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5# R.lf1* l1
It's tKe time of
U/ye Farm Fireside.
Gleanings by Our Country
E J. Johnson was in Elk River
Ed Healy spent part of last week in
Miss Grace Orr spent Sunday at her
home in Princeton.
Mrs Harry Pratt and children spent
Sunday in Princeton.
Mrs Foley and Mrs Martin
Chan at are on the sick list this week.
Hairy Pratt went to Minneapolis
Satuiday and returned Sunday even
Dr Caley of Princeton Was called
Monday to attend Wm Bowles, who is
quite sick.
large crowd enjoyed themselves
at the dance in Swanson's new store
last Friday night
Miss Sophia Violet came up from
Anoka last Friday to attend the dance
and returned Monday.
A twehe-pound boj was born to
Mr and Mrs. A Stillman last
Sunday night, Jan 28.
J. Bo/aith was up from Mis
soun the first of the week looking af
ter his potato interests at this place.
Miss Jennie Johnson of Minneapolis
is visiting her parents, Mr. and Mrs.
E. Johnson, for a couple of weeks.
Miss Maud Bowles returned from
Princeton Saturday morning, where
she went to take the teachers' examin
Miss Amy Johnson went to Prince
ton Thursday evening to take the
teachers' examination. She returned
Monday morning.
Chas. Swanson and family came up
fiom Elk Rner Friday night and
\isited at C. A. Ssvanson's until the
following Monday.
Mis. Maigaret Lyman of Minne
apolis came up Saturday and spent
Sunday with her sister, Mrs Hurtt.
The latter entertained Mr. and Mrs.
Parker, Mi. and Mrs Rither and Mr.
and Mrs. Foley at dinner Sunday in
honor of her sister
The annual meeting of the cieamery
association was held last Saturday,
Jan 27. The following officers were
elected. Piesident, John G. Gram
hill manager, J. W. Thompson
treasurer, E. J. Johnson board of
directors, Chas Leider, A. Swan
son, Chas. Lundberg.
The many friends of G. H. Hausan,
engineer, L. E. & W. R. at pres
ent living in Lima, O., will be pleased
to know of his recovery from threat
ened kidney disease. He says, I
was cured by using Foley's Kidney
Cure, which I recommend to all, espec
ially trainmen who are usually sim
ilarly afflicted." Sold by C. A. Jack.
Magnus' sawmill began sawing logs
last Monday.
Young Ladies' Union "will meet with
Miss Myrtle Ross Feb. 17.
Miss Nina Greener attended the
teacher's examination in Foley last
Young People's Union meets as
usual in the church Sunday evening,
Feb. 4. All are invited to come.
A sleigh load of young people from
Greenbush passed through our vil
lage last Sunday bound for the M. E.
church in Santiago.
A large crowd attended the basket
party and spelling match at the
Glendorado school house Friday even
ing. Glendorado was defeated by
one man. Proceeds from basket sale
amounted to $18.
Mrs. M. Kelson was pleasantly sur
prised by a large crowd of neighbors
and friends who brought refreshments.
A very pleasant afternoon was spent.
As a token of their esteem she was
presented with a purse of money by
the crowd present.
Report of Glendorado school for
month ending Jan. 23: Number of
days taught, Jsv number of pupils en-
We have all the standard remedies, so don't suffer
when 25 cents will relieve you.
Prescriptions Compounded Day or Night.
Dr. Cooney's office, in the rear of the Home Drug- Store, is open at all
times Phone messages should be sent either to his office, to the Home
Drug Store or to the Northwestern Hospital.
The Home Drug Store.
Opposite the Postoffice in the Cooney Block. Princeton, Minn.
"i u^ ~*i i^
rolled, 39 average daily attendance,
30. Those who have not been absent
are Gertie Anderson, Hanna Finbog
sen, Julia Kittilson, Herbert and Ar
thur Stay, Oscar Johnson Reuben and
Clarence Stay. Those who have
missed one day or less are, Julius
Anderson, Agnes Kittilson, Philip
and Paul Magnus, Josie Stay, Ole
Larson, Malvin and Daniel Daline.
