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4- rte I
^tkblisHea Every Thursda y.
Business Manager.
Ancient philosophy: If evil be said
of thee and it be true correct thyself
if it be a lie, laugh at it.Epictetus.
Dishonesty is the best policyin
surance policyevidently thought the
McCurdys as they proceeded to put it
into practice.
The farmer who puts money into
pure-bred or high-grade stock and
cares rightly for it is little affected
by hard times.
The time of year has arrived when
the baldheaded residenter takes re
course to a nightcap both for external
and internal comfort.
There is nothing surprising in the
fact that Miss Smith carried off the
beauty prize in New York. She was
attired in a Union suit.
The Elk river Star News says that
"Aug. Beicigle is herding 3,000 sheep
near Becker." A man with a name
like that should have no difficulty in
rounding them up.
President Roosevelt says that the
college men will be the leaders of the
future. We infer from this that Mr.
Roosevelt anticipates the survival of
the football season by at least a few
of the collegians.
Tne Blue Earth Post says: "Life
insurance agents seem to be lying low
these days, evidently 'waiting till the
clouds roll b\.'" Their lying"
heretofore has been largely another
rolelying to the policyholders.
One medical authority advises us
that to be healthy we should go to bed
hungry and another that we should
abstain from eating breakfast. By
following the advice of both it would
not be long before we could dispense
with food altogether.
Now that the county fair season is
erof which the governor became
so 'tired"he has been "persuaded"
to make the rounds of the monthly
street fairs or markets of the State.
We may next expect to hear that he is
drum-majoring Cash's carnival cali
When Prince Karl ascends the
throne of Norway ho will be known as
Haakon VI. Not a euphonious title,
'tis true but it seems to satisfy the
Norsemen and the pecuniary emolu
ments v\hich go therewith appear to
be a sufficient inducement for Karl to
change his name.
One H. Grimmer of St. Cloud has
been appointed executive clerk by
Go\. Johnson. Grimmer is said to
be a Republicanthe Republican who
wrote the Democratic political stuff
for the slimy columns ot the late St.
Paul Globe. One by one the governor
is squeezing the turncoats into sine
It is, believed that Commander
Amundsen of the Norwegian artic ex
ploring expedition has forced the fa
mous northwest passage from the At
lantic to the Pacific. So far as the
commercial acUantage ot this adven
ture is concerned he might just as well
ha\e remained at home and plajed
If those women who are scampering
o\er the United States talking "Social
Life" would stay at home and train
up their children in the way they
should go their children would not
only be better therefor, but their hus
bands would probably remain in the
house o'nights instead of going out to
see a man or inviting him in to play
Jerry Simpson, tho sockless popu
list, is dead. Jerry was originally a
Republican but turned his coat and
was swept into the fifty-second con
gress by a wave of Kansas populism.
He served three terms, when another
Kansas wave swept hiro out again.
Jerry's ideas were always opposed to
those of everybody else. He was a
peculiar character.
The scrubbing of the exterior of the
state capitol has cost the taxpayers
up to this time, $4,200, and the marble
blocks at the'point where thd process
was commenced are, if anything,
blacker than they were when, eight
months ago, the beautifiers started
with soapsuds and steel brushes to
polish them up. The governor of
course suggested this "improvement"
and it is intimated that he will move
to make this temporary bureau of
scrubmen permanent.
Agnostics and others who believe
there is no virtue in prayer would do
well to ponder over the following ex
cerpt from a speech by Dr. Hyslop be
fore the British medical association:
"As an alienist and one whose whole
life has been concerned with the suffer
ings of the mind, I would state (that of
all hygienic measures to counteract
disturbed sleep, depressed spirits and
all the miserable sequels of a dis
tressed mind, I would undoubtedly
give the first place to the simple habit
of prayer."
Lakefield Standard: It is being re
ported that St. Louis county is pre
paring to cut a swath in State politics
next year. And why not? No county
in the State is entitled to more con
sideration art the hands of the Repub
lican party. Before the State con
vention last*year there was never any
thing dubious about the position taken
by the Republican leaders in Duluth
and on the range and after the con
vention they made good. Up in the
Zenith City the Republican leaders
are a lot of bright, progressive, young
men who always say what they mean
and mean what they say. Why
shouldn't they cut a figure?
A telegraphic dispatch from Man
kato says in substance that one
Townc, a Fullerton hireling, per
suaded Carl Osgood of Lake Crystal,
a poof cripple, to sell him a redhead
duck which he had shot. After dining
upon the fowl the hireling arrested
the deformed boy and he was fined
$17.15. The boy had no money but
he bad friends, and they paid his fine
to keep him from jail. Cases are
daily recorded in the newspapers
where minions of Fullerton pounce
upon some poor fellow and jail him
for a trivial offense, but the instance
at issue is the most nefarious pro
ceeding which has come to our atten
How GOT. Joiinson and His Boaitl of
Equalization Helped Out the Twin City
Tax Snirkers.
