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The weekly pioneer and Democrat. [volume] (Saint Paul, Minn. Territory) 1855-1865, December 17, 1857, Image 4

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tiary, perron* under indictacut rent Irom
any county in tk Territory : provided, the
U ardcn wa* | (repaid by the committing of
ficer, the turn of three dollar* p r week, for
five we>k* iioard, tswidc* tarnishing lb*- ac
cessary clothing. It wax likewise provided
in Mid law, that the Warden should not tie
compelled to maintain, or lie la id respon
lihle for the sale kta-ping of any prisoner,
after the expiration of the time lor which he
■houhl have l»wn (add at tie* -ate afotuasid.
There being no money in the Territorial
Treasury, for such purp>se«. it Wa* urged
that mi h a law wan ntisMary to protect the
Walden ugainst the injustice and re,«[*in«i
bility of supporting anil taking care of couo
tv prisoner* without coima-naa'ioa. Al- ;
though noriHf law ol tite kind rectm-d terajee
rarily dernandid, no argument i* med'd to
•how that an entire cliangc rboukl lie made
in the organization and government of the
I I'enitentiary. The plan which hm Ixs-n
generally adopted in other State*, of hiring
convict labor by contract *o tin* highest hnl
<ler, will don bt lew* I*: followed here. The
Warden should have a lined aalarf, and no
officer in the institution should have an in
tercet in the contraeta, or in tin- lalair of
the convict* ; nor lie tiie owner of uny [-art
of the tool* or machinery u«d in lie- in-ti- |
tut ion, a- i* the ca«: tinder the present law*.
1 would recommend that during the prea
>nt session of the Iz-gialuturc, the |iro(*-r
committees should n*it tin- inatitution. and
glee it* affair* aucli investigation a* will en
aide them to report upon ita prem-nt condi* I
tion, ami make *urh recommendation* In ltd- i
dition to thnMc already imln alisl, a* may be |
necewaary lor it* future government.
The condition of our frontier, and onr le
lalion* with (be Indian trilwa >s a mat ter ol
*ucli deep intereat to the immediate growth
and pro*|*'rity of our State, tlmt I deem it j
proper to iay before you a brief *tnt. ment ol
w ine of the event* which have transpired'
i nee the adjournment of the lu»t Term tie
rial Legislature. A hi*tory of the Spirit J
Izikc massacre*. committed l>y a marauding I
bund of .Sioux lndmn«. led by Ink u-jm-dn- l
'ah. w.i* communicated to that body at It* i
extra *e**ion. Kln|)OWcre<l by their net, I i
procured the liecc- ury mean*, and look !
Mich step* a* I then il'eiiHvl would rcault in j
the recapture ol the white women, and in l
icc< mlully currying nut the wi«!.e ol the
Iz'gndaturc and the people, The*e men*
uri» reaulted in the recovery of two of the ;
unfortunate captive*, the other two having
t*en murdered by the Indian*. In tin eon
ncetion, I lake pleaaure in Muting, that to
the effort* of Mu). I'lundrau, then Hidtix i
Agent, I am ureally indebted for the *uo
eenaful r»*ult o| tlw enterprise
Since then, ull ground* fur tear of further
Indian depicdulion*. have lawn n moved
and I feel confident that under the prewant
adliiini'tratiiMi of Indian affair*, no appro
In n*iuu ucid Ic entertained ol tlwir recur
ri lice.
The -tale of affair* dialing upon the
front.«rw ill that time, wa* reprewentid to
the Indian lleparlment at Wadiingtou, and
order* were promptly lorwntrdtd that the
lain-r Smiiv Himmtie should I*' withheld
until iJie offending Indian* wi re deliver'd up
for piim-iiinent. tin the arriv I of Major
Cullen, the preM'ut Hu|» rmtende it of Indian
Affair*, in live and vigorous effort! were
made to destroy Ink apn du tali and hi*
hand, who were wandering in the vicinity
ol the .1 aniei Uiver. Mu|ierilituuilcnt ('uf
len withhild Irom the Hum* their annuities,
and by In* iierw verance und energy a war
parly of the Iziwrr Sion * wa* foriind and
ant out. They met with a portion of tlie
bund, and destroyed four of the men, audit
ho* *inc«! liei'ti learned from reliable sources
thut the rial of Ink apa dn-tali '* |*»rly have
tli*l beyond the Missouri. with tin deaign of
leaving forever a country where they had
committed -urh unprovoki*| outrage*.
I lie < oivnmin ot. on tlie n-cnuinv udatmn
of the Sn|* rmt< ndcnl, liaa supplied the In
• huh* with an additional amount of provi
• ion*, in order to keep them on tlu ir He
none* during the winter, and if our own
citizen* wnl refrain from the traffic with
tlrni ill liquor, which i* no demoralizing
and degiadmg to laith rare*, (wueo and
tranquility may hereafter cent.
