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Zzfre Farm Fireside. 5
Gleanings by Our Country I
Mr. Emmons was called from LeSueur
to the sick-bed of his wife.
The Ladies' Aid met for the ffrst time
this season at the home of Mrs. Good
The little child ot Clarks Severance
has been havina a mild attack of scar
Mrs. I. F. Walker is on the sick list,
having contracted a se\ere cold on the
William Kina is luiMna the finishing
work and paperma done on his house
this eek
Mi. and Mi. IJnmuih came up iiom
St. Fuincis Tutsda: to see their dauah-
tei-in-lcu\. Mis. )l\d Amnions.
The use in the n\ei has aaamiaised
hob uli tin ciossina. -which cannot be
lcpanca until the ater aoes dov,
Mi and Mi s. Justin Chapman are the
pioud possessors of a fine little anl
bain, flinch made its appearance on
The Fomth A as dull da\ at the
Brook, althoaah the dance in the e\en
ma. was ..ell attended there beina
foi t\ -t A members out.
It is stated that the Cambridge ball
club A ill pla\ the Brook club next Sun
day moinmj aid take the conceit that
has been aiofl ma so rapidl\ this season
out ot them Lot them come. v. eflill
ti\ and tieat them well
Mi- Kmmons daughtei of
Simon 1 iabb. A ho A as sick A ith phoid
fe\erin Minneapolis ioi three or four
months md lias bcci in a ]recar'0iis
condition sine (.omma to her lather's,
passed thiouLh hci confinement on the
se\enth nist a i hopes aie Entertained
of hei final 1 eco\ ei
Will Baiton sfcnis to safier the most
on account of the mimeious lises in the
u\er. Oflina to the ea ih freshets he
A as badl\ belated in aettma in his crop
and now the Aatei is aaain o^er his
farm. He A ill sutler tull\ half or three
torn ths ot a loss his ciops this season.
Will leels a little disconsolate, but
manaaes to keep a stiff upper lip and
A out an ii]) as lona as he can aet
around A ith a boat
The late rams hav an en the farmers
additional A oik the fields to bring
the crops back to a nourishing condition
again. There A ill be more or less loss
OA ing to IOA places A here the A ater
lias stood so lona. killing out the crops
in those places, thouah no one A ill suf
fer much loss on the A hole, as there
has been an c\cess of potatoes planted
which it nothma happens A ill probabh
make up th
loss othei cases.
Startling E\ ider.ee.
Ticsh testmioin in areat quantity is
constanth comma m. declaiing Dr.
Kma's New Disco^eix tor consumption,
coaahs and colds to be unecmaled. A
recent cxpicWon fiom T.J. M^cFar
land. BcntoiMlle. W' semes as ex
ample He rues 'I had bionchitis
tor three \eais md doctoied all the
beiii" benehted Then
beaan takina Dr. Km_"s XeA Di^co"\
ei and a 1 ottl A holl cured me.''
]]qiialh Plrectne in cuuna all lung and
tin oat troubles, consumption, pneu
monia and gi lp. Guaranteed C. A.
Jack, diuagist. Trial bottles free, reg
ulai si/es JOC and 1.00
Pit Cailson came u]) fiom the cities
and spent the Fourth A ith his family
S. C. Nelson left Monday foi Roches
tei. Mum.. waXorthfWd and Farmina
ton on a liusiness trip.
Mi. and Mrs. Plahen of Minneapolis
spent the Fouith A ith Mi Plahen's
parents. Mi and Mrs Newman
Mi-. Lund ot Minneapolis came up
and spent the Fourth A ith her folks.
Mr. and Mrs. S. C. ,elson leturnina
Monekn to the cities.
The alorious Fourth is again a thing
of the past, althouah once in awhile
\ou can hear the familiar and soul-stir
ring sound of a fne crackei. astray
reminder of a glorious celebration.
Chamberlain's Colic, Cholera and Diarrhoea
Is e\er\where recoani/ed as the one
remeeL that can always be depended
upon and that is pleasant to take. Tt is
especialh Aaluable for summer diar
rhoea in children and is undoubtedly
the means of sai ing the In es of a great
mam children each \ea i For sale b\
Princeton Drua Co.
Too much ram. It keeps the \ards
pumping da\ and night and brick
making As
progressing \er\ slowly just
The dance at Woodman hall A as post
poned on account of the rain. The date
has not been announced et.
