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I &/>e Farm Fireside.
Gleanings by Our Country S
Correspondents I
Joe Bergeron has moved back to
his house at this plape.
Mrs. Morton and heir son Claude are
-visiting friends in Minneapolis.
Mrs. Paul Johnson who was at the
Northwestern hospital sick with lung
fe-^ er is convalescent and back home.
Our population is increasing. A lit
tle girl arrived at Wm. Oakes last
Mondaj evening and Mr. Vogel also
reports that one came to live with him.
Joe Payette and his brother-in-law.
Albert DeGerlias. have moved their
families into a sugar camp in western
Greenbush where they will stay dur
ing the sugaring season and gather
The Princeton Brick Go. is burning
a left-o\er kiln just now. They had
very stormj weather the first few days.
The Cream Brick Co. also has one
afire but thej did not light theirs until
after the storm.
The council at a regular meeting last
Monda\ night appointed Milton Smith
"village marshal. He wears a much
fiercer expression now. He has taken
the job on spec, and is to have one
half of the fines that will be paid by
the person arrested by him and con
Martin Anderson is working on an
automatic stump puller that will pull
stumps without an application of out
side power. He keeps his machine out
of sight as he has not secured a patent
as jet, but it is understood that the
device consists of a large drum made
of water-elm wood which is well known
for its tremendous warping and twist
ing power. The drum gets its work
on the stump by a series of cog wheels
and steel cable. The wood while wet
will warp in one direction and while
dry it will warp in just the opposite
direction. Thus by alternate applica
tions of water and heat the inventor
hopes to pull all stumps within reach
of the cable. Mr. Anderson is con
vinced by some former experiences
that after a little practice the speed
can be considerably increased without
much loss of power.
La Grippe Can Be Cured.
When la grippe is in the air, extra
ordinary precautions are necessary
to ward it off, or having contracted it
the greatest care must be taken to cure
it perfectly. Bunsen's Pine Tar Cough
Honey is an absolute cure for la-Nelson
gnppe. It removes every vestige of
lagrippe and leaves the system strong
against infection of any sort. Price
25 and 50 cents. For sale by C. A.
B. F. Reem was a Princeton visitor
on Mondaj.
Mr. Mink was a visitor at the Wet
ter home o\er Sunday.
H. E. Thomas was here looking af
ter his interests last week.
The much-looked for carload of feed
arrived at the Siding at last.
J. S. Jacobson secured the job ofbox.
digging the well for the new creamery.
The board of directors of the cream
ery company had a session last Thurs
Mrs. J. L. Mourning has been very
sick, but is some better. Dr. Caley
attended her.
Ed Engelke expects to return to Min
neapolis this week, having rented his
farm for another vear.
Mrs. Stockton Reem is home again
from Bnckton somewhat improved,
but still not able to walk.
Mrs. J. L. Mourning was danger
ously sick last week,. She is reported
somewhat improved at present. We
hope for a speedy recovery.
Mrs. J. A. Wetter went to the south
ern part of the State last week to visit
relatives and friends. She is expected
to return home in about ten days.
Aug. Jaenicke, the brick contractor,
was here to look over the material for
the new creamery and make prepara
tions for an early start at construction.
Alexander Hartz and family have
moved back to Meeker county. They
have rented a farm there for three
years. We are all sorry to see them
We understand that M. E. Freeman
from the Mille Lacs lake country will
rent Mr. Weatherby's farm this year.
Mr. Freeman is an old neighbor of B.
F. Reem.
Ole H. XJglem. went out to purchase
some seed wheat last week. He went
to Wolf who sent him to Mink Mink
having sold out sent him to Koon.
Mr. Uglem went through the experi
ence unhurt.
Our worthy mail carrier, Mr. Kalk
man, had the sad experience to break
down on the road on his route on that
stormy day last week. We hope to
see Mr. Kalkman out with an up-to
date rural mail delivery wagon soon.
More Riots.