The excited state of puhlic fivling during
the earlv pari ol the auiumer, tlie alarm and
tear* of the •* tilers on our front hi*, the
reslle-a und threatening attitude ol the lie
diaoa, have all happily «uh-ided. and |»*cc
and confidence now pervade every por
tion ot the H'ata of Minnesota. It givm
me nun h *ati*la< tion to *lato that tlieae la
v ora hie tv*ult* are due to tli* prompt, de
termined ulid judiciou* »• tion of the author
ilic* at Washington. the grout prudence of
the commanding offi«vr- at the Tort*, and
the untiring effort* of the elite ent -> .|» rin
telidrnt ami hi* Rgctit-
A* the Territory ha* incurred an cxpenM
el la-tween lour and live th«u*u'sl dollar* in
nwciiing three captive women. I would re
rouiiiichd that a memorial I* *• nt to foil
gn»* eniUvdying tin fact*, and urging the
propr ot. o| reiiubinwing the amount <*> r\
|* nd»d In li*> n-|*et ol tie ,i*e i* the
ri|* n*e chargv able u[>on the lirritory lie
aufferer* wor> eitmoo* ol another State , and
we twing in ti > wav reapooaible for the con
duit ol the Indian*, we tv only inovvd by
oon»ideralion- ot humanity, to tube the ini
imaliato nod initial *t' p» m the n atter, and
to incur the ta-cc-eary outlay Such being
the can*. I have no doubt that tlie govern
ment willeh'vrfuily nw|*>ml to our demand;
and not only rcjwy tin amount *\|*ud«*l by
tie Territory, but aiao makraouw provmion.
by which the mrvivor* of tin* unfortunate
aha r will receive ample ivnij* illation for
their 10-w*
The reault of the expedition *ent out
iluritig the month of Auguat to protect the
*rulcr* in the vicinity of Sann«e. will be
made tlw aubject of a ajavial conununi
eatien «o -«»ui a« all the «X|a'nditurv» are
reportevl to tin* il«f«rtiuri<t. in Mich a man
oer a* will enable me to prvaeut them to the
l«ri«lature in a ik-fimte form
l.dwrml «alane*. and atrict aevtwintability,
promote the public welfare an.l official horn
eaty. Severe |*-naltne for official ui aconduct,
come with a ln t*« r gru.e from a govern
meat di*|*wed to |<ay fair ami hemal wage*
than tri m roe of a t*«trait>*l ami par*-
nimonioo* character lna>lr<|uate r. mpieit*a
tmu tceda <o throw gov> rnmct.t office* into
the hand' of the wealthy ureepectivf of
htn<«* or inert , while extravagant r- niine r
alion, ot. tlie other haial. lead* to corruption
n tlie effort to oidam public place, in a
government like our*, wher* official portion*
arc o|*-n to all. taiaru- *liould lie *o regulated
that appropriate talent, dependent uf*m it*
employin' nt for mpport,may not faiexcloded,
and ahouid lie graduate<l according to the
laiior* ai-d ri-*|*m*ibilitn» of tb»- officer. No
|*rt of the remuneration for official nervine,
•h'*dd I*- kerned cancelled by the honor* of
jxxiition. Salaries are intended aa eompen
nation for labor* impoaed by law upon the
oflieer. Tlie honor* be r*-»p* d'jwnd upon
tlie manner in which hi* dutie* are per
Tlw uecawnfnl prev'-ntion ol extravagant
e*|*-ndituic aid execadve taxation. i« great
ly d* pi ndent upoo rigid exaetniii* in collect*
mg. rate-keeping and di-huraing the public
revenue*. Ihe organization of the financial
department of Government, i* both difficult
and important. Once mtabliahed. it i* not
i-axy of change or modification. Keonotny,
nimplicity and efficiency, are the li-ading iilea*
which -ihould preaide over it* developu* nt.
fly the excellent provision* of our (fonatitu
tion, the *ubtr<a-urv yatein i* effectually
*•■ ured , ami tlie unnghteou* eoniection lie
tween the taxe* ol the pei,p|e, ranu*l for the
•up|iort of the (iovernmeut, and tlw- •tveu
lation of Hanker*, l* forever prohibiteif nnd
tbdared rmtiezjdeinent of the State Fmanrea.
Keeping tiiia great feature of the (,‘onatita
tmiii and a aound government, ever in mind,
it will lie'your duty to provide *ueh ehi-ek*
and -aft-guard*, a* wiil w< ure aafelv and effi
ciency in the Finaneial I *e|Hirtirunt.
It i* a high compliment to the framer* of
our t'on-titution, that they carefully pro
tected the ja-opie from a le*avy and onerou*
State d'-bt unliw* in time of war or mva
-ion. Two hundrcl and tifly thousand dnl
mrs i* thi maximum of debt authorized; and
cure i* taken alao. to proviiie, that a tux.
not only to pay the inb-rmt. but to dimuii*h
the pnm-ipai. aimtl I*- levual, commencing
Willi the coutr.e ting of the debt. Thi*
will place the crialil of the State on the
tirmiwt liaaia , and no difficulty need be ap
prehended in selling without delay, and at
par. bond* to trat uiiiour t l*-aring an intvr
e*t of eight or ten |*-r cent. Ihe prompt
ale of th'-ae bond* will aeeure the mean* to
put the State machinery in auecewUul e(av
iation, and add niiieh to the relief of tlie
I he monetary diffii ultit- which nppre**
the country at the time of our trunution
from a Territorial to a State organization,
while prohabiy embarraaaing your delibera
tion* to name cxient, will doubtlm prove
fortunate in imparling greater caution und
wi*d<un to your Ig'gialatioti. You mav
draw therefrom many useful |ea*oiia, and di
rect your rimclu*ion* in rvgitrd to the State
finance* from eotemporaryevpuriene*-. The
ex i*Hint: of thew- difficulta* prove* how
unraliahlu are our hope* ol continued
auece**, and axp* • ted wealth, when to all
outward apla-uranee, lliey arc within our
reach. In tho midst of the greateat pro*
|» rity und plenty, thealiock conns, und in
duatry i* paralyzed. Surely there iasoine rml
ieal error here, and it i* tin- duty of States
men entruatitl with the public interest*, to
trace it to it* origin, arid guard ugainat the
recurrence of ita evil*, if within human wia
doiu at*l lag dative power. Hut in tha
hour ol panic, w hen every financial empiric
vaunt* /i»» *|»cifie aa acirlain mm*lv. it
la'i ome* the more miawaaiy to resist hi* *ol
• tun apiH'a.* aiwl *eltl*h design*.
