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6:20 a.m Duluth 10:00pm.
0:10 a.m Brook Park 7:05 p.m.
9:33 a.m Mora 6:42pm.
9:46 a.m Ogilvie 6:25 p.m.
10:20 a.m Milaoa 6:00
10:30 a.m Pease (f) 5:39p.m.
10:40 am Long Siding (f)... 5:28 p.m.
10:45 a.m. ...Brickton (f).... 5:22 p.m
10:55 a.m ...Princeton 5:17pm.
11:10 a.m... Zimmerman 5:00p.m.
11:35 a.m Elk River 4:41 p.m
12 00 a.m Anoka 4:20
12:40 p.m Minneapolis.... 3:40p.m.
1:10 p.m. St. Paul 3:10 p.m.
(f) Stop on signal.
10.18 a Milaoa. 5:40 p.m.
10:23 a ....Foreston ....5:34p.m.
11:20 a.m St. Cloud 4:30 p.m.
Tue. Thu and Sat Mon. Wed. and Fri.
10:45 a.m Milaca 2:50p.m.
12:30 p. Princeton 1:40p.m.
2:45 p. Elk River. 11:35a.m
5:00 p.m Anoka 10:00 a.m.
Any information regarding sleeping
cars or connections will be furnished at
an time by
GEO E. RICE, Agent,
Princeton, Minn.
Jogus BrookA. J, Franzen, (Box 322) Milaca
BorgholmEmil Sjoberg Bock
East SideOscar C. Anderson Oostead
ireenbushJ. H. Grow Princeton
3aylandAlfred F. Johnson Milaca
[sle HarborO. S. Swennes Isle
MilacaP. F. Golden Foreston
MiloR. N.Atkinson Foreston
OnamiaAlfred J. Weden Onamia
PageAugust Anderson Page
PrincetonOtto Henschel Princeton
RobbinsE. E. Dinwidde Vineland
\outh HarborChas. Freer Cove
IraG. Stanley Princeton
Rollefl Vaaler Milaca
F. T. P. Neumann Foreston
BaldwinH.B.Fisk Princetoh
Blue HillM. B. Mattson Princeton
Spencer BrookO.W.Blomquist SpencerBrook
WyanettP. A. Chilstrom Wyanett
LivoniaC W Parker Zimmerman
3 antiagoW. W. Groundry Santiago
DalboM. P. Mattson Dalbo
NO. 92, A & A. M.
Regular communications,2d and
Wednesday of each month.
C. A. CALET, Sec'y.
NO. 93, of
Regular meetings every Tuesday vC
nlng at 8 o'clock.
HENRY AVERY, Master of Finance.
NO. 208,1. O. O.
Regular meetings every Monday evening ai
I 00 o'clock. A. M. DAVIS, N.
R. D. A. McRAE
I Offlct, in Odd Fellows Block.
Office in Odd Fellows' Building.
Princeton, Minr
Office hours, 9 a. m. to 12m. 2p.m. to5 p.m.
Over E Anderson's store.
Princeton, Minn
Dfflce and Residence over Jack's Drugstore.
Tel Rural, 36.
Princeton, Minn
Office in Carew Block,
Main Street. Princeton.
and Cigars.
Main Street, Princeton.
ta rr
lesired. Coffins and caskets of the latest style*
vlways stock. Also Springfield metalics.
Dealer In Monuments of all kinds.
E A Ross, Princeton, Minn. Telephone No. 30
I Twenty years in the well business. Can give
erfect satisfaction. If you want a good well
all on or address R. E. LYNCH,
Zimmerman Minn.
Dieted Religiously.
"Did you follow the diet I advised?"
."I did."
"Religiously?" "Why, tolerably so. I said grace
ibout three times out of five, I should
(First Pub. August 1)
County of Mille Lacs
In District Court, Seventh Judicial District.
Anna K. Sullivan, Plaintiff, i
aarvey L. Sulhvan. Defendant.
