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State News.
A commercial club has been organ
ized at Springfield.
Fred Johnson, a Big Lake farmer,
committed suicide by drowning.
Pipestone has received $3,000 as first
payment on its Carnegie library.
Bankers of the Ninth congressional
district met in Crookston May 24 for
oragnization into a bank group.
The village of Excelsior has granted
a franchise to F. W. Muckey to install
a plant and light the village with"gas.
John Miller of Leon, ex-member
of the Minnesota legislature, cele
brated his eightieth birthday by giv
ing a party.
Rural Route Agent Gutterson of
Lake Crystal has laid out eight new
routes in Blue Earth county. All will
be started about Aug. 1.
The members of the Pastime club of
Winona have made arrngements for
their start for the world's fair at St.
Louis in the launch Pastime.
James B. Neal, who deserted from
the Thirtieth infantry at Fort Crook.
Neb., April 28, gave himself up to the
county authorities at New Ulm.
G. W. Royce, age seventy-eight, vet
eran conductor of the Milwaukee road
and a prominent Mason, died from
paralysis Sunday at Hastings.
Humane Officer Max Distel of Le
Sueur made a seizure of three horses
belonging to W. A. Klanke that were
not receiving proper treatment.
The State Bank of Benning, which
is owned largely by Fergus Falls men,
will consolidate with the First Na
tional of the same village about June 1.
Word has been received in Duluth
that forest fires are running in the
Indian pine on the Chippewa reserva
tion, between Farrims and Cass Lake.
Farmers are petitioning for the con
struction of a drainage ditch, under
the State drainage laws, in Owatonna
and Havana townships, Steele county.
The body of John Ashley, a veteran
of che Civil war, was found in the
Minnesota river near Savage last
week. He was accidentally drowned
last month.
The State board of control has
awarded the contract for the erection
of the new stock pavilion at the State
agricultural college to C. L. La\ene
of St. Paul.
Barney Mooney, a rural free mail
carrier of Woodstock, was arrested
and taken to Pipestone on a charge of
assault committed on the person of
S. M. Gentry.
Mrs. Mary Elizabeth Leduc, aged
seventy-five years, wife of Gen. W.and
G. Leduc of Hastings, died from heart
failure. She was one of Hastings'
earliest settlers.
Peter Guy ot Spring Valley charged
with the unlawful use of dynamite in
nearby streams, having caused the
destruction of fish, pleaded guilty and
was fined $50 and costs.
Fred Anniquit, a halfbreed Indian,
was drowend in Lake Superior, north
of Grand Marais, by the capsizing
of his boat. He was intoxicated. He
had a wife and three children.
Herman Dolisehall a farmer near
Ogilvie committed suicide by hanging
himself. His body was found in a
woodshed a short distance from the
house, dangling from a rafter.
Michael Tigue of Coon Creek has
sold his farm to Albert Hickman of
Minneapolis for $10,000. Mr. Tigue
paid $1.25 an acre thirty-four years
ago and sold it at $43.50 an acre.
The auctioneers of Otter Tail,Wilkin
and Clay counties have perfected an
organization for the purpose of main
taining established prices and keeping
unlicensed auctioneers out of the field.
The graduation exercises at St.
Mary's hall, Fairbault, will be held
June 7. The class will consist of ten
members. The valedictorian honors
were carried off by Miss Rose Bellatti.
N. Coti of Aitkin was found guilty of
murder in the second degree and sen
tenced to State prison for life. He
was tried for murdering Chris Han
son, a woodsman, and is but nineteen
years old.
Frank White, the man who shot and
fatally wounded Jerome Maniage, bar
tender in the Northland saloon on the
Bowery in Duluth, was convicted of
murder in the third degree and given
thirty years.
Petitions have been circulated ask
ing Governor Van Sant to commute
the sentence of William Chounard of
Cass Lake from capital punishment to
life imprisonment. Chounard killed
his wife last January.
