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6:00 a.m Duluth
8:55 a.m Brook Park
9:04 a.m Mora
9:31 a.m Oeilvie
9:42 a.m Bock
10:10 a.m Milaca
10:23 a.m Pease (1)
10:35 a.m...Long Siding (f)..,
10:41 a.m Briokton
10:56 a.m Princeton
11:15 a.m Zimmerman
11:40 a.m ElkRiver
12 05 a.m Anoka
12:45 p.m Minneapolis
1:15 p.m St. Paul
(f) Stop on signal.
10:15 p.m.
7:20 p.m.
6:56 p.m.
6:39 p.m.
6:26 p.m.
6:05 p.m.
5:49 p.m.
5:37 p.m.
5:33 p.m.
5:27 p.m.
5:06 p.m.
4:46 p.m.
4:25 p.m.
3:45 p.m.
3:15 p.m.
10:18 a. Milaca 5:40 p.m.
10:23 a. Foreston 5:34 p.m.
11:20 a. St. Cloud 4:30 p.m.
Tue. Thu.andSat. Mon. Wed.andFrl.
10:45 a.m Milaca 2:50p.m.
12:30 p. Princeton 1:40p.m.
2:45 p. Elk River... .11:35a.m.
5:00p.m Anoka 10:00a.m.
Any information regarding sleeping
cars or connections will be furnished at
any time by
F. W. PRAVITZ, Agent,
Princeton, Minn.
Bogus BrookA. J. Franzen.. .Route 2, Milaca
BorgholmEmil Sjoberg Bock
East SideOscar C. Anderson Opstead
GreenbushJ. H. Grow Princeton
HaylandAlfred F. Johnson Milaca
Isle HarborO. S. Swennes Lawrence
MilacaJ. A. Overby Milaca
MiloR. N. Atkinson Forestoa
OnamiaLars Erickson Onamia
PageAugust Anderson Milaca
PrincetonA. Kuhfleld Route 2, Princeton
KathioE. E. Dinwiddie Garrison
South HarborChas. Freer Cove
A. N. Lenertz Princeton
W. C. Doane Milaca
F. T. P. Neumann Foreston
BaldwinH. B. Flsk Route 3, Princeton
Blue HillM. B. Mattson Princeton
Spencer BrookJ. L. Turner.. .R. 3, Princeton
WyanettP. A. Chilstrom R. 2. Princeton
LivoniaW. R. Hurtt Zimmerman
SantiagoChas. Nelson Santiago
DalboM. W. Mattson Dalbo
BradfordWm. Conklin Cambridge
StanfordLee Hass St. Francis
Spring ValeHenry A. Olson Cambridge
NO. 92, A. & A. M.
Reguitir communications,2d and4th
Wednesday of each month.
GEO. E. RICE. "W. M.
NO. 93, of
Regular meetings every Tuesday v
8 o'clock.
W. P. CHASE, C. C.
GEO. E. RICE, Master of Finance.
208 O.
Regular meetings every Monday evening at
S:00 o'clock. SOLOMON LONG, N. G.
F. C. CATER, Rec. Sec.
NO. 1266 C. O.
Regular meetings second Sunday in
every month.
M. J. BRANDS. Chief Ranger.
Jos. PAYETTE, Recording Sec.
State Licensed Embalmer.
Disinfecting a Specialty. Rural Phone No. 30.
Princeton, Minnesota.
R. D. A. McRAE
Offlcb in Odd Fellows Block.
Townsend Building.
Princeton, Minn
Office hours: 9 a. m. to 12m. 2p.m. to5 p.m.
Over E. B. Anderson's store
Princeton, Minn.
Office and Residence over Jack's Drugstore.
Tel.Rural, 36.
Princeton, Minn.
Office in Carew Block,
Main Street. Princeton.
I A fine line of Tobacco and Cigars.
Main Street, Princeton.
Will take full charge of dead bodies when
desired. Coffins and caskets of the latest styles
always n stock. Also Springfield metalics.
Dealer In Monuments of all kinds.
