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6:00 a.m Duluth 10:15 p.m.
8:55 a.m Brook Park 7:20 p.m.
9:04 a.m Mora 6:56 p.m.
9:31 a.m Ogllvle 6:39p.m.
9:42 a.m Bock 6:26 p.m.
10:10 a.m Mllaca 6:06 p.m.
10:22 a.m Pease (f) 8:49 p.m.
10:35 a.m...Long Siding (f)... 5:37 p.m.
10:41 a.m Brickton (f).... 5:33p.m.
10:56 a.m Princeton...... 5:27p.m.
11:15 a.m Zimmerman 5:06 p.m.
11:40 a.m Elk River 4:46 p.m.
12 05 a.m.... Anoka 4:25p.m.
12:45 p.m Minneapolis 3:45 p.m.
1:15 p.m St. Paul 3:15 p.m.
(f) Stop on signal.
10:18 a. Milaca 5:40 p.m.
10:23 a. Foreston 5:34 p.m.
11:20 a. m......St. Cloud 4:30p. m.
Tue. Thu.andSat. Mon. Wed. and Fri.
10:45 a.m Milaca 2:50 p.m.
12:30 p.m Princeton 1:40p.m.
2:45 p. Elk River 11:35 a.m.
5:00p. Anoka 10:00 a. m.
Any information regarding sleeping
cars or connections will be furnished at
any time by
J. H. PENNISON, Agent.
Princeton, Minn.
Bogus BrookA. J. Franzen...Route 2, Milaca
BorgholmEmil Sjoberg Book
East SideOscar Anderson Opstead
GreenbushJ. H. Grow Princeton
HaylandAlfred F. Johnson Milaca
Isle HarborO. S. Swennes Lawrence
MilacaJ. A. Overby Milaca
MiloR. N. Atkinson Foreston
OnamiaLars Erickson Onamia
PageAugust Anderson Milaca
PrincetonA. Kuhfield Route 2, Princeton
KathioE. E. Dinwiddie Garrison
South HarborChas. Freer Cove
A. N. Lenertz Princeton
W.-C. Doane Milaca
F, T. P. Neumann Foreston
BaldwinH. B. Fisk Route 3, Princeton
Blue HillM. B. Mattson Princeton
Spencer BrookJ. L. Turner...R. 3, Princeton
WyanettP. A. Chilstrom R. 2. Princeton
LivoniaW. R. Hurtt Zimmerman
SantiagoChas. Nelson Santiago
DalboM. W. Mattson Dalbo
radfordWm. Oonklin Cambridge
StanfordLee Hass St. Francis
Spring ValeHenry A. Olson Cambridge
N O. 92, A. & A. M.
Regular communications,2d and4th
Wednesday of each month.
N O. 93, of
Regular meetings every Tuesday eve
ning at 8 o'clock.
A. J. ANDERSON, K. R. & S.
GEO. E. RICE, Master of Finance.
NO. 208,1. O O.
Regular meetings every Monday evening at
3:00 o'clock. SOLOMON LONG, N. G.
F. C. CATER. Rec. Sec.
NO. 1266 C. O.
Regular meetings second Sunday in
every month.
M. J. BRANDS, Chief Ranger.
Jos. PAYETTE, Recording Sec.
Undertaker and
State Licensed JSmbalmer.
Disinfecting^ Specialty. Rural Phone No. 30.
Princeton, Minnesota.
Offlct in Odd Fellows Block.
Townsend Building.
Princeton, Minn
Office hours 9 a. m. to 13 m. 2 p. m. to 5 p. m,
Over E. B. Anderson's store
Princeton, Minn.
Office and Residence over Jack's Drugstore
Tel.Rural, 36.
Princeton, Minn.
Office in Carew Block,
Main Street. Princeton.
A fine line of Tobacco and Cigars.
Main Street, Princeton.
Will take full charged dead bodies when
desired. Oomns and caskets of the latest styles
always *n stock. Also Springfield metalics.
Dealer In Monuments of all kinds.
E. A Ross, Princeton, Minn. Telephone No. 30.
Practical, Reliable and Honest
Tubular Well Driller.