'self defense,' and Fear is the quick
est man I know. Cory fell just Inside
the door. Claudine stumbled upon
him as she came running after him,
crying out to her husband that she
'never meant no trouble that Cory
had sworn to her that he only wanted
to shake hands and *make up.' Other
'TT ,vr
achieved the
sendingyof the gallows during term of office!to
"I can't tell yet," said Joe at parting.
"It may be hard. I'm so sorry you saw
all this. I"
"Oh, no!" she cried. "I want to un
She was still there at the gate,
elbows resting upon the crossbar when
Jong time after Joe had gone there
dead bodies whet
The State of Minnesota, to the above named
defendant: ^amCU
You are hereby summoned and reauirpd tn
.nswer the complaint of the plaintiff in thP
Above entitled action, a copy of which hno
oeen filed in the office of the clerk of slud
court, and to serve a copy of your answer
to the said complaint on the subscriber at
his office in the city of St. Cloud, Stearns
county, Minnesota, within thirty days after
the service of this summons upon voud ex
clusive of the day of such service,e anndd ief vou
Wil to answer the said complaint within the
time aforesaid, in thjis action will
Dated July 1st, 1907.
Attorney for Plaintiff,
St. Cloud, Minnesota
7^. 'self defense.' and Fear nuick- emirs*e the mtirdorm*, after ormsnlrntlnn mft hm aforehnnrl? And +ho+ if thi
people heard the shot and broke into man, woman or child who reads these
the room, but they did not try to stop
feat. He warned them off and walk
ed out without hindrance and came
to me. I've got to clear him."
Ariel knew what he meant. She real
ized the actual thing as it was and,
though possessed by a strange feeling with protestations of friendship and
that it must all be mediaeval and not was struck down a corpse.
possibly of today, understood that he
Would have to fight to keep his friend
from being killed that the unhappy
creature who had run into the office
out of the dark stood in high danger of
having his neck broken unless Joe
could help him. He made it clear to
her that the state would kill Happy if
It could that it would be a point of
pride with certain deliberate men hold
jg office to take the life of the little Solver was discovered upon the person
man that if they did secure his death
it would be set down to their efficiency
and was even competent as campaign
material. "I wish to point out," Joe
had heard a candidate for re-election
vehemently orate, "that in addition to
the other successful convictions I have
named I and my assistants have
you were
.writinr letters in your room but after JE,? T u*
papa and mamma had gone to bed I JS
wenL i_ to tell you good night,ueu and
you weren't there nor anywhere else,
so I knew you must have gone out.
I've been sitting by the front window
waiting to let you in, but I went to
__ HM
the telephone bell rang, and he got up
and answered it. He kept talking a I
long time. It was something about the
Tocsin, and I'm afraid there's been a
murder downtown. When he went
back to bed I fell asleep again, and
then those darkies woke me up. How
on earth did you expect to get in?
Don't you know he always locks up
the house?"
"I could have rung," said Ariel.
"Oh, oh!" gasped Miss Pike, and aft
er she had recovered somewhat asked:
"Do you mind telling me where you've
been? I won't tell him, nor mamma,
either. I think, after all, I was wrong
yesterday to follow Eugene's advice.
He meant for the best, but I"
"Don't think that. You weren't
wrong." Ariei put her arm round the
other's waist. "I went to talk over
some things with Mr. Louden."
"I think," whispered Mamie, trem
bling, "that you are the bravest girl I
ever knewandandI could almost
believe there's some good in him since
you like him so. I know there is. And
II think he's had a hard time. I
want you to know I won't even tell
"You can tell everybody in the
world," said Ariel and kissed her.