'The history of the world bear* cvidcinv
that every utu nipt, either to d'datse or in
ffate the meiliuni ol eotuiuerec, or the meaa
ure of value in tin- exchange of eomnii*li
tie*, by governmental expedient*, ha- only
ended m di*unnointment, oppression, and
bankruptcy. \Vlat is la 1 ~ both in theory
and sound morality, ran be but la ruieiou*
in pi act ice.
lu a new country, with little export trade,
nud comparatively iaolatial from the real of
the world, a rwtroted |a»|» r currency may,
lor a time, prove convenient, a* a eir< ulatmg
medium , but »o soon a* eoinuien iwl trail*
action*lwoome of any magnitinle, they are
affected by the ttundard ol value with which
they eoiiH' in contact , and a common me
dium is rei|Uirod to regulate the illtercourae.
That nicd.um. by thi common consent of
all civiliw d nation*, i* gold and silver. Kv
cry act, tlivretcrv. that tends to yiilwlitutc it
biw r and h «* valuable circulating medium,
di-turlw the true *taudard, and rob* Inbcr
und trade of a portion of ita reward. Wlh'U
gold and *ilxer are aiiiiouuei*l at a premium
It might !*• of some public iut> rent to know
what had lawn -ulwtitutexi as the -taudard
ol value!
'The calamitiis brought up<m the colomt*
liy pa(*‘r m»i* v. during tlw atruggle lor m
dc|» Ihlenee. !«■{ the trainer* of tho const it u
tiou to inaert in that inatruiiicnt a clause
making gold and -liver tin- only legal tender
for debt , with an additional prohibition
against anv State emitting “bills of credit
llow far tlicM «i*c provision' have lawn oi>
served in practice cannot much longer <*
cape discussion and umwtigatioo
Vi very effort made to avoid tleur strict
oh** rvane*- und common sen**' interpretation,
i itlwr by the lieu rwl or Stale liovv ruimiit*.
has'ed to tinnkruptey and ruin Alter de
serting i nr error, from it* signal failure, we
reported to auvther , and agivin, titer a fair
aud full trui w, end thecountry struggling
with prostrate h pc*. siis|*naioil», banknipt
eie*. ami a comparative y worthhw* eurc tiey
The Constitution ol Minnesota, though
not entirely prohibiting > auk- of wane, la*
thrown around any charter* that may tw
authorized, many natnetion*. ami napiirw
that any Hanking Hill. In fore it beeomxxt a
,aw. must si-eure a vo’r of t»i*third* of the
nwnii*i* of the la'giaiature It i* liopasl
that th«sw provision* may prvwnt tl* pas
sage of • Hark law un'es* it is tirat -abjected
to the *ever»*t *eniliny No «wie will deny
th*- necvnaity ot piai*** of drpoait. of dealing
in exehai gv. of ioainng money. Ac. Hut
such e*tatd'sl ment* should be under *triet
legal supervision , whether traiaavcting bti*i
new* uniter charter* grauted by th»' la’gtsia
ture or othirwiw. The depositor, a* well
a* the lull bolder *honld have laguuative
protection. The practice of liaxnmg ile|H»ita
i* at all tinea a pwar o n busiwaa but
wlnui the«e ih jiwit* are b (*••! at what ahouid
be a full :at* rv*t lor the onlmary u*« ot
money , ami ioaevd at an an extravagant per
tentage at risk* generally pr<>jH,r'ij’n*t t"
tlie amount paid uy the tiorrower, s
sion* and aasigriiia nt.- inevitably follow a
sud'h-a criiia. The high < haracter of tlie
individual, and a life of hlameh-a* integrity
are irouffieient to divert from a common
ruin, such wide d- parturea from liie rule* of
prudeuce atsi tlie mw/O" of experience. The
Hanker ta-eon*-* the com moo endorser for
all who leave money in hi* hand*. What then
inunt be the con-< tpience*, when such bu-i
--ne*s is left to the uorestrieted lict-n*>- of the
unprineiplisl an<l designing, whom- leading
purpose mu*t ho to ilefraud the un*u*|wcting
of their bard earning*.
In enacting law* tor the regulation (of
tbeae subject*, which are gem-rally supposed
to I*: ho intricate, u law prescribing the rate*
of inb-reat cannot proja-rly be overhxiked.
In a new an rapidly improving country
where propcity doubk-a in value almost be
tween the rising and wiling of the sun, the
sum jaiid by the borrower i* not of very se
rious importance, ami may lx: left to the dis
cretion o| the parties. Hut three and five
|*-r cent, a month, paid tor tnoucy in the or
dinary Inuini** of trade, or in real estate
transaction*, when property ia at it* maxi
mum value, or ha- a downward tendency,
lead* to th<- ruin of the debtor, and appeal*
l«r snch interference aa the law i* able to
give, A true and reasonable standard of in
terest iajiul a* unjiortaut to llai lenk-r oa
to the borrower. Hy izrasping too much,
the lender, not unfrei|Ui ully, get* nothing
’The overreaching of the one and the reck
li-ssriesa of the other dissipate the vvliole.
and both bei'omc bankrupt.
