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W. C. T. U.
Through the courtesy of the UNI ON this space
is granted to the W. C. T. U. The press super
intendent assumes all responsibility for the
sentiments and statements contained herein.
Our Motto: "For God and Home and Native
Our Badge. A knot of white ribbon.
Our Aims: Home protection, prohibition of
the liquor traffic, equal suffrage, one standard
of morals, a*d the bringing about of a better
public sentiment.
MR S. N. C. LIBB Y, President.
MRS. ADA PARNHA M. Treasurer.
The Woman's Relief Corps held
it annual convention in Cleveland,
in September. This society has
usually had on its badge a picture
of some hero of the civil war.
This time it was a copy of the his
toric picture placed in the "White
House" by the W C. T. U. that
of the gracious and concientious
hostess, Lucy Webb Hayes.. A
an Ohio woman, a relief corps mem
ber, a consistent temperance advo
cate, and founder of the Ohio
Home for Soldiers' and Sailors'
Orphans, this choice gave univer
sal satisfaction. I was most fitting
that the change was made by the
president, Mary Carr, of Color
ado, a State which has emancipated
her women.
It was this writer's privilege to
see this picture painted by Hun
tingdon. I is a full length por
trait, wonderfully life-like in ex
pression, and is as vivid to me as
when I saw it in the Green Room
of the "White House." This room
i next the East Room, in the
-outhern front. I takes its name
from the prevailing color of the
decorations. The ceiling is beauti
fully ornamented with medallions
containing representations of musi
cal instruments and cherubs, and
garlands of flowers. The wood
work is of old ivory, richl}' adorn
ed with gold. I see these only
dimly, as I recall that visit, but the
portrait 1 can never forget. Of all
the paintings I saw in the Capitol
and "White Htfuse"' this one of
Mrs. Hayes and "Westward. Ho!
{painted by Emanuel l^entze, and
costing $20,000) placed over the
landing of the western staircase, in
the Capital, were a revelation to
me, and I have longed to under
stand true art since seeing them.
I can understand how such
paintings could be produced by a
master hand, but the paintings in
the ceiling of the rotunda seem to
have been done by an almost
superhuman hand. You stand and
look one hundred and eighty feet,
and jet feel that if you lifted your
hand you could touch the forms
represented theron in the allegori
cal paintings by Brumidi: Wash
ington, with Freedom and Victory
at his right and left, and thirteen
female figures, representing the
original States.
May God hasten the day when
these painted forms, now hovering
over the Capitol, may represent
consecrated womanhood hovering
over the nation, and sin be routed
by their pure influence. Oh
women, awake to a sense of your
5* $-
Amos R. Wells, of the Christian
Endeavor, reports that he has made
a study of the effect of woman's
ballot in Utah, Wyoming, Col
orado and Idaho, (the only States
where women can vote) and
declares that clean men and just
measures are being placed before
the voters and politics cleansed at
its fountain. "Good women,"
ay Mr. Wells, "have buried
many a corrupt politician in
political graveyard, and may God
give strength to their spades."
A Fiendish Attack.
An attack was lately made on C. F.
Collier of Cherokee, Iowa, that nearly
proved fatal. It came through his
kidneys. His back got so lame he
could not stoop without great pain, nor
sit in a chair except propped by cush
ions. No remedy helped him until he
tried Electric Bitters, which effected
such a wonderful change that he writes
he feels like a new man. This marvel
ous medicine cures backache and kid
ney trouble, purifies the blood and
builds up your health. Only 50c, at C.
A. Jack's Drug Store.
Mrs. Mitchell came home again
last week.
The suit of C. W Watson
against and Brady Watson,
come up before Mergel, justice
of the peace, on Monday. Defend
ants did not appear.
Mr. Charles Gollier is still very
ick with pneumonia.
Mrs. W Baker, of Big Lake,
called on friends here Saturday.
Prayer meeting was held at Win.
Marsh's on last Tuesday evening.
H. Mergel lost one of his big
bay horses on Friday, of dis
One of To Larson's girls has
gone to Santiago, to work for Mrs.
Antone Larson.
Miss Minnie Baker attended the
entertainment at Princeton on last
Thursday night.
H. Mergel and Gus. Kuhlmann
attended the Hurd bale at Clear
Lake, last Fridav.
S. Hoyt, of our town, was auc
tioneer at the sale at Clear Laue,
Friday and Saturday.
The Caruthers farm has again
exchanged hands. A man from
Iowa is the purchaser.
Mr. Winan was around deliver
ing nursery stockapple and plum
trees, and shrubbery, on Saturday.
