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The primary election will be held on
Tuesday, the sixteenth day of Septem
ber from 6 A. M. to 9 P. M.
Unless otherwise officially announced
the election will be held at the regular
polling places
Anyone who will be a legal voter
Nov. 4th, 1902 can vote.
A voter must vote the ticket of the
party that he "generally supported" at
the last election
If a voter has experienced a change
of heart since the last election he can
not vote for the party of his new choice
at the primary. But if he wishes to
exercise his right of citizenship he will
walk up like a true-blue American
citizen and call for the party ballot
that he wishes to vote and go and vote
it. Of cour&e if he is challenged he
will be placed on his oath as to his
party affiliation.
There will be a separate ballot for
each party that has any qualified can
didates. Study the ballots in the UNION
this week. They are the official pri
mary ballots for Mille Lacs county.
Each voter must register before vot
ing, and primary election day is by law
the first registration day, so if you vote
at the primary you are registered for
the general election in November.
You put an opposite the name of
the candidates you wish to vote for.
There is no scratching allowed nor can
you write in any names of persons you
would like to ote for but whose names
are not on the official ballot.
Judges of election serve and are ap
pointed the same as under the provi
sions of the general election law.
A first voter does not have to de
clare his party affiliation and if he is
not of age at the time of the primary
election but will be of age at the gen
eral election in November he is quali
fied to vote.
Remember, at the primary election
you are voting to determine which
candidates of all the candidates on the
ballot are the best qualified in your
estimation as candidates of your party
at the general election in November.
You are not voting men into office
you are voting for men as candidates
for office.
Bogus Brook Raspberries.
C. C. Swaim, who lives up in Bogus
and whose farm is only a little over
five miles north of Princeton, brought
some fine samples of black-cap rasp
berries, to the UNION office this week
that for Minnesota raspberries cer
tainly are entitled to the prize. The
samples Mr. Swaim brought in are
from stock he secured from Indiana
where he farmed some years ago.
They are what are called the monthly
raspberry and commence bearing in
June and keep on bearing until the
frost catches them. The samples
show five stages of growth all from
the same vine, and there is the blos
som, the little green berry, and the
various stages of growth, up to the
ripening berry, black and plump, and
tempting looking. Then another
sample shows a part of the vine that
bore berries in July Mr. Swaim says
that his vines are out in the garden
with no particular protection He has
about thirty vines, and while unless
well covered up, the vines will be
winter killed the roots live and the
vines shoot up and bear berries the
same season. The samples he brought
to the UNION office are from vines that
grew up this season from the roots.
Some of his neighbors did not believe
that he ever raised the berries on his
farm. Mr. Swaim may possibly bring
in samples of his Indiana raspberry
vines and exhibit them at the county
fair There are many farmers living
around Princeton who don't believe
that small fruit can be raised in this
country successfully, but they should
do like Mr. Swaim and try the experi
ment. The country in this section is
good for fruit raising and if the farmer
will lock arms with the land in the
proposition he will surely succeed.
Quigley in Political Arena
Michael Quigley, who is well known
by many of the residents of Princeton
and Mille Lacs county, has announced
himself as a candidate on the Demo
cratic ticket in Ramsey county for
sheriff. Mr. Quigley whose home has
been at Poreston, but who has been in
the west engaged in railroad contract
work, moved to St. Paul a short time
ago where he formerly resided. The
St. Paul News of last Friday contained
a picture of Mr. Quigley and gave a
short history of him. It said: "It was
in 1876 that this veteran Democrat first
located in St. Paul, although for nine
years thereafter his work as foreman
and sub-contractor on railroad work
took him beyond the Canadian boun
dary, where he had charge of a con
siderable portion of the building of the
Canadian Pacific.
Since 1885 he has been employed on
this side of the boundary entirely, in
construction work on the Great North
ern. The announcement of his can
didacy was enough to rally a host of
friends to his enthusiastic support, and
there are strong indications that he
will win the nomination hands down."
FOR SALE.A few buggies and har
nesses. Also a few good drivers.
A. Bank President Who Did Not For
get His Old Time Friend.
