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Great Northern Railway.
Ar. Minneapolis
Ex. Sun.
6:00 a. m.
9:40 a. m.
10:05 a. m.
Le. St. Paul
Ar. Minneapolis
Le. Anoka
Ar. Elk River
Le. PRINCETON Milaca Mora
Ar. Sandstone
4:45 p. m.
5:10 p. m.
5:35 p. m.
6:10 p. m.
6:52 p. m.
7:20 p. m.
7:54 p. m.
9:10 p. m.
Ar. St. Cloud
9:40 a. m.
9:46 a. m.
10:45 a. m.
Le. St. Cloud 1 3:25 p. m.
4:23 p. m.
4:35 p. m.
These trains connect at St. Cloud with trains
Nos. 1 and 3.
GOING EAST.Tuesday, Thursday & Saturday.
Le. Milaca 11:10 a. m.
PRINCET ON 12:25p.m.
ElkRiver 2:30p.m.
Ar. Anoka 4:10 p. m.
GOING WEST.Monday, Wednesday & Friday.
Le. Anoka 9:40 a.m.
ElkRiver 10:30a.m.
PRINCET ON 12:25p.m.
Ax. Milaca 2:00 p.m.
Bogus BrookHenry Gustalson Princeton
BorgholmJ. Heron Bock
GreenbushChas. E. Slater Princeton
Isle HarborOtto A. Haggberg Isle
MilacaOle Larson Milaca
MiloR. N. Atkinson Foreston
PrincetonErnest Sellhorn Princeton
RobbinsWillie Anderson Vineland
South HarborT. Norton Cove
East SideGeo. W. Freer Opstead
OnamiaBenjamin Cotton Onamia
PageL. D. Chamberlain Page
J. M.Neumann Foreston
J. W. Gouiding Princeton
R.W. Hissam Milaca
BaldwinL. Berry Princeton
Blue HillThomas E. Brown Princeton
Spencer BrookG. C. Smtfh Spencer Brook
WyanettOle Peterson Wyanett
LivoniaChas. E. Swanson.... Lake Freemont
Princeton Roller MillsTHand Elevator.
Wheat, per bushel
Vestal, per sack
Flour, (100 per cent) per sack
Banner, per sack
Ground Feed, per cwt
Coarse Meal, per cwt
Shorts, per cwt
Bran, per cwt
1.90 1.70
1.25 1.20
1 05
1.00 1.00
All p*oods delivered free anywhere in Princeton
Wheat, No. 1. Northern,
Oats, Hay, Corn, Flax, Beans,
$ 64
6 00
$1 [email protected] 00
Ohios, Burbanks,
85 70
65 65
ja NO. 92, A & A
Regularcommunicatione,2d and4th
Wednesday of each month.
A. A. CASWKIiL, "W. M.
NO. 93, of
Regular meetings every Tuesday eve
ning at 8 o'clock.
O M.,
Tent No. 17.
Regular meetings every Thurs
day evening at 8 o'clock, in the
Maccabee hall.
Hebi*on Encampment.
No. 42,1.0. O.F.
Meetings, 2nd and 4th Mondays
at 8 o'clock p. M.
Jos. CRAIG, Scribe.
NO. 208,1. O O.F.
Regular meetings every Friday evening at 7:30
o'clock. Q. B. NEWTON, N. G.
H. H. BATES, R. Sec.
N o. 4032.
Regular meeting every fourth Thursday even
ing of each month, at 8:00, in the hall over post
office. Visiting members cordially invited.
A, H. SMIT H. Clerk.
No. 193, A O W
Regular meetings every
first and third Monday even
ings of each month in the
hall over postofflce.
A. C. SMIT H, M. W.
M. CUTLE R. Rec.
AH Druggists,. 25c. SOc.. and 91J0O. Prepared onlybv
Dr. Seth. Arnold. Med: Corp., Wbontocfet. R. I.
C. A. Jack, the druggist.
Pianos, Organs.
Having accepted a position with the Metro
politan Music Co., of Minneapolis, am pre
pared to sell pianos or organs on the most
reasonable terms and easy payments. I shall
take special pains to get you what you want.
Write or call on me at Princeton, Minn.
Mrs. Annie Ewing.
They Have Cured Thousands
Given up to die.
Next regular professional visit to
At Commercial Hotel,
Friday, Dec. 1 3
Returning every month. Consult
them while the opportunity
is at hand
DRS. DORAN & SCHEIG have no superior
in diagnosing and treating diseases and defor
mities They will give 50 for any case that
they cannot tell the disease and where located
in five minutes.
