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6fte Farm Fireside.
Gleanings by Our Country i
Miss Eva Smith is spending a week's
vacation at home.
Erne&t Thieme loaded a car of hogs
at this point last Tuesday.
Ernest Thieme i & rejoicing over the
arrival of a oun son at his house.
Fred Jutting was in town Sunday
evening shaking hands with his old
Frank White drove up from Elk
River Monday and remained town
a few hours.
J. W. Mode went to Princeton Mon
day to take out his second naturaliza
tion papers.
Mr. Donahue, a lineman of the
Northwestern Telephone Co. was in
town Tuesday.
Mrs. II. G. Calder returned Tuesday
night from a week'*. Msit with rela
tives in Minneapolis.
E. J. Johnson, Win. Root and C. A.
Stillman took Mark's sale at
Princeton last Saturdaj.
Harry Pratt and family are com
fortabh settled now and say they like
the town better than ever.
The Misses Clara and Ruth Orr of
Princeton spent their vacation visit
ing relatnes at Zimmerman.
Mr. and Mis. Jas. Hanson of Min
neapolis hai moved on to the Cohen
farm where thej will make their future
Miss Jennie Johnson is home from
Minneapolis on a two-weeks' visit
with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. E. J.
Sydney English went to Princeton
Tuesday to take out his naturalization
papers. He now considers himself a
full-blooded Yankee.
H. E. Thomas of Minneapolis was
in town the greater part of last week
looking after his potato warehouse and
shipping the stock on hand.
La Grippe Can Be Cured.
When la grippe is in the air, extra
ordinary precautions are necessary
to ward it off, or having contracted it
the greatest care must be taken to cure
it perfectly. Bunsen's Pine Tar Cough
Honej is an absolute cure for la
grippe. It removes every vestige of
lagrippe and leaves the system strong
against infection of any sort. Price
25 and 30 cents. For sale by C. A.
Arthur Groff lost a valuable horse
last week.
John South is moving his goods to
his new home.
Mrs. Mergel has gone to North
Dakota to visit her son.
Frank Ester from Mora was visiting
with C. W. Taj lor's last week.
Mr. and Mrs. Ephram Yager from
Milaca are visiting in Blue Hill.
Harvey South has gone west to seek
his fortune. We hope he will succeed
in finding it.
Mr. Cohen returned from Minneapo
lis Saturday where he has been visit
ing his mother.
Mrs. Carpenter visited with her
daughter in Baldwin Tuesday, return
ing home Wednesday.
Ole Turkelson and Mr. Christeson
trom Orrock attended the sale at Mr.
Baker's where Mr. Turkelson bought
a fine team of horses for $255.
It Never Disappoints.
F. J. Williams, proprietor of the
Hamilton Drug Co., Hamilton, Iowa,
says Chamberlain's Colic, Cholera
and Diarrhoea Remedy is practically
the only remedy he sells for cramps,
diarrhoea and colic, for the plain rea
son that it never disappoints. For sale
by Princeton Drug Co.
The Indians are making maple sugar
Mr. Kruger of Lawrence was in town
Mrs. Mose Smith has been very sick
but is improving.
Tom Anderson, jr., spent Sunday
with Harry Wilkes.
Mrs. Milno visited with Mrs. Tom
Anderson last week.
T. E. Potts of Lawrence passed
through town Sunday.
Frank Bourquin and family spent
Easter at Mr. Bauer's.
Mr. and Mrs. Martin Lynch' drove
to Lawrence Tuesday of last week.
Rev. Raymond held Easter services
at the school house in district No. 17
Axel Ladeen left for Minneapolis
last week where he is to work in a saw
mill as sawyer.
Ed Bauer and E. L. Corwin were
hauling hay from the Bauer home
stead last week.
Dr. Ellis of Onamia has moved into
the building known as "the bowery,"
until he can build.
The school in district No. 17 has
closed for a two-weeks' vacation on
account of bad roads.
