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The Old Un-Reliable Firm of
As Usual are in the Market "With a
Goods, Groceries and Provisions, Table Cutlery
^-English and Amsr iconIron Stone China, Hats
arid Caps, Boots and Shoes, Clothing, Con
fectionaries, Tobacco and Segars, v.
And we Cordially Invite Purchasers to Give vis a Call Before Purchasing Their Fall
Supplies, as we Will Guarantee to Sell Goods as Cheap for CASH as the
Same Quality of Goods can be Bought for in the State.
h- B- CCWLEg &o
Prescriptions Carefully Compounded at All Hours
of the Dayjr Night.
The Bwt Assortment of Goods in this Line North of St. Paul and Minneapolis.
Drugs. Chemical?, Patent Medicines, Oils, Paints, Dyos, Colors, Per
fumery, Lamps, Brackpts, Toilet Requisites, Combs, Musical
Instrument?, Trusses, Pocket Books,
Pqcket Knives, Stationery, panties
Qigars, Tobaccp, &p. &c.
Tie Sinpfl? aai i American Sewing Mings Always oa Hani andtoS&b flttp,
J, D. SADLEY, Proprietor
\&nr, Feed and Meal Kept Constantly on Hand. I will not be Undersoil
For Cash- Fppd Gjroupd to Order and Satisfaction Guaranteed.
t"3T"3wy Your Flour in Princeton and thus Encourage Home Industerees
CO .3,.-.^- nr^iiwiimniB
3=E H5=
The Grand Central Depot.
Has Just Received the Largest Stock of
Fail and Winter Goods
That Ever was Brought Into Priuceton.
Plaids, Alpacas, Mohairs, Cassimeres, Prints, &c.
In Endless Varieties.
For Ladies and Gcntlemen'r-Of All Sorts and Sizes.
P7Remember the Place-Tbe Old Reliable R*ore.
Independent Republican in Politics.
Terms $1 50 per Year.
Official Paperof Mille Lacs County and
the Village of Princeton.. "I
QTAll legal advertisements must be *paid
for invariably before affidavit of publica
tion will be furnished. No deviation ftoja
this rule hereafter. ,-%W-
B2TW. A. Smith is our authoru&tiQ
agent At Spencer Brook. Those who are
owing us can settle with Mr. Smith, and
those wishing to renew their subscription
can do so through him.
Is the state constitution good for
"FROM the pen of 'the brains of
Isanti Connty,' is a vile meaningless
CETEWAYO, the ehtef of the hostile
Zulus $ras captured by the British
forces, August 29th. '*'l
HE "legal end" and the titman"
of the Isanti County Press have de
clared war against the whites.
HON. KKAPPEN, formerly of
Cambridge, but now of Montevido,
has purchased an interest in the Ven
tilator of that place. .4
A DEMOCATIC victory in this state
would he regarded by some people a$
a calamity almost equal to a visita
tion by grasshoppers or the yellow
fever scourge.
THERE are some fools in Cambridge
who hold us responsible for jthe vie$vs
expressed by correspondents. We,
have sins enough our own to an
swer for without fathering other peo
WE repudiate the sentiments ex
pressed in the article on the fifth
page, under the caption of "The Ya
zoo Martyr." Our St. Paul editor is
responsible for its appearance in the
ANY reading matter on the home
side of the UNION which is not origin
al is always duly credited to the pa
per from which the item Is taken, j!/
=r W
IF the republicans of Minnesota in
tend to elect their entire state ticket
this fall, some of the leading republfej
can organs aQ6rpoliticians.iilWii^#|S l^^^^^^^^soap^
change their tactics T'
OUR Cambridge contemporary has
got a patent on that high-sounding
word, "annihilate," and has maae
application to have "mick" and "gees"
copy righted.
BEN BUTLER is again a candidate for
gubernatorial honors in the old Bay
State. He is the nominee of the Na
tionals and is endorsed by the demo
crats. are good
His chances of being elected
HE mullet-headed cod fish Mainite
who does the heavy editorial bud-.,
qess on the Isanti County Prets is
grouty: Causecod fish and mackerel
are not as plenty in the vicinity of
Cambridge as sheep skins and crout.