All curable medical and surgical diseases,
acute and chronic catarrh, and special diseases
of the eye, ear, nose and throat, lung disease,
early comsumption, bronchitis bronchial ca
tarrh, constitutional catarrh, dyspepsia, sick
headache, stomach and bowel troubles, rheu
matism, neuralgia, sciatica, Bright's disease,
diabetes, kidney, liver, bladder, prostatic and
female diseases, dizziness, nervousness, indi
gestion, obesity, interrupted nutricion, slow
growth in children, and all wasting disease in
adults. Many cases of deafness, ringing in the
ears, loss of eyesight, cataract, cross eyes, etc.,
that have been improperly treated or neglected
can be easily restored. Deformities, club feet,
curvature of the spine, disease of the brain,
paralysis, epilepsy, heart disease, dropsy,
swelling of the limbs, stricture, open sores,
pain in the bones, granular enlargements and
all long-standing diseases properly treated.
Young, middle-aged and old, single or married
men and all who suffer from lost manhood,
nervous debility, spermatorrhoea, seminal
losses, sexual decay, failing memory, weak
eyes, stunted development, lack of energy, im
poverished blood, pimples,impediments to mar
riage: also blood and skin diseases, syphillis,
eruptions, hair falling, bone pains, swellings,
sore throat, ulcers, effects of mercury, kidney
and bladder troubles, weak back, burning
urine, passing urine too often, gonorrhoea,
gleet, stricture, receive searching treatment,
prompt relief and cure for life.
Cancers, Tumors, Goiter, Fistula, Piles
varicocele and enlarged glands with the sub
cutaneous injection method, absolutely with
out pain and without the loss of a drop of
blood, is one of his own discoveries, and is the
most really scientific and certainly sure cure of
the nineteenth century. No incurable cases
taken. Consultation to those interested, $1.00.
DR. REA & Co.,
Minneapolis. Minn. T.ouisville. Kv.
North Western
Every Tuesday and
Saturday Morning.
On TUESDAYS, leave Minneapolis 9:30 A. M.,
St. Paul 10:00 A. M., via NORTH-WESTERN LINE
to Omaha, thence via Union Pacific and Ogden
and arrive San Francisco 12:25 P. ar. Friday and
Los Angeles 7:00 A. M. Saturday, thus -Avoid
ing: Sunday Travel.
On SATURDAYS, leave Minneapolis 9:30
A.M St. Paul 10:00 A. M., via THE NORTH
WESTERN LINE to Kansas City, thence via
Santa Fe Route, through interesting New
Mexico and Arizona, and arrive Los Angeles
8:20 A. M.
These are the most popular routes to Cali
fornia, and enable one to travel at small ex
pense in comfortable and pleasant surround
ings through the most picturesque and grand
est parts of America.
Those contemplating visiting California this
winter will be furnished, free of charge, maps,
rates and all information by applying to J. A.
O'BRIE N, City Passenger Agent, 4ip Nicollet
Ave., Minneapolis E. A. WHITAKE R, City
Passenger Agent, 382 Robert Street, St. Paul,
or address T. W TEASDALE,
General Passenger Agent, St. Paul.
Farmersj(now The quality of barley used in making
None but the best could make so
good a brew Supplied by agents
everywhere, or THEO. HAMft
BREWING CO., St Paul. Minn.
Recites the Fact of His Attack on the
Commander of the Flying Squadron
and Calls for a Committee to Ascer-
tain the Truth or Falsity of His
StatementsOther Officers in the
Navy Given a Little Attention.
Washington, Dec. 4.Representa
tive Williams of Mississippi has in
troduced the following resolution pro
posing a committee of inquiry:
"Whereas., One E. S. Maclay has
written a history of the navy of the
United States which was adopted for
use at the naval academy at Annapolis,
"Whereas, In said history, said E. S.
Macl'ay denounces Rear Admiral
Schley as a liar and a coward, and,
"Whereas, Said Maclay is reported to
have alleged that the proposed sheets
containing these charges were submit
ted to one Captain A. S. CJrownin
shield, chief of the bureau of naviga
tion of the navy department, and ap
proved atnd acquiesced in by him, and,
"Whereas, Said Maclay is reported to
have alleged that the same proofs
were submitted to Rear Admiral W.
