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A Tragic Finish.
A watchman's neglect permitted a
leak in the great North Sea dyke,
which a child's finger could have
stopped, to become a ruinous break,
devastating an entire province of Hol
land. In like manner Kenneth Mc
Iver, of Vanceboro, Me., permitted a
little cold to go unnoticed until a
tragic finish was only averted by Dr.
King's New Discovery. He writes:
Three doctors gave me up to die of
lung inflammation, caused by a neg
lected cold but Dr. King's New Dis
covery saved my life.' Guaranteed
best cough and cold cure, at C. A.
Jack's drug store. 50 cents and $1.00.
Tnal bottle free.
Julius Anderson came up from Mora
lot a few davs lecreation.
Mr. and Mrs. John Haggberg and
children visited at Eric Mattson's
last Sunday.
John Carl transported a crowd from
Eastwood to and from the wedding at
"Wicklander's last Wednesday on the
Isle launch
Wm. J. Paffrath of Springfield,
Minn spent the latter part of last
week Isle looking over his land in
this vicinity.
On Wednesday morning of last week
occurred the marriage of Annie Nor
aus and Manny W7icklander.
B/GS /T /^y/?MD5
Have appeared upon the crops in consequence of the wet weather, but
there is no reason why you should permit them to devour everything in
sight when ou may at small expense kill them by the application of
Arasbacher's Paris Green.
This brand of Paris Green is strictly pure and its insect-destroying
pioperties are therefore much greater than that which is adulterated,
with other ingredients.
For sale at the Home Drug Store.
Prescriptions Compounded Day or Night.
Dr. Cooney's office, in the rear of the Home Drug Store, is open at all
times. Phone messages should be sent either to his office, to the Home
Drug Store or to the Northwestern Hospital.
Gleanings by Our Country i
Mrs. Neely's sister of Princeton is
visiting her.
The Youngs family visited at Sam
Lane's on Sunday.
Mrs. Charles Judkins has been very
sick the past week.
Mrs. O. Dorff is \isiting her daugh
ter in Minneapolis.
Mr. and JVfrs. Wm. Trunk were vis
itors at the Fisk farm Sunday.
Ed Judkins and Richard Rossing
aie purchasers of new buggies.
Mrs. T. F. McCracken has been on
the sick list the past few weeks.
Where is our town board? Why is
no work being done on the roads?
Lew Pierson and family spent Sun
day \isitmg friends at Cambridge.
There have been two or three mad
dog scares the past week in Baldwin.
Wm Hiland has returned to Bald
win. He is laid up with broken ribs.
Mr. and Mrs. Anson Howard called
on their daughter, Mrs. Tom Looney,
on Sunday
Mr. and Mrs. John Olson are enter
taining their son Hans and wife from
Mrs. Manners and son from St.
Paul are visiting the former's aunt,
Mrs Ed Pierson.
We are very sorry to hear that our
mail route will be discontinued unless
the pathmaster gets to work inside of
a few days and does some work on
our flats.
Home Drug Store.
Opposite the Postoffice in the Cooney Block. Princeton, Minn.
U/JQ Farm Fireside. 5
ceremony was performed by T. E.
Potts, justice, in the presence of over
a hundred friends and relatives, after
which all sat down to a sumptuous
dinner. The young couple were the
recipients of many useful presents.
We all join in wishing them a long life
of joy and happiness.
Even the first few doses of Dr.
A.dler's Treatment bring wonderful
relief to constipated people. Its very
pleasant taste and certain laxative
properties, acting without pain or
griping, all combine to make it the
ideal remedy for constipation. Large
dollar bottles at The Home Drug
Mr. Woodcock has purchased a
Mrs. Topping visited relatives in
Milaca last week.
Mr. Grady's family has arrived to
spend the summer.
D. G. Wilkes sends his cream to
Milaca on the stage.
Nils Berg of Isle passed through
Cove on his way to Princeton one day
last week.
Miss Minnie Brant is home from
her sisters, Mrs. Hawes.
Fred Miller made several trips to
Milaca for N. J. Eynon this week.
The Onamia ball nine played with
the Indians Sunday. The game was
a close one.
The road boss in road district No.
1 is having a fine lot of work done in
his part of the town.
The Indians are returning from
school. There is quite a number at
tending the institution.
Mrs. Tilley and family visited her
mother, Mrs. E. Jones, this week.
Mrs. Tilley resides in Greenbush.
Adolph Olsen has left for Water
town, S. D., where he will work on
the railroad. His brother, who was
visiting him, has returned to his home.
