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coming back it looks differentthe
fruit is not to be comparedwith what
we have seen and eaten 500 miles
further south. (,j~
California is big enough to be an em
pire by itself, but after all is said a
poor man can get started quicker and
make more money in Minnesota or in
the north anywhere. Land is too out
rageous high hereit takes a fortune
to get startedand when you get
started your fruit may prove worth
less. There is too much risk for a big
outlay. C. CHADBOURNE.
Irvington, March 13.
The April Sale of the E Mark Live Stock
Co. Will Be a Corker.
The regular monthly sale of the E
Mark Live Stock company will occur
on Saturday, April 6, and Mr. Mark
plans to clean up his entire stock at
this sale. There will be offered on
th at day 100 horses, 100 western:horses,
50 mules, 100 milch cows, 500 sheep-,
100 Angora goats, 50 sets single and
double harness, 50 single and double
buggies, 25 lumber wagons, farm ma
chinery, household goods, etc., etc.
-This sale will give you an unexcelled
opportunity to secure just what you
want at your own price and on your
own terms.
The Great Northern will give excur
sion rates from St. Paul and all inter
mediate points on the certificate plan.
The fare will be one and one-third
fares forth round trip. This insures
a large crowd of buyers from abroad
and Mr. Mark will endeavor to give all
who attend full value for their money.
Don't forget the dateApril 6, rain
or shine. If you want a team, a hqrse
to match one you now have, a buggy,
wagon or harness you can't afford to
miss this sale.
Princeton, Ninn.
Roy Jesmer and Amos Howard were
obliged to go to Glendorado Tuesday
to get a team which a travelling man
had hired from them. Th traveller
is a salesman for an Indiana rubber
house and his name is Klein, not the
man who makes regular trips to this
village. hired the team with a
driver and although only an hour and
fifteen minutes was consumed in the
drive to Glendorado over rough roads
he roasted the driver, Orren Hamilton
for driving at such a slow rate. Fin
ally he threw the boy from the rig and
went on alone. Th team was recov
ered a short distance beyond Glendo
rado. It is safe to say that Mr. Klein
will have trouble in securing livery
from this town should he ever return.
Moses Cone, so a report from Fores
ton states, was Carrie Nationed last
Monday in the latest approved manner
Things have not been running smoothly
between the ex-Porestonite and the
people who purchased his-hotel and
the feeling culminated Monday in a
warm drubbing with a club held in the
hands of the landlady. Th particu
lars of the affair have not all been
learned, but report says that Mose is
now a battle-scarred veteran. Th
courts will probably be called upon to
settle the matter, and then Mose will
The opera house was crowded Mon
day evening to witness the production
of "Shannon Boys
by Anoka ama-
teurs and the audience was well
pleased pith the affair. The evening's
entertainment opened with a short
program very creditably rendered and
then followed the drama. Th parts
were well taken and the play was an
interesting, one, appropriate to the sea
son. A neat sum was netted the local
society which will be used in construct
ing a parsonage.
Some one broke one of the large win
dows in the store front of the building
occupied by the mill's feed store last
Saturday night. It may have been a
case of burglary, but so far nothing
has turned up missing. I is possible
that a sack or two of flour disappeared
at the time, but Mr. Wheeler says it
would be almost impossible to note the
Isanti, the new town on the Bee
Line, was visited by a band of farmers
with their wives last week, who threat
ened to boycott the merchants if li
censes were granted saloons in- that
town. As no notice"-had been given
the matter could not be decided at the
election and the acts of the party ~were
a little premature.
Ben Cotton, who has leased the hotel
at Onamia, has refurnished the build
ing throughout and is endeavoring to
conduct a first class country hotel.
Travellers who have stopped there
speak highly of the entertainment af
forded and comment on the great im
provement that has taken place.
Miss Hatt ie May Neely slipped last
Friday afternoon and in attempting to
save herself irom a bad fall threw her
hand against the side of a door through
which she was passing. Th blow
fractured some of the bones of the
hand and she is suffering from a very
painful hand.
A. J. Bullis has been struggling
with an attack of grip during the past
week and the numerous admirers of
the craft he has been building this
winter have been greatly disappointed
in his absence from the shop.
W TJVS&i:"&
Through the courtesy of the UNION this space
is granted to the TV. T. U. The press super
intendent assumes all responsibility for the
sentiments and statements contained herein.
Our Motto: ''For God and Home and Native
Our Badge: A knot of white ribbon.
Our Aims: Home protection, prohibition of
the liquor traffic, equal suffrage, one standard
of morals, and the bringing about of a better
public sentiment.
MRS. E. P. W&EELEB,' President,
MRS. ADA FARNHAM. Treasurer.
