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"And what did you do?"
"I struggled away from him and
snatched this dagger from my breast,
telling him that if he took but one step
toward me I would plunge it in my
heait. and he said I was a fool."
"God keep you always a fool!" said I
prayerfully. "How long has this been
going on?"
"A month or two. But I have always
been able to run away from him. He
has been growing more importunate of
ilate, so I bought a dagger that very
day and had it not one hour too soon."
With this she drew out a gleaming lit
tie weapon that flashed in the rays of
the candle.
This was trouble in earnest for me,
and I showed it very plainly. Then
Jane timidly put her hand in mine for
the first time in her life and murmured:
"We will be married, Edwin, if you
wish, before we return from France."
She was glad to fly to me to save her
self from Henry, and I was glad even
to be the lesser of two e\ lis.
As to whether my two friends met or
not that day at Bridewell I cannot say,
but I think they did They had in some
waj come to an understanding that
lightened both their hearts before
Mary left for France, and this had
been their only possible opportunity.
Jane and I were always taken into
their confidence on other occasions, but
as to this meeting, if any there was,
we have never been told a word. My
belief is that the meeting was con
trived by Wolsey upon a solemn prom
ise from Brandon and Mary never to
reveal it, and if so they have sacredly
kept their word.
On the 13th of August, 1514, Mary
Tudor, with her golden hair falling
over her shoulders, was married at
Greenwich to Louis de Valois, De
Longueville acting as his French maj
esty's proxy. Poor, fair Proserpina!
Note Maidens only were married with
their hair down. It was "the sacred token
of maidenhood."Editor.
O it came to pass that Mary
was married unto Louis and
went down into France.
[Again the editor takes the
liberty of substituting Hall's quaint
account of Mary's journey to France.]
Then when all things were redy for the
conueyaunce of this noble Ladye, th
kyng her brother In the moneth of Au
guste, and the xV daye, with the quene his
wife and his sayde sister and al the court
came to Douer and there taryed, for the
wynde was trobloua and the wether fowle,
in so muche that shippe of the kyngea
called the Libeck of IXC. tonne was
dryuen a shore before Sangate and there
brase & of I C. men scantely escaped
iliC and yet the most part of them were
hurt with the wrecke. When the wether
as fayre, then al her wardrobe, stable,
and riches was shipped, and such as were
appoyncted to geve their attendaunce on
er as the duke of Norfolke, the Marques
of Dorset, the Bysshop of Durham, the
Earle of Surrey, the lorde Delawar, sir
Thomas Bulleyn and many other knights,
Squyers, gentlemen & ladies, al these went
to shippe and the sayde ladye toke her
leaue of the quene in the castell of Douer,
and the king brought her to the sea syde,
and kissed her, and betoke her to GOD
and the fortune of the sea and to the
gouernaunce of the French king her hus
band Thus at the hower of foure of the
clock in the morenynge thys fayre ladye
toke her shippe with al her noble com
paignie. and when they had sayled a
quarter of the see, the wynde rose and
seuered some of the shippes to Cayles,
and some in Flaunders and her shippe
with great difficultie to Bulleyn, and with
great leopardy at the entrying of the
hauen, for the master ran the shippe hard
on shore, but the botes were redy and
recejued this noble ladye, and at the
landyng Sir Christopher Garnysha stode
In the water and toke her in his armes,
and so caryed her to land, where the
Duke of Vandosme and a Cardynall with
many estates receyued her, and her ladies,
and welcommed all the noble men Into the
countre and so the quene and all her
trayne came to Bullejn and ther rested,
and from thence she remoued by dyuerse
lodgynges tyll she came all most within
ill miles of Abuyle besyde the forrest of
Arders, and ther kynge Loyes vppon a
greate courser met her, (which he so longe
desired) but she toke her way righte on,
not stopping to conurse. Then he re
turned to Abuyle by a secret waye, & she
was with greate triumphe, procession &
pagiantes receyued into the toune of
Abuyle the VIII day of October by the
Dolphin, which receyued her with greate
honor. She was appeareilled in cloth of
slluer, her horse was trapped in gold
smythes work very rychly. After her fol
lowed xxxvi ladies al ther palfreys tra p
ped with crymsyn veluet, embraudered:
after the folowed one charyott of cloth of
tyssue, the seconde clothe of golde and
the third Crymsyn veluet embraudered
with the kynges armes & hers, full of
roses After them folowed a great nom
ber of archers and then wagons laden
with their stuf. Greate was the riches In
plate, mels, money, and hangyngea that
this ladye brought into France. Th
Moday beyng the daye of Sayncte Denyce,
the same kynge Leyes marled the la#y
Mary in the greate church of Abuyle,
bothe appareled in goldesmythes woorke.
