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A Fresh Start
Ground Floor Prices
1 Stock Proof Gates 1
Hog Tight, Sheep Tight, Chicken Tight.
2 Iowa fl2ltf can be hung close to the ground but will never drag because the
outertendhis adjustablebottom,
Hog tight
meshgand wire.vcn^a Gate fastened a bot the top and plain stron hinges, no wearn
mr~ mg parts. Tbe Rolled Steel Tubing used in the frame instead of gas pipe makes "^Z
g2 them proof against any stock. "A chain is only as strong as its weakest link." Why
fc not use Iowa gates to match your good fences? You will find them strong but easy to *^S
y*" handleconvenient in summer and winterwill swing up hill or down hill as you wish.
fcw. When you have time drop aronnd and look over a sample gate all hung up.
2~Coa], Lumber, Sash, Doors, Building Material. 3
GEO. A. COATES, manager 3
Dealer In
Prime Meats of Every Variety,
Poultry, Fish, Ete.
Highest market prices paid for Cattle and Hogs.
Main Street, Princeton.
In new railroad terminal town in beautiful
hardwohd section of Central Minnesota.
www *wwwww, wwvwwwv%%%w
Job Printing and Job Printing
IHERE are two kinds of Job Printingthat which is neat and
artistic and that which possesses neither of these qualities. The
Princeton Union makes it a point to turn out none but the former
kind, and the Union finds this easy because it has the type, machinery
and skilled labor with which to accomplish it.
Nothing Looks Worse Than
Botched Job Printing.
It is a drawback to the business of a merchant or anyone else who uses
it. Botched Job Printing suggests loose methods. Then why not use
the kind printed by the Union? It costs you no more and gives the
public a good impression of your business. The Princeton Union is
prepared to execute every description of
Commercial and Fancy Printing
at short notice and nominal prices. If you are in need of letterheads,
noteheads, billheads, statements, cards, posters, programs, wedding
invitations or any other work in the printing line, an order for the
same placed with the Union will insure its being produced in an at-
tractive and up-to-date style.
Princeton* Minnesota.
Next Door to Iron Ranee and Duluth markets
(Something in that worth thinking about, too)
Mill and factory for manufacturing all kinds of
hardwood furnishes constant market in Hill
City for the timber so that it is immediate and
sufficient support for the settler. That is im
portant. This new district is in Northwestern
Aitkin county and just reached by new rail
road. For full particulars write to
The Hill City Investment
Hill City, Minn.
For Service.
The registered stallion L'Orient,
No. 44,676, imported from France in
1902, weight 1,750 pounds, owned by
Thomas and Michael Kaliher, will
serve at Anson Howard's barn this
season. Jos. Leathers, attendant.
Call and see him. 19-4t
For Service.
The stallion "Young Herman" will
stand for the season at Anson How
ard's barn, Princeton.
20-4t J. C. Van Alstein.
stretchers 3
%%^W^%%%%^%%%%^ www www ww *v%
Foreston Mercantile& LiveStockCo.
Are fitters of men, women and children
in shoes, dry goods groceries, hardware,
and all kinds of farm machinery and
Foreston Mercantile & Live Stock Co.
Can do you an up-to-date job of
paperhanging. We make a spe
cialty of paint work and hard
wood finish, also wall decorations
in water colors, stencil work, etc.
We guarantee satisfactory work
and fair prices. Work out of
town promptly attended to. Call
up Dan C. Mirick, Rural 'phone.
120 Acres Southeast of Princeton
Cheap for Cash. Address
illddletown Iowa
I have two 80-acre improved farms
at Long Siding, five miles north of
Princeton, that I would like to sell this
spring on long time and easy pay
ments, or will make a big discount for
half cash. L. J. Chad bourne,
4014 Sheridan Ave. S.,
H-tf Minneapolis, Minn.
Haas' Men Go Against the flilacas
and Experience an Unexpected
and Inglorious Defeat.
Cambridge High School Boys Again
Encounter the Princetons and
Are Thrown Down Hard.
Hass' nine went to Milaca on Sun
day and played the first nine of that
place, but bad luckas they cay in
ball playingreturned and our boys
were dumped in the ditch. The score
was 9 to 1.