Money, as designattal by the Constitution
of the Lnited States, and aa conceded by ail
nations, is not an uriicle of merchandize like
farm product.*, to l*- bought by those who
choose to give the most lor it- bought and
retxiugiit until consumed. Were gold und
silver, lik l tlie wares and products of com
ill' tee, capable of a* end!*-* inen ~*e u* the
mark*' ik utaiids, they would be just a
worthl<-ss tor the purposes for w iiich they uri
now u-'sl a' are ordinary artiel-a of maim
It i* difficult to account for th • extent of
the present monetary crisis in the I'nilvl
Stuti*. except upon the principle of a drug
glc betw'S'ii coin and pajier—the former
meking a circulation, and the latter strug
gling to keep it out of the ordinary avenue*
of trinle, Aside from the sub-treasury es
tablished by Congress, und a few of the
State I legislature*, which had virtue enough
to withstand the importunities ot bunk' rs.
there lia- laa-n an almo-t. unlimited license
given to tin- .s ue of paj* r money , and hud
tli' o yielded to thehilxe light* which so long
and so zcaloti-ly atruggli*! for the mastery,
no one can eulculate tlie extent of the misery
und rum which might now afflict the land.
When the gold field* ol California nnd
Australia opened their precious stores to tin
world, [leoplc awakened to n-newial ho|»-*
tlmt th'irdayot ilclivernvee from Hank pa
(*-r wa* near at hand. Hut the Hanker*
were not to !*• lodul m their ptirjszse ; lor as
gold mcrea-ed tin y demanded new eliartera.
uud thu* auceeishsl in i lfi'i tually preventing
the miliums yearly dug from the mines, from
aver reaching tb-- pis'kets of the people.—
They well knew that two descriptions of enr
reuev. tli" one good and tin other douhttul,
could never eirculute together. With thi*
double accumulation ol gold arid Hank pa
|*t, Wall sirvet, the gr*ut jsiint of it- con
centration. liecuinc hm arena of the most
rcekleaa gambling'. and railroad seetirifie*.
U*cau*e the most plentiful, became the load
ing *tock- of the player*. Milker- ol capi
tal were thu* ab*orlw*l in tie- |»’rpetual
rmithl. 'Tlw real value of tluvr **-c'#iti.>
was entirely hidden Irom those desiring to
muk' |wrnmiient investment*, by the game
ster* who thu* earned their profit*. Hut
when the curtain was wilhil'awti, and the
irality ei|s**»d to public gaze.consteruation
aud dismay *eizi*| the minds of tlie people,
ami the panic became gemrtl.
In advanei- of the announretnctit of the
l iasteru bankruptcies the (as pic of the West
were startled by the warnitif ••( the pri-W.
tliut the country would Is 1 ruined by the
number of emigrants coming to the frontier
Mate* and Territories, und lie ruge for the
Western lauds, and town rite*, llow the
country wa* to lie seriously injured by the
opening of new farms, the erection ot com
fortable hon*e«. niill- and workshop* and the
springing into life ol n>'« and " utrlshitig
towns and cities, was to tb’ Wi -tern (ample
mconiprehettaible. In Minnesota, where
tjovernment land cisild only l" obtained by
the actual settler, to the amount ot one hun
dred and *ixty acre* each—her *•>:I not b»‘
it'g *ahj"C. to tlie inouopo! • * of tho S|*vu
lator thi* I cry of ruin fr< m «nrh a
i'our-c induced tlie Iwlief, that it wa* an ef
fort to pn vent the jssir man from *'k’nga
home ujmti th- rich and healthlu! (‘rairie*
abounding within our limit*. Sutsssjunit
event* |irnvi d that it was only to divert *n.«-
pieton 110111 disa-'er* tiny had meisiirablv
tir- light uj**ti them«elve*
That our pmwnt financial ' tiibar- izmient*
w hi U of line! duration, there 1* ev« ry rea*»iti
i.i twiwve \lthough. 'ike the rev - 11 of
I*l7. aiwl I'ilT it i* mainly attributable to
an over u*ne of Hank pap r 'l.«n i* a w-le
diff< r* ins’ m many uirlic ■ ars, utal in the
general cordition of tin .t- ..
In oiMitiou to the . m .'v there
are tlin*' huudrxal : 'll >" l and -uiver
in the country aeek.ng air in With
tlw annual yield ot our own niincv, tin
amount brought into th« country by inr
grant*, aisl the influx of tor- gn ommerix'.
we may satcly estimate that during tbem'xt
twelve mouth-, a humlr'sl milliota might be
added to the prewot amount ot Metallic car
renev. if rs** -.-ary to S!! the . : air.ei* of cir
culation With pros|»vt* Is-furv u*.
there i* >0 rau*e (or de*pocd«-ncv. Theprxts
Hi cn*t* will «ift th" sound fro-i the un
»o Ind and w p-irate the Mi! f-o:u the worth
!«**. Tlw uicr«a.-iexl cm gate nto the West,
ot th"*o who dc*:re to augment thnr happi
m-*. ami their wealth, will -eestablish the
hope* ami stimulate tiie pri grea* of onr new
>t*'e Wise legislation, baml uon sound
(vriiiciphw, will do it* part in establishing
the character, and multiplyirg th* r>o*'urce*
i f M nmw'ta . whi.e contentment, ndustry.
