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6fce Farm Fireside,
Gleanings by Our Country
Ml Lb.
Happy is the farmer since warm
days have come.
Our skimming station has Started to
run every day in the week.
What is F. Beden's attraction
north these warm, dusty days?
Quite a number from this way
tended the memorial services
Princeton last Thursday.
Our mail carrier's latest rig
carrying mail is a bicycle. We ex
pect to soon see him with an automo
bile or some such contrivance.
CJ}. S. Grow, our genial storekeeper,
has his store and living rooms pretty
well along. We expect to have him
for a neighbor as well as a merchant
in the near future.
Mr. and Mrs. John Emmons of Hen
ning are visiting old friends and
neighbors 'in this vicinity. This is
the first time they have been back to
their old homestead since they sold
out some twelve or thirteen years ago.
They see a great many changes in
many places.
He Fired the Stick.
I have fired the walking stick I've
carried over 40 years, on account of
a sore that resisted every kind of
treatment, until I tried Bucklen's
Arnica Salve that has healed the
sore and made me a happy man,"
writes John Garrett, of North Mills,
N. C. Guaranteed for piles, burns,
etc., by C. A. Jack, drugigst. 25c.
Farmers are all busy planting potaj
Mrs. C. Campbell has been on the
sick list for a few days.
Misses May and Maggie Looney
were home over Sunday.
Mrs. A. Fullwiler and daughter
were calling on friends here Monday.
Miss Alice Fullwiler has been visit
ing relatives hereabouts for a few
O. D. Barrett of Iowa was in Bald
win last week looking after his real
estate there.
E. M. Fiero's mother left for Ester
ville, Iowa, on Friday and will spend
the summer there.
Small grain is looking well and
pasture is improving fast under the
influence of old Sol.
Farmers, turn out and join the
union. The time has come when we
must'protect ourselvesi
A fine time was experienced by all
who attended Miss Egge's school pic
nic on Saturday at Elk lake.
Remarkable Rescue.
That truth is stranger than fiction,
has once more been demonstrated in
the little town of Fedora. Tenn., the
residence of C. V. Petter. He writes:
I was in bed, entirely disabled with
hemorrhages of the lungs and throat.
Doctors failed to help me, and all
hope had fled when I began taking
Dr. King's New Discovery. Then in
stant relief came The coughing soon
ceased the bleeding diimnished
rapidly, and in three weeks I was
able to go to work." Guaranteed
cure for coughs and colds. 50c and
$1.00, at C. A. Jack's drug store.
Trial bottle free.
Evert Corwin is assessing this week,
Ed Bauer was in Vineland Sunday.
Venia Bauer is home from Milaca
Lizzie Milne spent Sunday at
Born, to Mr. and Mrs. Petrin, May
15, a son.
Mr. Benson will move into his new
house soon.
Mr. and Mrs. Corwin visited Law
rence Sunday.
Jim Simpson was a Lawrence vis
itor on Saturday
D. G. Wilkes made a business trip
to the twin cities.
D. G. Wilkes is talking of building
a fine new residence.
Mr. and Mrs. H. G. Booth visited
Geo. Hawes on Sunday.
Tommie Anderson made a trip to
Milaca for W. J. Eynon.
Pearl Simpson, who was working at
the Olson hotel, is home now.
Harry Wilkes was a down jriver
passenger on the stage Saturday.
Annie Ladeen, who has been at
Petrin's for the past two weeks, is
H. G. Booth left on Sunday for a
week's visit with his brother at Dodge
There was a party at Mr. and Mrs.
Ward's at Bay View on Saturday
Norman Smith and Oscar Petrin
have taken up bachelor quarters on
the Jahr place.
Mr. and Mrs. Hawes and Mr. and
Mrs. Eynon visited at the Freer home
one evening last week.
Ocsar Anderson and family and
Mrs. Hawes drove over to the Tom
Anderson place on Sunday.
Billie Dailey, who attends the In
dian school, is home. Although an
Indian Mr. Dailey is working hard to
get an education and his wishes are to
become a lawyer. He is a son of An-
The natfc No. 3.
Number three is a wonderful mascot
for Geo. H. Parris of Cedar Grove:
Me., according to a letter which reads,
"After suffering much with liver and
kidney trouble, and becoming greatly
discouraged by the failure to find re
lief, I tried Electric Bitters, and as a
result I am a well man today. The
first bottle relieved and three bottles
completed the cure." Guaranteed
best on earth for stomach, liver and
kidney troubles, by C. A. Jack, drug
gist. 50c.