One of the results of the equalizing
of fca^es by the state board of equal
ization which we omitted last week,
was that Minneapolis and St. Paul
got substantial reduction in the assess
ment of goods and merchandise. In
1904 the combined assessment on that
item in Hennepin and Ramsey coun
ties was $15,284,585 ana this year when
the board got through with its work
the figures were $13,243,665. Minne
apolis and St. Paul are never weary
of boasting of the wonderful advances
they are making in the commercial
world and just why there should be
this extraordinary slump in values is
difficult to understand. It may not
be fair to charge the favoritism shovvn
to the twin cities to Governor John
son, but. inasmuch as the majority of
the board are Democrats appointed
by him, some of it may safely be laid
at his door. Johnson owes a large
debt to the twin cities for electing him
and it certainly looks as if he is try
ing to repay. Those who wondered
why most of the wholesale and job
bing houses of Minneapolis and St.
Paul sent out their traveling men all
over the State to shout for Johnson
may find a partial explanation in the
workings of the State board of equal
ization.Lakefield Standard.
The Governor's Wife and Mrs. Bridget
O'Brien Do Sprinting Stunts.
Frequently the wise boys of the
metropolitan press take opportunity
to ridicule the country newspaper for
chronicling some of the little things
that happen along its provincial path
way. But nothing" lately has hap
penedfcoequal the effort of a gushing
reporter on the Minneapolis Tribune
who devoted a half column to the fact
that Mrs. Gov. Johnson ran the
length of an entire block in Merriam
Park the other day to get a package
of chewing gum left behind by a lady
The same day Mrs. Bridget O'Brien
hot-footed it a distance of ten blocks
to rescue her Patsy's pantaloons from
the voracious maw of a hungry billy
goat. But never a line did the gush
ing Tribune reporter devote tp the
soul thrilling exploit
A Trust-Corporation Victory."
If John A. Johnson is going to run
f5 governor again let him run on the
Republican corporation ticket. He
has no business in the Democratic
party. He does not belong there and
never did. A Johnson victory is no
credit to Democracy. It is a trust and
corporation victory pure and simple
and a blow to Democracy.Anoka
Free Press.
Bat One Way.
There is but one way to combat sup
ply houses. That is to advertise
prices. Grocers should sit up and
take notice.Evelyth Star.
Dirty Work of Gamewarden.
The great State of Minnesota is in
pretty mean business when it lures a
crippled boy into committing a viola
tion of a law and then drags him into
court where he is fined for the act
And the law itself is one that the leg
islature should repeal. It is hoped
that the next legislature will have the
courage to do that same thing.Man
kato Free Press.
Millionaire Tax-Dodgers Favored.
Reduced taxes for the twin city job
bers and increased taxes fo the rest of
the people of the statethat is the
condition of affairs today. That was
the end sought for by those who
brought about John A. Johnson's
election. Facts and figures prove
that they have not been disappointed.
Anoka Free Press.
A Pertinent Query.
A natural inquiry is, whether the
fact that the big wholesale houses of
the twin cities supported Johnson for
governor had anything to do with
the fact that their taxes were reduced
some $2,000,000 by the Johnson state
board of equalization? Such things
are said to have happened in other
states, but Minnesota has been par
ticularly free from such charges in
the past and has even passed through
the insurance scandals without being
scorched.Eveleth Star.
J* J*
Would Like to be a Bear.
The great rush of old maids to Du
luth has been explained by the fact
that it is the black bears' paradise.
The chances of being hugged have no
superiority in the west. The police of
that city have been instructed to pro
hibit the shooting of those1
af Xil
and the old sweethearts are roaming
at will and with every opportunity for
being squeezed. We wish we weie a
black bear.Lake Crystal Union.
j. .$. .$. i
Should Erect a Monument to Judas.
While Mr. Bryan is in the Holy
Land he should not fail to locate the
spot where Judas got his thirty pieces
of silver and erect a monument there.
St. Louis Globe-Democrat.
.$. .j. .j.
Can't Repeat the Dose.
"Vindication" does not interest
bolters and traitors. "Forget it" is
their slogan. Bolters and traitors,
however, do not cut much figure as
party leaders, and they are welcome
to all the good they can get out of
their "slogan." Tax dodgers are not
likely to carry the state with their
work and money twice in succession
Anoka Free Press.
Johnson Paying Hi Debts.
The Democratic State board of
equalization is blowing its horn on
account of its great work. Let us see.
The wholesale merchants of Hennepm
and Ramsey counties are left with
considerable of a lower valuation
than last year. It is intimated that
this is because their travelingmen sup
ported Johnson.Le Sueur News.
$- -I* $*
An Old Dodge
The statement made by Reinharclt
about Gov. Johnson's being more of
a Republican than a Democrat is an
old electioneering dodge that democ
racy has practiced for 40 years or
longer. He hoped to flatter the popo
crats and have them rally about Mr.
