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The weekly pioneer and Democrat. [volume] (Saint Paul, Minn. Territory) 1855-1865, June 25, 1857, Image 1

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% aSHeeUf Potwr anb ftmorrat.
VOL. IX, NO. 12.
■v iiniin ■ »**'
Tkm ia not a rift in th* blue
Where » million umi'l-.t* tore 0 .
m.r* i. not a torrne on O<»otl • hron
Thu' .million yoare .»>• 11
AmU for aii ita*i'in»*s»»d *lrile*lkat a*'«* »**u a
Duwa tta •*«*• grim u 4 *•*) ;
K4«'b wssrrU tar pitsssul lac# s» ol uid.
snj laugh* ill tai «vru»uf glory
And Mss—lta’ ta br*r#«t» tta taata «#«*».
And tta ta*k »*»« devilljnv* tainuJlun.
Hath a •pint withiu b m. to “Id Wen »kln.
Only nurturs up Ed«o around him.
o the rlood nay batefall'n on the human fact. !
And its Wirtiiowl beauty blighted
For love bath gone out with daih nm*j tra" *
Where the toward glory I ghVed.
Tet the old world of lure livaiii stillm tta heait.
And wa re many a aweet mvealiof :
.And (to rleh foaael jewela tn tcsr* will up atari.
With the warm good of boiler feeling.
Ay Han- th«» he beareth the brand of wn.
A d the ttah and the devil have bound li n. -
Hath a apint within, to old Edw ohm,
Ooly nurture up Weo around hnn
O the terror*, the torturea, til*' uii*«nr* dark |
That have cur»t u*. and cru-bl. and cankered
Tet. aye. from the IMuge. Humanity * Ark
Hath on aon»e aerene Ararat authored. |
O th- golden chain* that link llcoen to j
The real of all time cannot ae*er
Evil fthall die id ita own dark dearth. %
And the flood llreth on forever.
And Mau-tho be bearyth tbe brand of mu.
And the Itah and the devil hate bound him
Hath a »pint withia. to old Kdm akin
only nurture up Wen around biui
01/lltNi «H* Ury «i«o4a
Y“ung Him Balumy. queen of the ball.
Who*e elegant bv*t waathe wooder of all
hailing up to old Hum. beaougbt bun t«» u II
What he thought “the moat apropoa 4r*-- for a
belle f
•• Ab. si beile dame, that my ta*te* wne your
I’d rather eee you ui temHe *•*«*
MO. 11*0
Bluahed the belle of tbe ball. Worn girdle to
A* a na ad aurprived when the -styr* b*hold her
For Balt nv warned her that Huns, tbe old ru
Wou!Jn't\efriln from a *l*p at her nudity,
t'nmaon with *harne. but with fierce *elf p«*v
Bhe retorted—" Old linns, you re rude a*a Hr* j
I really believe you d make it your duty i
To ridicule Truth were no ganse mi her beaut >
Hum Ml eel . I m *ure you remember 1
Though m June may be gone
Sa.d Old II ms -• Well, that-w.‘ Whan v oudk • j
er and smarter
l believe I dut read it on . onebody * «trter
Then a aweet l.ttle stocking a at ail that stole
Peace from th*- qu **t of a bachelor’a *'*nl.
But now a day* fa-lnon. with top **> « all furled.
Show* pretty much all ata * g"t in the world '
Though a belle m the look* • harming m
no thing.
She look* better bnt iu a Idtu tlobing '
| H'Wfon IW
lot u*« I'i.tNTi 1 **»«.'’■ /•-
\tiles by an K%-K4ltov.
•• Tin* -mall cloud in fie' distance ha*
begun to ah<»w itaclf that evidently pro-/ •
Bosticatc* the coming atorm in that jrigart j
tic financial establishment the (*r*dit Mo>
biller of Daria. A M*»n* Cm ai.** Tin k
mbtmrm. a h*nk«-r and -hare-dealer in Dam,
and ooe closely connerirv) with the eminent
speculator* in that city, failed some day* ago
for the amount of from JCfiOOOOOto £1
(100. or from 84 to t.V000.000 the chief
suff'frn in thia * aae bring persons who have
entrusted aum* of mooej aral arcuritica in
hi* hand* Tbe friroda of this eminent op’
rator wan* endeavoring lo conceal the ex
tent of hia I.abilities an«l tie l Yedit Mo- !
bilier, ttat controls tta financial oparmtkui*
of France, endeavors, in a manner, to throw ;
its protrtting rgia between M Tui as at*
nv and the arrows launched by hi* pur
«i»cr«. for tbe fugitive is supposed to la* on
his way to America.
The « taken into conts teib with that
of the failure of M. I*la> k r>r 84.fKiO.Ofin,
about thi* time last year has <aimed dis
may am<mg the unmt adrruPT*
of the Cr»*iit MobiU r. Itut is a very
mriooa queati»>o, one even more grave than
the failure of an enorroc«i* banking com
paiiy. contained in this busmeat. aryl ttat i«
the poaUral cflecl that any difficulties »f the
Credit Mobiiier might have op-jn the Cotv
tioont in gv-oerai Making alkiwaiyc for
the natural jealousy of the fioam iai
wriUra upon tb<« gigantic wtaWiabny’r.t. I
cannot but think that the aiighteat clxxk in
its operatiooa w«*ukl throw ail Pans, ar>l
oonmt|u<iiitiy ail France, into auch a fever of
cxoteimrnt. that nothing short of blo»*l4«*t
tiog anil allay the storm We must rtcu!
lact the panic whith R»ed open tb«' whole
roan try to etnijark in the concern of the
Cradit Mohinar. that mduced the whse
popu.ate'Q. of evi-ry ciaaa an>! da uictum to
ptace all its priq* rtv in the ban i« of a ft w
•pecaialoft mipportcd by LdX l* N *rotf**»
So entirely has the French Kmj»r lav n
aoptmt'Sßed to act per u. that m toe evmt
and I wont roota* therw i* na *re than a re
mote chaore of dark day* co«a>og upxi the
Cmiit Mohtimr. Isa ui Niwun* %ouki as-
•ored y ha«e b> bear tbe brunt <4 tbe iUm
TW OCTMW* wouiil br «ftij ma-tl t <f y- ' \
litical oppiooit* u.l Uk i.t j |
j>*** itwif frvto ttM* IkniiLtn
it mum uttVf •'» b> lb» nmlt-er
Iu oooaeruw with tl* Umorr pur! >4 1
IMV num It «U 1 U- ruUK-r ruruw t.
vutrb *Jy* pr.irrKi.ajf* thu! tar Frrar h 1 •"* *
RunKDt «iU take Ur nlndilm U
Tnunui a»i if Ik. a a«W *
I nqurcl. «|H <lr.T* I'.n. fU: Urnjfh UK
•At at UK .»• !1»! «t r««nl thr an-K
tat>a!r (ite r ai»l '»«C- Hi* 'o*ftrr .« <a
cr.mt \Vr ilu •»
I raooot «h« l Unaa <4 Ur *»J i»
•Virk tfca: m f»t» « itrv4 tW t»»
«ra.nnd to r»trh Gat; n aai h.»
plirra. W r -Wauf R..taaUi iJ ' * hr
ur prim* mrr**r is thr-.r par*.' - I" * 3
trr» tk» • i <4 i me briar*
abas* kK rrTK&gr Is <J rr ibr itr
brUaa'K iruuM !* '-Kir r f-*i
aliantl Ida; >k at m »k 0 aim
the most nuheard of tortnenU ami tlv most
illiberal treatment, <Vi*m even tta wise*! and
most liberal of peuph*. Their g«**l* wm*
seined nj»on the slightest pn text, and tin ir
richcacnofiacatnl; made to wear a distinguish
mg dress from others, they have Lvn |Mviat«d
out for acorn and contumely; the very teeth
in th» ir bead* were n«»t safe from the pinccr*
of the nenly Laron, who reqttind n fv w
broad piece* i<> fnmUh him forth for the
wan. But now how changed is the scene
The Israelite lonl* it in silk* un*t satins, a*
tvittSN* the late marriip- in the Rothschild
family. Xohle Rngtwhrotm. de»v**n |(*nts of
lbs hold taroiM who errwhlkv vrvrv the pi
Monitor* of the moneydending untadiever*.
wen* pnwent at the wniding.tUKl hob-mddmd
fraternally, and ate <*ff disliiw that certainly
were not of mosaic gold. Instead of the
Jew peering about cautiously during hi>
jKTigrinations. to his relentless op
pnsmir*. tin* arrvitors of the bold bunm*
af *rc*aid, the df**c« , ndaiiU of the same tanui*
now l<H»k anxiously over their shouMer*,
they pronietuuls strciy. and theaun
ny title of Pall Mall, where any immlmr of
the hook no****l fraternity n^ , t»*“»r their
shoulders, whilst many sigh on the shores ol
Boulogne and t'alais.catching a«iistant view
tin* white rlifls of Albion, that they may no
more revisit on account of th** |emvuiiun>
not of. hut by. the Jew- And the Chris
tians, who once pnwnitoi the Jew for not
worshipping the Saviour now worships the
Jew himself an*l thus the whirligig of time
brings about hi* revenge
Mr. B«tii K ,**•.*. «rhu it ** * u ; s*a»nt
of th*' bnckhorn “hair to the Fror lent, we
sec by the New York japi'r*, has reeciveij
an appoitilment worth some 81 M 00 per an
num. thus making Sliakspcir'* assert ion in
A* you like it,"*
• TUo horn, th.» horn, the lu*ty horu
I* not « thmsrfor thvc l«* scorn.'
