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I "UhQ Farm Fireside*
Gleanings by Our Country
Ed Healy went to St. Paul Tuesday.
Lawyer Dickey of Princeton was in
town last Saturday.
C. W. Parker drove to Princeton
Saturday on business.
Mert Iliff is again clerking in the
store of Harry English & Oo.
Mrs W. R. Hurtt went t6 E1K River
Friday and leturned Saturday
A twelve-pound boy was born to
Mr. and Mrs Whitney Fetterly last
Hairj Pratt and Ed Foley drove to
Punceton Monday night to attend the
Fied Jutting mo\ed from the farm
ot Chas Swanson to that of H. E.
Thomas last Satuiday.
Geo Rice, Joseph Craig and A. L.
Wembeig of Princeton were town
between trains Monday.
Swanson & Co opened up their
new store last Monday. They served
hot coffee to all their patrons on that
E Healy was up from Minne
apolis last Thursday and Friday look
ing after his potato interests at this
Mis Ed Fole\, who has been quite
sick, is now on the road to recovery.
Dr. Cooney of Princeton was in
town Tuesday on professional busi
Frank Truax of St. Paul came up
Saturday and visited Mr. and Mrs.
Chas. Iliff until Monday. Mr. Truax
purchased a fine driving horse while
Thei will be a benefit basket social
at the A hall Thursday even
ing, Feb. 8th. The proceeds will go
to aid Ed Healy and family, who are
having a hard siege of sickness.
Albeit Swanson and Miss Grace
Lo\ell were married Wednesday of
last week at Elk River The bride
and groom aie popular young folks
of this town Mr Swanson has
rented the farm ot C. E. Swanson and
they will begin housekeeping at once.
The fi lends of Mark Latta arranged
a farewell party for him last Friday
night The evening was spent in
playing flinch and dancing. Light re
freshments were served. Mr. Latta
was piesented with a large framed
picture, a pair of gloves and a fine
pocket knife.
Frightfully Burned.
Chas W. Moore, a machinist of
Ford City, Pa,, had his band fright
fully burned in an electrical furnace.
He applied Bucklen's Arnica Salve
with the usual result.
nerfect cure." Greatest healer on
earth for burns, wounds, sores,
eczema and piles. 25 cents at C. A.
Jack's, druggist
The farmers are busy harvesting
their cord wood crop.
Miss Gena Homme was in Princeton
on a shopping expedition Monday.
The young folks are planning on a
big time at the basket social at An
drew Homme's on Saturday night.
George Hills and daughter, Mrs.
Wm. Schwab, and little granddaugh
ter Myrtle of Champlin, visited with
Mr. and Mrs. B. F. Reem and family
recently. Methusalah was all right, you bet
For a good old soul was he,
They say he would be living yet,
Had he taken Rocky Mountain Tea.
C. A. Jack.
Rev. P. E. Langseth was a Thous
and Island visitor Thursday.
Abrahamson and Abraham
Kuutson visited at the latter's home
in Santiago last Sunday.
Mrs. C. S&lberg and daughter Net
tie visited at Mr. and Mrs. I. Ander
son's on Saturday and Sunday.
Miss Nina Greener, accompanied by
Miss Bertha Wold, visited at her home
i^\&&, fe
Are common afflictions, so common,
laid in an extra supply of
Prescriptions Compounded Day or Night.
Di Coonej 's office, in the rear of the Home Drug Store, is open at all
times Phone messages should be sent either to his office, to the Home
Drug Store or to the Northwestern Hospital.
The Home Drug Store,
Opposite the Postoffice in the Cooney Block. Princeton, Minn.
^AN^^I^AV^ ^**^*0***+^^0^^i^^i^^a^^i*0^^^^i^^a^^0^m0^^*
quick and
in fact, that we bave
For the aid and comfort of ail frigid-footed people,
extra supply we mention means a good deal. You
the difference between buying a few cheap water bottles
and buying a lot of the best grade cheaply. We have pur
chased a lot at a low price. You can buy from us in a
similar way.
in Ronneby on Saturday and Sun
Religious services will be held at
the Norwegian Lutheran church next
Sunday, Feb. 11, by Rev. Larsgard
of Milaca.
A few of the young people of Glen
dorado attended the surprise party
given in honor of Mr. and Mrs. Oscar
Wicktor of Santiago last Saturday
Mr. and Mrs. Olof Anderson enter
tained a large crowd at the Ladies'
Aid meeting on Thursday afternoon.