EVER," said the Tocsin on the
morrow, "has this community
been stirred to deeper indig
nation than by the cold blood
ed and unmitigated brutality of the de
liberate murder committed almost un
der the very shadow of the courthouse
cupola last night The victim was not
a man of good repute, it is true, but at
the moment of his death he was in the
act of performing a noble and gener
ous action, which showed that he might
have become if he lived a good and
law fearing citizen. In brief, he went
to forgive his enemy and was stretch
ing forth the hand of fellowship when
that enemy shot him down. Not half
hour before his death Cory had re
peated within the hearing of a dozen
men what he had been saying all day
as many can testify: 'I want to find
my old friend Fear and shake hands
w|Jh him. I want to tell hhn that I
forgive him and that I am ashamed of
whatever has been my part in the
trouble between us.' He went with
that Intention to his death. The wife
of the murderer has confessed that
pis was the substance of what he said
f$ .feer and th^t she was convinced of
his Peaceful intentions.
'When they reacted the room where
her feusband was waiting for her Cory
first The woman claims now
gat as they neared the vicinity he
hjstened forward at a pace which she
could hot equal. Naturally her testi
mony pn all points favoring her hus
Pr^caHy worthless. She fol
lowed and heard the murdered man
speak, though what his words were she
aeciares she does not know, and of murderer consultation
with his lawyer, claims that their na
ture was threatening. Such a state
ment in determining the truth is worse
than valueless. It is known and readi
ly proved that Pear repeatedly threat
ened the deceased's life yesterday, and
there Is no question in the mind of any
words of the cold blooded nature of the
^rlme. The slayer, who had formerly
made a murderous attack upon his vic
tim, lately quarreled with him and ut
tered threats, as we have stated, upon
his life. The dead man came to him
"lt is understood that the defense
Will in desperation set up the theory of
self defense, based on an unsubstan
tiated claim that Cory entered the
room with a drawn pistol. No pistol
was found in the room. The weapon
with which the deed was accomplished
was found upon the person of the mur
derer when he was seized by the police,
one chamber discharged. Another re-
Of the woman when she was arrested
on the scene of the crime. This upon
being strictly interrogated she said she
had picked up from the floor in the
confusion, thinking It was her hus
band's and hoping to conceal it. The
chambers were full and undischarged,
and we have heard it surmised that
ttUU, uuve ueatu it surmised mat
three men the defense means to claim that it was
,me from the alley behind the big censed that such a crime should have
back yard the minor chordlngs of a been committed in their law abiding
afjartet of those dark strollers who and respectable community. With
Sever seem to go to bed, who play by whom does the fault lie? On whose
night and playfully pretend to work by fcead is this murder? Not with the au-
2*7'* thorities, for they do not countenance
You know my soul is a-fuii o' them-a- crime. Has it come to pass that count-
trub-bils '-*g
Ev-ry mawn!
I cain' a-vvalk withouten I stum-bils!
Then le'ss go on
Keep walkin' on!
These times Is sow'owful, an' I am pow*
Sick an" fo'lawn!
he heard a step upon the path be
hind her and, turning, saw a white
wrapped figure coming toward her.
"Mamie?" she called.
"Hush!" Mamie lifted a warning
hand. "The windows are open," she
whispered. "They might hear you!"
"Why haven't you gone to bed?"
"Oh, don't you see?" Mamie answes
ed in deep distress. "I've been sitting
up fo you. We all
Cory's. Cory doubtless went on his er
rand of forgiveness unarmed, and be
yond doubt the second weapon belong
ed to the woman herself, who has an
unenviable record.
point of it ail is plainly this:
Here is an unquestionable murder in
the first degree, and the people of this
City and county are outraged and in-
in on juggleries of the law, criminals
believe that they may kill, maim, burn
and slay as they list without punish
I ment? Is this to be another instance
of the law's delays and immunity for a
hideous crime, compassed by a cun
ning and cynical trickster of legal
technicalities? The people of Canaan
cry out for a speedy trial, speedy con
viction and speedy punishment of this
cold blooded and murderous monster.
(If he is not dealt with quickly accord
Ing to his deserts the climax is upon
us, and the limit of Canaan's patience
has been reached.
