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"Mj' father, Mr. Herbert," she pro
ceeded, hesitatingly, "would li ke to
purchase your interest in Concord."
"How much would he give?"
""He wished me to ask you if you
would consider $5,000."
There it was! Guy reddened. Tact
ful as ever, Miss-Betty was seeking
to bestow her charity in the way
least calculated to wound his feel
ings. His pride was exaggerated, of
course, but had he not loved the fair
girl who was seeking to aid him he
would not have felt so keenly.
got up.
I a working for the munificent
salary of $20 per week, Miss Vland
ingham," said he, coldly. "I I a
properly attentive to business I a
to receive $25 per week after two
years. Notwithstanding that, I a
altogether too rich to sell for $5,000
a number of lots that would be dear
at $500. I will send you money for
the courthouse," he added, drawing
himself up grandly and haughtily.
"Possibly I can borrow it I not, I
will send my note. I have the honor
to bid you a very good evening!"
strode to the door and laid his
hand on the knob. was not going
to look back, but she did not speak,
and he heard something very like a
so b. Then he turned. Poor Betty
had her face in her hands and was
weeping forlornly.
Guy felt a sudden pang of remorse.
was a brute to act in that silly
way. had imagined that she
would flare out at him, would give a
sharp word and retaliate in kind.
Instead of angering he had only
"Miss Vlandingham!"
There was no answer, no lifting of
the bowed head, and he walked to
her quickly.
"Betty," he murmured, his words
coming in a torrent, I a a wretch.
I did not mean what I said! Forgive
me. Take those worthless lots and
give me $5,000, or $500,000, or $5,000,-
000 for them, if you want to. I
was not the proposition so much as
the fact that it came from you. I
have lov ed you ever since we first
metever since you fell into
arms from the cupola of that freight
car. I do not want pity, or money,
or anything else from the girl I love
just her heart, that's all When I
have made a fortune I a coming to
ask you if you will have me, if you
She looked up at him suddenly, her
eyes dancing through her tears.
"Do you know how long it will
take you to make a fortune at the
rate of $20 per week, Guy?" she
"It depends largely on the mag
nificence of the fortune, I suppose."
"Even to make a fortune that is
not very magnificent would take too
longtoo long for me to wait."
"Darling!" he murmured. "You
will take me now, as I am?"
'I can help you, dearest. Why can
we not fa ce the world together?"
folded her to his breast.
I am rich already," he whispered,
"since I have your love. friend,
the enemy, is to be wife and I
am the happiest fellow in the
Thus it came about as Pettibone
had said. The sheriff knew, for so
had it been with himself and Ma
Put Ou One of His Eyes to Save the
Trouble of Squinting When
Out Hunting,
During one of Senator Daniel's fa
mous campaigns he struck a little
town in the central part of Virginia
which was said to contain some of the
lazie st men in the old dominion.
was in the midst of a group on the
porch of a small hotel, when a proces
sion approached which looked li ke a
funeral, sa,ys the Chica go Tribune.
asked who was to be buried.
"Jack Sheridan," they told him.
Poor Jack! was a good-natured,
good-for-nothing, lazy fellow, who
seemed to have a little native talent
for drawing and spent most of his time
making pictures for the children.
lived upon the few fish he caught and
the squirrels he killed, but mostly on
the donations of his neighbors.
"So poor Jack is dead, is he?" said
Senator Daniel.
"N o, he ain't dead 'xactly," was the
reply of one of the loungers on the
"Not deadnot dead? Yet you are
going to bury him?"
"Fact is, senator, he's got too infer
nal, all-fired lazy to live. W can't af
ford him any more. He's got so lazy
that the grass is beginning to grow
ov er his shoesso everlastin'lazy that
he put out one of his own eyes to save
the trouble of squintin' when he was
out a-gunnin'."
"But," says the senator, "this won't
do. I will disgrace constituency.
Try him awhile longer, can't you?"
"Can't do itto latecoffin cost
$1.10. Must go on now."
About this time the procession halt
ed and the senator promised, if they
would let Jack out, to send over a
barrel of corn to the unfortunate.