Sandy Boy, a Sandy Lake Indian,
pleaded guilty to murder in the second
degree and was sentenced to Stillwater
for life by Judge McClenahan of the
district court at Aitkin. Sandy Boy
killed Joe Agonosh last November.
Owatonna will have a big celebration
the Fourth of July. The celebration
is being planned by the board of trade
and the Seele County Buttermakers'
and Dairymen's association, and com
mittees have already secured about
J. H. Kelehen, a contractor from
Brainerd, is dead as the result of poi
soning from carbolic acid, adminis
tered by his own hand. His remains
WlfkiA&te ^&Xi**aJ&s&Sfcl'&p CJ*0a*j,i*,tef' J,
were found by a little girl, in the
woods at the outskirts of Cass'Lake.
He left letters in which he stated that
he was not crazy but discouraged. He
attributed his reverses of fortune to
The Cannon Falls postoffice is to be
installed in a separate building. The
government has accepted the propo
sals of George Bremer, Jr., and he
A. G. Rutledge, local game \yarden
of Cass Lake, has been authorized to
secure specimens of maskallonge from
Cass Lake to be sent to the Louisiana
Purchase exposition. "Muskies"
weighing from six pounds to thirty
heavier, if possible to obtain them,
will be taken from the lake and sent
alive to the exposition.
The jury in the government's suit
against the Commonwealth Lumber
company returned a verdict at Fergus
Falls assessing the company $18,138.01
for timber trespass, in addition to $10,-
541.63, which it paid in a previous
settlement with Captain Mercer and
which the court instructed the jurors
to take into consideration in deciding
the amount of the verdict.
Cannon Falls Electric and Power
company is about to ^commence'on a
work that will make Cannon Falls
famous. It is the construction of the
power dam across the Big Cannon
river, about a half mile below the
high fajis west of town. The contract
for the dam and powerhouse has been
let to the Chicago Construction com
pany and the work will begin June 1.
His Admirable Veracity.
will erect a substantial building of ^tl^Z^T^ ,^J"
brick and stone on Main and Fourth
Once a number of kindred spirits
the table
"Mon," he exclaimed, "yousingin's
no up to much, but your veracity's
just awfu'. Ye're richt aboot that
brick. "Tit-Bits.
be opened with prayer.Denver Post.
were enjoying a supper in the land of
Burns. When the cloth was removed
and the usual toasts were proposed
some one suggested a song. The
efforts of the first Scotchman met with
such a hearty reception that others
were induced to follow his example.
In the end it was found that every
one had contributed to the evening's
entertainment but the medical gentle
man who occupied the vice chair.
"Come, come, Dr. Macdonald,"
said the chairman, we cannot let you
The doctor protested he could not
"As a matter of fact, he explained,
"my voice is altogether unmusical,
and resembles the sound caused by
the act of rubbing a brick along the
panels of a door."
The company attributed this to the
doctor's modesty. Good singers, he them together" socially, and you will
was reminded, always needed a lot of be surprised. It will result in knowing
"Very well,
you can stand it, I will sing
Long before he had finished his au
dience was uneasy. The unwilling make life happier, pleasanter and bet-
singer had faithfully described his ter."
There was a painful silence as the
aoetorsatdo broken at length by ^^^ZT^ZZSto,
A state paper tells of a citizen who
brought his pastor along when he
came to Denver to be operated upon
for appendicitis. It was his desire to that he wrote the libretto for Webster's
dictionary."Philadelphia Post.
"if 11
$50,000 I N PRIZES.
Minnesota State Fair Premium List, Just
Published, Shows Wonderful Offerings
The Book an Attractive One.
In the issue of the premium list of
the Minnesota State Fair of 1904 the
management has departed from the
usual hackneyed form and hasl pro
duced an artistic and veroyl attractive
little book. It isflarger than has been
The $5,000 damage suit of Hiram C.
Bear of Winona against the Chicago and the arrangement clear and Ton
Great Western Railway Co. for the i
very handsome design stamped in blue
of a darker shade on the front covor.