Pneumonia and La Grippe.
If you but knew the splendid merit
of Foley's Honey and Tar you would
never be without it. A dose or two
will prevent an attack of pneumonia
or la grippe. It may save your life.
The prevention of consumption is en
tirely a question of commencing the
proper treatment time. Nothing is
so well adapted to ward off fatal lung
troubles as Foley's Honey and Tar.
Sold by C. A. Jack.
Charles Lind was a St. Cloud vis
itor last Monday.
J. O. Anderson delivered hogs at
Becker last Monday.
Edwin Odegard and Mrs. J. O. Ode
gard visited at Clear Lake last Sun
Mrs. Horace Brown, who has been
on the sick list for some time, is slowly
Alfred Wicktor drove out from
Princeton last Friday to attend the
basket social in Glendorado.
A. W. Goundry returned to Oak
Park last Sunday to take up his
duties in Allen Bros., heading mill.
The Santiago school Was again
victorious' in the spelling match which
took place in the Glendorado school
house, district 13, last Friday night.
Three little babes were nestled in bed,
"I'll name William, Willie and Bill,"
mother said
Wide was her smile, for tripplets they
She lays her good luck to Rocky
Mountain Tea. (Great baby med
icine.J C. A. Jack.
Mr. and Mrs. Will Duell entertained
company Sunday.
John Peterson expects to leave for
the twin cities this week.
Mrs. Wm. Cole is spending a few
weeks in Princeton. ^We wish her a
good time.
Remember church service next Sun
day, Feb. 4, at the Northway school
house, district 6.
The dance at Jean Bemis' last Sat
urday night was well attended. Every
body report a grand time.
D. Salee purchased another milch
cow last Saturday. He expects to go
into the dairy business this summer.
The roads are bad for wood haulers,
as several loads have been tipped
over and it is not a very pleasant 30b
to reload.
Mr. Lawrence has made Quite an
improvement to his sawmill and ex
pects to do business in a few days. He
has already a large number of logs
on hand.
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Salee and
family, Ira Callender and family, and
also Miss Bertha Modine and her
brother Joe, were the guests of D.
Salee and Miss Fences Cole last
Beats TheJlosic Cure.
"To keep the body in tune," writes
Mrs. Mary Brown, 20 Lafayette Place,
Poughkeepsie, N. Y. I take Dr.
King's New Life Pills. They are the
most reliable and pleasant laxative I
have found." Best for the stomach
liver and bowels. Guaranteed by C.
A. Jack, druggist. 25 cents.
Miss BeVier has returned from a
visit at Big Lake.
Rev. Shore will hold services at the
Judkins school house Sunday.
Mr. and Mrs. .John Newburgs
spent Sunday with the Murphys.
H, B. Pisk is busy putting up his
ice this week. How are the roads
Mrs. Walter Spencer of Walker is
here on a visit to her mother, Mrs. M.
B. Jennison, also her sister, Mrs.
Henry Young, before leaving for her
new home in Oregon.
There will Se a social at the home
Mr. 'Angsfrom on Saturday night.
Everyo'ne come.
Mrs. M. B. Jennison returned borne
from Minneapolis this week, Mrs.
Woodard accompanying her.
Miss Emma Trunk has gone to work
for George Pattens and Miss Jennie
Rossing is working at the Fisk's.
Remember the guild at Mrs. Chester
Ames Thursday. All who are willing
to help with the guild please attend.
Monroe Ames entertained his class
Saturday evening. All had a fine
time. Refreshments were served and
a good share of the evening was spent
in entertaining other young gentlemen
and ladies from Princeton.
About thirty of the young people
surprised Mr. and Mrs. Dorf Friday
night. They enjoyed themselves by
dancing. Refreshments were served
at midnight. All agreed that'they
had spent one of the most pleasant
evenings of the season.
May Live 100 Years.
The chances for living a full cen
tury are excellent in the case of Mrs.
