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33SJcatttwgs &ymr Vvwiitif
August Pioz and Jobs Boyn were
&aulJug jaorjae hay from Bogus Brook
last week.
Max iKurke of Bogus Brook -and
several others took some good live
*tocfc to town on Monday.
Oar mail carrier, F. S. Walker,
missed Ms first day on Friday. It
would be simply cruel to man and
beast to start out in a nowling gale
.nd snowdrifts five feet deep.
Grandma Scbenck has been confined
to ner bed for the past three weeks
suffering from erysipelas and for a
time was unable to see, but the doctor
says that the worst is now over. We
trust that Grandma Scbenck will soon
be entirely well.
Jos. Johnosn was out Tuesday ^elec
tioneering for the office of town clerk
of Prineeton. He informs us that be
does not like to bother the people so
arly, but be is a new man in the po
litical field and is up against two
older and better luaown men, John A.
Wetter and Albert Kuhfield.
The stockholders in this vicinity at
tended the annual meeting of the
Princeton Co-operative Creaaaery on
Tuesday of last week at the court
bouse. From the report read by Otto
Henschel, the secretary tor the past
six months, the financial affairs are
far better than was generally expected.
In fact, the financial condition of our
ereamery is more than twice as good
as any fair-minded person bad a right
to expect under existing competition.
Anew set of by-laws were adopted
making it quite an inducement to be a
stockholder. The officers, .Louis Rust,
Joseph Hoehn. August Meyers, John
Dalchow .and Peter Jensen are cer
tainly the best men to be bad. The
future success of the institution de
pends almost entirely on the quantity
and quality of cream brought in.
The Jong winter naonthsbeavy
roodslack of exercise decrease your
ritailty, make you feel mean. Hol
lister's Bocky Mountain Tea gives
you vitalityclears the bloodbuilds
up flesh. Makes you strong and ro
bust. Great spring medicine. Tea or
tablets, 35 cents. C. A. Jack
Mrs. Lester Eempton was called to
Milaca by the dangerous, sickness of
her father at that place.
The town super visors met, viewed
and laid out tne new proposed road
running south of Pease.
John Timmer and Miss JBlaker were
married last Saturday and took the
train ior their wedding tour amid the
usual shower of rice and old shoes.
Tbev were bounu for Iowa
A Jarge number, but noL all of the
tarmers who should have attended,
were a' the meeting bo organize a co
operative creamery company on Mon
day afternoon. The meeting was held
the basement of the church. The
number of cows available was found
to be sufficient, if all their owners will
take hold, to make a success of
this undertaking. Subscriptions of
stock wore started and a committee
elected to circulate them in order to
see if enough can be obtained to make
the proposition possible. On Mon
day, February s, another meeting will
bo held and, enough stock is ob
tained, organization will follow. A
representative of the dairy and food
commission will bo present at the
met ting
Social functions of winter, midnight
lunches, los of sleep tell on the
health. HolJiM.ev"s Rocky Mountain
Tea clears the blood, aids digestion,
relieves iatigut-: makes and retains
yom health. Greatest tonic. Tea or
Tablets. ?,o cents C, A. Jack.
Mrs. Hall, mother of Ed. Ball, has
oeen sick for a few days.
Or Neumann was at Percy Harter's
iast Sunday doctoring a sick horse.
Mr. and Mrs. JLiennie Bockoven were
visiting Mr. and Mrs, Otto Belfanz
last Sunday.
Mr. and Mrs. Leon Annis were
entertained on Sunday last by Mr.
and Mrs. Herman Francis.
Walter Dibblee was quite ill for a
few days last week. Dr. Lester was
called on Wednesday to attend bim.
Mr. and Mrs. Louis Larson of
Prino* and Mr. and Mrs. L. D.
Bcok ai were at W. Dibblee's on
Wednesday of last week.
Our mail carrier on route 2 did not
succeed in making bis way through
Friday's storm. We think it the first
time he has failed to deliver the mail
in two years.
Sunday -evening a few of Miss
Myrtle Carr's friends gave her a
pleasant surprise by calling and
spe ding the evening. It was the an
niversary of her fifteenth birthday.
Despite the rain on Thursday after
noon of last week there was a good
turn rat at the W. A. meeting at Boad
strom's. A fine time was bad and
plans were made for some entertain
ments in the future and also for the
beginning f the twark for *he doming
year. Auioeinohiwas ervecL Tae
next Bseeting will be beld*t tbe borne
of Mrs. Wm. Schmidt n JHebwiary 11,
Saturday evening, Peb. 5 $re
is to be a dance at the iaome Mr.
wad Mrs. John Gates, sgiven by the
Woman's Auxiliary. A few articles
left from their December sale wil be
disposed of at auction during tslie eve
Several parties were snowbound
during Friday's and Saturday's
storm. Mrs. George Garr was at the
borne of Mrs. Wm. Schmidt. Wm.