Guy and Ray McKenney left last
Monday to work on the Mississippi
drive near Little Falls.
Dr. Neumann, veterinarian of
Princeton, was called to the Brook
last week to see a horse suffering with
lung fever belonging to Mrs. L.
Blomquist. The animal recovered.
Misses Laura and Ada King,
daughters of Wm. King of Wyanett,
returned last week from North
Dakota, where they have located
claims. It is getting to be fashionable
nowadays for the young ladies to file
on government land. The next proper
thing to do is to locate husbands to
work those farms.
A great rush was made to Cam
bridge last week to pay taxes, which
it is necessary to do in order that the
county and state should be governed
for the interest of all its people. Al
though the taxes in Isanti county are
too high they are nothing compared to
the money wrung from the people by
trusts, combines and monopolies.
An agent for Northrop, King & Co.,
seedsmen of Minneapolis, was here
last week contracting with the farmers
to raise colored beans at $1.50 per
bushel, free on board. It is not a bad
deal for the producer as he gets a fair
price and does not have to depend
upon the fluctuations of the market.
Ambrose Babb and family and
Henry McKenney visited Silver lake
last Sunday for an outinga di
version from the routine of the week.
Mr. Babb is mail carrier to Cam
bridge and Mr. McKenney is engineer
at A. J. Peterson's mill, which cut
about 300,000 feet of logs during the
season. Most of the logs were taken
from the Bum river bottoms.
Mrs. S. L. Dilly is on the sick list.
Mrs. A. Morehouse spent a day at
Princeton this week.
Mrs. Greenough spent Sunday with
her mother at St. Cloud.
A. McDonald has returned home
from railroading on the Soo.
Fred Samuelson has gone to Duluth,
where he has secured a good position.
Walter Greenough of Sauk .Rapids
is visiting his aunt, Mrs. Greenough.
Miss Eva Neuman left for Park
Rapids this week to spend the sum
The M. E. church choir was enter
tained by Rev. Kipple and wife on
Friday evening. Light refreshments
were served and a good time was had.
C. N. Waite of West Salem, Wis.,
our buttermaker, has arrived and will
soon have everything ready to start.
Bridgman & Russell have heretofore
shipped their cream, but from now on
they will make butter.
Memorial Services were held at the
M. E. church on Sunday evening.
Rev. Kipple delivered a fine sermon
to a large congregation and a musical
program was also rendered. The
churchr was decorated for the occasion.
Mr. and Mrs. E. N. Bacon left Sat
urday for Minneapolis, where on the
3rd of June they celebrated their
golden wedding. The celebration took
place at the residence of their niece,
Mrs. Tomes, where a large number of
relatives and friends gathered. Mr.
and Mrs. Bacon are among our most
esteemed friends and we wish them
many happy years yet to come.
Company Baseball Notes.
The new suits for Company Base
ball team arrived the first of the week,
and to say that they are swell is put
ing it mildly.
Company will play Braham on
Sunday at the fair grounds. As both
teams are in fine mettle, a close and
exciting game is expected.
Braham has been pla'ying some fast
teams lately having played a ten-in
ning game with Pine City7 to 8, and
with Mora7 to 1.
The boys are practicing every day
now with renewed vigor and the man
agement is pleased with the outlook
as the team it. rounding to in fine
Two Reasons.
When a man wears clothes that are
out of style, either he is so poor he
has to worry about something else or
so rich he doesn't worry about any
thing.New York Press.
Music Hath Charms.
Music has charms in the country
where the houses are a mile apart.
Chicago News.
Copyright Apphed for
This week we present rebus No. 5.
It does not seem to be much trouble
for the youthful readers of the
i on to solve the riddles. A large
percentage of the answers received
were correct. We offer three prizes
of one dollar each, the winners to be
determined by lot. The names of all
who answer correctly are written on
pieces of cardboard, tl\e pieces are
placed in a hat and thoroughly
shaken up, Mrs. Dunn is blindfolded
and the three first cards she draws
out contain the names of the success
ful ones. No favoritism is shown any
boy or girl. Each and all are given
a fair deal.
A check is mailed to each of the lucky
ones. Our only requirement is that
some member of the family of a prize
winner must be a Union subscriber.
Answers to rebus No. 4.No. 19,
Appleton No. 20, Tracy No. 21,
Kerkhoven No. 22, Litchfield No.
23, Hancock No. 24, Carver.
Here are the names of those who
drew prizes of one dollar each: Cora
Wetter, Hazel Robideau and Clair
Here are the names of our bright
young friends who solved the riddles:
Willie Trunk, Joe Trunk, Alma A.
