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Mrs. Ed Pratt, of Blue Hill, died of
consumption last Sunday after a short
C. A. Jack was confined to the house
Sunday and Monday with an attack of
D. W. Spaulding returned Saturday
morning after a ten days' absence in
Supenntendent VanWormer is visit
ing- schools in the northern part of the
county this week.
Dr. F. L. Small, resident dentist, re
moved to offices in Caley building, over
Anderson's new store.
Arthur E. Wiseman and Myrtle M.
Smith were married at South Harbor
May 5, by Judge Smith.
Bicycle repairs, sundries, and all
kinds of bicicycle repairing at
Grant's hardware store.
H. E. Cravens came down from Mi
laca Saturday afternoon to remain
with his family over Sunday.
Dr. Armitage is improving the ap
pearance of his place by decorating his
barn with anew coat of paint.
Our justice court has been kept so
busy part of the time this week that
night sessions were necessary.
The members of Company will be
measured for uniforms this evening.
Every member should be present.
The cornet band practiced at the
fairgrounds last Sunday afternoon and
drew quite a crowd of spectators.
Mrs. F. C. Frost, of Minneapolis, ar
rived in the village last Friday even
ing on a visit to Mrs. F. L. Small.
After this Nelson's photo studio here
is open the first and third Saturday of
every month only. Please notice. tf
The Summer Seasonj
50c to $5.00.
Items- Sffrrv.v i
various Sources.
George I Staples is the only person who is
authorized to collect money due this office In
every case the party paying money is entitled
to and should insist upon receiving a printed
receipt DUNN, Publisher
Take your lace curtains to the
Princeton Laundry.
Rev. J. K. Shults spent Tuesday in
the Twin Cities.
L. FryhliDg has an expert coatmaker.
Call and see him.
Lowell, one of Anoka's oldest
settlers, well known by the old-timers
in this bection, died last week of can
Rev and Mrs. J. S. Bouck left this
morning for a fortnight's visit with
their children at Royalton and Little
Dr&. Cooney and Tarbox have been
in E1K River several days during the
past week as expert witnesses in a mal
practice slllt
The Holm gasoline launch was
loaded on wheels Monday and taken to
Green Laue, where it will soon be put
into commission
Mr. and Mrs. Fred Ross are reported
to have found California distasteful to
them as a home and they will shortly
retui to Princeton.
Warm weather is here and there is
nothing so nice as a first class- refrig-
erator. Caley has them and will be
pleased to show them to you.
Ben Soule returned from Milaca last
Wednesday evening having completed
the work of moving Banker Anderson's
house and barn to the new location.
Just call in and look over the largest
line of iron beds ever brought to the
city All the latest shades and colors.
Jesmer & Howard were forced to go
to Elk River this week to get a team
which Beaumont used in his fruitless
flight before the wrath of Sheriff
S. Libby tried to ford the West
Branch where the water was too deep
last wees and rumor has it that Lew
was forced to "fin" it. He denies the
charge, but says he thought for a time
that Irs horse would drown.
Deafness Cannot be Cured
by local applications as they cannot reach the
diseased portion of the ear There is only one
way to cine deafness and that is by constitu
tional lemedies Deafness is caused by an in
flamed condition of the mucous lining of the
EusUcman Tube When this tube is inflamed
you have a rumbling sound or imperfect hear
ing, and v.henitis entirely closed, deafness is
the result and unless the inflammation can be
taken out and this tube restored to its normal
condition hearing will be destroyed forever,
nine cases out of ten are caused by catarrh,
which is nothing but an anflamed condition of
the mucous surfaces.
We will give One Hundred Dollars for any
case of deafness (caused by catarrh) that can
not be cured by Hall's Catarrh Cure. Send for
circulars, free.
F. J. CHENEY & CO., Toledo, O
Sold by druggists, 75c
Hall Family Pills are the best
1- ''&iiiiiiiBiiiiA
is on. The summer girl and the hammock are popular now.
We can't furnish the girls but we can sell you a comfortable
hammock which may fetch the girl. All prices from
A JACK, THE Druggist.
Fresh milk ..delivery* daily from
_ $
Fresh, milch cows and springers for
sale for cash or on time at the River
side barns.
