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Published Every THtxrsctay.
Business Manager.
Good growing weather.
be better.
Could not
Are ou coming to Princeton to help
celebrate the Fourth?
Some of the Collins shouters have
the bark mark all right.
Every good Republican should at
tend the primary election in his dis
Another Hearst contest in Hennepin
county and there would need to be a
call issued for recruits.
Ex-Attorney General Knox will suc
ceed the late Senator Quay, but will
remain in the cabinet until the close
of the "\ear.
The wool that the Collins people
ha\ been pulling over the eyes of the
people, proves to be the real thing in
the shoddy line.
Just notice how the Collins watch
dogs are re&ortmg to all kinds of
tricks to stem the tide of public senti
ment toward Dunn.
The only hope of setae of the cap
tains of industry of the ring of rooters
about the building with a dome up
Wabasha street is in a political resur
rection in the dim and distant future.
The editor of the Jackson Republic,
Nelson P. G. Wright, has laid aside
the paste pot and scissors of the sanc
tum for an M. E. pastorate. He must
have crossed o\ er in a flying machine.
With its issue of last week the Itasca
News sent out a blotter bearing a
very neat advertisement of the Newrs
and its job equipment. The blotter
was a good advertisement.
Itasca county will vote for good
roads bonds on the twenty-second of
this month. "Aye means good
roads, "no" means a step backward.
There ought to be aj es enough to see
a long ways ahead.
'None of the attacks of Mr. Dunn's
opponents will change the minds of
those Republicans in Cass county
who are for the Princeton candidate,"
says a Cass county Republican.
There are others all over the State.
Northern Michigan is to be settled
by 20,000 Polish people who will find
homes on the cut-over lands of that
state. The new settlers should engage
in bean raising as there will be a fine
lot of good Poles that can be utilized.
The State Art society will begin a
crusade against the bill boards, but
let us be more particular and call them
William Boards. Bill is too short
and harsh and is not at all euphon
ious. But goodby, Bill, we can see
your finish.
If a prominent citizen comes out for
Dunn he is a horse-thief, but if pur-down
chance he comes out for Collins he is
purity personified. Indeed, how im
maculately pure in heart and purpose
are the administration Scribes and
Dunn can win easily without a vote
from Hennepin county in the Republi
can State convention. Without Hen
nepin county's Support in the State
convention Mr. Collins does not stand
a ghost of a chance of receiving the
gubernatorial nomination.
Hicks, the weather prophet, does not
believe that the rain fall for June,
will come up to the average, taking
the country as a whole. He thinks
that some portions of the north and
northwest will have a shortage of
moisture before the close of the
If R. C. Dunn was the corrupt offi
cial that his political enemies would
have the public believe he is, he
wouldn't get a corporal's guard out
to hear him. He is being greeted at
all his Minneapolis meetings with
large audiences who soon discover
that he has nothing to cover up, is
frank and outspoken in all his state
ments, and is willing to leave his rec-
The Japs have asked one of the
large milling companies of Minneap
olis for prices on 50,000 barrels of
flour. Just wait until those Japs get
to eating bread made from Minnesota
flour. There will be something doing
around Port Arthur and on toward
the trails of Siberia.
Twelve years ago the Minneapolis
Journal and the St. Paul Dispatch
were busily engaged in denouncing
Knute Nelson as a tool of J. J. Hill.
Mr. Nelson was nominated by acclam
ation and elected governor by a rous
ing majority in 1892, was renominated
by acclamation and re-elected in 1894,
and is at present serving his second
term in the United States senate.
The Martin-Johnson outfit is vainly
endeavoring to stem public sentiment.
It would seem that Judge Searle
has 3ust as much right to accept pub
lic endorsement as Collins has to ac
cept administration endorsement.
Judge Searle never sought the honors
that are being thrust upon him. His
friends deemed him worthy of them.