Roos, Clarence Greenough, Vernon
Kaliher, Walter E. Guderian, Helen
Bemis, Alfred Nystrom, Flossie
Tompkins, Essie May Pierson,
Warren W. Prescott, Cora Wetter,
Gertrude Smith, Gertrude Bishop,
Craig Bishop, Myra Applegate, Lillie
Hatch, Mabel A. Lind, Eva Dugan,
Rebecca Sugarman, Anna M. Hoehn,
Helen E. Thompson, Ida S. Erickson,
Marjorie Dickey, Inez Van Alstein,
Katie Umberhocker, Stella Canright,
Ernest Nelson, Raymond Barnes,
Walter T. Annon, Dell Hill, Nellie
Church Topics && *e
5unday and Weekday
Services at 10:30 a. m. and 8 p. m.,
Sunday School at 11:45 a. m. Morn
ing sermon, "Congregational Ances
try and Ideals evening sermon,
Winning Against Great Odds.'' 1
Morning, 10:30, "A Piece of Brass:"
evening, "A Living Sacrifice." Sun
day School 12 m., Otto Radeke, su
perintendent Epworth League, 7 p.
m., Roy Bartholomew, president.
Piety With Cooking.
A well known bishop relates that
while on a recent visit to the south he
was in a small country town where,
owing to the scarcity of good serv
ants, most of the women preferred to
do their own work. He was awakened
quite early by the tones of a clear
soprano voice singing ''Nearer, My
God to Thee." As the bishop lay in
bed he meditated upon the piety which
his hostess must possess which en
abled her to go about her task early
in the morning singing such a noble
At breakfast he spoke to her about
it, and told her how pleased he was.
'Oh, law," she replied, "that's the
hymn I boil the eggs by three verses
for soft and five for hard.-"Rochester
School Report.
School report of district seven:
Number of days taught, 20 average
daily attendance, 34. Those who at
tended twenty days are: Edward Aim
lie, Dewy Bemis, Robert Huggins,
Henry Hedman, Helen Johnson, Hazel
Johnson, Anna Rebenstein, Joseph
Rebenstein, Arnold Rebenstein, Marie
Gramer, Lillian Gramer. Those who
attended nineteen days are: Selma
Bleed, Elmer jErickson, Myrtle
Gramer, Gladys Hughes, Harry Sand
quist. Bella Orton, Teacher.
Only Doing His Duty.
O'HagenOi have found the man
that hit me wid a brick as Oi was
passin' the alley, Mr. Murphy.
Mr. MurphyAnd what did you do
with him?
O'HagenNothin'. 'Twas all a
mistakethe man was only doing his
duty. He thought Oi was a constable
in plain clothes.Smiles.
LostOne bay mare, six years old,
weight about 1,000 pounds, small
white spot on nose and a little white
on left hind foot. Had halter on
when last seen,
Finder notify the un
Guy G. Wilson,
Mora, Minn.
by Eben E Lawsoo
Hill, Mary A. Buck, Jesse A. Rose,
Nora Bryson, Myrtle Plummer,
Leona Warren, Beatrice Young, Ken
neth Kenely, George W. Townsend,
Gerald McDbugall, Effie Chute,
Bernice Turner, Mary Foote, Jay
Winsor, Leila Marshall, George
Brown, Blanche Heath, Mildred
Heath, ^Gertrude Heath, Harold
Heath, Gertrude Orne, Lillian Patten,
Clair Lowell, Ralph Stark, Florence
Slater, Blanche Slater, Gertrude
Chapman, Mamie LaMore, Ellen Ny
quist, Daisy E. Mott, Ella Roos, Billy
Walker, Margaret Walker, David
Walker, Earl Kempton, George
Lunn, Esther Benson, Mabel Ben
son, Chester Kempton, Mary Newbert,
Jeannette Koenig, Robert Berg, Hilde
garde Kalkman, Carol Howard, Wallie
Berg, Hazel Robideau, Stanley Rawn,
Raymond Howard, Lena Arnholdt,
Lawrence Jesmer, Wanda Zimmerman,
Grace Herdliska, Mary Arnholdt,
Com ad Arnholdt, Lora Veal, Irene
Hedman, Pearl Freer, Clem Freer,
Eugene Freer, Louise Lenertz.
This week little Mary Newbert sent
the puzzle editor the neatest and best
written letter and the most correct
answersshe not only gave the cor
rect names of the towns but also the
names of the counties in which towns
are located. And her punctuation is
almost perfect. Jeannette Koenig is a
close second to Miss Newbert. A
nicely-written and correctly punctu
ated letter always delights the puzzle
editor or any other editor for that
Some of the answers this week are
no credit to the writers. Hereafter
all answers must be enclosed in en
velopes and neatly written on clean
paper, otherwise they will not be con
sidered by the puzzle editor.