T. Sampson of the United States navy,
and approved and acquiesced in by
him, and,
"Whereas*, Said Maclay was, at the
time of the writing of the said history
and is now, in the employ of tfife navy
department of the United States, not
withstanding the scurrilous character
of the charges made by him in said
history, and,
"Whereas, Said facts disclose a state
of things' subversive of honorable con
duct and consideration among officers
of the navy and employes of the navy
department, now, therefore, be it
"Resolved, By the house of represen
tatives of the congress of the United
States, that a committee be appointed
by the speaker for the purpose of in
vestigating and reporting to the house
of representatives, the truth or falsity
of the said statements as made by the
said Maclay, the truth or falsity of the
^allegations that the proof sheets were
submitted to and acquiesced in by Cap
tain Crowninshield, and the said Reai
Admiral Sampson, and to recommend
to the house of representatives the
course of action to be pursued by the
house in consequence of ascertainment
of fact to be made by the said com
Resolution in the House Regarding the
Abridgment of the Right to Vote.
Washington, Dec. 4.Representative
Dick of Ohio has introduced a resolu
tion for a general investigation of the
denial or abridgment of the right to
vote in certain states, with a view to
reducing" the congressional representa
tions from such states. The resolu
tion recites that "it is a matter of com
mon information and belief that the
rights of some male citizens, being 21
years of age, to vote at elections ia
denied and abridged in certain states."
In conclusion the resolution provides:
"Resolved, That the matter be re
ferred to the committee on election of
president, vice president and repre
sentatives in congress, with power to
subpoena and examine witnesses un
der oath, and to send for records and
other evidence, to investigate fully
and completely, and report what, il
any, proportion of the number of male
citizens, 21 years of age, in any state,
to whom said state denies or abridges
the right to vote as aforesaid, except
for participation in the rebellion or
other crimes, bears to the total num
ber of male inhabitants of such state,
being 21 years of age, and citizens of
the United States."
Ten Out of Fourteen Cities Return Re
publican Mayors.
Boston, Dec. 4.Snow and rain
made disagreeable election weather in
14 of the 33 cities of Massachusetts
during the day when citizens were
called upon to choose their city gov
ernments for next year. Of the 14
cities, 11 went license, a gain of 1
over last year, the change being in
Fitchburg. The great feature of the
elections as a whole was the remark
able success of the Republican party.
10 mayorality candidates of that party
winning and carrying with them in
nearly every instance a city council
in sympathy with them.
Child Commits Suicide.
S Joseph, Mich., Dec. 4.Peter
Gonder, aged 7 years, disheartened
because his grandmother had scolded
him, went to a bureau drawer, secured
a revolver aaid fired a bullet into his
breast. He will die. The family re
Sides at Bridgeman, a small town 15
miles southeast of St. Joseph. The
records of the state do not disclose
another case where one so young de
liberately attempted self-destruction.
Will Be at Havana Christmas.
Washington, Dec. 4.At the request
of Governor General Wood of Cuba
the itinerary of the North Atlantic
squadron has been changed so as to
have the squadron at Havana during
the Christmas holidaysfrom Dec. 17
to 26. By that time General Wood
will have returned to Havana and he
wishes -to extend special courtesies to
the officers and men of the fleet during
the holiday season.
The Title to Skibo Castle.
Edinburgh, Dec. "4.The court ol
session heard the case of Sutherland
vs. Carnegie et al, in the matter of the
disputed title to Skibo castle. Judg
ment was reserved.
Sir Christopher Furness Secures Con
tracts for Twelve Freighters.
New York, Dec. 4.Sir Christopher
Furness, M. P., has sailed for England,
taking with him signed contracts for
the building of 12 freight carrying
steamers of from 6,000 to 10,000 tons
dead weight capacity, the capital, near
ly $4,000,000, to be furnished by Amer
icans. Besides this, he has also made
arrangements with the Clergue
interests at Sault Ste. Marie, for the
erection of an immense shipbuilding
plant to be located at Sault Ste. Marie,
close to the junction of the "Soo"
canal and Lake Superior. Here will
be erected steel works which will cost
approximately $10,000,000, and the iron
and coal fields of Canada will furnish
the raw material.
Before sailing, Sir Christopher said
that diiring the two months he had
spent in this country he had found
why the United States manufacturer
is crowding the British producer. He
has seen here the railroad locomotives
hauling twice the load that is hauled
on the English roads, with half the ex
pense. Everything, also, he had seen
was done on the same economic scale.