"Come in in the morning, and the
bank will have something for you to
jlo," said the president of a Broadway
bank to a meek looking man whose
hair was white and whose eyes were
marked by deep ciow's feet as he left
the office, with a bright look of satis
faction oo his face that had not been
there before.
"Let me tell jou a story," said the
president as he motioned to me to re
main. "I was living in Iowa, and
three city lots composed the capital
that I looked to to give mo a start in
business. I held on to them for a long
time while working for $33 a month
in a real estate office until they had
advanced in value to $3,000, when I
sold them to a St Louis man.
"It was nearly 3 o'clock, and I hur
ried to the bank. I made out the de
posit slip and laid it, with my gold and
bankbook, in front of the receiving
'It is closing time now,' he said,
'and you had better not make your de
posit until morning.'
"'Charley,' I said, for I knew him
well, 'that is ridiculous. It is a half
minute before closing time, and I in
sist that you take my deposit. I don't
want to be robbed of all that I have on
earth before morning.'
'I will fix it for you,' he said as he
gathered up the money and bankbook
and disappeared in the vault with
them. In a minute he was back, and
I was astonished at his actions.
'I hav. put it in my private box,'
he continued, 'where it will be safe,
and in the morning you can make the
deposit if you want to.'
"Next morning the bank's failure
was announced
"I hurried to Charley's house, which
was near by, and asked him about the
'Yes, it has failed and won't pay a
cent,' he said. 'Just five minutes be
fore you came in with your money yes
terday the directors decided not to
open this morning. I was told to give
out no information until business hours
today, and that is the reason I didn't
tell you. If you had made your de
posit, the money would have all gone.
Now it is safe in my box, and you can
have it any moment you please.'
"I did get it, and it was the founda
tion of my fortune. The man who was
just here is that Charley and was the
teller who saved my capital for me."
Pure water is more essential than
clean grass.
Even though turkeys are good for
agers it will not pay to let them go
without proper feeding.
Everything in the rearing of young
poultry depends upon their care and
management at lesfet until well feath
Fowls inclined to fatten too easily
are not good layers. The flesh they
carry makes them lazy, and this never
promotes laying.
Middlings make a good food for poul
try, but if wet up alone it is too sticky.
The better plan is to mix with bran
or corn and wet with milk or scalding
Whitewash is better than paint on
the poultry houses, for the reason that
it costs less and has a purifying influ
ence. It may be applied as often as
once a month to advantage.
The properties of sunflower seed are
peculiar, and a small quantity fed at
the proper time will essentially aid in
imparting to the plumage of adult
fowls a gloss that no other grain will
Gainsborough and His Carrier.
One of the earliest members of the
Royal academy, it w-as Gainsborough's
custom to have his pictures conveyed
to the metropolis by a prosperous Lon
don carrier, a Mr. Wiltshire of Shock
erwick, near Bath. This man refused
to accept payment on the ground that
he loved pictures too well. He was
not, however, allowed to go unreward
ed, for Gainsborough presented him
with six of his be^t works, and some
idea of their ultimate value may be
gained from the fact that when at
length they were sold the National gal
lery secured two, "The Parish Clerk of
Bradford-on-A.von," for 500 guineas,
and "The Harvest Wagon," for 2^00,
these prices being considered low.
Later "The Sisters" from another gal
lery realized close upon 10,000.
Nature and Poetry.
Environment aids poetry, but does
not create it. Nature is the grand
agent in making poetry, and poetry la
present wherever nature is. It spar
kles on the sea, glows in the rainbow,
flashes from the lightning and the star,
peals in thunder, roars in the cataract
and sings on the winds. Poetry io
Qod's image reflected in nature, as in
a mirror, and nature is present wher
ever man fa.
The Boston Boy.
"Lookin' fer a bird's nest, sonny?"
asked t&e good natured westerner of a
seven-year-old boy whom he met in
Boston Common.
"No, sir," replied the intellectual
prodigy as he continued to gaze up
into the tree. "I am merely endeavor
ing to correctly classify this tree as a
botanical product." Columbus State
Where Her Hopes Centered.
"I have a surprise in store for you,
dear," he said, seating himself at the
supper table.
"Well, darling, I hope it's a millinery
store," she responded quickly.Chica
go News.
And They Are Obeyed.