»n«l c oWencc w'! pirvode so<*ty in all
it* branrhc*
Nv>twith*’.«aii r.g tbeexnt* r ent which ho*
nxvnt't d »tur(ssl the Nat.en ,n rv'ation to
t! <- power* of the tienera! tiovernment over
the Territories, let us hop- that the '(ue*
tion may *<xm find a *ati»factorr solution.
'Hie future pieioe and harmony ol the .State*
and Tcrritorie* can be bent secoreii by each
acting in it* own prors-r sphere. A js-ople
accu-tom<*l to regulate and control their
own social atal political relations, will not
long remain in disorder, when left to devise
their own mean- of safety.
On the application of a new State for
admission into the I'oioo, Congress ha*
power, and it I**' me* its duty to enquire
whether it is Ib-publiecn in itiorganization :
according to the m<-aning of that b-rm a*
ap[ili'*i to the principle* awl practice* of onr
fioreniment from the beginning. Hut it
hn* neither tlie jiower. nor right, to procrila:
the (male by which the people shall arrive
at that organization. Any otlnr «melu
sion would preclude the idea of opiality ;
because the equality of .Stabu doe* not mean
l*-ing equal in size, or strength, or similar
in douH-stic (siliey ; hut equal in the right*
reserv'd to the State- and the people, in
their sovereign capacity.
<ieutlemi-ti of the l>egi-lature : while I
am not insensible to the delicate and re
sponsihle duties imposed upon me by the
(,'onstitution. under which you have organ
ized, I shall etieerfully eieojierate with you
to facilitate the business of Iz*gi*!ation uud
promote the public goca], during the brief
connection which may exist between u*.
H. Mkimkv.
Kxr.cnvr t'kam kkk, 1
Ht. I’ai.i., I tee. 11, IbfiT. j
Alter tlie nuuling of the MiKHage, on mo
tion of Mr. VAN KTTKN, the Convent ion
prisa-cd'd to the eleetion of State I’riub-r.
Mr. STHKKTEU nominated Kaki.k H.
(jIKII)KM 11.
Mr. HKAUt'K nominattsl 1). Six. i.aib.
Mr. SIIKKT/ nominatcl Fostik A
Tin result of the vot" was a* follows
Ailxma, Hailey. ( arlton, Cave, Cow
an. I'ay. Ituinveli. Hall. Mull, •lories, Moreland,
Mixer, N'orthrup, llii'liardaoii. Molette. skinner,
V'anKtten. sir- ter. Muridiy. Atkinson, llridley,
llray. llutter*. < arpenter.t haae. Cro-bv.Crnt
temleii, Cii 111 inmc-. Havern, Decow, Dow,
Karnes, foster, fladelaml, (iraliam, llawkin-,
K 1 tiler, Kingiiorii, le- Itfoinl, 1.0 ke. Ma-tera,
Mackintire. MHoorty. O'Neill, Oil.-. Fierce,
I'oehler, Power. Une li. Itutau Scctield. Star
key, Steven*, Teeft, T. A. Thoiapaon. Tuttle,
Vertreaa, Wilson, Voung, Walroua—'.O—voted
lor E. S. iioodricii.
Me-<r*. Hate*, Chu-< . 1 "ok. foUom. Hodge*,
Hudson. I.ind-ley. M'lvune. Mixer, Norton,
I’helpa. Ileiner, il«d|iath. Soiinr-, Thonia*.
Watson, Harriett, It. van*, Cainjihelt, Cliovven,
Dunham. Hanson. Ilinklev, Heyd. Smith duhn
-oil, Keith, l.eok.trd, hildiey. Packhaui, Pettie,
lUtldoll, seeiey. >im|i*oti, Sheet*, l atteisall.
'l'own-end. Wav- 'U voted for Foster «kMoore.
Messrs. Iteenixu. Smith. Hsiconibe. Itearee.
Purge**, iirover. H. Johtiaou, Kurd, Parker
—ll—voted foi D. Sinclair.
Mr. mill 11 having received a majority
of the vote wa* di-ejared elts tesl.
tin motion ol Mr. VAN KTTKN the
Conveut'.on (irov-.etltsl to ballot lor State
Hin h r with tin- following re-ulu
Mr. sTAItIvKY numinated Sti.ciiun
Hkvv -ox.
Mr SIIKK'I/. iiominutexl.l. A M. Hot*-
Mr. Hew -on n o ved ' vote*.
Mr. Hoi-.ngti 11
Mr. llavvsox having received a majority
of vote* was declared elected.
Tlie ('(invention thin, on motion of Mr.
VAN KTTKN. adjourned, and the mem
tiers of the Heuute retinal.
The House wa* then called to order, by
the speaker, awl the roll called.
Mr. SI'OFIKI.H 11-ked leave of absence
for three day*, which was grantetl by the
11 ou*o.
fllftTlKi, . r lUK MlssaOK
Mr. I'.AMI.S offeri*l a resolution that
Ititltt copies of the tiover or a Metc-uge la*
(irintixl for the use of tin* House.
Mr HAl.l't'MHl moved that the House
adjourn, and the yet* and nay* being order
ed, tin* motion wa* lost, ayes .'lO. ms- Ilf).
Mr. |Mi\\ ho|**l that the motion to print
would prcvii'i. and tlmt whether the It"pub
licans were d'spn-i-1 or not to recognize tlie
Mew-age o! tlie liovernor, he h"|*d the usual
eourtesv wou'd be extended to the diwument.
m having it printtsl lor the us* of the House,
ami he would urnv. the (treviotis question
Mr HAI ('t)MHK movixl a --nil of the
House 'The roll vv.i* called.