Disturbances of strikers are not
nearly as grave as an individual dis
order of the system. Overwork, loss
of sleep, nervous tension will be fol
lowed by utter collapse, unless a relia-
ble remedy is immediately employed.
There's nothing so efficient to cure dis
orders of the liver or kidneys as Elec
tric Bitters. It's a wonderful tonic,
and effective nervine and the greatest
all around medicine for run down sys
tems. It dispels nervousness, rheu
matism and neuralgia and expels ma
laria germs. Only 50c, and satisfac
tion guaranteed by C. A. Jack, drug
W. A. Smith went to Minneapolis
with a load of goods.
Mrs. Stafford was taken to Anoka
Monday for treatment.
School opened again Monday after
a vacation of two weeks.
The Peterson saw mill was shut
down a few days for repairs last week.
Snow is going quite fast and most
of the people will be glad to see the
end of it.
Ray Smith is hauling posts from
Crown, having bought several hundred
from Charley Hartfield.
Ellis Jewell and family left for
Idoha Tuesday. He expects to take
up a homestead out there.
Henry Whiting who has been in
Michigan the past week or two came
up to the Brook Tuesday.
Miss Budelman is visiting at theconsequences.
Cloughs, the Cambridge schools hav
ing an Easter-week vacation.
The little daughter of Otis Moody
was very sick with measles compli
cated with pneumonia, but is better
William King is putting up a large
potato cellar and woodshed combined.
He will have it large enough to hold a
year's wood.
Mrs. Mary Witham and daughter of
Elk River are at the Brook on a visit
to relatives and will return to Elkwhere
River Wednesday.
Lou Pierson and familj have moved
from the Stickney farm onto the Ed
mund Young farm in Baldwin, having
rented that farm for the season.
Fred Foote was posted to the high
position of mail carrier last Friday,
carrying the mail to Cambridge and
back on foot as the roads were filled
with half frozen water making it dan
gerous for horses to travel, but Fred
made the trip in seven hours, though
he was pretty lame in consequence.
Emanuel Nelson who formerly kept
store in this place, has with his
brother bought out the Hadin store in
Dalbo and Nelson Bros, will take
possession on the first of April. Mr.
while at the Brook was fair
and honest in his dealings with all
his customers and the Dalbo poeple
will have no cause to fear anything
but straight dealing at their hands.
Try DeBell's Kidney Pills.
They are the only kidney medicine
that positively cure all diseases aris
ing from disordered kidneys, poor
nerves and a thin watery condition
of the blood such as nervous head
ache, dizziness, weak back, rheuma
tism, diabetes, scalding urine and
other kidney troubles. DeBell's Kid
ney Pills, the great kidney remedy.
Everv box warranted, 25 cents per
For sale by C. A. Jack.
The robin and the blue bird have
School closed last Friday for a two
weeks' vacation.
Mrs. Lester Kempton returned home
Monday after a week's visit with
friends at Santiago.
Mrs. F. Sales conducted Sabbath
school last Sunday. That's right,
help the good work along.
Mr. and Mrs. Neal Buiseman re
turned Monday after a winter's so
journ in Minneapolis. Welcome home,
Tragedy Averted.
''Just in the nick of time our little
boy was saved" writes Mrs. W. Wat
kins of Pleasant City, Ohio. "Pneu
monia had played sad havoc with him
and a terrible cough set in besides.
Doctors treated him, but he grew
worse every day. At length we tried
Dr. King's New Discovery for Con
sumption, and our darling was saved.
He's now sound, and well." Every
body ought to know, it's the only sure
cure for coughs, colds and all lung
diseases. Guaranteed by C. A. Jack,
druggist. Price 50c and $1.00. Trial
bottles free.
Gust Moey hauled lumber from St.
Cloud Monday.
The rain and freeze has placed the
roads in bad condition.
A number of our town people are
sick with colds and grip.
Bert Stacy of Big Lake was doing
business in town Monday.