Because he believes that Canada is
sure to profit by the greatness of the
United States, he has chosen to locate
his next project there. The drawback
of ice in the St. Lawrence river will be
overcame by immense ice-crushing
steamers, which will be constructed
Deposing of Prince Tuan's Son Consid
ered Strong Proof.
Peking, Dec. 4.Chinese officials say
that the appointment of a new heii
apparent to the throne will be delayed
until the emperor, Kwang Su, can dis
cuss the question with leading men.
The imperial edict deposing the
former heir apparent, Chun, son oi
Prince Tuan, the author of Boxei
troubles, is generally considered as
the strongest proof yet given of the
sincerity of the empress' leaning to
wards reform. Considered with pre
vious edicts, this last one appears to
corroborate the belief among Chines*
officials that the empress sees the
error of her anti-foreign policy of re
cent years.
Yuen Shi Kai, the new viceroy oi
Ohi Li, has arrived ait Peking The
purpose of his visit is to consult with
the ministers of the foreign powers
regarding the present situation.
Prince Cbing has not seen Paul Les
sar, the Russian minister to China,
since the .former returned to Peking.
Conversing with representatives oi
two of the foreign powers, Prince
Ghing said China would oppose Rus
sian control of Manchuria if any ol
the powers would support her in sc
Looks, as Though the Marchers in In
diana Will Be Successful.
Washington, Ind., Dec. 4.It looks
as if the 200 miners who marched
from Montgomery and Cannelsburg tc
Raiglesville and closed three coal
mines and camped at the scene be
cause the employes were non-union
men and not receiving the scale ol
wages, will he successful. The em
ployes of two of the mines were or
ganized during the day. The employes
of the Winkle-Peck mines all joined
the union and the operators notified
them they could consider themselves
discharged because they said it was
impossible to pay the union wages and
further that they did not want union
men. The operators of the Soty mine
agreed to employ union men and have
raised the price of coal to meet the
additional expense. All marching
miners have returned home.
Snow Benefits Kansas.
Topeka, Kan., Dec. 4.Some of the
dry sections of the state, especially
in Western and Northwestern Kansas,
were greatly relieved by the snow thai
fell during the day. The wheat fields
which were greatly in need of moist
ure, were generously covered Lack of
water has become a serious proposi
tion throughout the state. If the win
ter snows do not relieve the situation
farmers will be in great need of stock
Nebraska Ranges on Fire.
Cma/ha, Neb., Dec. 4.Dispatches
from Sparks, Neb., report destructive
prairie fires in the northeastern part
of Cherry county and throughout the
greater part of Keya Papa. Thou
sands of acres of range have been
stroyed, and much hay has been
burned. Several ranches have been
swept away and others are threatened
Hundreds of men are engaged in fight
ing the fire. A light fall of snow prom
ises to bring relief.
Star Route Contracts Closed.
Washington, Dec. 4.The postofflce
department has closed the bids foi
6,200 contracts for star route and
steamboat mail service west of the
Mississippi river, except in Minnesota
Iowa and Missouri. The contracts!
Which will not be awarded for several
weeks, Involve an expenditure of little
less than $10,000,000 for the four years
beginning next July.
Union Bricklayers on Strike.
St. Joseph, Mo., Dec. 4.The union
bricklayers of this city are on a strike
because contractors have been employ
ing non-union men to do minor work
on sewer jobs. The union men re
peatedly warned the contractors that
they would strike, and during the day
they walked out. The contractors say
they haive -plenty of men and will hot
Boiler Explosion Kills Three.
Bedford, Ind., Dec. 4.In a boiler
explosion at a sawmill near Yellow
stone, Marion Lutz, Perry Mitchell
and Ellis Henderson were instantly
killed Six other persons were in
jured, some seriously. Lutz was blown
to atoms, while Mitchell and Hender
son were terribly scalded and cut by
flying debris. They were dead when
picked up.
Indicted the Mayor.
Springfield, Ills., Dec. 4.The grand
jury returned a bill indicting Mayor
Charles P. Shilling of Decatur for mal
feasance in office. It is charged that he
iiad made no effort to stop gambling.
Say All Members of the Central Can-
vassing Board Are Candidates for
Office and Are on Palma's Executive
CommitteePeople of the Island
Alarmed at an Attempt to Force a
President on Them.
Havana, Dec. 4.A cablegram
signed by Eusebio Hernandez, pres
ident of he Democratic party, has been
sent to Secretary of War Root. This
message says:
"The friends of General Bartolome
Maso hear with great satisfaction your
declaration that official interference
in the coming elections will not be tol
erated, but under the present arrange
ments interference is inevitable, as all
members of the central canvassing
board are candidates for office and are
also members of the executive com
mittee of Senor Tomas Estrada Palma.