IF the dempcratic state convention
should nominate that gallant old soldi
er, Capt. Mahlon Black, fpr lieutenant-
would vanish like the morning dew
govejnor, C. A. Gilman's boasted man. Mr. Gilman has always taken
popularity in Northern Minnesota a hand in the politics of the 30th
legislative district, and invariably
before the bright rays of a summer helped the democratic nominees. Mr
Gilman helped to elect one democrat
to the legislature fcjr which he will al
ways be held in grateful remembrance
by a majority of the people of Sher
burne and M^Jle L.acs counties, we re
A PREMIQ{ of $1 00 is offered by
two Press goslings are given all
UB Minneapolis Journal, is a
sprightly evening paper, by all odds
the .best published in that city. Only
40 peats per month. If you want a
paper thpt gives all the Minneapolis
news.subscribe for the Journal.
IF there is anything we despise
more than a bigoted christian it is a
narrow minded infidel. For, as a gen
eral rule, the former makes no pre
tentions to liberality in a religious
point of view, the latter doe*.
IF the two goslings who run the
Isauti County Press were to dispose of
a few barrels of ciout and some.of
their surplus sheep pelts and purohase
even a pocket edition of Webster's
dictionary, it.would prove a very de
sirable investmentone that the read
ers of that paper would appreciate.
IN reference to the item in the
UNION about some St.Paul parties con
templating starting a bank in Prince
ton, the Elk River Neios kindly says:
"We would not'object to such an insti
tution in Elk Eiyer. But we do not know
of an interior village anywhere, where a
banking capital of from $25 to $50,000,
could be more profitably planted than in
the thriving prosperous, neighboring vil
lage of Princeton.
HE Pioneer-Press bolts Gilman,
the Dispatch has soured on Pillsbury,
and the Germans are mad "clean
through" because Pfaender was not
re-nominated for treasurer, in fact,
there are not more than half a dozen
newspapers in the state which accord
the whole ticket a fair "square-toed"
support. There's growling all along
the line.
IT is hardly fair for Princeton to
monopolize all the county offices.
The UNION raised this question last
fall* some interested parties said then
the Isanti County Agricultural So
ciety for "the best pair of gees, ex
hibited at the coming fair.-\ If the fcr to the Hon. C. If. Chadbourne, of
Baldwin, Sherburne county, who suc
ceeded in defeating Major C. A. Euf
fee, the republican nominee, by a few
votes. Mr. Chadbourne proved to be
velop, imp fiiU-fledged. geese and take one of the best representatives ever
sent frptn the 30th district.
cod fish and soup crout they can do
vour from now until the 1st of Oct.
perhaps they will "feath&r put," de
the prize.
it% the farmers. Whenever" thesTafftT
era of the county present the name of
suitable candidate for any county of
fice the UNION shall exert whatever
little influence it may possess in behalf
of that candidate.
ABOUT that Cambridge convention
matter to which Mr. Barker calls our
attention in the last issue of his paper,
it is a question of veracity between
Messrs. Gates and Warriner on the
oiie hand and Mr. H. F. Barker on
the other. The UNION would not
knowingly do aught to injure Mr.
Barker's political aspirations, but at
the same time, we do not feel justi
fied in making the desired correction.
HE farce trial of the brutal cow
ardly White League murderers of Miss
Cornelia Chisholm, at De Kalb, Kemp
er county, Miss., has resulted, as was
expected, in the acquital of the ac
cused. Southern chivalrybutcher
ing a young girl for the crime of at
tempting to shield her defenceless
father from a bloodthirsty mob, and
then lionizing the perpetrators of the
hellish deed,
,r. L saa.
The Lake City Leader, in a recent issue
takes up the yell of the Pioneer-Press,
and makes a savage attack upon Hon. C.
A. Gilman, candidate for lieutenant-gov
ernor. The sour milk in the Leader's
epeoanut is easily accounted for, in the
fact that a few years ago Mr. M. C. Rus
sell its editor, ran for the legislature (in
the Brainerd district and was defeated.
He charged his defeat to St. Cloud politi
cians, and notably upon C. A. Gilnaaq.
But Russell is not candid enough to say
so, and thereby put his opposition to Gil
man on true ground.Hon. T. F. Knap
pen in the Montevido Ventilator.
If the above is correct Mr. Russell
has a just grievance against Mr. Gil-
ON Friday, U. S. bank examiner j.ihat he left it for her. She bad been ou,
Lockey. while investigating the North-1
Only a Husk.
western .bank, of Minneapolis, dis- KlfS.?!? W.-*i
oovered that things were not all right
Keen, the cashier, confessed that he
was a defaulter in the e.normous sum
of $135,000: he had lost the money
speculating in wheat. Keen is now in
the Minneapolis jail. Mnch maudlin
sympathy is being expressed through
the papers for the "poor fellow." He
is a thief, is deserving of no sympathy
but richly merits a life term in the
tli kernel
of the nut, and his wife may have the
With a sniff and a snap Betsy turned
away, and shortly afterwards Tom Darcey
lifted himself upon his elbow.