Mrs. George Reed ds very sick. Dr.
Wood of Clear Lake is in attendance.
G. A. Bigelow and Abe VanBlair
com were Princeton visitors Tuesday.
George Bigelow, jr., spent Sunday
at Glendorado, the guest of the Dar
A number of our people expect to
attend the dance at Foley. Monday
One of the sawyers at Jellison's
mill was caught by a saw and suffered
,i **J2
the loss oi a part of one finger which
was completely severed from his
hand. "i i
Hank Holland depai'ted for Montana
Wednesday where he expects to spend
the coming seummer.
Owing to an accident W. H. Jelli
son's heading mill was shut down for
a short time last week.
Dr. Chapuman who has been out on
the road for several days reports a
good trade in his line of goods.
A new phone has been installed at
the Santiago central and abetter ser
vice is thus afforded the public.
A team belonging to a peddler and
which was hitched to Frank Dingley's
top buggy, indulged in a lively run
away Monday. Starting at the post
office square they ran west up River
street. At the creamery block they
turned south and went down Broad
way. They were finally stopped down
by the machine shops. The team was
not much hurt but the buggy was very
much damaged.
A Favorite Remedy for Babies.
Its pleasant taste and prompt cures
have made Chamberlain's Cough Rem
edy a favorite with the mothers of
small children. It quickly cures their
coughs and colds and prevents any
danger of pneumonia or other serious
It not only cures croup,
but when given as soon as the croupy
cough appears will prevent the attack.
For sale by Princeton Drug Co.
A. A. Mergel was a Becker visitor
Friday and Saturday.
Wild geese have been seen already.
Another sign of spring.
Will Clendening was helping the
Galbraith Bros., last week.
W. Nokes is home from Zimmerman
he has been working on the new
John Yager has sold his farm and
expects to go to California in a couple
of weeks.
Thracy Buram came home from
Princeton Sunday where she has been
going to school.
Fred Cohen, teacher in district 36,
is having a week's vacation on ac
count of bad roads.
Some of the people in Blue Hill
seem to be suffering from severe at
tacks of spring fever.
Word from North Dakota states
that a son was born to B. H. Mergel
and wife on the 13th inst.
Logan Galbraith had the misfortune
to cut his knee and has been laid up
since the tenth of this month.
Miss Mattie Galbraith is improving.
The rheumatism bothers her yet. She
is able to be up apart of the time.
Warren Baker and family from Big
Lake have moved on the Halvorson
farm in the northern part of Blue Hill.
Jim Stevenson, Mr. Northrop, Bill
Marsh and C. W. Taylor went to Elk
River Monday to sit on the grand
A party was given at the home of I.
A. Baker last Friday evening. Re
freshments were served and a pleasant
time was enjoyed by all.
The roads are in poor shape for
travel just now, they are so icy and
rough. While the weather keeps so
cold they will remain so.
The quarterly meeting for the cir
cuit was held at Greenbush on Friday
night. Rev. Gratz of Princeton filled
Presiding Elder Clemans' place.
F. B. Gladden of Spencer Brook
visited with his mother Wednesday.
He drove to Greenbush to assist Rev.
Burns with his revival services there.
Vet Cone has sold his farm to a Mr.
Bjorland from Minneapolis. Ed
Kaliher brought the man up and made
the sale for Mr. Cone. Mr. Bjorland
will take posesssion immediately.
It Saved His Leg.
P. A. Danforth of LaGrange, Ga.,
suffered for six months with a fright
ful running sore on his leg but writes
that Bucklen's Arnica Salve wholly
cured it in five days. For ulcers,
wounds, piles, it's the best salve in the
world. Cure guaranteed. Only 25
cents. Sold by C. A. Jack, druggist.
Ed Bauer has completed his logging
for this season.
Mr. Reed of Monticello is visiting
at Mr. Eynon's.
Sam Mattson of Lawrence was inany
town Tuesday of last week.