Established in 1884. Pioneer well driller of
the state. If in need of a well do not fail to
write or phone me, as my long experience will
save you money and insure very best results.
R. E. LYNCH Zimmerman, Minnesota.
Expert Accountant,
I Over 30 Tears Experience.
1011 First Ave. North,
For Sale.
Hardwood lumber for sale. Prices
lower than the lowest.
Farnham Brick Co.,
Brickton, Minn.
The Evolution of Slang.
Evolutiocompleteslangn will be whe "blew into
town" means arrived via aeroplane
limited.Brainerd Tribune.
Empty Refrigerator a Greater Menace.
A news item tells us that the neg
lected ice box is a menace to man.
The empty ice box is what menaces
most of us.Little Falls Transcript.
*$* *$*
Looking for a Practical Man.
The board of regents are looking
agriculturali college. The have had
a "practical Politician" and now
roant, f.ro tpr snmAnnnv ninth n. m.a.nfcina.1
want try somebody a practical
knowledge of argioulture. Good idea.
-^-Elk River Star-News.
The Worst" Ever.
We are not sure that the commission
form of government is just the right
thing, but we are pretty well con
vinced that any change in Chicago or
Philadelphia would be an improve
ment. Both are considered the worst
ever.Stillwater Gazette.
Making Rapid Strides.
Duluth is one of the few cities of
the United States whose building in
dustry showed a big per cent of gain
last month over August, 1908. It is
probable that next year Duluth will
lead the cities of Minnesota in build
ing improvements.Duluth News
Faying Debts With Hot Air.
Every week some of the country
press mention somebody of promi
nence in their county, legislative dis
trict, congressional district or corner
of the state as a gubernatorial pos
sibility. It costs nothing, is an in
nocent diversion, and in some cases
serves as a means of paying minor
obligations with simon-pure hot air.
Lake Breeze.
J. $-
The Inconsistency Thereof.
Our present governor contents him
self with traveling about the country
with his three suits of clothes and
white kid gloves to talk to the Chau
tauqua ladies about "The Majesty of
the Law" while the political trinity of
interests are here gorging themselves
to their full undisturbed by any inter
ference on the part of our chief exe
cutive.Albert Lea Times-Enterprise.
When Soup-Houses Flourished.
Those impatient people who some
times threaten to turn this tariff re
vision business over to the democrats
have probably forgotten the 40-cent
wheat and 10-cent corn that followed
the only attempt the democrats ever
made to reduce the tariff. The tariff
is a republican institution and as
such must remain in the hands of its
friends. If the country wants free
trade why that is quite another thing.
Orfconville Herald-Star.
J. .J.
Should be Increased, Not Removed.
The work for the removal of the
oleomargarine tax has evidently been
carefully planned. The butchers
have now taken it up. A legislative
committee appointed at the meeting of
the National Butchers' association
held in St. Paul last week will, it is
said, "make an effort to secure the
removal of the revenue tax of ten
cents per pound on oleomargarine."
The packers have doubtless inspired
this movement. If this tax is remov
ed, or even reduced to two cents, as is
proposed, the price of honest butter
will take a slump that will make dairy
and creamery men sick. Are they
_,.,., wu tuu ,Miw pastor i sue JXI. JH.
from to^language churc
payer,, is
for a practical, man for dean of the a i
i, TIU
rti L4K
Shields Offers a Suggestion.
Governor Johnson has a presi
dential bee in his bonnet. His term
as governor will expire a little more
than a year hence. What to do to
keep his name prominently before the
public for the two years following the
expiration of his present term as
governor is what is bothering John
son at present. Evidently Johnson
and his army of office holders are
planning to secure his nomination for
a fourth term. As he repudiated the
last democratic state platform they
are at a loss as to what to do for a
platform. As he repudiated the plat
we suggest that the next. democratic
state convention omits the adoption of
a platform in case it nominates John
son for governor.Faribault Pilot
we suggest that the r.vt
Farmers, Take Notice.
I have commenced buying potatoes
at my new warehouse south of stock
yards. Will pay the highest market
prices for all varieties and well as
sorted stock.
34"tf W. H. Miller.