Upon this announcement the lid of
the coffin slowly raised, Jack Sheridan
sat up with an effort, opened his one
good eye, looked at the senator and
"Is the corn shucked?"
"No," replied Senator Daniel, "not
"Then," said Jack, as he sank into
the coffin, "go on with the funeral."
The Main Question.
Mr s. TompkynsWhat did the law
yer say when you had" got through ex
plaining your case to him.
Mr. TompkynsHe asked me how
much I was worth.Somerville Jour
na l.
I W. C. T. U. I
Through the courtesy of the UNI ON this space
is granted to the W. .C. T. U. The press super
intendent assumes all responsibility for the
sentiments and statements contained herein.
Our Motto: "For God and Home and Native
Our Badge: A knot of white ribbon.
Our Aims: Home protection, prohibition of
the liquor traffic, equal suffrage, one standard
of morals, and the bringing about of a better
public sentiment.
MRS. N. C. LIBB Y, President,
MRS JANE ORTON, Secretary,
MRS. AHA FARNHA M. Treasurer.
For years the W. C. T. U. has
realized the importance of work
among the children and have not
only endeavored to instill temper
ance principles into their minds
but have emphasized the fact that
true citizens must give due honor
to the flag. In the exercises of
the laying of the corner stone of
"The Temple" in Chicago the
national officers honored" the G. A.
R. by making their officers a
guard of honor to the children
who had a prominent part in the
program of the day. Each year
they weave into their program for
May some new thought for the
children. I send a little exercise
from the organ of the National and
World's W. C. T. U. and hope
many children will learn it. I
think it would gladden the heart
of any G. A. R. grandpa if he
could hear his little one recite
these little verses:
First Child
A bunch of fragrant violets,
As my offering I have brought,
True blue, as were the soldiers,
When for the right they fought.
Second Child
I bring the golden buttercups,
So hardy and so brave,
What flower can be more fitting
To deck a soldier's grave?
Third Child
I bring a bunch of daisies,
Some humble grave to crown,
As innocent as the pure young lives,
So willingly laid down.
Fourth Child-
This bunch of purple lilacs
As my offering I bring
'Tis fragrant as the memory
Of those whose praise we sing.
All Together
We'll never forget the soldiers,
And when we've passed away,
May other hands the flowers bring
Each Decoration Day.
In his address before the Pres
byterian general assembly in Newmonths.
York last week, President Roose
velt gave vent to ideas at once
altruistic and uplifting. "The
vital thing to a nation," said the
President, "is the spiritual, not
the material. The forces for evil
in our cities continue to grow and
become more menacing to the
communities, and if we are to go
forward and not backward they
must be met by the forces of good.
We must look to the church for
setting the standard in morals and
righteousness for the whole land.
It must make itself felt, through
the life work of its members, not
merely on Sundays but on week
days, and in their homes and busi
ness. If there is one thing I dis
like it is the expression 'business
is business^' especially when it
verges on rascality." The Presi
dent seems as much at home in a
religious assembly, as in a politi
cal convention, and his courage of
expression is not less than his phy
sical heroism.
Railroad companies are steadily
elevating the moral and ethical
standards whereby they decide the
retention of old and the engage
ment of new employes. One ofwas
the leading roads has just made its
tobacco prohibitions absolute.
Not only must employes refrain
from smoking, but from, the use
of tobacco in any form, "when on
duty in or about passenger stations
or on passenger cars." The banwrites
on intoxicants is farther reaching
and it has become well-nigh im
possible for a man who meddles
with them at all to retain his posi
Virulent Cancer Cured.
Startling" proof of a wonderful ad
vance in medicine is given by druggist
G. W. Roberts of Elizabeth, W. Va.$1.00.
An old man there had long suffered
with what good doctors pronounced in
curable cancer. They believed his case
hopeless till he used Electric Bitters
and .applied Bucklen's Arnica Salve,
which treatment completely cured
him. When Electric Bitters are used
to expel bilious, kidney and microbe
poisons at the same time this salve
exerts its matchless healing power,
blood diseases, skin eruptions, ulcers
and sores vanish. Bitters 50c, salve
25c at C. A. Jack's.