D. G. Wilkes and family spent Sun
day with Mr. and Mrs. Enos Jones.
R. J. Peterson and Andrew Brodin
made a trip to Gravelville last week.
Mr. and Mrs. Enos Jones and Mr.
and Mrs. Chas. Freer drove to Law
rence Saturday.
There is* to be a social at Frank
Bourquin's next Friday evening, for
the benefit of the church.
Frank Bourquin of Cove and Mr.
Westlake of Lawrence played at the
dance at Onamia last Saturday even
The shadow social given at the Ey
non hotel last Wednesday evening by
the Woodmen was quite a success, both
socially and financially, about $10
being cleared.
Abraham Ranouse, who has lived
in South Harbor for many years, and
who sold his home here about two
years ago has purchased a home in
Isle, where"he expectsf
to reside in the
It Never Disappoints.
F. J. Williams, proprietor of the
Hamilton Drug Co., Hamilton, Iowa,
says Chamberlain's Colic, Cholera
and Diarrhoea Remedy is practically
the only remedy he sells for cramps,
diarrhoea and colic, for the plain rea
son that it never disappoints. For sale
by Princeton Drug Co.
Mrs. Herman Gerber is on the sick
list this week.
Miss Syrena Negard is spending
the week at Isle.
Dr. Swenness returned from Wis
consin last week.
T. F. Norton transacted business at
Lawrence last week.
Otto Haggberg and family spent
Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. Sam
Charles Westlake, David Hoggard,
George and Orlando Mattock attended
the dance at Onamia last Saturday
Mr. Fitch, the expert from the Globe
iron works of Minneapolis, has just
finished setting the engine in the new
launch built by the Westlake boat
works for Banker Gradj.
T. E. Grady and son returned to
Foley after spending a week at Law
rence where Mr. Grady has been
watching the construction of his new
boat with which the Foley banker is
highly pleased.
Strawberries on Saturday, get some
for Easter dinner.
Ludden's store.
Mabel Benson is still on the sick
Erick Nordstrom of Walbo spent
Sunday at G. A. Anderson's. Call
again, Erick.
Chas. R. Erickson and Oscar Sjo
quist are home from the woods where
they have been working the past win
Charley Lund returned from Minne
apolis last week where he has been
working for some time at the flour
The bridge that crosses the brook at
this place has been repaired, and we
expect it will be safe for thrashing
rigs to cross this fall.
A. Schoneberg and family moved
up from Minneapolis last week to
make their home at this place where
Mr. Schonberg owns a farm.
Mark's Sale.
The big spring sale of the E. Mark
Live Stock Co. will be held next Sat
urday, April 2d, and this will be
one of the biggest sales that Mark has
ever held in Princeton. There will be
a fine lot of native farm horses and
mares and also a good lot of western
horses besides two cars of thorough
bred Galloway cattle and a car of
thoroughbred Shropshire sheep. You
do not want to miss this sale.
Seventh District Delegates.
The Republican convention for the
Seventh congressional district, for the
purpose of electing two delegates and
two alternates to the national conven
tion in Chicago, was held in Ortonville
last Wednesday, March 23d. V. B.
Seward of Marshall and L. O. Thorpe
of Willmar were chosen delegates to
Chicago and C. H. Colyer of Wheaton
and H. Thorson of Elbow Lake were
chosen altrenates. A. J. Peterson of
Dawson was recommended for presi
dential elector.
Our dry goods window will be turned
into a greenhouse for Friday and Sat
urday. Ludden's store.
Money to loan on improved farms.
Princeton, flinn.
Ladies' walking skirts, patterns
pretty, price low. Ludden's store.
Houses for rent, and also tracts of
land from five to eighty acres for sale
or rent.
E. Mark Live Stock Co.
Easter lilies, azelias and cut flowers
on sale Friday and Saturday.
Ludden's store.
S. M. fivers' Big Sale Offer.
His residence, furniture, horse, car
riages, stock of goods in lots to suit
customer, including merchants
who can get some lots at one-half
wholesale price.
