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TERMS, $i.oo Per Year in Advance.
$i.25 If Not Paid in Advance.
Business Manager.
A OHRISTM AS box that the people bf
Princeton and vicinity would appre
ciatea daylight daily train service.
GERMANY announces its plans to
double its present navy. The confer
ence at the Hague last bu miner is hav
ing its effect on that country, too.
COTTON woiUers in the New Eng
land milN received a nice Christmas
presont tiom Uen. Pro&ptjuty last
week An increase of 10 per cent, in
thb wages of 20,000 operators has been
ISN it amusing to see in what
gieat reverence Hon. Thomas B. Reed
is held by the Democratic press?
When the c/ar occupied the speaker's
chair there were no words in the lan
guage strong enough to express their
HON A. N. DARE, of Sherburne
county, and Hon. Staples, of Da
kota county, are excellent timber out
of which to make iailroad commission-
er- The UNION wishes to go on
lecord as predicting the nomination of
both of these gentlemen in the Repub
lican State con\ention by acclamation,
and their triumphant election by the
people ne\t November
THE strong advance in the price of
coal, coal oil and other necessary com
modities will shortly be followed by a
corresponding advance in the price of
powder, lead and other essentials to a
good time in the state of Kentucky.
The returning board of the state has
just certified the election of the entire
Republican state ticket, and the shoot
ing is liable to begin at any moment.
GEN SIR REDVERS has repeated the
experience of another famous English
general who marched a thousand men
up hill and marched them down again.
The titled commander of the English
army has made his boast that he would
eat his Christmas dinner in Pretoria.
Paul Kruger's friends met him on the
threshold of the Transvaal, and
showed him that it would be more by
good fortune than by fighting if he
failed to eat his Christmas dinner in a
warmei climate than South Africa.
The English commanders have found
that bluft and bluster, nor even Brit
ish bulldog fighting can make them
hold their own against the farmer
soldieis of the South African republic,
and before the end shall come, Eng
land will spend in blood and money
more than the worth of the whole con
tinent of Africa
L.O\ POYNTER, of Nebraska, has ap
pointed "Windy" Allen to succeed
Senator Hayward in the United States
senate turning down Editor Hitch
cock, of the Omaha Woild Hei aid, in
favor of the great Nebraska inflation
ist. The Wot Id Ho aid has been for a
long time the organ of Bryan, and all
that for which Bryan stands in Ne
bi dska, and it was supposed that when
Hitchcock became a candidate it would
be a case of a clear track for the big
show Bryan, unexpectedly served
notice upon Gov Poynter that "public
interests' absolutely demanded the
appointment of Allen, and an hour
after Bryan telegram was received,
Allen was appointed It takes no
prophetic vision to foresee the finish
of a red-hot hght in Nebraska Hitch
cock is not the kind of a man to turn
the other cheek and he has already
begun in characteristic fashion to re
sent the treachery of his erstwhile
political and professional associate.
THE next thing to experience a pre
cipitate boost in price will probably be
flour We notice that a number of
mills belonging to the Mclntyre trust
have shut down, and the only explana
tion that presents itself is the desire
to create a shortage as an excuse for
advancing the price. A iew of the
Minneapolis papers told us that when
the Mclntyre trust was formed its ob
jects were of the most philanthropic
and humanitarian character and that
the good results would soon oe experi
enced by the people of the northwest.^
With every other line of manufactur
ing employing all its facilities and
with an increased demand for every
production, the only explanation we
can see* of this shut down is that the
trust wants a pretext for advancing
prices and purposes to furnish it by
diminishing the visible supply. When,
you catch a trust doing anything out
of a desire to accommodate and benefit
the ,public, it is about time to rig up
the belfry and ring the chimes for the
general resurrection.
EDITOR DAY, of the,Fairmont Senti
nel, thinks "it would be a most proper
and gracious and magnanimous thing
for the Republicans to turn in and
help make, John Lind's1*
unanimous.*' It certainly would be
"magnanimous," but it certainly would
not be either proper or gracious. A
Republican might be (justified und.0
some possible circumstances in voting
for a Democrat, but no Republican
could find any possible justification for
voting for a Republican who had aban
doned his party on the eve of a great
conflict, and taken up with the oppo
sition which he had so long condemned
and despised.