See Jesmer's ad this week. It calls
attention to his splendid line of shirt
waists, silk waists and skirts.
Frank A. Humble and Lizzie Simp
son were married May 7 at South Har
bor, by Rev. E. M. Raymond.
A. H. Steeves sold three bandcutters
and self-feeders last week to as many
owners of threshing machines.
Cakes, cookies, doughnuts, rolls, pies
and bread received daily at Scheen's
Ye Olde Tyme Bakerie."
Mr. and Mrs. J. N. Berg returned
from an extended visit to relatives in
Minneapolis last Saturday evening.
Princeton Lodge No. 93, Knights of
Pythias, will confer the third rank at
its legular meeting next Tuesday even-
Stock Pastured.
Five hundred acres well fenced and
watered. Call on M. S. Rutherford,
Princeton, or Charles Taylor, Blue
Andy Bullis has been at Green lake
this week superintending the calking
and soldering of the hull of the new
A. C. Howard is substituting this
week for Ed. Freer, who is forced to
take a short vacation on account of
Robert Clark has been appointed
janitor at the court house and has been
busy for the past week with the
Masury pure linseed oil paints con
tain no water, no benzine and will not
evaporate from the can. C. A. Jack
sells them.
Miss Mildred Craig was forced to
abando^her school for this week ow
ing to an attack of the popular com
Duluth is making an effort to have
the "hike" of the Third regiment post
poned so as to bring the boys there on
their homeward trip July 4.
Get your berries, radishes, etc., right
off the ice at Scheen's. When you do
it examine his new ice box made for
the purpose. It will interest you.
Best paints in the world. Cover more
space, cost less, better all round,
Masury paints, ready mixed, made of
pure linseed oil. C. A. Jack sells them.
The freezing weather the past week
has made the outlook for small fruits
extremely dubious Almost every
species was either budded or blos
som before the drop in the tempera
Sewing Machines.
Say, I have a few left of those and
am desirous of closing them out. Will
make you a price on them that will
please you. T. H. CALEY.
Fraternal Lodge No. 92, A. F. & A.
M., will work in the E. A. degree next
Wednesday evening. Members and
visiting Masons are cordially invited
to attend.
Farmers, Take Notice.
We have just received a carload of
Triumph potatoes which we will let
out on shares.
H. RINE S & Co.
The Princeton creamery received
14,000 pounds of milk Monday and the
management expects to average 12,000
pounds per day through the summer.
Six new patrons were secured during
the past week.
Hon. E. Mark and Aug Rines leave
Saturday morning for Montana, where
they will purchase 4,000 horses for the
live stock company. They expect to
visit Yellowstone Park and other
points of interest before returning.
FOR SALE.Ten acres of land inside
the village limits and five acres out
side, all improved. Good house, good
barn, good water, buildings new and
everything O. K. Inquire of
Mille Lacs county has another post
office, or will have as soon as the post
master's commission arrives. It is
located at the brickyards and will be
known as "Brickton." R. P.Morgan,
book-keeper for the Princeton Mercan
tile company, has been appointed post
Pianos, Organs.
Having accepted a position with the
Metropolitan Music Co., of Minneap
olis, I am prepared to sell pianos or
organs on the most reasonable terms
and easy payments. I shall take special
pains to get you what you want. Write
or call on me at Princeton, Minn.
Miss Huff went to the Twin Cities
this morning to spend the day.
County Commissioner Deans was in
the village last Saturday on business.
The regular meeting of Kedron Chap
ter O. E. S. will occur to-morrow even
Druggist Presley, of Cambridgef was
in the village Thursday afternoon on
his way to Milaca.
The proceedings of the last meeting
of the county commissioners appear in
another column of this issue.
Several street scenes for the souvenir
of the village were made by the pro
moters of the enterprise yesterday.
I have some bargains in residence
lots. Will sell for cash or on time.
20-23 L. S. BRIGGS.
E. W. Cundy, of Onamia, stopped
Over in Princeton the latter part of
last week on his return from the cities.
Three little fellows were made happy
last week by the purchase of bikes.
They were Gerald Petterson, Duren
Jack and Glenn Ferrell.
C. J. Haines, of Minneapolis, has
completed his work on the souvenir
book of Princeton and will soon have
it ready for distribution.
