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Of Interest
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various sources.
George I. Staples is the only person who is
authorized to collect money due this office. In
every case the party paying money* Is entitled
to and should insist upon receiving a printed
receipt. R. C. DUNN, Publisher.
Lent commences next Wednesday.
Fresh milch cows and springers for
sale for cash or on
side barns.
time at the River-
Robert Clark went to Bemidji the
first of the week, where he expects to
secure employment.
Dr. P. L. Small, resident dentist, re
moved to offices in Caley building-, over
Anderson's new store.
After this Nelson's photo studio here
is open the first and third Saturday of
every month only. Please notice. tf
Capt. I. C. Patterson came up from
St. Paul Saturday evening and re
mained with his family until yester
day morning.
Children, don't forget that Scheen
gives away a splendid rocking horse
Feb. 22. Every five cent purchase en
titles you to a chance.
Sam Carew is limping around the
streets, not on account of gout, but
because he lessened the fall of a heavy
door by putting his toe under it.
Liinen Sale.
Beginning Saturday Feb. 16,
stamped linens and pillow tops..
Merchants' spring excursions will
commence on this line next Wednes
day, Feb. 20, When a fare of one
and one-fifth fare for the round trip
may be secured on the certificate plan.
The invitations are out for the
Washington's birthday ball to be
given on Thursday evening of next
week and a good attendance is prom
ised. Gallichio's orchestra has been
H. M. Farnham was called to Minne
apolis Saturday morning by the ill
ness of his wife and little daughter,
Marion. They are getting along nicely
now, and we look for Mr. Farnham's
return in a few days.
A letter from Charley Tibbetts an
nounces that he has secured his dis
charge and will return to America in
about six weeks. He is not likely to
visit Princeton on his return, however,
as he is now planning^to go to Klon
Will Heitman received a letter Mon
day evening from his brother Herman,
who is still serving in the Philippines.
The boy is enjoying the usual health,
but has a genteel sufficiency of the ser
vice in the islands. His term of en
listment expires next June.
St. Cloud suffered from a severe fire
in the business part of the city last
week. The loss was about $100,000 and
while the loss on the buildings will
probably be covered by insurance,
many of the stocks will realize less
than half their value for their.owners.
The Spanish-American War Veter
ans will meet on Washington's Birth
day, which falls on Friday of next
week. The new ritual has arrived and
the boys will put in the afternoon fa
miliarizing themselves with the work.
All members of the order and those
desiring to become such are invited to
be present.
Mr. and Mrs. R. F. McClellan re
turned to Princeton Friday evening
from California. Mrs. McClellan will
remain in Princeton this summer,,but
Mr. McClellan expects to return to
Alaska some time next month. Fred
brought with him some excellent views
of the country which he made with his
kodak, one of which shows a grizzly
bear in close proximity to the operator.
There is more Catarrh in this section of the
country than all other diseases put together,
and until the last few years was'supposed to be
incurable. For a great many years doctors pro
nounced it a local disease, and prescribed local
remedies, and by constantly failing to cure with
local treatment, pronounced it incurable.
Science has proven catarrh to be a constitu
tional disease, and therefore -requires constitu
tional treatment. Hall's Ca'tarrh Cure, mariu-
facturedbyP. J. Cheney & Co.,Toledo, Ohio.is
the only constitutional cure on the market. It'
Coughing. Stop it at once, before it gets the start of
you and runs into chronic bronchitis or consumption.
There is nothing so bad for a cough as coughing.
There Is nothing so good for a cough as $
Jack's White Pine Expectorant, I
Two Sizes 25c and 50c per bottle I
C. A. JACK, THE Druggist.
Mrs. Robert rJatebert was a Minne
apolis visitor last Saturday.
Remember the program at the Con
gregational church Sunday evening.
Fresh milch cows and springers for
sale for cash or on time at the River
side barns.
Mrs. Barrett Carter, of Milaca, died
at her late home last Friday. She was
buried at Milaca.
J. P. Nelson, of Milaca, was in the
village yesterday looking after some
real estate business.
Mica-crystal grit, oyster shell, blood
meal, oil-meal and clover-meal for your
chickens at Walker's.
Grant Veal left Tuesday for Kansas
City where he went with a shipment of
potatoes from this station.
"A Tragic Disappearance," another
new story fresh from the author's pen,
will follow the serial now running.
See that your subscription is paid up
so you wont miss this.
School Children
buy your own tablets and composition
books and get lead pencils,and rulers
free at the Corner Drug Store. Be
sure and read our ad on page 5.
