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Wali Paper
1 1
14-^*-^ Of Interest
^w various sources.
George I Staples Is the only person who is
authorized to collect money due this office In
every case the party paying money Is entitled
to and should insist upon receiving a printed
eceipt Dtrau, Publisher
Nelson's photos please the people.
Eight loaves of bread for 25 cents
at Shepard's.
Mas Cordiner made a trip down
river yesterday.
Ed Claggeti was up from St. Paul
Friday on his regular business trip.
Mrs. E. M. Farnham and baby were
down-river passengers Tuesday morn
Job lot ot granite ware, closing it
out at very low price. Get your pick
quick. Ludden's store.
Attorneys Dickey and Keith and
Surveyor Chapman attended district
court in Elk River this week.
At the annual tax sale in the county
auditor's office' on Monday between
forty and fifty tracts of land were sold.
The "Guaranteed Heave Cure" can
be bought of J. A. Wetter, county
agent, Princeton: also at Abe Steeves'
The Swedish Lutheran Ladies- Aid
society will meet at Mrs. J. E. Carl
son's this (Thursday) afternoon at 3
Dr. H. P. Bacon of Mliaca was
here yesterday and assisted Dr.
Cooney an operation at the North
western hospital.
C. B. Rogers and wife of Robbins
are in Princeton and will remain three
or four days. They are guests of Mr.
and Mrs. Frank Campbell.
Ed Saxon has moved into his new
home in Rossmere addition. The
residence has been elevated upon
pillars and improved otherwise.
Chester Ames nas secured the con
tract for the erection of Mr. Caley 's
new residence. Mr. Ames is a man
who thoroughly understands the build
ing business.
Frank Peterson is greatly improv
ing his residence by attaching thereto
a large porch with brick pillars. The
porch adds much bo the attractiveness
of the building.
Robt. M. Neely of Baldwin has his
new residence in Rossmere addition
well under way. Mr. Neely intends to
move into the village as soon as his
building is completed.
Nelson, the expert photographer of
Anoka, attends his branch studio at
Princeton the first and third Saturday
of each and every month. Please bear
this in mind when you wish to have
any photographic work done. tf
J. F. Johnson left on Saturday for
Little Falls, where he has secured a
position in the hardware store of W.
H. Ryan. Mr. Johnson is an indus
trious young man of considerable
business experience and will no doubt
achieve success.
The high school seniors had a
merry time at the reception given to
them by Misses King, Peterson and
Drake on Friday night. Ice cream
and cake were served, and amuse
ments of various kinds were provided
by the hostesses for their guests.
Mrs. N. N. Agren, with her two lit
tle nieces, Misses Esther and Mabel
Thompson, left on Saturday for
Spokane, Wash. Ill health made it
necessary for Mrs. Agren to leave
Minnesota. Her many friends in
Princeton hope that she will fully re
cover from her ailment in the warmer
climate of Washington.
H. B. Pratt, proprietor of the Elk
lake summer resort, called at this
office yesterday. Mr. Pratt says that
he is now fully prepared to accom
modate all those who may visit his
place. Camperswhom Mr. Pratt
welcomes to his parkmay obtain
butter, cream, eggs, ice, etc., and fish
ermen boats, tackle and bait. Splen
did new steel boats will shortly ar
rive from the east for pleasure par
ft ^r^^m^wWf^WSW
You can do us a favor by permitting us to show you this
season's styles in wall paper, even though you intend to
do no papering this spring. Quite a number have come in
with a like intention, but have changed their minds upon
seeing the new and strikingly beautiful productions in
decorative art. We are proud of our selections and we
want you to see them. Prices as well as the papers are
tempting, but we'll not urge you to buy.
The Druggist
Dance at opera house tomorrow
night. Tickets, 50 cents.
For bargains in land see the Robt.
H. King Land Agency
A. B. Damon of Baldwin attended
court at Elk River this week.