E. L. Whittier, of the Minneapolis
2'imes, has been in the village this
week in the interest of the book de
partment of that publication.
J. S. Anderson, who has been con
ducting a general merchandise busi
ness at Groundhouse for the last two
years, was in the village Monday.
Paints of quality, ready mixed, made
of pure linseed oil, last longest, wear
better, stand sun without fading,
Masury paints. C. A. Jack sells them.
There will be services at the M. E.
church next Sunday at the regular
hours of worship. Subject for the even
ing service, "Selling Out." All are
James McKenzie arrived in Prince
ton last evening on his return from a
northern trip and left this morning for
St. Paul to report to the State land
Caley has just received a large con
signment of fine mantel clocks, bought
at the right price and he will sell you
one on the same basis. Call in and
look them over.
Rev. George Satterlee went to Blue
Hill Tuesday, where he conducted the
funeral services of Mrs. Pratt who died
Sunday. The services were held at
the Marsh residence.
T. F. Scheen is expecting a visit
from his brother, Victor, this week.
The brother has recently arrived in
this country from England and may
make Princeton his future home.
A most excellent program has been
arranged for the entertainment to be
given at the M. E. church Friday even
ing of this week, for the benefit of the
Sunday school. Admission 10c and 20c.
Mrs. Cater and Mrs. Tarbox were
appointed delegates to represent the
Congregational church at the Anoka
conference which convenes at the Lyn
dale church in Minneapolis, May 21
and 22.
The State prison management will
favor the sale of binding twine to the
farmers and will not sell to dealers
until June 1. It would be a good plan
for the farmers to get their orders in
before that time.
The concert given by the ladies of
the Dorcas society last Friday evening
was not so well attended as it deserved.
The program was excellent and those
who were present secured their money's
worth of enjoyment.
Mr. Peck, the Y. M. C. A. secretary
showed superior ability in conducting
services at the Congregational ..church
last Sunday. The large audience at
night listened with rapt attention.
It was an inspiring service.
Additional help will be employed at
the depot soon. Orders have been is
sued requiring the agent to weigh all
the freight received and dispatched
hence the new help, A new platform
and scales will be put in soon.
FOR SALEResidence and three lots,
household furniture, including piano
and carpets, and immediate possession
given. I shall be absent at school for
three years, hence a bargain is offered
to some one. MRS E. MARK.
Sprinkling First street well toward
the depot makes life much pleasanter
for the people down town this year.
The dust which formerly swept into
the buildings, is settled now before it
reaches the business part of town.
A home-talent minstrel entertain
ment will be given at the opera house
Friday evening, May 24, under the
auspices of the Christian Endeavor
society. Come and have a good laugh
at your colored friends. Admis
sion 15c, 25c and 35 cents.
Charley Pearson had a smashup
Tuesday afternoon and was thrown out
of his delivery wagon, landing squarely
behind the horse and between the
thills. Fortunately he escaped unin
jured a,nd the horse was stooped before
any great damage was done.
THURSDAY, MAY 16. 190i: 1
F. Pryhling is beautifying his cot
tage by the addition of a porch.
The E. Mark Live Stock company
will hold a big sale at Milaca on the
last Saturday of the month, May 25.
The graduating class of the Prince
ton high school is preparing for the
ceremonies of commencement week.
WANTEDA good girl for general
housework. Good wages. Inquire of
Teachers who desire to do review
work during the summer should write
Mankato Commercial College for par
Mrs. E. W. Cundy, of Onamia, ar
rived in Princeton yesterday morning
on a short visit to her sister, Mrs. F.
L. Small.
R- W. Kniffin, of Foreeton, was in
the village Tuesday. He has sold his
general merchandise business to W.
F. Waldhoff.
Sales of State lands will be held this
week in Sherburne and Isanti counties.
There promises to be a good attend
ance at both sales.
Miss Martha Caley, who is teaching
near Foreston, arrived in the village
yesterday morning to visit the family
of her uncle, T. H. Caley.
The season of prevarication is at
hand. Assessor Sausser started on his
rounds Monday morning and people
have grown suddenly poor.
Painters of judgment prefer Masury
paints made by world renowned manu
facturers, ready mixed, made of pure
linseed oil. C. A. Jack sells them.