He has too much regard for the office
he fills to''stoop to conquer." The
same cannot be said of Judge Col
The Dunn delegates will get down
from the ranges on convention day
spite of the machinations of the
Collins county committee, which
called their caucuses the evening
before the county convention.
Duluth News-Tribune.
The horns of the keep-me-in-office
crowd are long and are being vicious
ly used, but the dehorning process
will come later on.
Never before in the history of the
State was a dirtier and more relent
less warfare waged against a candi
date for office a pre-convention
campaign than is being waged against
R. C. Dunn by the Van Sant-Collins
combination. The Republicans of
Minnesota in common with all Ameri
cans believe in fair play, and we do
not believe that they will countenance
the disreputable tactics that have been
and are being used by the officehold
ers's union to perpetuate themselves
in office.
In an editorial on ''Immigration
for Minnesota," published elsewhere
in this issue, the Pioneer Press takes
occasion to criticise the State's at
tempt to compile agricultural, com
mercial and industrial statistics, a
work that has long been a farce and
of no value whatever to the State.
The Pioneer Press finds the blue
book, or legislative manual, deficient
in presenting the State's resources,
and the criticism is far from an un
reasonable one. The returns made
each year by county auditors to the
'commissioner of statistics" are not
worth the paper they are written on.
The diabolical dynamite plot in Col
orado resulted in the passing of the
Western Federation of Miners and its
kindred associations. The citizens
of the districts in which the mining
troubles have occurred have turned
the labor unions that have con
ducted the long strike and will make
terms with miners on the old scale of
wages, permission being granted to
conduct local unions on conservative
lines. The strike was one of the most
expensive in the history of the country
and cost the state of Colorado alone a
million dollars while the loss to the
miners has been millions. A few cool
heads could probably have saved all
the trouble.
In Cass county the Collins support
ers have issued an illegal call for a
county convention based on the vote
cast for Governor Van Sant at the
last election. The Republican State
committee expressly provided that the
basis of representation should be the
vote cast for McKinley in 1900. The
regulars have issued a call on thetrain
authority of a majority of the Repub
lican county committee based on the
vote cast for President McKinley. If,
as is claimed by the Minneapolis
Journal and other subsidized organs
of Mr. Collins, Cass county is solid
for the "dignified little Judge" why
resort to such disreputable tactics?
A big majority of the voters of Cass
county favor R. C. Dunn and the bo
gus county convention was called for
the sole purpose of sending a contest
ing delegation to the State convention.
The call for the Republican county
primaries and the county convention
has been issued, and the attention of
all Republicans is directed to these
important events. The primaries for
Mille Lacs county will be held on the
twenty-third day of June and the
county convention on the twenty-eigth
day of the month for the purpose of
electing nine delegates to attend the
State convention to be held in the city
of St. Paul on the thirtieth of this
month. This convention will place in
nomination a State ticket and there is
not a Republican voter in the State
who values the privilege of citizenship
and the free choice in the selection of
candidates for office but who will
make an effort to be at his local pri
mary and have a voice in the selection
of men who will have a voice
naming of a State ticket. It is to be
hoped that all Republicans in Mille
Lacs county and for that matter
throughout the State will turn out to
the primaries and assert their citizen
ship and choose such men as they can
place confidence in in the selection of
men to go to the State convention.
Special Train for State Contention.
Arrangements are being made for
running a special train down to St.
Paul the afternoon before the State
convention. The train will start from
Mora early in the afternoon and will
probably leave Princeton about five
o'clock arriving at St. Paul about
supper time. Princeton will send
down a delegation of over 200 while
Milaca and Mora report that there
will be big delegations from those
points who are anxious to be on the
ground early to shout for the Prince
ton candidate for governor. It is ex
pected that many will join the party
at Zimmerman, Elk River and Anoka.
The special train will cost over $500
and this amount will be raised by
the citizens of Princeton and adjoin
ing towns who desire to make the trip
and be on hand at State convention
time. Further announcements regard
ing the running of the train will be
made next week.