The Princteon Produce company
will open for the season's business
on Monday, September 20, at its
warehouse, north of^depot.
Grover Umbehocker, Manager.
Salary of the Floodwood Pastor.
A couple of weeks since an editorial
paragraph, based upon information
derived from a Floodwood paper,
stated that .the pastor of the M. E.
$4.17 for a year'psl work. It appears
that our Floodwood contemporary
was in error. The following letter
from Presiding Elder Clemans is self
Duluth, Minn., Sept. 5, 1909.
Editor Union: I read in the
i on of last week an item stating
that the pastor at Flood woodj Minn.,
received but $4.17 for a year's work.
This statement, taken from a Flood
woou paper i no true an is a
uutin trua
andu is uu
upo pioneean com
munity. My book shows that the
pastor since October lasv $254.83,t anrd
they promised when I was there a few
weeks ago to make it up to $300.
There is a splendid Ladies' Aid
society at Floodwood that takes care
of the preacher's salary and public
spirited citizens who are doing their
part. Floodwood is part of a circui.t
and from additional preaching places
the pastor receives $340.00, making a
salary of $640.00.
Will you kindly make the correc
tion? With best wishes to yourself
and family, I am
Yours sincerely,
E. C. Clemans.
Examinations for Census Jobs.
Examinations for the positions of
special agents for the taking of the
United States census are soon to be
held. The date is not yet set, but in
Minnesota the test will be held at Du
luth, Crookston, Fergus Falls, Man
kato and St. Paul.
Supervisors of the census are ap
pointed by the president. Applica
tions for positions as enumerator,
supervisor's clerk or interpreter
should be addressed to the supervisor
of the district in which the applicant
The only positions that last any
length of time are those of clerk in the
office work in Washington. These
positions pay $1,200 a year. A posi
tion of this kind will last from two to
three years.
The applicant must first make an
application that is thoroughly satis
factory to the authorities in Washing
ton and he is then notified that per
mission is granted him to appear for
examination. Unlike some other
positions in the government service,
the new man stands a chance of being
dismissed at any time that his work is
found to be unsatisfactory.
The applicant must be a citizen of
the United States, must be over 18,
and under 50 years of age. Mutes
and cripples are barred, as are those
who use intoxicants. The applicant
must also pass a medical examination.
Not more than one person from each
family will be appointed.
Take Life Like a Man.
It is a pitiable thing to see a young
man whining over his lot in life,
and excusing indiff reence and inaction
because of hard luck, or some cruel
fate which has put stumbilng blocks
in his way. No matter what your en
vironment, or what you may be called
upon to go through, face life like
man, without whining,
face to the sun, your
shadows, and look the
face without whining.
Turn your
back to the
world in the
When you
feel gloomy and fatigued a glass of
golden grain belt beer will do wonders
in restoring you to your former self.
Order of your nearest dealer or be
supplied by Sjoblom Bros., wholesale
dealers, Princeton.
Unfounded Report.
A report
beetn circulatetd byt awake to the situation?HutchinsoV unscruplouhaving persons the effec tha
I have relinquished the horse business
I take this means of informing my
customers and the general public that ^^T, S
there is not one word of truth in such
report. I intend to continue perma
nently in the business and have good
horses for.' sale at all timesthe best
native horses that I can procure. It
will chunks, mares and geldings, horses
that are young and sound, to call on
me. Every horse is guaranteed and
money will be refunded if not found
satisfactory. William Ross.
An opportunity is now open at the
Northwestern Hospital Training
School for Nurses for two young
on which he made his latest women desirous of becoming trained
campaign it would be useless for the graduate nurses. A small salary
party to give him another platform so attached. For particulars address "JJ8
On Thursday, September 23,1 shall
commence buying potatoes at Long
Siding. Farmers who bring their
potatoes to me will be squarely dealt
with. A. Carlson.
Sheep Eor Sale.
Breeding ewes in large or small
lots. Must sell as I am about to leave
the farm. 4
J. F. Malone, Page, Minn.
Seasoned Age of tbe Aeroplane.