A. A. Hilton, of Anoka, has gone to
Ericksonville to make his daughter,
Mrs. George Cotton, a short visit.
Prof. Bruns the eye expert will be in
Prineeton, at the Commercial hotel,
Feb. 26 and 27. Eyes examined free.
Henry Veidt, of Anoka, was in the
village last Friday making a monthly
settlement with the patrons of his cold
storage warehouse at this station.
Lilla Mildred Hatch, grand-daughter
of Mr. and Mrs. Wheeler Veal, who
has been very sick, is around'the house
agaibi Her little playmates are glad
of her recovery.
Friederike Braatz, aged 76 years,
died last Thursday at the home of her
son-in-law, G. H. Miller, of Bogus
Brook. The funeral services were
conducted by Rev. Theo. Reuter.
Don't forget about the Washington's
Birthday dance Thursday evening of
next week. Gallichio's orchestra will
furnish the music and .every prepara
tion has beeD made for the enjoyment
of the guests.
A. J. Bullis went to Minneapolis last
Saturday to make arrangements for
the remainder of the machinery for
the HoLm gasoline launch. The boat
is now shaped and will soon be ready
to be taken to the lake.
Miss Mary Gilman, the efficient sten
ographer who was employed in the oiV
fice of C. H. Rines & Co. last season,
arrived in Princeton the ^first of the
week from Kansas City and has ac
cepted her old position.
The UNION erred last week when it
stated that Prof. H. E. White con
ducted the teachers' examination here
while Supt. VanWormer was in Mil
aca. Mrs. VanWormer had charge
during her husband's absence.
Jack McGinnis fell last week while
walking along a logging road near the
camp where he was employed and dis
located his right shoulder. He was
sent to Milaca for surgical attention
and will remain there while recovering
from the injury.
Two score of the friends of Auditor
Whitney perpetrated a surprise on
that gentleman last Monday evening,
the occasion being his birthday. A
pleasant evening was passed and the
guests presented Mr. Whitney with a
splendid couch as a memento of their
The Sons of Veterans camp, which
has been dormant for some time, will
be revived next week. The division
commander, Col. C. M. Rawitzer, will
come here to effect a reorganization
Saturday evening, Feb. 23. An Official
notice will be found in another part of
this issue.
Rev. Satterlee delivered a discourse
on Abraham Lincoln at the M. E.
church last Sunday evening to a
crowded house, the local G. A. R. Post
and L. A. S. No. 1 attending by invita
tion. Mrs, H. C. Cooney sang the
Battle Hymn of the Republic and other
selections and pleased .everyone pres
It is reported that the postmasters
along the proposed Estes Brook R. F.
D. route are opposing the plan, fearing
their offices will be discontinued.
They appear'to forget that postoffices
are for the accommodation of the pub
lic and if .the patnons will be better
served by rural free delivery it is right
that they should get it.
Prof. H. I. Harder, of Milaca, was in
the village last Friday. He was ac
companied by his corps of teachers,
Misses Davis, Harter.a Martin,da any Lars- JM-rs
is taken internally in doses from 10 drops to a gpsnut in the Princeton oublie whnnls
teaspoonful. It acts directly on the blood and
mucous surfaces of the system. They offer Such junkets are very beneficial, as it
one hundred dollars for any case it fails to cure. I {.r^ *t.
Send for circulars and testimonials. .gives the teachers an opportunity to
SoTbyffrusKS^ others engaged
Hall's Family Pills are the best. in the same work.
3 ^^KS^fTS^^M^^ETlDrK^irtoM
Jiyatt, na-the wa
M- TT** A *oUm
nuuowu pu scnoois.
Fresh, milk delivered to your order
from Walker's.
--M. L. Smith, of South' Harbor, was
a Princeton visitor yesterday.
Michael Lionhart was in the village
yesterday visiting Dr. and Mrs. Small.
The regular meeting of, Kedron
Chapter O. W&. will occur to-morrow
evening. v.JTregh
Petterson is ill with
-milch cows and springers fer
sale f? cash-or on time at the River
side barns.
Miss Anna Long took charge of Miss
Palmer's classes last week while the
latter was ill.
George Williams purchased the
Heitman place this week the deal be
ing-closed yesterday.
Hon. H. Mallette^ ofcsForestbny
was in the village Thjursday^calling on
his Princeton friends.
To-day is St. Valentine's day and the
little people are closely watching the
family postoffice boxes.
The dance at the West Branch hail
in Greenbush last week was attended
by several couples from the yillage.
