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Henry Erickson
Hot Bricks
JL Of Interest A.
I Items froT?
various sources.
George I. Staples Is the only person who is
authorized to collect money due this office In
every case the party paying money is entitled
so and should insist upon receiving a printed
receipt DUNN. Publisher
Princeton Potato Market.
The quotations hereunder are those
pve\ ailing- on Thursday morning- at the
time of going to press:
Triumphs. 30
Burbanks 27-30
Rose 25
Ohios .35
Nelson's photos please the people.
Get some oyster shells and grit for
your hens at Ludden's store.
A son was born to Mr. and Mrs.
on Saturday, Octo-
.Moline of Karmel
bur 27.
I. C. Patterson returned on Monday
evening from a
with his family in Hamline.
returned to his
home here last Thursday and seems to
have fully recovered his health.
A rush of jobwork, together with the
printing of the official county ballots,
has kept the Union force humping
this week.
The new advertisements in this issue
are: Home Drug Store, Evens Hard
ware company, Banner Cash Store
and C. A. Jack.
Trains generally at this point have
been from an hour to three hours late
this week and travelers have been
greatly inconvenienced thereby.
A marriage license was issued by
Clerk of Court King on Oct. 26 to
Harry W. Saxon and Miss Ida Tra
bant, both of Princeton township.
Fryhhng's is the store where most
boys are clothed. If you can't guess
the reason, call in and see the
clothes. They'll tell the story well. It
Louis Robideau on Friday hauled
the furniture and effects of Thomas
Yotten from the depot to the farm
which Mr. Yotten recently purchased
in Bogus Brook.
Al. Townsend and family on Mon
day moved onto their farm in the
town of Princeton and M. M. Colbert
now occupies the residence vacated
by the Townsends.
Mrs. T. A. Perkins and Mrs. Wm.
Duncan of St. James, who have for
some time been the guests of Mr. and
Mrs. Frank Burbank, returned to
their homes on Tuesday.
The ladies of St. Edward's Catholic
church will serve supper in the G. A.
R. hall on election day, Nov. 6, from
V30 to 8 p. m. Lunch may be ob
tained at any time after the regular
supper hours.
Some one has suggested that the
Great Northern Railroad company
install in its depot a refreshment
booth, news stand and card tables for
the accommodation of travelers who
await the "daily uncertainty "the
passenger train.
Mr. and Mrs. E. H. Witte drove
over from St. Cloud on Saturday and
returned yesterday. Mr. Witte says
that he is well satisfied with the
patronage accorded him in St.
Cloud. The branch bottling establish
ment in Princeton, conducted by his
brother, is also doing a good business.
A carrot weighing over four pounds
was brought to this office on Friday
by Mrs. Jennie Snow. It is a peculiar
shaded root, resembling largely the
head of a horned sheep. Mrs. Snow
says that carrots have attained a
greater size than usual this year and
that tha root crop generally is above
the average.
head of a horned shPPn v Ann
is now being conducted in the old
postoffice building on Main street, the
stock-in-trade, fixtures, etc., having
been moved in on Saturday. Many,
improvements will be made in the store had disappeared
and the back room will be fixed up in
first-class style for an ice cream
Soap stones, woolen cloths or flat irons,
do in part what a hot water bottle does per
fectly. Heat helps pain, any kind, anywhere,
but the application of it is always clumsy
and largely ineffective unless you have the
modern appliance.
The soft, yielding hot water bags main
tain an even temperature for hours. We
have them in best quality and all sizes.
C. A. A
The Druggist
Xi ^a^ ^w^^^M^p^ha^n^ ^%^i^^H^i^%^^^i^^y^i^^^i^^%Nl^^^^^i^J
Enstrom's photosthey please.
L. Fryhhng's store is open evenings
until 8 o'clock.
Bnng your eggs to E
son 's2 cents a dozen.
Ander- B.
Tastes like mother's, that nice fresh
bread at Ludden's store.
Fryhling has boys' and children's
overcoats in every style desired from
$4 to $20. It
$100,000 to loan on improved farms.
Loans promptly closed.
Robt. H. King.
Mrs E. M. Chapman entertained
the Princeton branch of the Women's
Foreign Missionary society on Tues
day afternoon.
Geo. H. Deans was on Saturday re
leased from federal grand jury duty in
Minneapolis and immediately returned
to his home in Foreston.
E. C. Underwood of Minneapolis,
one of the leading land men of that
couple of days visit city, was here yesterday in the inter
est of his increasing- business.
Mrs. Magnus Sjoblom and
daughter went to Minneapolis on Fri
day for the purpose of having the
latter's eyes examined by an oculist.
The New England dinner given by
the ladies of the Dorcas society at the
G.A R. hall on Tuesday evening was
well attended and the receipts were
very satisfactory.
Nelson, the expert photographer of
Anoka, attends his branch studio at
Princeton the first and third Saturday
of each and every month. Please bear
this in mind when you wish to have
any photographic work done. tf
E. C. Early, Fred Goulding and
Mannie Cowles left on Monday for
the Big Fork country to hunt moose
and deer. They were well equipped
with paraphernalia, including red
coats, snow shoes and long distance
rifles. If the buck fever does not at
tack them they expect to shoot some
Thos. Yotten, who formerly lived
in Bogus Brook and removed to Min
neapolis eighteen months ago, re
turned last week, with his wife and
family, and now occupies the F.
