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Fresh cakes and pies from "Ye Olde
Tyme Bakerie'-' every day at Scheen's.
Mrs. L. N. Grow returned last week
from a visit to Minneapolis and Man
Mrs. George Roos is improving her
residence by replacing the old shingles
with new ones.
Dr. F. L. Small, resident dentist, re
moved to offices in Caley building, over
Anderson's new store.
According to the Cambridge papers
it has cost that village $500 to quaran
tine against smallpox.
Bicycle repairs, sundries, and all
kinds of bicicycle repairing at
Grant's hardware store.
Hon. Moses E. Clapp was entertained
by Mr. and Mrs. Charles Keith during
his visit to Princeton last week.
After this Nelson's photo studio here
is open the first and third Saturday of
every month only. Please notice. tf
Fred Burrell is now engaged in the
treasurer's office as his father's assist
ant. He makes an efficient deputy.
A deed bearing $3,300 in revenue
stamps has been received at the court
house. It is a deed conveying railroad
Wm. Wallace, who resides three
miles west of Cove, was in the village
last week and subscribed for the live
journal of the county.
N. E. Jesmer will rent the folding
chairs at the opera house for 25 cents
per dozen, delivered at your house and
taken away after use.
Painters of judgment prefer Masury
paints made by world renowned manu
facturers, ready mixed, made of pure
linseed oil. C. A. Jack sells them.
Ev. Southard, John Claggett and
Chas. Smith, who have been on the
drive for the Foley Bean Lumber Co.,
all the spring, came home last Friday
Several members of Company G,
who could not leave their business to
make the march to Brainerd, left on
the train Monday to join the regiment
at that place.
At a bargain, a new pian.Djj at ib&.
Congregational parsonage. S
The Minnesota Rural Telephone
company is disposing of considerable
stock and work on the line will soon be
commenced, according to the report of
the board of directors.
M. S. Rutherford returned Monday
from a week's trip to points in' Iowa
and to Mille Lacs lake, and after spend
ing one day at home took the train
Tuesday morning for the cities.
Charles N. Or, of Princeton, was
one of the graduates at Hamline on
June 6. He also took part in the play
of the '"Student's Dream," written by
members of the class and given on
class day.
The "Princeton Souvenirs" have
been delivered to the subscribers who
are generally quite well satisfied with
them. "Pie" was made of the biog
raphies of Auditor Whitney and Supt.
VanWormer, but otherwise the work
seems to bequite correct.
Many trees have been planted in the
village this season and the beautyiof
the place will be increased thereby.
Princeton has the name of being a
beautiful village and this is largely
due to the fact that the people care for
their trees as some of their most val
uable possessions.
The Surrtrne Season
is on. The summer girl and the hammock are popular now.
We can't furnish the girls but we can sell you a comfortable
hammock which may fetch|he girl. All prices fro^n
3? to $5.00:
The board of county commissioners
held a two clay's session last week,-at
which their time was occupied =ia
auditing bills. The matter of letting
the contract for transcribing the rec
ords of the register of deeds was taSjen
up, but only one bid was received and
tbat not being satisfactory no contract
was made for the work.
FRANK J. CHENEY makes oath that he is sen
ior partner of the firm of F. J. CHENEY & Co.,
doing business in the City of Toledo, County
and State aforesaid, and that said firm will pay
the sum of ONE HUNDRED DOLLARS-for
each and every case of CATARRH that cannot be
cured toy the use of HALL 'S CATARRH CURE.
Sworn to before me and subscribed in my
presence this 6th day of December, A. D. 1886.
i i A.. TV. GLEASON,
SEAL Notary Public.
Hall's Catarrh Cure is taken internally and
acts directly on the blood and mucous surfaces
of the system. Send for testimonials free
F. J. CHENEY & CO., Toledo. O.
Sold by Druggists, 75c.
Hall's Family Pills are the best
C. A. JACK THEPniKglst.
various sources.
George I. Staples is the only person who is
authorized to collect money due this office. In
every case the party paying money is entitled
to and should insist upon receiving a printed
receipt. R. C. DTTNN,,Pj}to,}isher.y
Fr,esh mi%,s. delivery -daily from
Walter's., -j. 'n,"-j
$ r'.. ..'X
Mrs Harris "of Dubuque, Iowa, is
visiting relatives in the village.
The new Lutheran church in North
Germany was dedicated last Sunday.