The Board of Trade lacked consider
able of having a quorum.Monday even
ing and there was no business trans
J. D. Wilkes has been appointed dep
uty county surveyor, Surveyor Milton
being unable to attend to all the work
of. the office.
Charley Jones came down from the
pineries where he has been employed
for the past two months, and made his
family a short visit last week.
Foley Bros, recently purchased a
240-acre tract near the village of Foley
and the residents of the village antici
pate some more improvements.
D. H. Robbins, of Robbins, has been
in Princeton for several days during
the past week. He is at work perfects
ing the title to a piece of property. at
the lake.
H. E. Thomas, of Minneapolis, prin
cipal owner of the Thomas warehouse
at this station, has been in the "village
during the past week looking after his
business interests.
Rev. G. Wahlund, one of Lind's ap
pointees to the board of corrections
and charities, failed of confirmation
before the senate last week, owing to
the opposition of Senator Barker.
A number of the relatives of William
Martin gathered at his residence on
the north side one evening last week
to celebrate his seventy-fifth birthday.
It was a very pleasant family gather
N. E. Jesmer was honored by his asr.
sociatesat the meeting of. the Stajt
Grocers'-. Association by being madea
member *of the committee on resolu
N. E. Jesmer, F. L. Ludden and L.
W. PiersOn are in Stillwater. Their
friends need not worry, for they will
return all right, having only gone
there to attend a meeting of the State
Grocers' association.
There were sixteen applicants for
teachers' certificates at the recent ex-r
amination held here and seven at Mil
aca. Of the sixteen at Princeton,
seven were new applicants and desired
limited certificates.
The county commissioners will meet
next Wednesday at which time sev
eral matters of importance will come
up for settlement. It is probable that
the financial statement of the county
will also be acted upon at this meeting.
Hoop Poles.
"We want 30,000 good hickory poles
and will pay for that number at the
rate of $7 per thousand for the best
quality delivered at our cooper shop at
Elk River."
Mrs. Maud Merrill, of Anoka, has
been visiting her parents, Mr. and Mrs.
Lowell, of Spencer Brook. Mr. Mer
rili came up last week to accompany
her home, having finished putting in
his evidence in the sheriff contest in
which he is interested in Anoka county.
He* was in Princeton Thursday and
found time to call on.his friends in the
UNION office.
The shrievalty contest in Anoka
has been left with the court to
decide, Feb. 22 being the day set for
the decision. Each of the contestants
has one witnessawhich could not be
secured^ t#tif|ttfurHi|f.the trial and
this testatoon'y "may be put in before a
decision is reached.- There is plenty of
interest shojrjp in this case and the
partisansbipjTias grown to be very bit
ter. Anofca people will heave a sigh
of relief when the matter is finally set
The following program will be ren
dered at the Congregaiional church
next Sunday evening^
Voluntary. Opening Chorus.
Invocation. Chorus. 25LS
SSffSK^-"-* v.-
non Dickey
Duet-Come Holy Spirit....Misses McCrea and
Grandpa'sn Spectacles Mildred Rutherford
Auror a Stephenso
Violin Solo..^ jiff Olson
2eclamation*eTh Star....Miss F. Davis
e.... Mis Shult
Solo-Beyond-the Gates Mrs..H. C. Cooney
Young People and the Church...Mrs. Tarbox
.,M L.*Corman
'fflt. and Mrs. A. W. VanWormer
le^ Monday for Deer River, where
Jhey may locate permanently.
Fishing through the ice has been a
flppular pastime at Elk lake this win
der. Quite a large number of fish have
|ee taken in this manner.
-j The addition to M. L. Cormany's
building has been raisedv this week
and is considerable larger than most
people expected and will no doubt
make a very convenient photograph
Don't forgetJihat there is only two
rtreeks remaining in which to pay your
persbVal property tax. If you delay,
the penalty will be added March 1, and
Kiter there will be costs to pay. Don't
wait for the final rush ^nd bother
Treasurer Burrell.
"We do not want wheat of inferior
duality for grinding purposes- and so
can buy it only on a basii^&t which it
can be shipped. For wheat which will
grade No. 2 Northern or better we con
tinue to pay aWve the'market price as
Attention Sons of Veterans.
All members of the Custer Camp of
Sons of Veterans and all Sons of Veter
ans who have not connected themselves
with the order are requested to meet
at Ladies' Aid hall, Saturday Feb. 23,
1901, 7:30 p. M. Col. C. M. Rawitzer,
division commander will be present
and re-organize the old camp.