Nels Berg of Isle was in town Sun
day ard made a sale of some lots.
Mr. Berg has some very nice residence
Saturday evening the Woodmen
held their regular meeting in their hall
at Cove. There was quite a good
number present.
Bud Wiseman drove through town
on his way to Lawrence Tuesday of
last week. He was accompanied by
his wife and sister-in-lawr
The social at Frank Bourquin's Fri
day was well attended and the Ladies'
Aid realized over five dollars. All
seemed to have a good time.
John Mattson has moved his stock
of goods from the Bay View and is
stopping with Gust Anderson until he
can make arrangements to build.
Mr. Cotton is again using a wagon
on the stage route trom here to Milaca.
There has been good sleighing in the
\icmity of the lake until about a
week ago.
Mr. Haggard of Lawrence passed
through town Sunday on his way to
Onamia. Mr. Haggard makes these
trips quite regular. There must be
some attraction down that way.
Harvey Terwilliger walked to Cove
Saturday. Mr. Terwilliger has been
layed up with the rheumatism ever
since last fall, but has been improving
slowl} for the last few months. May
his rheumatism pass with the winter.
A moving epidemic struck Cove last
week. W. J. Eynon moved his family
over the new store building, and
Adolph Olson moved into the hotel
just \acated by Mr. Eynon. Horace
McKinzie moved onto the Porter farm,
while Mr. Roemer moved into the
house vacated by Mr. McKenzie.
Try DeBell's Kidney Pills.
They are the only kidney medicine
that positively cure all diseases aris
ing from disordered kidnejs, poor
nerves and a thin watery condition
of the blood such as nervous head
ache, dizziness, weak back, rheuma
tism, diabetes, scalding urine and
other kidney troubles. DeBell's Kid
ney Pills, the great kidney remedy.
Every box warranted, 25 cents per
box. For sale by C. A. Jack.
S. Mattson spent Sunday at Isle.
John Haggberg was in town last
The State scaler was scaling logs in
the bay last week.
There will be preaching in the school
house next Sunday.
Frank Humble is serving on the jury
this week at Princeton.
Herman Gerba has gone to the city
to get his eyes treated.
John McClure and S. Lind of Ona
mia were in town last week.
Mrs. Peter Haggberg of Isle spent
Monday with grandma Haggberg.
T. E. Potts drove to Vineland last
Sunday in search of a girl for the
Miss Reka Weigall of Opstead is
spending the week in Lawrence with
Frank Smith and wife have returned
to Lawrence after spending the winter
in the city.
David Haggard was obliged to have
his blacksmith shop closed last week
on account of sickness.
James. Moore went to Mora last week.
On his return he brought a bride. Mr.
and Mrs. Moore are staying at the
Potts house.
Some of the people at Lawrence at
tended the social at F. Berkwin's Fri
day evening. It was given by the M.
W. A. of Cove.
Tragedy Averted.
''Just in the nick of time our little
boy wras
saved" writes Mrs. W. Wat-
kins of Pleasant City, Ohio. "'Pneu-
monia had played sad havoc with him
and a terrible cough set in besides.
Doctors treated him, but he grew
worse every day. At length we tried
Dr. King's New Discovery for Con
sumption, and our darling was saved.
He's now sound, and well." Every
body ought to know, it's the only sure
cure for coughs, colds and all lung
diseases. Guaranteed by C. A. Jack,
druggist. Price 50c and $1.00. Trial
bottles free.
John Skretting of Opstead passed
through town yesterday.
John A. Lamb of Esterville., Iowa,
is in town looking for land.
John Bergman of this place- has
commenced working on his new barn.
Chas. Wicklander is back from the
woods and has already commenced
making boats as usual.
The ice in the big lake is not likely
to go out until about May first this
year and then the fun will commence.
E. B. Mayo, the sawmill man of this
place, is putting in a grist mill and is
doing a good thing for the whole coun
Prof. Landstrom held meetings at
the school house April 3rd and he will
hold regular meetings at the new town
of Mille Lacs after this.
