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't' 'X1
New Silks
Corner Drug Store,
fe V\fE
Tri-State Phone 113
*t' !1- l1 *11!- !!t't1
New White Goods
New Dress Goods I
New Ribbons
New Shoes I
New Hats
New Underwear
Since our sale this spring
we have been gradually filling
our shelves with new things for
the spring and summer market,
and at prices that can not be
5 Percent Off
We offer 5 percent off on all
our dry goods for 30 days.
Yard and office at Railroad Track, near Depot.
Moulding, Sash, Doors, Maple Flooring, Cedar
and Pine Shingles and Cedar and Pine Siding 1
at lowest prices.
W. P. CHASE, Manager, Princeton, Minn.
At full prices any goods bought from us that
do not turn out as we represent them. This is
our way of doing business. It is a new way
and a novel way, but it protects you. It keeps
us from recommending anything to you that we
are not sure of. It means pure drugs, good
goods, and safety for you. It means to us your
good will, your confidence, and with it a con
tinually increasing trade. That is what we are
after and that is what we expect to get from
you by thus protecting you in buying. "We will
be glad to have your trade on the above under
standing. An up-to-date drug store is what
the public will find here
(ff We also furnish a superior quality of tile, 6
47 6 inches, for porch or other fancy
67 floors in any color desired.
Foundations, Basements, etc., laid for persons^
residing country districts. patronin fothee
J) during the past year and would esteem it a favor if customers ff
0 would send in their orderswhether large or smallfor this season Zj(
/k early, that we may be able to form an idea of the amount of work to be
JjL accomplished. We shall be pleased to give estimates for any descrip- %i
mZ tion of cement work. Call on or write
!t 't'
Princeton, Minn,
th liberal patronage bestowed upon us ff
Recent Occurrences of Interest
in Sweden, Norway and
August Strindberg Passes Along the
Street Just in Time to Save a
Young Girl from Being _,
Burned to Death.
August Strindberg, the eminent
Swedish author and playwright, re
cently appeared in the role of a hero.
While a young girl named Hilda Nils
Ban at Karlavagen 36, was engaged in
preparing dinner in the kitchen on a
gasoline stove, her clothes caught fire
through the upsetting of a cup of gaso
line. She rushed out in the street,
where August Strindberg happened
along. He immediately saw the criti
cal condition in which she was sur
rounded and pulled off Ms big over
coat, which he threw over the "blaz
ing" girl. He succeeded in quench
ing the flames and thus saved the
young woman's life. Imagine ta*1
young woman's gratitude when she
learned that her rescuer was none oth
er than Sweden's leading author an 1
A scientific expedition under the
auspices and protection of the Swedish
government will start for the nor*h
polar regions during the latter part
of June. The torpedo boat "Svensk
sund" will accompany the expedition.
Professor Gerard Jacob de Geer, rec
tor of the Stockholm high school, has
been appointed leader of the expedi
tion. Among other prominent par
ticipants of the expedition is Dr. Sveu
Adolf Gerhard A on Hofsten, the emi
nent zoologist, and Dr. Carl Wimau,
the geologist. The chief purport of
the expedition is zoological, botanical
and geological research, as well as a
continued exploration of the polar
The Swedish papers report that
there are at present many Swedish
Americans who are returning to the
homeland because they cannot procuie
work in America. It is inteiostmg
notice how liberally the Swedish
joiu-nals are spreading the news about
the country. It still remains a fact
that only a comparatively small num
ber of Swedish-Americans remain in
the homeland. When they have A is
ited "the old home" they leturn to
the land of their adoption
Dr. P. Waldenstrom, well known
ts an evangelist and lecturer and also
known in America in connection with
the Yale jubilee, has presented to
King Gustaf a petition bearing 314,-
900 signatures, asking the govern
ment's sanction for religious study in
all the schools of Sweden The peti
tioners hold that character is the basis
of all achievements aud that a nation
cannot ha\e character unless sound
ethics are systematically taught in the
public schools.
