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.iiSL^g ^$&85i$&$ ^$85 &$^2
\& 1*1 Isa
J. J. SKAHEN, Cashier and Manager.
Does a. General
Collecting and
For Maps, Prices, and any other information,
write to
Land Agent. Princeton, Minn.
A New Years' Invitation
to Visit my Store
and take advantage of Bargai ns I
shall offer for the next Twenty Days
In Watches, Clocks and Jewelry, Hollow and Flat Ware,
in Plated and Sterling Silver. In watches I ha ve these
welUknown makes,
Elgin, Waltham, Hampden and Hamilton
in Boss, Fahy, Crescent, Wads worth, gold filled cases, and
also solid gold in any size to suit either ladles or gentlemen.
also sell the famous easy-
running, silent sewing
Wheeler & Wilson
Sewing Machine
which turns drudgery to past-
time. If you want to live a
happy lite, just buy one for your
wife and see her smi le on you
for the rest of your life.
'Z which but few can match and none surpass in tone qualities,
which I will sell on easy terms to suit purchaser. There are
7 others that are cheaper but there are none as cheap as the
best and those are the CAPEN AND HARRINGTON PIANOS.
2? have a lot of nice Calendars
to give away to all who will call for one (none to children.)
Yours Anxious to Please,
Paid Up Capital
A General Banking Business
Loans Made on Approved Se
Interest Paid on Time De
Foreign and Domestic Ex
change S S PETTERSON, Pres.
T. H. CALE Y, Vice Pres.
J. F. PETTERSON, Cash'r.
Banking Business
Railroad Lands
Farm and
Village Loans.
Fine Hardwood Lands, Meadows and Open Lands, at
Low Prices and on Easy Terms, lo sale by
The Great Northern and
St. Paul & Duluth Railroad Companies.
to Fitting
Satisfaction Guaranteed.
I live here and can be consulted
at any time I make no charge
For Testing Eyes.
1 J. C. HERDLISKAf,toilettrarticles
Reliable Jeweler and Optician. jZ
V^*i ^.I^L^^KJ^W^ 'OJS
Long Distance 'Phone 313.
Centrally located. All the comforts of home
life Unexcelled service. Equipped with every
modern convenience for the treatment and the
cure of the sick and the invalid. All forms of
Electrical Treatment Medical Baths, Massage,
X-ray Laboratory, Trained Nurses in attend
ance Special advantages obtained in this in
stitution for the treatment of chronic diseases
and diseases of women, either medical or sur
gical, and for the legitimate care of confine
ment cases.
Open to the profession Any physician in
good standing can bring patients here and at
tend them himself Only non-contagious dis
eases admitted. Charges reasonable
Medical Director.
Eye, Ear, Nose and Throat Specialist.
Keep Your Ey
on tKe
Happy New Year
and th is space.
John N. Berg.1
Princeton, Minn,
Dr. C. F. Walker's
Dental Parlors
now located
in the
new building,
Dr. Walker
will attend
to his
from the
1 ist to 20th
of each
In Cambridge
21st to a8th
of each month,
office over
Qoutdberg St
in the way that you can buy right
at the time when you can buy right, and
at the place where you can buy right.
buy right if you buy for cash and you
can buy right 4.
all times if you buy at
Deale in general merchandise,
agen for Pratt's perfumes and
and flcCall Bazaar
-V r- !*r
1 TWHg
[o th CouncilCaley, Ruther
ford and Libby Trustees.
Proposition to Incorporate as a City
is Turned DownThere Was
a Light Vote Cast,
The annual village election was held
last Tuesday and passed off quietly.
There had been litt le agitation of the
matter of electing village officials,
though the question of the personnel of lake,
the ticket had been talked over by
those who usually take the political
bull by the horns, while as a rule the
masses turn in and twist the animaPs
tail. corder, Petterson for treasurer and A
D. H.Robbing Will be Paid SIO a Family
to Take Them to Brainerd.