Fryhling farm, about six miles north
of town, which he has purchased. Mr.
Yotten says that it was impossible
for him to accustom himself to city
lifehe was entirely at sea.
A Hallowe'en party arranged es
pecially for the children was given by
the Lady Maccabees at their hall last
night. Hallowe'en sports and refresh
ments were provided and the occasion
was one of much jollity. The princi
pal feature of the party was a drill
splendidly executed by twenty-four
little children dressed in white A
magic pumpKin was also a source of
much amusement.
The Princeton high school football
team again demonstrated its superi
ority on Saturday at the fair grounds
here, when it defeated the Elk River
eleven in a score of 17 to a goose egg.
Elk Rver's high school eleven was
considered the strongest team in this
part of the country and had in fact
been the champion club for two years.
The improvement in Prnceton's team
is due to the coaching of Professor
Murta, who is well posted in every
feature of the game and is a whirlwind
when engaged at play.
Mr. Mahoney characterizes Jim
Dugan as the greatest practical joker
in this part of the country. Mike
says that he ascertained "beyond a
reasonable doubt," as Joe Ross would
(m eovercoat
in the house puttinge on hisk
now I'm going to play one on Jim,
The Scheen confectionery business begorrah!" It will be remembered
that last week Mike was surprised up
on reaching town to discover that
hog, which he supposed was in his
wagon when he started from home,
Upon returning to
his house he was more surprised to
find the hog hanging in his woodshed
parlor. The new building is much Now he says that no one but Jim to relinquish his purchase and is now
more commodious than the one -~u though.
Dugan would have
Election, Tuesday, Nov. 6.
Finest line of ladies'
cloaks at E. B.
Soft, rich and creamy, that
cream cheese at Ludden Vstore.
The Ladies'
Mrs. George
Aid society met with
McFarland yesterday
There may be some boys' suits as
good as Fryhlings' $6.00 suits, but
they are not sold for that price. It
A dance will be given at the M. B.
A. hall,Wyanett, on Saturday evening.
Anderson's orchestra will be in at
Mrs. Nels Robideau of Greenbush
is unable to leave her room in conse
quence of sickness Dr. Armitage is
attending her.
Geo. A. Coates, manager of the
Princeton Lumber company, was in
Minneapolis on business Monday and
returned Tuesday.
Enstrom's photographs are correct
new styles that will get the preference.
This season the studio will be open
every Friday and Saturday. 45-tf
A moving picture show and glass
blowing demonstration, billed for
four nights, made its first appearance
last evening in the Armory hall.
Dr. H. C. Cooney was called to
Marshall on Friday last, where he
operated upon a patient suffering from
gall stones.
Dinner will be served in the M. E.
church at Greenbush on election day
between the hours of 11:30 and 1
o'clock. A substantial meal will be
Just compare Nelson's photos with
other pictures you see in this or any
other town and you will notice a dif
ference in favor of Nelson's photos
avery time. 24-tf
Miss D. Le Mieux went to Minne
apolis on Tuesday toJattend
the wed-
ding of her cousin, Mifcs Marie Blais.
During her absence she will purchase
her winter stock of millinery.
The piledriving on the railroad
bridge across Rum river has been
completed and the crew pulled out of
here on Tuesday night for Clearwater,
where 600 piles will be driven.
Swan Olson and Andrew Jacobson
returned on Tuesday from the lake
country and brought with them about
fifty partridges. It took them a week
to get them and the estimated cost to
them is $3 per bird.
News comes from over the Rum
river that hoodlum depredators com
mitted many acts of lawlessness in
North Princeton last night and dam
aged considerable property. On this
side of the river it was unusually quiet
for Hallowe'en.
Louis Horstman, Fred Manke and a
number of others who were hunting
near Stanchfield lake on Sunday even
ing became lost in a tamarack swamp
and were compelled to remain there
until the following morning. They
had nothing to eat and nothing to
drink and were a sorry looking lot of
would-be sportsmen when they reached
Electrican Burbank expects the new
engine and dynamo here the early
part of next week. Several workmen
are now engaged in making the neces
sary alterations in the power house
to accommodate the new machinery.
The electric lights in the business
houses will probably be cut off today
or tomorrow and residences will also
be shut off for a night or two in order
to permit of changes being made in
the steam pipes and heaters. Mr.
Burbank will, however, cause as little
inconvenience to residents as possible.
and gloves. "'Twas the best joke tied securely with ropes, placed in the
ever played on me," says Mike, "and wagon and brought to Princeton.