E. A Ross, Princeton, Minn. Telephone No. 30.
Practical, Reliable and Honest
Tubular Well Driller.
Established in 1884. Pioneer well driller of
the state. If in need of a well do not fail to
write or phone me, as my long experience will
save you money and insure very best results.
R. E. LYNCH Zimmerman, Minnesota.
Collections. Real Estate Agents. Farms Lands
for Sale. Houses to Rent. Employment Office
Domestic and Other Help Furnished.
Office in Carew Block PRINCETON. MINN.
Expert Accountant,
Over 3 0 rears Experience.
I 1011 First Ave. North,
News of General Interest
from Three Countries.
Arvid Akerlind Happened To Be in
Sweden at Time Director Hedenblad
Was Taken Seriously III and onbanquet.
Vote of the Members of the Chorus
He Was Requested to Temporarily
Take the Place of the Stricken
The other day when the TJpsala Stu
dent's Male Chorus met for practice to
prepare for their annual spring con
cert it was learned that Director
Hedenblad had been taken suddenly
ill. There now arose the question as
to who should be chosen to take his
place and although there were several
whom the members believed were
able to direct the singi ng they could
not agr ee on any certain man Bu
it happens that Director Arvid Aker
lind, of New York, is in Sweden on a
visit this summer and happened to be
in TJpsala on this occasion to visit old
friends. Almost unanimously the
members of the chorus voted to have
Director Akerlin lead in place of the
beloved Hedenblad and that even if
he had been so thoughtless as to emi
grate to America about sixteen years
ago, where he has since risen to be
one of the most successful leaders of
Swedish American male choruses. It
is but natural that Director Akerlind
felt flattered to think that an oppor
tunity was extended him to direct the
foremost male chorus in the world, one
which in years past captured the prize
at Paris and Berlin and whose won
derful rendition of Swedish songs has
been the talk of two continents. Di
rector Akerlind will, we understand,
invade Sweden next summer with a
male chorus of Swedish singers from
New York and Boston and that he will
be given a royal reception goes with
out saying.
A writer some time ago wrote an in
teresting description of the colony of
Swedes in Jerusalem after maki ng an
extensive trip through Palestine. Th
Swedes that he found in Jerusalem are
known as Larsonites. It seems that
they emigrated from Sweden to Jeru
salem some fifty or sixty years ago
under the influence of a revival and
have kept up a comparatively separate
existence in the holy city since that
time. They reside in what is called
the American section. They are de
scribed by the writer as being a God
fearing people and live among the
Catholics and Mohammedans of the
city. They are well known for their
charity among the poor and the im
provident Arabs. It was upon the ex
istence of this interesting colony that
the famous Swedish writer, Salma La
gerlof, wrote her book entitled "Jeru
salem," in which she describes their
life most vividly. Since Miss Lager
lof's book appeared there has been
aroused a great deal of interest in this
far away colony of Swedes in the holy
land and there will undoubtedly come
something in detail regarding this
characteristic colony from a Swedish
pen in the near future.
Next year in June the Augustana
synod will celebrate its fiftieth anni
versary in Rockford, 111. Th Swedish
government will on this occasion send
Bishop Vo Scheele to represent the
Swedish state church at the anni
versary meeting of the synod. Th
bishop has on two former occasions
paid a visit to this country when he
attended the meetings of the Augus
tana synod and paid a visit to its lead
ing educational institutions.
The Swedish government will donate
the granite stone forth peace palace
which will be erected in the near fu
ture at The Hague. Eve ry nation will
contribute somethi ng toward the com
pletion of this characteristic building
and Sweden will thus in a sense fur
nish the foundation forth same.
Prince Eugen, the Duke of Nerike.
will return to Stockholm during the
latter part of next month after an ex
tended trip abroad. The artist prince
has been spending but very little
time in Sweden during the past few
years and when he comes home he is
a comparative stranger.
The Swedish tourists bureaus are
being flooded with letters from all
parts of Europe and America and in
dications are that the number of vis
itors this year will be very large. The
steamship companies have all large
bookings for Stockholm, Malmo and
The Danish government has given
Professor Nordenskiold's expedition
concession to make exploration trips
into the interior of Greenland. The
expedition, lead by Professor Norden
skiold himself, started Ma 20 and
will return to Gothenburg about Sept.