The city treasurer of Cincinnati
reports 500 less saloons in that city
than there were six months ago.
This means that in* one city alone
500 more men have a chance to
gain Heaven.
Mrs. Emma Walker, of Ash-
land, whose husband was killed ^8^7account oVilta^
while drunk, sued the saloonist
who sold him the liquor and was
given $2,250. This is selling life
cheap when we consider the here
after and yet how many drunkards
are going the same way and their
families left worse than penniless.
A new boou entitled "Wh
Killed Joe's Baby," by Rev.
Charles Sheldon, is a valuable ad
dition to temperance literature.
The profits from this book are do
nated to the cause of prohibition.
Some time ago I was asked to
state what the Methodists were do
ing ..as a church in the cause of tem
perance. I will have some one
who is better posted than I give an
answer. I would be glad to point
out many Methodist ministers who
are doing effective temperance
work. For example, the prohibi
tion sheriff of Portland, Me., a
Methodist pastor. If the work of
this one man was all that was done
in that city we should be proud,
but as a rule Christians are doing
more each year for the cause of
temperance. Prohibition does
prohibit and the rank and file of
God's army are being aroused ev
A picture of what Portland was
before the days of prohibition, and
what it is now, has been well de
scribed by Hon. Joshua Baily, of
Philadelphia, as follows:
"Portland, its streets, its com
merce, its wharves, were familiar
to me more than forty years ago.
There were then liquor'salboos on
nearly all the business streets, and
there were blocks of buildings on
the streets near the wharves where
liquor selling seemed to be. the
chief business. Jamaica rum was
one of the chief commodities dealt
in, as evidenced by the barrels
which crowded the wharves.
There were then some half-dozen
breweries in Portland, and at least
two distilleries. Where are these
saloons now and the barrels of Ja
maica rum? What has become of
the breweries and distilleries?
They are not there. If it.was not
the prohibitory law which closed
the saloons and stopped the impor
tation of rum and silenced the
breweries and distilleries, what was
it? Tell me, ye whose traffic has
been destroyed, and who yet detold
nounce the law as a failure tell
me, .ye professed friends of prohi
bition who denounce the law as a
failure because it doesn't work
miracles: tell me, what has brought
about this marvelous change W
do not say that the people of
Maine have no foe to encounter.
The liquor trafic is everywhere a.
relentless, law-defiant and unscru
pulous foe to the highest "and" best
interests of the community, and
the drinking passion will always
and everywhere resist restrictive
legislation and be fruitful in expe
dients to avoid and evade it. But
in the prohibitory law, and in the
public sentiment of the people
which sustains, it, the prohibition
ists of Maine, and the whole peo
ple of Maine, have everything to
encourage and stimulate them, not
only on account of the advance, so
far made, but because of the rare
opportunities- which they enjoy of
keeping their State not simply
abreast, but in harmony with the
motto of the coat-of-arms of Maine
(Dirigo) in the very forefront of
this great reform."
Twice Proven.
From the Vindicator, Rutherfordton, N. C.
The editor of the. Vindicator has'bacT
occasion to test the efficacy of Cham
berlain's Pain Balm twice with the
most remarkable result in each case*
First, with-rh"erumutismin the shoulder
from which he suffered excruciating
pain for ten days, which wa relieved*:
with two applications of Pain Balm,
rubbing the B&rts afflicted and realiz
ing'instant benefit and entire relieiin
a very short time". Second, in rheu
aflaatism in thigh joint,"almost pros
trating him-wi th severe pain, which
was relieved by two applications, rub
bing wi^h the liniment on retiring at
night, and* getting up free from pain
For sale by Princeton Drug Co.
Report cards, were issued last
week in the 5th.
Edward Freer visited the high
school Monday afternoon.
^u,l4MV, Edmun Dilley is absent from
Clyde King .and Ernest Wick
und are absent from the 5th grade
on account of sickness.
Miss Palmer was called home
last week by the illness of her
mother. Miss Anna Long took
her place.
The State high school board cer
tificates have been received. Near
ly all papers sent down received a
passing mark. -i-
Through the efforts of Auditor
Dunn, the senior class have se
cured Senator Clapp to deliver the
commencement oration.
The following books of fiction
have been added to the library:
To Have and To Hold. Richard
Carvel, Seats of the Mighty, The
Christian, Eben Holden, The
Bondman, When Knighthood Was
in Flower, Janice Meredith, Da
vid Harum, The Prisoner of
Alia Jaax.
As I was doing my school work
at home I heard a sweet voice by
my side. I looked up and saw a
sweet child not more than six ineries
ches tall. I looked at her for a
moment and then I said, "Who are
you, sweet child?"
