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Sewing Machines
The White Rotary Machine, Lock Stitch or Chain Stitch
The New Home Sewing Machine
Two of the very best makes.
Here area few of the makes we sell:
Vose, Sohmer,
& Sons,
Shoniger, Colby,
and Wesley
Estey, Hamilton,
Edison Phonographs
and records.
Ewings' Music Store,
Security Bank Building, Princeton, Minn.
Poiso Bug Killer
On account of the grand success of our new bug poison
we have decided to call it by the above name. It is no
experiment. It kills the bugs. We are the only ones to
have it in this part of the state. Telephone us your
orders. 3 pounds for 25 cents.
Princeton Drug Co.
One door south of Caley Hardware building on Main Street.
Dr. Armitage's Office in Odd Fellows' Building.
Yard and office at Railroad Track, near Depot.
i Moulding, Sash, Doors, Maple Flooring, Cedar
and Pine Shingles and Cedar and Pine Siding
at lowest prices.
W. P. CHASE, Manager, Princeton, Minn.
The New Feed Store
in C. H. Chadbourne's Building.
1 will carry a full line of Flour and Feed,
and will also continue to buy Live Stock.
Frank Foltz,
Both 'Phones. Main Street. Princeton, Minn.
Nothing is dirtier than dripping oil. Ordinary
cream separators use oil only once, then let it drip
away. But Sharpies Dairy Tubular Separators are
differentthey use the same oil over and over and
don't drip a drop. If you have been using an oil can,
chuck it and get a Tubular, for
Tubular's Don't Need It.
Tubular gears and bearings are wholly enclosed and
entirely self-oilingnot an oil hole on the Dairy Tu
bular. To oil the Dairy Tubular, simply pour a
spoonful of oil into the gear case once or twice a week
that's all. Gears and bearings run in a mist of oil
thrown up by the revolving gears. Perfect oiling is
only one of the Tubular advantages. It's a fine ma
chine and saves it's cost every year you use it. I want
to show you a Tubular. Drop in and see one. Get a
J. P. SELANDER, Proprietor.
New management, newly furnished throughout, elec-
trie lighted, bath rooms, everything up-to-date. Sam-
ple room in connection. Both phones.
Princeton, Minn.
Recent Occurrences of Interest
in Sweden, Norway and
Prominent People Speak at the Anti
Alcohol Conference at City
of Stockholm.
SWEDEN. Stockholm.
The Anti-Alcohol Conference which
opened in Stockholm recently -was an
enthusiastic meeting. It began "with
a parade, -which was participated in
by more than 20,000 persons. The
speech of welcome was delivered by
the duke of Skane. Other speakers
were Dr. Ellsworth, superintendent of
the Washington Home in Boston Dr.
T. D. Crothers, of Hartford, Conn.
Jessie Forsyth, of Boston Professor
Hartman, of Leipzig Baron Prazak,
of Vienna Dr Nicholl, of New York
General O'Reilly, of the United States
army Trofessor Ashaffenberg, of
Kiel, and Dr. Eggert, of Bremen.
Nearly 100 delegates participated in
the debates. The American delegates
were six in number, two of them lep
resenting the United States govern
ment, viz., General O'Reilly and Dr.
C. Beyer, medical inspector of the
United States navy.
The following item demonstrates
that it will take some time for the
Swedes and Norwegians to "get to
gether" commercially and otherwise
since the recent disruption of the
union: "A few representative Swedes
attended the agricultural exposition
in Kristiania, but they were there as
private persons, not as Swedish rep
resentatives. One of them, Profes
sor Juhlm-Dannfelt, was interviewed
for a Norwegian daily, and he made
a comparison between Sweden and
Norway with regard to farming. But
th Swedish press states in plain Ian
guage that the Swedish nation does
not endorse everything said by the
professor his interview.