The Indians are holding their an
nual pow-wow on the point near Wa
dena's. It will last about a month
and the tom-tom is becoming a famil
iar sound.
Third street in the townsite of Mille
Lacs, which is in front of C. L.
Freers' residence, is being graded.
It will give a great many people a
chance to fence their land, as now the
road crosses the lots of several par
Saved His Comrade's Life.
''While returning from the Grand
Army Encampment at Washington
City, a comrade from Elgin, 111., was
taken with cholera morbus and was in
a critical condition," says Mr. J. E.
Houghland of Eldon, Iowa. I gave
him Chamberlain's Colic, Cholera and
Diarrhoea Remedy and believe saved
his life. I have been engaged for ten
years in immigration work and con
ducted many parties to the south and
west. I always carry this remedy and
have used it successfully on many oc
casions." Sold by Princeton Drue
Weeds Wouldn't Stand for It
'There is this about it," said Uncle
Hiram as he got up about four o'clock
in the morning and greased his boots
and put some harness oil on his
whiskers. I see whar they say if a
man is a socialist he needn't work
over eight hours a daybut I'll be
gol derned if they won't have to get
an agreement with the weeds to work
on the same schedulefor dod gast
my sky piece it takes all the daylight
'twixt sun an' sun to keep my fields
clean." And therein Uncle Hiram
had the question by the back of the
neck. You've got to hustle if you get
there and the weeks work twenty-four
hours a day. God intended that we
should all keep moving, else he would
have stopped the waters for the night.
Don't Be Backward.
Do not hesitate to ask for a free
sample of Chamberlain's Stomach
and Liver Tablets. We are glad to
give them to anyone who is troubled
with biliousness, constipation, or any
disorder of the sotmach. Many have
been permanenlty cured by their use.
Princeton Drug Co.
Ice Cream From Oil.
To make vanilla ice cream by arti
ficial means the alchemist took some
triple refined cottonseed oil and placed
it in a centrifugal machine which
moved at a velocity of 3,000 revolu
tions a minute. A beautiful emulsion
was thereby produced, which was then
frozen, chemically of course.
The flavor was obtained by the ad
dition of vanilla, glucine and nifcro
ben2ol. They say that ice cream com
posed as above is sold in many south
ern states, where cottonseed oil is
more plentiful, and consequently
cheaper than milk or cream. It is
far from harmful, tastes good and
does not melt as quickly as the gen
uine ice.Technical World.
Anton Huber, Elizabeth, N. J.,
writes: I have a girl 11 years old
who had two attacks of appendicitis
last winter and was threatened with
another attack. I used one bottle of
Dr. Adler's Treatment and my daugh
ter is well now. The pains in the
abdomen ar^e all gone. Large dollar
bottles at The Home Drug Store.
Oollmars' Great Circus
Yesterday was the first circus day
of the season in Davenport and the
streets of the city during the morning
were crowded by the many residents
of the city and outside visitors who
came in to see the parade, which was
very attractive, being composed of
open dens of wild beasts, beautiful
circus wagons, horseback riders, Shet
land ponies, camels, dromedaries and
stately elephants, not forgetting the
steam calliope, which is present in
every first class street parade. The
parade was pleasing to everybody
ffrom the small street urchin to his
more sedate elderly parent. In the
aftrenoon the entire population of the
city seemed to travel toward the can
vas city and the big tent was crammed
to its full capacity at both perform
ances. The show was fine. There
were curbed or wooden rings and ele
vated stages. Everything about the
show looked bright and wholesome.
The menagerie proved a big attrac
tion, the principal features of which
are the Vlack Vark from Africa and
only living hippopotamus from the
River Nile. Altogether circus day
was voted a'grand success. Gollmar
Bros, pride themselves on keeping
their show entirely free from fakirs
and gamblers.Democrat and Leader,
Davenport, Iowa.
Gollmar Bros, circus will exhibit
at Princeton, July 13.
A Hard Lot
of troubles to contend with, spring
from a torpid liver and blockaded
bowels, unless you awaken them to
their proper action with Dr. King's
New Life Pills the pleasantest and
most effective cure for constipation.
They prevent appendicitis and tone
up the system. 25 cents at C. A.
Jack's drug store.
Knows How to Farm.
G. G. Baker, who owns four acres
of land in the northern suburb of
Gaffney, last year rented two acres
from a neighbor and went to work,
and from these six acres, after supply
ing his rather large family bountifully
from his farm, he sold from one and
two-thirds acres 340 bushels of sweet
potatoes for $272. From two acres of
land in cotton he sold $98 worth and
from his snap bean patch he sold $35
worth of beans, making a total of $415
in cash received for the surplus
producs made on this small farm.
