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The weekly pioneer and Democrat. [volume] (Saint Paul, Minn. Territory) 1855-1865, December 18, 1856, Image 2

Image and text provided by Minnesota Historical Society; Saint Paul, MN

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riMUft hit UtMI.IT.
I’n *»«*.•*» Th«r*l*y* »l Urn *' ft-mw HuU-ling*,'*,
MifMt IW4 sis) J*s\umm Hr
•AS#*# (MMNfli..
M**TM • »<U»W* (Ml. •*<»#•»■
jam* aiM.,,. »*»m
TIRRI Of flf n
Plonrfr unit IteiNorrat.
to »k »wt to os* * noun*
Twa f:»|»i*a, •••••**
nra UflM,
Tm Ciwplro, • • • ** w
rwenir • .... ii>
riitr echini ..... iu
<»« Mwwdred < »pl«. ... *x*
< oniliiacd Uercllriluii »l Half <>« * *•••
garfi.l lb* nail l »a»r»»t*»r.
Thu continued t of duty on the partot
the mail coatracts>r la-tween this cKy auil Dm
buqu", require* that aoinf actt,*l should Iretak
rti hjr onr eltixetis to remedy the •■til Wf art
not aware ol a bells r plan than tc j* tilion tin
I’ostmast-r lift it ml to caM> I the contract with
W»i.K*u. ami to re-let tire rout*.
Wa hart had but taro nr thru fall mall*
•into the elrae of navigation. The mail* arrive
ao irregularly that onr htuinraa an
rsmfldence upon them, and ioatsind of proving a
• a conwmrnco to the basin*** pohlle, they are
a aeriona inconveniente. A l*ft<t mpll i*
brought through ocrafoimally, amt lire newspa
pers left behind at aonw food-aide ion, and met
turpi. At the prrwnt time, if th*' Dubwqnf
postmaster haa fulfilled Ida duty, there moat t*
Imtwetu one and two hundred let* of mail
matter lying between thia plate and Itabmpw.
Thnnsand* ol dollar., ami pa|ter« of great rain.'
am thua left at eonntry Inna, and wayaide
poateufflrxa, In the hamla of irrrspmslhl#
agouta. 'These are a /rre ol onr com
plaint. iirnin.t the pfnaeal mad nontraetor.
Theft' it another matter, for whirlt thi* mar,
Wii.naa should In. denounead hy every riliran
ami pros* in Minnesota. Wa rife* t*» Hie dl»-
grueetul aeenrmnmlailo#* l»e provide, lor trav
elera In'! ween St, I’aul ami |inbm|ne. Having
obtained the mail contrail, ha i» enabled to
iuono|Kiliae thepassenger business. It i. almost
aa much aa a man', life I. worth, tn Irn.l him
seif, tor the trip between hero and f)obili|ne, In
oue ol Wti.aaa'. o|H'ii and rickety nk-da ifoy
dtwerrr no le-tU-r till** tlf all the Mage lures
running out of St. I’aul. Waiutaa'p affords tin
meanest accotnneelationa.
Inman Atianr Ki.anDaau. Wt nolicowith
pleasure, 111 many of the Territorial |wp«ra, ol
both political partlea, enqjpliinentery initloea
in regard to tlie lalthlul nml rffirinnt inanncr
in wliicii (diaaiK. K. Fi.xshbai', Ke<|, ia dis
charging tint dntiea of Ida ikfiee, a. Agent for
the Dakota Indian* Mr. F. pnatrew., in an
eminent degree, we uro Infurnavl by genlleimn
Iron the Indiuo eonutry, the qualities necessary
in » ntieful Imlian Ajent lie thoroughly un
dcintaiid. the ru.loma, the temper, nml the lar.
gunge ol tin' Indians; is firm met determined
of purpoae, yet kind nml considerate in hut nil!
ciul inlereonrwi with them, nml Itn*. wo learn,
already obtained to a grmt etlent their friend
.ld|t and reaped. To tnte who sympathi/rs
with tho eiiinlUioii of tin' Indians. ha. bo|n'. ol
their ultimate civilisation, ami I'aruealJy desire"
to eon-rtf,ulc to it. aeenmpll.hmt id, the oflln
of linlit.ii Agent is a glorious tb Id of labor
We I tel I tire that It Wiet llii. "few ol the eat.
mttre than tlm prttafawt of |wcmnary reward of
pnlittcnl advancement. (hat tndnred Mr Ft vx
t>nart to acwpt the ptwlle'e which he now .0
worthily ocuipiw.
Vuikmah Wiua A New Orleau* pspo
nolle* the return of* Unitixl ri(at* , » ' Oi-t-r ut
Liu- 1 men,, from the plain* of N*w Mexico uiul
Texas, where he ha* lx on engaged for two years
ps*t sinking Artesian Will*. Vle nt tHOodO
has Imen sprat 111 the 1 xpuriawnts sml it low
prom! • (uiliire. The hennas were to l»- Hiio
lert, but the water, ill no instance, it sis ui«,
(Xiultl be briHight to willmi I (HI lis t ol the sur
face. (iy|>tiiiii cruslaetsms nmri, was louml
in nbiimiaiicr
Tlx- laittalinn of Hyriali Caus ls iiup'irtisl
for our army, it i 1 -aid. are- thuiri.limg 111 Texas
ami are rapully improving in dwripUim umler
tlie ronmiaiitl ol an iiilelligs-ni graduate of
West I’olnt
Th* Isoias t'oencli The gran,l vennr’l
ol Dakota, Wittmhsgo uml ( 'hlpjarwa Indians,
which was to have 'oiDc (Ml lee lattsr part ot
last Hituitli at Fort re ml hug, has taco nwntrr
uiand-sl by tin* Indian In partimuit, amt wdl
not take place 'The conned was to have l*cn
held by the bend cl lie ft ot there trllres. with a
view to the ressution ot htwlllilk'* bs-twvs-n tbc
Dakotas Slid t'hip|t*wa*.
A Snoar llea.K, aooa Ci aatatie— W i' have
no dl'pomlion to rtintiniu' tbr nontfnerray with
til,' Jfinaratfiua. in regard to tin’ albuml hrxwch
oflaiili Ml Mir purl, in twirl? wiml honorably get
ting the iinM|r' mil aomo twelve or littrrn
tv Hint in ailvamv ,>l ourcontrinptirary Kwry
atutuueut uia,b'm Mir aitlii* at Nil unlay, am.
•triotly true. aiai. if MCMWry. rail lw »ii|>|»v
loil by hill'll,\ ill. illl« Mug the ran'. It lanot
material to all any thing in relation to the
arthU- in tlw WoiNN4iitM of yeatarduy. ruvpt.
p, ill i|n. t„ exprii* Mir iiih|vi»lUhil atlnnratiun
of the .alitor* aklll. In rndearxwmg to rbieM
bi« lajuiw** In getting Mil tin' tmwmg, . by tell
mg hi,lut' lult,b",'H tri'iiu lulu,Hi* lira ila
tfiarwaifirtn may now enjoy tin - goNnp'a luxury
of the l»»l wont, if it dealrx* to if" *>u The
• putt uni ha* air,Wily oeeupied Mere apace than
it* importance •!,'man,la
roatal taanaiirriariila
Wo burn frmw Mr. 111, a. our Itclegate in
Congn-.., of iho coalitiahmerit „f th>> following
l*oat OSov
At Warm., W mooa county—Kwi It. Jaw
trr, PiutmaaVr
At flrnera, Kr>n b'rnimintv .loti' llaaru.