Fresh milch cows and springers for
**or oash or on time at the River
side barns.
Rev. !Zfrintsch$ preached in Ger
many Sunday. He was the guest of
Rev. Th. Reuter.
The next meeting of the Greenwood
League will be on the 22nd of June.
Everyone is invited.
Order your goods by phones from
Scheen's and they will be delivered to
any part of the village.
Charles Keith has improved his al-
pleasant grounds*-by laying a
brick walk around them.
Dr. H. C. Cooney was called to Alex
andria Tuesday to perform an opera
tion in a case of appendicitis.
A slight improvement is noted in the
condition of Frank Claggett, who has
been very sick for several days.
Free car fare if you enter Mankato
Commercial College. Send for their
beautifully illustrated catalogue.
Quite a number from town attended
the first of the series of dances at the
Green lake pavilion last Friday even-
Masury pure linseed oil paints con
tain no water, no benzine and will not
evaporate from the can. C. A. Jack
sells them.
Lay in your stock of Paris green, for
the potato bugs are said to be already
standing around looking for the young
sprouts to come up.
The practice of closing the general
stores at 6:30 causes a little inconven
ience to a few belated customers,
and has been discontinued.
The UNION very modestly points
with pride to its. forfeited list now
running. We think it will bear com
parison with any list published in the.
The weather during the first of June
has certainly been,eool enough, to-snit
wheat growers. Overcoats and mittens
have been in common use mornings
and evenings.
More Masury ready mixed paints,'
made of pure linseed oil are sold in the
United States each year than any
other. Better use Masury's. C. A.
Jack sells them.
George Wheeler, who has been at
tending school at Hamline university,
came to Princeton last Friday and has
secured a position at the briek yards
for the summer.
John Fblwick, of Bogus Brook, was a
visitor to the village last Monday. His
business pertained to the organization
of. the n,ew school district recently
formed in his neighborhood.
Mr. P.. I. Northway, of Ohio, has
been visiting his brothers in Green*
bush and Milo, and his sister, Mrs. I.
S. Mudgett, of this place, for several
weeks. He is accompanied by his
William Frazier, of Vineland, Wis
consin, is visiting his nephew/King
Burrell. Mr. Frazier has just sold his
farm in Wisconsin, which has been
owned in the family ever since it was
first located in 1846.
Mrs. Amanda Cater and her daugh
ter, Mrs. Emma Wheeler, left Monday
morningJor.an extended visit invth
east.. They will first go to Gorsuehs
Mills, Md., and will visit the exposi
tion at Buffalo before their return.
County Attorney Ross was in St.
Cloud last Saturday to attend a hear
ing on the motion for a new trial for
U. L. Greenough. An adjournment of
ten days was taken, at which time the
final arguments will probably be pre
sented. -v
There may be a difference of opinion
as to the propriety of a charivari, but
ihere can' TbardlyAbe any astoVtiue im
prbprietyV.oi creating a horrible dis
turbance during the performance of a
wedding ceremony. The youngsters
who,are growing into this habit should
b&disciplined. A
One of the instructors in th|"School
of Correspondence'' was in thS' county
a short time ago looking alter the
affairs of the school. She found serine
would-be teachers who had subscribed
for the course and had receive^ papers
steadily, who had never sent'^iri any
papers at all. The school affords an
excellent opportunity for review and it
seems strange that teachers would not
avail themselves of it-^after: paying
their money.
Compressed yeast at Scheen's.
A. H. Smith is making a visit to the
cities this week.
Capt. Patterson took the early train
for St. Paul Monday morning.
George Wetsel's teams left this week
for railroad work below St. Paul.
J. F. Murdock and Attorney Foster,
of Milaca, were in the village yester-
Iliff &XouDg are having the water
works extended to their livery stable.
Miss Elsie O'Brien returned home
Tuesday morning, having, finishe4Jber
school at Opstead, 1
All colors and latest styles for spring
painting with Masury- paints can be
seen at C. A. Jack's.
L. Fryhling has, moved into his re
cently purchased house on,the corner
opposite the M. E. church,
"The Origin of Tenlptation'.' will be
the subject next Sunday evening at the
M. E. church. All are invited.
,Why should I buy my berries, etc.,
at Scheen's? Because they come fresh
from the ice and are free from dust.