"One last word, and we shall be glad
to have its significance noted. J. Lou
den, Esq.,
been retained for
_L__. swuu I prehende by th authorities WPTHt
derer before bein a
prehended by thee authorities wen
straight from the scene of his crime to
place his retainer in his attorney's
pocket! How long is this to last?"
The Tocsin was quoted on street
^i^_^^ __,- comers that morning, in shop and store
the Cory murder, and that was every
where, for the people of Canaan and
of the country roundabout talked of
nothing else. Women chattered of it
In parlor and kitchen men gathered in
small groups on the street and shook
their heads ominously over it farm
ers, meeting on the road, halted their
teams and loudly damned the little
man in the Canaan jail milkmen lin
gered on back porches over their cans
to agree with cooks that it was an aw
ful thing and that if ever any man de
served hanging that there Fear de
served ithis lawyer along with him.
Tipsy men hammered bars with fists
and beer glasses, inquiring if there
was no rope to be had in the town, and
Joe Louden, returning to his office
from the little restaurant where he
sometimes ,ite his breakfast, heard
hisses following him along Main street.
A clerk, a fat shouldered, blue apron
ed, pimple cheeked youth, stood in the
open doors of a grocery and as he
passed stared him in the face and said
"Yah!" with supreme disgust.
Joe stopped. "Why?" he asked
The clerk put two fingers in his
mouth and whistled shrilly in derision.
"You'd ort to be run out o' town!" he
"I believe," said Joe, "that we have
never met before."
"Go on, you shyster!"
Joe looked at him gravely. "My
dear sir," he returned, "you speak to
me with the familiarity of an old
The clerk did not recover so far as
to be capable of repartee until Joe had
entered, his own stairway. Then, with
a bitter sneer, he seized a bad potato
from an open barrel and threw it at the
mongrel, who had paused to examine
the landscape. The missile failed and
Respectability, after bestowing a slight
ly injured look upon the clerk, followed
his master.
In the office the red bearded maiLsat
waiting. Not so red Bearded as of
fere, however, was W:. ||eehan, but
grizzled and gray anl this mornin,
gray of face, too, %9 ^x peHnirlrfg
fnd anxious, wfpfpg a tfoubledl&row
?yi" pay at
TO J??" he said uneasily pn the" 6th-
fr's entrance. 'Ws the worst I
fyer knew, and I hate to say it, but I
doubt yer pullln' it off."
Ty$ got to, Mike." jg
"I hope pn my soul there's a chanst
of it! I like the little man, Joe'
"So do I."
"I know ye
boy.Publit Bu here's
ti and ther eyer was a follerln'
f&eep on earth It's that same public
"If It weren't lor thatM-Joe
hupself heavily in a chalr-"there'd
got be so much trouble. It's a clear
enough case."
'^But, don't ye see," interrupted Shee
han, "He Tocsin's tried it and convict-
ed hiim And that i things
keep goln' the way they've started to
day the gran* jury's bound to indict
fym and the trial jury to convict him?
Ihey wouldn't dare not to. What's
more, they'll want to. And they'll
rush the trial, summer or no summer,
"I know I know."
"I'll tell ye one thing," said the oth
er, wiping his forehead with the black
handkerchief, "and that's this, my boy:
Last night's business has just about
put the cap on the Beach fer me. I'm
sick of it, and I'm tired of It. I'm
ready to quit sir."
Joe looked at him sharply. "Don't
you think my old notion of what might
be done could be made to pay?"
Sheehan laughed. "Whoo! You and
yj hints, Joe! How long past have ye
come around me with 'em? 'I b'lieve
c'd make more money, Mike'that's
the way ye'd put it'if ye altered the
Beach a bit Make a little countryside
ftfctaurant of it,' ye'd say, 'and have
Mod cookin', and keep the boys and
girls from raisin' so much hell out
tjiere. Soon ye'd have other people
oomhV beside the regular crowd. Make
a little garden on the shore, and let
'em eat at tables under trees an* grape
nWelI, why not?" asked Joe.