At Nininger. IWkota maiiity l,aai«. Port
Arena It. Swat baa la-cu appointed Coat
ma'trr »t Wett Newton. Waliaduw enmity,
in placeol Ai.aaxn «'i \m*i.h»»,ih u.,1 away
Ititxar M \Vn.LUa« boa Uvti appo.utal
KoUmuater at OaJrAwiia. Ho«.*nee<mntv,tic*
W. J M Kaa, naigoad
Th#' .Tlrswuu#’.
We law) tie; I'reaidmt'. Animal Message
turn our reader* in a SUppleaacut to onr iu-t w t k
ly.aiel tliey lia*c eonw <|u«nUy had ampin ti m ■to
rmal uml digeat that aide itocamcnt. We can
tuuillv* ipcdtl.al l!m 1t.11.1l |mrtiza.i Inca of Air
Pianea will apprortt of if. tone or matter, or
ataent to tiro force id it. n aaoning. even il
accnliy Cottvtooadi lor tia- oaf adage tella u.
**( ##«> «o • id-n «««!•)•' ; u k* .1,
H»'« On* >••»* Di'tfi.rm •nil.
lint at ure ml If lif, | that all lair mu,>l,-0 pt.p ,
of wlrati-ver political (airty, will t oininci.'l lie
ton nml .pint of tie- Me*>u*gc, aiel mimirr lie
a* le unit lucitl . x|e«otion utel deli nee which
the I’rcaidcnt makce t>f flic mcaanr, * ami poll
cy <>f hi. Admlni.iration. Hi. ataternent ol
the cantte. witich iu| 10, ami of the rea«ta«t lor
the repeal ol lie, .Vfhotouri < 'oiuproiio-”, ami
tlie leloption of the Karnara-Nt hratka net, ami
hi. 1 iptwitit.ii of the Mtlgt tpif rit rlifTienltic. rtrttl
dmorder. in tlmt I rnlory, wnynr la* tnaa
terfy .mi ahotlalely utMtimweralil, lie tajae
aw tig uratniatifaiionalily uml aUo the practi
cal WitrtiilotMic w of 11. Mb mri I 'oniirffnmo
»hoa« that it h»d alrcatly lr»n practically ig
wind, am! I* citin 'in t (T. <-t .1 dead let 1. 1 , ami
had liecu an treated t« ! ■ >t,« it p al; n/el t-a
hihil. tin alimirdity of attrihntiug t 1 till, to t
any greater wrleinriity rhan |g>|oie/. to any othi'f
act of t'ongri »« II- cv|gt»a in n mint able
ami tiflrctlre rnanm r tig- utter hollowm .. anti
hypooroty of tlw (trnU'fi-iiou (h*t lh>‘ V(i «<turi|
wtw mi.| tin Kiiimoii Nr
hmskn nrt rwlojilnl, willi n , ,cw o! • xti'fidiug
nod |»« rjH law*ftluvrf)-, or tlmt f|t*f i«rt nr.
nr iisturwlly inoko or }« idU to snv»mrh
rmnif. or ltn« fiirwctly or irnlirntlv nny
■orli Utnlmry. It#' |h«t lh#’ kftfwmi
N> litiifk liu t ‘ inliM- t t tin only fair, t ijnsl,
cntMUU-ul uiui « him4il»*lointi |inn< i)#ir of r#*Kn
latit»K tlir TrrntorM * of tl** I nit##J Mfo?#*
lh«* only jirlnriplr whi li pl.»r. s tlw jn «»p!« of
ttllfljo Hfuti s iijsin tu\ nj ijil f«»otiu(c r* ttiv« lo
IhitK T«ft|ti#rSt*,iUtfl 11m: lioitra* nml (jothfui
olhi-i of wliii’h. «>o tfn? p*rt of thu t# n» r*
J ofi*fnfw*ot »rvl of o>< v* ml Stnt# *, rnn
pr#*si rvr tl»i uiml liuiiiHHiy of ilio f 'mon.
Hr i)ofuo(Mitriit('A ln#y<Hiii u r« lisofnibl# o»vil,
thiit tln* f*ff#vm»of»4 #•/ *hr knn#UA Stf.niAks
art wwn n#Tt fhr mu*., hut mrfrly fin* iM'ra
»io»i or |»rrt» vl of un agitation * Im.li \mh inlie
rrnl ia ibr nutm, of mi u oiiifrouiHv
*«M|o*ri»iiii( tin* htlurv ti'imisili. institiit i«*«i4 •»»
•fiat Ti'rritory %rhi» h w,ya owMiihh*. which bo
Immaa jinnkix * , im I >nn •>( k « Nation, no
wuhloin on tin- 1 part t»i t'OiiKi*"*. rouM havi
•vrrtiMf, who It wsh iihlom! hut u Mt«<t m thu
ik'vHopinnif of un utihupf>y wiiothtl *tnfr of
lOffit ilumlidßl Tli.. ilLtorhui't • in kuiibas,
hoHLki r, til fV.TOth (ii riUiOUii' ts, (mvo ili«ii|r
p* »n <l. nisi pram sit t Imrinonr |#r» VHif ffn n
HV an* il.i «f fiis thf IV-i h itt is aMo
It* r.M'OHim. inl a rv>i*ion ol ilj. Urnnun
uiiilu i'onsiiU’rsbh'rohiction of iiu* I'wrifY.
If will lln h.. n iiinft«*r of prii|»* on!
cniioii with th*' Aimricmi ptoplf, f)i»i f)»»•
I'rtshlrnt is till, i«» in tl. itl .i u>rm- of
I)m* improvtfl
of tin* Nsvy \V, nti* pI.'UM i) thst hr r« i'ooi
mrmls farther improvi nwnfd in this importnn?
hrsnc!» of th<* f*»lhhr neffirr, mi l <% foitlu r n
mu* of th- Nsvikl fortv. Wr • ur.». »Iv h<>}»
tfiul t!>'•■* will twkr vurly nn*l Uvi*r*hU*
•riiim ibis Irtftir IIt IV
i.hHi fin«|<t tin* < “million ol thr Army »onl fhr
•till*, of its vrvit’g ~!i.» silt Uci«»ry
In regurel to bis lebnin inti ut ion ot tie- ( ■<, -. n
nllairs of the country. Mr I’lsmo ha*is|x-<i il
rout'll to ft-bcitiit, him ..-11, ami the eonntry has
good 1,1 use to infirtain feelings of prid- . N't t
or sill • th" f"Uiul.il ion ol onr goveriiiseiit. have
the tercign rt lationa of llstt country b **u u,l
mim*terv-,| with more eousutuiuAt,- skill, ability,
ami smu-ftt*. Itnportaut international priiiei
[ties it ite Isx it enunciated with * txilthitre atitl
tl ires I litre that lia* startl'd the esmtiutlionul
tliploumls ot the olt| world half out of thi 1
propriclit S. uml hove beo orgttl with a lorn
ami skill Ill.lt Im.* utterly rohloimdcl the /inessre
ol their tlipl-'iimty. l-'irsl c.uue the Kosia
ivtt, r whivh. 111 char, trumpet tones, rung 111
tin- c;o* "I tlie tlcajxtt-. ,tf Kuropc, th, ifiviola
hi* eharaeli rol citizenship Th- 11
came th, enlislnieiit cinlttoilgo which tleimtn
strntttl that the mo;-t jtowt rfui nations Cenld
not v tola?,', tlinrtlv or mtbrcrtly. th, 10,010 ipai
law* of the I'mtiul rifales mth imptnrnitv
'There is the rimiml Do,- • ,|aeatten winch -how*!