A large new Swedish hotel has been
erected in Hamburg and will soon
open its doors for business. It will be
known as the Atlantic and has been
started for the purpose of accommo
dating Swedish travelers in that city.
The Michelsen fund at present
amounts to 214,045.22 crowns. Re
garding the disposition of the fund Mr.
Michelsen has made known his wishes
which are in fine as follows: "It is
my wish and purpose that the Michel
sen fund shall remain intact, that for
some time to come the Interest be
added to the principal and that later.
the interest be expended for the bene
fit of you ng men and women who re
veal talents for work that would prove
of general public usefulness. A a
later date I shall give further par
ticulars with reference to this."
When Dr. Sven Hedin lectured on
his expedition in Central Asia there
was a very large~and select audience
present. Both King Haakon and
Pridtjof Nansen we re in attendance,
but they left the hall at the close of
the lecture and did not attend the ban
miet given in honor of the great ex
plorer. Nansen excused himself by
stating that he is not in the habit of
attending social gatherings since the
death of his wife. N excuse was giv
en forth king's failure to attend the
Norwegian sailors are among the
best and bravest in the world. The
United States is going to have and
already has hundreds of Norwegian
sailors in its merchant marine ranks.
This spring not less than 800 Norwe
gian sailors have come to America, Of
this number 500 will have employment
on the great lakes, and the other 300
will engage in whale fishing off the
coast of Newfoundland. All but a few
we re from Tonsberg, Porsgrund, Lar
vig and adjacent districts in Norway.
Norway proposes to do some active
advertising in Germany this season. A
branch tourist and travelers' bureau
has been established there, giving all
kinds of information regarding Nor
way as a tourist country and inci
dentally advertising some of the coun
try's resources. The storthing has
made an appropriation for the main
tenance of the bureau there this sea
son of 30,000 crowns.
The Norwegian and Swedish mem
bers of the court of arbitration which
is to settle the reindeer pasture ques
tion in northern Norway have left
Copenhagen after havi ng mapped out
the work that is to be done. In No
vember they will convene again in
Copenhagen and begin negotiations.
The court will consist of nine persons,
including Swedish and Norwegian law
yers and secretaries.
A additional 12,000 crowns will be
need ed in the near future to improve
the appearance of the western en
trance to the Trondhjem cathedral and
it will not be long before large addi
tional sums will be needed for this
and other purposes. The cathedral
will when completed be one of the
most expensive edfices in the world.
Miss Anne Wihelmine Meidell has
donated her whole fortune, 350,000
crowns, to the foreign missions and
to charity institutions In Christiania
Miss Meidell has for years been en
gaged in philanthropic work and is
perhaps one of the very best friends
that the poor have ever had in Chris
The Icing's villa, which is under
course of construction, will be far
more expensive than was calculated
and the building committ ee is already
lacking iunds to go ahead and com
plete it. It is believed that the
storthing will make an extra appropri
The National theater made a great
hit with "Madame Butterfly." No
only was the average theater-goer well
pleased, but King Haakon and Queen
Maud also liked it so much that they
personally congratulated some of the
actors who participated in the play.
The Ma 17 celebrations this year
in all tie cities of Norway were of a
comparatively orderly character. A
great deal of the usual carousals and
street fights were for some reason or
other not so strongly in evidence this
year as during former years.
The Mormons of Norway held their
annual conference in Bergen a feu
days ago under the leadership of An
drew Jensen from Utah. There were
several hundred people in attendance
at the conference.
Trondhjem spends this year 290,000
crowns on new school buildings. There
are under course of erection one new
school building on the west side and
one on the north side.
There will be the usual large quota
of home returning Norwegian-Ameri
cans this summer. They come to
spend the summer. Few of them re
The Danish crownprince has accepted
an invitation to attend the Danish
American reunion at Aarhus on July
4. Premier Neergaard also will be
present, and about 2,000 Danish-Amer
icans are expected. The American
minister, Maurice Egan Danish
minister to America, Count Moltke,
and the famous critic, Dr. George
Brandes, will be among the speakers.