After the masse was done ther was a
greate banket and fest and the ladyes of
England highly entreteyned.
The Tewesdaye beyng the daye of Oc
tober all the Englishmen except a fewe
that wer officers with the sayde quene
were discharged whlche was a great sor
owe for theim, for some had serued her
longe in the hope of preferment and some
that had honest romes left them to serue
her and now they wer out of seruice,
which caused the to take thought In so
much, some dyed by way returning, and
some fell mad, but ther was no remedy.
After the English lordes had done ther
commission the French kynge wylled the
to take no lenger payne & so gaue to
theim good rewardes and they toke ther
lfaue of the quene and returned.
Then the Dolphyn of Fraunce called
Frauncys duke of Valoys, or Fraunceya
d'Angouleme, caused a solempne iustes to
be proclaymed, which shoulde be kept in
Parys In the moneth of Noueber next en
suyng, and while al these thinges were
prepearyng, the Ladye Mary, the V. daye
of Noueber, then beylng Sondaye was
With greate solempnitee crowned Queen
of Fraunce in the monasterye of Saynct
iDenyce, and the Lorde Dolphyn, who was
young, but very toward, al the season
held the crowune ouer her hed, because it
as of great walght, to her greuaunSe.
Mme. Mary took her time, since a
more deliberate journey bride never
made to waiting bridegroom. She was
a, study during this whole period, weep
ing and angry by turns. She, who had
never known a moment's illness in all
her days, took to her bed upon two oc
casions from sheer antipathetic nerv
ousness, and would rest her head upon
Jane's breast and cry out little, half
articillate prayers to God that she
might not kill the man who was her
husband when they should meet.
When we met the king about a league
this side of Abbeville, and when Mary
beheld him with the shadow of death
upon his brow, she took hope, for she
knew he would be but putty in her
hands, so manifestly weak was he,
mentally and physically. As he came
up she whipped her horse and rode by
him at a gallop, sending me back with
Word that he must not be so ardent
that he frightened her, poor, timid lit
tle thing, so afraid ofnothing in the
world! This shocked the French court
iers, and one would think would, have
offended Louis, but he simply grinned
from ear to ear, showing his yellow
fangs, and said whimperingly: "Oh, the
game is worth the trouble. Tell her
majesty I wait at Abbeville."
The old king had ridden a horse to
meet his bride in order that he might
appear more gallant before her. but a
litter-was waiting to take him back to
Abbeville by a shorter route, and they
were married again in person.
Again a quotation from Hall is sub
Mondaye the vi daye of Noueber, ther
the sad quene was receyued into the
cytee of Parys after the order thar folow
eth First the garde of the cytee met her
with oute Sayncte Denyce al in coates of
goldsmthe woorke with shippes gylt,
and after them mett her al the prestes
and religious whiche were estemed to be
.liiM The quene was in a chyre coured
about (but not her ouer person) in white
clothe of golde, the horses that drewe it
couered in clothe of golde, on her hed a
coronall, al of greate perles, her necke
and brest full of Iuels, before her wente a
garde of Almaynes after ther fascion, and
after them al noblemen, as the Dolphyn,
the Duke of Burbon, Carynalles, and a
greate nomber of estates. Aboute her
person rode the kynge's garde the which
wer Scottes On the morowe bega the
iustes, and the quene stode so that al
men might see her, and wonder at her
beautie, and the kynge was feble and lay
on a couche for weakenes.
So Mary was twice married to Louis,
and, although she was his queen fast
and sure enough, she was not his wife.
You may say what you will, but I
like a fighting woman, one with a touch
of the savage in her when the occasion
arises, one who can fight for what she
loves as well as against what she hates.
She usually loves as she fightswith
all her heart
So Mary was crowned and was now
a queen and hedged about by the tin
seled divinity that hedgeth royalty.
It seemed that she was climbing
higher and higher all the time from
Brandon, but In her heart every day
she was brought nearer to him.