****jtnjg***m*j**.**j(n4***^jf*j(*Wtfmltf^ ***?*&&
Guy Ewing was in town Tues
Fred Towle and "Judge" Mc
Lean arrived Monday.
-M. C. North way drove to Prince
ton Saturday on business.
The Scandinavians have been
holding services, in the Scandina
vian church here, for a few days.
!^HE PRINOll/OX UKION: tfHimSBAY, Jtr^TE 5, 1002*
There was a large attendance from
the surrounding country.
Mrs. Liveas, who has been
poorly for some time, is very sick.
Fannie Lockwood expects- to
leave for North Dakota Wednes
Mr. and Mrs. Ohas. Freer drove
to Princeton ^Friday to attend
Memorial services.
Mrs. Printy of Foley, spent Sat
urday and Sunday with her par
ents, Mr. and Mrs. Livens.
Mr. and Mrs. Slater arrived
Saturday. Mrs. Slater is a daugh
ter of Mr. and Mrs. H. W. Towle.
Mr. Wilson left for Bemidji
Tuesday. He expects tp make his
home somewhere in that vicinity.
Mrs. Harris from Minneapolis
and Mrs. Clinch from Park
Rapids, both grand daughters of
Victoria Lafontisee, arrived last
week and took their grand mother
to Minneapolis, where the old lady
will be placed in a hospital. Mrs.
Lafontisee has been confined to her
bed for nearly six months.
Read It in His Newspaper.
George Schaub, a well known Ger
ttnan citizen of New Lebanon, Ohio, is
a constant reader of the Dayton Volks
zeitung. knows that this paper
aims to advertise only the best in its
columns, and when he saw Chamber
lain's Pain Balm advertised therein
for lame back, he did not hesitate in
buying a bottle of it for his wife, who
for eight weeks had suffered with the
most terrible pains in her back and
could get no relief. says: "After
using the Pain Balm for a fewdays
my wife said to me, I feel as though
born anew,' and before using the en^-son
tire contents of the bottle the unbear
able pains hau entirely vanished and
she could again take up her household
duties." is very thankful and hopes
that all suffering likewise will hear
of her wonderful recovery. This val u
able liniment is for sale by Princeton
Drug Qo.
J*************** *******^*****************wr******
Rain! Rain! Ram!
A few transfers were made in
town property this week on
new platt of Pottstown.
Fishing is fine, and all anglers
are bringing in something more
substantial than fish stories.
Edward Johnson and family left
Monday for Minneapolis. They
intend to return in/ about two
Fred Miller has about completed
his fine apiary and is anxiously
waiting for the bees to "improve
each shining hour."
Dan P. Smythe of the State
University, is here making ar
rangements pursuant to opening a
land office at Wealthwood.
Mr. VanValkenburg, an attor
ney *of Minneapolis, and Mr.
Manuel, of the book firm f Hyde
& Manuel, were visitors at the
lake over Sunday.
A farewell party was given Miss
Beauford at the Potts' hotel Sat
urday evening. Dancing and
light refreshments were the order
of a delightful evening.
Tuesday afternoon there was a
rare phenomenon on the lake.
With a dead calm logs and drift
wood floated on strong currents
and the tide ebbed and flowed with
a variation of eighteen inches in
Lawrence harbor.
Last Sunday a large party from
Lawrence took a sixty mile excur
sion around the lake on the launch
"Rutherford", touching at Malmo
and Wealthwood. A lunch on the
lake on board of the "Queen Ann"
a feature of the trip. When
the party cut loose from the big
boat three hearty cheers were
given for the hospitable captain.
Saved from an Awful Fate.
"Everybody said I had consumption,"
Mrs. A. M. Shields, of Cham
bersburg, Pa., I was so low after six
months of severe sickness, caused by
hay fever and asthma, that few thought
I could get well, but I learned of the
marvelous merit of Dr. King's New
Discovery for consumption, used it,
and was completely cured." For des
perate throat and lung diseases it is
the safest cure in the world, and is in
fallible for coughs, colds and bronchial
affections. Guaranteed bottles 50c and
Trial bottles free at C. A. Jack's.
are quite
Traveling agents
plenty just now.