This is the first time that an attempt
has been made to have a Fourth of
July celebration in a foreign country
conducted by naturalized American
citizens descended from that country.
The object is to afford Scandinavians
an apportunity to learn the truth about
about the United States, a land that
many people from Denmark have
chosen as their adopted country.
The owner of the old dance hall in
Copenhagen known as the "Kaeden,"
has evidently a monopoly on the dance
hall business in the city. The other
day he purchased the aforementioned
institution for 480,000 crowns. Last
year he purchased a similar institu
tion known as "Figaro" for 450,000
crowns. Both these resorts are much
frequent by the gay population, es
pecially in the summer time.
Consul General Clan, of New York,
is at present in Copenhagen and will
remain there until the latter part of
August, meantime assisting at the for
eign department in maki ng out new
instructions for Danish consuls in all
foreign lands. Consul Clans stands
high in the diplomatic circles in the
Danish capital and is ve ry much
thought of by his countrymen in New
Inventio ns are the basis of the
wealth of this country as you will un
derstand when you investigate the
conditions which hare made the United
States the leader in the commercial
world. Eight billions of dollars are
invested in manufacturing enter
prises. Three quarters of this amount,
or six billions of dollars was invested
by the people of this country in the
stock of the companies controlling
or owning valuable patents. These
investments have been the means
whereby thousands hare attained
financial independence.
There is scarcely an article in daily
use in which some patent do es not
either directly, or indirectly, have a
It is the inventive genius of the
United States which has mad it pos
sible for this country to undersell
foreign countries in all lines in spite
of the fact that the wages are from
two to five times as large.
We will endeavor to show what a
small investment in companies con
trolling patents have returned to the
Bell Telephone.
$100 originally invested in this stock
has returned $54,000.
Western Union Telegraph Co.
Any one investing $100 in this stock
in 1858 would in 1890 have received
The Gopher Ditching Machine.
It is estimated that there was
525,259,000 invested in the agricultural
industry iu this country in 1908. Th
1907 yield of farm products reached
the fabulo us sum of S7,412,000.000, an
increase of 57 per cent over 1902. A
a result of this gre at increase in the
agricultural industries, practically
all the tillable lands in this country
are now taken up. While it is esti
mated that there is one hundred and
fifty million acres of land which can
be made tillable by reclamation, only
about ten milli on acres have up to
date been reclaimed.
The inventor of the Gopher Ditch
ing Machine, Mr. Whipple, is a farmer
living in Anoka county. For a long
time he realized that a machine was
necessary which would cheaply and
quickly reclaim this great area of un
reclaimed land. A a result he invent
ed the Gopher Ditching Machine, and
this company was formed to manu
facture and sell this inventon. Orders
for five machin es have already been
secured which tax es the facilties of
our plant to its utmost. We just
closed another order for a one yard
machine May 25, terms $2,000 cash
with order, and $5,000 fifteen days
after delivery. Orders for one ma-
Cor. Central and 24th Ave., Minneapolis, Minn.
will be delivered to me upon receipt of th is application.
Full Interest Allowed on Certificates of Deposit
Are Responsible for Three Out
Every four1
Fortunes Accumu-
lated in this Country.
stock dividends of $5,000 and cash
dividends of $10,000.
Hook and Eye.
The hook and eye is used by prac
tically every wom an in every civilized
country on the globe. It is manufac
tured by the Long Hook & Eye
Co. While it is a comparatively sim
ple invention, this company has paid
16 per cent per annum, to its stock
holders during the past eight years
on a capital stock of $1,000,000.
Westinghouse Air Brake.
It is estimated that $10.00 originally
invested in the stock of the Westing
house company has retured $47,856.
The Pullman Sleeping Car.
It is said that the inventor of the
sleeping car induced his mother to
mortgage her home in order that he
might bring forth a model of the sleep
ing car now in daily use on every rail
road of importance in this country.