There was one thing that troubled
her greatly, and all the time. Henry
had given his word that Brandon should
be liberated as soon as Mary had left
the shores of England, but we had
heard nothing of this matter, although
we had received several letters from
home. A doubt of her brother, in
whom she had little faith at best, made
an ache at her heart which seemed at
times likely to breakso she said.
One night she dreamed that she had
witnessed Brandon's execution, her
brother standing by in excellent hu
mor at the prank he was playing her,
and it so worked upon her waking
hours that by evening she was ill. At
last I received a letter from Brandon,
which had been delayed along the
road, containing one for Mary. It
told of his full pardon and restoration
to favor, greater even than before, and
her joy was so sweet and quiet and yet
so softly delirious that I tell you plain
ly it brought tears to my eyes, and I
could not hold them back.
The marriage, when once determined
upon, had not cast her down nearly so
deep as I had expected, and soon she
grew to be quite cheerful and happy.
This filled me with regret, for I thought
of how Brandon must suffer, and felt
that her heart was a poor, flimsy thing
to take this trouble so lightly.
I spoke to Jane about it, but she only
laughed. "Mary is all right," said she.
"Do not fear. Matters will turn out
better than you think, perhaps. You
know 'she generally manages to have
her own way in the end."
"If you have any comfort to give,
please give it, Jane. I feel most keenly
for Brandon, heart tied to such a will
ful, changeable creature as Mary."
"Sir Edwin Caskoden, you need not
take the trouble to speak to me at all
unless you can use language more re
spectful concerning my mistress. The
queen knows what she is about, but it
appears that you cannot see it. I see
it plainly though, although no word
has ever been spoken to me on the sub
ject. As to Brandon being tied to her,
It seems to me she Is tied to him and
that he holds the reins. He could drive
her into the mouth of purgatory."
"Do you think so?"
"I know it."
I remained In thought a moment or
two and concluded that she was right.
In truth, the time had come to me
when I believed that Jane, with her
good sense and acute discernment,
could not be wrong in anything, and I
think so yet. So I took comfort on
faith from her and asked, "Do you re
member what you said should happen
before we return to England?"
Jane hung her head. "I remember."
"Well?" She then put her hand in mine and
murmured, "I am ready any time you
Great heaven! I thought I should go
out of my senses. She should have
told me gradually. I had to do some
thing to express my exultation, so I
Walked over to a bronze statue of
^Bacchus, about my sizethat is, height
put my hat, which I had been carry
ing under my arm, on his head, cut a
few capers in an entirely new and
equally antic step, and then drew back
and knocked that Bacchus down.
Jane thought I had gone stark mad,
and her eyes grew big with wonder,
but I walked proudly back to her after
my victory over Bacchus and reassured
herwith a few of Mary's messages
that I had still left over, if the truth
must be told. Then we made arrange
ments that resulted in our marriage
next morning.
Accordingly Qneen Mary and one or
two others went with us down to a lit
tle church, where, as fortune would
have it, there wasnath
tot 3i
wedlock little Jane and little meev
erything so appropriate, you see. I
suppose in the whole world we couldn't
have found another set of conditions so
harmonious. Mary laughed and cried
and laughed* again, and clapped her
hands over and over, and said it was
like a play wedding," and, as she
kissed Jane, quietly slipped over her
head a beautiful diamond necklace that
was worth full 10,000-aside, that is,
from the millions of actual value be
cause it came from Mary. "A play
wedding" it was, and a play life it has
been ever since.
Minister Conger and Prince Ching to
Confer en the Subject.
Peking, July 1Prince Ching, pres
ident of the, foreign office, has return
ed from the summer palace in order
to hold a conference with Minister
Conger in regard to the commercial
treaty between China and the United
States It is understood that the Rus
sian opposition, which the Chinese
foreign office insists prevents its sig
nature, is unchanged, though friends
of the American treaty profess to ex
pect that the coming conference be
tween General Kuropatkin, the Rus
sian war minister, and M. Lessar, the
Russian minister to China, at Port
Arthur, will result in the removal of
the Russian opposition.
An official telegram has been sent
to the new viceroy of Canton, directing
him to order the troops in the field to
exterminate the remaining rebels in
Kwangsi province, where, it is under
stood, the suffering from the famine
eclipses the losses caused by the re
Marriage of Dr. Eugene Kaliher.