Candidates for Superintendent.
The school board has been besieged
by a lot of candidates for the position
of superintendent of schools, and the
end does not appear to be \et in sight,
for they are still coming. Prof. Ells
worth of Shakopee was in town again
over Sunday. and Prof. Malone of the
Chaska schools also spent Sunday
here looking up the strings. Several
others struck town Monday night,
among them Prof. Payne of Stewart
ville. Prof. Wetzel of Sauk Rapids,
Prof. Jones of Redwood Falls, and
Prof. Pinney of Rush City has also
been here with a iew of getting next
to the board. There are over twenty
applications on file at the present
time, and while the board realizes that
the best of teachers do not have to
peddle their abilities about much the
board will take its time in making the
Good Word for Judge Searle.
The World is not one whit behind its
many contemporaries in its admira
tion for Judge Searle, nor in its rec
ognition of his fitness for the place,
but we would not do anything that
might place him in an embarrassing
position. We will say, however, that
we would take pleasure in supporting
Judge Searle if he was a
candidate, and would certainly sup
port him if the Republican State con
vention should see fit to name him for
the position. If the position was
offered him without solicitation we do
not see how he could well decline it,
The office is an honorable one, to
which any jurist in the State might
aspire, and if it came to one without
effort or work of any kind there is
probably no lawyer in the State who
would refuseStaples World.
Company Goes Into Camp.
Company started Tuesday morn
ing for its annual outing and field
practice at Camp Lakeview, at Lake
City. A special detail of five left on
Monday in charge of Quartermaster
Sergeant Johnson with the camp
equipment. The boys arrived in camp
Tuesday afternoon and will be in
camp for ten days. Thirty-eight mem
bers of the company reported at the
armory Tuesday morning and in
charge of Capt. Caley and First Lieu
tenant Howard marched to the depot
where a special coach was in waiting
and was attached to the regular morn
ing passenger. Several members of
the company expected to take the train
at points en route to camp. As theJohnson's
pulled out the boys were given
hearty parting cheers by the crowd at
the depot which was present to wit
ness their departure.
Nicollet for Dunn.
G. A. Blomberg, chairman of the
Republican committee of Nicollet
county, who was in the city expressed
the opinion that Nicollet county will
go for R. C. Dunn for governor,
Julius H. Block for State treasurer
and W. J. Donahower for attorney
I feel confident that Nicollet county
will go for R. C. Dunn," said Mr.
Blomberg. ''The Princeton candidate
has many friends down our way and
we are going ton stick by him to thesentiment
last. We are also for Block and
Donahower."Pioneer Press.
The Leading Candidate.
The end of the campaign is near at
hand and the contest for delegates will
go merrily on throughout the State.
R. C. Dunn will be the leading candi
date, and is likely to be nominated on
the first ballot.Roseau County
Strengthened Rather Then Weakened.
The records of the State auditor's
office during Mr. Dunn's term ought
to be pretty well looked up by this
time. Began some seven or eight
months ago, isn't it about time "30"
was in? Our Republican brethren are
having a battle royal and the fight
becomes warmer as the time for hold
ing the convention grows nearer. Who
will be the nominee for governor?
Well, it will not be a "dark horse."
will be Dunn or Collins, for a guess,
with the chances strongly in favor of
the former at this time. The "inves
tigations" that have been going on
have strengthened rather than weak
ened him with his party.Irish Stand
A "Dark Horse" Suggestion.
Never you mind. If you want a
"dark horse" candidate for governor,
just please select one from your ranks,
you Collins-anti-McCleary shouters.
Bob Dunn is a good standby for us.
Suit yourselves, gentlemen. We'' stand
pat." Most certainly you understand
that term.Blue Earth Post.
Martin as a Hero.
There is some talk around Collins
headquarters that Jim Martin is to
apply for a slice of Carnegie's hero
fund as a reward for having conducted
the Collins campaign.Lakefield
Both Robbers.
