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I enristraas shoppino?
o think of presents is to think of us.
the best time to buy that present,
resting later.
.lust Saved His Life.
was a thrilling escape that Charles
Davis of Bowerston, O., lately had
from a frightful death. For two years
a severe lung trouble constantly grew
worse until it seemed he must die of
consumption. Then he began to use
Dr. King's New Discovery and lately
wrote: "It gave instant relief and ef
fected a permanent cure." Such won
derful cures have for 25 years, proven
it's power to cure all throat, chest and
lung troubles. Price 50c and $1.00.
Every bottle guaranteed. Trial bot
tles free at C. A. Jack's Drug Store.
The present time is
Buying now means
age of useless nick-nacks and pretty nothings has gone
each year the demand for useful articles as gifts
Our Holiday Stock xrrZtZ
store is brimful of Just such articles.
take particular pride in calling your attention to our
Basement Department where our China, Glassware, etc.
is displayed. Here the tables and shelves are loaded
with all sorts of beautiful articles which are useful too.
A little money will go along ways in this room and
there are lots of fine goods there too.
a Dress is planned for a present or it may be a
Cloa or a Cape you can find them at our store in all
the latest weaves, fabrics and styles. A cap makes a
good present for a man and we have them in all grades.
Just come in and look around, we will be glad to have
you for your appreciation of goods and values will make
you our customer.
forget that we can supply your table with all things
necessary for the Yule-tide feast. That is one of our
principal lines, anyway, and we pride ourselves on the
quality of our goods. Candies, Nuts, Fruits, Jellies,
Preserves, Relishesanything you want we can supply.
(fi Princeton, Minn. a
Holiday Goods.
4 I
NE of the finest and most complete stocks of
ever shown in Princeton can be seen at our store.
We have some Children's Furniture which capti
vates the little girls. "It's just like mamma's.*'
Mechanical toys which amuse old and young.
I ft Ton oi Gandii.
rnHAT sounds big but it is true. We arc pre
pared to handle our own trade and give low
rates to all.who buy in quantities. Get our
prices on Nuts and Candies for your Christmas
trees. A splendid line of Bon Bon boxes for the
E. Grant has closed his dehorning
season. He has had a very successful
season having dehorned 950 head
more than he has during any season
in three yearsand he has had to com
pete with four men with clippers and
four with saws. Several head of cattle
have died from dehorning but none of
Grant's are reported to have died.
Why shouldn't Mr. Grant meet with
success? He was the first to start the
close-crowned Polled Angus dehorn
ing. He thanks his patrons and hopes
to continue to do their work. He has
a great many orders for work in South
ern,Minnesota and will go down river
in the spring to accommodate those
patrons. Hereafter he intends to work
in that section in the spring and in
this vicinity in the fall.
Two boys were drowned 'while skat
ing on Lewis lake a week ago last Sun
day and this week the accident was
reported as having occurred to two
land-seekers, whose nameg were un
known. Investigation 'pr6ved this to
be a mistake, there having been but
one accident at the lake.
Wish you all a merry Christmas.
Someone will get that magnificent Doll free of cost.
Brave Men Fall
Victims to stomach, liver and kid
ney troubles as well as women, and all
feel the results in loss of appetite, poi
sons in the blood, backache, nervous
ness, headache and tired, listless, run
down feeling. But there's no need to
feel like that. J. W. Gardner, of
Idaville, Ind., says: "Electric Bitters
are just the thing for a man when he
don't care whether he lives or dies.
It gave me new strength and good ap
petite. I can now eat
have a new lease on life.1'
The first dance of the newly formed
dancing club was held at the ope
house last Friday evening, about
twenty couples being present. Gaf
arelli's orchestra furnished the music
and the dancers kept them busy until
2 o'clock. Those who participated in
the affair are loud in their praises and
express a hope to have the club made
If you want a stylish rig be sure to
go to E. Mark, who has an outfit of
new horses and vehicles?^ j' j$j
George Cotton returned from Anoka
the first of the week where he had
been visiting fjor a few days. 1'.
I. E. Burgan has had his .residence
completely wired and will soon. be_ a
patron of the, village light plant.*?*
The annual dance to be given on
Jan. 2 by Millo Lacs Company No, Ut
U. R. K. P. promises to be as enjoy
able as those given by the boys in the
former years and a good attendance is
It will be ,noticed by an article in
another column thai the supreme
court gave Judge Keith a full vindica
tion in the suit brought against him
by the Mille Lacs Lumber company
His many friends will be pleased to
learn of this decision.
The Christmas exercises at the opera
house next Saturday evening will com
monce promptly at 7 o'clock in order
that the little folUs may have their en
tertainment and get homo early.
Everything will be free and the doors
will be open oarly to accommodate the
A new lodge of the order of Knights
of Pythias will be organized in Cam
bridge on Thursday, Dec. 28. Milaca
Lodge No. 130 will confer the first
rank and the team from the local lodge
will work in the third. There will be
a number of prominent Minnesota
Pythians present and a large delega
tion of the Princeton boys are plan
ning to be there.