Jennie Duncan of Haynesville, Me.,
now 70 years old. She writes: "Elec
tric Bitters cured me of chronic dys
pepsia of 20 years standing, and made
me feel as well and strong as a young
girl." Electric Bitters cure stomach
and liver diseases, blood disorders,
general debility and bodily weakness.
Sold on a guarantee at C. A. Jack's
drug store. Price only 50 cents.
Town meetings will soon be in or
der once more.
Junius Egge is expected home this
week from Iowa.
Wm. White has been on the sick list
for a few days past.
A big dance will be held at the hall
Friday night, Feb. 2.
Mike Looney has been in Minne
apolis for several days.
Mrs. Moeger was a caller at the
Hatcher home Thursday.
J. C. Frost and family were callers
at the Campbell home on Sunday.
Henry Arnhold is at the brickyard
for a few days helping his brother.
Geo. Fullwiler went to Greenbush
Thursday to visit his uncle and family.
James Franklin is visiting his aunt,
Mrs. Lambert of Wyanett, this week.
Miss Stella Mosher was visiting her
aunt, Mrs. C. L. Campbell, on Thurs
We understand that James Edmunds
has been on the sick list for some
Wm. Franklin visited his sister,
Mrs. Thomas Malone of Wyanett, for
a day or so.
Mr. and Mrs. Clendenning has been
sojourning for a few days with the
Hatcher family.
Verge Hatcher has been hauling
sand for the pressed stone company of
Princeton the past week.
Mr. Bender finished putting up his
ice on Friday. The ice is not as
thick this year as usual.
We understand that Mrs. White's
health has improved so that she has
been able to return home.
School will close this week in dis
trict 50, when Miss Stella Mosher,
our present teacher, will leave for
her home at Worthington, and, ac
cording to the reports of the school,
it has been the most successful term
ever taught in this district since its
organization. There will soon be a
new telephone line through central
Baldwin. It will be the Rural, which
starts from Princeton and runs on the
Northwestewrp6les to the Campbell
crossing, then running east to Spencer
C. Brunkow has his pile of wood
sawed and a big pile it is, forsooth.
Mrs. John Bleed of Estes Brook
made a call on Mrs. Topper of Freer.
John Beden is rejoicing over the
fine weather and predicting an early
Mrs. Al Bemis was called to the
home of her mother, Mrs. Vernon,
she being very sick.
Chas. Ayers of St. Cloud was here
and looked over the old homestead in
Milo. Charles has still a warm heart
for Milo.
At the annual creamery meeting
held at Reaves' school house, Estes
Brook skimming station was fully
A load of young folks from Estes
Brook took in the prayer meeting at
Hubbard in Glendorado. They report
a full house.
Get out your wood and logs as the
roads are breaking up and the saw
mill at Lantz's is ready for your
trade. Don't you hear the whistle?
Mrs. C. Brunkow called on Mrs.
Hartman at Freer. Mrs. Hartman has
been confined to her bed the past
week. We hope she will soon recov
The last issue of the i on brought
us very interesting news, one of the
many items of interest being that the
farmers on the line and vicinity le
tween Long's Siding and Estes Brook
are talking telephone. Keep the ball
a rolling.
The- organist, *W|itee Brunkow of
Estes Brook. ancTRobT Guderian, our
mechanic, have taken a position at
Lantz's sawmill. They are both good
boys and we wish them success.
Wm. Barnick, a patron of the
skimming station, was among the un
fortunate ones who experienced a
dump on his way home. William and
son Barnick were thrown out, but no
milk was spilled and no one injured.
Rev. Raymond is quite sick again.
Mrs. Tom Anderson is on the sick
Born, to Mr. and Mrs. Harry
Debell, a son.
Charles Rogers has been sick, but
is improving.
Mrs. Charles Brant spent Saturday
at E. L. Cor win's.
Glady's Eynon took the teachers'
examination at Onamia.
Wallace has laid off his sawyers
until he gets a supply of logs hauled.
Mrs. Kelley came in from camp
Sunday and returned the same even
Mrs. Scotten, the Sunday school
organisizer, held services in Cove on
The warm spell has broken, and it
is well it has, as the roads were get
ting very soft.