Within, the paper and type are good
loss of a race horse was won by
plaintiff. Judge Lochren instructing
the 3ury to bring in a verdict for that have improved the list in other ways
Nels H. Jacobson
old, while at work in a field near Al
bert Lea, took a 22-caliber rifle to
shoot gophers. In some manner he
was shot in the stomnach, the ball evi
dently passing just below the heart,
and may die.
Minnesota City is interested over
the report that an eastern cereal com
pany has secured an option on the
water power site there of the mill
which was recently burned. It is said
the company is figuring on the erec
tion of a large plant for the manufac
ture of breakfast foods.
A report from Albert Lea says
agents of Swift & Co. of Chicago are
trying to buy butter of the creameries,
but while they offer a cent or so above
what commission men can pay, fewpopular
creameries bite at the alluring bait.
The creamery men resent this method
of the oleo men of getting hold of their
A new town is being laid out and
rapidly built up on Rainy river im
mediately east of the Beaudette river
Beltrami county men are interested
and have named the new town Spooner
after the popular judge of that district.
The new town is beautifully located
on the Rainy opposite to the Canadian
government dam.
The State board of control awarded
the contract for the woman's cottage
and dormatory to be erected at Anoka
for the State hospital for the insane
to McMillan & Co. of Minneapolis.
When completed, the building will
have cost about $40,000 and will house
between fifty and sixty. It is to be
completed by Oct. 1.
book the
getting out a creditable
officers of the State Fair
The entire offerings of premiums have
nineteen years been revised carefully. In every de
partment of the fair additions have
been made and in all several thou
sands of dollars have been added to
the total. With increased purses in
the racing program the entire prize
offerings of the Minnesota State Fair
this year will reach the enormous
sum of $50,000.
The new premium list shows that
the national exhibitions of the Ameri
can Shorthorn Breeders' Association
and the America Hereford Breeders
Association will be again held in con
nection with the Minnesota State Fair
and that the popular auction sales of
catttle of these breeds will be a fea
The introduction also states that the
night programs will be con
tinued and that the new manufactur
ers building will be completed in time
for the opening of the fair. This
building will be 120x160 feet in size,
entirely fire-proof and a very hand
some and creditable structure in every
Half-fare rates to the next fair have
already been assured by the railroads.
Copies of the premium list may be
obtained by addressing Sec. E. W.
Randall. State Fair Grounds, Minn.
Somewhat Surprising.
"John," remarked Mrs. Bifkins,
coldly, at the breakfast table, "you
were saying some rather queer things
in your sleep last night. You men
tioned something about Kittie and a
full house and a show-down and a few
other things along that line. What
were you talking about?"
Did Mr. Bifkins tell his wife that
Kittie was the name of the woman who
cleaned out the office and that he was
probably dreaming about the full
house down at the show the other
night? The funny papers would have
you believethat he did. But he did
I was probably dreaming of the
poker game I satin that night," he
replied without batting an eye. I lost
$37.15 in that game, by the way, so I
can't let you have that $19.98 for that
spring hat for a couple of weeks."
Did Mrs. Bifkins scream and burst
into tears and call him a brute and go
right straight back to her mother?
The comic writers and the jokesmiths
would have you think she did. But
she didn't.
J'Jfou must be a bum pokerist,
John/' she said scornfully I don't
believe you know a straight-up from
a four flush. I Jbelieve I could give
you three kings and beat you to the
jackpot myself. What did you think
you were doingdigging post holes or
playing ping pong?Smart Set.
A Plea for More Sociability.
Here is something from the pen of
Pease of the Anoka Union that is all
right and will apply to Princeton and
many other places: "Holy gee, I
wish the people of Anoka could meet
in social intercourse much more than
they do, and it is a great pity they
can't. Recently a social club was or
agnized just for fun, of a few mem
bers, and from the first night's meet
ing, surprises have occurred, at the
ability, the affability, the good fellow
ship manifested. The membership
have learned to love and appreciate
each other, and every member is striv
ing to make the other members happy,
and doing all they can to please. It
is a delightful atmosphere to bask in
and has opened my eyes to some
things. We don't know each other in
Anoka. We don't know the ability of
the people. We don't know what a
splendid lot of folks make this town
their home. We don't know how many
hearts are yearning for companion
ship and acquaintanceship. Bring
each other better. It will result in
said the doctor, "it"friendships being cemented that will
last until life ends. It will bring out
talent that has been hidden. It will
On Good Authority.