Thu ai*tUrs a quest ton lonq moobd
and dcridea that the cornucopia, or -horn ol
plenty," grow* upon the Caliloriiia bu*h
We nidi Mr. Kpvwas joy of hi* in
Injek hunting in gt-mTsi. ami m tiiv cbaecof
tin* IVwiilential Hu k in particular, and
tmst that he may never ta idiaont mjksi a
worse “boni of u dih'nuna than that on
whieh ii*‘ baifii'd his |»atron at W ashing
ton. The latter gentleman is also fortunau*.
for Is* <wn. in single hbwundinwa. n*p«we *ui
those horu*. that in n murrevl life might
have ■qironfc'd from the forehead More
might Is* said oil tie* subject Lot "/<inwm
hevm* tn ri>rw>.
Th.* following eatrai t from a rrluihle
source, tie* liubhn FfW’inan* Joomal, is
rather amusing, ami in ‘si amac. n*fr«sliing
A MoUIL Tn* Tie* Kart ut Orford. in r
plv tu in apple Mtiou urn > to l» iu k» the
r. iary « r tf,e Norwich Hible Poorly. Intake the
chair at lheir lureunc. write* aa follow* * »•»
I aiu *urpii»eU au i auu«i)e>l at U»c . outrnU •*!
)<mr ten* r *ur|in*rt| h«ra<i*r mv w» 11 hn .wr.
. u*rt' ler ehwai'l have eaemptrd me Iroui *tn u
*ll appl.' v *n l anmijh* • » -t "i g.*
tne «.» have ttn« . ..«imui»icaiH»« w i|< yon I
ha*« h M hat a addk Isi la Um gaw m Iwhh • 1
ha»e lalel\ tak< mI » the t.nf I tmr I frequent
1) Maepheni# »e« never Oletr.huie.l rel.g •• i*
tv n<.tirith*Utnt'rig whi» b }'>n th.i.k r»*e * li*
iieraod tor *".if |*te»o|ehi. Imml liKgivo jour
Lvuotriey lwoui'l rather l»\e tn the ian<! ->1
•'.finer* th.m w>*h ■ncli •a.rii*
I am.Hir. Ar
It is ►imetbiog is w to w* i man in tlr
tar I of Orfordn atation *•• dtl.is'fai* *iy d»P
accisi from the javkatal of sanctity on which
ii,. Kora -1 B if ; •
th** |mr|s*** <»1 avion mat* nag a wdl-*kw**rvwj
rebuke to their abom nald** Uawlyism. This
nociety. however h not th*- only w ttat
ebould n.m« uiykr tie lash, "u liii“ b*»d. as
long a* th* **i**tors af Sunderland placr
ti**irge Italson th*- bankrupt aiel, *oi»e*
aay, coma'ui <b*v»t, in the ll'sw of ( *m
rxi'»u>. a* lit* *r ra. r»pr**s ntative I li* r*
,4 a (law. aiel a very Urge on«*. of p»rwm*
wh*> pr» tend to .ranrie l pk y and r*-**je** ’w
bility. but who would any day kwv* th-
MT v»re of their L-rd a* ! Mas».f hi 1- low
that temporal j*’ r of a vague < r*»thwi. I**’
ter known utskf tta titi»* of the I>.rd
know* who, as kmg a* he has »'*aith am!
puaitHiii la fart, no « wrr * «ifau*h*rad
a«4th «V!Uf unl*s* lie r *h- i* sowthtng
• normand I U*ncve firmly that ma/.y a
faahiooabk lady, dweiimg iu a brown atone
hoiiW wrruki flirt for i*a*f an bonr W'ti.
that ip-ar. *.k ightfu! man tie* K ng of th*
( uon.'su Islands .f » a « g‘t h.m t«*
r+mdi a tract «m reg«-m ratr*wi arvl *una*r.b
to tf* < rgan at Humbug*ills ‘The okl
of Norwich «!ei ha* » itten a
chartmag I««k J K,rU
never «!••• ng ;.*issl s n*a-.f mu* h .n *p.fitua.
ruait*T* 'an a»e.*it trying to • th*
r*wt*i«e/i N ght.n/a-* Jasmt I J*t*. a*e! *T<
drw»'*•><!. W.’h all kia n ght. !0 d.** ia/Jc h»r
frwn aioging -c. tbe *tag- TV fair miwi
true. r»*fuse*J wwt pr »haVy mag
ibing ttat w ter »I,e tn tave ..ff gaimwg iwf
living the *tage' *V might have Ur \rf
form an .i j4»wsant part in that je.p i.ar
far - *.f N** No ?*«pfwv - TV
p»iud «Jd Hsb'p fK* d-aW w m)d have
lewu b>/rrifird f any me hwl t
him to ccnhbbH a/si of *V
thouanreWi • f oafrwtoaa*e aiOgrra that
gam tfr.r as ifreal on thr Norwich ami
rt 'arr ra-w ccmrwwi Kng'aal I can hear
! Mrviaaulianor H a an*-a ug J> >j m
tmo to aay Mr Ks M«t*w that
rm»*i <4 thr wew.ay a/»l powerful a a
nmmtxrt task than that */ mdweuif the
I*** rmw to -cure aw *ars»r of * <ce* I
£, m i «, na ,un a.*i me*r<**i ir'*
tnat J oaeiiv' id Me Viinary v« cm
pm! ft-tarf. r »hr rrofal
hm * Pt
jKsvrvr hrethmi. that is now Uwiowtxl uj on
the rich, ami if a proportionate alK>waiu*e
wu* made f.»r their respective tnnptatious, 1
tb«’ cwtalinrue of converts to rigbUamsmws
would Is- iufiuitely enlargrtl whilst u
resolute liamtliag of the foul aiui |
uivvrs that lie, dorp sswbd. lirweath the fair
.ind glistening akin of that class that d>
lights to call itsrll aoCHty," would liring
tin* corruption to tfr* surface, and rid the
•Ivodv politic" of it* IVtering |mhso« at
.«« But. bo diflhmt terms an’ u*»*l to
ihaiputf the conduct of the higher und
lower churtr* “What iq the ratitain'x hut
a rliohrie word,*’ itc.
If the jsvor man imjirllivi by wunt and
linng'T. and the thought «»f a itarving family
at home, tak.w a pound of bacon from a «lorc,
he is a low % miserable thief; and h imiinvtiato
ly hauled off to prisiHi. which he loaves with
a Mast'd reputation A lady, (and such
cases are frequent.) ahatrartti, “ronrey the
wise do (mil It." a tempting bit of silk to her
muff, and the courtly doctor at oner pro
claim* it -a irvat interest lag case of nmnoma
nia lady of high ruapreUMe family' Tlieft.
pooh, jiooh my dear Sir. impo*»ihle."
However, an instance of evenhanded jtistiee
rame lictor • tin public th • «»tlier day. and
that in aristocratic Kngl t'd. that romp'ete
ly astonished the sing bleu of the Mi tnqio
•is A Captain SowrsMn. of the guards,
and cousin of the Duke of Beaufort, the
cream of British ariatorracy. chuicvd to a*
aault a po'iceman who hail iwdemd the Cap
tain from off the footway in Hyde Ibuk
The Captain was immediati ly t ken Ix-fore
a sitting magistrate and treated tin* matter
lightly enough, when to liim horror, the tiiag
istmte informed him that he had a discre
tionary power, either to fiiM* or imprison him
for three we**k* in the House of Correctem.