Bruns The Optician
will be in Princeton at the Gommer
cial hotel, Tuesday and Wednesday
Feb.- 26and 27. If your sight blurs,
eyes water or burn, the glasses you
have don't fit, or you are suffering from
headache consult him. Eyes examined
Prize Fight Craze.
Every man who has been in the ring
within the last ten years seems to have
suddenly discovered himself a cham
pion. Talk about prize fighting as
deadwell, it doesn't look the part.
There is at least one good feature in
the crazeit emphasizes the fact that
the man in the most perfect health
wins. This is just as true in business
as in prize fighting, though not quite
so apparent.
If you would have perfect health,
drink "Golden Grain Belt" beer. It
Will tone you up and give you new vi
tality, for it has the strength of pure
barley malt and hops. Keep a case in
your cellar and take it as you would
medicine, regularly. Order of your
nearest dealer or be supplied by Henry
Veidt, Princeton, Minn.
Take Rocky Mountain Tea. See.it
^exterminate poison. Feel it revitalise
your blood and nerves and bring- back
that happy joyous feeling of boyhood
35c. C. A.Jack.
(ST MONEY to loan on improved
farms. M. S. RUTHERFORD,
Princeton, Minn.
FOR SALEA large cow, will be fresh
in a few days. H. H. FARNHAM.
Bring your hides and furs to
Call and look over L. Fryling's fall
stock of fine panting and suiting.
Buckwheat flour
for your breakfast.
.''Current Topics*
Specially prepared articles on Cur
rent Topics, explanatory and instruc
tive, are often just what the newspa
per reader wants. Readers of The
Minneapolis Journal are to have this
advantage. February 18th and the
special mail edition for-February 19th
there appears in that paper the first of
a series of articles under the general
title of
The Current Topics Club.
Among the subjects to be treated are
"Colonial Government of To-day,"
with reference to the colonial questions
that confront our own country.
"The Opportunity and the Man,"
which Jfill show whether the oppor
tunities are all gone.
"The Art of Living a Hundred
Years," not a,whimsical notion but a
matter of scientific as well as'popular
interests at this time.
"American Life a Century Ago,"
interesting and instructive conapari
sons and contrasts with the present.
"The Woman's'Club Movement,"
and what it is really accomplishing, and
"What the Government Does for
the People," a valuable and instruc
tive insight into a matter about which
the most of us have rather vague no
These articles will'appear daily in
The Minneapolis Journal for *at least
Tour months. Back numbers may be
obtained for a reasonable time. The
Journal containing these articles for
/three months and a fine map of Minne
sota and map of the world for
\to it) \i/ \l/ \ii \t)
\1/ \i/
Viz \t Vt/ \t)
and maple* syrup
FOR RENTA building on Main
Street suitable for business or to live in.
Inquire of J. C. Herdliska.
Come and see my line of carpets.
Leave your order and the next day
your carpet is sewed and ready to put
down. L. LUDDEN.
FOR SALEA good horse 8 years old,
weighing about 1200. Will drive sin
gle or double. Easy to keep.
it/ vi
and ruler free
Department Store.
and Laces.
A large and beautiful variety of the latest
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White Sewing Machines
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machine made at a Big Reduction.
We have bargains in our Furniture Department. When you are
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glad to show you our stock. We will not be undersold.
Princeton Hardware Co.
SchOOl Children Buy your own Tablets
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at?thtaS rn?S
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Iron, 12 p. ct.
Yolk maker.
mea rL
1 i
Usf S
rSW iH
an a grocer^ supplies, quality and right price guaranteed as usual.
And Save Your Money.
A pencil or a ruler free with, every composition book or school-tablet you buy
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use lnyour grade, buy them yourselves and save your money besides getting pencils
A 300-page Tablet 5
(The Corner Drug Store.)
offices are over above store. Telephone 34.
Hours: 9 A. M. to 12:30 p. M. 2 p. M. to 6 P. M.
The U. S. Pension Board meets the first Wednesday of every
month in Townsend block, all notices to the contrary
notwithstanding. contrary notwithstanding
Standard Poultry,Grit of America.
The Perfection Shell Maker and Golden Yolk Producer.
White Quartz, 58 ct.
Magnesium, 10 p. ct.
what better withsuppliest,danywhere .unP-to-tlat?poultrlthP,011investment
men they say it pays and pays well
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0 a1
using one or both-of these
egg a
i celebrated "Blood-meal"s an "Clover
ol Paltr pure food
Tel. 23 4

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