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"'a "SW^
i 15hQ Farm Fireside.
Gleanings by Our Country
Mrs. Anna Abell of Farmington is
visiting with her neice, Mrs. E. Foley.
Miss Vinnie Michelson went to Min
neapolis Saturday to visit for a few
Miss Margaret Kilmartin went to
Elk River Monday to spend a few
H. E. Thomas came up from Minne
apolis Thursday night and returned
the next day.
Mrs. Malkson of Princeton came
down Saturday and spent the day with
her daughter, Mrs. Harry Pratt.
Mrs. Harry Pratt went to Elk River
Saturday night and visited with
friends and relatives until Monday.
Harry Pratt and Ed. Foley made a
business trip to Austin last week.
They were gone from Saturday until
Miss Zale McFeters of Anoka is
spending her summer vacation at the
Blanchett hotel with Miss Blanche
Those who went over to see the ball
game at Monticello last Thursday
were Mr and Mrs Harry Pratt,
Eugene and Arthur Lovell, Wm. and
Oscar Swanson, Earl Ilift and Martin
Perm an
The Zimmerman baseball team went
to Orock Sunday and played a game
of ball. The Orrock boys were too
much 01 them and the score was 3 to 6.
Big Lake also played with Orrock
that day and lost the game, the score
being 3 to 8. The Orrock boys are
pretty good.
Uadly Sprained Ankle Cured
Three years ago our daughter
strained her ankle and had been
suffering terribly for two days and
nightshad not slept a minute. Mr.
Stalhngs of Butler, Tenn., told us of
Chamberlain's Pain Balm We went
to the store that night and got a
bottle of it and bathed her ankle two
or three times and she went to sleep
and had a good night's lest. The
next morning she was much better
and in a short time could walk
around and had no more trouble with
her ankle E. M. Brumitt, Hampton,
Tenn 25 and 50 cent sizes for sale by
Pnnceton Drug Co.
Paul Emme is working Mr. is working for
Mrs. Mike Bonkoskie is on the sick
list this week
Miss Ida Dalchow spent a few
at home last week.
Alfred Jabauch left for his home in
Wisconsin Monday
Adolph Remus called on his cousin,
Oscar Nagle, Sunday afternoon.
Carl Rick commenced to work on
the load job at Long Siding Monday.
Mr and Mrs. Reinhold Jopp spent
Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. Schmatz.
Miss Louisa Dehn called on
friend, Rosy Dalchow, Sunday after
Miss O ga Remus spent Sunday
afternoon with her friend, Miss Helen
Miss Ella Dalchow and Alfred
Jabauch spent Sunday evening with
Miss Olga Jopp
Clara and Ethel Bandemer spent
Sunday evening with their friend,
Miss Molhe Gust.
Mrs. Lennie Bockoven spent Sunday
at the home of her parents, Mr. andday
Mis August Kuhrke.
Mr and Mrs. G. Hoeft spent Sun
day with their son and daughter-in
law, Mr. and Mrs Wm. Hoeft.
Mr. and Mrs. Claustermere and
family spent Sunday afternoon at theJoseph
home of Mr. and Mrs. Henry Dalchow.
Mr. and Mrs. Herman Emme and
Mr. and Mrs Henry Jopp spent Sun
day with Mr and Mrs. Leo Jopp at
Otto and Herman Kuhrke, H. O.sufferer
Dalchow and Reinhold Bartz left
Monday for Milaca, wheie they will
work on a road.
Those who spent Sunday afternoon
at John Dalchow's were Oscar Lund
gren, Wm. Tillie, Helen Peterson,
Emil, Elma and Lena Dalchow,
Alfred Jabauch, Olga and Hattie
Jopp, Frieda and Ida Lueck, Willie
Bartz and Tillie Emme.
Stomach Troubles. ,_
Many remarkable cures of stomach
troubles have been effected by Cham
berlain's Stomach and Liver Tablets.
One man who had spent over two
thousand dollars for medicino and
treatment was cured by a few boxes of
these tablets. Price 25 cents. Samples
free at Princeton Drug Co.
Lennie Bockoven made a trip to
Snencer Brook last Sunday.
Mr. and Mrs. Verne Mott and chil
dren spent Saturday at Val Mott's.
Miss Freda Anderson called on
Mrs. Carl Dehu on Monday afternoon.
On Saturday night, June 20, thr
will be a dance and basket sociable at
Henry Steeves' under the auspices.
of the Woman's Auxiliary. All areBatteries,
invited and the ladies are requested
to bring baskets.
Miss Hedwig Badeke was a guest at
the White-Crowe wedding at Tolin on
Wednesday of last week.
Miss Florence Bergquist and Miss
Maggie Valin were calling on friends
in this locality on Monday.