and that he hail divided tijioti tie* latter
rourw*. a- a fine would lie merely a nominal
|>uni*hm<*tit for a person of tin* C ptain * jki
■ition. Hud a shell fallen through thedaeal
house of SoMRMKt it could not hive «;irti(*d
grew ter consternation with it than thi* dc
rinion of th»* stern Kdil»- who in spite of ull
the remoflstranciw. |v»w» rful and aristiwTatii
a* they were brought to liear upai him. d«
livcrisl over tbe Captain to jail, when*, for
three week* he wax to la- ws*ti with hi* bad
ahavm, and in the greys 'lren* of oilier j* i
bird- .1 u ievent
Blur I KiOMinllaai)
Vomh ‘b* s U *#-. At
A duel was fought near this city yesterday
morning which, lor tie- singularity of it*
denouement. i« prhapa un|iaralle|id in the
annals of » single combat A well known
gefitlemßß in tbi* «*ow»moni y whom we rail
Mr A . feeling luioenlf aggmvivt by Ue* «vin
duct ol another geutkiiian. whom wi -hall
designate Mr It sent him a chall*Hge,
which was nm-ptnl- wea|mna. pi«tob dm
taoor, twelv • tsw**** lime, six o'dock m the
mo dung lie usual pn-iimiiMriea wire ae»
li'tl. at th* wurd tfn- Iwith pistol* » «
ph-kvl At the sflrm m«tar.t B was w*fi to
stagger Th** wrond* n»«h»*l up. when it
mw |«iund that Ue tali liad atfuck the out
t r ease of hi- hunting w*l- h. Irom which it
had glanced at wariy a right angh, |nt<wnt«
ihrmgh tie* lanpd of his r*»at TV w.ib h
was worn in the mat pockrt. and was almost
dtr*v tly on the heart Thu ease waa found
to In* consukTaliiy tatbtwl, but f«tl**rwi«e
the watch had <«uvtaiietl no injury. altbteigh
it had gairs*l thr- Mium in alenit a* many
tninuta* IV tan*l*. which a moment Iwf.ir.
had *t««*iat 21 nnnutcn pt*t sit now rnarkid
half {*vt nine
But |» rbs|* Ue* most curious jiart of our
tfnry mto come tbil*s>k ng ar*und to •-
Wha» hail l*cv*.m» of A., the *nri*pU d««eov
him itr-ipigovif in the act of pe kmg
<ip aormth ng from tin ground, arid on ap
l»f‘'a* hing isnlvr, diacnverwl to thc.r ast.a>
•abment that (uw* of hi* whiskers, wbu h In
wore unwaaMy large and heavy, had )mn
'•<»mp|eU!y -horn lr»Kn In* la**, and ttat
with astnuih pr»iwion m though ii hail
twwri ai*eomf»l»*tr-l by tV m»»t »k ful t»ar
her It was thought sme p-amtartty in lie*
le*rc of It * p:*Ud hail f mimuniet'eJ to tie*
bail a rotary motion, which combined witu
it* great vl** ity rou'd rieerw-arily pnslace
an ‘dl*-1 #.radar to that m<ta«d by w-ie*
•harp cutting instrument Th* f«uu«t • ?
tis* duel, so far. had t«e«ii so utftfiy singular
mat it jiffciudod a'l Ussigbts of pushing it to
a ftirUe t and f- rtajw mor* dwaairrsia iwn
IV ascot-I* aral fwwils! th nt
nrmupai*. ami ia a <se«pir o 4 Vein Unf*a'
tit ti»* wlkh Jaart J were tousling ‘Til h 'ith er
u a i»Ttain Uahwnabk m‘aufa«t. Islow
f 'a*«aJ atm*
Inr Mnc s? \ buos tar-Tm Th* tada-»
of the .-vouth bar* ♦•nten*! mto lla w,#rit *4
rais.i.g a aum to pur*'taw U><* M Vrr
i ntate »> a* b* wwnre tta hme *ul
of Wushoiftoo from ikwi**r*t'*ai
I Vt hats ;a«t i«s«w-i aa arqrai to th** Ma>
#ra Id vile* and to*us ani ‘sl'bin ot u» a#
t»j*r* thmugisiut Hw Coe-n prn<s«irtg ttat
‘.ta ci m-og Fonrthof July may Is* •h-tau
tsd c/swerraled Sol wad wue*r*4#is ki-v-v
re t»y U«u*g ap Mount cvr,»sj wiMmp
m w.ry porvsxi *if the lUrfn .
Ite-. -ay that ttrue tnan (Sw-c.ghtli o' the
rsvpjirml rjm haa hero rmi«-d ITe pt-wstd
poiimuor of Mount Virw* i<aa nth-mi to
, two hand r «d amu ol Us mtata, ueiu
th* nsau-sa* term l Ue .wla»u of V«r
jfktta arsJ a* Urge Mima ba**- bm raaed
1 4 IJ treef Ue V”a*<a to «sa|dris thw pnr
; vtmm t n only letemmry M> |*» trewa *•<
l o*»r u# Ue treasury uf Uw Osi Is.<r,-i..<wa.
4/jd fur u.at MmU u> a* * m the /!• *
i ieml**- here emit V ie*dmM w* tMU
• hat tlw enter* *Qta a*a«*J f'e tk jwojswiy -
| two hoodr*-l 'V-saaud do.tar- <mti r*mh.j
j ns it a tr*a» Uart Ue m *xa*
ru- oa but Ue \* * r**«t >' ;<*d tta
( fare eat It u sild ta na.fytdly d.agrurr*
faJ rf the th-rty n,.‘;eww of inhaMtuola in
Duo Is ’id lias ahouhi ab m Moaal
Ycfwju V* be " wt ap *‘s **ib Ue *)—»♦•
uwu» oo Ue pr» f eit Umt >is p rupgwUe ouM
vm ueii It il The r tote tA V rguaa
wJI nr. ie> * a a auMm>ng th*
thr the wih asm hist tta aw . a tA
.tiiVirr >e V irf im W lead Ue- p» i
w a • rvioi trußb* f t Ue * »*•
UmA o buy rt wild hw *»s '4ms
ta/ta. tap
t'aptwrs •••«! I'mnlttH «t i r*W». wu*l
hi. Part}
TV followinff ia tv UCIVUOI furui*h»xi by
a oonvwpoiHhiit of the Sau Usgv H ruiA
talc in March. CrabU * party left S.mn
nta. Sonora, and mar. hoi to t av»Mv*. e
-mall Mexiian town near l*oint I. daw. aist
on the t Julf of Calif miis T la* first iut«ti
tiiHi waa to haw proew-tod to Altar, but
in w* ol its |«artial fortuicatHui und -u-cep
libiiity of a *tr»»ug ih*fe*it-»* i*uiwd tla* diver
aiihi on Cavorea.
On the m ftiing of the l*t of April, tin
party ol American* ent<*rvd tlw* aataita ol
tlie town. Tbry wcn» ne thy a of
Mi itcan trisqie (NHtintaiskxl bv Itndnguc/
Il »- -aid K.slngue* U'bamxd to iqieuk t
Cruldie. when tlw* American* ojvened fir»
and ktlhsl the Mem an onwmandef and w*v
oral utlxTi T’h** MeAiean* uninedtatety rv
treati-l some lo the tliountaina, but lie
ui4j.»ritv to the church, winch had !*•*»»
plai—l in a state of (J>-|| |)*|’ iiihl had At the
time t’ralilie entend the town, a number >»l
'-eves roasting whole m front ol it t • h—l
the Mexican troojia
It ap|M*ur- that lien* oerurri'.l tTabU »
tir*t aivl latai no-takn. In-i.-vd of at one.
i harguig and taking the i linr.Ti, which would
liave given him tin town, he (nviiiu.-I -• v
eral hiHiNW on tin* corn* r of the I'iaaa. m
front of the churi'h
The Mexican* at lir-t dmeilist m«Mt of th*'
lown. but gradually being einholdened. re
limn'd und gradually liemai'-l the \iw'l.
wi* in Fighting continued eight (lays,
with a ioM to the Am rii’ana of twenty lb*
killed The Mexican h-** » nqiorhd bv
theiuM-lviw lo have I kwh twenty five but it
is 'Up|ma»-1 to have lieeti much grvater. a*
high a* .Too. On the eighth day. an at temp*
Wo* made tiy two ol Crabtie* men t«i blow
up tac churvli, by placing a k g of iniw«lh
euder t|»e portico and liimg it I Tie Jc voted
il-n who a.Miipod Lux w«i t*ilh kdh-l
.ind t 'rabiie t* said to Iseii wiinnd«-l in
superintending it It t* sui tan off r »w
made by tTutdw to retire il the Mexicau>
would allow it lie bad refua-l 4« retin
wlh-ii tin* off. r wa* inadi* huu, alter tie* light
itig had eoiitiind two days, and flow tin-
Mdicuoa. (-uifld.iit of hi- wiakinw', and
tlvir triumph, rvfuacd The Aim-riCatM
were grodua ly but surely caught in a anan*
from which they -aw no n-ann
In lireakmg through the walls of tin ad
joining h(m*r»*. the Mexican* lori—l Cruldn*
and hu men into the cor is r iiuiiding*. which
tin*) r< (awtediy m t mi lire, lint which tin
Alie n* on-a* often •xt nguoled At ia-t
a Pajiago lodian *lk*i in o the ro«>f of the
mam building. ucrupM-l by the unhappy
lillitiuaters. a hgl.t*-.! arrow. T ia* ttaiiu*
caiighl lie root. au«l in a h w momenta tin
lire was dropping in great llAk>-“ UJsm the
la*ad* of the doomed men within Worn
out with c«Hiatatit lighting exhausted with
anxiety, famished by |»r»itat»l) days of star
call'm and thirst, and without ammunition.
