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1 Z5/e Farm Fireside.
Gleanings by Our Country
Wm. Root was in Anoka Mon-
C. W. Parker
Becker Saturday.
George Bowles came up from Min
neapolis Thursday.
W. R. Hurtt has been busy taking
inventory of his stock of lumber.
H. E. Thomas came up from Minne
apolis Monday to stay a few days.
Mrs. Abe Orr and Miss Grace were
both visitors to Zimmerman last week.
Oscar Meyers held a house warming _^
in his new residence last Friday night.*
and wife went to
H. C. Castle and Dr. Whittemore of
Elk River were in town on business
Mrs. Bean and daughter Ina, were
calling on friends in town Sunday
County Auditor Swanson and wife
of Elk River, drove out Sunday to see
the ball game.
Mrs. Edna Johnson of Spencer
Brook lsited with her friend Mrs. Ed
Foley last week.
Calder of Rogers, was shak
ing hands with his many friends in
town last Wednesday.
George Barrett and Mr. Tourtillott
of Elk River, were town Sunday
and took in the ball game
Miss Inez Mickelson of the North
western hospitar of Princeton, spent a
few days of last week at home.
Mr. and Mrs. Emil Schwartz and
Miss Lizzie Looney of Blue Hill, vis
ited at the Cater home Sunday.
Mrs Jack Larson returned from her
trip to Grand Forks Monday night
and reports having a very nice time.
Mrs. Henderson of Minneapolis,
came up Saturday and remained over
Sunday with her daughter Mrs. M. K.
Strawberries are plentiful on the
market now. Ben]. Wright was show
ing some very fine specimens one day
this week.
Our ball team drove to Becker Sat
urday to play ball, but owing to so
much dampness in the atmosphere no
game was played.
Mr. and Mrs. Harry Pratt drove to
Princeton Sunday morning. Harry
was to umpire the ball game between
Minneapolis and Princeton.
There is an epidemic in town
amongst the buggies. Some turn yel
low, some green and some red after
recovering from it, but oh, my'
A little daughter arrived at the
home of Mr. and Mrs. Harry English
Tuesday morning, June 27, and it is
now Mr. English's turn to treat.
Sunday was a very exciting day for
our base ball team, but they came out
again victorious, and won another
game from Spencer Brook team.
Huee Task.
It was a huge task, to undertake
the cure of such a bad case of kidney
disease, as that of C. F. Collier of
Cherokee, la., but Electric Bitters did
it. He writes: "My kidneys were so
far gone, I could not sit on a chair
without a cushion: and suffered from
dreadful backage, headache, and de
pression. In Electric Bitters, however,
I found a cure, and by them was re
stored to perfect health. I recommend
this great tonic medicine to all with
weak kidneys, liver or stomach. Guar
anteed bj A Jack, druggist price
50 cents
Miss Julia O'Brien has gone to St.
Cloud where she will attend the sum
mer school.
Miss Ella Hubbard and Ray Hol
hster were among those who witnessed
the ball game out at Briggs' lake
Santiago crossed bats with Clear
Lake Sunday on the Clear Lake
grounds The last half of the seventh
inning the scoie was five to three in
favor of Santiago. Seeing they got
the worst of it the Clear Lake boys
got mad and went home What is the
matter with Santiago.
Are ,e going to celebrate in San
tiago the Fourth* Well, I guess jes.
Two ball games will be played. The
first nine playing with Becker and the
second nine Glendorado. Music will
be furnished through the day by the
Santiago orchestra. A program will
be rendered consisting of speaking
and singing. Other amusements will
be a ragamuffin parade, races, etc.
If you have kidney or bladder trou
ble and do not use Foley's Kidney
Cure, you will have only yourself to
blame for results, as it positively
cures all forms of kidney and bladder
diseases. Sold by C. A. Jack.
good time at the hall Friday evening.
We are keeping our ears open to
hear the roar of Long pond on its
way down the new ditch.
Miss Egge left Saturday morning
for Mankato where she will attend
summer school. We hope to see her
back in the near future.