Johnson for a second term. Chest
nuts!Lake Crystal Union.
Should Wipe Out Fullerton Gang.
Laws should either be enforced or
repealed. In the case of the Minne
sota .game laws, as applied by fee
hungry game wardens, there is moie
persecution connected with their en
forcement than sense or justice and
the public should rise en masse and
demand their total repeal. The pro
hibition of hunting on private prop
erty would be game laws enough. The
wiping out of the whole game warden
machinery would be a blessing to
many innocent people and a saving
of hundreds of thousands to the pub
lic.Anoka Free Press.
Just Exchanged Tnoughtb.
"So you ran across thatmillionaire
when you was goin'down deroad,"
said Meandering Mike.
"Yes," answered Plodding Pete.
"Any conversation?"
"No. We jes'exchanged thoughts.
I was wishing^ I had his money an' he
Orfeonville was wishing he had-my appetite.','
Washington Star.
[TJBSIrAY, OCTOBER 26, 1905'.p#,^ $Prwm
creations of the present day
9 you and make you a pleased ha
When one realizes that each year
enough money to drain all Minnesota
wet lands is lost through crop failure
or only a partial crop the wonder is
that the determined movement for
drainage now on foot was not started
long ago. Besides the millions of
acres more that produce no crop at
all, each acre of which would yield
yearly ten times the cost to drain it.
Crookston Journal.
The State can not dispose of its
lands until they are drained, and it
has no right to expect the homestead
ers on the adjacent lands to drain its
lands for it. So the time is here when
the State must get busy in fulfilling
the agreement under which it acquired
these lands, and the sooner it does it
the sooner will it begin to reap the
benefits, not only directly by the sale
of its lands, but also by the more
rapid development of the whole sec
tion affected.Warroad Plaindealer.
It is impossible to develop any por
tion of a state without directly or in
directly benefitting the whole. Drain
age and good roads in northern Min
nesota will be such a widespread
blessing that only those whose eyes
turn inward can fail to see that bless
ings will only be limited by the
boundary lines.Cass Lake Times.
The rapid agricultural develop
ment of this territory will surprise
those who investigate the subject. It
represents a steady growth for the
past several years, and means that it
will continue until we will be shipping
out produce in the course of a few
years instead of shipping it in.
Eveleth Star.
Smash-up at Mllaca
On Monday between 1 and 2 o'clock
a collision occurred at Milaca in
which one car was demolished and two
others badly damaged. A freight
train was standing as usual at the top
of the grade about half a mile from
the depot while the engine ran down
to take water at the tank near the sta
tion. The brakes on the train had
apparently not been set firmly and it
started down the hill at a high speed,
bumping into the engine, which was
then returning. The 'engine was un
Father Opposed.
A young man at Grafton told his
girl the other night that if she didn't
marry him he'd get a rope and hang
himself right in front of her house.
"Oh, please don't do it, dear," she
said, "you know, father don't want
you hanging around here."Lari
more Pioneer.
yj That we have bought, and they are now on our racks, the most superb 2?
a he nresent Hav W
I Tailor=made Cloaks
They are a little the best of any Cloaks that we have ever offered you
before, and you know THE JESMER CLOAK QUALITY.
We cannot tell you all about these Cloaks, but a look will convince
fur collar. Made to close with
W witw an extra wide sweep, made with a deep, dark
military loops also buttons. Colors brown, blue,
green and black, ali,sizes. Extra Special Pricing
small lot of Jackets were carried over, and the
$ prices at which we name them are below the
tli actual cost of manufacture.
tfjr $6.00 Coats I I $6.50 Coats I $8.00 and $9.00
S3B50 I 14,00
$12.00 and $13.50 Coats
And many other.
And many other
good makes.
madpurchaser, for us is a long, Auto style, cut 46 inches
Special Auto Style Cloak
The stove season is here and per
haps you will need a new heater.
The Caley Hardware Co. looked
out for you needs and have now
ready for your inspection the larg
est line of heating stoves ever
brought to your city. All the lead
ing brands are here, including the
famous Round Oak in all sizes, to
burn coal or wood also all the
other well known brands from the
cheapest Air Tight up. These
heaters will be sold at the right
price. Call in and look them over.
ardware Co.
m --|_-|^
The NewHome Sewing Machine I
One of the best machines made.
New Machines from $25.00 up,
AH Fully Guaranteed.
"We make terms to suit our customers.
Mr. and Mrs Guy Cwing.
In Security State Bank Building. I
FRANK SMITH, Proprietor.
Neatly furnished throughout, electric lighted, every-
thing up-to-date, baths and telephone connections.
American and European Plan. Private Dining Rooms.
Sample Room in Connection.
-JSvfe- *~-*rifet4!w
'*sL ^M^^%sr^Mi^i^^t'-^ *zJahMM,

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