to the world tha* Vmi ricati eoiniueic,- slmll j
evirvwhere Is- free from nnju-t au-l urbttrarj I
cxaeTatvi Utxl.r «h*t pretext, er
tortus ef law or usage made
Tire reply ot tit*' United rilate* tlovcrumcnt
lo the pro|K *.tl' ii of the Treaty ef Fans, to
abohdi privaUsrmg. is one »•? tlieiu.-M powere
fill v ttvtli! utiens nl Li, truth, mtlwtsnee. ami
res-es of tli, maritime law tv- ilicoigtiished
from it* flcti-ins and convent humid it^ •- ever
list tie
'Tlx' firm nttitml- „f the Administrution on
tire Uentral Aroeriesn question. ,* ahout to
hrinz this vo xsliuo* matter to a >iKif*clorv
•etth wa ut, and to extricate (la- eounlrv from
tire t tks-t* nl the hongling diplomat, I a |«re
viotis administration. We learn »!*,, that V'g
enma lit- a-ure. have lecu taki tt 'or tire pree.is'-
timi ami teaiirity of the rtvhl». js r--',i* uml
pre>|« rtv ol American* 10 the Isthmus ef I'a
llama. an*l hv the mmr'h-t, vlishratoret ef p.v*?
iijjxiries uml wrongs tulh reel by them
On tire whole, we nuik la, dixibt that tin
administration of F*vsxity Uixm « will tre
treutisl in history as one ot lh<- m >st tlislo,.
giiUliol and able that has th is far marked the
annals ef our cv'untry
I'll KXSSTt'X * Kvx I «H| »«TI! »l l’l. \ 1
Uwxl I’vi HKtreT.ty i> said to Itav, 0 pr, *. nt,
in bis gilt, Bniresi 'wt'l tx'ek 'iasticx; palre-esgr
to the extent of upwarel of IMUIHhI s v, ,ir.
Tire bidiopric of lattxlon. which he has at hi*
disposal, 1* worth, maicr tk*- n--w wrrangvtnent.
TIOOoO a vv*r: (Six! lht' ln«b.«pri,- ol Durham.
4>lHHi Two bishojt* of sttw er rets it I*
thought, wili lx trars.abd to th--, , which wiil
give an uioretoxxl jwittmuge 11 tip tx-ti , ytstr.
Then tire noble ls>rd h»* vacant the deanery
of Wtstmtnsler. worth X2tXH' x\ a- 4 tlsretxc
is the bishopric of (iraham's Town, ever which
hr wilt have snare control, w trih i-no ,-,.h P
rio large an smouat ot I hurrh psironagf see
tlt-lw lal'* at one time to t. 1 gifl i lit,- tVee
THrl pprr llMlMipgl I onritrj.
A flying trip from rit. I’aul to tie- Upper
Mi- mippi rvmntry, alTird.ahumlant opportu
nity 0/ 'dxerration relative to the nuniil'dd
natural advantage* of that porthm ol Mi'im
*ota, uml al o rruay wi V uc.’t of the dimdvan
tagen uvier wtn, h the pvrytle of the r-aat rule
of the Ml -imippi river I Ijor, owing to tin
great riuantitn-g of land owm-d hy n<m-r.t.i
dcot ipcellltor*.
Matioirpn, (the Oral vdlage »tn the military
rmu l iilgive rii A nthony,) nt tie- mouth ol Itioe
('nek, ,« a thriving little town. Unuting aomc
litre, n or twenty houwe, ami among thi tn, one
of t),u heft conducted hotel. (Wit M.'j in the
Territory. Margenin ,- the natural millet of
lire rieh agrienitnral enmdry Ca*t ofit, on Rice
Creek. In rU vknnity, are many well cultiva
In I farma uml mut larm-h.iiMea, all Igariug a
well-tod'i, thriving, nod eiiterprinlng npp'.r
\noka, at the mnulli of Hum river, ia a bu
ay town, ethibiting all lire uvidelicua ol pro»-
jg-rdy uml rapid growth. There are three HU.
miiU here riitua’ed, nr Anoka, ia, at tig
ilintllll "I iv'lm T.Ver, 1 Hie of tier outlet, ol tig
great pmc r gion ol tli Territory, it poggruae*
intturm ralrle ndvantuge. f<tr th*' inauntactimrof
lumber gmal water piwcr, a Cf.Ntanl .apply
of e.gt. a d anexletwive mi l ready horn mar
I’aeibng over a tieantiful ermntry—rolling
prairie ami oak n|g ning«,—the only |grint of
any iin|girtaiiee ig t.et n A lark* ami llig luike,
or llumlcddt, ic Orono, gituabd at the month
of I'ilk river Then* i« 11 «nw mill here, and
r|oile a niiiidg r ol huugea.
Ittrowv'. comfortahle hotel, if the'inly build
ing, whieli indiriitcg. at the preaent tine*, tlie
aite of tlie town rit Huiiihnidt, the coardy wat
of riliorburn • county The town it laid out on
the h.ink of one of the moft heantifnl lakeu in
tic Territory alrnoat a pnrlect circle iu .hapr*
and .nine live or git mile* in etrcrmilVrence.
1111nde1l.lt it all out two mile from Ihetlver.
Inint dwtelyopp ,gith d, on flu* went hank ol
the Mi. ,-opp , it altnated one of tire moat
thriving village* in the northern part o| the
I'i rtit try ; we rt i'T to Mimtieclln, the connty
-, nt of Wright county. An Academy if Inca
ltd lure ; there are two nr three new «aw mill.,
w -vefal hotel*, nml about t igldy dwelling hunt
f Tliia ton'll hat grown up wiihm the lad
year, ami il It. future equal* it* pad, It will
eventually la- one of the prominent point, in
Miiim «ola.
Clear I like. I* another town »ile, lying about
half way, between Mnnitgrldt ai<l Sauk itap
idg. flier-' ure hall do*cu ImuMn here.
rimk llnpitia i. one ol the oliket nettled town,
in tig ti irtkern J«rt of thu Territory. It 1.
Iwniittfully aituatml, hut nrdortanately for thr
place, about a mileftom tin-ateamboat landing.