One of these is the secretary of state
and other high officials are also can
"Both high and low official are
openly working in the interests of
Senor Palma, who is said to have the
support of the United States govern
ment. The situation is delicate and
the Cuban people are alarmed at an al
leged attempt to force a president
upon them. They ask for a fair and
honest election."
A delegation representing General
Maso will shortly leave here for Wash
ington to submit these facts to the
administration and to suggest certain
changes to insure fair elections.
Eusebio Hernandez also represents
the coalition of the national and in
dependent Republicans.
The lower classes are enthusiastic
over the candidacy of General Maso.
Much feeling is being worked up
against the official Cuban element,
whom the Masoists claim control the
election machinery.
Croker Says He Can't Be a Political
Leader Any Longer.
New York, Dec. 4.In an interview
with Richard Croker The Evening
Post quotes the Tammany leader as
"You won't see much more leading
on my part in the future. I am getting
old and worn out and I can't be a
field horse for everybody any longer.
I admit that the leader of Tammany
Hall should stay in New York all the
year round, and I can't stay here for
more than a part of the year. If I
tried to stay here all the time I could
do no work at all. All this talk about
my being state leader and trying to
dictate in national politics is nonsense.
I am in no condition to do any kind of
leading, but of course I will always
bake deep interest in Tammany and
do the best I can."
When asked if he was training ar
body to succeed him as leader hr
"Oh, I have not come to that
and I have not planned my future,
cent that I will go to England in a
uary or February. The Tammany ex
ecutive committee will meet next
month and you may hear more of the
matter then."
Railroad Merger Case to Go to Su
preme Court as Soon as- Possible.
New York, Dec. 4.-The Commercial
Advertiser prints the following:
The persons identified with the
Northern Securities company declined
to discuss the attacks which it has
been announced are to be made upqn
its validity by the governors and at
torney generals of some of the North
western states. According to some of
the directors such attacks were and
are expected and all that the persons
interested in the company will do will
be to waive all proceedings in state
or lower courts so far as possible and
expect to have the question raised as
to the company's rights carried be
fore and decided by the supreme court
of the United States as quickly as
Government Asks That All Claims
Growing Out of It Be Dismissed.
Washington, Dec. 4.Counsel for
the government have presented to the
Spanish treaty claims commission a
brief in support of the motion to dis
miss the claims growing out of the
sinking of the battleship Maine. It is
contended that it was the intention
of the treaty of peace not to provide
for but to relinquish and leave the
grievance in oblivion as settled in the
tribunal of war
The brief says that the destruction
of Spanish lives and the loss of Span
ish possessions atoned for and settled
any supposed responsibility of Spain
for the destruction of the Maine with
its officers and crew.
Court of Claims Clears Calendar.
Washington, Dec. 4.The court of
claims began a new term during the
day and handed down about 200 de
cisions, many of whieh had been
worked up by he judges during vaca
tion. This brings the work of the
court up to date and leaves practically
nothing which has been submitted un
After an English Shipping Company.
London, Dec. 4.The Standard says
it believes there is some truth in the
rumored negotiations for the transfer
to the United States of am important
English shipping company and that
the deal will involve a financial opera
:ion of several million pounds.
German House Painter's Trip to Anrier*
ica in a Packing Case.
New York, Dec. 4.A man who was
discovered in the hold of the Ham
burg-American steamer Palatia Mon
day after having made the trip aicross
the ocean in a box, has recovered suf
ficiently to be able to establish his
identity positively. He says his name
is Johan Beck and that he lived up to
about a year ago in Budapest, Hun
gary. The lectors would not allow
him to tell all his story, but enough
was learned from him and other
sources to show that Beck was a house
painter and that he had come across
the card of an uptown hotel in this
city, the. proprietors of which have
German names. Though a stranger tc
them he wrote that he could get no
work in Germany amd was coming tc
America and hoped the hotel men
could find him something to do. Then
he fitted up a packing case, paid
freight charges on it and engaged a
carter to take it to the Hamburg piei
at a certain time He then returned
to his lodgings and boxed himself up
after he had provisioned himself with
a dozen cans of condensed milk, a "box
of primes, three dozen cakes of choco
late, coffee in bottles and some bread.
The carter called and got the box, not
knowing of its living contents, and
shipped it.