Henry A t’rabiie uu*l lift (Might m n
mar* la*l out ol th* liuriuug Ilou**-. «i'li u
white llag b--f‘>r tie in laid down their
arm- and *urr»i»den*l. it i* -u|qioa*sl nn
eofiditKHiully This tvoa in tin* ntght or t.»
ward u !• •ruing. They wm- imiiualunly
tn-i. their hanta tahilel th ill, taken I - a
corral near lla AkakUt a ofbee. w iwre they
were kept until murtnng, wiatt they w*r*‘
taken out in -q**ad- (»l live ami n n i»< h and
ahol. In Hh lirst ex'-.utloti— *t was found
the ealmnesa "f th« Aiiht cun- d. .coui
exceutiofisrs atsl tle v shot too
high or b*o low in many casus only wound
mg Ue ir victim-. Ita *a<lw of l'el«t<d
incu wen then turied to tla tr'-uo, uni
then tliey sueceotal in aimmg with IwMUir
MiCoon. may tareat in |*mn , owing in
hi* great stature. **u- suve»J tins* torture; a
hull struck him full ni the breast »♦ 11 a*
first fire and le* t« II dead, Cr»*dr alone
waa reset ve»l be and it ary death ll“ wu
taken to the Anai'k a office, queaiime-l
allowed to wr(U to his wih , strl b* have an
HiUfVH'w with a Dr Evan- a jirisutnr in
tla- tan I* of tit M« xieans wl; f if lav n if
•-noAnefiient ** wr* k« on awspirloti IT*e 1
ia»ur hir his cierutHNi having arrived, h*
wa* l»*l out, hi- baish Itn tdsil ala»ve In*
laud aral tail to a pwl in front of tln timid
ing Im' had rmrßpi**l. hi* fun* to the J-w!
and hi" t*a» k to bia ts'vwtmtiers A» tla*
(i•ruii>and. “Fieri «* kw*t a hundred tali*
wire tia*«l in hi* liody. ami aii that wta
mortal <*f H**nry A * raid- hung ‘lewd.
(Winging by hi* tied hand* AM* xi‘au
•teppeil forward and with a larg-* knife
ei'twl kia la*ad from his le*)y tie warm
lihaaj spirt ag hail way a<r<e« tie *tf*ef
Tbe la-ad »as plac»i| m\ a table in front i»f
<*r *n tlie • ffr- of the Joe-r. npwd to
i*«T* of the |-«pnlaiw It waa then plv'd
in a yar '4 it**** ai for pfwvvatsti
Two of tla- Auhmm -i-Hm n* o»-aw of
f 'rahl* an-said to ta- k-!g»l and aian \+%mj
Biven My Informant an intaltg*-vif r.,nn
and an eye-aritfaws ok thrar h rerun, any*
< rabta d--«t a» a genlkiuan ah'-iUI aa « »ii«
y aiH q« • *ly a* .f fa w»f - going to a pi*-a*
ant laom-
P'*of nr- n *«ek ha-l tern Uft at *one,r >a
by l.rtMr lh*7 onopwd tb“ hms own
♦*l liy h. I Dantar fceq on tba Anafiraii
awk *d the hoe t>u th> liuh id A|W,l at
o-ght. a [**r f y id twenty fir** M* fuwo* «vaaa
up ff'*m San Ju»n w nt to Dontar a lwe»*.
look item' po* * swik tre-n »ait <g tad. t«*d
ita in aisl at Uawo of day tirrsd tlaon to
•ta fc-.t 4 tv- hei *v*t ttam Jk* d-»g« on
Am* r- »'• a*"! a r d ttam lo r** A pa'
»Vof r*pg»» Iratao . ua»r» srf'ibl. tar-*-*l
'tarn aoJ ><*ur **4itary rmaneU now appeal.
»«o* * • *f a (s-wstly criwm. h» tta-
Arra-f. an *• ernmenl f - n vet.g*- Will
•»•'. •" *• •““•S’
V! r D-» r 't*ar ; »*t i* *p»d maa*** re hav fqf
aft “ —if ta'• » the abevrasev prwvweia
Tta- U't*<KS * re furasa* at !»>• leap.
aittamgh te had Ui do w.lh the |*«r
tv ex** p* t>» tribe *taltei *-1 A’t* r» m. »ul to
lnr «»•* mee fi h- »wn h*>aw
A p*r*F >d a»e*it *1 fwrnit- rarotar t .#p» ,
(•rant t>r» r y. *Mi led frutn I owa to / #sf * i
1 rabta- at < s»-/fe% Wtaiy Withm fifban ,
mfta * f tta .4”**r (dac** they »rr »t!ae<l
ky a <oaA 2<k» M i irana t ap* Ony r»
trmtal 6gkt»ng ar«i MHMBad tkn Amsri an
ium. w.lh a tim'd »t) k.%r a..ad Tta
M* Xean l'-n ao*mt 4<» t *\A f#r»y
■ kwr-r «►* gr-a' rf*vjit f*»f h • *kiil At ey*ej
• i ier, of pta- M* a'*wo* %H**npr«d to
eh * k b-«i and a»it*i *e h.ra Ly luirit tat ta
riruled lu»-m >'+ evrry --*••«« Tie >mt
•:gk' 9. v* •** a n iitiamd ranrwog fight.
»n*J h«* ts«r*h Luaft hast aa# a .*d j *»* at tta
),oe Axeeter ;mCy of tta asm*
*rV*k-K h*ft TiLv mis*- v**l tarn taard of
! It ui tafcrvarl t «*'ao* iprej h- l town • ,‘k
t a i S*f**»»t fwiit might hate taw»«
ai * « *-d Ad wv* 'rad cuaowg^aa-/ ear *
ip-* ■ .a> aw>4 a c war r .ea.ug '/u a dwad
t'rabiie ctitcnd t’aviHvtv with 84 men
\II tin-e wen* kilkxl rxtvpl the youngcat.
-aid t*i have U*en *l*S' v| by tin’ Mexicwn
«-‘iimmii k*r Uanua Tla* name of tta *ur
vivur la unknown but he t* -a I bv ta a Imy
>4 -ixlt-tt er seventeen.
Major llobti Wtsal and Mqjnr T*»a v are
*nfe. They were w.lh 4'apt t irry'a party
Col U \ NViasl Int** Kilhnotr ik- t<w. hi
aui'Hig the dead
MrtUodut hl*h»|i I" V • l>..itl«v !tttal«c»is.
liiahfip Mogius of the Methodist F.pevo
pal t'hiirvh North, ut tin- l-iu-t Muiik* Con
I* mice . n tin* •*'. tli ull„ Is mg alniut to an*
nounci* the up)i<-iii(nt« (its o| prvn-la ra bv
tlsir various stations Dial n rent la, nffer
wviih* ciii llenl pnliuntmry remarks, mid
I deem it not unitn|Mirtnnl or out of!
plan* to address a few words to you. my
brethren. tt| m»n u subjeet which i- attrurting
ism*t«hrabU* attention nt tta present time,
namely as to how lur a miniater of the
tM*qiel might to take |atii in the pnltties of!