Lots of good bread and doughnuts
all the time at E. E. Bigelow's.
(First Pub. Augusts)
Citation for Hearing on Petition for
Probate of Will.
State of Minnesota, County of Mille Lacs
In Probate Court.
In the matter of the estate of Albion P.
Harmon, decedent.
The state of Minnesota to all persons inter
ested in the allowance and probate of the will
of said decedent:
The petition of Agusta V. Harmon, being
duly tiled in this court, representing
that Albion P, Harmon, then a resi
dent of the county of Mille Lacs, state of Min
nesota, died on the 27th day of November,
1906, leaving a last will and testament which is
presented to this court with said petition and
praying that said instrumaDt-be allowed as the
last will and testament of said decedent and
that letters testamentary be isued thereon
to her. said Augusta V. Harmon
Now Therefore, you, and each of you. are
hereby cited and ^required to show cause, if
any you have, before this court, at the pro
bate court rooms in the court house, in Prince
ton, county of Mille Lacs, state of Minnesota
on the 31st day of August, 1907. at 10 clock a'
m., why the prayer of said petition should i,ot
be granted.
Witness the Honorable L. S Bi iggs ucee
of said court and the seal of said court, this
5th day of August 1907
(Court Seal) i
J. A. Ross.
Attorney for Petitioner
PrincetoD. Minn.
Ot Hamms Beer you will find our purity
guarantee label.
Hamm's Beer is Absolutely Pure. You
take no chances when you drink Hamm's.
Hamm's fulfills every requirement^of a
perfect beer.
ft "Leads Them All"
OrderTtta "New Brew.^
Endorsed The Conntrv.
"The most popular remedy in Ot
sego county, and the best friend of my
family," writes Wmf M. Dietz, editor
and publisher of the Otsego Journal,
Gilbertville, N. Y., "is Dr. King's
New Discovery. It has proved to be
an infallible cure for coughs and
colds, making short work of the worst
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the house. I believe it to be the most
valuable prescription known for lung
and throat diseases." Guaranteed to
never disappoint the taker, by C. A.
Jack's drug store. Price 50c and
$100. Trial bottle free.
First publication Aug. 8, 1907.
County of Mille Lacs.
District Court. Seventh Judicial District
Laura E. VanAlstein. Plaintiff,
Nellie Lee Parker Wells, also all
other persons or parties uoknown
claiming any right, title, estate, lien
or interest in the real estate described
in the complaint herein, Defendants.
The State of Minnesota to the above named
You are hereby summoned and required to
answer the complaint of the plaintiff in the
above entitled action, which complaint has
been filed in the office of the clerk of said
District Court, at the Village of Princeton.
County of Mille Lacs and State of Minnesota,
and to serve a copy of your answer to the said
complainti on the subscriber at his office in the
Village of Princeton in the County of Mille
Lacs within twenty (30) days after
service of this summons upon you ex
clusive of the day of such service, and if you
fail to answer the said complaint within the time
aforesaid, the plaintiff in this action will apply
to the Court for the relief demanded in said
complaint together with plaintiff's costs and
disbursements herein.
Plaintiff's Attorney,
Princeton, Minn.
Notice of Lis Pendens.
County of Mille Lacs.
District Court, Seventh Judicial District.
Laura E. VanAlstein, Plaintiff,
Nellie Lee Parker Wells, also all
other persons or parties unknown
claiming any right, tiile, estate, lien
or interest in the real estate described
in the complaint herein, Defendants.
Notice is hereby given that an action has
been commenced in this court by the above
named plaintiff against the above named de
fendants that the object of said action is to
determine the adverse claim of the defendants
and each and all of them, and the rights of the
parties respectively herein in and to the real
estate hereinafter described, and asking that
said adverse claim of the defendants and each
of them may be adjudged by the Court null and
void, and that the title of said real estate mav
be adjudged and decreed to be in the plaintiff
and that the premises affected by said action
situated in the County of Mille Lacs and State
of Minnesota are described as follows: Lots
rive (o) and six (C) of block two (2) in Cater's
addition to Princeton, according to the plat
thereof in the registry of deeds of said county.
