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_r to to to
Men's wool hose, regular 50c,
now only
LL unbleached sheeting, per
yard only
A large assortment of rem
nants, while they last
Half Price.
100 ladies' black petticoats
&he Farm Fireside.
Gleanings by Our Country
I Correspondents
Miss Hulda Peterson went to Milaca
on Monday.
Carl Anderson left for Minneapolis
on Saturday.
August Anderson called at H. Fri
day's Sunday evening.
George Larson was seen in this
neighborhood Sunday.
Miliord Fred called at O. Lind
berg's on Sunday evening.
Miss Hulda Johnson entertained a
few of her friends on Sunday.
Albert Hoaglund called on John
Anderson on Monday evening.
Alfred Dahlm made a pleasant call
at Nels Hoaglund's on Sunday.
John P. Holmquist and John Piatt
made a trip to Milaca on Saturday.
Miss Esther Norlander called on
Miss Esther Telander on Monday
Miss Esther Anderson of Tosca at
tended church in Bock Monday
A. Bumhelm and N. A. Nelson
called at Gust Fred's on Monday
George Anderson of South Fork
took a load of wood to Milaca on
Elmer Johnson is up from Minne
apolis to spend a couple of days with
home folks.
A party was given at A. Bergman's
on Sunday evening. All present re
port a good time.
Victor and Alfred Bumhelm and
Elmer Olson were lucky enough to
shoot a large wolf Sunday.
Miss Signe Freberg left last Thurs
day for St. Paul to visit with her
sister for a couple of weeks.
Ask Yourself the Question
Why not use Chamberlain's Pain
Balm when you have rheumatism? We
feel sure that the result will be prompt
and satisfactory. One application re
lieves the pain, and many have been
permanently cured by its use. 25 and
50 cent sizes. For sale by Princeton
Drug Co.
1 D. Sandquist attended the sale at
Foley last Saturday.
There was a large attendance at the
dance at J. D. Sandquist's" last Wed-
nesday evening and everybody had a
swell time.
Oscar Schram is visiting with his
grandmother at this place.
Miss Clara Sandquist visited with
Phoebe Crook last Sunday.
Robert Higgins was a caller at
Harry Bemis' last Sunday afternoon.
Fred Warner and family visited at
J. O. Beden's last Friday afternoon.
Mrs. H. Blair is visiting with er
daughter. Mrs. C. S. Grow, of this
Miss Elsie Swanson visited with
Selma Sandquist on Sunday after
J. E. Hughes and family returned
home last Tuesday after an absence of
nearly two months.
Miss Lulu Vernon was visiting with
her sister, Mrs A. G. Bemis, a few
days last week.
Jesse Bemis, who has been visiting
with friends and relatives for the past
three weeks, has returned to Akeley.
A very enjoyable time was spent at
Robt. Ayers' last Monday evening.
It was Mr. and Mrs. Ayers' thirty
ninth wedding anniversary.
A small crowd gathered at A. B.
Gramer's last Wednesday evening.
The evening was pleasantly spent in
playing games. It was Mrs. Gramer's
birthday anniversary.
The long winter monthsheavy
foodslack of exercise decrease your
vitality, make you feel mean. Hol
lister's Rocky Mountain Tea gives
you vitalityclears the bloodbuilds
up flesh. Makes you strong and ro
bust. Great spring medicine. Tea or
tablets, 35 cents. C. A. Jack.
Peter Daml is at home again.
Got ahead of Dick for once!
Mr. and Mrs. E. B. Anderson called,
at Mattson's Saturday afternoon.
Rev. Koenig called on several of the
families in this vicinity last Thursday.
Miss Marie Bender was up from
Anoka to spend Sunday with her
A few of the best looking people of
Battle Brook took a sleigh ride Sun
day evening. They called at Zempel's
and Egge's.
After the history study at Miss Han
son's Monday evening a little spread
was given in honor of Harry Nelson,
whose birthday occurred the next day.
The members of his class were present.
A large party of friends of Mr. and
Mrs. A. H. Durbin surprised them on
*5* it-ti
Winter Goods Marked Down for Quick Clearance.
it/ Men's wool hose, regular 25c
and 35c kind
Men's Ball Band rubbers,
regular price $2.00
Men's fleeced underwear at
per garment-
Ladies' fleeced underwear at
per garment
fr-ssiLSs^s^ $J8L&
It used to be that the trade would not buy their spring and sum-
mer dress goods until spring was here But it is different now.
Thoughtful ladies will buy dress goods, and all other goods they need,
as early as they can possibly be had, and get their sewing done during
cool weather, and enjoy their comfort when summer comes. Our store
is plum full of spring goods now. All bright and new. It is a pleasure
to show such goods.
Ladies' Ready-Made Waists
We have purchased, an extraordinary large assortment of ladies' waists. We
dare say the finest selection of waists that was ever shown in Princeton.