Mrs. Amy Reed of Santiago
was visiting Mrs. Cone Saturday.
Miss Sadie Nelson of Becker
is visiting her sister Ada and
friends here now.
Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Marsh have
gone to Staples to visit their son,
Everett Wood and family.
The church picnic vwill be Fri
day at Elk Lake. Remember to
come and have a pleasant time:
We are having lots of rain, but
none too much as yet. Farmers
are planting their potatoes now
Quite a storm passed through
our town Monday afternoon.
There was a heavy wind, and hail
in some places fell with the rain.
Many trees were blown down.
Ed. Korman's hrotherwho owns
half of section 16, has been up
visiting and looking over his place.
The ball game between Blue
Hill nine and^Big Lake boys was
played Saturday. Blue Hill won
by a.score of 9 to 10.
Mrs. Idas Harris is teaching
school in Baldwin in the new dis
trict in the old Haley House as
they have no school house yet.
Mr. and Mrs". H. Mergel took
the train at Princeton for Anoka
Wednesday, where Mr. Mergel
was ordered before the examining
How to Avoid Trouble.
Now is the time to provide yourself
and family with a bottle of Chamber
lain's Colic, Cholera and Diarrhoea
Remedy. I is almost' certain to be
needed before the summer is ove r, and
if procured now may save you a trip to
town in the night or in your busiest
season. I is everywhere admitted to
be the most successful medicine in use
for bowel complaints, both for children
and adults. N family can afford to
be without it For sale by Princeton
Drug Co.
Born May 25th to Mr. and Mrs.
Dederick Keuther, a boy.
The dance at Mr. Schramm's
Saturday evening was well at
tended and a good time was the re
We understand that Axel John
of this town and Albertina
Erickson from Duluth made a fly
ing trip to Princeton last Saturday
and were married. A long and
happj- union is our cordial wish.
A cloud burst visited this sec
tion last Monday afternoon accom
panied with hail and high wind.
Considerable damage was done to
small grain, especially corn which
was practically pounded back into
the earth.
Baldwin, Wyanett, Princeton. 3
Farmers are busy planting pota
toes at present.
School in district 46 in Wyanett
closed last Thursday.
A. P. Wallin of Santiago was
visiting Mr. and Mrs. E. J. Sat
terstrom last Sunday.
The rain storm of last Monday
broke down quite a few trees but
did not do any damage of any con
C. F. Lafgren and L. M. Eck
lund have returned from'St. Paul.
Mr. Ecklund will remain home
"only a few days.
School in district 24 will close
next Tuesday. An entertainment
will be given in the evening at
8 o'clock by the scholars and theswelling
society. Everybody is cordially
Notice is hereby given that sealed bids are
called for by the trustees ol District No. 48,
Benton County, Minn., for the erection of a
school house in said district. Specifications
can be seen at S. E'. Hoffs, Sec. 27, Glendorado,
after June 10th. Bids opened at 2 o'clock M..
June 20th. 1902. The trustees reserve right to
reject any and all bids.
S. E. HOF F. District Clerk,
25-26 Box 2T. Glendorado, Minn.
and wagon makers.
Plow repairing a specialty at this
time of the year.
Satisfaction also guaranteed in all other
lines of our business.
Shops opposite Sadley's mill.
Princeton, Minn.
Has built up a splendid business
and earned an enviable reputation
by handling only dependable
the coffee roaster uses
to glaze his coffee with
would you eat that kind of
eggs? Then why drink them?
Lion Coffee
has no coating of storage eggs,
glue, etc. It's coffeepure,
unadulterated, fresh strong
and of delightfu, flavor
and aroma. Uniform quality and
freshness are Insured
by the sealed package.
I hereby announce myself a candidate for the
nomination for the office of County Attorney
for Mille Lacs county on the Republican ticket
at the primary election to be held Tuesday,
September 16th, 1902.
Given up to Die.
Dr Re a
Next regular professional visit to
Wednesday, June 18th,
From noon until 6 P.M at the
Commercial Hotel.
Returning every month. Consult him while
the opportunity is at hand.