Willnii the l,ig| year. Sunk Unpid. hag Ircr ti
aicathly g*ung ulietid, and the ’ hi tiding* erected
are <■! .1 character .nrpawtin h in a major
ity ol onr frontier town*. V. lie. point there
.re ulinql tliirty 11011*1* ,lt of II *ui|ttall!ill'
rhario tt r— true large *aw mill, running a t in u
lar and upright **«, and a .liingle rnachinc
Al I! nton City, tme mile tielow riank Rap
id- jt.d the glcandiont lamling f r that place,
we ton id our quaint, rpna/.iral ami qiitwr cor
! 1 -point, nt. "Ttuia.c well known In rriir
I ni.itler*, living In alrnoat hcruiit-like Mvla.ion.
Thi* pitint i* tag' of the tu'ft on the llpjier
Mi»*l«vipp- at the bend el Hf"nnihia»t nuvi
ut it'll for llu-cad aiilc of the river, and ptrt
* re* nn aiii.lile iiidliug and lug lining privile
g> - I Tilortiniately, 1 he.e great natural advau
t ig-. have ig vcr he. n iuiproveil, awl Menton
City, a.i yet, 1 tutain. naiigld Imt a log cabin
and a frame war- lion-- .
rir I 'htutl, the eoun'y scat of rileirn* raviity,
1 ; io,mediately opjHrtite Britton itity. One
tear age, at tins |Kiim, thcr-■ wi re hut one or
I xe leg niton*, now there are upward* of eighty
L-ttod nml -utistantial house*. 'The situation ol
rit. I‘lotid resembles that n| rit. I'anl- a g«**l
minimi ati ainlxstt lamling at both 1 mix of the
town, rising gradually to the summit td the
hluft. (rum whence 11 Irennlilul prairie stretches
away for miles. Tire town is regularly laid out,
aud lie* quite a city like uppearnnee. the street*
crowing t-ach ollar at right angles.
\ vrry large numlrernf UertMli* »re setllixl
in thi* vicinity, engaged in farming one ol the
rn htxl ugrit 1 Itaruldistrict* in Mimresota One
note aorthy Uct is, that a lure brewery has Ixvn
elected nml 1- now in nclive operation t* riauk
river, alx'ut ftxir miles from rit. I’loml, which
supplies tin lb rm.uis s.-ulikl In rralxiut with »«
tint' uu article ol tlicir national Ireverage os we
have ever t.oltt)
W a tab. on the eu*i sute ot the river, six
tn lies troll, Sunk Ua)>ids, nml Little Falls,
ulieut twrnly-fiv-' mi’e- Irvon Watab. art* the
head quartar* of u company of riitcrpruuiig
capitalists, who have lixntid xt these twoJxitnU
tlurire the p t ’mere’ Watab is th*manly
lat of H ut,m county, ami Little Falls o|
Morrison tummy A m-w I'oart Houw. Jail,
atxl Uegist* r s eflitv. wtd shortly lie completed
in tbc fount - pla - There i* also at Watab.
one of the (Inr-s! saw mil!* in the Territory,
owned by llxtsox, l*tv « A To. It 1* capa
Itle of tirmng out tH.IH'O fet-t ot sawvd lambrr
|«-r day \ el arter for* bridge acre** the Mtw
iwippi.at thi* jxdnt, ha* Ikvd srxraml. ami we
learn tlmt ril.’.hcd ol capital, ha* Ixvn sulwertb
i*l by rit A atlrenr ami Miatrewpriu mvevhaaU.
Tire opixxitc sole ot tho river trerew Watab, is
v ttkd by a large number ol enterprising farm
t ami tire bridge, when completed, will doubt
i-s* pay its prenret tr* Mx-ral diviiWtret*. Therv
are now about twenty-flw Itonx-s in Watab,
an l among tlreet. n Urge hotel, just completed
The town proprietor* are Mcwrs. MxTv:xbr,
tin was. lutwax. Ilvxsox A I’l.Aca urel t'»4.
I'vsxxa II Ka»cn—all tmlrrpriaMf ami en
ergetic men
Here oir jo trtf y end* foe the preaent- Ityl,
we cannot help noting otre great draw-ha, k to
the -is— tv ittlranl ami (wxwjvnty ol thr
thnv i-Kintfs* t-f rilKThurtx*. Morri*'n and
Trenton, all ly-ng i n the M wiwipj-i river,
ami |X"M -emg greret i-aturai redvai tagis- That
is, tire Uct ten: a large proportion ot the land
in each county. i< Irehl by mre rrsxlent specula
te;* men who at present will treithcr wll or
improve. Imil arc k-'l-img oil to d apoMof their
etreap treie-ht Utxts at Urge pneex W* wore
int-trmt-tl hv i\ gcptlenxcn we'lqn-xlilksl to judge,
that niuri<*»•'irervgirikr ef the Soial in the*'
liirvx , -ml --s ;-hvkl by »jx'Cuut >f*. A very
gtxxl p an hi* t<ee!t Uthiptcd t'>r*fect Ikitdrxaa-
Iron, .talc ol thing, lor the belter, and that i.
by taxing thr land of oco-reahirot*. aa moch a<
the unproved land, rd actual reaident. are aa
'wM al. Already n oormidernble amount
of land held by ea*tern imc haa bed thrown
inbi mark'"- WitMa Uwm wtwln pant, up
ward* «# ten thouuad aert-g near Watafi, prin
cipally owned by Itaitiinore merchant., baa
ti*..*fi arihl to men who will occupy awl improve
the land.
So better eommentary upon the policy of
the general government, in throwing large
bodiei of laud into market, can ho found, than
the cowlition of tin- country lying 011 the upper
Mimtaaippi. (to the wcat fide ol tho river but
a .mall quantity of laud wa* thrown into nmr
ket, and thi. baa Iwen alrnoat entirely atnorbed
by the claim* of preempt**!. On the naal .hie
id tlie river (lie contrary wa* tlie raft- A large
amount of land waa thrown into market b-u
ting-* more than the population of the country
in qucatiou ikoiandad. After the few pre
emption claimant* hail been aatitlird. the re
maimler of the land wa. en'erid lor cuatcru
»|gt ulatoi*. To illn.trate tlm efterta of Uiix
polU;y, compare the condition of tig- cut and
wcf.ideiof the river. Un the tor rig-r .itle
you may travel eight and ten mile* without
x.-ingtla- ha*t intlicai itm ol wtUlcmciil or im
proVMWMt. On the wet .ide rd the river,
however, the country i. thickly fettled by in
du.lrioti. larmer. •, it* rlit reamirccg are lieing
d' Vcloj*'d, awl it will toon Iwcoiue one of the
ri' hctit prwlucing rrgiooain MinDciuita. While
traveling over tho beautiful, yet uninhabited
awl unimproved country on the ca.t .itle of
tint river, at every point the traveller 1.-holdf
the gumke ruing frtxn the hnuue. of tbit uetthw.
mi the went .itle For the welfare of our Ter
riti>ry we boj« will have no morn large land
Tba R.wa
Tim simmer Atlantic arrived at New York,
on tlie Kill, with Ijverpreil date* to the 26tli ol
Novemlier. The following i. all the new. of
any importance .
Mr. .la*. Wilson ha. addrtsued tnC’yru* W.