There will be a prayer meeting
at Mr. Marion Northwa3r's
Saturday evening. All are invited
to attend.
Mrs. Brown, of Santiago,
was down this way canvassing for
a book entitled "Life of President
DiedOn Sunday night, a four
month's babe of Mr. and Mrs.
Matson. I twas buried Tuesday,
in the Blue Hill Cemetery.
Ed. Marford is using his potato
digger among the farmers. I is
doing fine work and helping out
those who use it wonderfully, by
making short work of an otherwise
long and tiresome job.
The dime social at Mr. E
Morford's was well attended. Al
enjoyed a pleasant evening. Th
next one will be at Mergel's on
Nov. 1. All are invited to come
and have a social time and a picnic
Rev. Haight and Mr. Orton
drove over here Sunday, and an
appointment was made for all the
stewards of the circuit and others
interested, to meet at Greenbush
church on Friday evening, to
arrange the time of preaching at
the different appointments, so as to
give a Sunday seryice at the three
different places each Sunday.
A Typical South African Store.
O. R. Larson, of Bay Villa, Sundays
River, Cape Colony, conducts a store
typical of South Africa, at which can
be purchased anything from the pro
verbial "needle to an anchor." This
store is situated in a valley nine miles
from the nearest railway station and
about twenty-five miles from
est town. Mr. Larson says:
wt am
favored with the custom of farmer?
within a radius of thirty miles, to many
of whom I have supplied Chamerlain's
remedies. All testify to their value in
a household where a doctor's advice is
almost out of the question. Within
one mile of my store the population is
perhaps sixty. Of these, within the
past twelve months, no less than four
teen have been absolutely cured by
Chamberlain's Cough Remedy. This
must surely be a record." For sale by
Princeton Drug Co.
Tim Fowler went to Minneapolis
Another large bear was killed
near here last week.
The ducks and partridges are
very plentiful this fall.
H. B. Terwilligar and family
to more to Iowa soon.
The saw mill here has shut down
until cold weather, when logs can
be hauled on sleds.
C. A. Sherman and wife came
up from St. Paul Sunday, visiting
the family of G. George.
Ed. Ferguson was in town Tues
day contracting several carloads of
ducks with the local dealers.
A large tract of land in sections
four and five town of Onamia was
sold last week to a Kansas party.
Attorney McDonald, of St. Paul
and Chas. Carter, of Isle, was here
a couple of days last week hunt
ing ducks.
Bad fires are raging from Page
to Milaca, on both sides of the
river. Already a great deal of
damage has been done.
Jo hn Goss, T. Warren, Jas
Ward, Davis and Ferguson, and
A. Barrett will be the principal
loggers around the lake this winter.
Adolph Olsen, T. Warren and
Chas. Rogers went to Princeton
Friday. Mr. Olsen proved up on
his homestead before Clerk of
Court S. Briggs. 3
Stepped Into Live Coals.
"When a child I burned my foot
frightfully."' writes W. H. Eads, of
Jonesville, Va., "whichcaused horrible
leg sores for 30 years, but Bucklen's
Arnica Salve wholly cured me after
everything else failed.'' Infallible for
Burns, Scalds, Cuts, Sores, Bruises and
Piles. Sold by C. A. Jack: 25c.
The woodmen are beginning to
arrive, and lumber operations have
The Scandanavian secret society,
''Viking," held its regular meeting
at R. E Peterson &- Son's store
last Sunday. The constitution for
the society was discussed, and
plans for a hall were figured on.
Some of the members have donated
books to the society, and a library
will be established at Lars Erick
son's store.
Stricken With Paralysis.
Henderson Grimett, of this place,
was stricken with partial paralysis and
completely lost the use of one arm and
side. After being treated by an emi
nent physician for quite a while with
out relief,raywife recommended Cham
berlain's Pain Balm, and after usin?
two bottles of it he is almost entirely
cured.GEO. R. MCDONALD, Man, Lo
gan county, W. Va. Several other
very remarkable cures of partial paral
ysis have been effected by the use of
this liniment. It is most widely known,
however, as a cure for rheumatism,
sprains and bruises. Sold by Prince
ton Drug Co.
The science classes have taken
tests this week.
The second test for the eighth
grade began to-day.
The Misses Mabel Monette and
Mary Ecklnnd, were visitors of
the eighth grade last Tuesday after
The high school room is draped
in mourning, in memory of George
Orr, who was a member of the
first graduating class.
Mrs. Skahen has presented Miss
room with iv large paint-
ing of the late President Wm. Mc
Kinley. The picture is framed in
a large black frame, and is greatly
appreciated by the school.
