d Aimliia alal U lwt-eu
Framv uml l(uaaiii
It ia now plated that Ifimain haa profaaa*! to
rekr Ha- «|u«wtii»nft ol th* Id of S«r|N*i»tM and
H.-lyra*h’ lo f iNMluiilifMfph-h»f aettfr'inriil.
M t H N I 1 11.
In rN*il*N*.i4, tk# 70* >n«4, Up 14* I** If |. N*4«ln
Mr W H in Mlpp U» a« M«*aft|#
On ii.# I 'll. **••! , IN OrlbOH, I. He*, M 1.. M**Vlp
Mr r«*N«iaW MppNirr.pl i;»l<UMa, *« M<*« c*ia.
Mil Nr air*, n# M*n l«twe |.ln*n.
lall* I.Un*l, ft* * a, >0 n#« o II I-nnU M* I PANIN#
1100 «, PI*U MletfiO Wtifia
At Ik* ><*«• nf O*# lot# » iaO.#< In I# W«*#«*r r*>«Nlf
wall.pMN l».p| . *<ji I’#* M k AUaw.4 Mr i».n* II
ll#«fI* In Mfl ANOIINP l»«fl#
HI K t*
fn. |l « I*l 11*1 , #1 I'nt’lnnN, I*4*.• *e , Ml !*>••«, Of
4rnp#r M*- Mriia A* i •#, #*l* »*l M o ftltnw, l#i# •»!
Nl t'mm l
In «•** lrt*l#r, ft»v#«*u-t ‘.III, itiMP W,
« inn as, *«# -f PN-l lln»r.#« I MfW, #v#4 I >••*
#•4 V n.untftp
In Nr«nilo*4, •»*» r..#*4«r •*.«.»n*ny Ik* 4*ft t#N. «• X
*» rlwl, # a rkw n nkmt tile#— *4 lang l#*#r, Cmr#» *.
>.m **i I I ok# I tn*r* n 1.-, , |nt« *.| T*WNN*«n4., M< I.
*rpn ■»**• 4 ’ .#••«. II iwnO. *«'•• I-Ur
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! w r-**»#in «*..i*r •».► *•*#•* %4 • 4N*wrr*n#*-a. k>#«ik
• »*♦*. •<» h*.*w .a* •* u«i mnr • V*•>•• ••■# li/nr*#*'
: •• • 4#*irl4#a #«*W n* i *n.|f '**4>t M • *nl Onl I***#
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lk>W i.r#i»fc •• «.nU *u.i tft. . .omo* *fc#tr
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- iVnlw. •« )..•.» U-.IA t.r«*«k *wi *n*k «#»'•» "V* 1
#*•4 in"»in** a i*l»r **n« man# wiiiia * • *•*
a ft* a• nr* i i * M»i.r*M*i »•* •• n*»- •*p****r
~1l , Ik. • ».!« . . • "
•■li r,«...,. iu. , !>•"»
I*. .1 >4, —li •»! .•M.I. *•* *■*<
, .»! •••'. "• '••• ••«*•• •«'*
.««» •••«■», i- •< "• ••• “
• 111., «.i« ..» > »»••«••■»
I**r4 .#.l *« #**l M»*k• a »•#•*•.ln’ pwM ln.ft*r *'•*•*#
IvJKMt *■•••• •• l > »»,
*tr#«.p «.l #«a*«.»*r** * X «b. gPNM-N# MNl#«.
•wn#-i •* WC rfct! llM** * In,
r-.pfc. N n««Ar*, v«#x
t„, .«« «n-«u iv*«• •# * nki i.oiMi,
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i.#ii 4v#o. ai.Ai r#«i. m r
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\ o, • -MiIMNKM, U..i«f. 1*.1.4« f.r
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ff'wn nT a<« A,***' «»l oft
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vTvan*# ll* i I |i»Wlft%in « «*l
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| Lw>.< W,ir..l. «ii.«r.« k ■
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j Unnmv U IXV* UA«I«
\M. A M I. II.U li*, Ai nn.Sftk.' V.MI
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S I -Mm
>*».•. K.|,.r 111,. M r «..! 144**1.
11 "IN A JllSK' kIIiU.NKkU AT t.AH,
M l«.l, N,. .1. , .i ik.. nlll. I f.
'* H »ph-l, n >hp* n* ft’ iNlkoMi «« l il»rl«*l •I'twl*
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a.\U\l.\ Oi HIM,. VI Kll.M.k AM*
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Ml 1.1,.
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I • I.fIIM TM INK I « N’» lk#f»k»l# rwwnlrr la Oft.il
*il will. « "..iil#*lril NN'I lft*llA*ir»M 4* kNf*M-» fh** |.pl*
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«ro. k* lao. p«tr#N« a#4 4#•»••*•*I Ik*-## ##<(# Mr.#..#
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