The marriage of Dr. Eugene Kaliher
and Miss Maud Nickerson last Thurs
day night was the happy culmination
of a love affair dating back to high
school days, and the young people have
every prospect of a life of happiness
before them. The ceremony was per
formed by Rev. W. M. Jenkins of Big
Lake, who, about twenty-five years
ago, performed a similar service for
the parents of the bride, Mr. and Mrs.
A. H. Nickerson. The marriage was
witnessed by the near relatives and a
few friends of the contracting parties,
who left shortly after the ceremony for
Little Falls, where they will make
their home. A host of young friends
boarded the train and accompanied
them to the junction, and bade them
goodbye amidst a perfect deluge of
rice.Elk River Star-News.
AVolded Specification.
A well known Presbyterean minister
of Camden is never happier than when
relating his pet anecdotes concerning
courtships and marriage. One of his
favorites, which he usually reserves for
wedding breakfasts, is of a young couple
of his acquaintance who had been mar
ried by a Quaker. Immediately after
the ceremony the Quaker said to the
"Friend, though are at the end of
thy troubles."
A few weeks later the man came to
the minister, boiling over with rage,
having found his wife a regular vixen,
and said:
I thought you said I was at the end
of my troubles?"
'"So I did, friend, but I did not say
which end," replied the Quaker.
Philadelphia Ledger.
The "Red Can" Law.
The "red can" law went into effect
Wednesday of this week, and hereafter
it will be unlawful for a grocer to put
gasoline or benzine in a can of less than
six gallons which is not painted a
bright red and tagged in large letters
with the name of the contents.
The clerk or grocer who forgets this
will be liable to a fine of $100, accord
ing to a law passed by the last legisla
Kerosene must be put in plain cans.
Reward Offered
For the recovery or information lead
ing to the recovery of the following
articles lost on the road between
Princeton and Page: One pair white
blankets, one pair red blankets, one
large plaid blanket, two single dark
blankets, one Galloway robe (unlined),
two riding skirts, one new pair boy's
overalls wrapped in paper, one pair
pillows. Address or deliver goods to
Emmet Mark, Princeton, Minn. 29-2
Miss Minerva Barker of Cambridge,
who graduated from the Elk River
high school a few years ago, completed
a course at Carleton college last week.
It is understood that she will now de
vote her time to writing for the Isanti
County Press, being associate editor
with her father, Hon. H. F. Barker.
Elk River Star-News.
Hugo's Home Presented to Paris.
Paris, July 1.The historic mansion
of the Place des Vosges, in which Vic
tor Hugo spent the most active years
of his life, was Tuesday formally pre
sented to the municipality of Paris by
the grandchildren and other kin of the
great author. The event attracted
widespread interest in literary circles.
Take Notice.
My wife, Mary Gelinas, having left
my bed and board without just provo
cation or cause, I will not be responsi
ble for any debts she may contract in
the future. Louis GELINAS.
Princeton, Minn., July 1 1903. 29-3
little priest ready
together i holy bonds of i Mo. Ttt. We.
13 20
14 21 28
15 22 29
Ili !26
Two Deaths From Heat.
Chicago, July 1.Tuesday was the
hottest of the year, the mercury reach
ing ninety the weather bureau,
which means about ninety-three on
the streets There were two deaths
and five prostrations due to the heat
Only one' of the latter is serious.
The postal investigation lacked Im
portant developments Tuesday.
A receiver will be appointed for the
United States Shipbuilding company.
Mrs Miles O'Rourke of Woodward
township. Pa., was tortured and robbed
of $2,000.
David Brice, well known among
Minneapolis sportsmen, committed sui
cide Tuesday morning in his room in
the Hotel Cecil.
Bishop Charles H. Fowler of Buffalo
presided at Tuesday afternoon's ses
sion of the John Wesley bicentennial
celebration at Boston.
The clerk of the Mother church,
Christian Scientist, reports an increas
ed membership of 3,936 during the
past year, making the total member
ship 27,796.
Frank Fairfield, a prisoner at Fort
Snelllng, serving a two-year sentence
for desertion, escaped from his guard
while at work with another prisoner
in the granary.
Mrs. F. F. Adams of Milwaukee saya
she was sandbagged and robbed of
$18,500 by an unknown woman in the
toilet room of a train between Mil
waukee and Chicago
Former United States Senator
Charles A. Towne, formerly of Minne
sota, and Senator Bailey of Texas
will be the chief orators at Tammany's
Fourth of July celebration
National League.