The Pullman company has since 1898
paid its stockholders dividends of
$44,000,000, increasi ng its capital from
$56,000,000 to $100,000,000. It is pay
ing quarterly dividends on $100,000,-
000 at the rate of 8 percent per annum.
Type Setting Machine.
The Mergenthaler Linotype Co in
eight years has paid dividends of $14,-
274,000 and last year added $6,612,000
to its surplus.
Fully Covered by U. S. Patents S. N. 472882 and 472883 and Numerous
Other Patents pending.
chine a wetk could undoubttdly be
secured if we had tne facilities to man
thetu. We have noc the
facilities to increase our output, ami
for this reason we have decided to
place a block ot 10 per cent preferred
stock, carrying with it a bonus of
common stock, on the market for
public subscription to enable us to
i secure the necessary funds to build a
factory large enough to meet our re
Your Opportunity.
Yo u. as a resident of this great
agricultural state, know that there is
a demand for a machine which will
quickly and economically drain and
irrigate the land. You know that the
government is spending millions of
dollars in reclamation projects. You
know that land which was not worth
25 cents an acre has by reclamation
methods been increased in value to
several hundreds of dollars, i'o
this reason you are qualified to judge
as to the possibility of a market for
a machine which will do all kinds of
ditching work at a price not exceed
ing ten cents per yar d, and which will
handle 2,000 cubic yards of earth a
day of twenty-four hours.
This machine is bound to be a tre-
The Gopher flanufacturing Company
Offices, 517-19 Palace Building Factory, 1900 Monroe St., N. E., Hinneapolis
Board of Directors: Chas. A Whipple, Arthur Whipple, Frank Jordan, M. C. Blanchett, Henry Rupprecht.
GentlemenPlease find enlcosed $ i payme nt for shares of
the Preferred stock of the Gopher Manufacturing Company. I is understood that I am to receive a bonus of one share
of Common Stock for each ten shares of Preferred Stock purchased, and that certificates covering the amount remitted
Victor Talking Machine.
The Victor Talking Machine Co.
pays dividends on $2,500,000 and has
accumulated in seven years a surplus
of $3,552,000.
The Camera.
Eastman Kodak Co. has paid in 1 2
years over $33,500,000 in dividends.
It pays regular dividends of 6 per
cent $6,000,000 worth pre
ferred stock and 2 5 per cent
$19,500,000 worth common
Pneumatic Tire.
The pneumatic tire, used by practic
al ly every bicycle rider and auto
mobilist throughout the country, has
been the nucleus of an enormous
fortune. The Dunlap Tire company
commenced business with a capital of
$112,000 and it bad been in the busi
ness but two years when it was sold
for $15,000,000. Th original stock
holders had then received in dividends
and premiums the sum of $3,290,675,
and by the terms of the sale received
a further sum of $14,437,500, giving
a total return of $17,638,000 on an
original investment of $112,000.
Another transaction deluged the
original sha re holders with a verita
ble rain of gold. Since, another cor
poration purchased the business for
meudo'js ffliiDfy maker, aud we would
like to have \ou become associated
i with us in thi eurerprise, and we will
all llihke Qiiili"-
You Get oi the Ground Fioor.
No we will mak- jnu a special
proposition if \uu sjn for stock
1 at this time. Yo can purchase 10
i percent preferred stoct iu this com
pany at one dollar ($1.00) per share.
This stock carries with it a bonus of
one share of common stock io every
ten shares of preferred stock pur
chased. Th common stock which we
give you as a bonus is the same as
the originators of this company hold,
and will in the near future become ex
tremely valuable, as you will under
stand if you thoroughly look into the
proposition. Every dollar of mon ey
received from the sate of stock will be
I put into a new plant. Andrew Car
1 negie is quoted as *a\ing. "Oppor-
tunity knocks at fiery man 's door
I at least once in a life time." We be
I lieve that we are offering you one of
the great opportunities of your life
time, and would be pleasd"to have
you become interested in this enter
prise. You will find a coupon follow
ing which please use in making your
application for stock. More particu
lars will be furnished if desired.

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