Twenty-five dollars ($25.00) reward
for information leading to the convic
tion of persons who are found break
ing glass, or in any way interfering
with the lines or service of this com
Maple Leaf Telephone Company,
9-20 By Chas. Avery, Gen. Manager.
Auction Sale.
Mrs. Annette Solberg will sell at
public auction at the home of Ole Sol
berg in section 30 in Greenbush on
Saturday, April 9, all her farm stock
and implements, household furniture,
etc. All sums under $5 cash, and on
anything over that sum time will be
given on approved security until Nov.
1, 1904.
Rubber boots for men, women and
children. Ludden's store.
"t %a^
$3 50, S2 50 and $175 spring dresses for children,
all sizes, cut to 98c
Reveille spring Percales,-fast colors, regular
30c -values 5c
Satsuma Pongee, all shades, 20c and 25c goods,
cut to _. ioc
Danish Cloth, 25c and 35c values in all shades,
cut to 15
Sewing Threadi% a spool
Big line of Men's and
Boy's Ready-Made
Clothing. We can fit
all, both short and
tall, lean and fat.
Call and examine
Mark's-Great Bargain Store
Adjoining Mark's Livestock Comfpariy.
Specialc Sale of Boys' Suits
$3.50 and $4.00 Suits $2.98
$2.50 and $3.00 Suits $1.9 8
Come in and see our special $7.50 and
$12.00 Men's Suits. Nothing equal in the
We have secured the exclusive
sale of the McGee adjustable
Yoke Underskirts
$1 50 Skirts 98c
$2 50 Skirts 1 98
S2 00 Skirts.... SS1.48
75c and $1.00 Curtains 48c
Come to look or come to buy, you will find this store
full from top to bottom with new things. This store
has no end of surprises for you in things you want.
Special ale to Continne
over Easter Season.
Special Hats
Men's $2.50 and $3.00 Hats $2.00
?5-cent and Si 00 Caps 48c
35-cent and 40-cent Caps 22c
Girls'75c and $100 Automo
bile Caps 48c
Girls' 35c and 50c Automo
bile Caps 22c
centt Al goods guaranteed or money refunded.
Men's $3 and $3 50 Shoes 8 2 5 0
Men's $2 and 82 50 Shoes SI. 75
Ladies' 3 & $3 50 Shoes S3.50
It will pay you to examine
our Men's 98 cent and
$1.98 Pants.
We guarantee you a saving of 33^ per
Immense stock of
bedroom sets, chairs
rockers, tables, car
pets, rugs, mattres~
ses and everything
to furnish your
A Pleased Customer
is our best Adver
tisement. Highest price paid
for farm produce.
Princeton Mercantile Co.
Livery Feed Stable
Single and double rigs furnished with
or without driver at all hours.
Special attention paid to Commercial Travelers.
Mark's Riverside Barn, Princeton, flinn.
Big Discount Sale
of Dry Goods, Shoes,
Overshoes 9 Rubbers.
This big sale is for cash. Sale will last 20 days.
Come in and look over goods.
25 cent Suspenders 15c
25 cent Neckties 15c
10cent Socks 5
25 cent Socks 15c
Overshirts with fancy bosoms
worth 50c and 75c 48
25c and 35c Embroidery will go at 15
15c and 20c Embroidery at 10
S4 and $5 Skirts will be sold at 8 2 5 0
$6 and $7 Skirts will be sold at S3.98
35c Corset Covers cut to 19
50c Corset Covers cut to 29
75c and 90c Corset Covers cut to 48
10 Bars Laundry Soap 25
4 Bars Buttermilk and Witch Hazel Soar) 10c
and Gents'
of all kinds. The
latest spring styles 5
and novelties.
1 1 1 ii in -in. -II
Agents for
CAPACITY 20,000,000.
Postoffice Address, BriCktOtt, M/flH.
ifatfx.*' '"*-'*a

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