Besides the above Mr. Baker made
fifty bushels of corn and killed 500
pounds of pork, which he grew at
home and fattened with the products
of his farm. During last year Mr.
Baker worked much away from home.
Among other things, he earned enough
by work to pay for a one horse wagon
and mule, with which he made 4iis
crop. We have often heard about Mr.
Baker's crop, and a few days ago we
asked him about it. The above facts
were obtained from him, and no one
who knows him will doubt any state
ment he makes about this work or
anything else.Cherokee News.
Reliable, but Not Talented.
Two Irishmen were talking about
one of their friends who had been
killed the other day before by a pre
mature blast.
'It's an awful thing, Pat, the way
poor Dinny was tuk," observed
"It is, it is," replied Pat, feelingly.
"A fine mon was Dinny."
"He was that."
"And a fine shoveler sure he was
the finest shoveler on the job."
"He was a good shoveler," admitted
"As good a shoveler as youse find
in a year lookin'."
"He was a good shoveler, a good
shoveler, he was, but he was not what
you would call a 'fancy shoveler.'
Hard to Believe.
One of the hardest things in this
world to believe is that no man ever
told a woman the secret of a secret
society.Los Angeles Times.
A little love, a little wealth,
A little home for you and me
Is all I ask except good health,
Which comes with Rocky Mountain
Tea. C. A. Jack.
Farmers, Take Notice!
W. N. King of Waverly, Minn.,
and A. E. Grow of Princeton, have
sold the Omega separator around
Princeton. The separator is simple
and durable, because it has a top
bearing as well as a bottom bearing.
The Only separator made that has a
top bearing. This insures the separ
ator to run steady for its lifetime.
When a separator runs steady it will
skim clean.
Farmers, the following are among
the persons in this vicinity who have
purchased Omega separators:
Fred McFarland (traded a De
Laval), Fred Beto, J. Mickelson, E.
D. Hubbard, Arthur Crook, D.
Young, George Hanson, Lewis Rush
ford, Jos. Shurman, John Pratt, Fred
Barnicka, Mrs. Gennow, E. G. Piek,
Gust Lueck, Wm. Slater (traded an
Iowa), Fritz 'Kunkel, Fred Miller, E.
Benseman, Wm. Hoeft, Milbrandt,
Bros., James Chisholm, Henry
Steeves, Fred Schlesner, Leon Annis,
Mrs. Lundgren, Mr. Jopp.
W. N. King.
An Old Cutler's Advice to Men Who
Use a Razor.
"Whenever I hone a razor," said an
old English cutler, "I always give some
advice with it, free, gratis, and I take
great satisfaction in knowing that I
have made shaving easier and more
comfortable for more than 10,000 men.
Almost every barber will tell you how to
strop a razor, but it takes a cutler to
tell you how to care for your strop and
how to get the best work out of your
"A swing strop, canvass on one side
and horse hide on the other, is the best.
Always hold it taut and draw the razor
lightly, but swiftly, from heel to point.
If you let the strop sag you will put
a round edge on your blade. Don't for
get to cover your strop or put it away
in a drawer after vising. If it hangs
in a bathroom near a window the dust
and grime get into it and soon take
the edge from your razor. Whether
you keep the strop covered or whether
you don't, rub your open hand over the
two surfaces to free it from dust.
"But what I consider my most valua
ble advice is how to do away with
shaving paper entirely and at the same
time improve the cutting quality of the
razor's edge. Nine men out of ten
shave themselves in a room where
there is running hot water. Now, the
way to get a most gratifying result is
this: Lather thickly and well and let it
remain on the face half a minute be
fore you begin to shave. If you have
time wash it off, for with it will come
the grit and dirt that you have loosen
ed up in the pores of the skin, and then
apply a second coat. It will be as soft,
smooth and clean as new velvet.
"Now turn on the hot water faucet
and let it run. Hold the razor under
the stream until it is heated. Then
take a slanting, or diagonal, stroke, like
a farmer does with a scythe, not a
square pull, and you will be amazed to
find how beautifully and easily the hot
blade cuts the beard.
"When it is filled with lather hold it
under the running hot water instead of
using sha-ving paper. This will wash
off the lather and at the same time
heat the blade again. Don't be afraid
of taking out the temper. That would
be impossible if you put the razor in a
kettle and boiled it. Try the hot blade
and you'll never shave with the cold
steel again."New York World.
Tobacco destroys the taste, smell and
Tobacco kills mental, moral and
physical vigor.
Tobacco paralyzes the mucous mem
branes and glands.