Mr. HKAHI.I \ move-1 further proeea*l
ngs male! the call lie disja n-td with.
Mr HA l.t't 1M HM movd the ay* and
nays, ami tue r»-n't of tiic vote was ayes Il't.
Mr. HA I t'UMHII moved to lav the |>re
vmn* quistion i(c 11 th- table, uml the ay>s
und nays being orxlcrml then 1 wcr*‘ aves 07,
t-avs 3*. I*»«t
Mr HA I ( I>M UK moved that the House
adjourn until to morrow morning a* 10
o'clock la»t. Avis !'J, nav* .17.
Tie- ayes and mss on th- previous qtnv
t ot: w re then taken a”d r* snlt"l Ayes 17.
Noes 111 i tplerisl.
Mr HAI.t'UMHI caileil for the yea* and
. ays on the nso'civ ui ol Mr l w>- wl t.-h
reaulted An- 17 N - ID 80 th#
lut >MI WA* ad '(C -I
j- »r 'tt'xv. IVc. 13, 1 *
The lion*" w.bed to order hv the
Speaker, and aft r th> usual i rvlimi .ary
The SI’F.AKFH announ e.l ».* th- t'om
, mitUv on the part of the House, on Joint
Ku!e*. Messrs. Ittuci sv and SrxttKSV.
Tlw >|’KAK.F,Iv announced the follow
i »g
*tx*t'is-1 e> vuirr'K* i-r Ttia not**.
II .iv« amt ,V« ■» Met*'*. Dew, Baicmbc
Mtfkiy, Way, M. ih a. -. n
/■diriarw Hrwri. Ot.», Heart*. Tiercr
»*k»net.l. YUrac*.
H.i»*or»—M»»*r«. M Irorty, fibbey. Po*h
l«r Hartlrtt, t'ummniic
I'etMu Mr*ar-. Kray Ral ombe, Mackin-
Lre. Ske«l». O’Nnll
i wc*. Koiilksa- Ur«*r*. Kamrs. B**aa».
Ia Hioiol w. R. Jokr.*ca, Kmgkorn
/(aw* Mr Mrs. -tar**y. (Wart*. Kuun Keith.
hkz b*ii-U*»»r*. Pwrs*. T A. Tbomt'
•cb. t'orpsater T»Uer*a.l. Talbot.
PntUiHf — .Messrs Kutiiu,Campbell. Cru'.ten
'Jen, Hanson. t rosby.
Agrim/fui e or ul Manufurtnii* M*-s*r». Me
vcns, Teffl. Tuttle, leonard. Locke.
Tueme and Cvunttee Mewr«. BiadVj, firo
v«r. i 'haM, Townsend. Butters.
/nturpoiutuj f-lleMn, CrutlemJen, Hibson,
Lord, Frost.
/'.'d iralum and Srirnei —Messrs. Masters. I'OD
haro. llswkin*. I'srklsm. Dscow.
Ralee and Joint Halt a Messrs. Kinghirn.
I’etn*. Atkinsm, he#|*y. Willson.
Madia- Messrs. Murphy. Burgrts, Young.
Sumdue and Kipenddune- Messrs. Hawk
in'*, Walker, lias am.
State Prum —Foster. Parker, liaueh.
Stale lubraiy— Messrs. Scoflold. fiaskill,
1 KiMer.
Indian Affaire Me-srs. RelifeM, Powers,
.Wines and Mmrralt— Messrs. Croeby. t'Low
en. Vert re
Entrumd /Idle— Messrs. Poebler, Handall.
/'.moiled /M/s—Messrs. Le Blond. sleets,
By Mr. STEVENS : A Bill to incorpo
rate the lili-neoc awl Carver Plank Road
and Turnpike Comnauy.
By Mr. KEITH: An Act requiring a
Reentry of all legal voter* before election*.
Also, mii Act changing the boundaries of
and dividing the Fourth Jndicial District.
Also, an Act for the conqieimation of
■ludge* of Supreme nnd District Courts.
By Mr. S I AUK KY : A Bill to piovide
for the encouragement and protection of cm
igrants, on their arrival in this State.
By Mr. DOM : A Bill to proside for the
election of United States Senators.
A resolution was offered by Mr. FLADK-
I.AND, to print 500 copies each in the
German und Norwegian language, of the
Governor'* Message, which wu> amended,
-o a-to read 1000 copies in the German.
1000 in the Norwegian, and 500 in the
French language, und then adopted.
Mr. BAUCOMBh ottered the following
resolution :
Retail ed, hy the llmur of Rr/u i a ntalim •
'lhat the action ot ttie lute foustitulionat Con
vention of kansM* in virtually recognising and
protecting the despotic and anti-Kepiililican
ay«tem of human slavery. and in refusing to
submit the Constitution to the people of Kan
aai for their adoption or rejection, i* a gross
outrage upon the rights of the people, and is
repugnant to tin- genius and spirit of our Re
publican institutions.
Reerdved, That we shall hail the rejection nf
tin- K'tissa Lecoinpton Constitution hv Con
gres, as a step in the right direction toward*
the pacification ot that long-disturbed Territory
and the eventual restoration of the principles
ul Republican liberty iii ihe adininistiation ot
our Government.
Mr. B. stated that he thought this was a
very opportune time to take a position ou
this question, so as to instruct our .Senators
and Representatives us to the wishes of the
|tropic, lie had no doubt, but it would be
tabled by the majority, and i( so. the vote
would lie equivalent" to 11 rejection, lie
would submit the resolution without debate.