When a burglar enters your house
at night his purpose is robbery
When a corrupt politician opposes an
honest candidate for office, a man who
has stood by the people as Bob Dunn
has, it means robberyLake Crystal
Want to -Quit.
Judge Collins is most unfortunate
in being merely a tool in the hands of
the present administration which is
determined to continue itself in power
if it has to besmirch the character of
every man in Minnesota in order to
do it. To this end it has used and is
still using the office of public examiner
of the State as a political bludgeon.
Through the public examiner the
ministration has started a campaign
of villification which it still continues
meanwhile crying out because the good
name of Judge Collins has been drag
ged in the dirt. No wonder the
friends of Judge Collins want to quit
Bemidji Pioneer.
Those Belated Attacks.
The attacks made upon Mr. Dunn
from certain official quarters three
years after he retired from office must
disgust the fair-minded voter. A leg
islative committee investigates and
pronounces the highest enconium upon
his conduct of the auditor's office
Then follows an official who is certain
to be relieved from office if Mr. Dunn
is nominated and elected, and who
knows it, who charges irregularities
His first report proving a boomerang
he follows it with a second, and prom
ises a weekly bulletin hereafter. Can
didly, can anything be more absurd
than these attempts to blacken after
an unprejudiced legislative committee
has made a thorough investigation
and report, a committee of three only
one of whom was a Dunn supporter,
but which would not withhold honor
where honor was due.Redwood
Don't be Misled.
It is well to beware of giving too
much credence to these last day cam
paign stories. They are put "out to
mislead the people. Dunn's friends
are standing like a stone wall.
There is no wavering nor sign of turn
ing. They know their man and they
know that he can be relied upon. He
has been tried and not found wanting
and roorbacks will not effect them
But there is always an element in
every community who have not
thoroughly investigated the situation,
and to these the Journal would say,
take these fake stories at what they
are worth, but investigate them thor
oughly before making up your mind.
Owatonna Journal.
Molander Gets in the Game.
Swan B. Molander, who was stump
age clerk during "Bob" Dunn's terms
as State auditor, takes State Examiner
latest insallment of charges
and simply makes them appear ridicu
lous. He defies Johnson to show one
instance wherein the State was theState
loser in the sale of State pine or col
lection of trespass by any neglect on
the part of Mr. Dunn. Johnson is a
disgrace to his office, but suppose he
is performing the duties according to
the dictations of his superiors.Mora
Hennepin County's Opportunity.
There is no disguising the fact that,
outside of the "clique,' or the office
holding contingent, very little popular
is in favor of Judge Collins
for governor. Hennepin county, is
said, by politicians who should know,
to be able to name the next governor,
and if they name Mr. Dunn, the peo
ple's choice, it would be, in many re
spects, the wisest act Minneapolis ever
did in all her past political career.
St. Vincent New Era.
Completely Disgusted.
The ways of the Collins managers
are very peculiar. They plan and
plan and when they launch one* of
their crushing blows it is sure to fall
on themselves. The people are get
ting completely disgusted in the mat
ter of the Johnson reports.Pillager
Sure of Nomination and Election.
Hon. W. I. Nolan, State represent
ative from Hennepin county, wTho
spoke in the opera house on Thursday
evening, says Bob Dunn is sure of
nomination and election.Fisher Bul
Somewhat Significant.
Another Democratic paper has come
out for Collins, the Little Falls Her
ald. The Democrats are afraid of
honest Bob Dunn, but have hopes if
Collins is nominated.Chisago
Countv News.
A Little Superfluous.
There is absolutely no necessity for
the country press friendly to Dunn to
use up too much space in his behalf.
That column of mire that the Minne
apolis Journal unloads for him each
day will nominate him without the aid
of his friends.Franklin Tribune.
A Hard Task.