tta day When a non ia ter goes into hi
pulpit In* tied* In* congregaium i-uii|M«*ei|
o| men of ibffiMit pobtn al views, of men
saaloudy and «-maei«l|ti(uiab attached to
diff nut (Mililn iU jiartie*. and. if he |Hiblirl\
lnN-omi* the |Hirti«un ol om side or tie*
other, there will of nccewit) spring np u
i*oklnea- towur«|* him in a |*ott «»( the i-»n
gtvgation. which will very much diminish
tn* infiuiiK- I t«-1 conviiH-od. from what
I have oliaerved. that the only result that
can Is- extsvtid from u minister taking (Mil
in the |siiiti> :d contests and disniaaHHM of
tlie du\, will ta to (iigcfstor strife and hard
fi- ling in hi* congrogali- n
But aome may u-k, wle-ttai w * are not
eitiaena hk«* other men, and have not duties
to (s-rfonn aa mh li* Moat eertainlf we are,
and 1 trust 1 have n il proved re* mailt to
the obligation r»at»ng up>n mo as a eiliam,
although I have not. lor the forty ream dial
I have Ini'ii engaged in the ministry, ever
entered a |a>htieal nsetifijf or ap*n»t above
live minultw at ally one xvlretion I have al
ways made it a point to g-» to tta |milU at
th*- iwi-t quiet tune of the day, when tla f
waa likely to la th*' liiat exeitenamt to
defswit my ballot in an iii«iati*ntati<nia man
ner. ami return lama* I hare n» m aom
tla* line wlati I tle >ught I wa>* ealhd u|sm,
a- a citixeu, to d > more Ilian thi* I know
(Hit limw it may ta wilh other*, but I have
always found enough to do in the duties of
my (wiling. I am willing to let tta* pot
herd* at rive with tin- lait-hcrd-, hut pn hr
for myself to attend to the duthw <! volvmg
upon me aa a minia'er of t 'hri* I rw»»l
hi t an airodotr ol a Mrth -list hrotla-r
who was -lalioOdl to proa* h tie* g"*|* I to
tta- (s-'qile in "Fountain H«a*l Uinuit,
near the Hem itag* of the late I'rewul* id
Jn< k<s*n. in the exciting poM.eal tune* ol
hi* sr-otal t-ierlosi I'arty /ewi waa jusl
tta ii at |U ta'ight. and cw< ii party wanted
every ma to ta- on it* shh T'la v sought
«»ut ilu newly arrivnl unniiHer. and eagerly
inquired of hnn wtaise side )»•• wa» on "I
am on tta sideol th« I.<*rd and Eounloin
II tal Circuit, was tta reply "Which «4
tta candidafi «do you inbiid to vote foC
I fruit that I -hail ta* foiital oil tny km**,
praying tn Hod for the eon version of am
i**M and tta upbuiidnig of /aoti In I onn
tain ll'ial tircMt In com ho ton. tat m
say, Ui) bivihrvn go y« mal do lilo wise M
\ mv < *i aHaaran Farsi it Twrr
l -Nrs A highly moral story ta (oid *d tta
oO< or lona Ytdocq. whoar n-ent death ha*
l*«ii aumhiik*il in our i'Kirnal lb- wa*
-*n» lor ota day by g f-.S f'afi* merchant,
who Inal tavtl Mbtasl Of I.'MI.IKMIf \ id«H q
a*kdl a norma l ol quoations. eaf-s tally
(••ruing tta eaidiier of Ita* ue t iiant. “OIC
ta is flsivc aoqm eHi. r»*pled tta* latter ;
I treat lion eiortiy as alfn od la- VlilU
at my lam** . w« a#» on tta of term*
Are ou married aVd Yidoiq I ta*
na r< bant r* piml tiait h» wa*-. mal in sii«w»-r
to otta r ijiieateua- aduiilbd that lo* wife
wa- very pr- If/ oral verv l»-ung Tie coali
m i woa yming. also' eh* q formed lo*
ii|*-iu* <si tie- meant
If* |*-rv'i«H tla* men hsnt foph*s*| b‘i*i
law m tta- emndry an Ito leave home V i
d'*q ww* to remain *-eeial«d in tta* * -ear
lia naf haul (h parb-d Ihe thief tskn *•*-
rretfil him—'lf m tta “ablm-t fu a sta»rt
time th** young wile and tta young cashier
entered They ia-g-n tawamng flair an
happoaiw. ru«pu on was aroused ttay and. I
raithmg I nit ff glit lould m»m Ua*m j
a* law what ma ft ai-J liy,* pro|aiw«l tta- |
• waliat Tla* lady, nothing lot li appar eiitly ,
wa* atamt to ia ■• pt wtan Vah»»q cane j
forth flow mm h •* tta-re I*4l*" wa* to*
fir*i qumt>*si I'ta (]'*• 'unfitted 'sdiwr re J
p.Mij that if wa- IWKMII V ery g-*-»d ,
O' I lie *»tlar 11*1*1 if over to na*; n-» j
lama ia* no sfrigg'i.ug »»r I ruin you taitk j
I‘ta (iHernilriatasi of mania? awum'd f»y !
Ue that taker was nasrf luiji-woig Tta-j
man quaital f**f«*re it. sod •urr'tid r |
•il tta 1 |i|f)<Mif Vary g»od, «wd Vi
#ba q ami (fait aUmsiig »ta- tcrrilk«l lady j
•Hay rail a word an! rad a w »r-l will ta? {
w«l \,m tn mt>
that sam* avwning tta mlii*r anampa j
nil his r* w aiquamUia** lo Havre. *n*r ,
ta wa* mwie to twke snip for Ano*r>ca In ,
ah w «Uy« VoVaq ma»a- ioa qig«r«iio at j
tla n* r taut • taease Yo>if • aa»i*-r waa
Ui* tii t aaid ta tta |— e Miow ba>l
I faitan into *vi! ways. He got w q ia<n«cd
with an tu'r-> m (if lie- theatre, aial kwd«p>nt
iowi y aii ytair movry but that whhh re
torn l n»r* i.aol to ynu ” Aiel tta can
lung r-ijf** pf'-l a»d 'aj IJOOf Tta n*r
rtiant, <n.lj i<n gad to r*w/»(t a portem of
' h * pr \e rt v af*l to hurt ra* Mam upon tta
feputJUMO of h»* wik* unit*! nnt "Hit-in let
: pry Hi* tar»» ir'M »*v-air»r ever after war*!*
•*e i 4 tta tapjweat tn I'arw Vnltaq was
bwcstaiwa* 4 ) r*-*si»(iaawad A (•THty at ry.
truly’ J-»*' wtat «• might i-ijiwt with
tta 1 w*h J -iittan W ikl Ue its taro
lbo*no* i* V|:ikia/i* V'/e t,\m rve
• tn r»grrt, that a/or ahanmuxiid atruggl*.
tta I'r*-* 4> nt ha*a)'p!e«J tta rotata* prln
rpk t/» our fratal «ol tenet f-T.ww ciH
wo. J Tr»»a lts*i a* Beer*tary of Mice
A large array of tutinen>e was t.fioight to
♦war lo aorwrw n • fWntioo n office mati ta
has tta aatMlacta.w to kra>w ttat it w*a on y
tta otavga>Mm arbick tta | , -**4«it Wl «n
def In a(qi y tta rta maxofilta to tta Irrr#
lory tl*ai lidwwj b.wt to now*mat* a mertn
ue to Mr It's* r mw** off*- -at term had
e«pr,J Tta 4»wJ *'-J ari? w.tb whah
Mr B w«a aai-p>»rtal ta<or«* tta Fr*ai4rlit.
log*-tar wili* lh* toga eimneAe-t aod |*w*
lam of DM M»pl**U•/*, were »u«e CH*iit*lia
m>A tat tarn./ « h-* ling *4cl Wfumi
lla n ttier ri* .UmieU m ’1» * r-g. *-i w.ll tawr
<4 turn raw#app 'Moaant » th kWV
Ml 1 a prwMig
UtoavaM- Haa«ls- *»h I l*h
A frw dava aiucc. Judge IKvcoi %» lit ota
dkrttiv b» a Hipawt from tin* I’. H. tlmml
Jury, al HprmgtuTd. 111. mkibwaisi a larav
uawtmg on the |>rot*iiic«tl iwilitical t«qatw Tu
tta day. via kanaaa." the Dnko rt*x»rt
d»*01*1011." and Utah In relation to Utah
we fiml tta* billowing nmio|so*«4 tlw Judges
rvuiaika tn the Chicago f i mt\
Alb? giv mg a full rvivlanatamof tta* facts
in tla ltn>l Heott cas»*. ir came to tta* last
topic iqsHi which he wa* called u|nm to
-|awk. to wit tta* affairs of Utah
Tta act of IkV), (renting tta* TVrritory of
Utah, waa |maacd on tta aupf matt ton that
vta tin it nwidutg lta*rc were nba>nis
of the I nitrd Btatow, acknowledging their
Alhgtaniv and (‘latmiltg the prot etion oflta*
(•overnnant Hcmt y**nT mfMfkfiM ha
•l-iit'•n-tiand a state «4 (acts rutirriy at *a
naiiiV with tie* suiqMMiiti'Si ttan iutei
If tlw rvqsut* that rv*m k h na InHii that
Territory an- true, and la* had no reason to
doubt them, ouq impirlant fact aland-piom
mcntlv forth and that ta. that at Icaat nim*
tenth* of tta* present it h ibtlattta ol Utah mr
«»/ ru* fiy bnt\, who hav atvmldy A*fu«d to
tavotne iisturahml or lake fls* outh of alk*
giams*. The ta w-|*a|--m arr HIM with ae
omnia of the I* arful ami terrible (tatha to n*
«i*t nod subvert the (loV-.ftmu lit f the l int
ol Mate*, to which these wit kol and il<-hid
ol |ssqile are eompc'M to aulvM rtta It ia
also well known that Ita* Mormon Huveriior
ha* tavn and in now iitgagM 111 lorunitg al
liuuevw With lawttle Indian tritaw. vmgogmg
thorn to jotu ut open warfar<* agam-t tta
tiorefnmont of the Unitol Hialea, aial to
murder our ciUaoia. A—umug that theai
reports art* tnnv, it prove* that itaUovwrnur
loin*. If i* Mi a'ten to the Uovirntneut of tin
Uintad tatatea. aial acting ill op'll deflaiio
to our lawa.