During tbe week of aerial contests
Rheims orders were placed with
the manufacturers for fifty mono
planes of the type with which Blerlot
.flew from France to England. The
cost of the lot will be $100,000, a large
sum to invest iu a mere toy, assuming:
the aeroplane to be only a toy to
amuse sports and a few, daring scien
tists. But the aeroplane is not a toy.
It dates back nearly a quarter of a
century and has been developed along
scientific lines. What is astonishing
the world now is no mere accident,
destined to disclose a fatal weakness.
Men have died in attempting to prove
that the true principle of aerial flight
was in the possession of man.
As long ago as 1886 Professor Sam
uel F. Larigley of the Smithsonian in
stitution introduced planes and a motoi
in a machine which flew three-quar
ters of a mile. This was a really scir
entific experiment, and although it did
not solve the problem it laid the foun
dations for scientific advance. Later
a Germau experimenter was killed
after flying 900 feet at an elevation of
twenty-five feet with a contrivance of
planes worked by his own power. It
is now fifteen years since Hiram S.
Maxim, a level headed inventor, dem
onstrated that a heavier than air ma
chine driven by a motor and balanced
by planes can rise in the air. What
Langley and Maxim proved has served
as capital for later experimenters. The
planes are to air craft what wheels
are to wagon and car. Types will be
varied and motors improved and
adapted to special needs.
Luther Burbank may experiment on
freak watermelons in welcome after
he produces a species which will yield
two alike out of anything less than a
Cook and Peary didn't cart away
the pole, and folks who don't like
their discoveries are at liberty to dis
cover the pole to suit their several
Men have lived at the pole, so it
must be possible for a colony to sum
mer and winter there and tell us all
about it.
If the constitution follows the flag
Dr. Cook "planted" in drifting polar
ice it will be a long time catching up.
The Wright brothers now have a
few records to climb over not of their
own making.
Prosperity simply runs
standers. not over them.
W 1n
"It is a dull day when we don't read
the newspapers this headline,
'Killed In an
pay persons looking for farm so monotonous that the days when we
Aomnn*in Dr. TT. r. fnnn., P^5naf, A/r,--. sniping their ancestors.
Dr Cooney Princeton Minn
Farm For Sale.
Productive farm of 80 acres,
section 29, town of Bogus Brook,
miles north of Princeton, for sale.
Fairly good buildings. Call or write
Hans Rasmussen, Route 2, Milaca.
Crash,'" thing is
past by-
Have W Trees to Burn?
The national forest bureau lost no
time in trying to counteract recent
assertions that this cpuntry is in no
danger of a timber famine. A bulle
tin issued from the office of forest
statistics states that "we are cutting
our forests three times as fast as they
are growing." Admitting that we may
never reach absolute timber exhaus
tion, the bulletin, in the language of
Assistant Forester Kellogg, says, "Un-
restricted exploitation of our forests
in the past has already had serious
effects, and it will have much worse
if allowed to continue unchecked."
The remedy suggested is on the prin
ciple of "a stitch in time saves nine."
An equilibrium between timber pro
duction and consumption should be
established through "many years of
vigorous effort by individual forest
owners, by the states and by the na
tional government." Future rate of
consumption cannot be judged by the
past. There are more consumers, and
about half of the old work must soon
be rebuilt. But, while reasonable con
servation is advisable, it is more than
probable that future construction will
depend less upon timber than past
construction. Both sides of the ques-
says a
do read it may be dull to stupidity.
If Lord Beresford would come over
here he would find the same tired look
on American faces that he reports on
the faces of his countrymentired of
this continual knocking of the army
Down in their subconsciousness the
who are "honoring monkeys"
must feel that the are really wor- !y
Tou don't have to eat that four
on grains of benzoate of soda merely be
cause science has declared It harmless
unless you want to.
The trouble with most
bomb throwers is that, while
aim is good, the target isn't al
business end of it.
The loud complaints because only
half of New York's school children
can find room don't come from the
other half.
The ill wind which wrecked Walter
WeU nmn's arctic balloon spared him
the chagrin of getting there just too
Princeton State Bank,
of Princeton, Minn.
at the close ot business on Sept. l, 1909. Date
bank Sept. 9, 1909.