IT is now being "explained" on be
half of the governor that when he rose
in that anti-imperialist meeting in
Minneapolis the other night and ex
pressed his "extreme pleasure" with
the "patriotic sentiments" there ex
pressed, he did not know that the
opening prayer had been one of peti
tion to the great white throne that the
Filipino rebels might be successful,
and the American soldiers defeated in
the Philippine war. This is what
Gov Lind gets for not being in at
prayers. A man who would indorse
speeches that he had not heard or
prayers to which he had not listened,
is the kind of a fellow who would sign
a lightning rod agent's notes without
looking at the foreclosure clause.
Hereafter the governor should get
around promptly at prayer time when
he attends an anti-imperialist meeting.
IT is now claimed that Vice-Presi
dent Hobart died as a result of too
much indulgence of his stomach,in
fact that he died of over-eating. Well,
this is a Republican administration
we are having Republican times and
everybody in the country has got into
the fashion of over-eating. This is a
bad fashion and one which is particu
larly prevalent in the Republican ad
ministrations. Now take it during
one of Grover Cleveland's administra
tions for instance, and you didn't hear
anything of people dying of over-eat
ing, at least not the common people.
There was an unbroken string of free
soup houses from New York to San
Francisco and thev were the most gen
erally patroni/ed of any business in
stitutions in the country at that time.
The free soup house is a distinctly
Democratic institution, and is the twin
brother of the smokeless smoke-stack.
Just as soon as comes a Republican ad
ministration the soup houses disap
pear, and the smoke-stacks begin to
smoke up. What a wicked monstrous
thing this Republican party is any
CHARLEY TOWNE has again been
eating something that didn't agree
with him, and has had a horrible
night-mare. He dreamed that Presi
dent McKinley and Mark Hanna had
entered into a conspiracy to set up a
monarchy in the ranks of this repub
lican government, which they had just
about finally demolished. Now there
is nothing mean about Charley, and
thinking that this awful night-mare
was too good a thing to keep he
promptly went right out and put it in
the papers, and talked about it, ripped
and ranted and snorted around, until
he made himself believe that he had
not dreamed it, but in reality and
truth had seen it. Really Charley
should be more careful about what he
eats he has abused himself terribly
in the last few years, tearing around
at the pace that kills, making speeches
in favor of things that he doesn't be
lieve, and against things that he does
behe\e in and all that sort of thing,
and he can't stand it much longer. He
should rest his stomach, his mouth and
his brain and get back into his former
Collected at Our
IfBob Dunn is really taking as much
interest in selecting a candidate for
governor as is credited to him, he is
overdoing the thing, considering his
position as State ^auditor. It is not
necessary for him to wear, a muzzle,
but he might keep quiet a kittle of the
time.Tayldrs Falls Journal
There is nothing in, the Statutes* gov
erning the office o the State auditor
which prohibits the incumbent of tha^t
position from expressing his opinions,
political and otherwise, as often and as
strongly as he sees fit. I* the rest of'
the people don't like those opinions'
they ai'e not compelled to accept them.
St. Paul Dispatch.
THE PBlJHugTU.Br up^|i^
*'I met Congressman Clayton of
Alabama," said Secretary Rosing yetf-
terday, "when I was in Chicagoone'
of your soft-spoken, exquisitely cour
teous southern gentlemen. He heard
I was from Minnesota, i-x
.j^t^^zkk'i ZrJ" Iftfife*
yes,' he said, 'then you know
Congressman Heatvole.'
'Certainly,' I told him 'tcnownas
the handsomest man in congress/
'That must be for home consurap-
tipn,' said the southerner. 'He never
bore that reputation in Washington.'
'I understand your population in
Minnesota is either German or Scan
dinavian,' said the Alabama statesman,
'Perhaps you can tell me whether Mr.
ahHeatwole is a German or Scandina
vian. In ah-Washington he never
talked enough so one could tell.'
