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Sewing Machines
The White Rotary Machine. Lock Stitch or Chain Stitch
The New Home Sewing Machine
Two of the very best makes.
Here area few of the makes we sell:
Vose, Sohmer, Estey,
Rodenbush Hamilton,
& Sons, Wesley
Shoniger, Colby, and
and Wesley Monarch.
Edison Phonographs
and records.
ILwingV Mtisic Store,
Security Bank Building,
Chimes Are Sweet
But music on one of our instruments is sweeter. "W
have a full line of the Honer Accordians, Violins,
Mandolins, Guitars and Harmonicas.
Our prices are right. We are not bound by any contract. We sell
to suit ourselves, Come in and see them. We are glad to show our goods
at any time whether you buy or not.
Princeton Drug Co.
One door south of Caley Hardware building on Main Street.
Dr. Armitage's Office in Odd Fellows' Building.
Yard and office at Railroad Track, near Depot.
Moulding, Sash, Doors, Maple Flooring, Cedar
and Pine Shingles and Cedar and Pine Siding
at lowest prices.
W. P. CHASE, Manager, Princeton, Minn.
I have made arrangements to buy cream
for Low & Lindall of Milaca, beginning
Saturday, Nov. 30th.
Correct tests and prices assured.
Princeton, Minn.
Dealer In
Prime Meats of Every Variety,
Poultry, Fish, Etc.
Highest market prices paid for Cattle and Hogs.
Main Street, Princeton.
Dealer in
Fresh and Salt Meats, Lard,
Poultry, Fish and Game in Season.
Both Telephones.
Main Street, (Opposite Starch Factory.) Princeton, Minn.
Recent Occurrences of Interest
in Sweden, Norway and
Stoc-knoim Dagblad Gives a Note*
worthy Swedish View of the
Premier's Retirement.
The following comment in regard to
Premier Michelsen's recent resignation
appeared in tlie Stockholm Dagblad re
cently and gives in part at least a note
worthy Swedish view of the premier's
retirement. "To Sweden he gave a
wound which will not heal quickly,
and e-sen if it is understood that he
acted because he thought he fulfilled
an historic mission, and even if it is
realized that the 7th of June was not
his work alone, but that .he only exe
cuted the idea of an all-controlling pub
lic opinion, still it will not be easy in
our country to remember him without
bitterness. But this does not prohibit
us from respectfully remembering
what he has clone for the safety of the
new kingdom after the happening of
what he looked upon as unavoidable.
He himself perhaps never believed that
the disruption of the union would open
the doors to a Utopia where all the fat
resolutions of popular massmeeetings
would assume the form of reality, but
there were so many others who
thought so. He prevented these from
taking the 'high-seat,' and for that deed
we shall respect him, even in our coun
try for a kingdom turned into a field
of pailiamentary experiments on a
large scale is somewhat unpleasant
even to its neighbors. The last two
years of his administration were full
of trials, but he stood them well, and
some day it may be acknowledged,
even on the other side of the boundary
mountains, that his exploit of June 7,
1905. was thrown into the shade by the
difficult piece of statecraft of the
period of reconstruction which fol
lowed that day."
Professor Lindman, of Upsala uni
versitv. ha made a discovery, which
will not fail to interest botanists all
over the world. He has discovered,
and that purely accidentally, a herbari
um of 2,000 flowers, which have been
pressed by Carl Von Linne himself.
They aie well preserved and also pro
vided with the proper descriptions.
The herbarium was once presented bj
Linne to his pupal, Jonas Alstromer.
who Jeit them to his heirs, in whose
possesion they have been for many
years without them knowing their real
value. The British museum, whicn
has the larcrest Linne collections o1!