Miss Carry Egge closed a very suc
cessful year's school last Friday, with
very nice program well rendered by
both scholars and teacher. A picnic
dinner wit_ ice cream was served and
a ll had a fine time
Ten Years in Bed.
"For ten years I was confined to my
bed with disease of my kidneys,"
writes R. A Gray, J. P. of Oakville,
Ind. "It was so se\erethat I could
not move part of the time. I consulted
the very best medical skill available,
but could get no relief until Foleys'
Kidney Cure was lecommended to me.
It has been a Godsend to me. Sold by
A. Jack.
A. Petterson and Anderson spent
Sunday at Molin's.y
AugB. Berg and his mother visited
Bjorklund's, I. Erickson's, J. Lar
son, Nilson's and Stark's were the
guests at Lindberg's last Sunday.
Mrs. A. Petterson returned from
Minneapolis last Saturday. Her sis
ter Miss Josie Molin accompanied her
Aug. Berg, Mary, Josie and Ellen
Molin, Olga Odman, Esther Moberg,
Annie Anderson and Tilda Bergstrom
spent Sunday evening at A. Molin's.
Rev. Stave of Minneapolispreached
here Wednesday evening last week.
Rev. Stave intended to stay a few
days, but was obliged to return home
on Thursday.
No Secret About It.
It is no secret, that for cuts, burns,
ulcers, fever sores, sore eyes, boils,
etc., nothing is so effective as Buck
len's Arnica Salve. "It didn't take
long to cure a bad sore I had, and it
is all O. K. for sore eyes," writes D.
L. Gregory of Hope, Tex. 25 cents at
C. A. Jack's drug Store.
explain, why they voted against their ercises were held that afternoon iot
own interests.
We farmers are glad to see the sun
once more, but the weeds, oh, my.
Mrs. Egge arid daughter were qallers ler's sister lasvt week, leaving Mon ay
at the Campbell residence Sunday.
The young people enjoyed another
Frank Humble was seen in our midst
a few days ago.
Annie Noraus spent Sunday with
her parents in Luleo.
E. B. Mayo made a trip to Minne
apolis the last of last week.
Agnes Free is at E. B. Mayo's,
where she will visit for some time.
Mrs. N. E. Sollen has been confined
to her bed with la grip for a few days.
The Ralph has now returned and
the crew is again happy to be home
once more.
Misses Amelia Elgren and Tena An
derson went to Minneapolis last Mon
day to seek employment.
Rev. J. Okerstem of Minneapolis"
held services in the school house last
Sunday morning. From here he went
to Lawrence where he held services in
the evening.
The adjourned school meeting was
held last Saturday evening, and it
was decided to haul the children from
the Grant neighborhood to our semi
graded school.
If you want a pretty face and delight
ful air,
Rosy cheeks and lovely hair,
Wedding trip across the sea,
Put your faith in Rocky Mountain
Tea. C. A. Jack.
is looking
L. T. Grady of Foley
after his interest here.
Two ladies from Minneapolis
stopping at Bay View.
Ed Bauer has moved his family
onto the Porter place, now owned by
T. Gradj.
Mr. Schmidt and family of Dodge
county, are isiting Mrs. Miller, Mrs.
Schmidt's sister.
The town board met at the town
clerk's office Monday to look over the
assessor's books.
The sale Saturday was not very suc
cessful. A large crowd was out but
not much buying done.
The children day program was a
fine one, the church was wellfilledand
the flowers were lovely.
Mr. Miller had the sad message to
come at once to his father's bedside
at West Concord. He arrived too late
to see his father alive.
The ladies of Cove gave a shower
for the bride-elect who will be married
next Wednesday. Quite a number
were present and she received quite
lot of gifts.
H. R. Mallette and family are camp
ing in Cove for the summer. Mr.
Mallette has purchased an acre of
Nils B. Berg and expects tofixup a
fine summer home.
The Onamia ball nine came over
Sunday but as the Emerald Isle went
to Vineland and the children day e:
many were over to watch the game
Frank Schinler, wife and little iir
isited Mrs. Bourquinf,c Mrs. Set in
for theilr home in North Brarfch.