The terrors of vaccination are
about over, and most of the child
ren who were vaccinated are back
in school. The parents of the
Princeton school are to be con
gratulated for the willingness they
displayed in having their children
vaccinated when the order of the
school board ica* promulgated.
A CompositioB on "My Life" by
Ina Leathers.
The following composition on
Life,*' written by little Ina
Leathers, nine years old, and a
member of the fourth grade, is
well worth the space in our col
umns, because of its juvenile sim
plicity, and its bright sparkle of
youthful frankness. The compo
sition makes a good child study:
I was born in 1892, in August
the 29th, at Princeton, Minnasota.
I did not have any brothers or
I had an aunt which I stayed
with all the time. Mamma couldn't
keep me at home. I ran away
every chance I could get. Some
nights I would get up out of my
bed and go over to my aunt's
house to sleep with her.
One morning she was going
away, she thought I would not
get up before she went. Bu she
was mistaken, for when she got up
she found me on her doorstep
sitting down, with nightgown and
my sunbonnet on, and my shoes
and stockings in my arms. I went
with her too.
When I was four years old my
little brother was born on 1896, on
November the 13tb.
When my brother was about a
year old we moved out in the
country. I then went to school.
teacher was a man teacher. I
liked him very much. On time
he gave me a little apple and he
said if it dropped on my toes it
would hurt me.
Then my second term began and
that teacher was a lady teacher. I
was very naughty when she taught
Pretty soon we moved to town
again and then I went to the
second grade. I was good then.
I then passed in the third grade
and now lam in the fourth grade.
This is all I can remember from
that time to this.
The Hawaiian woman's
clubatHono-isIu* lulu, debated the question:
better to take Rocky Mountain Tea
hot or cold'?" Either way it magnifies
your pleasure. For sale by C. A. Jack.
W MONEY to loan on improved
farms. M. S. RUTHERFORD,
Princeton, Minn.
Highest prices paid for all kinds of
grain at the St. Francis mil!. 43tf
Just a few snaps left in clothing at
Carew's. Call and inspect. 45tf
Shoe Repairing'.
Go to Brand's for firbt-class shoe re
pairing Promptness and satisfaction.
I have some bargains in residence
lots. Will sell for cash or on time.
20-23 S. BRIGGS.
LOST.Mouse-colored pony, white
star on forehead, and blind in right
eye. Return to P. P. Parrington and
receive reward.
Sheep for Sale.
Just received, c?r load full-blooded
Shropshire ewes. Cash or on time.
When trading in Princeton remem
ber S. A. Carew at the old Sausser
corner. He can make you way down
bargains on clothing, boots, shoes,
groceries, etc. 45tf
LOST.On road between brick yard
and Princeton, black plush cape
trimmed with fur, with purple lining.
Finder please return to H. Reem at
Long's Siding or leave at UNION office
and receive reward.
Solberg Bros, have opened a black
smith and wagon shop opposite B.
Soule's olaning mill and are prepared
to do all kinds of blacksmithing and
wagon work. Horse shoeing and
plough work a specialty. Satisfaction
guaranteed. 44tf
St. Francis Milling: Co.
With renovated machinery, renewed
water power, our mill is now running
and doing better work than ever be
fore. Highest price paid for all kinds
of grain, and grinding done at lowest
rates. All mill stuffs for sale.
43tf St. Francis, Minn.
See our complete assortment of car
will be our
next serial.
I weaving a touching
tale growing out of the re
lations of master and slave
the talented author has pfo-
A Vivid Picture of
Louisiana Life in
Ante-Betlum Days.
A tender love romance
i running through the story
I adds to the absorbing in-
Publication will begin in i
a few days.
We, the jury, find that the deceased
came to his death from heart failure,
caused by not taking Rocky Mountain
Tea made by Madison Medicine Co.
35c. For sale by C. A. Jack.
Has built up a splendid business
and earned an enviable reputation
by handling only dependable
mn L1Jii
Makes assimilation perfect, healthy
blood, firm muscles, strong nerves.
Quickens the brain, makes and keeps
you well. Great medicine, Rocky
Mountain Tea: 35c. For sale by C. A.
North Western
St. P., M. &0. R'y
Every Tuesday and
Saturday Morning.
On TUESDAYS, leave Minneapolis 9:30 A.
St. Paul 10:00 A. M., via NORTH-WESTERN LINE
to Omaha, thence via Union Paeiflc and Ogden
and arrive San Francisco 12:25 p. M. Friday and
Los Angeles 7.00 A. Saturday, thus Avoid
ing Sunday Travel.