Pioneei Press.
A certain Minneapolis man visited
the Rochester insane asylum this sum
mer for the purpose of seeing a de
mented friend who was confined there
in, and the attendant who accompanied
the visitor advised him if approached
by any of the inmates to simulate in
sanity, for his own protection. As
they were moving through a corridor
occupied by patients classified as harm
less, the visitor was accosted by a very
sane appearing young man who an
nounced that he was the victim of a
grevious outrage,-he having been con
fined to the hospital for years for in
sanity, while in reality he was as sane
as the visitor himself In order to
cany out his part, the latter said,
"But I myself am insane, and have
been for two years." "What is the
nature of vour delusion.-"' asked the
patient* "Oh, I went crazy on free
silver," replied the visitor for want of
a better excuse. The insane man eyed
him carefully for a moment and seemed
to be considering his case. Then he
announced, "Why, man, you're not
crazy, you're simply a dn fool."
Anol a Herald
One by one the leaders of the Filipino
rebellion are dropping off by death or
capture. The killing of Gen. Gregario
del Pilar, the commander of Aguin
aldo's bodyguard, which has just been
reported, is a serious blow to the reb
els. It also indicates that the Ameri
cans have been, and probably are still,
pretty close on Aguinaldo's heels.
Nobody need be surprised if the insur
gent chief himself, slippery as, he is.
should be captured any day Luvon is
a big island, but the part of the island
which is open to Aguinaldo is ljapidly
.shrinking It is plain that the days
for copperhead rejoicings at the re
sistance of the Filipino conspirators
are not far from their eud.St. Lout?
Globe-Demoa at
4* $-
"What's the use" of saying things
about those Barkises who are willing
to lead the State Republican ticket
next fall, when one does not like them
and does like someone else? Some
one of them may be nominatedlet
the opposition party say the mean
thingsdon't help them out in ad
vance. The Republicansor some of
themdid enough advance agent busi
ness in 1898 to last for awhile. Let the
Popocrats handle* the mud for them
selves, after the nomination is made
Hutchinson Timet.
Some years ago a young man named
Towne represented this district in con
gress and the Duluth Evening Herald
hasn't gotten over it yet. Everything
beneficial to the district in the way of
national legislation the free silver
sheet gives Mr. Towne credit for, and
the Republican party's efforts in be
half of the people are dwarfed beside
those of Chawles'. A peculiar thing
about it is that the Herald did not dis
cover what an intelligent and influen
tial young man he was until he did the
Lind act and with a great flourish of
trumpets and borrowed credentials
turned traitor to his party. And it
was about this time that the St. Cloud
Times discovered that he was not an
A. P. A., after it had proven that he
was to the dismay of interested Repub
licans. We believe that the Wadena
Tribune also saw a great light at the
head of the lakes soon after the first
act in the yellow drama was pulled off
at St. Louis.4-nolca Heraltf,.
-iC^^lTS*"!! WJ"7
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S* $-
Day of the Martin County Seniinet'
says "it would be a most proper and
gracious and magnanimous thing for
the Republicans to turn in and help
make John Lind's re-election unani-
mous." They won't though, Bro. Day,
and you know it, but, on the contrary
they will plant the briars of defeat so
thickly over Lind's political grave
next year that few of his party will
ever find out just where he was buried.
Hutchinson Independent.
wife' .u.j v ^-f*1/"^
*irwi Ar*M
Department Store.
\t) it/ it/ it/ it/ it/ it/ itt it/ it/ it/ it/ it/ it/
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^i and Cloth bodies, worth from 25 cents to $1.50 /L
it/ to be given away absolutely Free of Charge to all /f
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50 cents or over.
The value of your purchase
marks the value of the Doll you
50c, $1.00, $2.00 and $5.00
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purchase and any Lady pre-
senting it will be given one of
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4^^ 9^^ ^^F ^^F ^^^r* ^^r ^^F ^^F ^^r ^^r ^^r
*&? jpajm

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