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I'lui in 11 111 irn iitMimmi i i
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II ,y .3,,|,, ,ft ,|,,g, ,g,,ft,|,,|, j[
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NEWSOFSCANDINAVIA Recent Occurrences of Interest
in Sweden, Norway and
King and Queen of Sweden Are Given
an Enthusiastic Welcome to
the German Capital.
King Gustaf and Queen Victoria re
ceived an enthusiastic reception on
their arrival in Berlin, Sunday, June
7. Emperor William and other mem
bers of the German royal family were
all on hand to give the Swedish king
and queen a hearty reception and the
streets were lined with cheering
masses. In the evening a gala ban
quet was given in their honor at the
royal palace. The emperor gave a sig
nificant toast in which he expressed
the wish that the good, relations be
tween Sweden and Germany would
continue and that their trade rela
tions would be improved. King Gus
taf replied, thanking the emperor for
his well wishes, and stated that it had
always been Sweden's aim to become
closer united to the sturdy German na
tion. The receptions to the Swedish
king and queen were equally enthusi
astic in Copenhagen, where they, ot
course, were equally royally enter
tained at the royal palace. During
the course of an address which King
Gnstaf delivered in Copenhagen he
said: "The clouds which have dimmed
the Scandinavian heavens have passed
away and there is a new and. brighter
Where is Sven Hedin, the Asiatic
explorer? is a question which is gener
ally asked by all those who are inter
ested in this wonderful man and his
remarkable travels. Since last Decem
ber not a word has been heard from
him and many are those who believe
that he has perished. When last heard
from he was in the vicinity of Brama
putra and stated that he intended to
visit the Mansarovar islands. The let
ter was dated Dec. 6, 1907, and he
stated that he was at the time of writ
ing enjoying good health and hoped to
reach Stockholm during the early part
of next month. Some alarm is being
expressed because he always used to
write often and used to send bulle
tins to the daily papers in Stockholm
very regularly.
The cabinet has proposed to the
riksdag that the government shall sell
the Laholm waterfalls to the South
Swedish Power company for 274,000
crowns and that this sum be used foi
the purchase of other waterfalls to be
owned by the state. The government
has already purchased the cataracts on
the Motala river between Roxon and
Norrbysjoen for 2,352,000 crowns also
the Korseforssen in Lagan for 1.283,-
000 crowns the Hammarby falls In
Jarlen for 600,000 crowns, and the
Skeen falls in Bohuslan for 250,000
crowns. The railway commission has
recommended the purchase by the
government of several other water
fails in Lagan for 033,392 crowns.
Director Hoegberg and his Krono
berg military band, which made a con
cert tour in America this spring, havr
returned and are profuse in the'r
praise of the Swedish-Americans and
state that Dowager Queen Sofia is in
ill-health and has not been able to car
ry out her plans for the summer and
is sticking closely to her apartraems.
She has catarrh of the throat and dur
ing the past few days she has had a
slight fever. She is at present at Ul
riksdal and will most likely remain
there all summer. The other day she
enjoyed a visit from the Dowager
Queen Emma of the Netherlands. The
latter may spend a month or two latei
on at Ulriksdal.
The Duke and Duchess of Soder
manland left Karlsruhe the other day
and are now enjoying a flying trip
through Italy. They are expected to
arrive in Stockholm within a few
days, where extensive preparation5
are unde way fo thei reception
wil enter th lat
King Oscar's pleasure yacht and .wil
be received by th king and
and th fami
ly. The royal young couple will not
long remain in the Swedish capital,
but will go to Stenhammar, where, it
is understood, they will spend the re
mainder of the summer.
King Oscar's apartments at the
royal palace 'have been left undis
turbed since his death. The bedroom
and writing room stand exactly as they
did prior to the king's death. Even
the bed in which he died remains un
touched and will remain so for some
time by order of King Gustaf. No
changes have been made in King Os
car's winter garden, where he was
fond of spending much of his time.
especially when he was reading the
This is the time of the year when
hundreds of Stockholm citizens move
out to their villas on the islands to
spend the summer. Owing to the
present house famine in Stockholm
there will be hundreds of people who
will move out of the city this fall.
Professor Svante Arrhenius has
been elected a member of the Acadamy
of Sciences at Washington, D. C. It
is possible that Mr. Arrhenius will
pay a visit to America in the near fu
Stockholm has a school fund which
it certainly does not have to feel
shamed of. It amounts at the pres-
ent time to not less than 1,600,000
NORWAY. Christian!*.,
Military requirements are just as
stringent in Norway now as ever.