On SATURDAYS, leave Minneapolis 9:30
A. M.. St. Pau 10:00 A. M., via THE NORTH
WESTERN LINE to Kansas City, thence via
Santa Fe Route, through interesting New
Mexico and Arizona and arrive Los Angeles
8:20 A. M.
These are the most popular routes to Cali
fornia, and enable one to travel at small ex
pense in comfortable and pleasant surround
ings through the most picturesque and grand
est parts of America.
Those contemplating visiting California this
winter will be furnished, free of charge, maps,
rates and all information by applying to J. A.
O'BRIE N. City Passenger Agent, 413 Nicollet
Ave., Minneapolis- E. A. WHITAKE H, City
Passenger Agent 382 Robert Street. St. Paul,
or address W TEASDALE
General Passenger Agent, St. Paul.
All the comforts and con
veniences of a good club
or your home are found in
in daily use on Bur
lington limited trains
between the Twin Cities
and Chicago. Supplied
with card tables, easy
chairs and the latest
Notice of Cancellation of Contract.
Princeton, Minn., Sept. 28.1901.
To John F. Hoyrup:
You are hereby notified that in accordance
with the conditions of the contract made and
entered into by and between Aug Eines & Co
and yourself for the sale by the said Aug Rines
&Co., to you of the southeast quarter of the
northwest quarter of section twenty-nine (29)
township thirty-seven (37) range twenty-six(26)
payment of the taxes of 1899, duly assessed and
levied thereon, became due and payable thereon
January 1st, 1900, as agreed in said contract,
and no part of the same has been paid by you
and that payment by you of the sum of $56
under the terms of said contract, was due on
the 2nd day of September 1900, and that no
part of the same has been paid, and you, the
said John Hoyrup are further notified that
the whole of the unpaid payments and interest
specified in said contract, amounting to the
sum of S388.80 and the said taxes for the year
1899 are now due and payable, such being the
election of the said Aug Rines & Co., and that
this contract shall be cancelled and determined
unless you the said John Hoyrup within
thirty days from the service of this notice upon
you, payor cause to be paid to the said Aug
Rines & Co., the several amounts specified in
the said contract, and interest thereon.
The sum of money can be paidtosaid Aug
Rines & Co.. at the Citizens State Bank of
Princeton. Minn.
of eggs or glue is
used in roasting
It is all coffeepure coffee
strong and of delicious flavor.!
Some coffees are varnished with!
a cheap coating of eggs, glue or'
other equally noxious substances.
7he sealed package insures uniform.
quality and freshness.
First Publication Oct. 17,1903
Mill Lacs.ss. In Probate Court
Special Term, October 16th. 1901.
In the matter of the estate of Joseph Jeszner,
On receiving and filing the petition of Rosa
Jesmer of the county of Mille Lacs, Minn,
representing, among other things, that Joseph
Jesmer, late of the county of Mille Lacs, in the
State of Minnesota, on the 38th day of Septem
ber A. D., 1901, at the county of Mille Lacs died
intestate, and being.an inhabitant of this
county at the time of his death, leaving goods
chattels and estate within this county, and that
the said petitioner is the surviving wife of said
deceased, and praying that administration of
said estate be to her granted:
It is ordered, that said petition be heard be
fore this court, on Saturday the 16th day of
November A. D. 1901, at 3 o'clock M.. at the
probate office, in the court house in Princeton
in said county.
Ordered further, that notice thereof be given
to the heirs of said deceased, and to all persons
interested, by publishing this order once in each
week for three successive weeks prior to said
day of hear, in the Princeton Union, a weekly
newspaper printed and published at Princeton
in said county.
Dated at Princeton the 16th day of October
A. D. 1901. By the court,
[Probate Seal.] Judge of Probate
First publication Oct. IT. 1901.
Mill Lacs.ss. In Probate Court.
Special Term. October 14, 1901.
In the matter of the estate oi Wilhelm
Zimpel. deceased.
Letters testamentory on the estate of said
deceased being this day granted unto Emil
Zimpel of said county.
It is ordered, that all claims and demands of
all persons against said estate be presented to
this court for examination and allowance at
the probate office, in the court house, the
village of Princeton in said county, on Satur
day the 18th day of January, 1902. at 3 o'clock
p. M., and there being the proper affidavit made
that there are no outstanding debts ageinst
said estate.