D. Robbins came down from Mille
Lacs lake last Monday and spent the day
in Pinceton. left Tuesday for the
twin cities to spend a few days. Mr.
Robbins says that the $18,500 to be paid
the Indians according to the recent
treaty will be distributed among the
band some time this month, and the
pajment will probably be made at
Vineland, unless otherwise ordered.
Indian Agent Michelet was at the lake
about ten dajs ago making arrange
ments with the Indians for the final
payment and settlement, preparatory
to their leaving for White Earth and
other reservations, as they may elect.
Agent Michelet stated to the Indians
that when the final payment was made
they would be obliged to sign the roll
and at the same time state on what res
ervation they prefer to take allotments.
The Indians did not seem quite pre
pared for this sudden turn in affairs
and thej called the representative
members of the band together and had
a consultation for over six hours in
which the} discussed the matter. Many
did not think that the terms of the
treaty made it incumbent on them to
leave Mille Lacs lake afte"r they had
accepted the money from the govern
ment. The Indians finally conclud ed
%*t f"
that they would take the money and at day, and there was quite a delegation
reservation they desire to go. Old
the time of the payment state to what of Mila
A -4
nnr will t.hp IBOTP
vation nor tf of Aitk ii a sho rtt. ways,
others will go to White Earth while
some may g.o to Leech lake. Agent
transport the red men to their new
homes. Wherever they go they will
be provided with a small house, and
Dr. Armitage decided not to be a
candidate for honors as president of
the council with the title of "mayor."
A ticket was agreed on to be headed
by Andrew Bryson as president, with
Caley,, M.. Rutherfo r_d and L.. __ _S.. ._ the board wound u-p its business. Be-
S. Libbv as trustees, Goulding for re-
Z. Norton for justice. But all men are
not of the same minds, and this ticket
was changed by substituting the name
of D. C. Johnson for recorder in place
of John Goulding. Then another ticket
was placed in the field just after din
ner bearing the name of A W Wood
cock for trustee instead of M. S. Ruth
erford. This was not done at the sug
gestion nor ith the approval of Mr.
Woodcock, nor because am one ques
tioned Mr. Rutherford's fitness. I was
the work of parties who wanted Mr.
Woodcock on the board. Neither Mr.
Rutherford nor Mr. Woodcock took
any active interest in the contest,
which prov to be a very close one
Mr. Rutherford receiving ninety-two
vote?, and Mr Woodcock eighty-three
votes. Goulding for recorder defeated
Johnson by thirty-three votes
vote was as follows:
For President of Council
Andrew Br json
Fox (Trustees
T. H. Oalev
L..J3 Libby
MiS. Rutherford
.Tor*J W. Goulding t... ^i,
D. Johnson
F01 Treasurer-
John F. Petterson
For Justice of the Peace
A Norton
Harry Pratt
Against City Incorporation
For City Incorporation
There were 175 otes cast,
scattering votes were cast bv parties
who were evidently pl aj ing horse.
All ballots had "No" printed op
posite "Citj Incorporation," but there
were six men who voted yes just the
same. One man voted yes, and wrote
beneath "Take your medicine."
The old council will meet next Mon
day night to wind up its affairs, and it
is understood that the newr
171 150
Sev eral
board will
meet on the following Mondav.
Andrew Bryson is Elected President bed and bedding, cooking utensils, etc. The Handsome Houlton Block is De-
si ,-_.-__ and a piece of land from 80 to 160 acres,
three acres of which shall be broken.
The Indians will be provided with seed
and what farming implements they
may need. Mr. Michelet estimates
that it will cost the government $150,-
000 to remove all the Indians from
Mills Lacs lake and provide them with
homes. Two families will be trans
ported at a time and the Indians will
rendezvous at Robbins' place before
leaving the lake. I will take a long
time to move all the Indians at the
The work will commence early
in the spring.
It is Organized From Township 39-26 and
Will Elect Officers January 37th.