Loans and discounts 834 367 63
Banking house, furniture and fixtures eCoooioo
Due from banks 37.767.04
Checks and cash items 389 94
Cash on hand, items below,
Currency $20.00
Gold 200.00
Silver 224.93
Total cash assets $8,601.91 $8,601.91
Total 848,969.53
Capital stock..... $-20,000.00
Surplusfund 475.83
Undivided profits, net -3,541.45
Deposits subject to cneck.. $2,921.00
Cashier's checks 1,071.75
Duetobanks 1,000.00
Total immediate liabilities $4,992.75
Time certificates 19,959.50
Totaldeposits $24,952.25 24,952.25
Total $48,969.53
County of Mille Lacs. fSS
We, J. E. Skahen, president, and J. J. Skahen,
cashier of the above named bank, do solemnly
swear that the above statement is true to the
best of our knowledge and belief.
J. E. SKAHEN, President.
J. J. SKAHEN, Cashier.
Correct P. E. SKAHEN I T..
Attest:! J. J. SKAHEN (-Directors.
Subscribed and sworn to before me this 9th
day of September, 1909.
Notary Public.
My commission expires April 18.1910.
The First National Bank
At Princeton, in the State of Minnesota, at the
close of business Sept. 1, 1909.
Loans and discounts $194,072.82
U. S. bonds to secure circulation.... 30,OOo!00
Banking house, furniture and fixtures 5,000.00
Due from national banks (not re
serveagents) 1,159.88
JJue from approved reserve agents.. 7,103.79
Fractional paper currency, nicaeis
and cents 8S.75
Lawful money reserve in bank, viz:
Specie $11,032.70
Legal-tender notes 1,385.00
(First Pub. Sept. 16.)
Citation for Hearing on Final Account
and for Distribution.
State of Minnesota, County of Mille Lacs.'
In Probate Caurr.
In the Matter of the Estate of William M.
Orton, decedent.
The State of Minnesota to the next of kin and
all persons interested in the final account and
distribution of the estate of said decedent:
The representative of the above named
decedent, having filed in this court her
final account of the administration of
the estate of said decedent, together with
her petition praying for the adjustment and
allowance of said final account and for dis
tribution of the residue of said estate to the
persons thereunto entitled Therefore you,
and each of you, are hereby cited and required
to show cause if any you have, before this
court, at the Probate Court Rooms in the
Court House, in the village of Princeton in
the County of Mille Lacs State of Minnesota,
on the 11th day of October. 1909. at 10 o'clock a.
m., why said petition should not be granted.
Witness, the Judge of said Court, and the
Seal of said Court, this 13th day of September,
(Court Seal) WM. V. SANFORD,
J. A. Ross. Probate Judge.
Attorney for Petitioner.
First Pub. Septi 9.
Whereas, by reason of the absence of the
officers of the Princeton Potato Starch com
pany there is no person authorized to call or
preside at a legal meeting thereof. Now.
therefore, pursuant to section 2876 of the Re
vised Laws of Minnesota, notice is hereby
given that a meeting of the stockholders of
the Princeton Potato Starch company will be
held at the banking rooms of the First Na
tional bank of Princeton on the second day of
October, 1909, at 3 o'clock p. m to transact any
lawful business that may come before such
meeting, and Thomas H. Caley is hereby des
ignated to preside at such meeting until a
chairman and clerk are chosen.
Dated Sept. 7,1909.
Stockholders of Said Corporation.
I have two 80-acre improved farms
at Long Siding, five miles north of
Princeton, that I would like to sell this
spring on long time and easy pay
ments, or will make a big discount for
half cash. L. J. Chad bourne,
4014 Sheridan Ave. S.,
11-tf Minneapolis, Minn.
Whereas, a petition signed by P. N.
Anderson, a freeholder and voter of
school district No. 32 in this county,
representing that he is the owner of
the following described lands, situate
in said district, to-wit: The se^ of
ne)4 of section 1, in township 38,
range 27, and that said lands adjoin
independent school district No. 13,mortgage
has been presented to the county
board of Mille Lacs county, and ask
ing that his said lands may be set off
from said school district No. 32 to
said district No. 13, and the said
board has appointed a time and place
for hearing thereon. Therefore
Notice is hereby given, that said
petition will be heard by said board,
at a session thereof commencing on
the 5th day of October, ^1909, at the
office of the county auditor in the
village of Princeton, in said county,
at which time and place the said
board will hear the evidence and the
arguments of all persons interested
for or against granting the prayer of
the petitioner.