Mrs. A. P. Harmon, Mrs. I. E. Bur
gan and Miss Mabel Evans took the
train for Minneapolis Tuesday morn
It beats the world how much more
plentiful the dogs are at night than
they were when Assessor- Sausser was
Robert Lambert has been in very
poor health lately and a few days ago
his father took him to Sioux Falls,
S. D., for treatment.
As the volunteers have all embarked
at Manila, the several Princeton boys
who are with them may be expected
home in a few months.
Rev. R. A. Sandstrom, of Duluth,
filled Rev. Dr. Forbes' place at the
quarterly conference of the M. E.
church in Princeton last Sunday.
Paints of quality, ready mixed, made
of pure linseed oil, last longest, wear
better, stand sun without fading,
Masury paints. C. A. Jack sells them.
Hatchets are said to be coming into
style" in Princeton. We are not in
formed as to whether they are to be
worn a la Mrs. Nation or George Wash
Williams, the potato dealer, is break
ing forty acres on his newly acquired
farm east of the village and will plant
it to potatoes. He evidently has faith
in a crop of tubers.
Horses are supposed to be a little
more spirited on Sunday than on any
other day and all the Maud S's and
Jay-Eye-Sees were taken to the race
track last Sunday to try their mettle.
ltGreenbush Row" has another addi-
tion, Sam Orton having purchased a
lot there and commenced the erection
of a.house. This makes three of the
retired Greenbush farmers who have
come to the village to reside within
theJast few months.
The park question will not down. If
a public park had been laid out ten
years ago we could now be enjoying
the pleasures of a beautiful one. If
one is formed now, in ten years we will
be enjoying the pleasures of a beauti
ful one. What will you do about it?
The teachers for tbe coming year at
Elk River are: J. M. Casey, superin
tendent, Misses Brown, Cross and
Dunn, assistants. Miss Howard, 6th
and 7th grades. Miss Whiting, 4th
and 5th grades. Miss Lundberg, 2nd
and 3rd grades, and Miss. Watts, 1st
On Saturday, June 22, there will be
another dance at the pavilion at Green
lake. Good music will be in attendance
and the launch will make regular trips
around the lake. Mr. Holm has his
pavilion nicely prepared for dancing
and all who attend are sure to enjoy
The choruses at the commencement
.exercises last week were sung by Mrs.
H. C. Cooney's class in voice culture
and reflected great credit on the.mem
bers of the class and on the instructor.
They received many deserved compli
ments. "Twilight Bells" was especi
ally men sioned.
The teachers who reside elsewhere
have left the village to spend their
summer yaca|jpKi. Miss\,Maud Jftur
dock has gone.to MilacaJwhere her
parents now reside, and Supt. H. E.
White and family have gone to Elk
River, where they expect to remain
the-greater part of tbe summer.
A- band of gypsy fortune-tellers
camped on the outskirts of the villagf
Sunday and it is said that they were
visited by quite a number of tne curi
ous.. As the death of Mrs. C. J. West
in Duluth last week is said by physi
cian's to be due to belief what a for
tune teller told her, it is to be hoped
thatour townspeople will not regard
seriously the stories recounted.by the
FOR SALEResidence and three lots,
household furniture, including piano
and .carpets, and immediate possession
given. I shall be absent at school for
three jfears, hence a bargain is offered
to some one. MRS.V
THE PftlNCETON UKION.- TttuBSDAY JUNE-1, 1901.^.T,-^W^'W&V^
Standing room has been at a premium
'on. the down trains this week.
Jay Herdliska attended the opticians'
coavention in Minneapolis Monday.
Chris Neumann's new brick walk im
proves the appearance of his grounds.
There arey several new faces behind
the counters this week, while the boys
''go marching on."
Andy BulliB has made a change in
the wheel of the Holm gasoline launch
which adds greatly to its speed.
Mrs. G.. W.. yanWormer will leave
for Iowa next Saturday, where she will
spend the summer visiting relatives.
A letter from Ernest Byers, who is
in Alaska, states that be has located a
gold claim, and expects to work it this
summer. f.
-Will Mont,eft came home from
school to attendj the ^commencement
exercises at. w(hich his sister...was one
of the graduates.
0 While Miss Carleton's condition "is
Somewhat inaproved. she is still, obliged
to remain in a darkened ropm, with
both eyes bandaged,
Quite a number of the local members
of the Woodmen lodge took advantage
of the half fare rates to attend the con
vention at St. Paul this week.
The machinery in the Green lake
launch is now getting in good running
order and the boat will make regular
trips around the lake next Sunday.