No man in congress has a more copi-
a landscape scene in Cuba as an "in-
describable mental melody."
They were discussing Sulzer in te
Democratic cloakroom. "He certain
ly has the gift of language," said a
"Language?" remarked Representa
tive "Tim Sullivan of New York.
"Why, I have it on good authority
*x A *&&
THTJBSDAY, MAY 26, 1904.
3447-Boys' Suit.
Sizes 2, 4, 6,8 years.
I ^^B
in the way that you can buy right
at the time when you can buy right, and
at the place where you can buy right
'T buy right if you buy for cash and you
can buy right
all times if you buy at
Dealer in general merchandise,
agent for Pratt's perfumes and
toilet articles and flcCall Bazaar
Goods forSpring
Summer Wear.
New stock of Dress Goods just
received. Dimities, Calicoes, and
all the late and pretty patterns
for spring and summer wear.
A full stock of ladies'
and gent's spring and
summer underwear.
A large and well selected i
stock to select from. Fresh
fruits and vegetables al
ways on hand.
John N. Berg,
Princeton, Minn. 1
and wagon makers.
Wagons and Buggies manufactured
and repaired.
Satisfaction also guaranteed in all other
lines of our business.
Shops next to Starch Factory,
Princeton, Minn.
By coming to see our new line of
Our line of "Bis: Four" Ladies'
Waists and Wrappers is better than
ever. Prices right.
v/ vfa
Silks and Ribbons
Also a good new up-to-date line of La-
dies' Silk Gloves, Hosiery and Under
wear. The time is also here for Parasols
and Umbrellas. We have them in stock at
prices from 39c up.
Make Your
Bread with
The "New Idea" paper patterns
are considered the best the world
over. IOC. No more, no less.
6oi ng
E. B. Anderson, Princeton.
gr wHk/ Or make any repairs about the place? 3
If You Are You Will Want Some Lumber.
But before buying, we want a chance to figure on your bill. No
matter how much or how little you want, nor what kind. We think
we can save you some money. Any way don't fail to let us make jou 2
an estimate before you buy. S
North Star Lumbe Co. I
*fc^2 E
It makes more and better loaves
than any other flour you can buy.
any Grocery in town
Princeton Roller Mill Co.
J. J. SKAHEN, Cashier and Manager.
Does a General
Banking Business
Collecting and Farm and
Insurance. Village Loans.
S Dealers in High Class Goods, Sold at Low Grade Prices,
DRY GOODSA new line of spring and
summer goods just arrived
HATSThe newest in men's and chil
dren's hats
GROCERIESA good fresh stock al
ways on hand
FLOUR AND FEEDAt reasonable
Shoes and Rubbers.
Qwwww vwvww *V*%V%%%% UVWUUUVWUUUU8
MQRNEAU BROS., Proprietors.
Princeton, Hinn.
Under new management this hotel has beenenlargedto more
than double Its size and equipped with steam heating plant,
bath rooms, and all modern Improvements.
Finest line of imported and domestic cigars in Princeton.
4.4. 4.
4.4. 4.4. 4.4. 4.4. 4,4. 4.4. 4.4.
4.4. 4.4. 4.4, 4.4. 4.4. 4.4. 4.4, 4.4. 4. 4.4. 4.4. 4.4. 4.
3456Misses' Eton.
6 vears.
4.4. 4.4. 4.4. 4,4. 4.4. 4.4,
100^98 Flou I
Flint Wagons
and Rex Buggies.
We handle one of the largest and cleanest stocks of general menchandise in the
county, and pay the highest prices for farm produce
Commercial Hotel,

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