Under thorn* i ircvinmlamsw the duty of
the Adinitnat rat ion ta char, and la* had the
•cut implicit (NHifkli ms* in Mr Huelmnan a
hniilwwa. wiadom and ffrmneaa. ami Waa aat
i*lio| he would move straight forward, fear
lesaly. in tta' path of duty, lie wa* asked
what hi* view* of that duty wen Hunply.
aial in short, remove ling hum Young, aial
all other officers of the lorn lory who ay in
|»athi«;with him in hia treaa«Ni,at omv fnmi
olDot* and aem) able, taiM, untlim lung im*n
to take their plaetw Send with tlnin a
strong ami efli- lent taly of tnoips, uuder
exp«-fhiioml ami abta offieera, who will ta
able to |irob'ct the civil offieera and enforce
the taw l- l in have|f(asj invii fur Uov
trnor. Marshal, Dialrti t Attorney and
Judge*, arid tln'll let it* have a full aial lair
investigation into affairs there, let u* know
by reliable ami impirtial h |M>rta tla actual
slate of thing* in that Jctribirv la*t u*
know who murdered llabbilt. who uiasna
en-d tiunniaon, who ha* loi-n guilty of ail
tta- murders ami arema and robbernw ami
every *|*i ic* of criita* that haa dmgraced
the Territory for year- iia-t lad '»• luive
tlki*- facta in an nffteml *haia’ tafiilV tta*
I'nwahid ami Congress amf tta* nmintry
will soon learn that, tn tta* p’rlormancc of
the high am) solemn duty devolving iqaai
the Elective nod (’"fig tea* there Will Im no
vs- lllallfig or tamlating (eiliey II will ta
a- prompt a* tta |h*ul that follow* tta* fta-h.
a- aU*ri» ami unyieUing a- (Will Hhould
•in li a stale of thing* a< lually exist as we
are l«i| to infer from tta* Hj-irt- ami a«»eh
inform-lion romm in an official sha|- . tta
kink mu-t Im* applad to tilts |ieatderou«.
di*gu«;ing cancer whoh ta kiiawtng Into
tla- very vital* of the lasly |wi||U* It must
ta* cut out by tla- Mot* and -eared over by
tta- red tart iron «»/ a *terti ami urilfimhiiig
hh'Hild all efforts fad to bruig ttam bi a
arn*#* of tta ir duty, there is but on* reim-ly
left l UfxnJ th or/Mtm law of ike Ternli*
tit on the grouml that ttay are alien rre
irotw am) outlaw*, unlit lobe • tUrtie of a
Territory, nnali baa ever to ta-vouw- r itiani*
of ime ol tta' I ru* and iral<{- falerit Htafe
of this glora-.a i-(aifoili ra« y. To pfolact
tla rn f rtta’f in flair trea-onabb-, dt*gn«(ing
-ml tawtial (»ra» fteea would In a diagfaea to
theeountry a ib*gr*ce to humanity a di*
gtori' to nvdisation aial a d«*gra*e to tta
«|drit of tie *g« Bi"t it (Kit as one of Da
organir/d Territora* of Ita Untt«*l Htaim,
wha* then? It will la- rogufabd hy tta* taw
of I afPCI. winch has«'adu*i*s ami sole juris
dad am mef all territory not mo rpu.«t«i|
umk’f any orgsnlc of *|ai ml law lljr tta*
pmxriaUms of this taw all rrlnaw and nitsde
na an*ir» iwmirnittnl on its aod rao bo trail
t* (or* tla* legal authori'a* of any Htate or
I eriitory to ahe h tta off mb r vlwll I-’ first
hr*/tight f'*r trial. a(al (moistad I m Ue that
taw |a r*/Hi4 have In n arnwbd in K aoaws.
kdirnak-, a(al otta? lervitamn pra*r b*
ttair organ * as* am bn Temloraw ma! hanged
for th* ir • t ii t ■ i ta law of 1 T'/O soh
and rsehtaivi junadat um stare no otta?
law of a haul iharaebr riiati, ami hy rm
pea ug tla* organic law of I,'tali y»m giva to
tta *iovcmm*irt of tta Unttni ntat»a
tta whole ami sob junada t*o« over (ta Tor
I ta J ud/« (t.bwd inl/i a tang aial eon
vim mg arguiornt, m who h ta ikononatrat/il
that tta line of pda / ta had •narked nut *
lot ( tab Tal m/t ((/oflict in any particular
with th* prim iplea of tta N«d/faaka bill,
but W'-re in harm my wi»h tta iMiaaratie
pta'form in regard to tta power <4 tta Gov
• mnoiit (-ai r tta- orgari.m) Terntoraw of
tta b'nKol Hf-'i* 1 rnu-t refer yrai to a
lull r“f*»rt of h • w\*+* h on tins pond in or
der to (hi jwsdrw to Ida (awitmo He aanj
be w-oiUl ta fouml as willing to newt tin*
Utah quest am os taddl f and do kia <tatjr a*
farawa y a* ta had (haw- on tta Kaixaa
.Netwwaka till; aad should tta I'nwah i/t.
• leu ta stibmita Ins vets ow this qmwtioti
at Ita next sown ton of t-rngnM. tave re»
more Hta ouit plao *d «h*pa.og of ita l tab
difficulty, la* pi»dg»-d Lnnmit lo hr mg m s
ti ll “ffite*ly u*g ailatsntiilly th* xsairw of
fed if v ta had (has laaffy somkd to
After thanking tta a odour- be ttair at
U-ptMUt. le Uft Or viand ainal tta nata |q
mulba-J*rlswring a*"! the crowd di*(er«d
grvwtJy daflghted with thf*w tirrow three Ue
D Hi/tas ami tta Itaverrta («ariy
Tta rvpffitlMli'Kt-lK Htsh Oaotit—l *f
New Ham pshife was untn*t<mdy a (leva tal
and Ue prontdmgs w»gw mark«d with a
Ua ruemy wA dagraa of giaai tai»ag nail
/•ting that tta party * thoroughly *ni'vd
Mr ( mi*, am# woe leamnaUd lor tvovermir
bad l em vote nee ihoo tta muuta'r aeevw.
aary to nuro bal* «h» Me first laaiort Mr
a.B'i.sta, fr aa tta- ' -*iom tuw on lUwotu
Uwa reaawted a wnwtar *J r«»4uta/(ia. tie*
reading 4 wL •‘ii friqurtitly uiUrrr /p*(d
by Bpptau-r. a/*'! ttay w.fe ttan adapts!
unaiitißoXtay Ytay g.va utbrar*ce in tad
a»I mari’y la* uge Ui thr •euttna nts rad
only of tta New llampsh r* Dnaurrn't
tat tta National Dadva/scy of tta who'l
* ’ V
I.« KaT UHv
IhuiMriivi aid ratal Tavs*4ii
thi SBlunU) »ll<.uumi • torrilil* lom*l
• »,p( i.v.-r * i'brwliati ciqnii
lllluo*. ramriUjt ami Jmlrm limi i.
it* iwt*, llnr lulm-auuil »m at Itm ,ii
»l l'i,M m that nwaltr, ilitnuy tW
tami .l.m rilva (ta «Svt» tla n' a
tmifW It >a> a i'.mtja.ntml Im hail am
rain lluihlinxa wnrr aar pt (Mm thri
I'umktlomi aml KKno of thna carrnal ml.
tin' air. "tlnfa unru>4,l. aial nthrra turn tut.
alntna A linnilmr of nr* (ton* Ibat lim
|iwt lawi riwiiili<ti4 tri-tv into Ira,
imala, thi' I'lrahrtiTkit t'hnmh a larr
Iraa* 1 lmiKl,a« waa mnnaj anmn ail hr
lr.Hn ila InumlHliiHi . tlir IlhiHiia t.'iwlra
i'rriHlit . 1.1... I aaa unnailml . a train n
Oriijlil .'.in. ana lilnan fhwi Ih' trai k ; am
anna' limn ail. Her latwaia a amnan am
l.Hir tlnMnn wi-rr kithal lijr la in* ,lrm i
lit falling Inniam, or rarr(«il Inin ikn ah
ami Itiman up.Hi ll,«* grnnml H. v.'rul nil.
rr |a'ranna win- mnrr ik inw. mjurr.l, anno* nt
aln'ia majr <U> fmin thr cflm'ta ul Ihrlr mjii
rna I'/.Hugo lkm.Hi.it of. lu,. iu ,
Imnutlan) •*t..ta biNto
Ht lan m. linir II).
I hi' Ikm.rmt Irarna that tla' I'rrr Hlati
IIH'I at Tu|aka .... Ilm Dili laat
I hi tlm I itth tlwr wml Into am-M arwnm
th tliai'uaa llw
iruihling ami pulling luto n|uTathni tlmm a
thi llin 11 lb tlw Hrnata rhi-tnl W. A
t’lnlli|M t'ailml Stall* Ht iMtnr in nlurr n
IKiif Tlh< l.gMlatum alnt.at iiuaihuhhial.