It is further ordered, that three months from
the date hereof be allowed to creditors to pre
sent their claims against said estate, at the
expiration of which time all claims not pre
sented to said court, or not proven to its satis
faction, shall be forever barred unless for
cause shown further time be allowed
Ordered further, that notice of the time and
place of the hearing and examination of said
claims and demands shall be given bv publish
ing this order once in each week, for three suc
cessive weeks, in the Princeton Union, a
weekly newspaper printed and published at
Princeton in said county.
Dated at Princeton the 14th day of October
A D. 1901. By the court.
[Probate Seal Judge of Probate.
First Publication Oct. 10.1901.
Mill Lacs.ss. In Probate Court.
In the matter of the estate of E. Church,
The petition of Rasmus K. Doe having been
duly made and filed in this court, representing
among other things that one E. Church, who
resided last prior to his death at Clay county,
in the State of Nebraska, died intestate at the
county of Clay. State of Nebraska, on the 13th
day of January, 1888, seized of an estate of in
heritance in certain lands in the county of
Mille Lacs. State of Minnesota, described in
said petition, and that more than five years
have elapsed since the death of said E.
Church, deceased, and that administration has
not been granted or had of said estate in this
State, and praying that the descent of said
lands be by this court determined, and said
lands assigned to such persons as mar be en
titled thereto by law.
Now. therefore, it is ordered that the said
petition be heard at a term of this court to be
held at the court house, in the village of Prince
ton, in said county of Mille Lacs. State of Min
nesota on Friday the 1st day of November
A. D. 1901-
It is further ordered, that notice of said hear
ing of said petition be given by the publication
of this order for three successive weeks in the
Princeton Union, a weeklv newspaper orinted
and published in said Mille Lacs county. Minn.
Dated October 3rd, 1901.
[Probate Seal. Judge of Probate.
First Publication Oct. IT 1901
County of Mille Lacs. fs
District Court, Seventh Judicial District.
John Goss, plaintiff, vs. George W. Purdy
and also an other persons or parties unknown
claiming any right, title, estate, lien or interest
in the real estate described in the complaint
herein. Defendants.
The State of Minnesota to the above named de
You and each of you are hereby summoned
and required to answer the complaint in this
action, which has been filed with the clerk of
said court, and to serve a copy of your answer
to the said complaint on the subscribers at
their office in room 505, Germania Life building,
in the city of St. Paul, in the county of Ramsey
and State aforesaid, within twenty days after
the service of this summons upon you, exclu
sive of the day of such service: and if you fail
to answer the said complaint within the time
aforesaid, the plaintiff in this action win apply
to the court for the relief demanded the
Dated October 1st. A. D. 1901.
S. & O. KIPP.
Plaintiff's Attorneys. S. Paul Minn.
Notice of Lis Pendens.
County of Mille Lacs. fss"I
District Court. Seventh Judicial District
John Goss. plaintiff, vs. George W. Purdy
and also all other persons or parties unknown'
claiming any right, title, estate, lien or interest
in the real estate described in the complaint
herein. Defendants.
Notice is hereby given that an action has
been commenced in this court by the above
named plaintiff against the above named de
fendants: that the object of said action is to
determine the claim of the defendants to an
estate and interest in and to and lien upon the
land described in the complaint in this action
adverse to the title of the plaintiff to said land
and that the premises affected by this action
are situated in the county of Mille Lacs, State
of Minnesota, and are described as foUows:
The north half of the northeast quarter and the
southwest quarter of the northeast quarter and
the northeast quarter of the northwest quarter
of section twenty-nine (29), in township thirty
nine (39) north, of range twenty-six (26) west.
Dated October 1st, A. D. 1901.
S. & O. KIPP.
Plaintiff's Attorneys, St. Paul, Minn.
First publication Oct. 3,15*01.
Notice of Lis Pendens.
County of Mille Lacs.
District Court, Seventh Judicial District.
Fred Gouldlng. Plaintiff.
L. J. Chadbourne and Mary E.
Chadbourne, Defendants.
Notice is hereby given, that an action has
been commenced in this court by the above
named plaintiff against the above named de
fendants the object of which action is to have
said court declare the plaintiff herein to be the
owner of the undivided one-half (J) of the
land hereinafter described, and that the de
fendants are the owners in trust for said
plaintiff of said undivided one-half of said land.
The premises affected by said action are situ
ated in the county of Mille Lacs and State of
Minnesota, and are described as follows: The
south .half of the northwest quarter and the
west half of the southwest quarter of section
five (5), in township thirty-six (36) north, of
range twenty-six (26) west.
Dated October 2nd, 1901.
Plaintiffs Attorney, Princeton, Minn,

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