Dated at Princeton, Minn., August
31, 1909. By order of the County
County Auditor and Ex-Officio Clerk
of the Board.,
By A. E./ WHITNEY, Deputy
Can do you an up-to-date job of
paperhanging. We make a spe
cialty of paint work and hard
wood finish, also wall decorations
in water colors, stencil work, etc.
We guarantee satisfactory work
and fair prices. Work out of
town promptly attended to. Call
up Dan C. Mirick, Rural 'phone.
Notice to Contractors.
Notice is hereby given that' the
board of commissioners of
county ocounty Mill Lacs and state of
Minnesota will receive bids up to 12
o'clock m., October 5, 1909, for the
building and construction of that part
of State Road No. 1, in said county,
which is situated on line between
sections 29 and 30 and on line between
sectiions 31. and 32, in township 40
and range 26.
The successful bidder will be re
quired to deposit with the county
auditor his certified check for ten per
cent of the amount of his bid to be
retained by the county auditor until
the successful bidder has entered into
a contract and furnished a sufficient
bond for the performance' of said
This road is to be constructed,
according to the rules and regula
tions of the state highway commission.
For detailed specifications inquire
at county auditor's office after Sep
tember 25, 1909. The board reserves
the right to reject any or all bids.
By order of the Board of County
OLE H. UGLEM, Chairman.
E. E. WHITNEY, County
and Ex-Officio Clerk of
Auditor Board.
By A
12,417 70
Redemption fund with U. S. treas
urer (5 per cent of circulation) 1,500.00
Total $251,342.94
Capital stock paid in $30,000 00
Surplus fund 4.500.00
Undivided profits, less expenses and
taxespaid.. 1,020.13
National bank notes outstanding 30,000.00
Individual deposits subject to check 115.100.55
Time certificates of deposit 68,185.21
Cashier's checks outstanding 2,537.05
Total $251,342.94
Countv of Mille Lacs.
I, Jno. F. Petterson. cashier of the above
named bank, do solemnly swear that the above
statement is true to the best of my knowledge
and belief.
T. H. CALEY, 1
Subscribed and sworn to before me this 10th
day of September, 1909.
(Seal) Notary Public, Minnesota.
My commission expires October 21,1915.
E. WHITNEY, Deputy
(First Pub. Sept. 9)
Order for Hearing on Final Account
of Guardian.
State of Minnesota, County of Mille Lacs-ss.
In Probate Court.
In the matter of the guardianship of Alexie A.
Taylor, ward.
The guardian of the above named ward, viz
Mark Eingrose. having made and filed in this
court his final account, together with his peti
tion representing that said guardianship has
terminated and praying that said account be
examined, adjusted and allowed by this court,
and that said guardian be discharged:
It is ordered that said petition be heard and
said acconnt examined and adjusted by this
court, at the probate court room, in the court
house, in the village of Princeton, county of
Mille Lacs, state of Minnesota, on the 4th day
of October, 1909, at 10 o'clock a. m.: and that
this order be served upon allpartiesinterested,
by the publication thereof, for three successive
weeks prior to the said day above specified for
the examination of said final account of said
guardian, in the Princeton Union, a weekly
newspaper printed and published at Princeton
in said county as provided by law.
Dated September 7th. 1909.
(Court Seal) Probate Jud
(First Pub. Sept. 9)
Notice of Mortgage Foreclosure Sale.
Notice is hereby given that a mortgage made
by Mats P. Peterson and Mary Peterson, his
wife, mortgagors, to Thompson Cattle Com
pany, a corporation, mortgagee, which mort
gage bears date the 7th day of November, 1904
and was filed for record in the office of the
register of deeds of Mille Lacs county. Minne
sota, on the 12th day of November. 1904, at ten
o'clock a. m., and was duly recorded in book
"N" of mortgages, on page 525: which said
mortgage was duly assigned by said Thompson
Cattle Company and by J. E. Tappan as trus
tee in bankruptcy of said Thompson Cattle
Company to the undersigned, Charles G.