"Ah, Tom, are yon awake?"
"Then rouse up and have a warm
Tom got upon his feet and steadied
"No, Peter, I won't drink any more to
"It won't hurt 3'ou, Tomjust a glass."
"I know it won't!" said Tom, buttoning
up his coat by the only solitary button
left. "I know it won't."
And with this he went out into the chill
air of midnight. When he had got
away from the shadow of the tavern, he
stopped and looked up at the stars, and
then he looked down upon the earth.
"Aye," he mmtered, grindmg his heel
xn the gravel, "Peter Tindar is taking the
kernel, and leaving pour Ellen the worth
loss huska husk more than worthless!
anu I helping him do it.. I am robbing 1 ueiijiuj 1o 0 liimrootjing
iiiy children'of honor and comfort, rob
bing mvself of love and lifojus thatt first Kn ir^.i.j *u~ i myself of love and tha
Peter Tindar-may haVe the kernel and El
len the husk! We'll see."
"We'll see!" he replied, setting his foot
firmly upon the ground, and then he
wended his way homeward.
On the following niorpiughc said to his
"Ellen, have you any coffee in the
"Yes, Tom." She did not tell him that
her sister had given it to her. She was
glad to hear him ask for coffee instead of
ihe old, old cider.
"1 wish you would make me a cup, good
and strong."
Tom drauk two cups of the strong,
fragrant coffee, and then went outwent
piit with a resolute step, and walked
straight to the great manufactory, where
he found Mr. Scutt in the office.
"Mr. Scott, I want to learn my trade ov
er again."
"Elj, Tom! What do you mean?''
"1 niean that's Tom Darcey come back
to the old place, askiug forgiveness for
the past, and hoping to do better in the
"Tom," cried the manufacturer, starting
forward and grasping his hand "are you
in earnest? Is it really old Tom?"
"It's what's left of him, sir, and we'll
have him whole and strong very soon if
you'll only set him to work."
"Work! Aye, Tom, aud bless you too!
There ia an engine to be set up to-da}-.
Come with me."
Tom's hands were weak and unsteady,
but hi3 brain was clear, and under his
skillful supervision the engine was set up
and tested out it was not perfect. There
were mistakes which he had to correct,
and it was late in the evening when the
work was complete.
"How is it, now, Tom?'* enquired Mr.
Scott, as he came into the* testing house
and found the workman ready to uepart.
'She's all right, g!r. You may give,
your warrant without fear.'?
"God bless you, Tom! You don't know
how. iike sweet music the old voice
sounds^ Will you. take yqm- pitt.ee back
"Walttill Monday morning, i If you
will offer it tp mo "then, will takre it."
AL little, cottage |JUen Djircey'ji flut
tering hearl was sinking. That morning,
alter Tom b/d gone, she'had found a
dollar bill ia the coffee, cup. 'Siekaew
NO. 39.
bougbt tea and sugar andflourand
day long a ray of li^lit had been dancini**.
and shimmering before her-a ray from
the blessed light of other days. With
prayer and hope sh had set out the table
and waited, but the sun went down and'
no Tom came. Eight o'clockand al
most nine. Oh, was it but a false glimmer
after all?
Hark! The old step! quick, stronz,d
eager for home. Yes.it was Tome with
the old pine upon his hands, andhthe od
or of oil upon his garments.
"I have kept you waitiug!en Nellie
**I didn't mean but thheework hung
shop?'1*' l'm-t0
haV Place
Toni Darcey. a young man, had grown
to be a very hard one. At heart he might
have been all right, if his head and will
had only been right but these being
wrong the whole machine was going to
the bad very fast, though there were times
when the heart felt something of its old
truthful yearnings. Tom had lost his
place in the great machine shop, and what
money he now earned came from odd
jobs of tinkering which he was able to do,
here and there at priyate houses.
One day Xom had a job to mend.a
broken mowing machine and reaper for
which he received five dollars, and on the
following morning lie started out for his
old haunt, the village tavern. He knew
that his wife sadly "needed the money,
and that his two little children were in ab
solute suffering from want of clothing,
and that morning he held a debate with
the better part of himself but the Qther
part had become very weak and shaky,
and the demon of appetite carried the
It was late at night, almost midnight,
the landlord's wife came into the bar
room to see what kept her husband up,
and she quickly saw Tom.