DR. REA has no superior in diagnosing and
treating diseases and deiorraities. He will
give $50 for any case that he cannot tell the dis
ease and where located in five minutes.
All curable medical and surgical diseases,
acute and chronic catarrh, and special diseases
of the eye. ear. nose and throat, lung disease,
early consumption, bronchitis, bronchial ca
tarrh, constitutional catarrh, dyspepsia, sick
headache, stomach and bowel troubles, rheu
matism, neuralgia, sciatica. Bright's disease,
diabetes, kidney, liver, oladder, prostatic and
female diseases, dizziness, nervousness, indi
gestion, obesity, interrupted nutrition, slow
growth in children, and all wasting disease in
adults. Many cases of deafness, ringing in the
ears, loss of eyesight, cataract, cross eyes. etc..
that have been improperly treated or neglected
can be easily restored. Deformities, club feet,
curvature of the spine, diseases of the brain,
paralysis, epilepsy, heart' disease, dropsy,
of the limbs, stricture, open sores,
pain in the bones, granular enlargements and
all loug-standing diseases, properly treated.
Young, middle-aged and old. single or married
men and all who suffer from lost manhood,
nervous debility, suermatorrhoea. seminal
losses, sexual decay, failing memory, weak
eyes.'stunted development, lack of energy, im
povished blood, pimples, impediments to mar
riage: also blood and skin diseases, svphillis.
eruptions, hair falling, bone pains, swellings.
sore throat, ulcers, effects of mercury, kidney
and bladder troubles, weak back.' burning
urine, passing urine too often, gonorrhea, gleet,
stricture, receive searching treatment, promnt
relief and cure for life.
Cancers, Tumors, Goiter, Fistula, Piles
varicocele and enlarged glands with the sub
cutaneous injection method, absolutely without
pain and without the loss of a drop of blood, is
one of his own discoveries, and is the most
really scientific'and certainly sure cure of the
nineteenth century. No incurable cases taken.
Consultation to those interested, $1.00.
DR. REA & CO..
Minneapolis, Minn. T-ouisville, Ky.
First publication June 5. 1902.
Mill Lacs.ss. In Probate Court.
In the matter of the estate of Samuel A.
Jewett, deceased.
The petition of Charles Keith having been
duly made and filed in this court, representing
among other things that one Samuel A. Jewett
who resided last prior to his death at Hudson,
in the State of Wisconsin, died intestate at
said Hudson, in the county of St. Croix, state
of Wisconsin, on the 28th day of December,
1893, seized of an estate of inheritance in cer
tain lands in the county of Mille Lacs, State of
Minnesota, described in said petition, and that
more than five years have elapsed since the
death of said Samuel A. Jewett, deceased, and
that administration has not been granted or
had of said estate in this State, and nraying
that the descent of said lands be by this court
determined, and said lands assigned to such
persons as may be entitled thereto by law.
Now therefore, it is ordered that the said
petition be heard at a term of this court to be
held at the court house, in the village of Prince
ton in said county of Mille Lacs, State of Min
nesota, on Monday the 30th day of June. A. D.
It is further ordered, that notice of said hear
ing of said petition be given by the publication
of this order for three successive weeks in the
Princeton Union, a weekly newspaper printed
and published in said Mille Lacs county.
Dated June 3rd, 1902.
fProbate Seal.] Judge of Probate.
First publication June 5,1902.
Mill Lacs.ss. In Probate Court.
In the matter of the estate of George W/
Purdy, deceased.
The petition of Sarah J. Purdy having been
duly made and filed in this court, representing
among other things that one George W. Purdy
who resided last prior to his death at county
of Bergen in the State of New Jersey, died in
testate at the village of Garfield, in the county
of Bergen, State of New Jersey, on or about the
20th day of November, 1880, seized of an estate
of inheritance of certain lands in the county of
Mille Lacs, State of Minnesota, described in
said petition, and that more than five years
have elapsed since the death of said George W.
Purdy, deceased, and that administration has
not been granted or had of said estate in this
State, and praying that the descent of said
lands be by this court determined, and said
lands assigned to such persons as may be enti
tled thereto by law.
