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1 &he Farm Fireside.
S Gleanings by Our Country
I Correspondents
Bragging about good weather seems
to ha\ spoiled it.
Potatoes are a total failure in this
part ot the woods.
John Dirry is intending to move back
to Dayton, his old home.
The brick\ ard clay pits contain more
water now than they ever have in
Louis De Gerlias is building an addi
tion to his house and further improv
ing the appearance of his place.
E M. Farnham claims his residence
here now, while H. H. Farnham has
mo\ ed his family to Princeton for the
y\ inter. Ed Mings has accepted a position
ith the Nickerson Cattle Co. at Elk
Ri\ er and mo\ ed his family down to
that place.
It is a tie ]ust now between Brick
ton and Long Siding as to which has
the deepest mud on its streets. They
look somewhat like Main street in
Milton Farnham came up from Min
neapolis with a brand new horse. It
lookb like a good one. Milton seems to
good horses and knows how to
handle them.
The road betw een here and town is
in horrible shape. The fill in the bog
near Frank Henschel's has disappeared
beneath the waters and we have to
travel \i a the Sandford and McMinn
The Farnham Brick Co. and the
Cream Brick Co. each have a kiln afire
and are just having miserable weather.
At any time the life of a brick burner
is no snap and such weather makes it
doubly disagreeable.
The Woodmen are going to have one
of them times you read about Thursday
night: thev will initiate four candidates
and ailv ^e ceremonies are completed
the ladic of the Royal Neighbors'
lodge wnl in\ite them to a bountiful
supper which will most probably be
followed by dancing. Program enough
for one evening surely. Who said that
we were dead?
Confessions of a Priest.
Rev. Jno. S. Cox, Wake, Ark.,
writes, "For 12 years I suftered from
yellow jaundice. I consulted a number
of physicians and tried all sorts "of
medicines, but got no relief. Then I
began the use of Electric Bitters and
~nj* kj***$&
JN order to prove to all our friends
that the Majestic is the most perfect
range on the market, we have arranged
for a Cooking Kxhibit lasting one week.
During this exhibit we will have a
Majestic Range in operation and show
our friends that it will bake better
and quicker, heat more water
and heat it quicker, with less
fuel than any other range made.
We don't ask you to believe all our
statements but do ask you to call at our
store any time during the exhibit, and
we will convince you that the Majestic
is exactly as represented. Don't fail to
give us a callnote the date.
^fmmmmm mmm mmmmmm
feel that I am now cured of a disease
that had me in its grasp for twelve
years." If you want a reliable medi
cine for liver and kidney trouble,
stomach disorder or general debility,
get Electric Bitters. It's guaranteed
by C. A. Jack, druggist. Only 50c.
H. E. Thomas spent a day at the
Siding last week.
Chas. Stenke has finished his carpen
ter work here and returned to Zimmer
Allen Hayes and wife moved to
Princeton the first of the week. Geo.
Hurley and family will occupy the
house they vacated.
Miss Flossie Cater having completed
her work at the Long's Mercantile Co.'s
store has accepted a position in Harry
English & Co.'s store at Zimmerman.
The postoffice will be closed after
noons on Sundays from this time on.
Anyone wishing to mail letters will
please remember this, as the postmas
ter wants the afternoon at his own dis
He Learned a Great Truth.
It is said of John Wesley that he
once said to Mistress Wesley: "Why
do you tell that child the same thing
over and over again. "John Wesley,
because once telling is not enough."
It is for this same reason that you are
told again and again that Chamberlain's
Cough Remedy cures colds and grip:
that it counteracts any tendency of
these diseases to result in pneumonia,
and that it is pleasant and safe to take.
For sale by Princeton Drug Co.
Rev. W. H. Orrock spent Sunday at
Patsy Holland was a Princeton visitor
Hans Johnson of Orrock is at work
for F. E. Dingley.
Miss Violet Orrock is spending a few
days at Zimmerman.
A little daughter arrived at Mr. and
Mrs. C. H. Walker's.
A number of our people attended the
Gunderson-Craig wedding last week.
Potato digging is the order of the
day now. The yield is reported light.
The smiling countenance of Cashins
Bursley is noticed on our streets now
Miss Nettie Walker is spending a
few days with her brother, C. H.