Nearly every man on the Princeton
team played out of his position,
which in a great measure accounts for
the score rolled up by Milaca. The
Milacas experienced exceptionally
good luck, for every time a Princeton
man hit a ball it went direct into some
one's hands. Walker pitched for the
locals and was touched up for 12
hits, while said locals were unable to
connect for more than four hits from
Wilkes' benders. Jess Angstman, the
Princeton catcher, played his usual
fine game and forced in the only score
the locals made with a clean single.
Jess is a promising young catcher.
More than thirty fans accompanied
the Princetons to Milaca but. no vo
ciferous rooting was noticed on their
part. The score by innings:
Princeton 00000010 01
Milaca 30201003 x9
Three-base hit, Wilkes struck out
by Walker, 7 by Wilkes, 5 bases on
balls off Walker, 1 off Wilkes, 3.
Umpires, Davis and Rogers scorer,
Berg. Time of game, 1 hour.
High Shool Game.
Last Saturday afternoon the local
high school ball team again defeated
the Cambridge high school team by a
score of 5 to 10. The day was an
ideal one for baseball and a good
crowd of spectators was there to see
the contest. Although neither team
showed any signs of playing pro
fessional ball, yet it was a contest
well worth seeing.
Cambridge came to bat first and
incidentally ran in two scores, but
Princeton was equal to the occasion
and evened matters up in its half of
the first and, in addition, got one
score to the good, making the score 2
to 3 at the end of the first inning.
Princeton then tightened up and no
scores were made for Cambridge until
the fifth, when another score was
chalked down, tying the score.
Princeton again scored 3 times, mak
ing the score 3 to 6 at the end of the
fifth. From then on it was Prince
ton's game in a walk.
Both pitchers worked well but
lacked support at critical times. This
game will end the season for the high
school team. The score by innings:
Cambridge 30001200 05
Princeton 3000 3 020 2-10
Batteries: Princeton, Angstman
and Angstman Cambridge, Yngve
and Smith. Struck out by Angstman,
6 by Yngve, 4 bases on balls off
Angstman, 1 off Yngve, 2 hit by
pitcher, Yngve, 1 three-base hit,
Smith. Umpires, Stoneberg and
What Caused tbe Rumpus.
There was only one piano to each
of his wives of the 500 in the palace of
old bald head Abdul Hamid. The
discord was what brought on the war.
Lake Crystal Union.
Platforms Meaningless.
Platforms are built for catching
votes more often than are they intend
ed to mean what they say. The voter
proposes, the legislature disposes,
and the governor simply posesthat's
all.Bricelyn Sentinel.
Wants Aldrich's Hide.
Speaking of rare specimens, Presi
dent Taft could perform a service to
posterity by getting Nelson W. Al
drich's hide and stretching it upon the
back fence of the Smithsonian insti
tute.Ortonville Herald-Star.
Tariff Barons Beware.
The highway robbers have rivals,
all right. The St. Louis Post-Dis
patch says a man who was robbed
pursued the thieves and, catching up
with them, was robbed again. The
tariff barons better look to their
laurels.Stillwater Gazette.
An Absolute Necessity.
A good newspaper is a necessity for
any town, but a poor one is worse
than a luxury. When you patronize
one conduct yourself in such a way
so that you are not doing so from a
charitable standpoint, but because it
"delivers the goods." A newspaper,
like anything else, should deserve
patronage to get it.Pine River
Tbe Sunday Ball Game.
A number of the people throughout
the state are making much ado about
Sunday baseball playing. We would
venture to say that their number in
proportion to the population is quite
Two Checks Bearing Forged Slgna-
ture of P. L. Roadstrom Reach
Banks in Princeton.
Strong Suspicion Rests Upon Individ-
ual Who Left Princeton Clan-
destinely Not Long Ago.
Two checks bearing the forged
signature of P. L. Hoadstrom were
received here on Saturdayone at
the Princeton State bank and the
other at the Security State bank.
Each check called for the sum of
fourteen dollars and the names of the
payees were fictitious. The check re
ceived by the Princeton State bank
was cashed at a bank in Winnipeg
and the one received by the Security
State bank was honored at a Crooks
ton banking institution. The banks
here returned the checks to the insti
tutions which cashed them with the
notation thereon that they were for
It is clearly apparent that both
checks were forged by the same indi
vidual, as the signatures were identi
cal, and a strong suspicion rests upon
a fellow who surreptitiously left
Princeton between two days not long
ago. However this may be, it is evi
dent "that the forger is acquainted
in Princeton, and the supposition is
that he obtained the blank checks in
this village. If the Canadian authori
ties capture him he will doubtless get
a heavier sentence than if caught in
Minnesota, and the best thing he can
do is to return and give himself up,
as the chances for his escape are slim.
insignificant. Just so long as it is the
custom or is necessary to work six
full days a week the Sunday afternoon
game will be played, and with general
approval.Little Falls Herald.
