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Get Desirable
Wall Paper
Of Interest
various sources.
George I Staples is the only person who is
authorized to collect money due this office In
every case the party paying money is entitled
to and should insist upon receiving a printed
receipt c. DUNN. Publisher
Nelson's photos please the people.
Frank Duell of Milo was a Prince
ton visitor Monday.
Bartlett pears, three cans for 25
cents. Bliss' store.
Mr. and Mrs. M. E. Northway of
Milo. were in Princeton Monday.
Peter Roadstrom went to the cities
Saturday and visited among friends
until Monday.
A. S. Mark went to the cities Mon
day to replenish his stock of goods
for Saturday's sale.
Perfumes of strength and purity and
toilet articles of all descriptions at
Home Drug Store, Dr. Cooney's new
block, Princeton.
There was a heavy frost last Thurs
day night, but the tender crops were
not far enough advanced in growth to
be greatly injured by it.
Three cents per yard next Saturday
at Jesmer's, fifty pieces zepher ging
hams in assorted patterns. Regular
values ten cents per yard.
Residents on the east side, on the
Sil\er lake road, are making an effort
to secure an electric light in their vi
cinity. A subscription has been pro
Miss Martha Caley, who has been
attending the State university, ar
rived in Prineeton Monday evening
to visit her brother, Dr. G. R. Caley
and other relatives and friends.
Dr. Rolander's Swedish liniment,
the cheapest and cleanest liniment
made for man and beast. Always on
sale at the Home Drug Store, Dr.
Cooney's new block, Prineeton.
Census enumerators will now com
mence their work which must be fin
ished during the month of June. We
will soon know who people are, but
it will take a long time to learn just
what they are.
B. R. Bair, who is interested in
the nursery business with David
Berry, has been called to his home in
Indiana by the sickness of his father.
He left his business in good hands and
expects to return soon.
Mrs. I. D. Gilman, who was a resi
dent of Princetonn twenty-five years
ago and who has been visiting here
for some weeks, left last Monday
evening for Page, where her daughter,
Mrs. Walter Libby, resides.
Nelson, the expert photographer of
Anoka, attends his branch studio at
Princeton the first and third Saturday
of each and every month. Please bear
this in mind when you wish to have
any photographic work done. tf
Louis Dalchow, his wife and five
children, three girls and two boys, all
bright little folks, have been visiting
Mr. Dalchow's brothers, John and
Henry, who live six miles northeast
of Princeton. The family left for
home Tuesday morning.
All our drugs are new and fresh
and have the strength and quality,
and we make the filling of prescrip
tions a specialty. A registered ,phar
^jf macist on duty night and day. Home
Drug Store, just opened in Dr.
Cooney's new block, Princeton.
Sjoblom & Olson have purchased
the farm of Chas. Prescott four miles
south of Princeton, in Sherburne
county: There are 120 acres of land
and the price paid was $2,500. The
papers were recorded Tuesday. Peter
Erickspn will work the farm this year
and will plant thirty acres of potatoes.
Last Saturday the Eighth grade and
Freshmen had a picnic. A division
of the Eighth grade and the Freshmen
went to Green lake, while the di
vision of the Eighth went to Elk lake.
Supt. and Mrs. Pinney and Miss King
went to Green lake and enjoyed them
selves with the rest. All report an ex
ceedingly pleasant time.
1 ***$
You don't want paper just like somebody else used last year.
You want the very newest colorings and designs to be had.
Much of the paper sold in the smaller cities is at least one year
old in design.
Our stock is up to date. We have learned something about the
methods of wall paper makers, and if you come here you can
choose the same new designs that are being shown for the first
time in Chicago and New York. The newest costs nothing extra.
The Druggist
JL^Ip^ fl *^_, *TO*^
^/f i
mi* i "II m'"~~"~II^n"*~nrm~i ~n 11 ~m_ i
ll~M~MW_q_J- -II U~l%jrCH_ I
Potato planting is at its height.
Picnic hams, 10 cents per pound.
Bliss' store.
The Union is always glad to be
informed of local happenings.
John Fryhling has returned home,
having completed his job of work at
Lew Libby's trotters will have a
bran new home soon, as he is build
ing a commodious barn.
The Bistodeaus came to Princeton
and returned via Cambridge. The
ball club needs an auto for passenger
Correspondence is5
a pleasure and
not a task when you use our line of
up-to-date stationery. Home Drug
Store, Princeto^.
Ben Grant has put a furnace in J.
L. Larson's house, which has been
completely remodelled since it was so
badly damaged by fire.
Remember the time Saturday, and
place, at Jesmer's, for big bargains
in wash goods and /epher gingham.
Come and see for yourselves.
Supt. Ewing has received a supply
of legislative manuals for distribution
among the schools School clerks
may procure copies by calling on him.
The hour for commencement of ser
vices at the Methodist church next
Sunday, at which time Rev. W. E. J.
Gratz will deliver the baccalaureate
address, will be 10:30 a. m.