Now, therefore, it is ordered that the skd
petition be heard at a term of this court to be
held at the court house in the village of Prince
ton in said county of Mille Lacs, State of Mini
nesota, on Thursday the 26th day of June 19027
at 2 o'clock M.
I is further ordered, that notice of said hear
ing of said petition be given by the' publication
of this order for three successive weeks in the
Princeton Union, a weekly newspaper printed
and published in said Mille Lacs countv Min
Dated June 2nd, 1902.
rProbate Seal _- Judge of Probate.
Sale -of. Grass
In Mille Lacs County for the year 1902.
I will offer at public sale on the followine
dates and at the places below named:
Lawrence on June 11th, 12 o'clock. Sale in
cludes townships 41-25. 42-25. 43-25.
Onamia on June 11th, 3 o'clock p. M. Sale in
cludes townships 41-28. 41-27, 42-26, 42-27.
Milaca, June 12th, 1 o'clock p. M. Sale in
cludes townships 40-27, 40-26, 39-27. 39-26, 38-26.
o, E. W. CUSDY,
J4-2t Agent State Land Commissioner.
First publication May 29.1902.
Mille Lacs.ss. In Probate Court.
Special Term, May 24.1902.
In the matter of the estate of Nicholas Wax
muth, deceased.
On receiving and filing the petition of Chris
tian Waxmuth, of the county of Mille Lacs,
representing, among other things, that Nicholas
waxmuth late of the county of Mille Lacs, in
the State of Minnesota, on the 22nd day of
December. A. D. 1901, at the county of Mille
L,acs. died intestate, and being an inhabitant
of this county at the time of his death, leaving
goods, chattels and estate within this county,
and that the said petitioner is a son-in-law of
said deceased, and praying that administration
of said estate be to Christian H. Waxmuth
It is ordered, that said petition be heard be
fore this court on Saturday, the 21st day of
June, A. D. 1902, at 2 o'clock P. M.. at the pro
bate office, in the court house in Princeton in
said county.
Ordered further, that notice thereof be given
to the heirs of said deceased, and to all persons
interested, by publishing this order once in
each week for three successive weeks prior to
said day of hearing in the Princeton Union, a
weekly newspaper printed and published at
Princeton, in said county.
Dated at Princeton the 24th day of May, A. D.
1902- By the Court,
[Probate Seal.] Judge of Probate.
First Publication May 1,1902.
Sheriff's Sale.
By virtue of an execution, issued out of and
under the seal of the district court, in and for
the county of Hennepin and State of Minne
sota, upon a judgment rendered and docketed
in said court, on the 17th day of February, A.
D. 1902, in an action wherein William A. Zumnfe
is plaintiff, and Frank V. Wireman and Re
becca R. Wireman, defendants, in favor of the
said plaintiff and against the said defendants,
for the sum of two hundred, twelve and 11-100
dollars. (A transcript of said judgment was
filed and docketed in the district court of Mille
Lacs county, on the 20th day of February, A.
D. 1902.) Which execution was directed and
delivered to me as sheriff in and for said county
of Mille Lacs, I have this 10th day of March, A.
D. 1902, levied upon all the right, title and in
terest of the said defendants. Frank V. Wire
man and Rebecca R. Wireman, in and to the
following described real estate, to-wit: The
northwest quarter (N. W. of section twenty
two (22), .township thirty-eight (38), range
twenty-seven (27). west, of the fourth princi
pal meridian.
Notice is hereby given, that I, the under
signed, as sheriff as aforesaid, will sell the
above described real estate to the highest bid
der, for cash, at public auction, at the front
door of the court house in the village of Prince
ton, in the county of Mille Lacs and State of
Minnesota, on Saturday, the 14th day of June,
A. D. 1902, at 10 o'clock A. M.. of that day, to
satisfy the said execution, together with the
interest and costs thereon.
Dated March 10th, A. D. 1902.
Sheriff of Mille Lacs County, Minn
First publication May 29,1902.
Mortgage Foreclosure Sale.