Kieht of New York, an oflicUil notice that thn
llrituli I lovernmeut engage, to furuuih ghip.,
make additional gouwlingu, for the Atlantic
Telegraph, and to luruiah .hips to iwii.t in lay
ing til*' cable ; nml undertake* to guurantce t
|g r cent on tlet capital of £3H),tHM, equal to
All 1.000 gterhiig, until the earning* of the com
pany reai'li XI 0,000 pi r unuaiu, for 25 year*,
or .uch mini a. tin- tiovcriinient inenaage. may
amount to, if charged at thu ordinary rale, of
tariff; ami lithe United Statu* government
make a limilar arrangement. Tig- muwuuff ol
the two goverumeut* to be wnt in order ol
priority of receipt.
'Hie Killk' iiiiy Shaltmtoi umler the heading
of "A Military MyiUry," announce* that or
durH have Int'ii named to tlie Colonel, of the
Military iigiiniutf in Ireland to eomplete tlw
quoto of their respective corpan. The Modtnt
tm reiiuirk. that tlm objevta of tin* tilling upol
the regiment. i> known only to the government.
Thn ulTaira of Spam were quiet and iinchang
ed, and tlm mwa horn other part, of the conti
nent waa wholly devoid of interewt.
Hy account, of Ihe 11th from, Uonatanlimc
pie, it ap[gar* that *ix humlrtl M- alem liouww
had Ih.'ll il wtroynd hy gre at Herat. Another
extenaivt- lire had broke out at Adrinoplc.
A c.itaalropht al Rhode*. tM'ca.iout d hy tlie
lightning lulling .truck the iimuciinc .torvw of
guapnwder, (hgtroved thn whole Turkish qtmr
ter cowpletely, and many live* wen- hat.
The Journal do Coiutantinopk- atule. thatn
Rues mil Company in the lllaek Sea Im. purde
ust tl 10 «b am vi mail*.
The new. i. coulirrat'd that tl*i Yamkale al
lair ha. Utn fully expiairu-vl between the Kng
h*h ami Rugginu reprewentativew nt Congtanti
noplt No Kngligli .tup. tn Iw admitted into
th. ItUrk Sia.
The K'urn|i> aii Dauubiuii coiiimisaioii waa of
licially cmiatitatml tire same day.
Accounts from Athens'to lire I4lh. an
n,mnee that the election* have turned in favor
of the Ministry, uml that the allied trixij*
would leave lirveer soon alter th" return of
king tllho.
I hi tire evening of the Mb, a collision occul
ted at the Radriuwl cnosiiigat Allmmv, Ohio,
between the r-xprv-* train* of tho t'hrveland
ami Tittsburgh ami the I’ittsburgh, Fort Wayne
ami t'lrlcago R.iili ea.ls. Tire following |* rsons
wire killed: -Jamb llAXxly. Alliance; J. Mc-
Intyre, do; Dr iifnith ami latly, do; J. Alter
hurst. New tinrdoo, Ohio; W. Richie, do; N.
tl. Taylor. I’hilad*lphia; J. Brtxik, New Jcr
sey. Ry tin? colliaion, one of the ponseugiT
ears was thrown into the rotunda of the tk [xit.
and another into the fitting room of rionrheck’s
Hotel, in which several persona were sitting.
Both ,*f those [mint were torn ill piece*, and
the inaiatm (ither killed or wonmhrel; hut few
person* on the car* were Injured
A lire 111 Norfolk,on the Mb lust , destroy,*)
tht> Falholi* t'hureh nml several atljoining
Tire Americans rarriml the rtty of Mobile
at the recent municipal election.
The Oil ami Chemical works irear Darling
lon, iu Beaver county. i’«nti.. were tkwtroyed
hy fire on the 7th inat.. ranse unkmvwa They
wm- owned by fherry. McArthur A Co. Izx*
estiinatwl at ?1 o.tH)O.
O.re ol the latiwt Waahington rumors i» that
Mr. Uwix.of California, will be rieerttfary ol
tbc Navy, umler tlie incoming aJminiatraturei
It apptrars by dornmentt. accompanying the
IVsident's nrexsago, that the Kni|x'rof of Ru»
sia oovpts tint prtqsreotiou* ot the Uoibxl
State*, for tlie abolition of pnvatnring. and
that th* l privatH jreoperty t>f the suhjocU and
citixen* ol the c»ntr*cting pnrties shall, m
time* ot war. be rcfpAVled by tlreir ie*l»xii»e
naval force*.
Mr. (Ictiibix. the >-creUry of the Trxasnry.
in hit rctreret jwat aubnullesj to Ctwignse. *-*-
tioutrs that wc have retained in the country
Jl .XOfWhlOtX) ot Ci 1 1 fern ia gold; which i*
000.000 more than the officers of the Mint
give nt crvxlit for having.
The Washington Nt or of the rith, annonne
r* an impre**i«m that Judge Ijrcowm. of Korn
so*. M retoored ami J ,u> tt. 11 naiaos oppom
-Iml in hi* place The TrihwavN esweexpeadent.
of the sum, date " learn* from a high aathori
ty. that *ueh ia not the fact . that ap to thi*
morning L*> aarrx was not rvmotrvsl. aud that
the Fivaxk'nt ia wa lirg (be the Jwdgv'adefence,
which is tlaUy expected "
C-maek-rahlf ex -itrmmt prevaikx] in Wash
lUgUta. ou the sth. aim-ug the Swilhem mca
hers of t',*ngum*, in ronar-nretMss of the news of
an inearrect ivo atn-re; the blacks in Southern
Rcntoiky Use 'at. -t newt ia, that it wa*
promptly pot down
•Mr. Oouala* aud hi* Trnduccra,
The favorite target daring the late prevkh n
tial campaign, as also before anil -.oca trail
contort, for the rat.it envcnoßml arrow, of tbi
Rlaek Kcpublican., has bora Senator LK. 'ui vs
Kory calumny which the Inn-naMt ara igtuty,
itimnloled by the bitterct envy awl hate, mu id
invent, every *pet im of übose known to tlie
lowmt purtizan warfare, ai.i every opprobri
um epithet ami scurrilous evplctire which the
capacity of the Kngli.h language aiTurd*. have
been euipluyet) without gtint, n mt-rsf, or ctvsa
tioo, againal Mr. Doioi,.*, by bi. petw vering
ami unscrupulous uiemiea. Nothing tun- been
too black or too naruii lo aceuvo him of. The
ardent intenaity of tlx- hat ml of hi* foe*, haa
only been equalled hy it. oodoabtfd sincerity.
A *tronger proof ot tlw great ability and rt al
manhig.l ol Mr. Dot ting need not 1.; offered,
than th*- per»i*tcnt, bitter hate, ami heartfelt
envy with which he ia reganM ami pur.ti.il by
hi. opjiooert.. We are reminded that,
''ltavjr .ill JU.OI a* ita *hs-t- ilr-w.
But III* « hhrt ’«>«, j>rt»T lb* - line •
Ami in wniilor phrase wc uiuy runiwl Iria toes,
in thi* connection, that lubituuily
**»*r Willi a pals 11 1 n.guls Isis,
’ " • rtsaUs .Umglav si war*, whti-g ilsr’s fall *»*n
Again im b ar uarn l.rr.