Bass were just as sweet under any
other name, but since last Monday it
has been legal to call them just plain,
black bass, and anglers have been
enjoying many fishing excursions this
You are sure to find what you want
at our cigar counter. A full line of
"winners"infive and ten cent brands,
and the more expensive if you wish.
Home Drug Store, Dr. Cooney's new
block, Princeton.
Mrs. John Norgren and Mrs. E. N.
Bacon of Foreston, came to Princeton
on the morning train Monday and
after calling on friends and arrang
ing flowers at the cemetery returned
home in the evening.
Last Thursday morning Mr. and
Mrs. T. H. Caley left for a trip to
Janesville, Wisconsin, Mr. Caley's
old home, and they will also visit
Racine and other points, occupying
two or three weeks on the trip.
Nothing sweeter, nothing prettier
for a gift at any time than a box of
Lowney's delicious candy. Lowney*s
candies are the thing in the candy
line. A complete stock at Home Drug
Store, opposite Security State bank,
When the census enumerator comes
around and asks the usual questions
it will be a great accommodation to
him if they are answered readily and
without reserve. An answer to any
question on the schedule can work
you no injury.
E. Leavitt, who left Princeton two
years ago and went to Seattle, Wash
ington, was in Princeton a few days
last week and on Monday morning he
and his mother left for Massachusetts
where they will make their home in
the future. Lish said he expected to
stay"there as long as he lived.
Rev. F. A. Shore of Willow River,
Episcopalian minister for the Willow
River and Princeton districts came to
Princeton Saturday and assisted in
the union services Sunday. He says
that the arrival of a baby girl at his
house on the 16th of May detained
$iim at home at the time of one of his
dates at this place.
5 On Friday^ May 26, Commander A.
^Z. Norton and Chaplain W. H. Town
isend of Wallace T. Iftnes Post, visited
%he high school and with an appropri
ate address by Commander Norton
presented to tlie school the* "beautiful,
historical and patriotic*' picture
"From Log Cabin to White House,"
as an object lesson in patriotism to
the pupils. The picture is 28x34.
neatly framed. The doners received
the thanks of the school for their kind
K-1 iftfii'iiH-SAt-sUltfitiii-iiiirttSi
Baking powder, 15 cents per pound.
5 Bliss' store.
Millard Howard is painting his
The closing out sale now at full
blast at A. N. Lenertz.
Mrs. C. H. Rines was a passenger
on the down train Wednesday.
Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Keith were pas
sengers on the down train Monday.
J. H." Burke took the train for Mil
aca last evening and will return this
Mr. and Mrs. G. A. Eaton visited
in Mora from Saturday evening to
Monday morning.
The famous North Star shoe, one of
the best made, is kept by A. Ander
son, next to Shepard's bakery.
School in the higher grades practi
cally closed last week, this week be
ing devoted to the regular high school
1,500 yards of shirt waist zepher
ginghams next Saturday will be sold
for three cents per yard. You know
the values ten cents.
The Hotel Hyser at Breckenridge
is now run by the-Hiland brothers.
W. H. Hiland, formerly of Baldwin,
being one of the firm.
Dr. H. C. Cooney left Wednesday
for St. Paul, to attend a convention
of the Central Minnesota Medical
Association, which will be in session
three days. Dr. Cooney is on the
program for a paper to be read.
The most attractive and restful spot
in town is at the Home Drug Store's
new soda fountain. Crushed fruits,
nut sundaes, and ice cream soda
served in a way that will be sure to
make you call again.
The schools at Brickton were closed
last week on account of smallpox in
the district and. Miss Clendenning,
one of the teachers, went to her home
in Minneapolis where she has since
been taken with the disease.
Louis Sausser and Malen Ellen
baum, who have for some years owned
and operated a farm south of Silver
lake in partnership have made a di
vision of property. Ellenbaum keeps
the farm and Sausser intends to buy
a parcel of land alone.
Mrs. Grant McClure of Milaca, who
had been visiting Miss Zilla Davis
and other friends in Princeton, re
turned home Saturday evening. Mr.
McClure is employed as saw-filer at
Bemidji and expects to remove his
family to that place soon.
Next Saturday will be your chance
to get summer wash goods at reduc
tions that will astonish you. Yards
and yards of fine Batiste, Lawn,
Leno de, Soie, etc. Values worth up
to twenty-five cents will be sold for
eight cents per yard at Jesmer's.
Dr. R. F. and Mrs. Lynch drove to
Princeton from Monticello last Fri
day, to visit Mrs. Lynch's parents
and sister, Mr. and Mrs. John Hatch
and Mrs. Wm. Cordiner. Mr. Lynch
has lately taken a course in occular
work and will add this to his business
of dentistry.