Mrs. John Gates and Mrs. Mrs Emil
Lundgren went to Minneapolis last
Friday and returned on Monday.
Mr. and Mrs. John Myers and
Blanche Harrington were Sunday eve
ning visitors at Lennie Bockoven's.
Bert White, who has been working
for P. O. Anderson and Val Mott,
went to Maple Grove the first of thebe
The Misses Jeanette and Esther
Koenig and Hattie Nagel were guests
of Freda and Eleanor Anderson on
There was another game of ball
between Oxbow and Old Germany last
Sunday. The score stood 8 to 7 in
favor of Oxbow.
Last Sunday Mr. and Mrs. Otto
Henschel entertained at dinner Mr.
and Mrs. Frank Henschel and Mr.
and Mrs. Wm. Schmidt.
Miss Ruby Winsor, who has been
teaching school near Isanti, came
home on Sunday. Roy and Rena
drove down to bring her home.
Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Tomlinson were
Monday evening callers at the home
of Mr. and Mrs. Walter Dibblee.
They had the pleasure of partaking of
some home grown oranges.
Thomas and James Tomlinson,
members of Company G, have gone
to Lake City, P. O. Anderson also
accompanied the militia for a visit
with relatives at that place.
On Saturday night several new
members were taken into the M. B. A.
lodge at Wyanett. Those from this
neighborhood were Oscar Bengtson,
Al and Mazie Mott, Gertrude Steeves,
Virgil Winsor and Henry Bulleigh.
Mr. and Mrs. Ed. Hall and children
started on Friday morning to drive to
St. Michaels for a visit of a few days.
The weather being so unfavorable
by the time they reached Princeton
they concluded to make the trip by
Boril in Iowa.
Our family were all born and raised
in Iowa, and have used Chamberlain's
colic, cholera and diarrhoea remedy
(made at Des Moines) for years. We
know how good it is from long exprei
ence in the use of it. In fact, when
in El Paso, Texas, the writer's life
was saved by the prompt use of this
remedy. We are now engaged in thefriends.
mercantile business at Narcoossee,
Fla., and have introduced the remedy
here. It has proven very successful
and is constantly growing in favor.
Ennis Bros. This remedy is for sale
by Princteon Drug Co.
Mr. and Mrs. Will Stark and family
visited Grandma Howard on Sunday.
Anna and Laura King spent p, fewpills
days of last week visiting with friends
relatives in Princeton.
The Miss Ada and Laura King and
Beth Martin attended the Princeton
high school alumni banquet on Fri
day exening.
Robert O'Brien has been painting,
papering and cleaning his house from
cellar to garret. Not that it wasn't
nice before, but Mr. O'Brien wants to
be placed among the best housekeepers
in the country.,
Mr. and Mis Fuller, Mr. Conat and
children and Mr. Bryant spent Satur
visiting with their relatives, Mr.
and Mrs. Louis King. Mrs. King's
sister wih stay with her while Mr.
King is at Lake City.
Mr. and Mrs. Maurice Thompson
and daughter, Helen, and Mrs.
Swanbro went to Cambridge
Sunday to see Mrs. Eugene Clough.
Mrs. Clough is near unto death, being
afflicted with tuberculosis.
Mrs. S. P. Hunt is not expected to
live. She has been a constant
for several years but
taken seriously ill on Monday even
ing. Her illness is due in great extent
to old age. Her daughter, Mrs. A.
Ellenbaum, is with her.
Harvey Martin, jr., Fenimore
Howard and Louis King marched
away with the militia. The boys
passed through the neighborhood on
the way to Cambridge and we were
all thrilled by the sound of music and
the tread of many men and horses.
I. Pronounced by millions the greatest
strength maker, appetite builder and
health restorer. Hollister's Rocky
Mountain Tea will make you feel that
life is worth living. 35 cents, tea or
tablets. C. A. Jack.
R. S. Chapman has been busy sur
veying this week.
Ben Uglem is now clerking at
Uglem Co. 's store.
Johnny Wetsel returned from Min-
neapolisTuesday evening.
Osmund Fore of Mora has been
vi'siting Ole Uglem this week.
Milaca and Long Siding played a
good game of ball last Sunday, the
score being 4 to 5 in fivWof
Thinks It Saved His Life.
Lester M. Nelson of Naples, Maine,
says in a recent letter: I have used
Dr. King's New Discovery many
years, for coughs and colds, and I
think it saved my life. I have found
it a reliable remedy for throat and
lung complaints, and would no more
without a bottle than I would with
out food." For nearly forty years
New Disovery has stood at the head
of throat and lung remedies. As a
preventative of pneumonia, and
healer of weak lungs it has no equal.
Sold under guarantee at C. A.
drug store 50c. and $1.00.
bottle free.
Jacob Ellenbaum took in some live
stock in a fine, new stock rack to thethe
butcher Monday.