The social held the same evening was
a success socially and financially.
The proceeds aggregated $15, which
will go towards buying an organ for
the church.
i^ COVE.
Steve Tefwilliger has a lame horse.
Oscar Anderson has been on the
sick list.
F. R. Petterson made a trip to Mora
this week.
E. L. and Evert Corwin have been
hauling hay.
Mose Smith has bills out for a sale
to di&pose of his stock.
Lizzie Miln spent a few days at
Terwilhger's last week.
Evert Corwin made a trip to Milaca
for goods for the Eynon store.
Andrew Gunderson was kept busy
Sunday keeping the roads passable.
Mr. Benson has lumber on his
lands with which to build in the
The snow storm on Saturday even
ing was the most disagreeable of the
The Lawrence teacher was the guest
of Mi. and Mrs. Fred Miller Saturday
and Sunday.
Harry Toppins came home from
Bovey on Saturday. It became too
cold to do mason work up there.
Geo. Simpson returned home from
the Northwestern hospial last week,
where he had been operated on for
A man from Pierze by the name of
Henry Wise, who was working in the
Wallace camp, was taken with epilep
tic fits which effected his mind. He
was thought to be insane at first, but
seemed to be getting better, so Ed
Bauer took him to his home. We
hope he will recover.
Eugene Bemis is confined to his bed
with an attack of rheumatism.
Henry Hess hauled to market a load
of hogs which brought him a nice roll
of bills. Henry has fine hogs.
Jesse and Albert Bemis are cutting
wood for H. Farnham. They are the
boys who can roll out the cords.
Barnick Brothers are hauling out
logs for lumber. We expect to see
some buildings go up next summer.
Mrs. Ernest Radeke and daughter
Alma of Wyanett took in the sights at
Estes Brook and made a week's stay
at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Brunkow.
Mr. and Mrs. Brunkow had a nar
row escape from getting mixed up in a
mnaway on their way home from
Princeton last Tuesday. They were
thrown out of the vehicle and the pole
broken, but they were luckily not in
Godfrey Wicktor visited his home
over Sunday.
Will Allen visited his home here
over Sunday.
Chas. Lind left for Duluth last Wed
nesday, where he will
fseek employ
Jess Dingley, Will Orrock and J.
Odegard were putting up ice for Ode
gard Bros, last week.
George Rush, after a long visit with
home last Friday. Her sister, Mrs.
Anna Hoey, accompanied her as far
as the twin cities.
A very pleasant surprise- wa% given
to Mr. and Mrs. Oscar Wicktor last
Saturday. Dancing was the amuse
ment of the evening. At midnight a
very fine lunch was served and Mr.
and Mrs. Wicktor were presented with
a neat sum of money as a token of
esteem. About ten couple were pres
ent and all greatly enjoyed them
Those attending the social at Mr.
Angstpum's Saturday night had an
enjoyable time in spite of the bad
night. Rev. Shore was present, and
remained over to hold services Sun
day morning instead of afternoon as
he has formerly done.
Miss Ester Olson is keeping house
for Rev. F. Blom.
The community turned out and sur
prised A. Fisk last Monday.
A large wolf has been seen in the
neighborhood several times lately.
Rev. Rodberg will preach at the
Mission church on Sunday. Feb. 11,
at 7:30 p. m.
David Anderson is complaining of
a very lame back. Hope to see you
out soon, Dave. 5.
Rev. F. Blom departed last week
for Grant county, Minn., and will re
turn in about a week.
The funeral of A. Peterson, post
master of Dalbo, was held at the
Baptist church at Dalbo on Feb. 3.
Forsberg, the woodsawyer, made
things fly at F. Molin's, August Ol
son's, August Berg's and John Lar
son's the past week.
Louis Larson was very unfortunate
last Saturday night, his house being
burned to the ground. The fire was
caused by a defective chimney. He
noticed the fire a little after 10 o'clock
p. m. and by 11:30 the house was
burned to the ground. All that was
saved was a bureau and a sewing ma
chine. There was no insurance.
Manny Wicklander spent Sunday in
Miss Tena Anderson is visiting
friends in Isle for a week or so.
Mrs. O. J. Bergman will entertain
a large party of friends at a dinber
next Sunday.