Tobacco's most dangerous poison,
nicotine, is without antidote.
Tobacco contains prussic acid, am
monia, carbonic oxide and nicotine.
Tobacco contains stronger poisons
than opium, alcohol, absinth or chloral.
A single leaf of tobacco or a single
cigar contains enough of this poison to
kill a man if applied properly.
Nicotine is the most deadly poison
known to the pharmacopoea. A single
drop or a gram will kill a large animal.
Nicotine resembles prussic acid in ap
pearance, effects and activity. Nico
tine's victims die in violent convul
sions.New York American.
~\o Answer Handy.
This is only worth the telling, writes
a correspondent, because it contains a
retort which, though a triumph of in
consequence, seem& to me quite unan
swerable I happened to be reading
some obvious newspaper proofs in a
train when the good natured man next
to me, with the intention no doubt of
making himself agreeable, asked, "Ah,
are you connected with the press?" I
intimated briefly and perhaps not over
courteously that it was none of his
business. He persisted that it was a
quite civil inquiry, which I met with
the remark that I had not asked him
whether he was a clerk or a shop as
sistant. As he was obviously neither,
this nettled him. "If I knew," he said,
"what newspaper you belong to I
would never buy it again."London
Buffalo Calves.
Buffalo calves, as a rule, are born
in April and May. They are active,
vigorous little creatures, mild eyed as
domestic calves, but possessing much
greater strength and endurance. In a
few seconds after birth they can get
on their feet, and in twenty minutes
they arefitto fight for their lives.
Usually it is unnecessary for them to
defend themselves at this tender age,
as a buffalo cow is, quite capable of at
tending to any business which may
arise in connection with the defense of
her precious baby.Washington Star.
Pleasant Thoughts.
"Make yourselves nests of pleasant
thoughts," counsels Ruskin. Bright
fancies, satisfied memories, noble his
tories, faithful sayings, treasure houses
of restful and precious thoughts which
care cannot disturb or pain make
gloomy or poverty take away from us
houses built without hands for our
souls to live inthese things are not
for earth alone they are a part of the
treasure that may be sent over.
Young Mr. FittsWhat are you smil
ing at, dear? Mrs. FittsI was just
thinking how you used to sit and hold
my hand for an hour at a time before
we were married. How silly you
were! Mr. FittsI wasn't silly at all.
I held your hand to keep you away
from the piano.
The Regular count.
The heart of a man who has lived
to be seventy has beaten 260,000,000
timesnot counting the times when he
got scared and it worked overtime.
Somerville Journal.
i Make Your
Bread with
I have them both
to sell on easy terms.
Also all kinds of
sewing machine sup
plies, needles, oil, and
duplicate parts for
any kind of machine.
Jeweler and Optician,
Princeton, Minnesota.
uanr Rill Your
Odd Fellows' Block,
Dr. Armitage's Offices ISS&ZT'2S!2fx:2
$*y E
Main Street,
i in n_ ML ~i 11_ niLiitw, ~i
Wheeler & Wilson
and Singer
Sewing Machines.
Potato Bugs
When*buying why not buy the best? Why is
the dry
sprayer th
place it onlyitweighs six pounds,
it will be then too late. Try some now and save your potatoes.
100% Floua
It makes more and better loaves
than any other flour you can buy.
weighteof 4 5
the second place you can take two rows at a time as fast as
you can walk, therefore one man can spray from 15 to 20 acres
per day: in the third place it is more effective, for the dry
powder will withstand the wet weather longer than if applied
with water in the fourth place there is no blowing up or
clogging of the machine, it wille last for years. Try on anrd
you will use no other. We have also a large quantity of
Bordeaux mixture with Paris green, which will prevent the
blight and kill thu bugs in one operation. This mixture has
been used successfully in the eastern states for twelve years.
Don't wait
blight on your potatoee fo
Princeton, Minn.
It kills the bugs. Our green is guaranteed
absolutely pure and contains no plaster or
sand. Try it on your bugs. We put up
our own. Prices right.
Princeton Drug Co.
Phone SO.
to 6 P.
Fo anY Grocery in town
Princeton Roller Mill Co.
Milk Makes Money.
That's because GILT EDGE BUTTFO
new skimmed milk, with a little oil meal,
raises ]ust as good calves as whole new milk!
1 1|
Dealer In
Prime Meats of Every Variety,
Poultry, Fish, Etc.
Highest market prices paid for Cattle and Hogs.
it just right for mak-
ing the finest butterleave the skimmed
milk just right for the calves. Let us show
you the only up-to-date separator. Get the
booklet called Business Dairying.
Caley Hardware Co.

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