The St. Cloud Journal-Press has a
column editorial on the evils of tax
dodging which winds up with: "I
there any harder test of truth and
honor and good citizenship than that
of tr\ing to tell the assessor the
truth?" Yes, Alvah, judging from
the appearance of the columns of your
excellent newspaper for the past six
weeks it would seem to be a good deal
harder for you to give Robt. C. Dunn
a square deal than it is to tell the
truth about your taxes.Redwood
Treason in Stearns.
The editor of the St. Cloud Journal
Press, who by the way is the political
sponsor of Judge Collins, is greatly
exercised over the fact that Judge
Searle, also of St. Cloud, is being
urged by the State press of Minnesota
for a position on the supreme bench.
He regards it as treason to Stearns
county. Judge Searle can be nomin
ated without the vote of Stearns
county, and if the Journal Press editor
can keep his home delegation from
to the judge where is the
treason. Latest reports from Stearns
county would indicate that Editor
Eastman has good grounds for alarm.
Not that they love Collins less but
that they love Searle more. While
the Sixth judicial district would be
greatly pleased with Judge Searle's
elevation to the supreme bench it
would regret to lose the service of so
able a jurist.Alexandria Post-News.
Are "Seeing Things."
The opponents of Bob Dunn are
"seeing things" again. They profess
to believe that the large number of
candidates for the places of railroad
commissioner is a result of the work
of the Dunn advisers. Are we to un
derstand from this that these candi
dates are all Dunn men?Hutchin
son Independent-Times.
We Should Say Not.
The question is, do the Repub
licans of Minnesota want a tool
of the Great Northern Railway
governor of the State?Wadena
Pioneer Journal.
No. Bro. Eastman. Ten thousand
times no. That is just the reason the
Republicans of Minnesota are going
to elect Bob Dunn governor. When
State Librarian Nelson tried to hang
Jim Hill up for $25,000 for Collins'
campaign fund, and promised that in
return Collins "would be good."he
showed where the little judge was at.drawn
Pillager Post.
Confidence, Notwithstanding.
The voters of this State have con
fidence in the honesty of Hon. R. C.
Dunn in spite of the pole cats who are
attacking his character by insinua
tions and untruthfulness.Brecken
ridge Telegram.
Ask Something Easy.
A subscriber writes to ask us whyterm
Judge Collins resigned the honorable
and lucrative office of associate jus
tice of the supreme court to get into
the scramble for the governorship.
The Herald is a veritable cyclopedia
of information, but we give it up.
Ask us something easier.Sauk Cen
tre Herald.
Thirteen for Dunn.
LeSueur county is for Dunn and will
send thirteen of his supporters to the
convention.LeSueur Centre
Beautifully Less.
Small by degrees and beautifully
less" is the way the State machine's
chance of perpetuating itself grows.
Duluth News-Tribune.
One Difference.
One difference: State Librarian
Nelson solicited but did not get $25,000
from Jim Hill for Colilns' campaign
fund. Bob Dunn received, but didtest
not solicit, a purse of $5,000 from his
old friends and neighbors at Princeton
for his campaign fund.Hubbard
County Clipper.
Van Sant After a Third Term.
If anybody supposes that Gov. Van
Sant is not in the gubernatorial con
test except as the chief backer of Judge
Collins he evidently does not know
the man. Minnesota probably never
had a governor who so thoroughly
enjoyed the honor of the office as Van
Sant or who found such continuing
delight in the performance of its more
public duties. It was the consuming
ambition of his life to be elected and
re-elected governor and possession,
instead of abating the ardor of his
passion, has only inflamed it the
more. It was well understood, there
fore, that Gov. Van Sant wanted very
much to be a candidate for a third
term, and it was only after a diligent
feeling of the popular pulse on the
subject that he reluctantly yielded to
the reluctant advice of his privy coun
cil that it would not do to talk about
a third term, at least openly, and con
sented to the putting forward of Judge
Collins as his heir apparent and suc
cessor. He was generally known and
accepted as the administration candi
date and so long as the question lay
between Collins and Dunn all the pat
ronage and influence of the adminis
tration was arrayed on the side of
Collins. All its dogs of war were let
loose on the heels of his chief competi
tor. R. C. Dunn. The governor had
some scores of his own to pay off with
Dunn, for Dunn had not only been an
outspoken critic of his doings, but
some of the most important measures
of Van Sant's administration, which
his friends ascribed to his initiative,
were in fact originally recommended
by Dunn in his reports as State audi
So that if he did not personally in
stigate, he undoubtedly looked with
favor on, the slanderous attacks made
by his appointee. Public Examiner
Johnson, on Dunn's official record.