N. E. Jesmer & Son advertise a gift
for next Friday and Saturday.
Every lady who makes a purchase
amounting to 50 cents or more will re
ceive a doll free of cost. The dolls
are valued from 25 cents to $1.50 and
the amount of*the purchase grades the
value of the doll given away. The
quantity is limited so attend the sale
early and secure your gift.
The following is the program of ser
vices which will be followed at the
Catholic church in this village on
Christmas day: First mass. 6.30a.m.
second mass, 8 a. m. third mass, 10:30
a. m.: sermon"'Significance of the
Feast." The music will be furnished
by the home choir, assisted by the
choir of the Elk River church. Every
one is cordially invited to attend.
A hardwood saw mill has been put
in place near Dalchow's farm and the
owners, Messrs. Bradford and E. M.
Farnham, will run it steadily during
the coming winter. If this winter's
business proves profitable Mr. Farn
ham states that the.mill will probably
become a permanent institution. The
brickyards alone will consume enough
of the product to keep the mill1
large part of the winter.
Onl 5 0
cents, at C. A. Jack's Drug Store.
Every bottle guaranteed.
John Bliss gave a dance at his new
house near Elk lake last week, and
while the house-warming festivities
were at their height someone walked
oft' with the refreshments which the
ladies had brought. The perpetrators
of this outrage are warmly censured
by those who lost their suppers.
H. Jones, who took the contract
to haul the mail from Cambridge to
Princeton when a daily mail was given
this route, has abandoned his contract
and the government contractors are
sore. The Cambridge postmaster has
been forced to pay about twice the
amount Mr. Jones was receiving in or
der to keep up the exchange of mails
and as this comes out of the contrac
tor's pockets their hearts ai'e badly
busy a
The Cream Brick company has fin
ished the work of building its board
ing house at its new brickyard and the
Farnham Brick company now has a
crew at work on a similar building at
their new location. The former build
ing is 30x32 and the latter will be
30x30 when completed. Both concerns
are rushing the preliminary work and
will be ready to begin the w.ork of
manufacturing early in the spring.
Hon. C. H. Chadbourne came up
from the cities last Saturday night to
remain at home for a few days. He
reports that the dairy commissioner
is having all kinds of trouble with oleo
peddlers, who tell their customers that
the recent supreme court decision
knocked out the State law regulating
the sale of this green goods butter.
This has resulted in a great many ar
rests and the lunch men and boarding
house-keepers have paid several fines.
Judge R. W. Freer will leave next
Tuesday for Los Angeles, California,
where he expects to find a permanent
location. The judge says he has lived
in Minnesota for fifty years and thinks
a warmer climate will suit him better
in his sunset years. He will purchase
a small orchard if he can find some
thing to suit him, and may also engage
in other business. While his friends
will be sorry to see him go, they will
wish him .uribounded success in his
new home.'
Nothing new has been learned about
the proposed train service over this
line. Anoka and Elk River, it is said,
are making a pull to have the proposed
train go down in the morning and back
at night. As they have plenty of
trains to carry their mail, "that does
not enter into the consideration with
them, their only desire being to have
the trains run more conveniently for
the people whb go out of town for
everything they eat and: weaivf
Earl Smith was quite seriously ip
jured by a collision while skating on
the mill pond last Tuesday evening.
He was knooked down and his head
struck the ice so violently as to rup
ture the drum of his ear and render
him unconscious for several minutes.
Just how badly injured he is cannot be
ascertained at this time,' but Dr. Tar
box says he thinks the boy will be all
right in a few days if no inflamation
sets in or other complications appear.
At present he ,is suffering severely
from brain concussion.
Filipinos Had Planned .to Cap
ture the Navy Yard and
But Had Failed to Reckon on
Searchlights and Guns of
the Petrel.'
Description of the Battle
Which General Lawton
Was Killed.
SAN FRANCISCO, Dec. 21.By the
transport Rio Janeiro has been received
the first details of the recent Filipino
attack on the Cavite navyyard. The
insurgents plannod an attack on Fort
Bice, and under cover of this, which
they thought would draw all the Amer
ican troops to that point, they proposed
to steal over from Cavite Viejo, in a
fleet of boats and capture the navyyard
and arsenal. Everything proceeded as
planned, and th rebels, in small boats,
were only a little way from shore, when
they encountered danger from an unex
pected quarter.
The searchlight of the gunboat Petrel
beamed upon them. Then well-aimed
shots from the Petrel caused the fleet to
turn about in hot haste, and the. insur
rectos paddled desperately to, reach
shore. One (i-pounder shell from the
Petrel struck an insurgent boat amid
ships, knocked it to splinters and killed
every rebel on board. The others were
beached near the mouth of a creek, and
the Filipinos scattered inland.
Report Samoan Treaties Favorably.
WASHINGTON, Dec. 21.The senate
committee on foreign relations has au
thorized a favorable report upon the
two treaties negotiated with Great
Britain and Germany for the dissolution
of the tripartite agreement for the con
trol of the Samoan islands. Senatoi
Bacon, one of the new Democratic
members of the committee, was' the
only opponent of the treaties and he
did not seek to delay the reporting of
it to the senate.