From St Petersburg comes a dis
patch stating that Prince Wilhelm's
affianced, the Grand Duchess Maria
Pavlo\na, whose marriage to the
Swedish prince will be solemnized at
Tzarsko Selo palace May 3, will re
ceive from the royal house of Russia
a bridal gift of $o00,000. Compared
with other duchesses of the Euiopean
royalty Duchess Pavlovna's fortune is
considered small.
Ch er two thousand Stockholm school
children have, owing to their physical
defects, been excused from the regu
lar course in gymnastics. A special
form of exercise is provided for them
and everything is being done by thecelebrated
school authorities to aid them in deday.
veloping their physical constitutions
They are ghen so-called "sick gym
nastics" instead of the regular drills
The receipts of the private lailwajs
of Sweden for the year 1907 were
about $17,000,000, which was $1,1(50,-
000 in excess of the receipts for the
previous year. The total mileage w.is
5,930, or twice that of the state rail
ways. But the state railways are so
favorably located that theie is prac
tically no difference between the re
ceipts of the two systems.
Owing to the strained labor condi
tions in Germany all Swedish labor
ing men have been warned from go
ing there at present. A great ma^y
Swedish laboring men who cannot re
ceive work at home make it a point
to go to Germany every season
procure a season's work, but now la
bor conditions are as bad In Germany
as they are in Sweden.
Sweden believes in maintaining
good roads, and to tell the truth th?
roads all over the country are excel
lent. There are few countries who
have any better roads than Swede
has and this year the government has
distributed $265,000 for the improve
ment of wagon roads in fifty-two dif
ferent localities.
The Royal Society of Arts has in
vited the prominent Swedish etcher.
Axel Tallberg, to give a series of lec
tures before that society in the nea
future. Mr. Tallberg lectured in Ber
lin last year.
The king and queen of Greece and
other members of the royal house of
Greece will attend the wedding of
Prince Wilhelm and Grand Duchess
Maria Pavlovna. They arrhed with
their yacht at Odessa April 11.
Louis Fraenkel, director of the
Stockholm Handelsbank, and K. A.
Wallenberg president of the Stock
holm Privat! bank, have been awarded
the German Red Cross order.
King Edward and Queen Alexandra
of England will pay a visit to Stock
holm on the 26th inst. They -will bo
accompanied by Princess Victoria.
The Swedish crownprince is at
present ill with the measles. Two of
the little princes are also affected by
the same disease.
John Swanberg, the Swedish long
distance runner, has been invited to
participate in the international foot
races in Berlin.
The following extract from the
Christiania Morgenbladet throws an
interesting light on woman's suffrage
as it evinces itself at present in Nor*
way: "Comparatively few women
were elected at the local elections iu
Norway this time. A few figures will
make this clear. In Christiania 79
men and five women were elected in
Bergen the corresponding numbeis
were 70 and 6 in Trondhjem 62 and
in Krlstianssand 49 and 3 in Dram
men 53 and 7 and in Fredrikstad 50
men and 2 women. The women had
a much larger number of candidates,
but they were defeated. Miss Holsen,
president of the Women's Suffrage as
socaition, was asked how the women
look upon this result and she an
swered in substance: 'We were deep
ly disappointed and highly indignant.
It seemed as though we were par
alyzed. We were unable to keep our
ground at the elections. One reason
for this result was, that we were too
sanguine, we really thought that the
men would vote for us. Besides, we
did not understand their tactics, we
did not realize that the matter was so
complicated. Each party wanted a
certain number of men as represents
tives of the different interests and the
women were crowded out because
they did not represent those particular
interests. We were poorly organized,
too: but we propose to unite our
forces better next time.' Other lead
lng suffragists spoke in the sama
strain. Mrs. Mariana Narup differed
somewhat with the other leaders. She
said that the women often scratched
the names of each other off the bal
lot? partly because they do not trust
each other sufficiently, partly on ac
count of jealousy.'"