The child said in a low sweet
voice, I am a fairy. Is there any
thing you would like to wish?
You may have three wishes."
I looked at her for a few min
utes and then I said, "You dear
fairy, where have you come from?"
"I came from a long wa}roff
just to let you have three wishes,"
said the fairy.
I then said, "Dear fairy, I wish
for a pony and cart and!" I
stopped. I thought I was wish
ing too muchv But the fairy said
I could have one more wish. She
said that it was all right.
So I said, I wish for the last
one and that is for a happy soul."
The fairy said, "You* have
wished a very nice wish and you
shall have what you wish. Come
down in the woods," and she
pointed her wand toward some
pretty woods.. After a while she
The next day I went where she
me, and there I saw to my
surprise a dear little pony and Mark
cart. I felt so happy. I did. not
see the fairy, but I had my wishes.
I had a happy soul.
Night Was Her Terror.
I would cough nearly alLnight long"
writes Mrs. Chas, Applegate, of Alex
andria, Ind., "and could hardly get any
sleep. I had consumption so bad that
if I walked a block I would cough
frightfully and spit blood, but, when
all other medicines failed, three Sl.CkX
bottles of Dr. King's New Discovery
wholly cured me and I gained 58
pounds." It's absolutely guaranteed to
cure coughs, colds-, la grippe, bronchi
tis and all throat- and lung troubles.
Price 50c and $1.00. Trial bottles free
at C. A. Jack's drug store.
Mr. Rogers has been sick for the
past three weeks.
F. L. Daigle expects to start
his saw mill next week.
The Johnson Saw Mill company
has its planer and expects to have
it running soon.
There is some talkfof a railroad
from St. Cloud to Duluth. W
hope it will come.,
Miss Wold came up from Prince
ton last week to teach a term of
school in the Heinmiller district.
Mr. Bean sent T. Ff^Warren a
box of oranges from California and
Mr. Warren -did not forget the
boys in camp,% Mesdames S.
.Collins and _C. B. Rogers also re
ceived bcfxes of the fruit at the
"same time. A
Ferguson & Davis will finish
this week. R. F. Warren will also
get in the logs he has cut. Most
of his crew has gone.u"""
Results. Immediate and "lasting.
Before and after trying other remedies
use Rocky Mountain Te a this month.
'Twill keep you Well all summer. A
great spring blessing. C. A. Jack.
C. P. Hernwell's brother is here
on a visit for a few days.
Sleighing is about gone and the
loggers are cleaning up for this
Carl Haglimd is back from the
woods after putting in along win
ter there.
Mrs. G-. W. Freer has gone on a
visit to^ relatives and -friends in
Chas. Johnson was down from
Eastwood to vote at town meeting.
He says he has not .seen any more
of those big fish.
A man from Stillwater was here
this week looking for a stock farm.
We understand that he has decided
to locate here and is negotiating
for a farm.
Strikes a Rich Find.
I was troubled for several years
wi.th chronic indigestion and nervous
debility/' writes J. Green of Lan
caster, N H., "No remedy helped me
until I began using Electric, Bitters,
which did me more good than all the
medicine I ever used. They have also
kept wife in excellent health for
says Electric Bitters are
just splendid for female troubles that
they are a grand tonic and invigorator
for weak, run down women. No other
medicine can take its place in our fam-
ily." Try them. Ouly 50c. Satisfac
tion guaranteed by C. A. Jack.
Chris Neumann returned Saturday
evening from a winter spent in the pin
of the northern part of the State.
He says that there was all kinds of
small pox in that section of the coun
try, but fortunately he did not come in
contact with a quarantine anywhere
and thus was able to put in his full
A short time ago Sadley's flour mill
was burglarized and $25 taken from the
safe. Suspicion fell on a certain young,
man about town and during the sweat
ing process he confessed and returned
the money, proceedings and" the at
tending publicity being dropped on ac
count of his family and his hitherto
good reputation.
My heart and hand another claimed,
His plea had come too late.'
It's ever thus with people without pluck
and vim,
Take Rocky Mountain Tea, don't get
left again.
fir MONEY to loan on improved
Princeton, Minn.
WANTED.Girl for general house
work. MRS. L. S. BRIGGS.
Ladies' Shirt Waists, the new cen
tury styles -the prettiest yet.
Call and look over L. Fry ling's spring
and summer stock, panting and suiting
WANTEDTwo girls for
housework, one to go to city.
general Mrs. E.
EXCHANGEA large, strong car
riage horse for a span of smaller horses,
weighing about 1,000 pounds each.
Will pay the difference in cash.
Inquire at the UNION office.
Wesson's Oil, a vegetable product
made from cotton seed, and is more
healthful than lard.