When the boys arrived here they were
as hungry as wolves and went to the
Gilman restaurant to procure lunch,
a taking the spaniel with them. Much
to their surprise and to Adel's dis
comfiture it was discovered that the
dog was the property of the restaurant
the long-lost pet which had been
spirited away. Adel was compelled
of such
An old farmer friend of ours who
came into the office on Monday ad
dressed us as follows: "Boy, we are
doing our best to keep the roads in
good order for we highly appreciate
the rural mail servicewe know what
a blessing 'tis to us. But, boy, we
farmers would also appreciate it if
you Princeton chaps would fix your
streets so that when we come in with
a load of potatoes or other produce
our wagons would not get mired to the
hubs. 'Tis lucky for you that you
don't have to depend on rural delivery
for your mail."
Adel Holm, with a party of four
other sports, on Sunday drove into
tb.e country to hunt ducks. They
stopped at the house of a farmer for
dinner and there Adel fell in love with
a spaniel and opened negotiations for
its purchase.- After considerable bick
summated and Adel
Wanted, at once," a good cook.
ply at Commercial hotel.
On or about Nov. 6 a number of
big-game hunters will leave here for
the north.
Born, to Mr. and Mrs. Wm. West
ling of Wyanett, on Sunday, Oct. 28, a
son, stillborn.
On Tuesday forty-one loads of pota
toes were received at the warehouse of
H. Ferrell & Co. W
Dr. Neumann went to Minneapolis
yesterday morning and will today
ride back a fine saddle horse which
he purchased there.
Miss DuRocher, one of our most
capable school teachers, has resumed
her duties after an illness extending
over a week.
Despite the bad roads there were at
least a hundred farmers' wagons in
Princeton yesterday. The greater
part of them brought potatoes to the
Treasurer Bun ell has had an office
full of taxpayers most of the week,
but Mr. Burrell is an adept at his
work and therefore capable of hand
ling an immense volume of business.
Tomorrow (Friday) evening a re
ception will be given by the members
of the Methodist church in honor of
their pastor, Rev. J. W. Heard. All
friends of the church are tendered a
cordial invitation to be present.
Miss M. V. Gibbons, who until re
cently conducted the Home Drug store
in Princeton, departed on Monday for
her home in St. Paul, where she ex
pects to in future reside. Duing her
residence in Princeton Miss Gibbons
made a large number of friends who
will retain for her a kindly remem
Doll Vests Gratis.
viding she brings her doll. There are
only 150 to be given away, so be early.
Tell your mamma that they are "Mun
sing" Vests. She will be pleased to
have you get one.
thae price
a quart of eyewater. The dog was
being continually guyed by-his asso
j- "um naa uuuipcxicu
t, 1906
Every little girl
in Princeton or
vicinity that will
come to the Ban
ner Cash Store on
Saturday morn
ing, November 3,
between 9 and 11
o'clock, if accom-
panied by her
mother or some
grown-up person,
will receive a
handsome mercer-
ized doll vest, pro-
il, from the start, and at the right price.
Banner Cash Store
$- .j. TrilS is a regular six-hole Range
made of very heavy polished
steel plate, main top covers
and centers of cast plate from high
est grade of Lake Superior iron.
Has ali the latest features, asbestos
.$. lining throughout, heavy centers
and anchor plates. The tire box is
so constructed that it is suitable
for wood or coal. Will take in a
stick of wood 22-inches long. Fit=
ted with the new Duplex grate,
beautiful nickel trimmings, large
$ warming closet. White enameled
reservoir, nickel tea and coffee pot
5. shelves. Size of oven 18x21, weight
pounds. 39 i pounds
Our price for this 4tZ/J*7'
Range like cut HP^
A t^.:'
SACK SUITSMany men can afford but one new winter sack
Jg suit. If that suit is a bad one, the owner must suffer until spring.
iji If he buys a Kirschbaum suit, his good appearance is assured W
OVERCOATSThe new style of form-fitting overcoat is a
mean one for most makers to handle.
$i Generally ready made form-fitting
clothes don't fit at all. The Kirsch-
$ baum overcoats are so perfectly bal-
anced that they fit almost any figure
with amazing ease.
Evens Hardware Go's
Bargains in
We have a large stock of air-tight heaters from $1.25 to $3.
Second-hand Heaters and Cook
4 Stoves at low prices.
Evens Hardware Co.
Dealer in
Fresh and Salt Meats, Lard,
Poultry, Fish and Game in Season.
Both Telephones.
I Main Street, (Opposite Starch Factory.) Princeton, Minn.
\v essional man, the college man, the man of dress and the man of
$ thrift. Kirschbaum clothes reflect the correct styles of London
and New York. They are celebrated for their fit, their beauti-
\l ul textures and their moderate cost.
want you to see the Kirschbaum
hand-tailored clothes, made in
the largest men's tailoring plant /j\
in the world. The United States gov-
ernment used the Kirschbaum plant as (P
a model for one of its own after going /p
through all the high-class establish- W
ments in America and Europe. The (f\
business man in large cities wears &
Kirschbaum clothes. So does the pro-
These air-tight heaters are
made with cast iron top
and bottom wnich makes
them safe stoves to
They have a large
door, two nickel foot rests,
nickel screw draft, and
large nickel rim on top,
which make them very neat
appearing stoves.
21-INCH $9.00*
24-INCH $10.00
27-INCH $11.00

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