Plaintiffs Attorney,
Princeton, Minn.
Sa i&.s,a
a U,L
en S
life. Unexcelled service. Equipped with everr
modern convenience for the treatment and the
cure of the sick and the InvaUd/Ali former
^}torv Traine8d Nurses iiiTattonS--**
Trained Nurses furnished for sickness
In private families.
Staff of Physicians and Surgeons.
Chief of Staff.
G. E. PARSOSS, M. D., A. J. LEWIS, M. D.
W. 8. TITUS, M. D., G. E. PAGE, M. D.
H. P. BACON. M. D.
(July 25)
Hortgage Foreclosure Sale.
Default haying been made In
(385 CO) principal9,0 which became due the
a has
nes 0Page
deliveren by
h.a Sherman and Annie Sherman, his wife
mortgagors, to R. Erick Peterson,ymortgage,eAprilotad
bearing date the 2nd day of April, A. D. 1903
and with a power of salee therein contained
duly recorded in the office of the register of
deeds in and fort the County of Mille Lacs and
383 and there being also
1903, atg 1:30 o'clock p. m., in Book "N" of
l??J^. 115.o0 interest accrued thereon
And which mortgagne was duly assigned bfy
an Instrument Ine writing to the Security Bank
of Atwater. a corporation, by R. Erick Peter
son, mortgagee, bearing date the 9th day of
June. A. 1903, duly recorded in the office of
and for the Count
Mille Lacs and State of Minnesota, on the 11th
day of June, A. D. 1903. at 9 o'clock a. m. in
Book of mortgages on page 552
And which mortgage was again duly assigned
by an instrument in writing to R. E. Peterson
by the Security Bank ofl Atwater, a corpora-D7i,
day of May
1905, duly recorded in the office of the register
of deeds in and for the County of Mille Lacs
and State of Minnesota, on the 9th day of July,
A. D. 1907, at 1 o'clock p. m. in Book '-P" of
mortgages on page 435:
And, whereas, th8 said R. E. Peterson, the
assignee, holder and owner of said mortgage
has duly elected and does hereby elect to
declare the whole principal sum of the mort
gage due and payable at the date of this notice,
under the terms and conditions of said mort
gage, and the power of sale therein contained,
and whereas there is actually due and claimed
to be due and payable at the date of this notice
the sum of 8500.60, and whereas the power of
sale has become operative and no action or
proceeding having been instituted at law or
otherwise, to recover the debts secured bv said
mortgage or anv part thereof
Now. therefore, notice is hereby given, that
by virtue of the power of sale contained in said
mortgage, and pursuant to the statute in such
case made and provided, the said mortgage
will be foreclosed by a sale of the premises
described in and conveyed by said mortgage.
That part of the southeast quarter (seH) of
the northwest quarter (nw#) of section six (6)
township forty-one (41) north of range twenty
six (26) west, described as follows, to-wit:
Beginning at a point formed by the intersection
of the north line of said southeast quarter of
the northwest quarter of section six (6) (as
said north line has been surveyed and located
by E. Milton, County Surveyor of Mille Lacs
county. Minnesota) and the westerly shore
line of Rum river, thence west along said north
line, as so located, fifty (50) feet to the easter
ly boundary line of the Milaca road, thence
southeasterly along the easterly line of said
road one hundred (100) feet, thence north
easterly eighty-two (82) feet, more or less, to a
point on the westerly shore line of Rum river
which point is fifty (50) feet southerly measured
on the said shore line from the point of be
ginning, thence northwesterly along said west
erly shore line fifty (50) feet to the point of
beginning. And the northwest quarter (nw)
of the northeast quarter (ne}*) of section
thirty-four (34) township forty-two (42) range
twenty-seven (27) containing forty acres,
more or less, according to the governmentf surf
vey thereof, all in County of Mille Lacs and
State of Minnesota, with the hereditaments
and appurtenancesiw-el
the sherif
said Mille Lacs county, at the front door of the
court house in the village of Princeton, in said
county and state, on the 7th day of September,
A. D. 190t,atl0 o'clock a. m. of that day at
public vendue, to the highest bidder for cash
to pay said debt, interest, taxes and f25 00
attorney fees, as stipulated in and by said
mortgage in case of foreclosure, and the dis
bursements allowed by law. subject to the
right of redemption at any time within one
year from date of sale, as provided by law.