Potatoes show the effects of rain
wherever the ground was not thor
oughly drained but small grain has not
suffered am damage. Corn is doing
W were very sorry to hear of the
tragic death of John Williams. W
could hardly believe it, and it does
seem that a good, square, sober and in
dustrious man like John was deserved a
better fate. worked here at Brick
ton for many years and was probably
the best all around brick man here.
Last year he was head burner for two
yards, the Princeton Brick Co. and the
Farnham Brick Co. also worked
for a number of years for Woodcock &
Oakes and was alwa\ well liked and
respected. W extend our sympathy
to his wife and relatives.
Worst of Ail Experiences.
Can anything be worse than to feel
that every minute will be your last?
Such was the experience of Mrs. S. H.
Newson. Decatur, Ala. "Fo three
years'' she writes. I endured insuffer
able pain from indigestion, stomach
and bow el trouble. Death seemed in-
e^ itable when doctors and all remedies
failed. At length I was induced to try
Electric Bitters and the result was
miraculous. I impixn ed at once and
now I'm completely recovered."' For
er. kidney. stomach and boA el trou
bles Electric Bitters is the on medi
cine. On 50c. It's guaranteed h\
C. A. Jack, diuagist.
Mr. Geo. M. Kempton is visiting her
son Lester Kempton.
Abut six inches of water fell here
during the recent heav\ rains
C. M. Murray has added twent\-three
reaistered Hereford's to his herd of cat
Frank Salee hasioined the Pease bee
compam. and they have o\e fifty
swarms of bees to their stock.
The recent rains caught a large
amount of clover ha.\ in the SA ath. It
is a poor plan to cut large fields ot
clo\ er at once.
The time lor holding the annual
school meetings is near at hand. W
should all attend and take an interest
in oui schools, and not remain awa\
and then kick A hen thinas cno
suit Us.
not go to
"I have been troubled for some time
with indigestion and sour stomach."'
sa} Mrs. Sarah W Curtis, of Lee.
Mass., 'and have been taking Cham
bei Iain's Stomach and Lher Tablets
A hich ha"\ helped me er} much so
that now I can eat mam things that be
fore I could not.'' It AOU have any
trouble with A our stomach h\ not take
these tablets and get A ell? For sale by
Princeton Drua Co.
Mr. Cor Am is erecting a large dw ell
mg for himself at Co\ e.
Mr. E\non had the misfortune to
lose a aluable horse last eek.
Countj Sum e\ or Milton is bus\ now
straightening up roads around Cxne.
Mr. West of South Dakota was at the
lake recentln and bought him a big
There seems to be a prett\ good dis
tillery up the road a waj or is it a
blind pi a?
Mrs. Burner and fannh of Minneapo
lis are at the fake to spend the balance
of the summer
Indian Aaent Michelet ot White
Earth was at Cove last week to confer
with the "Big Ogema."
Miss Nora Beam arihed home last
Satuichn morning after having spent
nearh a \ear at St. Paul college.
Hurrah for straight load from
Milaca to the lake right at Gove,
making it six or eight miles shorter.
Fred Goble is mo"\ ing oft his place
back in the woods because the town
board will not aliov a road laid out in
this part of the tow n.
The celebration at Onamia on the
Fourth was a grand success for all it
rained until noon. Th steamboat was
loaded with a ]olh crowd on its trip in
the afternoon and the merin dancers
follow ed close behind the daj light on
the morning of the fifth. Mr. Gunter
of CoT.
won the prize in the fat man's
race, as Mi Bolster nearh fell o\ er
Mr. Gunter at the start. Th Little
Falls four-horse'bus was going about
the lake on the fifth picking up the
load of passengers for home.
Cuts, Bruises and Burns Quickly Healed.
Chamberlain's Pain Balm is an anti
septic liniment, and when applied to
cuts, bruises and burns, causes them to
heal without maturation and much
more quickly than the usual treat
ment. For sale Princeton Drua Co.
William Sullh an went to Onamia
this week.
D. H. Pvobbins was in St. Cloud last
week on leaal business.
The stage line between Vineland and
Little Falls is now running in good
A part} of ten from Little Falls has
been staying at the "Kathio" hotel the
past ten daj s.
A party from South St. Paul arrived
this week for an outing at Cove. They
will occupy one of the Grady cottages.