Fred Brocker of New London, Iowa,
has rented Hawes' farm for five years
and has already moved on the place.
Mr. Brocker is a well known and is
an industrious man.
Chas. L. Freer was up and bought
lot one in block three of Mille Lacs.
Mr. Axel Ladeen also bought two lots
in the same block on which he is go
ing to build the coming summer. Mr.
Freer will build a fine dwelling house
at once.
A Favorite Remedy for Babies.
Its pleasant taste and prompt cures
have made Chamberlain's Cough Rem
edy a favorite with the mothers of
small children. It quickly cures their
coughs and colds and prevents any
danger of pneumonia or other serious
consequences. It not only cures croup,
but when given as soon as the croupy
cough appears will prevent the attack.
For sale by Princeton Drug Co.
The West Branch was real high the
past week.
Mr. Amos Freel is building a new
house on his land a mile and a half
from here.
Surveyors Milton and Chapman
were surveying in sections six and
seven last week.
Mrs. J. A. Wetter and Mrs. Scott
Bruce returned from visiting their rel
atives last Friday.
Mrs. J. L. Mourning is able to be
around again. Her sister was here
from Cochrane, Wis., while she was ill.
Cahs. Elder called at the Siding on
his way home from the woods. He
says he has put in a long, hard win
Quite a number of the Brickton and
Long's Siding boys are planning on
taking in the running drive this
M. E. Freeman came down from
Mille Lacs lake and has gone on to
the Weatherby farm. His family will
come when the roads are better.
It Saved His Leg.
P. A. Danforth of LaGrange, Ga.,
suffered for six months with a fright
ful running sore on his leg but writes
that Bucklen's Arnica Salve wholly
cured it in five days. For ulcers,
wounds, piles, it's the best salve in the
world. Cure guaranteed. Only 25
cents. Sold by C. A. Jack, druggist.
Madge Holland is spending a few
days at home.
H. A. Brown is very sick at the
present writing.
Mrs. Clara Guild is in Minneapolis
for medical treatment.
Howard Walker was in Blue Hill on
legal business recently.
Haldo Ansers of Becker visited with
W. J. Holland and family over Sun
Rev. W. H. Orrock and G. A. Bige
low were Blue Hill visitors last Thurs
Frank Henderson of Ronneby spent
Sunday in town, the guest of W. Z.
G. A. Bigelow and son Ben were
doing business at Princeton Monday
returning home with a fine top buggy.
Erick Hedstrom took a trip down to
Minneapolis Saturday.
Peter Road strom and Victor Roman
of Princeton pent Sunday at the form
er's home.
Marion Cater and Fred Harrington
of Germany were out this way Sunday.
Call again.
Dr. Caley of Princeton was out to
see Mabel Benon Sunday. She is re
ported to be worse.
Erick Erickson, Swan Anderson,
Charile Anderson and Gust Johnson
returned from the woods last week.
The dance at Wm. Stubbs was well
attended and a pleasant time is re
ported by all. When will \ou have
another one Will?
O. T. Lundgren has gone to North
Dakota to look after his homestead.
The happy faces of the lumber-jacks
makes one think that spring has come.
Henry Karline has rented his farm
to John Person. Mr. Karline intends
to move to Nickerson.
Miss Lillian Borg left for Cam
bridge last Thursday and will work
for Mrs. Fred Hallin of that place.
The Good Templars of Wyanett in
tend to have an entertainment on next
Saturday, April 7th and there will be
a good program rendered. All are
invited to attend.
Big Logging at Mille Lacs.
The logging camps are now break
ifig up about the county after one of
the most favorable seasons known.
The largest cut in the county is no
doubt that of the Foley Bean company
around Mille Lacs lake where it is
claimed twenty-two million feet are
banked and boomed. At Malmo alone
seventeen million are awaiting the
breakup.Aitkin Age.