At Boston, 7. Cincinnati, 4.
At New Yoik, 2, St. Louis, 4.
At Philadelphia, 2, Chicago, 7.
At Brooklyn, 8, Pittsburg, 17.
American League.
At Detroit, 8 Washington, 0.
At Cleveland, 4, Philadelphia, 3.
At Chicago, 10 Boston, 3
At St Louis, 1 New York, 2.
American Association.
At Minneapolis, 8, St Paul, 5.
At Indianapolis, 3, Columpus, 6.
At Toledo, 1, Louisville, 5
Minneapolis Wheat.
Minneapolis, June 30. Wheat
Cash, 83%c July, 82%c Sept., 74%c.
On trackNo. 1 hard, 84%c No. 1
Northern, 83 %c No. 2 Northern,
82%c No. 3 Northern, [email protected]%c
St. Paul Union Stock Yards.
St. Paul, June 30.CattleGood to
choice steers, $4.25g5.00 common to
fair, [email protected] good to choice cowa
and heifers, [email protected] veals, $2.50
@5.00. [email protected] 5.85. Sheep
Good to choice, [email protected] lambs,
$5 [email protected]
Duluth Wheat and Flax.
Duluth, June 30.WheatTo arrive
No. 1 hard, 84c No. 1 Northern,
82%c No. 2 Northern, 81c July,
82y2c Sept., 75%c Dec, 73*40. Flax
In store, to arrive, on track and July,
99%c Sept., $1.01% Oct., $1.01%
Nov, $1.02.
Chicago Union Stock Yards..
Chicago, June 30.CattleGood to
prime steers, [email protected] 5.60 poor to me
dium, [email protected] stockers and feed
ers, [email protected] cows, [email protected]
heifers, $2.50 @4.80 calves, [email protected]
6.25. HogsMixed and butchers, $5.70
@5 95 good to choice heavy, $5.80
5 90, rough heavy, $5 [email protected] light,
$5 [email protected] SheepGood to choice,
$3 [email protected] Western, [email protected] na
tive lambs, $4.006.00
Chicago Grain and Provisions.
Chicago, June 30.Wheat July,
T7^@77%c old, 77%c Sept., 76%@
76%c old, 76%@76%c Dec, 76c
old, 76%c May, 78%c CornJune,
50c July, 50%c Sept., 50%c Dec,
49%c May, 48%c OatsJune, 39c
July, 39c Sept., 34c Dec, 34%c May,
[email protected]%c. PorkJuly, $15.32%
Sept, $15.62%. FlaxCash, North
western, $1.02 Southwestern, 99c
July, 99%c Sept., $1.01. Butter
Creameries, [email protected] dairies, [email protected]
Eggs12%@14c. Poultry Turkeys,
10c chickens, lie.
JTLLY ^lOOB.gfsf^1^^^^
in ini ii i i in ii i i i ing
JULY 1903}
Tb. Fr.
1 8 7
9 10
11 18: 16
23 30
24 25!
Harion and Yanger Fight Twenty
Fierce Rounds.
San Francisco, July 1 The Hanlon
Yanger go at the Mechanics Pavilion
Tuesday night ended in a draw at the
end of the twentieth round, Referee
Eddie Smith being unable to choose
a winner between the game little
featherweights The fight was one of
the fiercest seen in this city. Both
men fought with a vim from the tap of
the bell in the first round until the
referee gave his decision
So hot was the fighting during the
first stages of the battle that it seemed
to foretell a quick victory for one or
the other of the contestants. But
neither was able seriously to injure the
other and the contest lasted the limit.
Sets a New World's Record.
Chicago, July 1.Dick Welles set a
new world's record for six furlongs at
Washington Park Tuesday, running
the distance in 1:11 4-5. He carried
109 pounds The former record was
1:12, held jointly by Lux Casta and
Bummer. Dick Welles was almost
left at the post, and started fully a
second behind the field.
loan on ii
Princeton, Minn.
Splendid line of 5c cigars, the lead
ing brands, at LUDDEN'S STORE.
Get your nice suits at S. M. Byers'
and save from $2.00 to $8.00 on a suit.
STRAYEDA white yearling steer
between Princeton and Spencer Brook.