Mr. Landahl of Little Falls, has
bought a place on the lake at Vineland
and he has brought a party over from
Little Falls to spend a few days.
The Misses Margaretts and brother
of Blue Hill have been visiting their
sister, Mrs. Duell the last few days.
They will return home this week.
Banker Grady and a party of guests
came over from Cove last Sunday in
two launches and spent a few hours at
Vineland where they were well enter
Miss Clara Wold who for the past
three years has taug ht school at Vine
land, and who taught at the Sullivan
school the last term, returned to her
home in Glendorado this week.
The celebration at Vineland was a
very lively one, notwithstanding there
were other attractions in the way of
celebrations at the lake. There was a
dance in the evening, music was fui"
nished by Rucker brothers of Pierz.
There was a big celebration at Mid
land on the Fourth and it was the big
gest celebration ever held at the lake.
Crowds were present from Aitkin and
Brainerd and there were all kinds of
sports and a ball game between Mid
land and the Brainerd high school
There is a blind pig, (excuse the ex
pression,) a regular saloon unlicensed,
near Vineland that is a regular nuis
ance and there are many complaints
1 om Vineland parties who dislike to
see such a bold violation of the law.
Liquor is sold openly over the bar to
Indians as well as white men.
There was a picnic on Cedar lake on
the Fourth of July.
W. E. Lewis was a passenger on the
stage to Isle the Fourth.
Mr. and Mrs. Peter Sehlin Msited at
G. W Freer's last Sundaj.
Peter Peterson is doing some break
ing and fencing this summer.
Fred Carlson is among us again after
a few eeks' stay in Minneapolis.
T. C. Messersmith was visiting at G.
W. Freer's for a few daj this eek.
Ed. Freer of Princeton is \isiting
with his brother, G. W Freer, for a
few da\ s.
There was a large crowd at the Sun
day school picnic in Peter Fnkman's
grove on June 28.
Oscar Anderson is expected home
from Stillwater where he is employed
at a saw mill where his brother is fore
Ha\ ing will be a little later this ear
than usual on account of so much cold
weather, but we expect a prett\ good
There was quite a crowd gathered at
Opstead on the evening of Jul} 4th to
see the displa} of fireworks. A liveh
social time is reported.
Peter Fnkman is giving it to the
stumps on our roads with chnamite.
That's what we need, Mr. Fr}kman.
Keep bloA ing them out.
Oscar Henderson 01 Eastwood and
Victor Skogman ot Mora were passen
gers on the stage from Mora last Fri
day on their way to Eastwood.
There were two men here from An
nandale last week looking for land but
we have not heard whether the} found
an thing that suited them or not.
John Skretting, agent for the Cham
pion Harvesting Machine Co., hauled
up three loads of machiner} from Mora.
That goes to show that this count 1* is
Thomas Lew is is through sawing at
Erickson's. near Eastwood, and will
now move his saw mill to Cedar Lake
two miles east from Opstead, wheie he
will saw for some time.
The new mail carriers from Aitkin
and Mora to Opstead are right on time.
The carriers now deliver mail into
boxes along the road which makes it a
good deal handier for the farmers.
C. O. and W T. Johnson who came
here last spring from Iowa are making
good improvements on their land here.
They have broken quite a lot of land
and put up some good fences and some
buildings. Th bo} are hustlers.
Peter Sehlin made a trip to Mora
last eek. has hauled up paint and
oil and other material for the Swedish
Baptist church. Peter Frjkman is
busy with the carpenter work. He
sa,\s he would have been through b}
this time, but on account of the bad
roads we ha"\ had it has been impossi
ble to haul the necessary material in
time, but the work will be rushed from
now on.
W. H. Jellison went to Duluth Mon
C. W Patsold came home to spend
the Fourth.
J. C. Jacobson and lady of Big Lake,
spent Saturday and Sunday in town.
Andrew Reed took in the dance at
the Re School House near St. Cloud.
Richard Halwig of Minneapolis, has
been visiting in tpwn. Come again
Will Kling and wife were the guests
of Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Patsold Saturday
and Sunday.
Miss Pauline Hanson of Minneapolis,
spent the Fourth with Mr. and Mrs.
Anden Lund.