Evening I Up.
^owneHear what Sniff kins did
when the collection plate came 'round
to him in church last Sunday?
BrowneNo. Dropped a button in
I suppose.
TowneNot even that. He leaned
over and whispered, I paid the pas
tor's fare in the car yesterday morn
ing. We'll call it square. "Philadel
phia Press.
mi uiwmM i mmm
An Aprn Fool Surprise.
Mrs. Geo. F. Wright was happily
surprised last Friday afternoon by
about thirty of her friends who gave
her an April fool that she will have
occasion to remember for many long
years. It was her thirty-ninth birth
day, and as she was seated at the sew
ing machine she happened to look out
the window and caught a glimpse of
the procession as it came around the
corner, and headed straight for the
house. The delegation of women sim
ply made the surprised woman look
like a Spanish coin and feel like thir
teen cents. American money. The com
pany soon settled down and were
made as much at home as it was pos
sible to make them, and the afternoon
was spent with vocal and instrumental
music and a good old-fashioned time.
The ladies brought refreshments of all
kinds and when it came time to serve
lunch, lo and behold a complete set of
dishes was brought forth and presented
to Mrs. Wright as a remembrance of
the day and the happy event that it
brought. The dishes are perishable
but the happy memories of the occa
sion cannot perish.
Drinking up a Farm.
Bob Burdett, the humorist, offers
some timely advice to those who wish
to own a farm. He says: ''My home
less friend with the chromatic nose,
while you are stirring up sugar in a
ten-cent glass of gin, let me give you
a fact to wash down with it. You may
say you have longed for years for the
free, independent life of a farmer, but
you have never been able to get
enough money to buy a farm. But
there is where ou are mistaken. For
some years ou have been drinking a
good improved farm at the rate of one
hundred square feet at a gulp. If you
doubt this statement figure it out for
yourself. An acre of land contains
43,560 square feet. Estimating, for
convenience, the land at $43.56 an acre,
you will see it brings the land just one
mill per square foot. Now pour down
the fiery stuff and imagine \ou are
swallowing a strawberry patch. Call
in five of your friends and have them
help you gulp down that five hundred
foot of garden. Get on a prolonged
spree some day and see how long it
will take to swallow, a pasture land
to feed a cow. Put down that glass of
gin, there is dirt in itthree hundred
feet of good, rich dirt, worth $43.56
per acre.''
R. E. Lrynch, the pioneer Tubular
Well dealer of Minneapolis, has per
manently located two miles east of
Zimmerman, and is prepared to do all
kinds of well work and pump repair
ing. Long experience in the well
business enables me to make shallower
and better wells than can be made by
less experience. Drop me a postal
card to Zimmerman and I will call on
you. Established in 1884. 17-4t
Sealed bids will be received by the
town clerk of the town of Blue Hill,
Sherburne countj, Minn., until and
including the 18th day of April, 1904,
for the erection of a Town House in
said town. Plans and specifications
can be seen at the town clerk's office.
Board reserves the right to reject any
or all bids.
J. R. HULL, Chairman.
Money to loan on improved farms.
Princeton, /linn.
FoundAbout ten days ago, a sum
of money. The owner may have same
by proving property and paying for
this notice.
Wm. Reem, Long's Siding.
Farm for Bent.
Improved farm of 400 acres with
good buildings, 1% miles from Prince
ton, will be leased to the right party
on favorable terms. Write to or call
on J. J. Shaken at Bank of Prince
ton. 17-tf
For SaleA fine farm of 160 acres
in the town of Milo fine buildings,
machinery and horses with place if
wanted. This is the southeast of
thirty-four and is close to where the
first test will be made for oil.
D. Salee.
For Sale Cheap.
Undersigned has two encyclopedias
and will sell one Encyclopedia Britan
nica in fine cloth binding, 25 volumes,
as good as new, for $20 cash if taken
at once.
Rev. N. J. Bolin, Foreston, Minn.