The old board of county commission
ers met for the last time on Monday
and closed up its affairs. The sessions
of the board continued during the daj
and it was close to supper time when
i* adjurned the veteran member,
To~h Jn McCool, who has been on the
board for the past twent\-two years
was called upon for a speech in honor
of the closing of his long and faithful
service, and the Greenbush commis
sioner did not disappoint his fellow
members on the board, for he made
them a speech in which he briefb al
luded to his term of service on the
board and the growth and development
of the countj since he was first sworn
in as a commissioner. hoped that
the members of the board would al
ways remain true to Mille Lacs county
and their countrj, and above all things
to be honest in the public serv ice and
the discharge of their public duties.
The new board settled down for busi
ness Tuesdaj morning. Robert S.
Shaw, who succeeds John McCool on
the board as the representative from
the town of Greenbush, was sworn in
and took his seat at the table and set
tled down comfortably in the chair to
help the board look after the affairs of
the countv. Commissioner Deans who
was re-elected was also sworn in and in
addition to this he was also elected
chairman of the board for the next
The board was obliged to reject the
Greenbush school petition for the or
ganization of a new district out of dis
tricts 2. 4, 5 and 10, because sufficient
notice had not been given to the resi
dents in distri ct No. 10, and so the
board will ha\e to hear the petition at
some future meeting.
Dr. Armitage was elected county
phj sician by the board, and the salarj of
Janitor Clark was increased.
The salari es of the county officers
were not changed.
The board received the petition of
twenty-five freeholders living in town
ship 39-26 for organization, as a regular
township to be known as "Hayland."
The name did not strike the board as
being the best in the vocabulary but
nevertheless it is euphonious and sug
gesti ve of new-mown hay and "Maud
Muller" and the board had no choice
in the matter and so "Hayland" will
go echoing down the corridors of Time
as the latest civil division of Mille
Lacs county. The board designated
January 27th as the time and the home
of Alfred Johnson as the place
whei'e the first township election of
Hav land should be held. The town
ship of Hayland lies directly north of
Borgholm, and is being rapidly settled
up with an industrious class of people
who will be welcome into the organized
household of Mille Lacs county.
The board has decided to make a
change in the tract index in the regis
ter of deed's office, and will have so me
new tract index books made, and will
advertise for bids for transcribing the
old and mutilated records into the new
books which will be made so that re
cords will be kept classified by forty
acre tracts. The old records were
kept classified by quarter sections, and
required considerable time to ascer
tain the transfer history of a forty.
The board adjourned yesterday after
Was Fined $25.00.
The case against Louis Erickson of
Milaca for selling liquor to minors was
heard before Justice Norton la st Mon
cea peoploe
nnnhn AltVn a. ehnrwave rlicnanc ad t-n tV t~1
nt he
Shakopeeandafew others insist that Defendant waived a jury trial *n the
inf.r of UnceSa nor will they leave
Mille Lacs lake. Many of the Indians
a ma
Machelet has made arrangements with endant took an appeal to the district
Mr. Robbins for the removal of the court where twelve men will have to
Indians who will be paid $10 a family
for escorting them to Brainerd where were given liquor in Mr. Erickson
the agent will have box cars ready to saloon.
'$s*i i^v
they will neither take any of the filthy testimony was taken which indicated that was put up la st summer across the rv TW Il
young men of Milaca had
been frequenting the saloon in question
are talking of moving up on the reser- and that intoxicating liquor had been entire plant and was forced to go to S
Trafi-vr dispenset th en in h.e saloon. Ju&
tice Norton imposed the minimum fine
in such cases which was $25, and de-
v. Iff).
strayed by Fire Earlj Wed-
nesday ilorning.