School in district No. 21 closed Tues-
day while the teacher attended the
fair at Princeton.
A number of our citizens attended a
social at Louis Rushford's in Green
bush last Wednesdav.
Broke Into His House.
S. ^Le Quinn of Cavendish, Vt., was
robbed of his customary health by in
vasion of chronic constipation. When
Dr. King's New Life Pills broke into
his house, his trouble was arrested and
now he's entirely cured. They're
guaranteed to cure, 25c at C. A. Jack's
drug store.
Sunday brought us quite a snow
Miss Annie Falensohek went to
Brainerd Monday and returned Thurs
Gilbert D. George of St. Paul, is the
guest of Mrs. Saunders and his brother
Rev. Thos. Scotten, the Presbyterian
missionary, stopped here for dinner
Mrs. O. R. Burdett, after spending
the summer here, moved back to
Brainerd Friday.
Chauncey Brockway and Chas. Bra
ford returned from Princeton, where
they attended a term of court.
Miss Lillian Chase of Dundas, was a
stage passenger from Brainerd. It is
understood she will teach a term of
school in the Heilmiller district.
W m. Daily, formerly of Cove, was
here from Wednesday to Thursday so
liciting Indian children to attend the
government school at Flandreau, South
Mrs. C. W. Miller has been sum
moned to the bedside of her eldest son.
Ernest Christian of Cottonwood, who
according to reports is in a very criti
cal condition.
Miss Wickham of Milaca and Miss
Speedy of Dundas are here intending
to teach in the district schools. Up to
this date their school work has not yet
been assigned.
E. L. Fergusson and family were
here Tuesday night en route to his
lumber camps at Malmo. W under
stand that Mr. Fef gusson is going to
log extensively at that point this com
ing season. 4
Ran a Ten Penny Nail Through His Hand.
While opening a box, J. C. Mount, of
Three Mile Bay. N. Y., ran a ten
penny nail through the fleshy part of
his hand. I thought at once of all
the pain and soreness this would cause
Don't fail to call and get a GOOD CUP of COFFEE and HOT BISCUITS, and see the working of the Best Steel and Malleable
Iron Range on Earth. A range that will cook with half the fuel you are now using ind will last a lifetime.
OCTOBEB ,1903-
me he says, "and immediately ap
plied Chamberlain's Pain Balm and oc
casionally afterwards. To my surprise
it removed all pain and soreness and
the injured parts were soon healed."
For sale b\ Princeton Drug Co.
Hello, Kathio! What ha-, happened
to \our correspondence?
E. L. Corwin was a guest at the M.
Smith residence Sunday.
Surveyor Milton of Milaca is at work
on the county road from Milaca to Cove.
Neighbor Bogus Brook, just see
what you have done by bragging on
the weather.
The snow storm was not so bad Sun
day but what the mosquitoes could rest
on the snow flakes.
L. T. Grady of Foley who has been
looking after his interests here, re
turned home Sunday.
Mr. and Mrs. Jones of the Bayview
house have returned home after a
month's visit with friends and relatives.
They report a pleasant visit.
Rough Rider, don't get jealous about
that young fellow that took the school
ma'am ^o school. That's no more than
you or I would do if we got a chance.
W was very much surprised to see a
small shower pass over this place last
week, as we have had a long dry spell
lasting one day and four hours. W hope
that we won't get surprised like that
soon again, as it isn't good for the
Saves Two From Death.
"Our little daughter had an almost
fatal attack of whooping cough and
bronchitis," writes Mrs. W K. Havi
land, of Armonk, N. Y., "but, when all
other remedies failed, we saved her
life with Dr. King's New Discovery.
Our niece, who had Consumption in an
advanceed stage, also used this won
derful medicine and to-day she is per
fectly well." Desperate throat and
lung diseases yield to Dr. King's New
Discovery as to no other medicine on
earth. Infallible for coughs and colds.
50c and $1.00 bottles guaranteed by C.
A. Jack. Trial bottles free.
Roy Winsor of Wyanett called on
friends here Saturday.
Mr. William Schmidt and family
spent Sunday with friends in Wyanett.
This is fair week and some of the
people of this neighborhood are at
tending the fair.