Kver since tlie jeoretugc I tf tl*- Ncbraako-
Kail.lt* act. wc have lai n cor.tinually told by
hi. numerous awl loud mouthed oppomoU.
that Mr. Doi olah was 11 Jgiliticul reertuut;
that hi* course wag emphatically comktraned
hy the whole North, and rcpwliutt'l by his
own State ; ami that Illinois only waited an
opportunity to p|* w him out 11. uu unsavory
morsel. The principal count in tin; indictment
against Mr, Douai.n, ha* In ch that In; wa* the
author and ehumpion of the Ncbra.ku knn*ai
Hill, to whieh eharge he promptly awl openly
votored the plea of ju.tifleation, awl threw him
•elf upon hi* country. The is.ue in ilh- late
prewidential conttwt wag made lip almogt ex-
Itwively upon thi* Bill. Upon the merit, or
demerit*, policy or Impolicy, constitutionality
or Wieoaitiiuciooaiity oi the Nebraskii-KuiiHa.
Act, the people were usked tu pronounce ; uml
Mr. Dot-i 11.... r*th» r thnn Mr. Hi'cimnsv, wa*
mailt; partly dclemlant. Xotwitlutawliug the
coratant and untiring 1 (fort, of the npprmition,
wilfully awl grongly to misn jiresent the actual
provision*, spirit ami ileflgn ol this ai t, and
nio*l unfairly to hold th.- act itself responsible,
even, lor the temporary uml palpable abuse*
ami the intentional violation o its provision*,
ami for all the cxcesae*, of whatever luilun-,
and priß-isding from whatever cause, commit
ted within tlie limit, ol thi'Territory, ticvi rtlic
litga tli*- country has rendered un eniphutic ver
ditt in favor of the act, ami, consequently, in
favor o| its author. Kven Illinois, whose pi n
pi* we were assured was to seize the first op
portunity to exhibit their purpose of consign
ing Mr. Doi iii.as to perpetual oblivion, bus
spoken iu deeided terms of upprcrul of the
conrse and conduct of her favorili; sun. It is
true the Itlack Itepublicnn organ, have bet u
loud and profasi' in their advice to Mr. Dom
ias to resign his seat in the U. ri. Heuatt, and
entirely alalicate jmhlic life, Is* mi-**- in )!«■
State election, in whieh the merit, of the NT
hraskii kaiwa* Act were 111 no wi*e invulvud.
the Itlack IDqiubtiaan candidate ft>r (lovrrnor
wasclciti*) -exclusively, however, hv the ahi of
Know Nothing votes- by some four thou-uml
majority ; but us to what courie .Mr. Dntni.is
ought to |Hir.uc, in view of tho thet that in the
presidential canvass, in which the merits of tin
i Nebraska Kansu.#* Act were put directly at
issue, th* Democratic Candidate wu* > Icctid t.y
over nine thousand votes, thisw aim learned
poitilit* have nothing to say
The truth of the matter is, that no reaped 4
tile lawfer in the country, has denied, or will
deny, the entire constitutionality nt tig Ne
braska Kansas act. All the talk nltcmt hsim
constitutionality is pure and unniitigao -1 1 ant
and hy|KH'rusy, niadi ami iuttiohsl to tittrut
xml mislead the simple ami nnininniMHl. And
In like manner no disinterest!d statesman, in
lull icw of ull the fads ami eiri om.lamt* out
of which tin. net originated, will for 11 mouuiil
question its eminent exjsvliency. wig,him. ami
sound |K>liey. In luct it embraces the only
enaatitutional principle u|*in which th*-Territo
ry of tin- I'nitcd State* can b, t quitably ngu
latcd with a due rvfercnci to the equal inte
rest. of the people of tlie several ,Slate, in that
Perritoty, and the proper pnservatitin of the
right* ami privilege* of those who brenme i's
inhabitants. The priiicip l " ef thi* net, too. is
tli* only out; consonant with our civil p,i|iiv
Hie cardinal principle d onr whole civil polity,
is the right ot the people to govern themm-lvcs
This is the fundamental notion at tT Imtl-m
of State rights, and d onr whole {.ivcriiiiH-ntal
fabric. Thi* is the reawm why the framers ol
th* t'onatitntion cxcrriseH such elaborate e ir
ami caution to make sure that the national
government should he oue ouly of limited ami
specified powere. and to preserve the htdepen
ilenee ami sovereignties of tlie States, inta,».
With a full ami how-st appreelatlon of this ennti
nal principle of our polity, Jons Qrixct An.as.
with ail hi. abolitionism, emphate ally decUrmt
while mem tier of tb«> Horn*-of Representatives,
that he would never vote tor the nUilition ol
slavery in the District of Columbia, without
the consent d the people ol thst District, hie
•au«e he di*l not recognin- th* right to legida’e
over one people at the ;r.-ttance or petition of
arndher people We do not andrrsUr.d that
Mr. Ao.as denied to Congress the jastseasioii
d the constitutional pow»T to oholisli slav.-ry in
the Dwtrict ot Cdnmbi*. with or without th*-
conaeot of the people ef that District, but h,.
cowmdrrrd th*' nciri* d <mh [viwcr witlmat
such rotwent to tv a vioUtum of a tui iiain- ntal
principle of the civil polity d the country
The tract' in regard to the Territories, i- a
mach strong, r tore. Not ,»nly w-si l' artv leg
iolation on th* (-art of Cougr\.-e. prikibiting
or eatabiialiing *iav> ry ill the T* rritorrere of the
i United ritate*. without the etumnl of th-' pc—,
[de of thtwe Teeritorios. be a ttrarsgr-'-' CMi ol
a cardinal |>nnrtple of our general polity, but in
oar opinion, it wouk! also bu a darret ami p
patde nolatuva of the Conttitalion. and of it*
principle* and spirit ot the fetlerral comport
The Ihatrirt of Coiacib.a is under the [srjxt
, aal titelage and juruxlictcjo .re the geuerai gov
rmanot. whereas the Terriuwre-. are ouly tens
poranly indre that jur-x) rtien TV Di-'nc
of Co,umbra is not an H-.dr-renJost - r- - g-dy
tree is it ever cxjxvtcd Uv be*x«n. . «U rx
a*, the Terr torres ore .m .punt -state*, sot
.eeigntre* >.n th. tr minority srxl the e»e n*|
gofemciALt is their legal guardian, during their
minority. Congress, therefore, ha* the power
to moke such laws ts arc Decenary for tho tine
security and proper uiimiuistration of tlie af
fair* ol it* wards, and m> others ;—or, as the
Cu'utiUitiM! i'*:M expr-ssr* it, "a ; l uewlful
nib's undtcgulatlomi regpectiog the territory or
property belonging t*. tin* United ritat--.' —
Congr, rs has 00 right to IbreslaH by its legis
lotion, dtjfing their period of nonage, the fo*
action tif there Territories, when May shall
lavve passed tle ir nuuority and btcoinß i'lde
[icn kiit sovereign ritak*. The peeuliar local
nigtitutius) ol every ritate are the nghtlul
clioicu of the people of that .State, and any at
tempt on tie; j-art of Congress, directly or in
directly to anticipate, or regulate this choice,
further than to guarantee a reqiuliean lor in ot
goTi-mrncnt, »an u«nrpation of p-iwer on tbc
part of that l*s]y, and 11 palpable transgr. '■ >ll
ol both tho spirit and letter of tlie t om! it u j
lion, and nt the cardinal principle* of-sir whole
gov-rim-ntal and civil polity That this is a e r
reel interpretation o.‘ the spirit and principles
d th-' ietlersJ l uioii. is sufficiently apparent,
from th* fact that every Ktatu anti every Ter
ritory mi soon a* it becomes a ritate. may ts
tabled) nr abolish Slavery within it* nv.n lim
its, r.t its pleasure, without any regartl to Coil
grt-Hg or the gein-ral government, or to any oth
er power on earth.