I nn Inches of Snow in Texas.
HOUSTON, Tex., Dec. 21.A special
to The Post from Pecos, Tex., says it
has been snowing there all day. Over
10 inches fell and it is still snowing.
Drop into Jones Bros.''and buy a
fine picture for Christmas.
H. B. Jesmer and T. F. Scheen spent
Monday in the cities and enjoyed a
splendid moonlight ride on Mr. Hill's
owl train.
E. Mark has put a telephone in his
residence. Telephone number is 4,
formerly that of C. S. Neuman, who
now has none,
The roads are beginning to wear
smooth again and the farmers are
enabled to increase the size of their
loads somewhat.
Mr. and Mrs. George Wetzel re
turned Tuesday from Iowa, where Mr.
Wetzel has put in a profitable summer
grading, for railroads.
POUNDA bunch of money near the
section house which the owner can se
cure by calling on the undersigned and
proving property. MIKE RICE.
F. G. Danielson was in the city Tues
day buying new goods for his Christ
mas trade. He tells you about it.in
another column where you will find
his ad.
Mrs. N. N. Agren and her sister
Miss Jennie Olson, left this morning
for Minneapolis and Stillwater where
they will spend the holidays with
Theodora E. Murch, of Stillwater,
was in the village last week on busi
ness connected with the final settle
ment of the estate of her mother, the
late Evaline Harper.
LOSTA lady's purse with $1.30 in
change between the residence of F.
Peterson and Danielson's drug store
Wednesday. Finder leave at this of
Little Arthur Bertram who lives in
Baldwin, fell about ten days ago and
fractured hi3 collar bone. The injury
was not discovered until last Sunday,
when he was brought to this, village
for treatment. The,fracture was re
duced and the little fellow is doing
The E. Mark Live Stock company
intends to hold regular monthly sales
at Foreston in the future and will com
mence with a sale at that place on Sat
urday, Dec. 30. The company will
take a large number of light and heavy
draft horses and drivers, besides the
usual line of wagons, bobsleds, bug
gies, cutters, harness, etc., and in ad
dition to this Mr. Mark will sell any
thing which is brought in for sale at
this auction, charging only a small
commission for conducting the trans
action. The company will also buy for
cash all the cattle, sheep and hogs
which the farmers bring in on that
day. paying the highest market price
for everything offered. If you want to
buy or sell you will find an opportunity
at this sale. Don't forget the date,
Dec. 30,1899.
't. Vh
The Chance You
A Grand opportunity to secure genuine
bargains in Christmas goods.
Of course no business house desires to carry over any
Christmas goods but you seldom get the bargains until
after Christmas. As we are compelled to make room
for staple goods coming in the first of January
Our Christmas Line Must Go.
other Educators almost without number
"'A Keen. Clear firalu.
siYour best feelings, your social poai
ttpn or business success depend largely
on the perfect action of your stomach
and liver. Dr. King's New Life Pills
give increased strength, a keen, clear
btjain, high ambition. A 25 cent box
will make you feel like a now being.
Sjl by C. A. Jack, Druggist.
United States Math
Special Sale of Christmas
goods at "take 'em a way", prices.
Genuine Bargains in
Dolls, Toys, Games, Books, Albums,
Toilett Sets, fancy Celluloid and Opal
Handkerchief Boxes, Puff Boxes, Pin
Boxes, and a great maliy things you
are looking for.
C_r Come early and secure the Biggest Bargains, jg*
ti. NEWBERT, Proprietor.
A'Fe Dont's!
r^ON'T let your Horse die as I have a
cure for any ailment under the sun.
A full line of Humphrey's Veteri=
nary medicines always on hand.
PV)N'T forget Hoff's German Liniment
for man and beast. You can't keep
house without it. This too I have
as well
A copy of our handsome map, 48x38
|i^_* inches, printed in four colors and
fr. ,__ mounted on a roller, will be sent to
m\mW\9m any address on receipt of 15 cents
in coin, postal or expressmoney order. We cannot
well useipostage stamps. GEO. P. LYMAN. Gen
eral Passenger Agent D. & R., St. Pauli
take my
and see.
excellent fo the familyemor
F)ON'T forget that although the roads
are bad my stock is always kept up.
You can get anything necessary in
a family or logging camp, or you
can find many useful presents for
Christmas time.
word for it but
Every Home, School and Office should own
Webster's International Dictionary
of ENGLISH, Biography, Geography, Fiction, etc
STANDARD AUTHORITY of the U. S. Supreme Court, all the State Supreme
Courts, the U. S.- Government Printing Office, and of nearly all the Schoolbooks.
Warmly commended by State Superintendents of Schools, College Presidents, and
WEBSTER'S whh a Valuable Glossary of
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tdary, complete definitionsand actequate-^tymoWics. Has over 1100 pages and is richly
illustrated. Its appendix is a storehouse of valuable information.
mm I i
G.' & C.MERRIAM CD., Publishers, Springfield, Mass. U."S."A
Opposite Starch Factory,
Jjyan Rhee,

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