Default having been made in the payment of
the sum of Ninety-eight and 60-100 Dollars,
which is claimed to be due and is due at the
date of this notice upon a certain mortgage,
duly executed and delivered by Olof Blomberg,
widower, mortgagor, to The Citizens State
Bank of Princeton, mortgagee, bearing date
the 16th day of January 1901, and with a power
of sale therein contained, duly recorded in the
office of the register of deeds in and for the
county of Mille Lacs and State of Minnesota,
on the 1st day of February, 1901, at 5 o'clock
p. M., in book O of mortgages, on page 76.
Now, therefore, notice is hereby given, that
by virtue of the power of sale contained iD
said mortgage, and pursuant to the statute in
such case made and provided, the said mort
gage will be foreclosed by a sale of the prem
ises described in and conveyed by said mort
gage, viz: The north half of the northwest
quarter of section three (3). in townshio thirty
seven (37), range twenty-seven (27). in Mille
Lacs county and State of Minnesota, with the
hereditaments and appurtenances: which sale
will be made by the sheriff of said Mille Lacs
county, at the front door of the court house, in
the village of Princeton in said county and
State, on the 12th day of July 1902 at 10 o'clock
A. M.. of that day. at public vendue, to the
highest bidder for cash, to pay said debt of
Ninety-eight and 60-100 dollars, and interest,
and the taxes, if any. on said premises, and
twenty-five dollars attorney's fees, as stipu
lated in and by said mortgage in case of fore
closure, and the disbursements allowed by law:
subject to redemption at any time within one
year from the day of sale, as provided by law.
Dated May 26. A. D. 1902.
CHAS. KEITH, Attorney.
First publication May 22, 1902.
County of Mille Lacs, fs
District Court, Seventh Judicial District.
Mary E. Chadbourne, Plaintiff,
William L. Hughes, Lydia A. Town
send, Fred Townsend, F. F. Town
send, W. Townsend, J. L. Townsend,
Augustus S. Townsend. George W.
Townsend, Verna M. Townsend, Mary
J. Woodcock, and Arthur W. Wood
cock, her husband, also all other
persons or parties unknown claiming
any right, title, estate, lien or interest
in the real estate described in the
complaint herein. Defendants.
The State of Minnesota, to' the above named
You are hereby summoned and required to
answer the complaint of the plaintiff in the
above entitled action, which complaint has
been filed in the office of the clerk of said dis
trict court, at the village of Princeton, county
of Mille Lacs and State of Minnesota, and to
serve a copy of your answer to said complaint
on the subscriber, at his office in the village of
Princeton, in said county of Mille Lacs, within
twenty days after service of this summons upon
you, exclusive of the day of such service and if
you fail to answer the said complaint within
the time aforesaid, the plaintiff in this action
will apply to the court for the relief demanded
in said complaint, together with plaintiff's costs
and disbursements herein.
Plaintiff's Attorney. Princeton, Minn.
Notice of Lis Pendens.
County of Mille Lacs, 1
District Court. Seventh Judicial District.
MaryE. Chadbourne, Plaintiff,
William L. Hughes, Lydia A. Town
send, Fred Townsend, Town
send. W. Townsend, J. L. Townsend.
Augustus S. Townsend, George W.
Townsend, Verna M. Townsend, Mary
J. Woodcock, and Arthur W. Wood
cock, her husband, also all other
persons or parties unknown claiming
any right, title, estate, lien or inter
est in the real estate described in the
complaint herein. Defendants.
Notice is hereby given, that an action has
been commenced in this court by the above
named plaintiff against the above named de
fendants that the object of said action is to
determine the adverse claim of the defendants,
and each and all of them, and the rights of the
parties respectively herein in and to the real
estate hereinafter described, and asking that
said adverse claim of the defendants, and each
of them, may be adjudged by the court null and
void, and that the title of said real estate may
be adjudged and decreed to be in the plaintiff,
and that the premises affected by said action
situated in the county of Mille Lacs and State
of Minnesota are described as follows:
The southeast quarter, and the east half of
the southwest quarter of section twenty-two
(22), and the northeast quarter, and the north
half of the southeast quarter of section twen
ty-seven (27), in township forty (40) north of
range twenty-six (26), west.
Plaintiff's Attorney, Prinheton. Minn.,
3 -A S 3rt S
1 Vi*a

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