An Absurd Belief.
We do not take any stock in the
story that is going the rounds to the
effect that the pages in the late legis
lature went on a glorious drunk the
last night of the session as a result of
finding a quantity of booze in the
temperance committee room. To be
lieve that a legislative temperance
committee would leave enough liquor
to even make one respectable drink is
absurd.Foley Independent.
The Chorus Would Have Been Louder.
Although joining in the chorus of
condemnation of the governor for ap
proving the bushel grain tax, we can
not help but believe that this chorus
would have been swelled to tenfold
its present generous volume had the
law provided that this special tax
should all go to the state, thus
robbing the communities of their
share, as was proposed by the ton
nage tax bill.Barnesville Record
Olson Detests Hypocrisy.
It is disgusting to listen to moral
lepers inveighing against Sunday
afternoon ball playing as "desecra
tion of the Sabbath." There may be
reasons for conscientious and scrupu
lous persons doing so but when de
generates, who themselves are ever
ready to desecrate any day in the
week, palaver about this or that day
being "desecrated" by a game of
baseball, words fail to convey a
proper measure of contempt for such
strainers of gnats and swallowers of
camels. Going about themselves with
beams in their eyes that make them
morally, if not mentally blind, they
make attempts at picking out the mote
from somebody else's eye in the
hope that they may not be recognized
for the whited sepulchers that they
are. Such ranting hypocrites ought
to be invited to get off the earth.
Anoka Free Press.
fr s 3
Will Rue tbe Day Tbey Left.
As soon as the farmers who have
left southern Minnesota, Iowa, Illi
nois and Indiana farms for others in
the Canadian west, shall have robbed
the virgin soil of that new region as
they have robbed that of their old
homes, by continual cropping with
wheat, they will be looking for other
lands to conquer. But, like Alex
ander, they will find that they are, so
far as new wheat lands are concerned,
at the end of the earth. Possibly, in
formed of this fact, they will turn to a
rotation of crops and to animal hus
bandry. Diversified farming can,
however, be carried on to decidedly
greater advantage in the states they
have left, on account both of a longer
season and of the greater accessibility
of markets. The men who stay by
the old homes, discard the wasteful
methods of the past, rotate, manure
and irrigate, and so make 40-acre
tracts produce more than did 160 acres
under the old system, will in a few
years hence be a long way ahead of
their emigrant cousins.Pioneer
Farmers, Take Notice,
I have several milk cows for sale,
or will trade for steers or dry cows.
Will also buy all kinds of live stock
at current market prices.
August Thoma, Princeton..
Men's and Young
Men's Nobby Suits,
worth to $15.00, on
Sale Saturday at only
"W have the biggest|
stock of clothing and
furnishing goods in
town. When in the
city give us a look
whether you want to
buy or not. You are
always welcome.
Dress Goods.
Friend & Marks
The Avery Clothing House
Yard and office at Railroad Track, near Depot.
Moulding, Sash, Doors, Maple Flooring, Cedar
and Pine Shingles and Cedar and Pine Siding
at lowest prices.
W. P. CHASE, Manager, Princeton, Minn.
Saturday Special
On Saturday Only in order to introduce Lane's
Catarrh Remedy, we will sell the regular $1.00
size for 85c. One bottle to a person only. This
is the best catarrh remedy on the market and is
worth trying.
Armitage's Drug' Store
One door south of Caley Hardware building on Main Street.
Dr. Armitage's Office in Odd Fellows' Building.
Hats and Caps, Shoes, Clothing, Under-
wear, Rugs and Carpets, Gloves and Mit-
tens, Prints and Ginghams, Hosiery and
Staple Groceries
Town Talk Pineapple, per can |gc
Standard Tomatoes, per can |0c
University Tomatoes, per can |5
University Corn, per can
University Peas, per can |2c
University Lima Beans, per can |5c
Try our University brandsthey are fine.
Butter and Eggs taken at market value.
Come and see us.
l"lHl"l"l''t''l''l"M.HIM"l"'M"t"l"t"l"l"t'IH|.Ml| ||i|,III 11,||j,n 11g j,^

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