"What are unwritten laws, pa?"
Yourmother's, my son she always
speaks them."New York Press.
Church Topics &&
Owing to the absence of the pastor
there will be no preaching morning or
evening. Sunday school at noon and
Christian Endeavor at the usual hour.
Preaching morning and evening by
the pastor.
New Rules Regarding Boxes Announced
by the Post Office Department.
Persons who want to avail them
selves of rural free delivery services of
mail must get boxes at their own ex
pense or replace what they have if
they are not up to the standard. After
Oct. 1 the absence of a box on the road
side near the premises of any one will
indicate to the carrier that such a per
son does not want mail delivered and
the carrier will not accept mail for
Future boxes entered for approval
by the postmaster general must con
form to the new regulations. They
must be made in best workmanlike
manner. If square must measure 18
inches by 6x6, and if round must be
18 inches long by 6 in diameter. The
top or side opening is preferable.
Anyone who proposes to manufacture
rural mail boxes must submit sample
boxes and samples of material to the
special agent in charge of the district.
If approved he may stencil on the box,
"Approved by the Postmaster Gen-
eral," and the boxes thus come under
the protection of the department.
Rural boxes must be placed at the
roadside so that the carrier need not
dismount to deliver the mail. Two
families cannot use the same box, un
less near relatives or living in the
same house.St. Cloud Journal-Press.
MONEY to loan on improved
farms. M. S. RUTHERFORD,
Princeton, Minn.
Bowery Dance at Long's Siding.
A bowery dance will be given at
Long's Siding on Saturday evening,
September 13th. Come and enjoy your
selves, tf
or Sale.
80-acre farm with house, and forty
acres of good wild land. This property
is a bargain and can be bought right.
Box 70, Princeton.
FOR SALEOn account of leaving
the city I offer for sale all my new
household goods used only about four
months, at reasonable prices. Call* at
the McCarriel residence.
FOR SALEStore building and stock:
four horses, wagon, sleds and imple
ments, also hotel and furniture and
eighty acres of land near by. Good
place for business and bargain for some
one. Address F. L. Daigle, Vineland,
Minn. 30-tf
Taken Up.
A black boar pig about a year and
a half old, weight about 250 pounds
came to my farm Aug. 26. Owner can
have same by proving property and
paving charges. Section 4, Sherburne
Princeton, P. O.
the coffee roaster uses
to glaze his coffee with
would vou eat that kind of
eggs? Then why drink them?
Lion Coffee
Sunday and Weekday
has no coating of storage eggs,
glue, etc. It's coffeepure,
unadulterated, fresh, strong
and of delightful flavor
and aroma.
Uniform quality and
freshness are insured
by the sealed package.
Corn Meal
Carpet Tacks
Are articles which can be gotten at any
grocery store It isn't at every grocery
however, that you can get the thousand
and one little articles which add to the
comfort and convenience of every day
living We aim to keep everything you
may need in groceries Our guarantee
goes with every article sold
Hominy Grits, per package lOc
Mother Oats, per package 12c
Hasty Jellicon, per package lOc
Junket Tablets, per package lOc
Whole Wheat Flour, 12 pounds for 40c
India Relish, per bottle 35c
Chow Chow, per bottle 22c
Sweet Pickles, per bottle lOc
Sour Pickles, per bottle lOc
Olives, per bottle lOc
Prepared Mustard, per bottle lOc
Wafer Sliced Beef in glass 28c
English Luncheon Sausage, per can lOc
Vienna Sausage in Kraut, per can 12c
i N. E. 33
jfeA^.^aiN,,,, *f, ,^......IJ
Choice patterns in
Prints, Percales
and Ginghams
Very pretty designs and goods
of the best wearing quality.
New stock, latest styles.
Stylish and Up-to-Date.
Our Grocery
Includes a fine line, both staple
and fancy. Look over our stock.
John N. Berg.
Princeton, Minn.
An Organs
Any style or grade.
Old instruments taken in part payment
Time given to suit pm chasers
Call and see new Pianos
and Organs now on hand.