Dated July 16th. A. D. 1907.
r,~ Assignee of Mortgage, and Owner.
Attorney for Assignee of Mortgage.
Willmar. Minnesota.
(First Pub. Aug. 8-2)
County of Mille Lacs,
District Court.
In the matter of Charles Merbach, Insolvent.
On reading the verified petition of T. J. Mc
fclligott, the assignee in the above matter, and
being advised in the premises
It is Ordered, That for the purpose of con
verting the assets of said estate into cash, that
all the right, title, estate, and interest of the
above named insolvent in and to the south half
of the southwest quarter oftwenty-seven, section 4. town-i
$$* r^V1?:*1^'ranee
Mille Lacs county Minnesota, at the time of
filing the petition in insolvency herein, be sold
by said assignee at the office of the Clerk of
the District Court of Mille Lacs county at
Princeton in said county, on the 22nd day of
August, 1907, at 2 o'clock in the afternoon, pub
licly on sealed bids therefor, to the highest
bidder for cash, and if no bids are then received
for said property that it then and there be sold
at public vendue to the highest bidder for
cash, subject in either case to the approval bv
the court. All bids to be filed with the Clerk
of Court of said Mille Lacs county, or with the
assignee at his office in Appleton, Swift coun
ty. Minnesota, at or before the time of sale
It is further ordered that notice of said sale
be given by publication of this order for two
weeks prior to the date of sale in the Princeton
union, printed and published at Princeton,
Minnesota, and by mailing a copy hereof at
least ten days before said sale to each person
named as a creditor of said insolvent in the
schedule of debts filed, to the address given in
said schedule, and by also mailing at least
ten days before said sale a copy of this order
to the assignor at his place of residence.
Dated July 26th, 1907.
Judge of District Court.
(First Pub. Aug. 8)
Order for Hearing Petition for Con
County of Millte Lacs, fsTerm,
Specia August 3rd,
In the matter of the estate of Olive R.
Barker, Deceased.
On reading and filing the petition of Charles
A. Olson claiming to be entitled to a convey
ance of certain real estate from the Adminis
trator of said estate, setting forth that Olive
R. Barker, deceased, was bound by a contract
in writing to convey said real estate to the
said Charles A. Olson upon the terms and con
ditions therein stated, with a description of the
land to be conveyed and the facts upon which
such claim to conveyance is predicated, and
praying that the probate court make a decree
authorizing aud directing the said Administra
tor, John W. Goulding, to convey such real
estate to said petitioner as the person entitled
It is Therefore Ordered, That all persons
interested in said estate may appear before
this Court at a special term thereof to be held
on Saturday, the 31st day of August A. D. 1907
at two o'clock in the afternoon at the probate
office, in the court house, in the village of
Princeton, in said connty, and oppose said
And It is Further Ordered, That this order
shall be published once in each week for three
successive weeks prior to said day of hearing
in the Princeton Union, a weekly newspaper
printed and published at Princeton In said
.^^da* Princeton the 3rd day of August
A. D. 1907. By the Court,
(Probate Court Seal) Judge of Probate.
For rent, dwelling house next to
power house. Rent $10 per month.
Apply to T. H. Caley.,, _
v4. "s .$
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