General Bratlie has proposed that if
a young man who is capable of mili
tary service refuses to serve accord
fc'S to law, he shall forfeit all civil
rights in the kingdom of Norway. As
a matter of fact the government is at
present grappling with this problem
and many officials are in favor of
stringent measures. Yet there are
those who believe that the army can
be kept up without compelling young
iren to serve against their will.
The mints are now busy turning out
a lot of new coin and the Norwegian
people wil) have some brand new
money for a while. The new money
which is being turned out consists of
400.000 crowns' worth of 2 crown
pieces, 350,000 crowns' worth of 1
crown pieces, 50,000 crowns' worth of
50 ore pieces, 100,000 crowns' worth of
25 ore pieces, 100,000 crowns' worth
of 10 ore pieces, besides a large quanti
ty of bronze coins.
The May 17 celebrations this year
vrere all well attended all over the
country and much enthusiasm was
evinced. In the Norwegian capital
the entire town turned out and thou
sands of visitors came in from the
country. The king's speech was-a feat
ure of the day and the grand parade
was one of the most imposing specta
cles ever seen in the Norwegian cap
The Norwegian storthing a week
ago last Thursday decided to appoint
a committee to take up certain ques
tions in regard to the church and alno
discuss and draw up plans for the
purpose of a complete separation of
the state from the church. The com
mittee will consist of nine members,
of which five are to be appointed by
the storthing and four by the king.
Among the many distinguished
Scandinavian visitors who are at pres
ent enjoj'lng a visit to Christiania is
the famous Norwegian specialist of
Minneapolis, Dr. M. O. Bockman, who
was recently given an audience by
King Haakon. Dr. Bockman will
sppnd the greater part of the summer
in Norway.
Norwegian emigration is growing
le?s, according to the last statistics.
Only 1,775 Norwegians emigrated to
foreign countries by way of the six
leading seaports during the first
quarter of the present year. Last year
during this same period, there were
4,496 persons who emigrated to for
eign lands.
Major O. P. Myhrs and wife re
turned from the Congo the other day,
where they have spent the last nine
years. After spending the summer
with friends in Christiania they will
return to the Congo, where the major
holds a commission in the army of
the Congo.
Rev. Schelderup, who has been ap
pointed bishop of the diocese of
Kristiansand, was born 1853 and
has been dean of the parish of Ot
ternes and Randosund since 1903. He
is a man of great learning and is one
of the most eloquent preachers in
Professor Renault, of Paris, who a
few years ago was one of those to
whom the Nobel prize of literature
was awarded, is at present enjoying a
visit in Norway. Later on in the sum
mer he will visit Sweden and Den
A. large number of Norwegian
Americans were in the Norwegian cap
ital May 17. They all enjoyed them
selves hugely and many of them were
presented to the king.
A great sangarfest is being held
these days in Christiania and singers
from all parts of the country are in
Bjoru Bjornson, a son of Bjornst
jerne Bjornson, has accepted an en
gagement as instructor at the Berliner
Recent statistics show that the fol
lowing number of Danish people are
residing at present in foreign coun
tries: In 1900 there were 3,7S5 Danes
in Norway, 6,874 Sweden. 1.478 in
Russia. 20,721 in Germany, 572 'n
Switzerland, 394 in Belgium, 3,655 in
England and Ireland, 800 in France,
100 in Spain, 229 in Italy, 225 in Aus
tro-Hungary, 300 in China, 100 in Jap
an, 146 in British East Indies, 30 in
Congo State, 343 in Cape Colony, 134,-
616 in the United States, 100 in Mexi
co, 1,500 in Argentine, 1,368 in New
South Wales, 1,922 in Victoria, 3,161
in Queensland, 582 elsewhere in Aus
tralia, 155 in Tasmania, and 2,120 In
New Zealand.
The European press publishes per
sistent reports to the effect that Prince
Adelbert, the son of Emperor William
of Germany has become engaged to
the Princess Dagmar, the youngest
daughter of King Frederick, who is
only eighteen years old. A French pa
per claims, however, that the German
prince proposed, but that he received
the mitten. However that may be we
shall soon hear of it, confirmed or de
nied, through the olficial channel.
The Danish Indies are crowded with
political refugees from Hayti. It is
apparent that the immigration laws of
the islands are inadequate to cope
with the situation. The Copenhagen
government will take up the matter at
onr-e, it is reported.
The customs receipts increased al
most $200,000 during the past year.
This was due largely to the increased
imports on wine and tobacco.
UMUHt THUHabAY jimB rs^swss PM*P!P"P
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No Cams
No Pauls
No Dogs
No Eccentrics
No Clutches
No Rackets
No Side Shaft
No Latches
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