Listen: 300 different styles of the latest styles in waists, white embroidered
waists, white lawn waists, white and Eckro net waists, silk waists in all the
latest colors. Priced from 50c to $8.00.
2,000 yards of lace, special
assortment, per yd.
2,000 yards of lace,
per yard
2,000 yards of embroidery,
at per yard
Men's leggings, regular 50c,
per pair
Soldier Balks Death Plot
It seemed to J. A Stone, a civil war
veteran of Kemp, Texas, that a plot
existed between a desperate lung
trouble and the grave to cause his
death. I contracted a stubborn cold,"
he writes, "that developed a cough
that stuck to me, in spite of all
remedies, for years. My weight ran
down to 130 pounds. Then I began to
use Dr. King's New Discovery, which
restored my health completely. I
now weigh 178 pounds." For severe
colds, obstinate coughs, hemorrhages,
asthma, and to prevent pneumonia it's
unrivaled. 50c and $1. Trial bottlle
free. Guaranteed by C. A. Jack.
J. L. Grave returned
from Long Lake.
Mr. and Mrs. L. D. Bockoven
Sunday visitors at Val Mott's.
Mrs. Lennie Bockoven attended the
German Lutheran church last Sunday.
Mrs. S. Winsor was quite ill last
week but was better when last heard
Ji The Store That Serves You Best General Merchandise Princeton, Minn.
Saturday nightthe eve of the twenti
eth anniversary of their wedding.
They received some choiee pieces of
china and other gifts. Among those
present were Mr. and Mrs. E. B,
Anderson, Mr. and Mrs. John Kaliher,
Mr. and Mrs. Camp, Mr. and Mrs.
Steig, Mr. and Mrs. Butterman, Mr.
and Mrs. M. B. Mattson, Mr. and
Mrs. L. Larson, Mesdames Larson,
Camp, sr., Wurzhuber, Messrs. Olson,
Young, Daml and Bender.
on Saturday
Mrs. Otto Henschel came out from
Princeton Friday for a visit to the
farm home.
Mr. and Mrs. Herman Francis were
Sunday evening visitors at the home
of Mr. and Mrs. Leon Annis.
Mr. and Mrs. Bert Whitney and
family visited at the home of Mr. and
Mrs. Otto Belfanz on Sunday last.
Vera Anderson is reported as hav
ing the whooping cough, and a few
others are also thought to be affected
by the disease.
Miss Tressie Henschel went on
Friday to visit for a few days at the
home of Mr. and Mrs. George Ransom
near Princeton.^
Mrs. John Gates and Mrs. Lennie
Bockoven drove over to Ed. Lund
gren's on Thursday. Mrs. Lundgren
is improving slowly.
Miss Gertrude Steeves was pleasant
ly surprised last Saturday evening by
a jolly company of young folks who
invaded the Steeves' residence at
FEBtttTAfcY 2af19(99.
An assortment of men's and
boys' caps at
Half Price.
Ladies' Coats
Half Price.
about 8 o'clock. Dancing was the
amusement of the evening. Lunch was
provided by the visitors.
The next time a certain young man
takes that school ma'am sleigh riding
he had better provide himself with a
better rig than a logging sled.
There are to be some new buildings
erected in this locality in the spring.
Emil Lundgren is hauling lumber for
a new barn and Andrew Roadstrom
has brick hauled and is hauling stone
for a new dwelling house.
Val Mott has finished hauling the
logs he had cut for P. O. Anderson.
Some one kindly hauled some of
them, and if they will please report
which mill they hauled them to the
kindness will be appreciated.
John H]elm tooK the train for Du
luth on Saturday evening to vistit a
brother wbo has been working near
that city and who recently met with a
severe accident which necessitated the
amputation of one of his arms.
For that Terrible Itching.
Eczema, tetter and salt rheum keep
their victims in perpetual torment.
The application of Chamberlain's
Salve will instantly allay this itching,
and many cases have been cured by
its use. For sale by Princeton Drug
Otto Polfus has an extra team haul
ing logs and cord wood.
Sergeant Paul Reissig attended drill
at Princeton Monday evening.
Gust Lueck and Fred Eggerfc are
hauling stovewood to Princeton.
Max Kruske was a pleasant visitor
at the Carl Johnson home Sunday
John Boyo and Messrs. Noeske
and Boxbammar are hauling home
hay from up north.
One of the glad joys of child life has
been fully enjoyed this season and
that is wading in the deep snow and
coasting down the snowbanks.
Chas. Brande is busy hauling logs
to the sawmill at Princeton.
Elmer Stevenson and family visited
at C. W. Taylor's on Sunday.
Thomas Murray has gone to Glen
dorado to work in a heading mill.
Mrs. Fred Barneka is suffering from
an attack of heart and nerve trouble.