'Bertha and Minnie Sellhorn went to
St. Cloud Monday to attend the
normal summer school.
Corporal Reissig, Privates Johnson
and Lang went with Company to
their annual encampment at Lake
Several of the farmers in this vicin
ity have replanted their corn and
potato fields with barley. The grain
crop looks especially fine this year.
Cures dizzy spells, tired feelings,
shomach and liver troubles, keeps you
well all summer. That's what Hol
lister's Rocky Mountain Tea will do.
Try it and you will always buy it.
35 cents, tea or tablets. C. A. Jack
George Taylor made a trip to theyear
north country, probably after
L. N. Grow was obliged to abandon
his job on the road on account of the
recent rains.
M. Kaliher and Marion Northway
have commenced work on the Wheeler
school house.
The Children's day exercises at the
M. E. church were well attended and
a fine program was rendered.
Our neighbor, James Dugan, just
over the line in Baldwin, is prepar
ing to build amain part to his house.
Ole Olson and two granddaughters
from Mower county are visiting with
the family of H. Olson and other
There will be a social at the Blue
Hill M. E. church on Friday night,
June 19. The proceeds will go toward
the insurance on the church.
''After doctoring 15 years for
chronic indigestion, and spending over
two hundred dollars, nothing has done
me as much good as Dr. King's New
Life Pills. I consider them the best
ever sold," writes B. F. Ayscue
of Ingleside, N. C. Sold under
guarantee at C. A. Jack's drug
store. 25c.
A Queer Goose
Ducks swim the world over, but
geese do not. In South America a
species is found that cannot excel an
ordinary hen in aquatic accomplish
ments. It has lived so long in a
country where water is only found in
wells that it has lost its aquatic tastes
and abilities entirely. It has also
been demonstrated that the daily use
of a good malt tonic such as golden
grain belt beer will strengthen the
weak, build up the run down and
cheer the depressed. Order of your
nearest dealer or be supplied by
Sjoblom Bros., wholesale dealers,
I urgently advise all teachers and
prospective teachers in Mille Lacs and
adjacent counties who can possibly
make arrangements to attend the sum
mer training school which opens in
Milaca on July 6. The program for
the session is a particularly good one
the instructors are among the best
to be obtained. Eminent authorities
on educational work will deliver lec
tures during the month. Put forth an
effort to be there.
Guy Ewing, County Supt.
For Sale, two four-year-old colts,
well broken. Took first prize at three
county fairs At Mark's barn Satur
day afternoon. One a dappled grey,
weighs about 1,400 pounds. The bay
weighs about 1,200 pounds and is a
good driver and worker.
26-tf J. F. Thoma.
Take Notice
My wife, Julia Bockoven, having
left my bed and board, I will not
responsible for any bills contracted
by her.
Dated June 6, 1908.
25-3t George Bockoven.
Live Stock Bought.
Notify me when you have cattle,
hogs, sheep, etc., for sale and I will
pay you the highest market* prices for
the same.
Henry Erickson, Princeton.
i i
For Sale
Ten young fc'igs, six weeks old.
MllaeW. Chas. E. -Brande Section i0rBTue Hill.
i\C* 1
Egge and Larson Wick
ham and Heilig.
Long Siding is already fixing up
for the 4th of July celebration.
Long Siding will play ball next
Sunday at the skimming station.
Ole Uglem has sold his interest in
the store to the boys. The firm name
will remain the same.
Church Topics as
Sunday and Weekday
Services on Sunday at 3 o'clock in
afternooon. Rev. Lundquist of
St. Paul will preach.
On Saturday evening, June 20, the
district superintendent, Rev. E. K.
Copper, will hold the third quarterly
conference in the church parlors at 8
Sunday, 10:30, sermon by Rev.
E. K. Copper evening, 8 p. m., the
pastor will preach: Epworth league 7
p. m. midweek service this, Thurs
day, evening.
Result of Fishing oil Sunday.
Louis Larson and three others, who
dragged two heavy boats across
country from the railroad track at
Zimmerman to Fremont lake on Sun
day, and then fished all day, failed to
get a nibble. Louis says it was the
hardest day's work he had done in a
and never more will he entertain
a proposition of that sort.
Cannot Help Admiring Him
People cannot help but admire Ja
cobson for the way he refuses to be
worried into denials, assertions and
replies by a lot of hoodlum politi
cians. The man from Lac qui Parle
shows his good sense by keeping
mum.Anoka Herald.
A Grand Family Medicine,
"It gives me pleasure to speak a
good word for Electric Bitters," writes
Mr. Frank Conlan of No. 436 Houston
St., New York. "It's a grand family
medicine for dyspepsia and liver
complications: while for lame back
and weak kidneys it cannot be too
highly recommended." Electric Bit
ters regulate the digestive functions,
purify the blood, and impart renewed
vigor and vitality to the weak and
debilitated of both sexes. Sold under
guarantee at C. A. Jack's drug store.