The excursion around the lake on
the Emerald Isle was a very enjoyable
one. The day was an ideal day for a
pleasure trip and the picnic dimer
was well enjoyed. It left Cove in the
morning about 10 o'clock and reach
ing the home dock at a little a ter
four in the afternoon. Although srme
out of town triedto spoil the trip by
saying all sorts of things to discc ur
age the crowd a good number vvint,
as the Emerald Isle is our safest bjoat
on the lake
worn out women cannot
seems as if 'she
Tired out,
sleep, eat orwork
would fly to pieces. Hollister's Rocky
Mountain Tea makes strong nerves
and rich blood. 35 cents, tea or tab
lets. C. A. Jack.
Ho! For Sandy Lake.
Hereafter E. Grant's bus will leave
First National Bank corner for Sandy
lake at 7 o'clock a. m. each Sunday,
and leave the lake on return trip at 7
o'clock in the evening. Any body
wishing tickets for E. Grants' tians
fer can get the same at E. E. Bige
low's Riverside barn, 50 cents each
or $1.00 per couple for round trip.
Picnic parties a specialty. Notify me
by mail. Satisfaction guaranteed or
money refunded.
E. Grant, Zimmerman, route 1.
Cash paid for ginseng.
Ludden's stoie.
Makes digestion and assimilation
perfect. Makes new red blood and
bone. That's what Hollister's Rocky
Mountain Tea will do. A' tonic for
the sick and weak. 35 cents, tea or
tablets. C. A. Jack.
Hot coffee and lunches served all
day on the Fourth.
Ludden's stoie.
I have milch cows for sale at rea
sonable prices and will buy or ex
change stock of all kinds at any time.
Henry Eriokson, Cattle Buyer,
6-tf Princeton, Minn.
Ladies' trimmed hats, any hat in
the store at one-half price on Satur
day only. Ludden's store.
I am now prepared to lay cement tile
in 18-inch blocks, and will guarantee
the work for five years. Any break
ages occuurring will be repaired free
of cost. The cement blocks may be
examined at my shop.
28-40 F. W. Milbrath, Princeton.
Special sale on ladies' hats, one
half price just for Saturday.
Ludden's store
For Sale.
I have three English Setters, two
years old, well broken also six water
spaniels two months old, for sale.
Chas. Gaulier,
29-2t Route 1, Princeton
Hurrah sale on ladies' hats next
Saturday. Come early and get your
pick. Ludden's store.
Into a trough and mixing it with a
little yeast doesn't make good bread.
You can take the best flour, yeast and
other ingredients and not get good
How to put them together, how long to
let them raise and a whole lot of other
things. We know them all. That's
why our bread is always good. That's
why so many women are telling their
friends not to bother with baking when
they can get so much better bread and
cake from us.
Shepard's Bakery
J. A. SHEPARD, Proprietor.
First publication June 29 1905
Mill Lacs ss In Probate Court
In the matter of the estate of Perhnus An
derson, deceased
The petition of Edward Anderson having been
duly made and filed in this court, repre
senting among other things, that one Perhnus
Anderson who resided last prior to his death
at Greenbush in the State of Minnesota died
at Greenbush in the county of Mille
Lacs, State of Minnesota, on the 2nd da\ of
August 1893 seised of an estate of in
heritance in certain lands in the coun
ty of Mille Lacs State of Minnesota, described
in said petition, and that said petitioner has an
interest in said lands, and that more than five
years have elapsed since the death of said Per
hnus Anderson, deceased, and that administra
tion has not been granted or had of said estate
in this State, and praying that the descent of
said lands and of the interest of said petitioner
therein be by this court determined and said
lands assigned to such persons as mav be enti
tled thereto by law
Now, therefore, it is ordered that the said
petition be heard at a term of this court to be
held at the probate office in the \illasre of
Princeton in said county of Mille Lacs State
of Minnesota on Thursday, the 2rth dav of
July, A 1905, at 2 o'clock
It is further ordered, that notice of said hear
ing of said petition be given by the publication
of this order once in each week for three suc
cessive weetes prior to said day of hearing in
the Princeton UNION, a weekly newspaper
printed and published at Princeton in said
Dated at Princeton, June 28th, 1905 W
By the court
[Probate Court Seal Judge of Probate
&*f*HV sk
Mark fiorte Co.