Room 4, 2nd Floor I O O Block
Mrs. Guy Ewing,
Princeton, Minn
Dr. C. F. Walker's
Dental Parlors
now located
in the
new building,
Dr. Walker
will attend
to his
from the
ist to 20th
of each
In Cambridge
a ist to aSth
of each month,
office over
Qouldberg &
as built up a splendid business
and earned an enviable reputation
by handling only dependable
Long Distance Phone 313
Centrally located All the comforts of home
life Unexcelled service Equipped with every
modern convenience for the treatment and the
cure of the sick and the invalid All forms of
Electrical Treatment Medical Baths Massage
X-ray Laboratory Trained Nurses in attend
ance Special advantages obtained in this in
stitution for the treatment of chronic diseases
and diseases of women either medical or sur
gical, and for the legitimate care of confine
ment cases
Open to the profession Any physician in
good standing can bring patients here and at
tend them himself Only non-contagious dis
eases admitted Charges reasonable
Medical Director
Eye, Ear Nose and Tnroat Specialist
That's All Right.
"Your trousers made by
L. Fryhling? That's all
This query and response are fre
quently made. They fit and so do
the trousers.
It is worth while paying for our
work. You get style and workman
ship here, and thus you are assured
of satisfaction.
L. Fryhling',
Princeton, Minn
Single and Double Rigs
at a noments' Notice.
Commercial Travelers' Trade a Specialty
School Shoes.
School will soon open again,
I want to call your attention
to the fact that I carry in
stock a nice line of Children's
In Vici,
Box Calf.
Shoes that I will guarantee
to give good service. Sold
at prices to meet all compe
Ladies! 1
Don't buy your spring and sum
mer goods, silks, shirt waists,
separate skirts, etc., until you
have examined our line.
Call and see our line of hats,
mackintoshes and rain coats
Save Your Money
by buying dry goods, and gro
l* v,..Jt,i ut **iH -s* ^r-*-&jv*t'b* Al**s& ^^Jg^s^J**3fi li
I herebj announce myself as a candidate for
nomination for the office of county treasurer
subject to the will of the Republican voters of
Mille Lacs county Minnesota at the primary
election to be held on September 16 1902
I hereby announce myself as a candidate for
nomination for the office of sheriff of Mille Lacs
county on the Republican ticket at the primary
election to be held Tuesday, September 16th
I hereoy announce m\self a candidate for the
nomination for the office of County Attorney
for Mille Lacs county on the Republican ticket
at the primary election to be held Tueadav
September 16th 1902
I hereby announce mv self as a candidate for
nomination for the office of county superin
tendent of schools subject to the will of the
Republican voters of Mille Lacs countj Min
nesota at the primarj election to be held on
September 1G, 1902
Trank White hereby announces his candi
dacy for the Republican nomination for State
senator from the Torty-fifth district subject
to the approval of the voters of said district at
the primaries
I herebj announce self as a candidate on
the Republican ticket for the office of register
of deeds of the countj of Mille Lacs subject
to the will of the voters at the forthcoming
primarj election
I herebj announce myself as a candidate on
the Repubhcan ticket for the office of county
attorney of the countj of Mille Lacs subject
to the will of the voters at the forthcoming
primary election
_____ S FOST ER
I hereby announce mj self a candidate for the
Republican nomination for the office of super
intendent of schools of Mille Lacs countv at
the primarj election to be held Sept 16 1903
I hereby announce mjself as a candidate on
the Republican ticket for the office of County
Attorney of the county of Mille Lacs subject
to the will of the voters at the forthcoming
primarj election, September 16 1902
Chas Knapp of Big Lake is a candidate
for county treasurer of bherburne county sub
ject to the decision of the Republican primarv
election, Sept 16 1902
First publication Julj 31 1902
County of Mille Lacs
District Court beventh Judicial Di&triU
Thompson Cattle Companj (a corpora
tion) Plaintift vs
William Larned Elizabeth Larned
Nathan Benson, Holmes Clarke, also I
all other persons or parties unknown
claiming any right title estate lien or
interest in the real estate described in
the complaint heiein, Defendants
The State of Minnesota to the above named
You and each of you are hereby summoned
and required to answer the complaint of the
plaintiff in the above entitled action, which com
plaint is on file in the office of the clerk of the
above named court at Princeton, Minnesota,
and to serve a copy of your answer to said com
plaint upon the subscriber at his office No 14
Minnesota Loan and Trust Building, 313 Nicol
let Avenue, Minneapolis Minnesota within
twenty days after the service of this summons
exclusive of the day of such service and if you
fail to answer the said complaint within the
time aforesaid, plaintiff will apply to the court
for the relief demanded therein
Dated Minneapolis Minn July 23rd, 1902
Plaintiff Attorney Minneapolis, Minn
County of Mille Lacs
District Court beventh Judicial District.