Boss of Princeton at John Johnson's
and a Watkins' agent at L. D. Bock
oven 's.
Mrs. Leon Annis received a letter
recently from her sister who resides in
Alberta, Canada. Shortly aafter
Christmas the mercury in that locality
registered 60 degrees below ^ero, but
that is not uncommonly cold lor that
Mrs. W. Gates visited her sister-
in-law,-Mrs. Ed. Lundgren, on Wed
nesday of last week. Mrs. Lundgren
met with quite a severe accident by
falling from a load of bay. One arm
was broken and she was otherwise
bruised and injured.
Last Monday there was a meeting
of the Carmody-Tolin Telephone Co.
at Garmody. The old officers of the
company were retained, but a new
board of directors, consisting of
Frank Schilling, Geo. Tomlinson and
John Samer was elected.
J. L. Grave. Mrs. Allie Mott, Val
and Doris Mott were pleasantly enter
tained at the home of Mr. and Mrs.
Geo. Carr on Sunday last. Balph and
Edwin Carr were also visiting their
parents on Sunday afternoon. The
boys presented to their sister Myrtle
a wood-burning outfit as a birthday
Washington Gnoe Gave Ci
to three doctors was kept in bed for
five weeks. Blood poison from a
spider's bite caused large, deep sores
to cover his leg. The doctors failed,
then "Bucklen's Arnica Salve com
pletely cured me,'' writes John Wash
ington of Bosqneville, Texas. For
eczema, boils, bums and piles its su
preme. 25c at C. A. Jack's.
Mr. Holm has been here doing some
JUiss Nina Moore visited with Miss
Bessie Tompkins last Thursday.
Gust Peterson has gone up to Bruno
to work.
F. J. Moore has been helping Chas.
Peterson do some swamping.
Miss Vera Peterson visited her
schoolmate, Miss Flossie Tompkins,
Andrew Erickson and Miss Ellen
Sanburg were married last Wednesday
at the borne of the bride's parents.
The groom is one of our prosperous
young farmers and the bride is one of
Oxlip's charming young girls. Their
many friends wish them a long and
happy life.
Last Thursday evening while Frank
Moore was busy at work in his barn
four supposed boys walked in and be
gan pounding bim. Frank was just
ready to call for help, when to his
surprise he saw that they were girls
dressed in male attire and oui for a
little fun. Frank's hair was a little
gray, but now it is nearly white.
It seemed to J. A Stone, a civil war
veteran of Kemp, Texas, that a plot
existed between a desperate lung
trouble and the grave to cause iiis
death. '1 contracted a stubborn cold,''
ho writes, "that developed a cough
that stuck to me, in spite of all
remedies, for years. My weight ran
down to 130 pounds. Then I began to
use Dr. King's New Discovery, which
restored my bealth completely. I
now weigh ITS pounds.'' For severe
colds, obstinate coughs, hemorrhages,
asthma, and to prevent pneumonia it's
unrivaled. 50c and $1. Trial bottlle
free. Guaranteed by C. A. Jack,
Mr. Bowles is on the sick list again.
Don't forget the basket social Fri
day night, February S.
W. P. Foley of Bemidji is here visit
ing relatives this week.
Mrs. McNeal returned to her borne
in Washington Tuesday morning,
M. K. Iliff and Mr. Tyler of
River were in town Friday night.
M. C. Blanchett of Elk Biver
in town Monday and Tuesday of this
Mrs. Barry Pratt went to Princeton
Saturday night and returned Monday
Hihner Olson went to Elbow Lake
Saturday to spend a Jew days with
Joseph Lawrence of Minneapolis is
here this week buying bogs, calves
and chickens.
Mrs. Miokelson, Mrs. ErickWn
and Mrs. Hurtt were Elk River visit
ors on Thursday oi last week.
James Foley and Mrs. E. H. Foley
drove to Spencer Brook last Wednes
day and returned Thursday afternoon.
The Blanchett hotel changed bands
Wednesday, Mr. and Mrs. John
Kreager of Burns taking charge. Mr,
wa& Mrs. AnBicmmnwlHiCo^o Minne.
apoUs *o lium.
Why atot wse Chamberlain's Pain
Balm when you have rheumatism? We fsE"
feel sure that the result will be prompt
and satisfactory. One application re
lieves the pain, and many have been
permanently cured by its se. 25 .and
50 cent sizes. For sale by Princeton
Drug Co.
Hicbard Bjorklund has been on the j^^
sick list the past week, but is convales-,
IChe Young Ladies 'society of Karmel
will meet ,t O. Olson's in Dalbo
Misses Annie and Bessie Olson are
home for a visit to their father, who
is sick.
Geo. Neely of Princeton wasontthis
way Sunday for the purpose of buy
ing potatoes.