A Wyanett farmer dug three acres
of potatoes and only got forty-five
bushels off the piece. Fifteen bushels
Free During Week of
We will give One Set of Majestic
Ware Free to any one purchasing a
Great Majestic Range during this exhi
bit. We make the broad statement
that this set of ware is the finest ever
offered for salenot a piece of tin in
the entire set We have the ware at
our store, if you will call and see the
set you will agree with us that it can't
be bought for less than $7.50. Biscuits
baked in 3 minutes and served with
delicious coffee to all who call. Be
sure and come.
of potatoes per acre is a pretty poor
Last week thrashing was disturbed
by a heavy rain from Friday to Satur
day noon.
W hope there are better days com
ing in this month than the first six
days proved to be.
Charlie Lundgren returned to Min
neapolis Saturday, after a week's visit
with relatives here.
Miss Emily Petterson has returned
from St. Paul where she has been at a
hospital for several weeks.
Some of the hunters appear to have
good luck shooting ducks, while others
have to go home empty handed.
Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Francis drove out
to Blue Hill Saturday afternoon and
spent Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. Baker.
Hay is scarce in this vicinity, and
most of the farmers have their corn in
shock and intend to have it shredded
this fall.
Ed. Milbrandt has the best piece of
potatoes in this neighborhood, but Ed.
says they don't turn out much like they
did last year.
Ira Bullis was out in this vicinity
Sunday hunting. Ira used to live here
a number of years ago and he thinks
there has been a great many improve
ments made since he moved away.
Sanford Buckingham will soon move
his family to Anoka. W are sorry
to lose our neighbor, but Anoka will be
the gainer and we think a good deal of
Anoka and don't care how many good
people go there.
Olaf Anderson was a Princeton visi
tor last Monday.
Mrs. P. Stay and daughter Josie re
turned from a two weeks visit in the
Twin cities Saturday.
Miss Johanna Anderson, after a
short visit home, has left for Minne
apolis where she intends to stay this
A few of our young people attended
the dance at A. Lind's last Saturday.
In spite of muddy roads there were
quite a few present.
Rev. P. Langseth attended the an
nual session of the special conference
of the Norwegian Lutheran church
held at Duluth, last week.
John Rusness has been confined to
his home the last few days with
catarrh. Mr. Rusness intends to leave
for Arizona in a short time.
What is the matter now, X-Ray? Is
X-Ray thinjring qf changing his nom
00 00- 00 00 *0W
de plume? W have not seen any
Santiago items for some time.
Rev. Langseth organized a Sunday
school last Sunday which will be held
after meeting every two weeks. This
is something we should not be^negli
gent of as a Sunday school ought to be
found in every Christian communitv.
The home ot Mr. and Mrs. H. Mag
nus was \isited bj the angel of death
last Sunday evening which took their
infant daughter awav. W all extend
our sympathies to the bereaved family.
The interment was held at the Glen
dorado cemeterv.
Told Out of School.
The infant terrible is always with
as aAd in making trouble runs a close
race with the wagging tongue of
scandal. Accompanied by her young
hopeful, a woman was calling on a
friend who happened to live in one of
a row of houses of exactly the same
"The great objection to living in a
row of houses," remarked the hostess,
"is the liability of making a mistake.
Do on ever have any difficulty, my
"Oh, no," replied the little fiend,
breaking in unexpectedly. "Ma says
she can always tell your house by the
dirty windows."New York Times.
The Retort Courteous.
A young and popular member of par
liament was addressing a meeting at
which there was a considerable rowdy
element present. Like the other speak
ers, he was frequently interrupted un
til, losing patience, he called for si
lence, saying, "Don't let every ass bray
at once." "You go on, sir," said the
ringleader, and the honorable member
was left without a reply.London
A Deep Sea Tragredy.
FloraToo bad about Gussie, wasn't
ClaraDear me! I haven't heard.
Tell me, quick!
FloraHe fell desperately in love
With a girl he met on an ocean steamer,
but she threw him over.Chicago Trib
Had Confessed.
MagistrateHow do you know this
German gentleman has been guilty of
passing th spurious ten cent pieces?
DetectiveI asked him if he ever
came across any bad money, and he
said "some dimes."Judge.
Sure to See It.
"Who was it who saw the hand
writing on the wall. Freddie?" asked
the Sunday school teacher.
"The landlord, ma'am," quickly re
plied the little boy who lives in a flat1
Yonkers Statesman.

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