Thompson Cattle Company, (a corpora
tion) Plaintiff, vs
William Larned, Elizabeth Larned
Nathan Benson, Holmes Clarke, also
all other persons or parties unknown
claiming any right, title, estate, lien or
interest in the real estate described in
the complaint herein, Defendants
Notice is hereby given that an action has
been begun and is now pending in the above
named court between the above named parties,
and that said action is one to determine the ad
verse claims of the defendants and each of
them in and to the following described real
estate situated the county of Mille Lacs
and State of Minnesota, to-wit The north
west quarter of the northeast quarter (NW#
of NE#) the northeast quarter of the north
west quarter (NEJ4 of NW' the southwest
quarter of the northwest quarter (SWi of
NW}) and the southwest quarter of the south
west quarter (SWii of &WM) of section one
(1) all of section two (2) the east half (E^)
and the northeast quarter of the northwest
quarter (NEJ4 of NWJ4) and the east half of
the southwest quarter (E54 of SWJ4) of section
three (3), the east half of the northeast quar
ter (EV4 of NEH) of section four (4) the north
east ouarter of the northwest quarter (NE1^
~"t tm
NW)i) and the northeast quarter (NES) of
section ten (10), the northwest quarter (NWJ^)
and the west half of the northeast quarter (WM
of NEJ4) of section eleven (11) all in township
thirty-nine (39) range twentj'-seven (27) ac
cording to the government survey thereof
Dated Minneapolis Minnesota ulv 23rd, 1903
Plaintiff Attorney, Minneapolis, Minn
First Publication Sept 4 1902
*J Mille Lacs ss In Probate Court
Special Term September 3rd, 1902
In the matter of the estate of Joseph Hickey,
On reading and nling the petition of E W
Cundy, administrator of the estate of Joseph
Hickey, deceased, representing, among other
things that he ha^ fully administered said es
tate, and praying that a time and place be fixed
for examining, settling and allowing the final
account of his administration and for the
assignment of the residue of said estate to the
parties entitled thereto by law
It is ordered, that said account be examined,
and petition heard by this court, on Saturday,
the *27th day of September A 1902 at 10
clock A at the court house in the village
of Princeton in said county
And it is further ordered, that notice hereof
be given to all persons interested by pub
lishing a copy of this order once in each
week for three successive weeks prior to
said day of hearing, in the Princeton Union a
weekly newspaper printed and published at
the village of Princeton in said county
Dated at Princeton, Minnesota, the 3rd day
of September, A 1902
By the Court,
Judge of Probate
[Probate Court Seal
Attorney for Administrator, Princeton, Minn
Notice of Primary Election.
County of Mille Lacs
Town of Princeton, Election District of Prince
To the Legally Qualified Electors of the Elec
tion District of the Town of Princetoa in the
county of Mille Lacs, State of Minnesota
Notice is hereby given, that, pursuant to the
provisions of Chapter 216 of the General Laws
of Minnesota for the year 1901, and the amend
ments thereof a Primary Election will be held
in said district on the sixteenth day of Septem
ber, A 1902 at Armory of National Guards
over Caley's store, and that the polls will be
open on said day from the hour of six (6) o'clock
in the forenoon until the hour of nine (9)
o'clock in the afternoon thereof, for the pur
pose of voting for and nominating candidates
for the following offices, to-wit
One Congressman for the Eight Congres
sional District
One Member of the State Senate
Three Members of the State House of
One County Auditor.
One County Treasurer
One Register of Deeds
One Sheriff.
One Judge of Probate Court
One County Attorney
One County Surveyor
One County Superintendent of Schools.
One County Coroner.
Town of Princeton, Mille Lacs County. Min

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