W. L. Hatch and Chas. Oquist at
tended the social in Opstead on Sat
urday evening.
The Ladies' Aid society of the
Swedish Lutheran church met with
Mrs. John Carlson. She was favored
with a very large attendance.
The teachers of our school, Miss
Sorenson and Miss La Belle, were
very pleasantly surprised last Satur
his friends and relatives, returned to mente priding out on a moonlight
c~^ Q^_ i. r^^_ winter's night are observed to be
the lead.
South Superior last Wednesday.
Alfred Wicktor, who for some time
has been employed at N. E. Jesmer
at Princeton, returned to his home ing a barker's college in Minneapolis
Mrs. Ida O'Neal of Bondle, S. D.,
who has been visiting her parents, Mr.
and Mrs. John Westergreen of this
place for some time, returned to her
te&feteAiif-H^ y^^
All of the Young family are on the
sick list.
Jess Grant returned home last week,
being on the sick list.
Harve Wheeler is making his home
with Sam Lane for awhile.
Anyone desiring information on
hogs, write or call on Henry Young.
H. B. Fisk took dinner with Mr.
and Mrs. E. Grant of Sandy lake last
Miss Deborah Be Vier had he mis
fortune to burn herself on the stove
while dressing.
Jack Hurd has moved his family to
Princeton and they have located in the
Drescher house.
Don't forget the meeting of the Soap
club next Friday, Feb. 16, at Mrs.
Henry Young's.
Mrs. Geo. Wylie and children from
Princeton spent a few days with Mrs.
Verge Hatcher last week.
There was a good attendance at the
Ladies' guild last Thursday. Mrs.
Ames served a fine dinner. The
ladies expect to raffle a quilt in the
near future, so have your dim&3
We understand the Tri-State Tele
phone company is going to begin this
week to extend its line down through
the country from Chester Ames' resi
dence. This will be very beneficial to
the farmers.
evening. A large crowd was Armitage and Louis Erickson acknow-
present with well laden lunch baskets ledged said instrument to be the free
act and deed of said corporation.
Chas. A. Dickey,
Notary Public, Mille Lacs County,
(Notarial Seal.)
My commission expires Jan. 12th,
and a silver toilet set for each of
teachers as a token of the high
teem in which they are held in this
community. The evening was spent
in playing games. The guests de
parted for their homes in the small
hours of the morning.
P. L. Roadstrom and Ralph Carr _.,
spent last Sunday at their respective strument was filed in my office for re
"'Uncle ^ack" Graves of Minneapo
lis vfsite^* relatives here on Friday
and Saturday. 4
Young* men with bran new equk
Mijlard^ott who has been attend-
here last Saturday. fn enms mnntk. i._.. strument
for snmp mnnthe T.ot.,,^/,ii sbrumenc was niea lor record in
for some months, returned home one
day last week. He is now a full
fledged barber and handles the razor
and shears with considerable skill.
Mrs. Henry Sfceeves, who underwent
a surgical operation a couple of
weeks ago, is reported convalescing.
She was taken to Princeton for treat
ment and we hope she will soon be
sufficiently recovered to return home.
Although the temperature danced
about the thirty below mark Monday
night several music lovers of this
vicinity drove into Princeton to hear
the singers at the opera house. We
will not comment on the pleasure re
ceived as opinions of the concert
widely differ.
The Neighbors Social club met last
Thursday at Mrs. Annis' home.
There was a good attendance although
the cold weather prevented several
ladies from coming. The meeting
proved very interesting, showing the
members intend to keep wide awake.
Come, so you can sew with us at the
next. Gentlemen who can only sow
hay seed need not apply for member
ship. The next meeting will be held
at the home of Mrs. Carr on Thurs
day afternoon, Feb. 15. On Friday
night Feb. 16th, the members and their
families are invited to a social gather
ing at Annis'.
The groundhog surely saw its
shadow unless it came out at an early
John Van Kleck is getting out buzz
Ira Callender and his daughter,
Carrie, are on the sick list with la
Erick Stark is getting out logs for
a new barn.
Mr. Jacobson expects to build a new
house this spring on his farm.
Aug. Rainord took a trip to, Milaca
last Tuesday. He experienced
rather cold trip, as Tuesday was a
very frigid day.
Mr. Jenson is getting out logs with
the expeptation of putting up a neat
little cottage this spring.