Loss of Over $60,000, With
Realizing the danger that threatened
the town Elk River citizens ap
pealed to Minneapolis for assistance
and Chief Canterbury ordered Assist
ant Chief Keogh, Master Mechanic
Tuttle and ten men with engine No. 9
and 1,500 feet of ho se to report to the
Great Northern yards. A 5:25 a
special consisting of an engine and two
car s, having on board the firemen and
their apparatus, started for Elk River,
but the fire apparatus arrived too late
to save the block, though was of some
assistance in putting ourtfirfire.~
The losers by the fire with the loss
and insurance are as follows: W
Houlton, owner of block and president
of Houlton's bank, $21,000, insurance
$14,000: A N Dare, Star-News office
and job office, $3,000, insurance $1,300.
F. N Corej, postmaster, loss on fixtures
$500, insurance $300 the mail matter
as saved: O. Whitman, 3,000 bush
els of potatoes, $1,000, no insurance
Heebner Mercantile compam, general
store, loss on goods and fixtures, $17,500,
insurance $15,200 Davis Bros., Mercan
tile Co., general store, $7,500, insur
anoe $5,000 Roberts Mercantile co m
pam hardware, $2,000, insurance $1,500
Hildreth & Waterman, real estate, loss
small, no insurance.
C. S. Wheaton, lawjer, lost most of
is office furniture, which was partly
covered b} insurance. M. Jones,
barber, lost $400 with no insurance.
The Masonic lodge's loss is $800 in
surance $350. The A O. W.'s$75,
no insurance. Dr N K. Whittemore
lost part of his office furniture and Jesse
Varley, county audito r, sustained a
small loss.
I was a litt le less than four ears ago
that fire destroyed most of the business
portion of Elk River. The estimated
loss at that time was placed at $55,000,
with insurance at $25,000. The fire of
four years ago occurred on April 24,
1898, and the business men of Elk River
went to work and rebuilt with brick.
Many of those who lost property in the
fire of 1898 were losers in the fire
of yesterday. Four years ago Mr. Houl
ton lost his store and bank building,
Heebner, with whom at that time
was associated Mr. Davis of the Davis
Mercantile Co., were also a loser, as
was also A N Dare, Dr. Whittemore,
Attorney Wheaton and the postoffice.
I is not known just what the busi
ness men who were burned out will do
but it is safe to say that they will re
The only thing that saved the Bab
co& building from destruction and^ol
sibly the Blanchett hotel, was the new
building of the EkRive bank that
uu1.1tu.11g oi one J^IlK
intrested in the case
between the
surance About $50,000.
Many Firms Suffer.
Yesterday morning between one and
two o'clock the residents of Elk River
were startled by the cry of fire which,
with the small hurricane that was
blowing at the time created consterna
tion and great alarm. The fire was.
discovered to be in the basement of fhe
Roberts Mercantile Co., located in the
Houlton brick block. A clerk in the
building awoke and smelled smoke.
A soon as he discovered the fire he
hurried to the store of W Babcock
Sons Co., and awoke a clerk there who
at once gave the alarm over the tele
phone line, the central office being lo
cated in the Babcock store. I this
waj many were informed of the
danger that threatened the town and
in a very short time the whole town
was out fighting the fire which in the
meantime had burned vigorously and"
had ignited a can of powder which was
in the store directly over the locality
where the fire was burning. Before
the powder exploded it was thought
that the fine Houlton block could be
saved but the explosion made fine fuel
for the flames which were fanned by
the gale that was blowing from the
north and west. The fire spread with
great rapidity and in a short time the
Houlton block was doomed and was
completely destroyed by the fire fiend.
few small frame
buildings a nmd he Babcock store.
The postoffice and Houlton's bank
iUt pusto ct an ban
say whether the young men bought or Jan. 20th by Princeton cornet band.
moved over into a newhuildimr
street from the postoffice. A N Dare
o1f the Elk River Star-News lost his
me m*- xuver otar-jNews lost his
Paul where he will issue his paper this
week and until he can get new quarters
and a new outfit.
"Golden Gulch" at the opera house
's sure and go and see it and help the
band boys.

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