Mr. OTIS moved that the resolution lie
postiKiiivd to the next Ith of duly.
Nlr. I’lhIKT, moved to amend by re
ferring the resolution to a Committee of
Mr. Bo\V said: I am op|sised to the in
troduction of the resolution of the gentleman
Irom \\ imuiu. and am fully aware of the
motives which prompt the gentleman and
his brother Republican* who now sustain it.
I am also aware of the fate of th'resolu
tion. Tiie gentleman wiil find the Demo
cratic portion ol the lloux’cannot lie driven
from the path of duty, or lie indmtd to
shirk any responsibility, when the interests
ol the State of Minnesota demand they shall
assume it. The same motive- and the same
doire to create agitation that ha* always
characterized the Republican party, now
leads them.disregardles* of,and at theexpense
of the last welfare of the State, to renew
the slavery, and Kansas bleeding agitation.
I can s,s* no reason for the interference of a
Minnesota legislature in the affairs ot Kan
Ba*. before the actual und truthful condition
ol those atlairs are known, and before we
arc fully udmitt- d into the Union of the
States. Ido not want Minnesota at the
start, to assume a hostile position cither to
the administration, or to any portion of the
I nion.
We have other interests to. dear to la*
sacrificed, too iuqiortunt to Isv neglected.
Why should we enter now into a discussion
of this, and why commence this war for
bleeding Kan-.v*. The object of tiw gen
tleman and his party is well understood,
their object ha* tssn t.si often avowed.
They desire to delay, and if ]Nissible, pre
vent the admission ol Minnesota into the
Union They will !«■ defeated in their at
tempt. I lielieve I can trust in the honesty
and jmtriotisni of the Democratic jmrtion of
tais body, ami that more jsiwcrfu! advocates
of the "lilack Hag will lie required to swerve
the muj rity of this house, from the national
conr-e they have marked out. than have
iiecn sent into this b<«ly Is-t every friend
ot this Mate deprecate tliis attempt to jeon
efd se the wdbn of the Htat*. nod let the
resolution mn't the fa’c it deserves With
out discussing the merits of the resolution.
I nicr that the resolution with the amend
ments Is' laid ip-'ti the table.
The ayes and nays were railed, and
n-ulted aves Hi., ttav* 26 a- follow-
bi—kO--i*. Atkins *n. Be* an*. Bradley.
Rray. Butter*. Che**. Crutten.len. i imraings.
Cavern. Ikreow. Dow, Fames, t «trr, Brest,
l « ir Graham. Hawkins. Hsns. n, K ' er.
Kinghvirn. I.e Blond. Master*. M». kinfire. M
(irorty, Morphy, O'Kiiß,Oh*. Pierce, poeh.er,
Itutan. starker. stevena. T-rt t. Vertre-*
Young and Mr. Speaker.
N»v»— Messrs. lUcon. Itaieoaibe. Bartlett,
Bearer. Burgess. Ckowen. i.rover, Hmklev,
Hevd. Smith Johnson Keith, i-eonard. lubber,
Parker. Peekham. Pettie. powers. Randall,
weeiry. Wirapton. sheet.-. Tatteraail. T*(?Y T
A Thouipsi'U. tk akefield and tk ay.
Mr KKITII ottered the following reso
lution :
Reamed. That tin Hv ,»e respeciftliy re
quest the Preas .vf this Tern lory to desist from
erpreasing the r epinioss so free.'y upon the
Kansas i ast.tutioaai t'o«»«ntioa le«t rt may
r revest the a.lm «an»n of M:nae«ota mt i the
Mr IOW moved that the resolution be
indefimtnrly [setpuoevl. which «u agreed to.
» * ki Raiums s k*woi rnowv
Mr. STARKEY offered a rewolution to
rvqwet the ~ * ec’eury of the Territory to
pr'K ire fire wood for the use of the Uousc,
which was adopbvl.
Mr. HKARCK offered a rteolution that
the chief clerk Ist instructed to procure ink
• and ink-taud* for the use o! the member
[a)-t, ave» lfi. Nays 46.
Mr. DAVKR.N oftcred a resolution re
questing the Mtssongcr to deliver the paper
belonging to members, on the table.
Mr. BKARCK moved to lay upion the
table, and called for the yeas and nay*.
Mr. KAMK.H moved to adjourn until
Monday at !(t o'chx-k, which was agoed to.
Mokbav. Dec. 14, 1*57.
The Senate met at 2 1 o'clock I*. M„ and
wa* called to order by the I’resideut. The
journal was partially read and approved.
The I’REfcjIDKNT anoouDced the fol
lowing standing Committees :
If'Viya and Meant —Cowan, Norton and St*ee
State Affaiie— Adam*, Phase and Mixer.
Judimn y--Vau Klteii. McC'une and done*
Internal Impraiiementn —l>ay, Folsom and
Ilarhuii —Carlton. Bate* and Itolette.
/'/retime litinwttil, Cook and Northrup.
/'edenel Relatione— Richard-on, Hodge* an i
Ranke -Skinner, i.indsley and Van Ktten.
I‘iihlir /.anile —Hull, Pheip* and Adam*.
I’ltntwK —Cave. Reiner and Bailley.
Aitrifulture ant .Manufacturer —Northrup.
. Rfdpath and Tlioma*.
’l'mnie und Vountiee Rolette, Pheip* and
/'durainm and Sriencer —Hail, Summer* and
huorjturatume— Strester. Watson ami Hall,
Knitmeemenl - Adatn* Pbelps and Morelau i.