One of Tom Belair's children is
suffering from an attack of blood
Miss DeLea, teacher in district 36,
spent a few days visiting relatives in
St. Paul.
Chas. Groff is rapidly recovering
from the accident that befell him some
time ago.
E. B. Carpenter and wife are visit
ing their son and daughter at Cen
turia, Wis.
Miss Mable Williams has returned
from Savanna, 111., where she has
spent the winter.
Kohlman Bros, sawed wood for
John Hull, Arthur Groff and Chas. E.
Brande last week.
Robt. McQuaid and wife and Matt
Johnson and wife were calling on
Blue Hill friends Sunday.
Kohlman Bros, had the misfortune
to break their gasoline engine wmle
sawing wood at E. B. Carpenter's.
Justin Lavelle has returned from
Itasca county, where he was working
in a lumber camp. He reports four
feet of snow on a level in the woods.
The Secret of Long Life.
A French scientist has discovered one
secret of long life. His method deals
with the blood. But long ago mil
lions of Americans had proved Elec
tric Bitters prolongs life and makes it
worth living. It purifies, enriches
and vitalizes the blood, rebuilds
wasted nerve cells, imparts life and
tone to the entire systtem. Its a god
send to weak, sick and debilitated
people. "Kidney trouble had blighted
my life for months," writes W. M.
Shervman, of Cushing, Me., "but
Electric Bitters cured rr.e entirely."
Only 50c at C. A. Jack's.
Aaron Peterson of Big Lake was in
town Monday.
Mr. Wheeler of Princeton was in
town last week.
Mr. Knapp of Big Lake was in town
on business Tuesday.
Mrs. Martin Swanson is visiting
relatives at Elk River this week.
M. C. Blanchett of Elk River was
in town on Wednesday of last week.
Miss Dowlin visited with her parents
at Champlin from Saturday until
Mr. Varley made a trip to Minne
apolis Saturday and returned Monday
Mr. and Mrs. M. K. Iliff came up
from Elk River Monday night to
attend the dance.
Chas. Jennison came up from Min
neapolis Monday evening to attend
the masquerade ball. He spent a few
Both Phones
Prompt Delivery
Dress Goods
Our dress goods stock is again replenished. /t\
New suitings that are simply handsome. Ai
Suitings. Shade olive green, 42 inches wide, fjjl
price per yard $|.00 $1.25 (f\
Suitings. Shade taupe, this is late style and
a very good quality of goods $1.00 $1.25 /f\
Suitings. Shade Atlantic blue, stripes and (f)
plain, per yard $1.00 $1.25 (f)
Suitings. Shade London smoke, these are
very handsome, per yd $|,00 $1.25 9\
We have also a large assortment of cheaper
dress goods. We have dress goods of all 'f\
descriptions and at all prices.
Silk waist patterns. Fine selections. Re
member these are all new, when you get one
of these you have the latest.
Mesaline Silk. The New Satin.
Ladies, it is a good time to visit our store.
visiting friends and
days here
The masquerade ball on February
22 was a success. Everyone seemed to
enjoy themselves.
Ernest Olson returned last week
from Cass Lake, where he has been
working this winter.
In spite of the bad weather on Tues
day quite a number attended the sale
in Baldwin from here.
Mrs. W. A. Smith and son, Ray, of
Spencer Brook spent Saturday and
Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. E. H.
Miss Ella Stromberg, who has been
staying with Mrs. E. H. Foley the past
three weeks, returned to her home in
Burns Wednesday.
Whitney Fetterly sold his farm to
Axel Perman and expects to take a
trip west. He says he thinks Montana
is the only place to live
Mrs. Albrecht made a trip to Anoka
on Tuesday.
Benny Olson is working for the
Uglem CO. this week.
Mr. Presler of Minneapolis is visit
ing Adolf Minks this week.
Mrs. Gust Swanson and children are
visiting at Andrew Larson's.
The West Branch Ladies' Aid society
.met at Andrew Larson's on Wed
Miss Barbara Wolf returned home
Friday from Princeton, where she has
been under a physician's treatment.
Freeman and Stella Parks visited
with their parents over Sunday.
The young folks had a jolly party
at Charley Berry's Monday evening.
Roily Malkson gave another one of
those jolly dances last Saturday
Chas. Sandeli called at the home of
Mr. and Mrs. O. D. Orne one day
last week.
John Haggland came home last week
from Ski bo, where he has been work
ing in the woods.
Miss Elsie Britton and H. Hoskins
of Vineland called on friends here
Sunday afternoon.
Mr. and Mrs. W. Barnum, with
their son and daughter, Charles and
Olive, cjflled at George Patten's
For farm loans go to Robt. H.
King. He gives lowest rates, best
terms and quick service. 50-tf
%MMM?' ^$S$
"f- i' ''III-TT. ,11^.^- a

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