Bergman Bros, are laying a cement
walk around the Louis Larson prop
Duncan McCuaig of Moia was here
on Tuesday looking over his village
Mrs. A. S. Mark and baby left on
Tuesday for a visit with relatives in
St. Paul.
Strawberries, celery, lettuce and
cucumbers fresh every day.
Ludden's store.
Dr. Walker of Cambridge attended
the Princeton-Foley ball game at this
place on Sunday.
Gotthard Arnhold and wife of
Brickton were pleasant callers at the
Union office on Tuesday.
$100,000 to loan on improved farms.
Loans promptly closed.
Robt. H. King.
A B. Whitcomb, after a week's
visit with his parents in Princeton,
returned to Minneapolis on Saturday.
Barrington Hall steel cut coffees,
splendid flavor and requires less
quantity in making. Ludden's store.
Until further notice the services in
the Swedish Lutheran church will be
held on Sunday afternoon at 3 o'clock
instead of in the morning as hereto
A. B. Gramer -of West Branch,
president of the newly-organized
Farmers' Telephone company, and
Geo. E. Lindall called at the Union
office yesterday.
Henry Newbert will paint both the
exterior and interior of his business
property on Depot street in order to
make it harmonize with the cement
sidewalk recently put down by Berg
man Bros.
Miss Pearl Cameron, who has been
suffering from an acute attack of the
measles for the past three weeks, is
recovering. Her mother fears, how
ever, that the malady will leave a bad
effect upon Pearl's eyesight.
An abscess which recently made its
appearance upon Art. Howard's neck
was yesterday afternoon operated
upon and drained by Dr. Cooney.
Mr. Howard had suffered severe pain
from this gathering and the operation
afforded him much relief.
The second of a series of dances will
be given at Carlson's new hall, Long
Siding, on Saturday evening next,
May 19. Peterson's orchestra has
been engaged to provide music. The
management of the hall extends an
invitation to the public to be present
and guarantees an evening of much
In Sunday night's electrical storm
some of the Rural 'phones were tem
porarily put out of service. The
storm was so intense that the girl at
central was unable to remain at her
post. Dr. Armitage says that those
who had no 'phones of their own but
used their neighbors' were the first to
complain when the instruments became
The public meeting advertised to
take place last Saturday in school
house No. 2, district 12, Bogus
Brook, for the purpose of considering
a proposition to construct a telephone
to connect with the West Branch divis
ion was, in consequence of the in
clement weather, postponed to Thurs
day, May 17this evening. All farm
ers and others interested are requested
to be present at 7:30 o'clock.
A farewell party was given in honor
of Mrs. Waitie Taylor by the choir of
the Congregational church at the
home of Mr. and Mrs. C. A. Caley on
Friday evening. The time was passed
in pleasant sociability, the choir ren
dering several selections and refresh
ments, consisting of ice cream, cake
and coffee, being served. Mrs. Tay
lor was presented with a pretty piece
of cut glass as a token of esteem and
the good wishes of all were bestowed
upon her.
Joe Craig made a trip to Minneapo
lis on Monday.
Fresh, bakery goods every day at
Shepard's bakery.
Fresh bread and pastry every day
at Ludden's store.
Guy Ewing is visiting schools in the
lake country this week.
The Home Drug store ad has this
week been changed. Read it.
Sheriff Shockley is in Milaca on
business connected with his office.
Frank Morneau is making extensive
improvements upon his farm property.
John Kennedy was down from For
eston on matters of business on Mon
Shoes of best leather, best made,
best to wear, best we can buy.
Ludden's store.
Attorney J. N. Rogers of St. Paul
has been here for the past week on a
Mrs. George was initiated into the
order of Rebekahs on Wednesday
Thomas Warren came down from
the lake country yesterday on a visit
to friends.
T. F. Scheen has been appointed
deputy grand chancellor of the Pyth
lans for this district.
Mrs. Geo. E. Rice and daughter are
visiting relatives in Red Wing. They
have been gone about a week.