Crops are booming since the rain,
That Throbbing Headache
would quickly leave you, if jou used
Dr. King's New Life Pills. Thousands
of sufferers ha% proved their match
less merit for sick and nervous head
aches. Thej make pure blood and build
up our health. On 25 cents, monej
back if not cured. Sold by C. A. Jack,
*9 !SBBr
^mmmf!!mmmmmmf??mmf!!mf!!mmmt!!f!!f?!f?!mf??mfnfi?f!!n?mtnmmmmf!?!in I INTRODUCTORY
Cloth i O*
likewise the river. Some dainuae is re
ported to the crops and ha on the low
Wanted, a drher to look alter the
wagon that went down the grade into
the pond near the creamery "Saturda.
2Iis^ Bertha and Am\ Berr\ of Brock
aj. spent the Fourth in' tow n. the
guest-, of Mr. and Mrs. G. A. Bigelow.
The bridge on the street lead
ing south to Allen's addition to the
townsite washed out and travel is
around b\ Creamer\ avenue now.
The draught is broken at last (right
in the middle.) W had a nice rain on
Tuesday of last eek. Thursday noon
a hea^ shower and the rain in\he af
ternoon was a corker.
Our celebration passed olt leather
quieth on account of the unta\ orable
weather. Frank T. White of Elk er
delivered a fine oration, the choir ren
dered some fine music and the ball
game between Santiago and Blue Hill
resulted in a defeat for the home nine
with a score of & to 9. In the evening
a dance took place at Anden Lund's
where a good time was enjoyed b^ all.
To E L. Trask
Take notice that the following described
niece or parcel of land, situate in the countj of
Mille Lacs and State of Minnesota to-wit.
The northwest quartei of th southwest quar
ter (NW1!
of SW'4 of sectioe none (9) town
ship thirty-nine (i'j) range twentj-seven (i'l)
was, on the 2nd day of May, 1899 bid in for the
State of Minnesota for the sum of $i Ob at a
tax sale of lands held pursuant to a real estate
tax judgment made and entered in the district
court in and for said county on the 2!st day of
March, 1899, in proceedings to enforce the pay
ment of taxes delinquent upon real estate for
the \ear 1897, for the said countj, and on the
10th day of June, 1903 the county auditor of
said county, by direction of the State auditor
sold said land for the sum of $1314,the amount
due thereon That the amount required to re
deem said land from said tax sale is the sum of
$13 21 with interest on $13 14 at the rate of 12
per cent per annum from the date of this no
tice, together with the costs to accrue for the
service of this notice, and that the time for the
redemption of said land from said tax sale will
expire sixty days after the service of this no
tice and proof thereof has been filed in my of
Witness my hand and official seal this 2Gth
day of June, A. D. 1903
County Auditor of Mille Lacs county, Minne
[Official Seal.]
here with the object in view that Princeton and vicinity should have another r25
lumber yard, and we have come to stay. We will always carry on hand a good supply of 5
Lumber, Lath, Shingles, Sash, Doors, Lime, Cement, etc. 3
We will endeavor to please you with fair dealing and good lumber. When in need of S 3
anything in our line give us a call. ~2
g: NortK Star Lumber Co., ~2
^anuuuauuiHauaiumuuuui)iuuiiiaunaunuuu niuiuuuaa,mauuuuuuiaUiuuiiif
%r\i\\\Yy( triuLlor| cs CO.,
Dealers in ail kinds of
Lumber and Building Material.
W are still making a specialty of Lumber and Building HateriaJ of ail kinds and ha\e just receised
twenty car loads of the best grades which we bought right. W can put jouupa house and furnish it com= &
Dlete readv for housekeeping. 7m
M,^^ XT1CI1 fc V^IUUllllg. Dress Shirts and e^erything in the Gent's Furnishing Hhe
Princeton, Minn.
Single and Double Rigs
at a floments' Notice.
Commercial Travelers' Trade a Specialty.
E ZENKER. Manager. Z^3
Wall Papers.
We have just added
i a stock of all the lat=
I est patterns and can
suit you.
I Do you want a
W can sell vou one.
"'^/"St opened a nice line of Hen's Clothing, Hats, Caps,
Highest Price Paid for all Kinds of Farmers' Produce. 9
Is the right whiskey
at the right time.
& 50NJ
and wagon makers.
Wagons and Buggies manufactured
and repaired.
liSSSS %S^
Shops next to fetarch Factory,
Princeton, Minn.

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