■u>lan»lln> I'.mranliiHi
Torn a. Juar V
laim |>r.*uling- raanluti.Hia a.l.mtr.l Ila
owning inrnhKial (nrimßmat
mlnilwhin lotn Um I uit.m undi* tlw rn|i*iia
I'lHiatllull.M, lh« only nmUiml nl mljuatmg
.liffi. nltlia, An., An AHjonmnl
* WropewM Maws,
llaitral. Juim It
Thi •tram.hlp Kamna arnn.l at tblapnrt
nrlf l lna morning Him HI Llrirponl «i
Halunla,, ilhi Uili. ami liriHga miwa ihrm
ila\a lalnr than b» tlm VamJi*rUilt.
I'artianml, wlili-h. at dalanflhaamminta
lljr Uu' Vamh'Hilll. waa ant In arwaloa in rim
aiijumr* of tlm Wblbwantnla htUdaya. haU
again awinliUl but bail not. up Ul Iba ila
|Mitiim of i!h> K iroja illaualilnal an/ bnai
maa of |*rlnular miU- lim iMmtna bml
Ih«'|i ratlin, lann*
’Him 11. H ahwnwbi|i Niagara, hating
•"’■n Ihapnlial 11/ Ibn An.giiuaii Hinatur
baa jiriaHnUil to 1-iKiiniuulh •« rmri.n tin
timawarti'v alt. riiilon,, pr. |iarahH, In lallng
mi lna.nl Imr |aKtlim af tlw Atfauitir . abb*
Ibn lintinli Ho.rrmii. nl having himll/ loan
tal tilt* I tllUal HUtlin Ik* tin. It /an] at Hull
Ibn Iti.nrfntol Itrrn litalh nmrkat hail aa
•unnvl fiwlqria nf nairviM ilullatai Ut aflhr'
-tab* A alight dnrlltw bml Imwi aabialtlial
tn tHi all artli Ita. n,ir|g ivkii, thr aalna ul
aim II wi n. Imrnl/ malntainnl Tbn Inter
vmtiiHi nf air holnla/a, with Um favnrahh
wiwtbnr lot tint rru|m. bail Imnn tnanily In
•tiuiHMilal In I Ina ilntitnaaiini 1/ Um mar
Tim Itlvcrpool |tntvi.hm marknt la i|airl
ami tin- |irm« (mtnTall) wllhmit raamllal
-'bangn aiinw lln ilepailntw ul llw Vatairr
bill .
’I bn I/imliHi money marlu-l waa willnmi
naat-ni .al than in alin-n ibn .It| Inal, anti fun
aula rloanl on Frida/ at -Jlalli for mtny
HIM lo tie t.rb
Nan Yoaa..fuiw 11.
Another wrloiia ri.it tttvurrwtl In tlw pari.
I'lila/ in fona.v|annnn of an alh w|tl by lb.
Mi l/outlilaii I'uUna Iu am- Mayor niml
ami Hiht'lT MilbHt mi a warrant taanwl bj
.Imlgn llolfinan for aaaanll mi Mr I'.tmn*f
UiHropilltan fmnmlaalnnrr of atmHa "flit
Mrirojetliian |ng.tw, while aanawling In a
Itialtr. tlw all |M of llw f ily llall, were beatet
b«< » *itb elulta b/ Ue- Maynra I’ulirw. ami
many of them hatlly hurt. < apt lltlka re
IHirlwt m.K'ally wmimlnl ’ITw park ia Siltw 1
with ai. vaaitwl tritwil Tlw Military, it le
re|torb*l. la It, Ik 1 ailed oat.
The warrant iijkui Mayor W.«»l wm
arrvetl lln, alltTnm.it. lie atirmwlrrivl him
•HI to tlw W.Tiir aad gam Ittnela In A.'i.lKH.
bt apjatar in aoawer.
lie' Hie-fid aurftTelemd binrlf lo thr
I’om'r 'lie* Nalemat liuard, w«*ra amlto
arma fne an hmir lo the I'ark. and warn tliei,
releaawl Irmn doty and left for Unatoa V.
lake nail 10 Ui). IhtnktT llill I.Vlelwatiun
I Im 1 wefnh rtgnneni la miw nieh r arma at
tlw 1 My Halt.
At lie* affray thia P. M arrrraj of tht
Mnirnfetlilaii |rtli.*tiem Iwantra CaptaH
[likaa. wm badly b-*t#«. Tbtnr iwrumj
MI mtaelerml thatblfoL
Hr Ire ia. Jme* 11)
Fort Kelly mrrft.|r«eVier of i|k Wl.
atatm that tlw flteyeniKa altaeked and dr
•trojml an tTaigra.it train Ht. latlea wort th
that fort on Uw tih Killing heir ami
wtHimling three 't he tieliana are iu Ue
rear of Homier, hr re
Tbe Item.eral aar, Phillipa H ih<mrt.
olale inattwd <4 c n Menator.
l'o|Kka Ila lea .4 lha 12th asy a ijinrum of
both hratedea of the I tg.alalun* w,r» boar
at wok le rffi tingroonty t.iwnalilpa'Kgan
aatee. Dormer Kolenanna meaaaga kail
tern anl la Ibe iKg alatum had ant tern
Attaag, N. V Jaaa 11.
Tie Metrtge.lilau Pul er I we* ranw up
f.r arg'itter.i led.fe (he f.eirt of Appeaia
th., inorroug I'haa If f onnor Ijo| . open
.ng hr Mayo. Wmal. and Jielga hdaawl>
will twrupr lie* muamltT 1 4 tba Kern ing
acaaion llw arrmemt Will be mated U»
moeetm* Tlere will be an ertrihig aaaaiun
i.t the Ifcmrv A large nomler of garanne
•era imwvnt and Uw grawiiprt inbreat WM
mai. f-ahvl in lha twar Mr. O ('onoor aar
rnimtit WM et,n#m4 in e mMUollonal ate
jerieow of the ilwtrlH f'trmed try tbe art.
Nrw Yoaa, June 11.
I ity ifuw«- - Mayor * ood auu-umied U.
law H.,ltm.iu,l to amat no aaraud aar
rant without nwiatanna Mr Tuiter IV|ea
t» Htate I 'onttanmoner ami t'apt Nmnrtl
Mator'a nrHtee, woe ameat.4 at Uw Bear
haw ilmd to laid w liJWi lha l ily
llall wgaariktl IK) all aebs liy tbr Ma/'**
|».*ev r.tua br.ng atlmtllnl hot Uewa bar
og baalwM l artber owtrwye * au> apgrv
* rebel altl, ,ugb lMu|M am In rwadinnw al
'ba armor. t» act at a awMasta wanua|
WtaHtvnmi. Juto Ift, 1547. ®
TV mrl,nation. ..f iV it.laiinialrtlcva to
wtnl lunflan.l hihJ b‘ r ,r. i> »re of Ibo m ut
Ohikliy ibara, t r, lm( null. lirfanllmliliil
o' any mmprelMtult* riv.,|, I w*..'.*-
•lona u|.>ii IVninil Aimfiv.iu .Hurt, tbt
llril.ab I lovi riiui.wt uniat rvtorv th<' nbw)
4lc Kourvianly i,l llw Il.iv i« nn.li to lln
liirmi, mal llw n,I ire i.in»l.<-li<>i over ihu
M.S,|llllO r.M’.t «M,| till' M.aNplflO lliili.ut
to tln> Slate of N lesragu*.
When I .ml r.lm.-oi.Mi .k ill btve mm la
ih.sa.aaii.lo, lory .'.mcvnuoiii. Vlr. ll.K.Jiin.in
.ill lw |>n-|Hir.vl In treat urllii l.lm un i ili.>
i l-.vn nmrm of t-'runn. f,v llw ren'nrs!'o»
f nnk» .ml in. aeiurilvof llw Itlbtttnt
iruiml In llw i,,min,<r,s .wt ]i... 1 » r ..f
ill n.iioua. iii.mi . lii.mil m«.| ii i r I Imi i.
llw I’naJ Ilf aro-tla Hi, ;.| ,i nf |||,' ,thn.'(.
ol any liiiH*. i.vir »,r rut ,i.*, ~f ,mr
purl u( (Vnlrel AiU'iii.i i.i tin. Uni ij
Mali., u |.Tl.vtly n'wml. lie him
4«nla llw i.i, . nl lit,' |» iiii.iik'lll .wiMiMtiva
>f lb,' ll.y 1 .Inn,l. nr ~f uni p.irt ~f i:ontr.J
A nKThu by KiuUivl. <■!.,, tjr 11, I I.r.ry,
M •ll.iliy IHl.lllllMllll.' i
At i» ilii> I'l.ytuo II i!. r irmly. nlw.jrt
iiii|H,|.iil«r in Hits country, il Will 1 bats
nsu.i to believe, Ik> ulir,tli .l bv Ilf ti. it
I’mignso TV trtiwn.l will lliiia'ltu .l, .r, .1
lor • more MtlrfiiM.iry •rT.n..iuti< mlh
b. n(t In ti l iipun tin* lit.,, .if .inf ininiii, r. laj
(srtprscllwi, prorubil, always tbut II r *
VI Valya Uavniiiu.ui n, i|,j m. ,nt.>o* t
‘bull rellll4ul.il cun roly .11 it. . luma 1,1 pro
liuiiks of junsliitl.il! or iMviijn 100 ,iv, T
,wy purl ..I llw Ik Mini Anuncun nt.ut
uk! llw tal.iuU ilwrr.,l.