"Can Sweden Defend Herself?" is
the title of a new book issued by a
Social Democrat named Fabian Mans
son. He seems to believe that this is
impossible and therefore recommends
that Sweden should dispense with her
roihtaiy forces entirely. He also
claims that it would take not less than
415,087,200 crowns to put the Swedish
aimy fighting shape. His book has
been piintej in 50,000 copies and it
ha cieated quiet a bit of comment,
not to say some annoyance to the gov
ernment authorities.
timated that 02,000 acres of ground
are at present devoted to
sugar industry of Sweden,
ther stated that it costs almost $20
rer acre to weed and dig the beets,
making the expenses $1,240,000 fiom
the time the seed is put into the
ground until the crop is ready for
hauling to the sugar factory. The
1,240,000 is earned to a large extent
by women and children.
The International Methodist Con
ference at Nonkoping was closed a
week ago last Tuesday after an ex
ceedingly interesting session. Bishop
Burt, of the United States, served as
chairman and addressed the assem
blage. The foreign delegates present
were 136 in numbei, three of them be
ing representatives of Swedish-Amer
ican E. churches
A telegram from Stockholm states
that it looks as though the disputes
between Sweden and Norway resid
ing the lobster fisheries near Giise
Mame would be settled by a court of
aibitiation. Others again fear that it
will by no means be an easy task to
settle the dispute to the entire satis
faction of both countries.
Ha raid Andre has been appointed
stage manager at the Royal Opera in
Stockholm. Mr. Andre has during the
pist two years been the musical cutic
for the Svenska Dagbladet. He is an
excellent musician, having studied
music at home and in Berlin, Pans
and London.
C. G. Tornquist, a well known
Swedish actor, died very suddenly at
his home in Stockholm week befoie
last, aged 61 years. He was for a
number of years one of the leading
stage figures of Sweden.
Count P. U. Wrangel is in New
York engaged in writing a book. He
is the guest of a New York million
aire on the Hudson and will have his
book ready for the printer at the end
of next month.
Shoes the value of 30,000,000
crowns were manufactured in Sweden
la* year This figure shows that
Sweden leads all European countries
in the manufacture of footgear.
The Uddeholm company has donate 1
5.000 crowns for a new business col
lege in Stockholm. When completed
this will be the greatest business
school in Scandinavia.
the beet
It is fur-
The following dispatch to the Min
neapolis Journal bearing date of Aug
3, shows the great affection which the
Norwegian people have for theii
Danish king: Chnstiania was aglow
with flags and bunting today and
there was much popular rejoicing over
the thirty-fifth anniversary of the birth
of King Haakon. Addresses of con-
y&t ^^jfj
gratulation were received
throughout Norway, and to
added the felicitations of all the gov
erelgns of Europe. The greetings of
the latter were conveyed to the royal
palace by the diplomatic representa
tives, who were received in, person by
the king. The popular festivities in
honor of the' king's birthday afforded
but another proof of the strong hold
te has secured on the affections of his
subjects. The sincere regard of the
Norwegians for their king and queen
ill the more remarkable since it is
yet two years that the young
Danish prince and his English prin
cess were invited to assume the sov
ereignty. In the modern history of
Europe no parallel is to be found.
King Haakon's uncle, Prince George
of Denmaik, accepted the throne of
Greece and has occupied it nearly for
ty-five jeais. Yet the people of
Greece entertain no leal affection for
him. And the same may be said of
the German princes who have become
the rulers of Roumania and Bulgaria.
The case of King Haakon, in fact, af
foids the only example of an alien
ruler who has been accepted with
genuine loyalty and taken into the
hearts of his new subjects. It is but
natural that the stiong characteristics
of King Haakon should win the at
tachment of his people.
The northern ship owners held their
annual convention Bergen at Hotel
Norge week before last, there being
about twenty-five delegates in attend
ance. The following officers were
chosen: President, M. Oppen, of
Chrisriania executive committee H.
Wilhelmsen, of Norway P. L. Fisher
and C. Melchior, of Denmark, and
A. T. Lagerholm and D. Brostrom of
The imperial yacht "Hohenzollern"
with Emperor William on board made
the tup between Bergen and Bodo in
thirty-six houis It was a record*
breaking trip The emperor enjoys a
swift cruise and he can generally get
it in so magnificent and modern
equipped vessel as the Hohenzollern.
Walter Wellman's two daughters,
who have been spending a few days
Christiama, have departed foi
Sp'tzbergen, where they will join their
father, Mr. Walter Wellman, who con
templates reaching the north pole in
an airship.