American Society of Equity Directory
No 4526, Schmidt District, will meet the first
and third Tuesday of every month at the
Sehmidt district school house No 4, at 8
For Kent.
A ten-room house in village of
Princeton good location. Inquire of
L. Slaback. 24
For Sale.
About 25,000 feet of oak, elm and
other kinds of lumber, two-by-fours,
etc., from $8 per 1,000 up. Apply at
Glendorado store. 24-4t
Land for Sale.
600 and 31-100 acres at $15 and up
according to location 200 acres in the
village limits. Easy terms, long time.
7-tf Mrs. A. M. Cater.
For Sale.
Household furniture, two-seated
carriage, buggies, cutters, sleighs,
harness, buffalo robes, organ, etc.
Apply to N. E. Jesmer, Princeton.
For Sale, Cheap.
Fourteen desirable residence lots
situated a short distance west of
depot, also a dwelling house and four
lots. Apply to F. C. Cater, Princeton.
Farmers, Attention!
You are invited to come to the
Mark barns. Good hay, clean stalls
all danger of contagious diseases re
moved. Come and see how clean we
W* fg| i#p 1
Mark's Barns.
Auction Sale.
Gust A. Aim will sell at public auc
tion upon his farm in section 10, Glen
dorado, at 10 o'clock on Monday,
June 17, his horses, cattle, farm ma
chinery and household goods.
M. M. Stroeter, Auctioneer.
Taken Up.
Came to my place on Sunday, June
2, a bay mare with white nose and
white left hind fetlock. Owner may
obtain same by paying epxenses of
keep, etc., on application to August
Schwantes, Bogus Brook. 24-3t
(First publication June 6)
Delinquent Notice.
Minneapolis, Minn Apr 16th, 1907
To Charles Johnson
You will please take notice that default has
been made in your payments on your land con
tract No 88. for the purchase of State of Min
nesota Commissioners' Certificates Nos 1048
1049, 1050 and 1051, covering the North East
Quarter (NEM) of Section Twelve (12) in
Township Forty (40), Range Twenty-seven (27)
Mille Lacs County, Minnesota from Home
Land Company, that by reason of such default
in your payments there is now due and paya
ble under said etintract the sum of $380 46 prin
cipal, and 896 28 interest, amounting all to
8476 74, and you.are hereby required to pay the
said sum of 8476 74. together with the costs of
serving this notice within thirty days after the
service of the same upon vou, exclusive of
the day of such service, and in case you fail to
make payment within the time aforesaid, said
contract will'terminate and said Home Land
pompany^will cancel and declare the same
lyill and void
^*v By.Eobt "W Webb, President.
Import Shipment of English Semi-Porcelain
in two patterns
"Aster" and "Peach Blossom"
decorations. This ware is a handsome shape and very durable
as to wear, and positively will not cfieck or craze. These pat
terns are in open stock and any assortment will be sold to
please pruchaser, and you can also replace any broken pieces
in your set. Come in and look them over.
A few specials to open the eyes of the
buying public
Herring10 lb. pails KICK Norway 78c
Herring10 lb. pails Round Shore 48c
HerringRound Shore, per lb. 3c
Soap"Lenox" and "Rose Queen," 7 bars 25c
PrunesSanta Clara Prunes, 6 lbs. 25c
RiceBroken Japan Rice, 6 lbs. for 25c
CoffeeAn Excellent Cup, per lb. 15c
Crescent Wheat Flakes 8c
Crescent Corn Flakes 8c
Strawberries aud Fresh Vegetables arrive every
day by express.
Try our -White Lily" Cream Cheese. It's fine.
Fair Grounds
Sunday, June 9th
These teams are in the pink of condition and
are capable of putting up a fast game.
The Co. team has just received its new suits
and they are the swe1lest ever seen on the local
Turn out and shout, holler and root for Co. Q.
Braham has lost but one game this season.
Admission 25c, Ladies Free
Game Called at 3 p. m. Sharp
Dealer i
Fresh and Salt Meats, Lard,
Poultry, Fish and Game in Season.
Both Telephones.
Main Street, (Opposite Starch Factory.) Princeton, Minn.
J. P. SELANDER, Proprietor.
New^management, newly furnished throughout, elec-
tric lighted, bath rooms, everything up-to-date. Sam-
ple room in connection. Both phones.
Princeton, Minn.

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