Niiw I /'ill A .pu r bn. racvtvvil 110 r p'y •
of Urn Cum lo lli,l prop siiii.,l 10 tv np ii
iwKoll.llinw. hi. InnUhip 1,,« .l,.ii.lfli.t| to
10. homo ifo*i-rnßii.Mi . lull at.ioment 1,1 ihu
Cmu.t Lntf..mJbui t|Ht'Mr ,1 . lUs.lv to
•ulb.olt.tl lo iv-op.li llw boil A l Ol U* 11
irol Am ruoi «n.nr» upon . b.-n tn.'s
tout to llw fair .o,| Jiwt ,J t 111 our
.sbliwt. llw Ittuo sill flip.ml up., ihd
wtniom or lolly of 1.0.1 I'.limiaiun an,l
bit saturnalia 111 milhnr ly. Mi. Übvli ,i,.n
•“t IBwb’ up liw 111,ml not only up HI lit
ullinMlum iu llna Imaims* but lo nut I tbit
ituma|iwiw*s of Ita .. .. ptoitcu nr r.iu.ol, at
•tioia* bs may rn|«ire.
Fb. following aru Ibo liida for c.nying
IV onol.ml m.ila:
H Hmw.'ll aiai A K Pace, from Omne*’
Iso,lint, on llw Miaaiaalppl In Hon Ki .U
■man I to I’omiiwnrt, at Vwkabur*. 11 pro.
•trial. wm-kly, $1 iNbl.iHio l,» lb. lira! 1. .r,
•IMHI.INMI for Ibn aerntni, $7 no liu 1 j |,.r Ibo
ihlnl, .ml $600,000 for llw firorlli yo.n
Juu H. Uirvb, If,no M, n.|.b,a to in
I'rwifitiai. s.ni weekly. siioo,non
Janus IJlnmr, from M.tupbn to Vi. bn
bur*, anno luouibly, HJ.mi imhl , wmk r,
$450,000 j ttmi.Ko.kly, s(Jiw>ihiij.
John HuttorOnlil. Wm. II llnomiw", W in,
0 Kar*oi J.hhu V I’ tlanliK t, M.rtua
I* Kinyoa, llattilb.i Hp nm. .ml Ab ,on
•Irr lluOtml, litiin Mi l. u a, mak y, #t„o,-
1 HU), aonil wm lily, ii.lHI lino
Ibiriilll, Milch. II Matan'i II diunkill,
Hnlatt t anrplK It. tt illl.tn IJ.lpni .o«| u.b
art, aani 1 wm Iny. Onnu onii
Jnlm Hull.ill, bl, Win. II Ibuainore, Wm.
U k’wr*o. .ml olhi ra, from Mi’iuplna, sin,
niimihly. s.b«inoil wm-kly, liSQ noo j
autnl wnbly. s.i»i imm)
Job# Multnrfl.'bl .ml Otbrra. from Ht
I. l*l w. sain mnollily. $ MmiuoO , wffk.y,
VIfiOAMI. w iui-wm klv, 0 i l.', in n
Janns Jiiliimlihi. .fr , un i Jiawi.b Clnrk,
from HI. I.ana au,.n m wll.ly, i.’i.iill) ;
• ■ably. slltfu4ioo, a. mi wm kiy, $ ..'0 non
Wm. Ilobniuatw.il, ila* I’nsil 1,1 of iho
Miniuwils, Ni'br.aka ami I’ai ilk- Mnl
I'nuwpnrtatbui t'nm|sny. pvt in a Iml, but
it w.a irnyular. lain, .tier Inin,. |ir'.(as.nf
In |a*rfnrm llw snio oruotbly srvi.a lor
Jnlm IliitlpriW'bl .ml nifwra are willing to
allpolalo In tlw itNilrai I tb.i Ilf Min. in
'ln.lial by lbnn may !«■ imalitbtl nr cb.,n*, ,l
In llw nortli ur anutb lo avnul any nbala.it
tlwl wav la* l.niml by I,p ri-11 .to nil. r
b-rn villi tlf r-ynlar amt «af,, lr„nauiit.,fu
nf tlw mai a
Na» I nan. Jutw 17.
Tlw M. lrnpoblan I ..1,1,1m, ... ia b-,|
«vnrn lii ornr 400 ap. ~| |h,l„. „„ Ml a,4
wi re trrtn*ln* I,* mmv. Tb>m, vr, 4011
auhlure in tb» rliy arm wy. TV honr 1114 I
Ibo May,* count up lo llw limit nl r.
omit lbs I* M ll it ruiwmal Umtonn ,/U
draper baa laan appnnt,.| Jtlayrt by Our.
Flint rut I’i.aiaa. —Ann. 14 tlw pamrn
pn Is tlw Mnrwn* Mur, yian ~|a,. a ro
■bo Un.Ual Stab I Maralwi. I' K Uvljanq.
ami Tll I'ilt, fhmi Hail L k 11, y bit
H»H I ska (Ml tbr I bill • 4 April, tU-y a. rs
oat forty sv« ikiyt ir,.m rl.lt lsk» l„ i,4o
loonbicf IVy ru|a.t tbs arms 1.1 il.«
p'miw tory aliin, anj w< it a.rpnsil lo V*
tho am,araiiu table ba.k au w, 11. 'ln y
mat llw Orel troina Ivmily in,l,a tin ail.' of
Fort Koormy, *at4injf .bay at wall
,imki b„ oipwuaJ. ami all (. mrally Valll.y
I'lwy r>La>rt turn- n,ric ~.i,|at,n.«uf L'n 1, J
blabs Jrs*uuna at Ftwl K uim , „rl abml
tlw tamo nutnlnr tt Furt Luramw—
••!!. Mot muni or baa iwn*rauta av.ry
■loy, with lar*« mnnbvrt ul tnwk. sat,mat.J
•Mast bm tbouaand wa*,«w an,l tinrly la,*,
amid rallk w,mM ir-wa lb. iil.iiia ib.a»s»*
M <'sllfwn.». -* lasi i fLyitlJ ( u„, | J 4;,.
K*««« Arr» ia*.~Tli« UmMrracji ot
IfcMflM <4NUl).|iall*U Ut'Ui * Cuu>>u'l<«
•l liwUMptlMl ou Uw i jlll uil., alfcj 1
UMfoUumiif mwlulhni.
"****J**d Tliil w* will Mippftrt »0 man M %
4«bh(>U Uu . mirtHOl—.i ■
•JubM It *.li bf to U»m- tfc« (.uiMi.tui vu uf U*
r«t«r« Hum of an.! tfc« yoi.tM «1
imUUiUom* uuUci kU •« m * ii« ••
Hv«. Im blttw'i/ f«i > Stltl
»wu» «IMM raftrubuii. it* *•« •»•»; fcooof.
•t»U •to»t U l t|>« m»« to |i«i/ bvi.uj Js
•el—i *+ttUr v# Kaiimu Hi ilm |»io|m f liu« iuf
Iw »«W util »|*o« IU b/ tfc»
MvpU. in <*4#r ti*4t tii« •«..{ coMiiitftioa m+w
lu i<npf.| » to)«<u4 %y tb« ki«il Mti.*i« u
tkU TuriUfx. uft *1 (Ui tutors Uir
Tka timaral AaaNMbly aI Uk uda Inland
adjoaranl ua Mrnpurt » auuo, hut kril.j.
altar • Unjr aiiati bee uf Ivor «!•)»• It atf
projwai.d 112000 h'f tlx- imiHn ui *
Mmar bmtjr el Pnatui krt, ami iMtviUd UM
f iue>al U |lw MfaU* Nwtwl h< kaut In a
PruokkiK* U> linniol, ar|»r» jtilull aa ay
■-ua>a-*l4ti‘»i* »it. ti t.k* d H. ’|ka A a
•Mabiy anil tu I’ruvali uaa UI Jana
• n■
l’*aaaa II k'atam, wbikna kllniatar
(ruai Urn .lu*rol Nitarafua, W tU. Cental
buiaa ami Ka-Uitgr ut a paper ep uia
MaaMippi n*rf, wbu k-n ilw Tur.tcrv
raUmr quietly and u.y.Lr.cnulj laat ernur,
'*•* cmaaaanai Ilw pabUauu. d a Hi, a*.
I im daily paper at —itaaaaUi, Caliiaoa*.

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