The warmest weather in Chnstiania
this summer was the last week in
July, when the thermometer registered
7S degiees Fahrenheit. This is not
very warm weather, but is so re
garded in Norway
Building Contractor Niels Knudsen
has sold Bratholmen to the well
known lestaurant keeper I. B. John
son of Beigen, who contemplates
building a gieat amusement resort on
the island.
Commander Booth Tucker and wife
arc at present the guests of the Sal
vation Aimy of Christiania. Mr. and
Mis Tucker have engagements to
speak e%ery afternoon and evening.
Three German squadrons have dur
ing the last few weeks been cruising
peror William arrived at Tromsoe July
12 The weather was charming.
The Norwegian Women's Total Ab
stinence society held its convention in
Drammen last week. About forty
delegates were in attendance. The so
ciety now has 2,692 members.
About 1,300 school teachers at
tended the national teachers' conven
tion in Trondhjem week before last.
It was the largest meeting ever held
by the association.
More than 400 motor boats are now
In use on the west coast fisheries.
They aie pioving very useful and are
getting in more demand every day.
G. M. Goyde has leased Jacobsen &
Gorritzen's big freight steamer Kristi
ania to a Mexican steamship company
for a period of five years.
Says the Pohtiken (Copenhagen):
"One of the woman membeis of the
Finnish diet met with a laughable mis
hap while attending a sitting of the
legal committee. Boied by the pro
ceedings she bestiode her chair, and,
rocked to and fio with her feet clear
from the ground, suddenly OAeibal
anced herself and fell backward. Her
brown boots alone appealed above
the chair, with whic i she battled for
some moments as she lay on the floor
The equality of the sexes is coming
to be looked upon so much as a mat
ter of comse in Finland that the male
members of the committee, not con
cealing their appreciation of the
humor of the situation, are reported
to have been ungallant enough to re
frain from expressing their regret for
the mishap.*'
According to reports from Stock
holm the old Sveaborg- fortress in Fin
land will soon be razed by the Rus
sians, who aie contemplating the erec
tion of a new fortress somewhere in
the Finnish bay, possibly between
Hango and Ekenas. Here the Rus
sians will build a new fortress after
they have destroyed historic old Svea
borg, known for centuries the
"Gibraltar of the North."
Grief-stricken by the receipt of a
notification that her services would
not be requiied after the end of this
month, Mis. Nielsen, a housekeeper
for a landowner named Ullkjaer, of
Jutland, hanged three of her employ
ees children as well as three of upt
own and then killed herself by hang
Zangenberg, the actor, who Is con
nected with the Royal Opera in Copen
hagen and vvho has spent the past
five months in America, became so
charmed with America and the Ameri
cans that he has determined to send
in his resignation and return to tho
land of the free.
Make Your
Bread with
nitt ui *111f 11111 ijmiIMtm jtm 1111M
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mer styles and samples to select fr/m
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Summer Suits.
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I tailor made clothes made in Chicago.
Suits from $14 up. Pants from $4.00 up.
I MOEGER, TKe Tailor
Princeton, Minn.
I II .1 ii -I in i _U,|_.
And have your eyes examined and spectacles
correctly fitted. A fit guaranteed or no
money, that is my motto. I have been fitting
glasses for 8 years and can refer you to a
large number of people wearing my [glasses,
and they will tell you how they fit.
Yours Respectfully,
Jeweler and Optician,
Princeton. Minnesota.
GreatNorthern Railway
SEPTEMBER 2nd 7th, 1907
At Hamline between St. Paul and Minneapolis
Considered the best State Fair in America.
Better attractions this year than ever.
When Purchasing your Railroad Ticket
Buy A Round Trip Ticket.
It will save you time and inconvenience when
you are ready to return. Long limit on round
trip ticketsstay 30 days if you like
15he Great Northern Railway
It makes more and better loaves
than any other flour you can buy.
QEO. E. RICE, Agent. Princeton.
For a 98 lb. Sack at
any Grocery in town
Princeton Roller Mill Co.
Foreston Mercantile& LiveStock Go.
Are fitters of men, women and children
in shoes, dry goods groceries, hardware,
and all kinds of farm machinery and
Foreston Mercantile & Live Stock Co.

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