Mrs. M. Lafontisee, who has been
visiting Mrs. 3 L. Freer, left for
Princeton last week, where she will
visit a week and then prpceed to her
home at Bemidji.
'A game warden is in our town try
ing to find hidden game.' 1 If he would
investigate the Indians "he would find
plenty, butfa
poor white man must not
take a bird home to eat, while the
Indians sell them to the traders, who*
ship them out by the dozen.
Erick Lye and Tom Johnson will
put up ice for the creamery this week.
Fred Suckow made a trip to Mora
this week after flour and feed for the
There will be a coffee social at
John Skretting's next Saturday even
ing for the benefit of the Norwegian
Peter Frykman has started a chicken
farm at his place. He says that
chickens are money makers in this
Which is the most profitable, a
potato farm or a pine claim? Some
one please answer. Our schoolma'am
has been working on the problem for
some time.
The churches at Opstead now ha\
permanent pastors, the Rev. Sather
of Minneapolis at the Baptist, the
Rev. Rem at the Norwegian Lutheran
and the Rev. Nelson at the Swedish
Lutheran. The Swedish Lutherans
are making preparation to build.
Pushing Power of Ideals.
"The pushing things in this world
are ideals, not ideas," says the New
York Commercial. One ideal is
worth twenty ideas in propulsive
force. No naked idea is fit to become
an ideal until we illuminate it and
dress it up. After following our ideal
for years and years we have finally
reached its high excellence in produc
ing the ideal family beverage, golden
grain belt beer. It should be served
regularly with meals if you desire to
insure good health and happiness. Or
der of your nearest dealer or be sup
plied by Henry Veidt, Princeton.
Full cream cheese that tastes like
home. Ludden's store.
On the Installment Plan.
YouthWhat do I have to pay for a
ClerkWell, you get it on the in
stallment plan.
YouthHow's that?
ClerkOne dollar down and your
entire salary each month for the rest
of your life.Cleveland Leader.
Job lot of wool pants that are bar
gains. Ludden's store.
Notice of Dissolution.
The firm of Fryhling Bros, has
been disssolved by mutual consent.
Mr. L. Fryhling will pay all bills
against the firm, collect all bills due
same, and will continue the buinesss
in his own name.
L. Fryhling,
A. Fryhling.
Valentines! Come early and select
your pretty valentines at
Ludden's store.
Money to Loan on. improved farms
at current rates. Don't forget me
when you want a loan.
Robt. H.King,
Princeton, fllnn.
Cash for your furs and best prices.
Ludden's store.
The McMillan Fur Co. of Minne
apolis pays the highest market price
for hides and furs, at Wm. Neely's
harness shop. 4_
Flaked rice, a,'delicious breakfast
food. Ludden's store.
Dr. Armitasre's Offices
'And many other.
And many other
good makes.
Make Your
Bread with
Main Street,
-7*$^ T" 3t* ^^r-^s&^sgf^^ .^g^i
Caley Lumber Company,
(Successors to Foley Bean Lumber Co.)
Dealers in
White Pine Lumber,
Lath and Shingles.
Also Sash, Poors, Mouldings and a Com*
plete Stock of Building Material.
"M*g^ a vriiiwca Hours-9 A to 12 30 2p tofiP.K
$k^ For a 98 lb. Sack at
*K O O Grocery in town
If makes more and better loaves
than any other flour you can buy.
Calumet makes
light, digestible
wholesome food.
Only one heap
ing teaspoonful
is needed for one
quart of flour.
And while brushing up brush into our store
and see our line of brushes. We have all
kinds of tooth, nail, hair, clothes, complexion,
shaving and shoe brushes, all genuine bristle.
Princeton Drug Co.
The NewHome Sewing Machine
One of the best machines made.
New Machines from $25.00 up,
All Fully Guaranteed.
We make terms to uif Uusfiimer
Mr. and Mrs. Guy Ewing.
In Security State Bank Building.
Princeton Roller fttU Co.
Dalr ii
Fresh ands Salt Meats, Lari,
Poultry, Fish and Game in Season.'-
Both Telephones.
Princeton, Minn.

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