Now, th' Nebraska-Kansas uct merely nv
ogr.us.* and affirms this great fundamental prin
eiph; of our union and polity; the light ot the
people to choose their own institution*, and
govern themselves, ft declares thn? it is not
the intention of Congress "to legislate slavery
in or <sit of" those Territories. It is perfectly
obvious that the harmony, peace and integrity
of (Ist Union can only Is; preserved by a faith
ful ob-e-rvance of the principles iio-l adherence
to the provisions of tins act, m regard to ail
new territory of the United States. We make
no manner of doubt Im* the time is not far
distant when the. Run aV- milk dieajvprtrv*.*of
the principles ami passage of the Nehraskiv
kam-us uet, will bt a* lam avia as he now is
who will condemn the course of President
•l.cKsov in overthrowing the National Bunk.
liet it not be forgotten, then, that to tlie si •
dom, Ibresight, courage and indoniitahle em rgy
of .S-m-naM A. Docor,.*, we owe tin* origina
tion anti pus-age of this bill.
• tie S'.nilurnnt Houle Sts the t*ncllfe.
Congress, at its last session. unimuUd by n
spirit of wise lil*Tality, made on npprnpriutioii
ol ST),0O(l (nr tie? construction of hii emigrant
ro.id. from port Ridglev, 111 this Territory, to
the South Puss ol the Itocky M'lnntuins.—
This, wt believe, was the first successful mevc
ment in Congress, to provitle proper mentis of
communication, on our own soil, between the
Atlantic States uml California ami Oregon
Immediately after tho passage ot the art. mak
ing the appropriation, tli" Secretary of the fu
teriitr up|Hiiiiicd Wm. 11. Noiu-ks, 1 , the
projector of the road, uml its imlefatigable ad
vo<- ite, Superintendent of the work. Mr. N .
at 11 late |s riml in the nntuinn. organized his
party, and prneewled to Port Kidglty, uml 111
ergvtieaily e-iiiimcnccti the pmoeeutiati of the
work. The mad was laid out, before tht> win
t'-r st t in. Ir on Port Ridglev to tli- Hi* Si »u
within one liumlnsl mile* of the Missouri.
The sanguine unticipations of the projector o!
the rood, in referenre to the I'Utsibility ot i'
construction, were niore than iullillnj, in tl«
portion of the route completed last fall. Mt-ra
bnn of the |'«rty ure now engaged in trails
porting provisions to various point* on the
read; and early iu the spring. Mr. Note.its
w ill rvcouiincmxMqicration*, and before tic - 1
son doses, the route will Ik' laid out lar west
of tlie Missouri.
To complete tbi* rood to th" South T.i- J , no
additional appropriation of 850.000 will Ire
required. W«have no dtMilit Cougrc-s —ill
readily gr.unt this suui. Tire imjxirtume of
tho work, its entire leasibility, nml the nnlx-nl
ing integrity of tin? gentleman who In* charg,
ul it, lorm go rel nml sufficient reson* I r mak
ing tire mlilitional appropriations
Hot the lilierality o’ Congress hon I not
end here. The great work of ciun.octio ■ the
Atlantic and I’uoii'c regions, lia* ixen nun
menec-l l»v nnlhorizing the construction ol liu-
Fort Uidgiey and South Cuss roml. Hut litis
rt»il, even when completcl. will form In" u
central link in the great chain ol . s.t .. iuita
tion Iretwcen tl*- eastern and wente n portion*
of tbi continent. The system wnl not Ire com
plete. unless this field is ma‘k- to conn. ’ itifh
available channels ot travel ami transportation
ot the western Urn? of Caiilnraia, ami tiu-o emi
irecta, on the eof 1 , with th-- Mississippi river
anti the great Lakes.
An appropriation ol elOtr.tMKl will eu-un
the construction of 1 got«l wagon ron,l from
I jike Superior.through rit. Caul, to Fort Ridge
! ly. where i? willjconncct with tlu- roatl t 1 tin
rioath I’a* AVe .!•> t ot know that tire whole
of this sum w.’l lx? roquirisl, as the conutiy
ix '.wmii tire Fort and the fake is already im
tcnectAxl. at vorioua putils. with g.xsl nrads. —
Rut let a aiifficient sum lx, appropriated, oirei
wo will then have a wagon road from i.vke
ritttxri'.r. through ri I’anl, to th" ri nth Cx-*
of the Kooky Mountains.
l iio wohlirn eoflticetujn with Cab ,rn .1 llxii
remain* Tbi« ran bo twaily affected At tin
la*! wv-1 <n of (\>ngrc*a a bill pa.***) tlm Sn
ate, grant.:;g 0.bK1.000 te. cooitroet a read U' Ui
the. wtwl, rn line of M import to Carwiai on t!«*»>-
or I/lVe Valley, iri the eastern part of Calilor
ni*. rhi* bill diJ not pa»* the Honae. ruing
to the political rvitemcr.t attending lb* eh*.*-
of tbo aettnwi. It the next w-reion it will he
again i.rgvd. and we have no doubt, but with
entire anew** Ibiaroad wiii connect Willi
the rent" from Fort Ridgciy tn the Soti’ii Pa**,
at „•,»•' eonvi n : , nt point. an,l thu* we win have
a rood - an-1 the ahnr* at .me too—< xi, ruling
through Minnesota, tnxa i * unitcrr toi'a w.wt
era extremity, to the g"«i. n Slate ot tlm I’a
rtfie. We hare no ,|. wh» Hot that at tlm ap
prwrhirg «waion el Congr"**. *ne r:»l«tinn
wdi ba granted a* wii! wmrr the cooatnn' on
of tlawe Hub
We took npon thi- emigrant rna.l, through
ear Territory, a* th> nterirg wric ' to- the
v.truer,. n \ \ C.n S' Ita m.l
If an emigrant r-aai r»n be readily inor’rw!.
by a aor'herr'rmtte nr .t bei-orw the at
ehar 1 I. f*r the t. • of fonmnn’eati •,
hrtwrew the AtUrth' “I Car," • *,>
rv t'-wafi* d’*»ir'*t no *h-> T-'mo . I Vaa
which prevail through a great t ortion ol the
country, in refereoce to the practicability of a
Northern Railroad route, la this view ol tb*
care. the emigrant road become* ol Ur greater
importance to the people ot Minnesota, than
at: ichrs to it merely as a wagon road through
onr Territory to the Pacific.
Sew Orleans Haifa.