Have always on hand from 200 to
100 head of
ii i month and private sales daily
horses and mules.
!A.uction sales first Saturday in each
your horses to our sales and we will
sell them for you. Buy, sell or trade.
7-tf Mark Horse Co., Princeton.
All kinds
of July.
of fireworks for Fourth
Ludden's store.
Dr. Green Great Puzzle.
Dr. G. G. Green ot Woodbury, New
Jersej, will mail for a 2c stamp, (sim
ply for postge), one of his great nov
elties, a wooden box with glass top,
containing six little colored balls.
It necessitates remarkable quickness
6f the eye and hand to master it, but
it is possible, with practice. Send
for one and mention the Princeton
i Sale of Ditching Jobs.
Notice is hereby given, that on the
22nd day of July, 1905, at 2 o'clock
p. m., at my office in the village of
Princeton, Mille Lacs county, Minne
sota, I will sell the jobs and let the
contracts for digging and construct
ing the Ditch No. 2 of Mille Lacs
county, established by the board of
county commissioners of Mille Lacs
county, State of Minnesota, by their
order bearing date June 23rd, 1905,
Viz.: In one job and contract, or in
sections of 100 feet each, each of said
sections to be known and numbered
by stakes, as shown by the report of
the engineer in said matter, com
mencing at the one including the out
let, and from thence, successively, up
stream to the one including the source,
also Branches A and of said Ditch
No. 2, to be dug and constructed in
the same manner as the main ditch, to
the lowest responsible bidder or bid
ders, and that bids are invited for
said work as one job, and also for
any one or more'sections thereof said
work to be completed within the time
required, and in the manner specified,
in said engineer's report. And no bid
will be entertained which exceeds
more than thirty (30) per cent over
and above the estimated cost of the
construction, in any case, as stated
in the said order and the successful
bidder will be required to give a sat
isfactory bond, to be approved by the
auditor of said county, with two free
hold sureties, for the faithful per
formance and ^fulfillment of his con
tract, and to pay all damages that
may accrue* by l'eason of his failure
to complete the job within the time
required in the contract. The said
order and estimates and profile are
on file, and may be seen at my office.
All bids must be accompanied by a
certified check payable to the auditor
of said county, for not less than ten
per cent of the amount of each bid.
The right to rejeet any and all bids
is hereby reserved.
Dated June 28th, 1905.
County Auditor Mrlle Lacs County,
State of Minnesota*
(Auditor's Sea3U)^
Clothing Buyers,!
Let your attention point this way. We can do
you a whole lot of good. The clothes we sell
are made by skilled workmen, and as nicely
finished and tailored as to the fine points, as
any merchant tailored gar
ments. "National Blue"
serge, double breasted suits,
all serge lined
Grey Worsteds and Cassimere
single and double breasted from
folks, and Buster Browns, wash suits, I^CT
assorted patterns, sizes 3 to 9 years, Ijfj
The little fellows also have a big lot from which
to make selections. Mothers please bear this
in mind when purchasing. Two piece, Nor-
Low cut Shoes the proper
thing in summer footwear..
We have them in Patent colts,\
Enamel, Russian Calf. Choc
olate Vici light and dark tans.
"The Terhune Shoe."
Jesmer's Dept. Store.
Caley Lumber Company,
(Successors to Foley Bean Lumber Co.)
Dealers in
White Pine Lumber,
Lath and Shingles.
Also Sash, Doors, mouldings and a Com.
plete Stock of Building Material.
I Foreston Mercantile & Live Stock Co.
Swwwwwwww www vww %wwwwwwwwwwwi
Having purchased the meat market of A. C. Smith
we hereby announce to the public of^Princeton and
vicinity that we will continue the business, hoping
to see all old customers as well as many new ones.
piece JNor
Foreston Mercantile& LiveStockCo,
Are fitters of men, women and children
in shoes, dry goods groceries, hardware,
and all kinds of farm machinery and

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