Beck declares he was in the box
until the ship reached the Hoboken
pier, a period of about 15 days. When
found he was almost dead from
hunger, cold and terror. He is re
ported to be still exceedingly weak
but the physicians hope for his re
co very.
A well known real estate owner and
horseman is said to have interested
himself in the case and to have prom
ised to give Beck work should he re
General Chaffee Issues Orders tc
Troops in the Philippines.
Washington, Dec. 4.Following the
unfortunate disaster to the Ninth in
fantry at Batangiga, when the troops
were surprised and overcome by sup
posedly friendly Filipinos, Genera:
Chaffee has issued a general ordei
designed to guard against future
treachery of that kind, warning offi
cers and men against placing toe
much reliance on professions of faitt
and friendship as yet unproved, and
directing that military vigilance nevei
should be relaxed and that every pre
caution must be taken to guard against
a recurrence of such disasters as that
at Batangiga.
Invite President to Break Ground.
St. Louis, Dec 4.Th committed
on ceremonies of the world's fair has
decided to invite President Roosevelt
to participate in the ground-breaking
ceremonies Dec. 20 and turn the first
shovelful of earth. President Thomas
H. Carter of the federal commissior
and General J. C. Bates, commanding
the department of the Mississippi, wil".
be invited to deliver addresses.
The Carter Habeas Corpus Case.
Washington, Dec. 4.Argument was
heard in the United States supreme
court in the habeas corpus case of Cap
tain O. M. Carter, brought here on ap
peal from the circuit court of the dis
trict of Kansas, where Carter's peti
tion was denied. This is the second
effort made in the supreme court tc
secure Captain Carter's release OE
habeas corpus.
A big combination of the-redwood
lumbermen of the Pacific coast is in
cou. 3 of formation.
The Imperial Tobacco company has
appealed the British public to boy
cott the American product.
The teller of the First National bank
of Baliston Spa, N. Y.. is short in his
accounts $100,000. The bank has
closed its doors.
J. S. Lyttle of Hiawatha, Kan., diec
after an illness of three years. What
was particularly noticeable is that h
slept most of the time.
The American ship Roanoke, 162
days out from Norfolk, Va., bound fot
San F'rancisco, arrived at Honolulu
Nov. 26 with her cargo of coal on fire
Minneapolis Wheat.
Minneapolis, Dec. 3.WheatCash.
73%c Dec 71%c May, 74%c. On
TrackNo. 1 hard, 75%c No. i North
ern, 73%c No. 2 Northern, 71%c
Duluth Grain.
Duluth, Dec. 3WheatCash, No.
1 hard, 76c No. 1 Northern, 73c No.
2 Northern, 70%c No. 3 spring, 67%c.
To ArriveNo. 1 hard, 75%c No. 1
Northern, 72%c Dec 72%c May.
75%c FlaxCash, $1.34%c.
Sioux City Live Stock.
Sioux City, la., Dec. 3.Cattle-*
Beeves, [email protected] cows, bulls and
mixed, [email protected] stockers and feed
ers, [email protected] yearlings and calves,
[email protected] Hogs$5.60 5.80.
St. Paul Union Stock Yards.
St. Paul. Dec. 3.CattleFancy
butcher steers, [email protected] fancy
butcher cows and heifers, [email protected]
good to choice veals, [email protected]
good to choice feeders, $3.25 4.00.
Hogs$5.40 5.65. SheepGood to
choice, [email protected] lambs, [email protected]
Chicago Union Stock Yards.
Chicago, Dec. 3.CattleGood to
prime, [email protected] poor to medium,
$3.90 @5.90 stockers and feeders, $2.00
@4.25 cows and heifers, [email protected]
Western steers, [email protected] Hogs
Mixed and butchers, [email protected] good
to choice heavy, [email protected] rough
heavy, [email protected] light. [email protected]:
bulk of sales, [email protected] Sheep
Good to choice, [email protected] lambs
[email protected]
Chicago Grain and Provisions.
Chicago, Dec. 3.WheatMay
78%c CornDec, 62%c May, 65%c
OatsDec, 42%c May, iZy2c. Pork
Dec, $15.05 Jan., $16.05 May,
$16.27%. FlaxCash Northwestern,
$1.39 No. 1, $1.38y2 Dec $1.38%
May, $1.42. ButterCreameries, [email protected]
24%c dairies, [email protected] Eggs24c.
PoultryTurkeys, 6%(Q9c chickens,
[email protected]

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