Dunn's reply to the first attack of
Johnson sufficed not only to show the
mailcious emptiness of his charges,
but recoiled with such telling point on'
Judge Collins as to put the latter in a
sorry plight. Then, as if by precon
cert, the crj arose that the quarrel
between the two candidates was dis
graceful to both and had created such
bad blood between the opposing fac
tions that the good of the party re
quired that both should be pushed
aside for a third man. These sugges
tions, be it noted, originated in ad
ministration circles. It was the State
administration which, through its
stipendiary, began pitilessly pelting
Dunn with mud in the interest of the
administration candidate. When Dunn
wiped the mud from his shield and
threw some of it back at his assailant
and those behind him, it was an old,
but not ingenious trick for those who
began the quarrel to demand that the
victim and his assailant be subjected
to the same punishment. Whatever
quarrel there was originated with the
Van Sant administration. It was
forced upon Dunn by the wholly un
provoked and groundless assault
made upon him by a servitor of the
Van Sant administration. Neverthe
less the stench they had raised was so
offensive to the delicate nostrils of
administration circles that they pro
posed to cleanse the atmosphere they
had themselves polluted by discarding
both the candidates and nominating a
third man. This situation suited Van
Sant exactly. It promised an easy
fruition of his hopes and plans. For
what other third man could, oppose
his ineffectual glimmer to the blazing
effulgence of Van Sant's fame? And
what could be more appropriate than
that he should reap the advantage of
a quarrel brought about by the con
venient agency of his serviceable ap
pointee? But to disgust people suf
ficiently with the quarrel to insure the
rejection of both candidates it was
necessary to keep it up by renewing
the attack on Dunn. This was ac
cordingly done and that the contro
versy should not flag for lack of fuel
a third installment of the so-called
investigation of his record is prom
ised soon.
This apparently accounts for the
persistency of these repeated assaults
on Dunn. It is true that after his
first reply Dunn has refused to be
into further discussion of his
record, leaving it to stand as its own
defense. It usually takes two to make
a quarrel, but in this case, where it is
all on one side, the object of the as
sault is presumed by some people to
be even more guilty than his assail
ant, and the quarrel is all the more
offensive on Dunn's part because he
refused to be a party to it.
The situation, therefore, when the
facts are stated, is not as promising
for Gov. Van Sant's dream of a third
candidacy as he had appar
ently figured it out. There is no evi
dence that Republicans of any faction
are disposed to make Dunn in any
way responsible for the attacks made
upon him by the hirelings of the State
administration, and even if, as a re
sult of this controversy, "both candi
dates were defeated, it is quite unlikely
that Gov. Van Sant would be permit
ted to profit by the public disgust with
a warfare which originated in his own
political family.Pioneer Press.
Shot a Glandered Horse.
Dr. Neumann shot a glandered horse
last Monday belonging to Asa Eccle
bocker who lives on the north side of
the river. The animal was reported
to the local board of health and Dr.
Neumann made an inspection and
found that the horse had a bad case
of glanders and it was shot at once.
The horse that had been worked with
the glandered horse showed symptoms
of the same disease and has been
quarantined and will be subjected to a
for glanders and in all proba
biilty it will have to be shot. The
team was being worked in the field
when Dr. Neumann went over to look
at them.

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