record, has ottered to purchase the he
barium, but it is doubtful if Professor
Lindman will allow it to go out of (he
A telearram from Stockholm state*
that President Fallieres of France will
pav a visit to Sweden next March, al
though Sweden was not originally in
eluded in his list. Had the French
president passed Sweden up it would
have been a serious breach of etiquette,
as King Oscar has paid not less than
two \isits to France during the past
four years. As it is now arranged
President Fallieres will first visit
Stockholm and then Malmo. He will
then proceed to Copenhagen and
Christiania. A French naval squadron
will pay a visit to Stockholm at the
same time that the president will be
Kristin a Nilsson, the Countess Casa
de Miranda, is at present en.ioying a
visit in Stockholm. She has not been
in srood health for some time and ha*
conferred with eminent specialists here
regarding her condition. She is suf
fering from heart disease and her phy
sicians have advised her that she must
avoid all excitement and spend as
much as possible of her time at home
She has expressed it as her sincere
wish to spend the Christmas holiday
in Sweden, but she mav. owing to the
uncertainty of her health, be compelled
to return to southern Europe, where
the mild climate may help her.
The Nobel prize for chemistry will
be awarded to Sir William Crookes, of
London. He discovered thallium, an
element, in 1801 and invented the
radiometer in 1874. He recently dis
covered a process of extracting nitric
acid from the atmosphere, which, it
was announced will soon be available
for commercial, industrial and agri
cultural purposes and will revolution
ize the nitrate industry and the world's
food problem.
The Kristianstad Milk company has
commenced to make fancy cheese oi
different kinds, which have never been
produced for the market in Sweden
The import has amounted to about
$25,000 a year, and efforts will be
made by said company to supply the
home market A foreign expert is su
perintending the work order that a
first-class article may be turned out
from the very start.
Marine Director Alphons Engstrom
in one of his recent reports points out
that the Swedish navy lost 180.00C
crowns last year through a contract
with an American company known as
the "Cacuum Oil company," which was
to deliver so much oil to Swedish ves
sels. The report has caused much
comment in government official circles
and a rigid investigation will be
Professor Oscar Montelius has been
invited to lecture at the Lowell In
stitute In London regarding the earl"
history of Europe. It may be possible
.& 1^*&H.*MU*^
that Professor Montelius will also give
a series of lectures in America in the
near future.
NORWAY. Christiana.
The retirement of Premier Michelson
has caused widespread comment all
over Norway. It is, too, with genuine
regret that the nation must part with
the services of this able man. An un
mistakable sign of his great popularity
was the gathering which was held in
his honor Nov. 3, when about 400,000
people turned out to do him honor.
From early morning flags were flying
from all public buildings and from
many private buildings and from the
ships in the harbor. In the afternoon
the *rand parade was started, in which
more than 40,000 people participated.
When the marchers reached Akershus,
the number had swelled to 50,000.
Here from the balcony of the famous
old buildins, Mr. Michelsen and mem
bers of the diplomatic corps viewed
the paraders, and returned the greet
ings of the people. Mr. Bugge, chair
man of the city council of Christiania,
delivered the address for the premier,
who afterwards made a lengthy reply,
in which it was evident that he was
deeply affected. Mr. Michelsen in his
address urged that "the prosperity and
happiness of the people cannot be at
tained in any other manner than
through the work of the people them
selves. No other progress than that
which we ourselves make will ever be
ours." The ex-premier will reside at
his home, "Gamlehaugen," at Bergen,
this winter until spring, when he will
go to some health resort in southern
Europe. He is only 50 years old, but
his health is broken.
The large foieign tourist steamers
("floating hotels," as they are called'*
and the private pleasure yachts
brought in about 1,200,000 kronor.
Fourteen of these floating hotels vis
ited the country during the year. Of
these six were British, five German,
one Danish, one French and one
Dutch. Together these fourteen steam
ers made fifty-one trips and brought
about 8,500 passengers. The chief pur
chases made by such ships consist of
fresh meat, fresh fish, canned goods,
fresh fruit and berries and vegetables.