Return to E. Mark Live Stock Co., and
receive reward.
Ladies' shirt waists for the Fourth a
few left at low prices.
Fine clothes for men, boys and child
ren at S. M. Byers' for about half the
cash it takes elsewhere.
FOR SALEMy house and two lots
located just north of Robert Byers' res
idence on the north side.
FOR SALEThree registered Dur
ham bulls, one six months old, one
a yearling and one two years old.
When in need of any new and second
hand wagons, buggies and harnesses of
all descriptions call on A. H. Steeves,
at barn near West Branch bridge. 21tf
Hot and cold' drinks of all kinds
served all day the Fourth. LUDDEN'S STORE.
Sacrifice sale of clothing now on at
S. M. Byers'. This means lower prices
than any merchant can buy them at
FOR SALEOne registered brood
mare and colt, two work horses and
one four-year-old colt two milch cows
and a yearling calf. Apply to
It Princeton, Minn.
Fred Beto has bought a new J. J.
Case thrashing machine and wishes to
announce that he will be prepared to
do thrashing for farmers in Greenbush
and Blue Hill this season. He will
fnrnish his own crew for stack thrash
ing. He has a clover huller attach
ment to the thrasher and is prepared
also to hull clover.
When you are hungry or thirsty, get
a lunch or drink at
A Word to the Wise.
The attention of builders and others
is called to the celebrated Ash Grove
lime, for which I am sole agent in
Princeton. This lime is a prime favor
ite with all builders and for durability
and strength it has never been beaten.
It is the highest grade of lime in the
United States, testing over 99 per cent
pure carbonate of lime while others
do not claim over 85 percent. It
makes more mortar and goes farther
than any other lime. One barrel will
lay 1,700 brick. If you have never
used Ash Grove lime come in and let
us furnish you with a barrel on trial
and we are sure you will use no other.
tf B. D. GRANT, Princeton.
To E L. Trask
Take notice that the following described
piece or parcel of land, situate in the county of
Mille Lacs and State of Minnesota, to-wit,
The northwest quarter of the southwest quar
ter (NW*i of SW of section none (9), town
ship thirty-nine (39), range twentjvseven (27),
was, on the 2nd day of May, 1899, bid in for the
State of Minnesota for the sum of $2.06, at a
tax sale of lands held pursuant to a real estate
tax judgment made and entered in the district
court in and for said county, on the 2!st day of
March, 1899, in proceedings to enforce the pay
ment of taxes delinquent upon real estate for
the year 189T, for the said county, and on the
10th day of June. 1903, the county auditor of
said county, by direction of the State auditor,
sold said land for the sum of $1314, the amount
due thereon That the amount required to re
deem said land from said tax sale is the sum of
$13 21 with interest on $13 14 at the rate of 12
per cent per annum from the date of this no
tice, together with the costs to accrue for the
service of this notice, and that the time for the
redemption of said land from said tax sale will
expire sixty days after the service of this no
tice and proof thereof has been filed in mv of
Witness my hand and official seal this 26th
day of June, A 1903
County Auditor of Mille Lacs county, Minne
[Official Seal 1
Persons holding county orders and warrants
numbered as follows
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2035 2036
2042 1835
2050 2051
2059 2060
2114 2125
2154 2155
2162 2165
2167 2168
2176 2140
2150 2084
1880 1881
2188 2189
2109 1171
2135 2086
2214 2211
2239 2256
2064 2262
2272 2273
2374 2375
2397 2400
2376 2106
2404 2333
2285 2306
2321 2343
2322 2323
2282 2292
2315 2448
2447 2383
2328 2102
2304 2339
2480 2482
2392 2396
2311 2382
2511 2390
2351 2206
2563 2564
2542 2570
2595 2592
2602 2601
MONEY to loan on improved ROSS CALEY, M. D.,
Office and Residence over Jack's Drugstore
Tel.Rural, 36.
Princeton, Minn.