(Fust Pub June 18)
Auditor's Notice of Hearing on Peti
tion in Ditch Proceedings.
County of Mille Lacs,
In the matter of the petition of C.
Erick Erickson and others, for a pub
lic ditch in the county of Mille Lacs,
state of Minnesota, designated and
numbered as County Ditch No. 6.
Notice is hereby given, that a peti
tion has been filed in the office of the
county auditor of said county, pray
ing for the construction of a public
ditch, designated and numbered by the
county auditor of such county as
county ditch No. 6, beginning at a
point 374 feet south and 151 feet
of the northeast corner of the sw3^west
j. J&SM:
FIND that
^k underwear
se^ of section 21, in township 38 N.,
range 27 W. thence running north
easterly, easterly and southeasterly
through the sw^ of se)4 and e% of
se}4 of section 21, the wj| of sw} and
se*4 of swM of section 22, the ne^ of
nw} and n}4 of ne}4 of section 27, in
said township and range, and into the
nw34 of nw34 of section 26, township
and range aforesaid, to "Little Chase
Brook," at a point 135 feet east and
829 feet south of the northwest corner
of said section 26 as its outlet and
there terminating, as appears by the
report of the engineer hereinafter
mentioned and that the names of the
owners of the lands and the names of
the municipal and other corporations
that will be affected by the construc
tion of said ditch, as appears in the
report of the viewers hereafter men
tioned are as follows, to-wit: Olof
Lasell, A. E. Johnson Co., Emma
Olson, Andrew Johnson, August Oak
leaf, Coleman Bridgman estate, Ed
ward H. Nelson, Thomas P. Kerr, The
Mille Lacs Lumber Co., and the town
of Milaca and that the engineer ap
pointed by the board of county com
missioners of said county to make a
survey of the route of said ditch has
completed his work and made due re
port thereon, and filed the same in the
office of said county auditor and
that the viewers appointed by said
board of county commissioners to
view the same have completed their
work and filed their report thereon in
the office of said county auditor.
And that, therefore, the board of
county commissioners of Mille Lacs
county, state of Minnesota, will hold
special meeting on Wednesday, the
15th day of July, 1908, at the county
auditor's office in the village of
Princeton, in said county, at 11
o'clock a. m., of said day, for hearing
and consideration of said petition
^and of said surveyors' and viewers'
report thereon and that all persons
-interested in the construction of said
ditch are invited tot appearand be
heard'by and before said board of
county commissioners at said time for
or against the construction of said
Cpunty Auditor of Mille Lacs
County, Minnesota^
j. (Official SeaiT^=r
Reg. 50c at
Reg. 75c at
Dr. Armitage's Office
mm^Hmm^mm^ mmmm^mMtftm^^^^m
'& iLiiksfe
A Timely Suggestion
Sfocks*, good both in grade and assortment. Orders coming freely
have a tendency to decrease the stock and cut up the assortment.
You can see this means you had better anticipate your wants and
place your order early. Our stock is mostly White Pine and we are
sure you will make no mistake in placing your order with us.
Do It Now
4 Tons Of
Paris Green
Guaranteed weight Price
than any imitation. W
ready to serve you.
Special Sale
S of Ladies' Stvlish Underwear 3
J& J&
Coal, Lumber, Sash, Doors and Building: Material
GEO. A. COATES, ilanager 3
Caley Hdw. Co.
Killed by Paris Green
Now is the time to think about buying your Paris Green. We have TWO
TONS, the largest amount ever bought by any retail drug store in this
part of the state. This is Ansbacker's Pure Paris Green, and is going to
be sold at the lowest price possible. We are not in the ring. Get our
prices before you buy. From one pound up to jlOO^ lb. lots. Extra special
prices on 200 lb. lots. Club together farmers and get this low price
Armitage's Drug Store
One door south of Caley Hardware building on Main Street.
I am overstocked with muslin
and shirt waists and in order to
move these goods with rapidity I have decided to
let them go at less than cost price. The quality
is of the best and the styles are right up to date
no old stuff that has been accumulating on the
shelyes. It will pay the ladies to purchase a
supply while this unprecedented opportunity is
offered them. A few of the bargains:
Muslin Petticoats
Reg. 50c at 39c Reg. $1.50 at $|,08
Reg. 75c at 57c Reg. $2.00 at $|,48
Reg. $1.00 at 78c Reg. $2.75 at $|,98
Muslin Drawers
38c Reg. $1.00 at 82c
58c Reg. $1.50 at $|,|3
Ladies' Waists 2
Reg. $1.00 at 78c Reg. $1.50 at 98c 2
g: Reg. $3.00 at $1,98 3

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