When you put down a new walk this
season use the artificial tiling made of
the best Portland cement and war
ranted the best walk that is made. I
will manufacture this walk in Prince
ton this season and can make you a
walk that will look well and wear for
vears. F. W. Millbrath.
Twenty-five dollars ($25.00) reward
for information leading to the convic
tion of persons who are found break
ing glass, or in any way interfering
with the lines or service of this com
Maple Leaf Telephone Company,
9-20 By Chas. Avery, Gen. Manager
$3 50, 2 50 and SI 75 spring dresses for children,
all sizes, cut to 98c
Reveille spring Percales, last colors, regular
10c alues 5c
Satsuma Pongee, all shades, 20c and 23c goods,
cut to 10c
Danish Cloth, 25c and 35c values all shades,
cut to 15c
Sewing Thread 2M.c a spool
We have secured the exclusive
sale of the McGee adjustable
Yoke Underskirts
51 50 Skirts
$2 50 Skirts
SZ 00 bkirts.
75c and $1.00 Curtains 48c
Big line of Men's and
Boy's Ready-Made
Clothing. We can fit
all, both short and
tall, lean and fat.
Call and examine
Mark's Great Bargain Store
Adjoining Mark's Live Stock Company.
Special Sale of Boys' Suits
$3.50 and $4.00 Suits $2.98
$2.50 and $3.00 Suits $1.98
Come in and see our special $7.50 and
$12.00 Men's Suits. Nothing equal in the
Come to look or come to buy, you will find this store
full from top to bottom with new things. This store
has no end of surprises for you in things you want.
Special Sale on Ladies'
Tailor-made Suits.
Special on Hats
Men's $2.50 and $3.00 Hats $2.00
75-cent and $1 00 Caps 48c
35-cent and 40-cent Caps 22c
Girls'75c and $100 Automo
bile Caps 48c
Girls' 35c and 50c Automo
bile Caps 32
S I 98
cent All goods guaranteed or money refunded
Men's $3 and S3 50 Shoes $ 2 50
Men's $2 and $2 50 Shoes 1.75
Ladies' 83 & S3 50 Shoes $2.50
It will pay you to examine
our Men's 98 cent and
$1.98 Pants.
guarantee you a saving of 33Mper
non* AiPo^i
Immense stock of
bedroom sets, chairs
rockers, tables, car
pets, rugs, mattres
ses and everything
to furnish your
home. A Pleased Customer
is our best Adver
tisement. Highest price paid
for farm produce.
-Dealer in-
General Merchandise
Dry Goods, Hardware,
Groceries, Flour and Feed,
Boots and Shoes, Patent medicines,
Gents' Furnishings, Crockery and Glassware.
Highest market prices paid for butter and eggs
and all kinds of country produce.
25 cent Suspenders 15c
25 cent Neckties 15c
10 cent Socks 5c
25 cent Socks 15c
Overshirtswitb fancy bosoms
worth 50c and 75c 48c
25c and 35c Embroidery will go at 15c
15c and 20c Embroidery at lOc
$4 and 85 blurts will be sold at $2.50
S6 and $7 Skirts will be sold at 93.98
35c Corset Covers cut to 19c
50c Corset Covers cut to 29c
75c and 90c Corset Covers cut to 48c
10 Bars Laundry Soap 25c
4 Bars Buttermilk and Witch Hazel Soap 10c
and Gents'
of all kinds. The
latest spring styles
and novelties.
Livery Feed Stable i
Single and double rigs furnished with
or without driver at all hours.
Special attention paid to Commercial Travelers.
Mark's Riverside Barn, Princeton, flinn.
%%vtvvtvtyyvtv*vtvvv% vtwiwvtytvtvt %**%v%vvvvvvvvvvvvvv
Big Discount Sale
of Dry Goods, Shoes,
Overshoes Rubbers.
This big sale is for cash. Sale will last 20 days.
Come In and look over goods.

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