Such purchases) are estimated at 2,000
kroner for each ship or 102,000 kroner
in all, whereto must be added about
100.000 kroner for coal. The purchases
made ashore by the passengers of such
steamers are estimated at 470,000
kroner, and their trips across the coun
try and minor excursions to some 380,-
000 kroner. For the privilege to hunt
and fish foreigners paid during the
year about 1,400,000, and for other pur
chases spent some one and one-half
million kioner. The Norwegian mail
and telegiaph made 85.000 kroner on
the visitor*. The largest portion of
the money is, of course, taken dur
ing the summer season. Only some
300,000 kroner is credited to the winter
Since Professor Yugvar Nielsen, in
1S80, made an estimate of the money
spent annually in Noiway by foreign
tourists, no such reports have been pie
pared until a few dajs ago, when the
director for the Tourist Traffic associa
tion sent out a report covering 1906
Professor Nielsen, for 1880, estimated
the number of visitors at 14,000, who
spent 5,500,000 kroner In 1906 the
number was 34.350 and the money
more than 12 000.000 kroner ($3,210,
Another prominent Norwegian has
owing to failing health, resigned from
office This is Biorn Bjornsonson of
the famous authorwho for years has
been director of the National theater
at Christiania. He has proved himself
a very able man, and his aim has been
to produce art for art's sake, and to
keep the national stage on a most ele
vated plane. He is to rest during the
winter in Rome, with his distinguished
father, and if well by next spring, it i
possible that he may make a lecture
trip to the United States. His succes
sor has not yet been appointed.
A Copenhagen dispatch states thai
some Danish fishermen weie sur
rounded by sharks on the fishins
grounds far out in the North sea The
sharks were from twehe to fifteen feet
long, and they rushed around and uu
der the boat with such speed that the
water seemed to boil. When the fish
hooks were pulled in the fish on them
were half eaten by the sharks. The
lines were pulled up for fear that the
sharks would bite them off. The men
felt sure that if one of them had
dropped into the water he would have
been attacked by the sharks at once.
The greedy monsters followed the men
until they were within a short distance
of the shore.
Prince George of Greece, honorary
president of the Gymnastic Teachers'
association of Greece, has proposed a
revision of the rules of gymnastics fol
lowed in the Greek sehools, and the
changes are based on the Swedish sys
tem of gymnastics. Prince George
further proposes that teachers who
have received their training at the Cen
tral Institute of Gymnastics at Stock
holm be hired to give practical and
theoretical instruction to all teachers
of gymnastics in Greece.
The corner stone for the new
Kristianborg palace, which is to be
erected at a cost of $3,700,000, was laid
amidst great festivities a week ago last
Saturday. King Frederick delivered
the address of the day in the presence
of about 20,000 people. Among the"
many notables present were, besides
the cabinet ministers and members of
the diplomatic corps, the Dowager Em
press Dagmnr of Russia.
~w_ n.
'I"M"M' 11111 11111 IM-M-M 1 111 M-Mll 1111,!
Has just received the fall and winter
styles and samples to select from.
Now is the time to order your $
I also take orders for a cheaper grade of
tailor made clothes made in Chicago.
Suits from $14 up. Pants from $4.00 up.
MOEGER, The Tailor
Princeton, Minn.
Jeweler and Optician,
Princeton, Minnesota.
^^'B 1WILH T" I TI 'i ill willm
[Great Northern Railway
Help Build Up Your State
Great Northern
issues from time to time bulletins and booklets telling- of the
advantages of Minnesota as a home state. If you have rela
tives or friends you think might be induced to move west send
us their names and we will mail them some interesting litera
^m^**^^a^0*m WX"I*,W W m* MHilQI ^i^i
And have your eyes examined and spectacles
correctly fitted. A fit guaranteed or no
money, that is my motto. I have been fitting
glasses for 8 years and can refer you to a
large number of people wearing my [glasses,
and they will tell you how they fit.
Yours Respectfully,
GEO. E. RICE, Agent. Princeton.
Riverside Hotel Lunch
Open from 9 a. m. to 11 p. m.
Fine 10c Lunches Consisting of Prime
Spiced Roasts, Etc.
Sandwiches Furnished at All Hours.
Lunch Room Fitted Vp In Modern Style.
J. F. SULLIVAN, Proprietor.
Foreston Mercantile& LiveStockGo,
Are fitters of men, women and children
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Foreston Mercantile & Live Stock Co.
I ,'_
.J i

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