LOSTOn Sunday evening, March
17, on Oa street between the resi
dences of Mr. Pierson and Dr. Tarbox,
a pair of gold-bowed Spectacles in a
russet case. Finder please leave at
Dr. Tarbox's residence and receive
Come and see our new carpets, latest
patterns L.LUDDEN.
Working 24 Hours a Day. 1
There's no rest for those tireless lit
tle workersDr. King's New Life Pills.
Millions are always busy, curing torpid
liver, jaundice, billiousness, fever and
ague. They banish sick headache,
drive out malaria. Never gripe or
weaken Small, taste nice, work won
ders. Try themk25c at C. A. Jack's
drug storer^^f^-^ 1 \^#aes ii
'^^^^^^^^^m "^smi^^^^^^^^^s^^^^^mm^i
"Yoit Can't Eat Your Cake,
And Have It Too'9
The use of finger impressions to iden
tify people promises to become a won
derful aid in the detection of criminals.
The system consists merely, in getting
an impression ia wax of the finger tip.
No two finger tips have ever been
found alike. In India all public docu
ments must be endorsed in this way,
and the law accepts the testimony of
experts without question. In thi^ way
many difficult murder cases have been
Some things, as well as persons, need
a trustworthy method of identifying
them others are easily recognized by
their peculiar characteristics. Under
the latter class comes "Golden Grain
Belt" beer, for it is so pure and delic
ious that you could never mistake it for
any other brew. It is made from the
choicest barley malt and hops, and has
great value as a tonic... A case of beer
should be in every home.. Order of
your dealer or be supplied by Henry
Veidt, Princeton, Minn.
Foley's List.
When the dozen or more petitions
asking forth removal of the Benton
county seat from Sauk Rapids to Foley
were figured up there were 1100 sign
ers to the documents, more than the
number required by law to call an elec
tion on the question. I is expected by
the friends of the movement that 1400
signers will be secured before the pe
titions are presented to the county
audiior.St. Cloud limes.
Do you ealftoiive? Then eat Shred
ded Wheat, the best breakfast food.
Mrs. C. E. VanDeusen, of Kilbourne,
Wis., was afflicted with stomach trou
ble and constipation for a long time.
She says, I have tried many prepara
tions but-none have done me good that
Chamberlain's Stomach and Liver
Tablets have." These tablets are.,for
sale at Princeton Drug Co.'s drug
storey Price, 25 cents. Samples free.
II Ilia i gn.
This is a daring Btatement, But Sal
zer'a seeds bear it oat every tlmo.
.Combination Com.
.revolutionize corn grovrtngT^
Greatest'marvel te
13 tons of hay per acre. First
crop six weeks after sowing
Catalogue tella.
and thisNOTICE w mall
v!g seed catalog:, 10 Grsia
SmplJocludjMabore, alsoi
Swltt (80 bu. per A.) OntsI
(839 bushel fir A.t R*p?HaBaiaki
Birlcy,(l73bn.perA)ftaoat, atiWoiS|10. eegetasuirt
John fiaSafaer Sand Co. la Crosser
Is not true of money spent in groceries" for a first-class "Koastei and Baker"
sucli as we show our window, it costs you simply nothing and in a few
^eks you have both the groceries and the "Roaster and Baker!"
We want everybody to get acquainted with the quality and freshness of our
This weekFine large White fish, Salmon, Sal
mon Trout, Fat Mackerel, Spiced
Herring, Whole Codfish, Imported
Finger Marks.
A Great American Traveler Says:
I would rather dine on a Burlington Route dining car than on
any other dining car in the world. The only other railroad ser-
vice that compares with it is the Orient Express, on which I
traveled between Paris and Constantinople."
S. S. MCCLURE. Publisher McClure's Magazine.
Leaves Minneapolis 7:20 p. M., St. Paul 8:05 P. M., daily. Arrives
Chicago 9:25 next morning and St, Louis 5:21 next afternoon.
The Day Express leaves Minneapolis 7:40 A. M., St. Paul 8:15
A. M., except Sunday, arriving at Chicago 10:20 same evening
and St. Louis 6:40 next morning. Ask vour home agent for
tickets via tbis line.
Gen 1 Pass. Agem, Ass't GeH'1 Pass. Agent.
H. NEWBERT, Proprietor.
Twenty-Four Bottles of Satisfaction
RAMI'SfoeCasasanKnoweOtherwis BEER
Supplied by Agents Everywhere,
St Paul, Minn. &
honored Stimulant of
Absolute Party?
monitor Double Disc Drills
will, put in your seed under any
conditions, wet or dry, where a.
team can go. "!_
Sold by Dalbo Warehouse Co^'t JL

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