"Peter," said she, not in a pleasant
mood, "why don't you send that miser
able Tom Darcey home? He's been hang
ing around here long enough."
Tom's stupefaction was not sound sleep.
The dead coma had left his brain, and the
calling of hia name stung his senses to
keen attention.
"Why don't you send him home?" de
manded Mrs. Tindar, with an impatient
stamp of the foot.
"Hush, Betsy He's got money. Let
.Lyyn^^aad-iie'iljj.e.sure to .spend it be-*Contemplates
fore he goes home?" Pit"'Save1
"Oh, Tom!"
An she threwhiher arms around his
covered face with kisses
Nellie, darling, wait a little, and "you
shall have ihe old Tom b&ck again."
"Oh Tom, I've go him now-hless
him bless him! My own Tcm* my hus
band, my darling!"
And then Tom Darcey realized the full
power and blessing of a woma 's love
It was a banquet of the gods, was that
supper-of the household gods all restored
with the bright angels of love and peace
and spreading their wings over the
On the following Monday morning Tom
Darcey assumed his place at the head ,f
the great machine shop, and these who
thoroughly knew him had no fear of hia
going back into the slough of joylessness.
How to Succeed in Politics.
The easiest way to get a nomination in
he republican state convention, is to have
the county in whici you reside protect
*WM your nomination.Anoka Union.
One of Mitchell'AsN "Wants."smart,A"T
spafehtly lad from twelve to fifteen years
of age. who is a good reader ana fair
scholar, who does not chew gum nor to
bacco, who is not afraid of work and
who wants to learn to be a printerone
of the very best trades that he could learn
^md who is willing to make an arrange
ment for at.kast one year, can be afford
ed such an opportunity by applying im
mediately atthisofflce,--D,uluth Tribune.
Princetonian on His Travels.
Mr. J. L. Brady, of Princeton, who has
been traversing western Minnesota and
Dakota in the Interest of the St. Paul
Fire & Marine Insurance Co,, gave us a
call last Wednesday. M^J*. seriously
locating .afcSsS&Te ybial in
the lied River Yaliey at no distant day
oeing convinced that this is the finest atrri
cultural country in the United State*
Breckenridge .Free Press.-
Going Straight to HI.
A Tennessee darkey preacher held forth
recently as follows "You girls call your
sweethearts darlings, and you men call
yours daisies, and you girls are afraid to
come up here for fear some other girls
will get off with your darlings, and you
men for fear some other fellow will get
away with 3-our daisies, and between this
darling and daisy business lots of you
niggers are going straight to hell.Ex.
The Seauties of Masonry.
A man who is a Freemason is never
among strangers. Go where he may
within the bounds of civilization, and
sometimes, also, without its bounds,
and he finds in every land a home,
an,v everywhere a brother..
w, un/mci W have
with brethem, strangers to us at
first, butf afterwards. the closest. of_
friends, on monntain tops and in mines
in the bowels of the earth, on the
ocean and in the wilderness. We have
started on a journey alone and have
finished it surrounded by brethern.
such is not a unique experienceall
have shared in it who have traveled,
whether near or far.Columbia Cour
More Treason to the Party.
The Union ihh week, hoists in its
proper place, the republican ticket
nominated at the late republican state
convention, with one exception, that
of the CKndidate for lieutenant-gov
ernor. If the delegates who placed
in nomination Mr. Gilman, after the
circumstances which were brought tp
light in the convention, expect the re
publicans of this county to swallow
and accept that nomination, they labor
under a gigantic hallucination. The
republicans of Anoka do not propose
to support any such individual for this
important office, and are disposed to
teach the republicans pf this state a
lesson, by repudiating the incubus
that has'been crowded upon them,
and the Union is with them in the
position taken. When the republican
party of Minnesota in convention as
sembled $0 far forgets its duties and
privileges as to place in nomination a
man like Cha's A. Gilman. for lieuten
ant-governor, it is time for the decent
and. respectable element of that party
to repudiate the nominationeven if
by so doing a democrat be elected in
stead, for we would a thousand times,
rather have a good democrat get the
office, than a corrupt republican. Gilr
man may be elected, but mark the
prediction, the republicans of Anoka
county are not the voters who will
elect him to the office.AnoMn

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