2001 2002
2012 2013
2026 2027
2037 2023
2043 2044
2052 2053
2061 1877
717 815
2156 2157
2163 2147
2169 2170
2177 2178
2124 2085
1882 1883
2190 2196
1872 1873
2126 2097
2208 2215
2257 2258
2263 2266
2274 2275
2377 2380
2401 2407
1441 1442
2334 2337
2327 2422
2409 2314
2325 2336
2319 2288
2444 2445
2099 2449
2240 2255
2352 2355
2096 2484
2386 2387
2514 2505
2354 2353
2568 2414
2537 2567
2589 2590
2593 2594
1986 1988 1992
2007 2008 2310
2017 2018 2019
2031 2033 2034
2040 2041 2025
2021 2047 2048
2056 2057 2058
2107 2118 2108
2137 2141 2139
2142 2161 2160
2138 2166 2143
2174 2175 2149
2119 2134 2148
2186 1878 1879
2195 2193 2187
2093 1694 2062
2067 2103 2130
2210 2207 2212
2264 2238 2209
2225 2261 2065
2270 2280 2271
2279 2281 2373
2391 2394 2395
2378 2406 2403
1502 1503 2393
2291 2324 2113
2338 2290 2304
2226 2310 2320
2433 2305 2317
2283 2294 2313
2451 2408 2450
2295 2301 2326
1898 2302 2303
2341 2332 2479
2418 2312 2331
25012088 2349
2508 2509 2507
2298 1860 2350
2545 2546 2547
2569 2538 2543
2405 2548 2549
2561 2572 2600
2608 2609
Office in Odd Fellows' Building.
2004 2005 2006
2014 2015 2016
2028 2029 2030
2038 2039 2032
2045 2046 2022
2054 2055 2049
2117 3104 2105
839 2120 2112
2146 2158 2159
2164 2153 2144
2171 2172 2173
2151 2152 2179
2185 2095 2123
1884 2110 2145
2094 2191 2194
1874 1834 2066
2098 2092 2090
2216 2205 2265
2559 2260 2611
2267 2268 2269
2276 2277 2278
2381 2388 2389
2424 2384 2379
1841 1842 1843
2287 2297 2293
2227 2237 2222
2316 2289 2340
2308 2345 2432
2342 2296 2318
2446 2452 2453
2299 2300 2462
2346 2347 2348
2063 2234 2219
2485 2330 2419
2499 2425 2610
2512 2513 2506
2100 2410 2356
2565 2566 2544
2539 2528 2286
2591 2597 2598
2399 2541 1419
2605 2606 2607
2961 2887 2865 3003 3004 2691 3055 3090 3085 3086
2693 3089 3093 3006 3092 3223 2530 3007 3091 3246
Will please present the same to the county
treasurer at Princeton, Minn., for payment, as
interest on above numbered orders will cease
thirty days from and after this date.
Dated July 2,1903.
County Treasurer. Mille Lacs Co.
A fine line of Tobacco and Cigars.
Main Street, Princeton.
Dealer in
Lard, Poultry, Fish and Game in Season.
Telephone 51.
Princeton, Minn
Will take full charge of dead bodies when
desired. Coffins and caskets of the latest styles
always in stock Also Springfield metalics.
Dealer in Monuments of all kinds.
E A. Ross, Princeton, Minn. Telephone No 30.
Coffins and Caskets always on hand.
A full line of granite and marble monuments.
Telephone call 52.
Office Main street, Princeton, Minn.
All kinds of Blacksmithlng neatly
and promptly done. I make a
specialty of
First street PRHOI.
Fourth of July
Is near at hand. Place
your orders with us for
holiday supplies.
COOKED MEA TS Bologna, Chick
en, Turkey, Game, Veal Loaf,
Beef Soup, Ham, Roast Beef,
Brisket Beef, Chipped Beef, Pig
Feet, Melrose Pate Luncheon
and Vienna Sausage.
Wax Beans, Tomatoes, New
Potatoes, Cucumbers, Lettuce,
Onions, etc.
FRESH FRUI TS Peaches, Plums,
Apricots, Cherries, Berries,
Bananas, Blueberries, Oranges.
DRINKABLES Grape Juice, Wa u
kesha Ginger Ale, Raspberry,
Cherry, Orange, Kola and Black
berry Ciders, Lemon Soda, Sar
saparilla, etc.
Milk and Cream delivered Morning and
Just Arrived
Spring! Summer
Dress Goods.
Percales and Ging
hams, all the latest
patterns and a big
stock to select from.
Ladies' and Gents9
Hosiery of ali Kinds,
Boots and Shoes.
Our Stock of Gro
ceries is Larger and
Better than Ever.
Office in Carew Block,
Main Street. Princeton.
3- *V3

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