Best paints in the world. Cover more
space, cost less, better all round,
Masury paints, ready mixed, made of
pure linseed oil. C. A. Jack sells them.
Loren King, an old Elk River boy,
who is now traveling for a wholesale
house was in the village last Thursday
night and shook hands with some
friends. _^^
Rev. G. E. Satterlee has been filling
Dr. Forbes' place at the quarterly con
ferences held in this neighborhood
this week. He went to Santiago yes
terday to hold services there.
About two weeks ago Chris Neumann
accidentally punctured his wrist with
the point of a pair of shears. The
wound appeared slight and with a little
attention healed in a short time, but a
week ago he did some work in his yard
and thinks he strained the muscles of
the wrist anyway, the wound became
painful and inflamed, with symptoms
of blood poisoning. After a ^week's
treatment by a doctor it is now im
School district number four has made
application for apportionment granted
to rural schools which employ teachers
hjOiding first grade certificates. This
is the only rural district in the county
entitled to aid under the law. The
last legislature increased the amount
of appropriation for schools of this
kind and districts should increase the
wages offered accordingly. The in
tent of the law is to enable districts,
by paying higher wages, to secure bet
ter teachers and the money should be
expended for that purpose.
JennieTo have a round beautiful
neck wiggle your head from side to
side every night take Rocky Mountain
Tea. It's a short cut to a graceful
form. 35c. For sale by C. A. Jack.
Pianos, Organs.
Having accepted a position with the
Metropolitan Music Co., of Minneap
olis, I am prepared to sell pianos or
organs on the most reasonable terms
and easy payments. I shall take special
pains to get you what you want. Write
or call on me at Princeton, Minn.
A Good Cough Medicine.
It speaks well for Chamberlain's
Cough Remedy when druggists use it
in their owm families in preference to
any other. "I have sold Chamberlain's
Cough Remedy for the past five years
with complete satisfaction to myself
and sustomers," says Druggist J.
Goldsmith, Van Etten, N. Y. "I have
always used it in my own family both
for ordinary coughs and colds and for
Ifche cough following la grippe, and find
-It veVy efficacious." For sale by The
.^Princeton Drug Co.
Has built up a splendid business
%n& earned an enviable reputation
fyy handling only dependable
it/ Ut
Viz \i
it/ ifc il
'^^S^^Z ^^"t'^^*1?
We put up our own
Pan's Green
Stylish effects, in
Shirt Waist Goods?
A choice line of -^i
jjj Ladies Kid
it Gloves.
\i \li \ii
Department Store. 2
Early Summer Sale
of Fine Fabrics i
Latest and exclusive designs in the beautiful :t:.':
Foulards,Dimities and Lawns.
Accordeon Plaited Petticoats.
Before purchasing elsewhere i
see our exquisite assortment of
Ready-to=wear Waists.
ticked Taffeta,
China Silk,
Dainty Albatross.
New and correct
shades in
^^JB*'^ j^
^^t ^^W ^^M-
A Poisoningg _- ^_, ^_^
Men's Shirts and Underwear,
Collars and Neckwear.
Greatest variety to choose from.
Bring the boys in and fit them'with a Suit.
Men's Straw Hats for every occasion.
Lowest Prices.
Best Goods.
-^^P .5*"^^^ w5fc\
With our Paris Green it's all Paris Greem
and guarantee every pound of it.
Farmers, do you know that Caley will sell you a 16-inch
all steel Plow for $10 or a 14-inch all steel Plow for $9.00.
Or a 14-inch Timber Plow with Quincy Cutter for $9.00. Jfc
All the above Plows are warranted to be first class in every T2
respect. 1
Also the great labor saving machine know as the
Come in and let us make
you a price on
Pure Paris Green.
Special prices on larger quantities.
(The Corner Drug Store.)
offices are over above store. Telephone 34.
Hours: 9 A. M. to 12:30 P. M. 2 P. M. to 6 P. M.
Caley has a full line in steel and wood frames, either riding' fZ
or walking. Call in and examine them. jL
of every description, from the smallest to the largest and
the prices are right. Call and lo q them over. ffk
Corn Planters, I
If you need a first class Check Eow Corn Planter, I have 6
got it, and I know we can agree as to prices and terms on same. 7*
Don't lose sight of the largest line of Bug=
gies in the city.
^rU*t.A' l-^t *&--- '^l-
.'.v i-

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