Hon. H. E. Craig of Orrock, state
representative from Sherburne county,
was here last Thursday on a visit to
Guy Cordiner has sufficiently re
covered from his sickness to again be
enabled to resume his duties in the
Peter Johnson was here yesterday to
place on record, the deed which makes
him possessor of the Commercial
hotel in Milaca.
New ads in the Union this week:
Caley Hardware Co. (2), Cooper
Medicine Co., C. A. Jack, Great
Northern railway.
Pete Morneau will shortly start on
the road again for the Minnetonka
nursery. Pete is one of the best fruit
tree salesmen in the northwest.
Charley Pearson of Tintah, who
was at one time clerk for Louis Pier
son in this village, arrived yesterday
on a visit to relatives and acquaint
The dance at Jesmer's opera house
tomorrow night should draw a big
crowd. The floor has been placed in
first-class condition and the hall fixed
up generally.
Lost, on Saturday afternoon, be
tween August Pinz's farm and Bogus
Brook a pocketbook containing $15.
Finder please return to Union office
and receive reward.
H. B. Pratt has built a new landing
at his Elk lake summer resort and
constructed a stairway for climbing
the bluff. Boats and fishing tackle
may be obtained at reasonable rates.
The small boy with the crooked
stick and bent pin is now in the height
of his happiness. Rock bass are
biting ravenously and he is having a
glorious time hauling them from the
hole below the dam.
The rank of esquire was conferred
upon three candidates by the Knights
of Pythias on Tuesday evening. The
new members were given the full bene
fit of the goat ride and are fearful lest
the conference of the degree of knight
will be even more strenuous.
Mrs. S. S. Petterson returned from
Hot Springs, Ark., where she had
been taking treatment, last evening.
Her health has been considerably im
proved by the baths. Mr. Petterson
met her at St. Paul with his auto
mobile and together they returned to
Teachers who contemplate attending
the summer school in Princeton
should write Guy Ewing, county
superintendent, for particulars. Mr.
Ewing will be pleased to furnish any
information necessary and to make
effort to obtain boarding places for
such as desire.
On Monday morning L. S. Grow
observed that one of his valuable
horses was lame, and, upon examina
tion, discovered that a five-inch rusty
wire nail was imbedded to its full
length in one of the animal's hind feet.
With difficulty Mr. Grow removed the
nail and fears that either lockjaw or
blood poisoning may result therefrom.
The injury was sustained at the
Holmes' fire on Sunday night. The
horse cost Mr. Grow $200.
A farewell party was given by Mrs.
N. M. Nelson to Mrs. N. N. Agren
on Thursday afternoon. A feature of
the gathering was a contest in gum
manipulation, each lady being pro
vided with a stick of the fragrant
breath odorizer, which she was re
quired to shape, after chewing, into
the form of some animal. Mrs. J. C.
Herdliska carried off the head prize
and Mrs. Fred Newton the tail. A
dainty four-o'clock tea was served
and Mrs. Agren presented with a
pretty Maccabee pin. Everyone wished
her godspeed,
Anfinr Rockstad was here on a visit
to friends Friday.
Dance at Carlson's new hall, Long
Siding next Saturday evening.
Joe Kohn of Minneapolis was the
guest of the Sugarman family this
Eight-room house for sale with one
and a half lot. Inquire of M. Zim
For bargains in residence and busi
ness property see the Robt. H. King
Land Agency.
Miss Ida Schimming arrived on
Thursday evening from Minneapolis
to visit her parents.
Wanted200 head of horses, to
pasture. Tame grass. Apply to
Mike Mahoney, Princeton.
John Eppish, who lives near Elk
lake, had two valuable horses killed
by lightning in the storm of Saturday
L. S. Briggs came up from St. Paul
on Friday for a visit to his family
and returned on Monday to resume
his duties.
The interior of the Northwestern
hospital has been kalsomined and
decorated by Dan Spaulding. The
work is first-class in every respect.