The dance at Mr. and Mrs. Will
Duell's last Thursday night was well
attended. Everybody danoed till a
late hour and had a very fine time.
Mr. and Mrs. Northway were pres
ent at the dance Thursday evening.
We hope they will come again.
Take JSotict-.
In consequence of having my time
largely taken up with other business,
I have decided to dispose of the
Princeton Bottling Works if I receive
an offer of a sufficient sum to cover
the expense of my outlay. With the
springtime will come the busy season,
and it would therefore be well for any
contemplated purchaser to apply at
once to E. H. Witte,
Princeton. Minn.
mcor- Rural
Amendment to the articles of
poration of the Minnesota
Telephone Company.
This is to certify, that at the regu
lar annual meeting of the stock hold
ers of said Minnesota Rural Tele
phone Company, held at Princeton,
Minnesota, on the 8th day of January,
1906, a majority of the stockholders
being present, the following resolu
tion was presented, viz*
Resolved that Article Four (4) of
the Articles of Incorporation of the
Minnesota Rural Telephone Company
be amended to read as follows: The
mdebtedeness of the said corporation
shall not at any time exceed fifteen
thousand dollars ($15,000)."
Which said amendment was adopted
by a unanimous vote.
Thos. L. Armitage,
Louis Erickson,
(Corporate Seal.)
Chas. A. Drckev,
Earl Hatch.
County of Mille Lacs, S
On this 25th day of January, 1906,
before me a notary public in and for
said county, personally appeared T.
L. Armitage and Louis Erickson, to
me personally known, who being by
me duly sworn did say, each for him
self, that T. L. Armitage is the presi
dent and Louis Erickson is the secre
tary of the Minnesota Rural Tele
phone Company, the corporation
named in the foregoing instrument
that they have read the foregoing in
strument and know its contents and
that they are true of their own know
ledge that the seal affixed to said in
strument is the corporate seal of said
corporation, and that the said instru
ment was signed and sealed in behalf
of said corporation by authority of
its board of directors and said T. L.
Office of Register of Deeds,
County of Mille Lacs,
cordea in book of incorporations
Dr. Armitage's Offices
1 m+*
State of Minnesota,
uu I hereb., certify, that the within in-
cord this 7th day of February, A.
1 p. m., and duly re-
C. W. Burtmelm,
Register of Deeds,
By Frank Goulding,
(Official Seal.)
State of Minnesota,
Department of State,
I hereby certify that the within in
was filed for record in this
_., m., and was
dul recorde4 in boo 3 oandincor
porations on page 205.
P. E. Hanson,
Secretary of State.
the 29th day of January,
p. m.,
M*^^**VAii^^fci^^W ****^**^^^*^^*0^*
Make Your
Bread with
It makes more and better loaves
than any other flour you can buy.
Farm Loans,
I am prepared to make loans on improved farms for a term of ten
years, with interest payable annually. The borrower can have the
privilege of making a payment of as much as one-fifth of the principal
at any time each year, thereby stopping the interest on the amount
paid. By this method the borrower is enabled to pay off the full
amount of the loan in five years. The privilege to pay one-fifth each
year is optional with the borrower. He can, if he chooses, keep the
loan for the full time. No extra charge for this privilege, which ena-
bles the farmer to be out of debt in five years, if he chooses. Should
the borrower conclude to pay only one-tenth of his loan each year, he
would then be out of debt at the end of ten years. It enables the
farmer to save the expenses of making a new loan every three or five
years. If you want a loan investigate my plan.
Princeton. Minn.
Caley Lumber Company,
(Successors to Foley Bean Lumber Co.)
Dealers in
White Pine Lumber,
La^h and ShingJes.
Also Sash, Doors, Mouldings and a Com.
plete Stock ot Building Material.
And while brushing up brush into our store
and see our line of brushes. We have all
kinds of tooth, nail, hair, clothes, complexion,
shaving and shoe brushes, all genuine bristle.
Princeton Drug Co.
Hours9 A to 12 30 S
Having purchased the meat market of A. C. Smith
we hereby announce to the public of Princeton and
vicinity that we will continue the business, hoping
to see all old customers as well as many new ones.
^^^^^*m^*ii m+**
100 Flou
For a 98 lb. Sack at
any Grocery in town
Princeton Roller Mill Co.
Phone SO.
to 6 P. it

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