Koosen, by instruments in writing duly execut
ed and recorded in the office of the register of
deeds of said county of Mille Lacs: which said
mortgage mortgages and conveys the following
tracts or parcels of land lying and being in the
county of Mille Lacs and state of Minnesota
and described as follows, to-wit: The south
half of the northeast quarter (s^ofne3
((First Pub. Aug. 19)
Notice of Mortgage Foreclosure Sale.
Default having been made in the payment of
the sum of four hundred and eight and 25-100
dollars (840S.25), which is claimed to be due
and is due at the date of this notice upon a
certain mortgage, duly executed and delivered
by Cornelius H. Chute and Mary J. Chute his
wife, mortgagors, to John H. Allen, mortgagee,
bearing date the 24th day of November, 1905
and with power of sale therein contained, duly
recorded in the oflice of the register of deeds
in and for the county of Mille Lacs and state
of Minnesota, on the 28th day of November,
1905, at 1 o'clock p. m., in book W of mortgages'
on page 19.
Which said mortgage together with the debt
secured thereby, was duly assigned by said
John H. Allen, mortgagee, to George E. Chute
by written assignment, dated the 13th day of
November, 1908, and recorded in the office of
said register of deeds, on the 21st day of Nov
ember, 1968, at 9 o'clock a. m.. in book -'P" of
assignments on page 500 and no action or
proceeding having been instituted at law or
otherwise, to recover the debt secured by said
or any part thereof.
Now therefore, notice is hereby given, that
by virtue of the power of sale contained in said
mortgage, and pursuant to the statute in such
case made and provided, the said mortgage
will be foreclosed by a sale of the premises
described In and conveyed by said mortgage
viz: Lots eleven (11) and twelve (12) in block
thirty-three (33) of Princaton. according to the
plat thereof op file and of record in the office
of the register of deeds of Mllie Lacs county.
Minn., with the hereditaments appurtendat1se
ances which salseta will be made by the sheriff
of said
SVLc.ou eight
Fridayand th
Lacs county at the front door of
the court house
the villagfe of Princeton In
0 'doc a of that day
ven u'
-?Hh ^SHJ*
"11 '-m
4 and
the northeast quarter of the northwest quar
ter (neu of nwM) of section thirty-two (32)
township forty {40) range twenty-six (26) will
be foreclosed by a sale of the above described
premises to pay the sum due on said mortgage
at the date of said sale, including taxes if any
paid before the date of said sale: which sale
will be made by the sheriff of said Mille Lacs
county at the front door of the county court
house in Princeton in the county of Mille Lacs
and state of Minnesota, on Vv ednesday, the 27th
day of October, 1909, at ten o'clock in the fore
noon of said day.
That on August 27,1908, the undersigned, as
assignee of said mortgagee paid taxes for the
years 1906 and 1907 upon the above described
lands, amounting to $31.72 including penalties
and interest thereon.
There is due and claimed to be due on said
mortgage at the date of this notice the sum of
eight hundred forty dollars (S840.00) principal
and one hundred seventy-four and 27-100 dol
lars (SI74.27) interest and thirty-one and 72-100
dollars (531.72) taxes paid by the undersigned
as aforesaid or the total sum of one thousand
forty-five and 99-100 dollars (31045.99).
Dated at Princeton, Minnesota, this 2nd dav
of September, 1909.
Assignee of Mortgagee.
Attorney for Assignee of Mortgagee,
906-8 Met. Life Bldg., Minneapolis. Minnesota.
hundred and
to tbefhighest bidder for
19 0d 2
dollars,,and Interest and taxes
*5Mnises and twenty-five dol
lars ($35.00), attorney fees as stipulated in
said mortgage in case of foreclosure, and the
disbursements,aUowedtryiaw subject to re
demption at any time within one year from
the day of sale as provided by law.
Dated August 16th, 1909.
n. A Assignee of Mortgagee.
Attorney for Assignee,
Princeton, Minn.
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