Henry Murphy received a telegram
from Star Lake, Wis., on Tuesday
that a nephew had died and on Wed
nesday morning took the train for
that point.
Louis Lunn's sawmill in Germany
will close down in about two weeks.
Persons having logs to saw should
take them to the mill before the expir
ation of this time.
That the glorious climate of Minne
sota is truly accommodating was
forcibly demonstrated last Saturday.
In the morning of that day it was
winter and in the afternoon summer.
Directors for the new independent
school district will be elected on the
evening of Thursday, May 24, at the
school house. The official notice for
this election appears in another
Bradley Taylor and his estimable
wife left here yesterday morning for
Benson, where Mr. Taylor has ob
tained a position as superintendent
of the city lighting plant. It is with
much regret that the residents of
Princeton see these good people leave,
but wish them every success in their
new home.
Mrs. E. E. Shumway, whose home
is near Foreston, was subjected to a
surgical operation yesterday after
noon by Dr. Cooney, assisted by Dr.
Ba'6on of Milaca. Twenty-five gall
stones were removed from Mrs. Shum
way, ranging in size from that of a
walnut to a pea. She had been a
severe sufferer from the disease for
several years. She will recover.
First-Class Hotel Accommodation.
I am now prepared to cater to trav
eling men and others and to provide
them with the best of accommodation
at the most reasonable figures. First
class board and nicely furnished
rooms. Commercial men can find no
better place to stop than the Prince
ton hotel, located close to the Great
Northern depot. Board and room,
by the week, $3.50.
J. S. Boles. Proprietor.
Grand Opening
I wish to announce that 1 have
leased the Studio located on
Washington avenue, opposite
the Home Drug Store, and have
installed a new apparatus for
making modern and and up-to
date photographs also just re
ceived a brand new stock of the
latest and most pleasing mounts,
which are noted for their dura
bility, style and price.
On Thursday, Friday and
May 17,18 and 1 9
I have arranged for my Grand
Opening, and invite the public
to call.
All work Strictly First Class
and Guaranteed.
Soliciting your patronage and
assuring you that you will be
satisfied with my work,
I beg to remain,
Yours very truly,""
E. Enstrom,
Why not|buy
Make Your
Bread with
r^*^" 11
i i_ rqi ~*_
When You Buy. Paint
with the name
Minnesota Linseed Oil PaintCo.
on the can YOU KNOW you are receiving
a paint that is
Best for the Purpose,
is Strictly Pure,
Full Measure,
and conforms fully with
the North Dakota Pure Paint Law.
4 the Best, it costs no more?
Evens Hardware Co,
Well Well Well!
The Wall Paper season is at hand. We,
as in the past, carry the Largest and only
exclusive line in the county, and cor
dially invite your careful inspection. We
have the Papers and the Prices.
Princeton Drug Co.
Dr. Armitasre's Offices iRE
^fors THE STORE.phoneso,
& VAAIW^S Hours-9A to 12 30 2 to6
We have just received the finest
assortment of
Fishin W&
ever brought to Princeton. It will
bear the scrutiny of the most
skilled angler. We have the fa
mous Skinner Trolls also the
Dawagic ninnow and the Mechan
ical Frog that will lure the fish
from the most secluded recesses.
We invite the sports to look over our line of tackle,
as we take pleasure in talking sporting goods. If these
goods please you we know we can suit you in price.
Odd Fellows' Block, Princeton, Minn.
100% Flour
It makes more and better loaves
than any other flour you can buy.
For a 98 lb. Sack at
any Grocery in town
Princeton Roller Mill Co.
Wheeler & Wilson
and Singer
Sewing Machines.
I have them both
to sell on easy terms.
Also all kinds of
sewing machine sup
plies, needles, oil, and
duplicate parts for
any kind of machine.
Jeweler and Optician,
Princeton, Mi*eot*.
-r-- -1 1. ll_iL-L~ ,TJ
%&*$&&>* 3*- t^
c-*^""-- v&rck#

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