It has be*-n th-.* fashion, during the late pres
idential campaign, and is still, to pantile the
articles that a|>p«-ar in tin? New Orlein* Delta,
not only as expoagnu ol Southern feeling and
sentiment, bulal-o a- tlm elfusions of a Demo
cratic Organ, and a supporter of Mr. Hcc*»s
*\'s election- It is nothing of the sort—a
fact well uruk-rstood at tlie South, and freqaent
ly uvowed hy the journals "f that section.—
Tin- N. 1). Delta isouid always has been.profea
s*xlly neutral, or rather, imlf[s;ndent in politics.
It notoriously models itself aftcrfthcN’ew York
Hr mill ill Us style of writing and mode ot jour
nuli-io, and fully succeeds iu imitating iu mod
el iu all r . >-cts, save in the ability and indus
try of the later. At one time, when edited by
Judge W.uiru, now of the Cincinnati Kn
<imrrr, it had a cqnsiderablu circulation, and a
corn -ponding reputation an,l influence, but
even then it was look ojkiii as rejireseuting tl*'
very extreme w ing of Houtiiern opiuion, in all
jKilitical matters. The character of the paper,
however, has since undergone a whle change.—
It changed I muds about one year ago, and so
sudden and complete was the alteration ol its
tone tlii rcaftt-r, ami so extraordinary, extreme
and radical were the views it advanced on po
litical and other questions, so fitful, erratic, un
reliable and reckless its course, and SO shame
lessly and notoriously venial did it become .that
its subscription list, as we learn from a perfect,
ly competent source, 101 l off more than one half
in .1 i w weeks, ami its advertising patronage
decreased in a much greater proportion Thi«
j fact was notorious in New Orleau* lust spring
and summer, and the course ol this paper wa*
denounced in unmeasured term* on all sitles, by
the intelligent public of that city. Hy none,
however, lias the course of tho Dtlla been ex
po-el and denounced with more- raereiles* vig
or uml patient constancy, during the Presi
-Illltl.il contest, than by tlie Louisiana Courier,
the nhlcKt m wspaper published in that ritat*',
uml the recogniAxl leading Democratic organ
anti oliiemi journal of tile ritate.
The Delta was bitterly opposed to the nouii
natiitii ol Mr. Hi't iu.va.s, ami used all its intlu
< nee to prevent that result, heaping upon him
i s vituperation*, abuse and narcasnr. After
In* mull 1 nation it continued its sneers and uiis
r [iresentations t ownrels him, but while express
111? '"n-tunlly its regrets in bitter terms at the
nt'Ct mity, it uflieted to give him it* supfiort.—
I l'l. ry one knew 111 tb" time, as its future course
I ithund nitly demonstrated, that it pur-m tl this
I tnw ut rou* way with tin view and hope ot
jinore i tlictuaily tiaiiiagim? the course ot Mr.
I llt'fM.vxAN nml the Ifomocracy. It* cherished
j object and wish were the defeat of the Demo
I eratie party nnd its candidate. This wtwfre
j quently expire ,| in the f/onisiann Courier, and
j other papers, and was, doubt!c*sly, well nmler
lo »i by th" li ading Itlack Republican organs,
who delighted to pur.ide its "iru-ions as those
’•if t l".nlm: rioutlicru II tooctatic paper, anti
i support, rof Iti viunw’-i election." Thocblcl
writer <•/ the Delta is neither a Southerner Dor
an American, but uu Irish political refugee.—
It advocates any views, and expresses any opin
ions fur which it is paid. But it is not a Deni
o'ratie paper, nor is its* regarded at the South,
but quite tli" reverse. Neither is it the expo
non? i t nay appreciable traction of the public
re-ii?-in itoi the South; nor hoi It any appro
ciaiti" political influence upon thi? mind of the
•South. Jl succeeded in getting it* tirade* cop
i d into ail the lllaek Republican pa]*>r* ol the
-North, an-l an re ilited as the opinion* of a
hading ? utht rn Hi -mux organ—the vtTy
objiet lor whii ii they wa re? written; but lap
piiv it did n "t thi re by succeed in lU-leating Mr.
lb ■ u is (n s ricetien. though jirohably it did
! 10.-i Itirn numy votes at the North.
W 1? should not now take the trouble lo ex
p-- llu* rai 1 iiaracter of this [taper, except
thu’t .- D.u k Republican organs are »till hnsy
in ijunting and giving currency to its fusions as
tliire' oi 11 1i- rus ratie organ, whereas, we re
js'»t. it is in (siint of fact an active and nosern
pnlouK to--of the D -moeratic party and the
j I’reridcnt elect, ami is s > re gardtsl at home
U- m m; ItitiTiso I’Hii.tNTHaopY. —A rag
, - aVHVA'iatioii. tit u jiubiic appeal, state
mat 'here are in Lm.lt,n I ofoOOo who never
“•tend pub.. • w"?»hip. l '-b,ot*l habitualdrnolt
' ards. '.•»•() open profligate*. 20.1M10 prolemed
lieggar*. lo.iNHi gam tilers, ihMKN) liesAatr
, * hiTlren, an 1 ilium, l receiver* of stolen goods.
Mori-tha.i id 1100 young men. under 1H year*
f are annually committed lor theft in
j tire ai Itritttin.
1 owi.iwKvrto Lint. Mai ar.- The Danish
t'h»rg",| Allaire-sat Wash ngton not.firel Lient
M»i rt, on the 11th m-t., tliat the King ol
Denmark, icing desirous of testifying his high
' reuse "f tin- eminent aervio « rend -nsl by Lieut
M. to •efc-rne had been pleased t*> confer 00 him
jtb - 1 rxws 0! a Knight of the Order of the
Dainbrog Li* ut. Mat «v. in his answer, del*
highly honored Uuv? hi- Majesty should doom
h'* l»tvw« worthy ot such a signal mark of royal
favor: hirt s’.it * that thr organic laws of this
ciuntry a ii no' a .. -w on- of its officer* lo ar
eip' a t •« from any fess-ign potentate; and
'herelore n that the Dun.sh t'hnrge will
- proceed ro furtW in carrying out the intro
oi>» t xpressed i-.i hi* letter.
Tux An asti- Tm-toBAPB.—The Atlantic
riutanarinr Telegraph had ts* v fully piaml
; tetor the Lrirlrsh public, wmi the ‘ ~ti null
' gusrantivd 4 per cent, divwicod 00 the Kog
, Iwh aEotjncr,? of T2*o,ofW> c/thc capital stock.
1 Th* Uvcrpool Lar Tinwa states that ar
ranarireoti »rx- alreaily e.** aujcl few the par
chare of 2 cod mdre telegraph rojes. to ha tup
pliol «• th.- ra’s nflno miles a watk.
( A' Orvi M! ri ety* TheKngti«fa»vas
I 'h-a'*y Urgeir a Am- riran rowdy wm and nfli-
Ti»'W-.r-. -sj but we d? md often furnish
'b. n a .rreriwe -;c- imrn than occurred at Has
"C-h a eo.-.M •) th.it p'cosar! little inland, tr
TTifly. ■rt th* jo !gt« quarrelled over a pab
•m s be-o«-. xbored rat h other roundly, ami
* '-d ». itb, a rveoilir r jh» win caries ard !Wt«
' by.- o! the ynt- c* w» so (utl'y teiahorvd that
be fa:--' !»* the stc-t; w<re rurvying him

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