A lew from this place attended ser
vices in the Dalbo Baptist church
Sunday night.
The Misses Annie and Thressie Lar
son and Robert Larson visited at
Lars Anderson's Sunday.
Martin and Emanuel Odman re
turned home last Saturday from the
cities after a week's visit.
Xiast Wednesday Miss Annie Larson
departed for Minneapolis after a two
weeks' visit with her parents.
Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Olson enter
tained Miss Agnes Johnson, fiulda
Erickson and Ed. Johnson last Sun-
Miss Agnes Johnson and Effie An
derson will leave for Minneapolis next
Friday, where they expect to work for
some time. i
Revival meetings will be held next
Sunday forenoon and evening by Rev.
N. Frykman of Minneapolis. Every
body welcome.
dtor tiuit XerrUale Itching.
Eczema, tetter and salt rheum keep
their victims in perpetual torment.
The application of Chamberlain's
Salve will instantly allay this itching,
and many cases bave been cured by
its use. For sale by Princeton Drag
Erick Tolin went to Ogilvie Tuesday
on business.
C. A. Brodeen and Miss Florence
Bergquist went to Princeton on
Erick Sohlin is slowly improving
after spending some time at the hos
pital in Prineeton.
Daniel Hiller of Osseo spent a few
days with F. W. .Krienke and re
turned home Saturday.
Tolin Bros.' sawmill will begin
work next Monday with a large num
ber of logs on hand to start with.
Owing to the drifted roads our mail
carrier, P. Hedlund. had a tipover
and a runaway, breaking his sleigh
and harness.
Mrs, O. E. Tolin gave an afternoon
coffee to eighteen of her lady friends
and neighbors on Thursday afternoon.
Mrs. Tolin served a nice lunch, to
which all did justice. A pleasant
time was passed.
Kotlre to VBTUMM.
My sawmill is now in first-class
running order and on February 1
will start with a full crew oi experi
enced hands. My price for sawing
will be the same as charged last
winter, I guarantee to tarn out as
good lumber as can be manufactured.
ti-2,1 3. Jopp. Bogus Brook.
Lyle Morton went to Minneapolis
Thursday to work.
Miss Maud dough of Minneapolis
is at the Brook visiting relatives.
The farmers are quite busy getting
wood ready for the sawing machine.
Mrs. I. F. Walker, who has been
suffering with grip, was able to be oat
Mrs. Severance is spending a few
days at H. Lowell's taking care of
Miss Franklin.
Chas. Babb is down from Cass
Lake, where be has been working in
the woods for John Goss.
Mrs. E. C. Patten is spending the
week with her parents, Mr, and Mrs.
H. Henningson of Bradford.
Mrs. Swanbro has been having a
serious time with quinsy but is better.
Her throat gathered and broke on both
Mrs. Whiting, ^abose eyesight has JM'
been, failing for some time, font to"
the cities Monday to bave her eyes
treated by specialist.
Mrs. J. H. Foley i Zimmerman,
aooomfianied by Jas. Foley, was visit
ing tier parents, Mr. and Mrs. W. A.
Smith, Wednesday and Thursday of
last week.
On Thursday. January -28, some evil
disposed person stole irom the office
at my barn a' moleskin sheep lined
overcoat. I will give a liberal reward
to whomsoever shall give such infor
mation as will lead to the arrest and
conviction of the thief.
Princeton, February 2, 1909.
6-lt Anson Howard.
Cofiee and lunch served free aft our
store next Saturday, February 6th,
from 10 a. m. to 7 p, is.
Friday and Saturday
Feb. 5 and 6
Coffee will be served at oar store
these two days. All Free. You
are all specially invited to come
and have coffee these two days.
An expert coffee man will be
here to demonstrate and tell you
all about roasting and making of
good coffee. Come bring the
whole family. We will also dem-
onstrate canned goods of all
kinds of fruit and vegetables.
Everybody welcome.
E.Allen & Co. I
General Merchandise 5s
Our rale has been a hummer. We don't wonder at
it. The prices we quote are enough to make one buy
whether in need of anything or not We are making
especially low prices on Suits, Overcoats, Sheep
Coats and Youths' Long Pants Suits. Look at these.
Youths' Long Pant Suits
Splendidly made of good material, -were $5.00, now only SS.95
Others that were $7.50 and $10, now only $5.45 and $6.95
Men's Overcoats
JUl colors, fabrics and makes, coats that you would be proud to wear,
were cheap at $15, now only
Men's Suits
Great variety, we can suit you, your taste and your pocket book, some
that wne $16 and $15, now only $1195
Oiners Correspondingly Reduced.
Hie largest ^tocfe in town, corduroy, duck and mole skin, worm 5.00, now $3.95
Others Reduced Accordingly Don't Miss Hiis Great Sale.
Oak and maple wood taken in ex
change ior clothing* Call or 'phone
about prices, etc.

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