George Schurtz and Chas. Crozier
of Milaca, were in Princeton Satur
day. Mr. Crozier came to visit his
wife, who is at the Northwestern hos
pital. Mr. Schurtz lives just north of
Milaca, at "The Graves" a place re
membered by all old Rum river lum
bermen. This is the last resting: place
of several braves of the Chippewa
Henry Webster, former traveling
sales man for the Foley Bean Lumber
company but now engaged in the
wholesale and retail lumber business
in Minneapolis, was here buying stock
for his yards Tuesday and Wednes
day. Henry has great confidence in
the future of Mille Lacs county and
owns a large tract of land near Brad
bury brook.Milaca Times.
H. W. Magnus of Glendorado, and
O. H. Moe of Ronneby, took the down
train last Friday. Henry says that
all work and .no play makes Jack a
dull boy, so he is interested in the
starting of a new paper, the Glendor
ado Pioneer. Mr. Magnus was at one
time, abou^ 1884, part owner in the
Isanti County Press at Cambridge.
He is a practical printer and can give
his sons some valuable hints on how
to run the Pioneer.
Princeton vs. Foresters, of ftpls.
Miss Agnes Perriman, who has been
visiting Mrs. Ed Saxon and friends
in Wyanett since last February, left
for her home in Minneapolis last Fri
The owners of automobiles very
kindly kept them off the streets Tues
day during the time of the Memorial
exercises and the drivers of teams
were very glad of it.
There will be a farewell reception
given at the Greenbush M. E. church,
in honor of Rev. J. M. Burns, on
Friday evening, June 9. A hearty
invitation is extended to all.
George F. Wright came home Satur
day and remained until Wednesday,
Tuesday being a holiday in census
work at St. Paul.
Bear in mind that Mark's sale next
Saturday will be just as much of a
hummer as ever. The recent fire will
have no effect on it.
Dr. H. C. Cooney went to Mora
Saturday evening and operated on a
woman there for appendicitis, and re
turned to Princeton by team Satur
day night.
Mrs. Ed Claggett and daughter
Edna, formerly of Princeton, now of
St Paul, are visiting at the home of
Mrs. Calggett's brother A. W. Erick
son.Isanti County Press.
Farmers, try Dr. Rolander's cactus
oil, the great barb-wire healer. Best
remedy sold for all barb-wire injuries
to animals. Home Drug Store. Dr.
Cooney's new block, Princeton.
W. A. Dorr, who is more than
eighty years old, seldom leaves his
home on account of poor health, but
he was able to ride to the fair grounds
Tuesday to attend Memorial services.
Cight cents per yard for several
hundred yards of wash goods in
Batiste, Lawns, Macrame, Leno de
Soie, etc. Regular prices from twelve
cents to twenty-five cents per yard.
Next Saturday at Jesmer's.
Trank Stadden and Mike Mahoney
started for Elk River Tuesday morn
ing and have not been seen since.
When last seen each was trying to in
duce the other to go on to Minneapo
lis, and each evidently succeeded in
his effort.
Mrs. Mary Claggett arrived in
Prineeton from Minneapolis Monday
and spent Memorial day among
friends here, returning to Minneapolis
Wednesday. She was accompanied by
Miss Bessie Bocklund, whose home is
in Wyanett.
Judging from the number of new
ditching machines under way of con
stiuction at the shops in town, there
will be a large area drained this year.
The drained land is the most valua
ble of any and it is a good move
among the land owners.
MtKHffifp liats
You will never
put your foot in
it if you put
your head in it
A McKibbin
Hat... ,f*r
And many other
good makes.
Dr. Armitaee's Offices RJS
De Laval Cream Separators
Are the best
Their skimming efficiency is evidenced
by the fact that 98 per cent of the cream
erymen of this country use them exclu
sively. Their durability is attested by
the fact that many of the first machines
manufactured twenty-five years ago are
still in operation today.
We will be pleased
to show you these
Prices 95SS and up.
-"SB *BB*
^"e ZSJF* JVZ W=
All good dressers wear
the McKibbin Hat, be
cause it is up to date,
looks well, feels well
and wears well. Our
stock is complete and
you will have no trouble
in finding a hat to suit
you. y y
Ewings' Music Store
Nothing but the best in Pianos
and Organs. Every instru
ment guaranteed. Easy terms.
New Home Sewing Machine.
We have the agency for this popular machine More
oi these machines sold than any other standard makes
The New Home is a perfect machine in every
respect and its manufacturers have no time limit in
their gauranteethey are warranted in every respect
Prices lower than any other dealer Ask for machines
of standard make. Be sure and see us before buying.
Swings* Mus ic Store,
Princeton, Minn.
Whether you want old or
Wall Pape r.
Ours is up-to-date, and all
the latest novelties are
among our stock.
Princeton DrugGo,
The Corner Drugstore.
And a chance to learn all about the machine for
yourself. Let us show you the machinetake
it apartexplain itgive you the opinion oth
ers have of it.
4 S
^#7^W 2-
2 SsSftS
$888^ 8
^^msm^mSmm^ ailZZk"*,
*HE WOREpnonTso.
Hours-9A.M. to 12 30 2P to 6
Hoe the Easy Row
Some people learn quicklysee how others
succeeddo as successful ones do. Here's an
opportunity to learn what other farmers and
dairymen think of

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