The last act in the ministerial crisis
farce that has lasted for a year and
a half was played when the Knudsen
cabinet was sustained by a vote of 57
members of the Left and ten Socialists
against nineteen members of the Left
and Thirty-six of the Right. Five
members of the independent section of
the Left voted for the cabinet, though
they declared that they did so only
because they were tired of the end
less political debates, which made
useful work impossible. One membe."
of the cabinet, Colonel Heftye, re
signed, declaring that he was not will
ing to live by the grace of the So
cialists. Assuming that it will be
careful not to attempt radical reforms
the Knudson cabinet probably now is
University Chancellor MacCracken
of New York, delivered a lecture at
the University of Christiania a week
ago last Saturday. A banquet w*)s
tendered in his honor the Sunday fol
lowing. A large audience turned out
for the lecture and about three hun
dred people attended the banquet.
A merchant in Mo purchased not
less than 17,000 ryper (the most
palatable game bard in Norway)
From one man alone he secured 4 000
Nicolay Mejdell, the well known
sculptor, will furnish the sculptural
piece representing Christ's Ascension
for the new cathedral in Aalesund.
Minister Gude and wife departed
for Washington, D. C. last week. Mr
Gude will present his credentials to
President Roosevelt next week.
Consul Axel Heiberg. of Christiania,
his GOth birthday the other
The consul is still mantainin?
vigorous health
Johan Svendsen will conduct the or
chestra at the Grieg memorial concert
whirh v\iii l.t- Ii. 1.1 in j'i.- near futu-e.
Christiania expended S10,000 crowiic
for charitable purposes last jear in
1906 the city spent 827,000 crowns.
DENMARK. Copenhagen.
Minister of Finance Wilhelm Las
son died last Monday at his home in
Copenhagen after a long and painful
illness The Folketinget immed'ateiy
adjourned. His funeral last week
was attended by the members of the
folketing and members of the diplo
matic corps.
King Edward and Queen Alexandra
are this week guests at the Royal
Palace in Copenhagen and many re
ceptions are being held in their honor.
They will go from Copenhagen direct
to Stockholm.
A large number of Danish-Ameri
cans arrived from the United States
last week. Most of them have come
to spend the spring and summer sea
son visiting relatives and friends.
Professor Bissen, the sculptor, In a:
present engaged in making a bust of
the queen of Denmark. When com
pleted it will be placed In the Fied
riksborg museum.
Last year the net earnings of the
East Asia company was over $600 0 0
and an 8 per cent dividend was dis
tributed among the stockholders.
Admiral Richelieu has donated $13
500 to the pension fund for the em
ployes of the United Steamship com
thjt l^iiiiiiilViiiliiililttliiiiiiiii
An Edison Phonograph is the best musical instrument you can get for
your family. 1 have all sizes in stock. Prices
$12.50 $25.00 $35.00
$55.00 $70.00
I also have in stock every Edison Record in the catalogue. So yoiTcan
get just what you want when you want it.
Jeweler and Optician,
__ 0 CREAM
Sales to date more than
double any previous year.
New 1908 Catalogueas] interesting and superior as the
machines themselvesto be had for the asking.
Evens Hardware Co.
1 Spring Greeting
PRING is with us once again and all the world 3
seems full of gladness. We think it is a fit- 3
.j.*** ting time to thank our friends for their liberal 3
|E patronage during the past season. We shall now 3
redouble our efforts to give each patron of this 3
SE E "Home of Good Shoes" the fullest measure of satis- 3
S~ faction possible. Our New Spring and Summer 3
E Footwear is ready to be looked at, priced or bought. 3
Men's, Women's, Boys', Misses' and Children's 3
r Shoes fresh from the factory of the world's best 3
J~ makers. There are no dissatisfied feet wearing the 3
Frank Peterson
E Opera House Block
Sweeping The Field
Princeton 3

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