Militia— Carlton. Hudson and Kicliard*ou.
State Priam -Jones, Ko!«om and Mixer.
State /.dirary—Cnve. Iteeman and Smith.
Indian A/tun * -Moreland. Cook and Hud.
P'lhlr' /bu/riingv - Cave, t hase and Cowen.
Ramie and llndjiie • Nortlri.p, McCune and
/.'noV/iionC-Bailley, Bee man and Rolette.
Mr. SK INN UR ottered a resolution al
lowing each member of the Senate #l2 iti
postage stam|*. AJopted.
Mr. BAILI.KY oif'-nal a resolution pr—
killing for the printing ol 1200 copies ot the
Governor's Message (200 fur the use of the
Governor) in F.nglish. 1000 In Norwegian,
and 500 in French, German und Kweedish
each. Adopted.
Mr. VAN KTTKN moved that Rev
Mr. Lk Don lie employ'd to translate the
message into French. Adopted.
Mr. I.INDSI,KY oliered the lollowing
re.-olutious :
Reeotred. That » • • .irin -iiy ,t*-*ir.» the app
cation of the fundamental principle* ot tin n
dinance of 17*7 to ttie Territories ot tin- I ■ -
ed Mate*, touching Ilic <p;t-tion of Slaverv
Tliuf while we respect the opinions of tin,*,
who iiiaiiitiiin that Slavery i- a loeai in^titui:• a
w ho h i amiot exist without l egislative sanctn a.
a : i' 1,0 v er which even ('oiigrc** has no control. _v et
we laaiiitain that Congress ha* derived tl -
power, direct from tie- Ordinance of I'sT el
the Constitution of the United States, and that
it i* us duty to prohibit by law. the Intro.he
t "ii or extension of slavery, within any ot the
Territories of 'ln- United Mute-. «ow» or heri at
ter to be acquired: tlierelore
Rien/red, Th.lt our Sinuto> • (when rccogui*
id iiv Congress.) lie inetruetrd. and our Rijai
einhitiree rii/nreted to Use n|| howralde no ms
' to ai complisli the objectsexpresseil in the fore
going resolution. And tie it further
Rea/Iced. That tire remit gallant indie lof
His Kxcelieney, lloiieit J. Walker, and II n
Fred. P. Stanton, in defending the Constitution,
vindicating the right* of the people and in c
turning tiie purity of the ballot le,.x in Kan-. -
commands our approval, and hallonge* ou.
Riealrrd. Hint copies hereof duly au’ie
a'e,l, be transmitted to the same.
Mr. SKINNER Bored to indetiniteiv
jiostpone. Carried by the following vote—
ays 2n. nay* 1 •">:
Ykas—Adams, Itanlill. Bailey. Beeman,t ar!
ton, t ave, Cowan, hay. Dnnwell, Hall. Hui.
Jones. Moreland, Northrup. liedpatti. Richard
«"■. Skinner, Streeter. Van Ktten, xnd Mr
Navs—Bates. Chase, Cook. Folsom, Hodges
Hudson, I.indsley, Me kune. Norton, Phelps.
Reiner, Smith, Somers, Thomas, and Wals c
\\ hen Mr. BKE\I AN S name was callcj
he a-k**l leave to give his reasons for voting
to imleiiniiely postpone. Acting with the
Rcpuhlican party in all fsttitical matt* rs. he
ooulj not vote I t the-c resolution*. ||<
I Mr. B.) was -ent here to legi-late for th-*
people ot Minnesota, not for the people of
Kansu- 1s t Minnesota take care of ht-r
---ell. and Kan«:gs do the same. We have
plenty "f business to attend to, without
wandering from h<>me, and we could not ir.-
strucf S. nators until we elect them and th' v
take their s.at*. Me (Mr. Rk.knak) whs a
party man. and would always act with hi
|th>' Itepublican) party: i»u’t he could no*,
m the present instance, aid in throwing a
firebrand into our State council*. He ap
proved of the course of Gov. Wai.krr, but
it was n 't our duty, at present, to applaud
him. lat n- legi 'ate fur Minnesota,and we
will have enough to do.
'I r. > KIN NK R ('tiered a resolution, pro
viding f"r a com mit tee ot two. to act with
a I louse committee, to pro- -ire translator*
to translate the Governor s message into the
several language* ordered, except in the
1 rend* and German languages Adopted
k"Tli W> "f III! I s
By Mr JONES A bill to extend the
time idr the [leyment of taxes . a bill
authorizing the Clerks of the District Court
to issue order* of publication: aiso. a bill
tor the appointment of ’hr** t 'ommueioner
to revise ao*l C'slifiy the statuDv
By Mr. toH AN Ai. amendm' t.t to
Senate rule No. 15.
By Mr. \AN ETTEN A bid provid
ing for an amendment to artiel*- n:n> of ti,*
t onstitution also for an ad*htiooal '•'tixu-
Ihe benate. on m<-ti«n of Mr. A N KT
TEN. ri-s-Wv-d itself into committee of ih»
whole. Mr Vav Ktt«n in the chair, to con
sider ifa. Governors tnt*»-ig*
The mewage wa- read -ejiorted to th-
House and ref«-rr**l to aj'piropriafe cct-i
tin motion tiie -enale ad/> irnvd
l-.eut. Dxahr '.lon> Phoaux ) l,,po
grapbirat f.ngumr*. m anflenng from ar.
acaie diaonier of the ry«. which t '* hmr
rd may wtroy the light entirely

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