It is reported that Mrs. Locke, who
was ejected from the Parrotl property
near Page a week or two ago by the
sheriff, has again taken possession.
LOST OR STOLENRed Irish setter
dog, answers to name of Sport. Return
or leave information at postoffice,
Princeton, Minn and receive reward.
Remittances are coming nicely from
nonresidents, most of whom are squar
ing their tax accounts with Treasurer
Burrell in advance of the penalty
More Masury ready mixed paints,
made of pure linseed oil are sold in the
United States each year than any
other. Better use Masury's. C. A.
Jack sells them.
Into each' life some ruins must fall,
Wise people don't sit down and bawl
Only fools suicide or take to flight,
Smart people take Rocky Mountain Tea
at night.
Charge! Charge!"
Most Fascinating
of Stories
Under Two Flags, by Ouida"
The best, the most thrilling and most
famous of this great writer's novels will
be printed in this paper soon. It has
been condensed by a master hand to
proper newspaper length, but all of the
sensational and strong incidents and the
entire action of the story have been re
To those who have never read. "Under
Two Flags" it will be a rich treat. For
those who have already read it in its
original form a pleasant surprise is in
A Splendid
Quarter Section,
The quarter section known as the Evers'
place (feE^of SE' 4
of Sec 14, and E1*
\t it)
\t/ \fc
\i) \i
\t/ it/
to to to to to to to
to to to
I i
of Sec 10, SW34 of NW#
of NEk of Sec 13 town 35,
range 25 located in town of Spencer Biook, on
mam traveled road between the railroad towns
of Princeton and Cambridge Post office,
stores, creamery, churches and school house
within 1C0 rods of farm Two mails daily
Regular stage coach to Princeton and Cam
bridge daily. Twenty acres ready for plow.
Meadow that cuts 60 tons of prime hay There
is no better quarter section offered for sale in
northern Minnesota. Will sell on easy terms.
St. Paul, flinn.
We cordially invite you to come to this store as often as you
can. You are always welcome whether you buy or not. If you
come often you will see many new things and excellent values
things which our ad writer occasionally overlooks. If you call
on us you will become a customer of ours, whether you are
now or not.
Our Shirt Waist counter holds some splendid bargains.
These cool, dressy garments are prettier than ever this year
and our line Is complete. The prices
50c to
****************VV*VV%'*VVV WWVWWWVWWWV\WW
I4-Karat Fountain Pens
Every pen i4=karat and guaranteed. Prices from $1.00 up to $4.00.
Come in and see a good Fountain Pen.
Another thing which will interest you is our line of Silk
Waists, all this season's productions, in a variety of shades and
styles. The prices will suit all as they range from
We also have a good line of ready made Skirts. They are
neatly and durably made and we can recommend them our
lady customers. The prices
i.25 to
There is nothing nicer in the line of breakfast foods than
"Wheatine," the product of scientific milling.
All the kernel of the wheat is used except the
woody covering, and is a healthful, nutritious
and delicious food. Per package
We are strong in our cheese department. If you
don't believe it try a pound of our new Limburger
cheese at
(The Corner Drug Store.)
es are over above store. Telephone 34
_^_^_^ Hours 9AM to 12 30 3 to 6 M.
evvvvvvv%vvvvvvv%.vvvvvvvvvv "WWWWWWWV^V^WVW^i
Farmers, do you know that Caley will sell you a 10-inch (3
all steel Plow for $JO or a 14-inch all steel Plow for $9.00.
Or a 14-inch Timber Plow with Quincy Cutter for $9.00.
All the above Plows are warranted to be first class in every S
Al&o the great labor saving machine know as the
/L Caley has a full line in steel and wood frames, either riding
At or walking. Call in and examine them.
Cultivators i
of every description, from the smallest to the largest and
the prices are right. Call and look them over.
Corn Planters.
you need a first class Check Row Corn Planter, I have Jl
got it, and I know we can agree as to prices and terms on same. 7Z
Don't lose sight of the largest line of Bug=
gies in the city.
^-i 1* .i-St* ,_*.
]imrin il 1" in ir iTiffiniMifrirOTirilt 1 niMrin|Tit 1T11 iff^TTiirTfiffirniiiifiTtiiaiifi-TT IT fii'fm rinTTinriiiiirTfft itfiiiin
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