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E From 3 to 17, made and guaranteed by Spitz
J~ & Schoenberg at
I $3.00 $4.00 $5.00 and $6.00
S~ Some as low as $2.00 and $2.50, others up to
g: $10.00. Pick while the picking is good.
.May Adopt Without Forcing:
lb is said the republican party of
Minnesota will be forced to adopt a
county option platform for the next
campaign.Le Sueur News.
$- $-
3,000,000 Is Nearer Correct
Gov. Eberhart favors a million dol
lar appropriation for capitol ap
proaches The St Paul real estate
boomers must have gotten close to the
governor's ear Elk River Star
Fur, Fur and Plush Lined
Including Coon, Russian Calf, Russian Lamb,
Dog, Cabaratta, Wombat and many others
trimmed in a dozen different ways
And Gubernatorial Candidates Also
County option promises to loom up
big as an issue in the next state cam
paign, and there will be some awful
dodging among legislative candidates
to avoid taking a stand.Milaca
TPollcy Galore But No Political Principles.
The state press is saying unkind
things about the political policy of
the Dispatch-Pioneer Press, printed in
St. Paul. Why criticise something
that does not exist?St. Cloud
A.Tribute to Pat's Astuteness
'Col. Pat. McGarry of Walker is
said to be handling Hon. W. E. Lee's
boom for governor. If Col. McGarry
is as successful as he was in the Cass
Lake normal fight they will know that
Lee was in the race.Fergus Falls
$12.50 to $50.00
Satisfaction Guarante ed
It Must be You, Doc'
We have a millionaire in Flood
wood. Guess who it is. But for
heaven's sake don't suspect the editor
Flood wood Broadaxe.
$- $-
"Won't Stand for Amalgamated Interests
The people of Minnesota are not
going to tolerate any alliance between
the brewers, ra. roads, steel trust and
executive office, and any attempt
along that line will be properly re
buked at the proper time.Foley
How to Dodge an Issue
Baving taken the office of governor
out of politics Gov. Eberhart very
properly declines to discuss county
option. Strange that no one else ever
thought of simple a method of
avoiding peiplexing and threatening
subjects.-Ortonville Herald-Star.
Won't Please the Farmers
Governor Eborhart's advocacy of a
millio dollar office building for
housing the overflow from the sta'e
Men's and Young Men's Suits and Overcoats
at $10.00, $12.00, $15.00 and $18.00
Some as low as $5.00, $7.00 and $8.50, others up to $20.00 and $25.00. Hun-
dreds to pick from. No difference to us whether you are lean or fat, short or
tall, rich or poor, we can fit and suit you all. Pf* TRY S
Suits and Overcoats
See them, they are going.
Underwear, Sweaters, Sheep Coats, Extra
Pants, Hats, Caps, Shirts, Gloves, Mittens,
Fur Collars, or anything else that men,
young men or boys need in wearables can
be found at our store in quantity, variety
and quality at a minimum price.
Kopp & Bartholomew
capitol may tickle the St. Paul boom
ers, but the hard headed farmer of
Red Lake county is apt to wonder if
all this additional expense is neces
sary.Red Lake Falls Gazette.
*t* *9*
He Favors a 93,000,000 Capitol Mall.
We have not heard a policy out
lined by the accidental governor but
the Princeton statesman tells us he
favors better roads and a tax that
will place them in a far better condi
tion than they are now, and don't you
think that is one big reason why he
should be given a chance to make
good?Granite Falls Tribune.
Not Making Much of a Hit.
The new governor is not making
much of a hit with the country people
by advocating the purchase of all the
land between the old and new state
capitol by the state on which to erect
a new state building costing two or
three million dollars. The country
folk are getting tired of buying St.
Paul property at ten times its actual
value, merely to beautify the saint
ly C3)
city and satisfy a few twin city
politicians.Vesta Censor.
Market Illogical
Tariff experts should turn their
attention to a peculiar situation on
the north Pacific coast. In the past
few weeks the prices of lumber have
advanced from fifty cents to two
dollars a thousand, and the prices for
shingles have dropped from twenty
five to forty cents a thousand. The
duty on lumber wtas reduced thirty
seven per cent, and the duty on
shingles was advanced sixty per cent.
Some way the market does not appear
to be logical.Mississippi Valley
An Absurd Claim
Gov. Eberharfc's friends are ad
vancing the argument that he is "the
logical candidate" for governor next
fall. Why BO? The republicans of
the state have never expressed them
selves as to his candidacy for
governor. Who among the delegates
who voted for his nomination for
lieutenant governor gave a single
thought to the possibility of his suc
cession to the governor's office dur
ing this term? He is no more "the
logical candidate" than is Jacobson
and the latter's friends are making no
such absurd claim.Brainerd Trib
He fa Neither a Hireling or Trimmer
Charley Mitchell would make a
good private secretary, but Charley
evidently believes in the saying
"Beware of Greeks bearing gifts."
Princeton's Clothiers and Tailors 3
He is making good as the editor of a
metropolitan newspaper at Duluth
and would get no additional honofe- as
private secretary to the governor and
would have had to do considerable
trimming to meet the requirements.
And Charley is not a success as a
trimmer.Elk River Star-News.
Will Not Bedraggle the Judicial Ermine.
Justice O'Brien of the state supreme
court is entitled to a large credit
mark. He has promptly and for all
time put a quietus on the proposition
of the kitchen cabinet and others
interested to make him the democratic
candidate for governor. He says it
is unseemly and exceedingly bad taste
for a member of the court to engage
in partisan politics. If he sticks to
his determination the republicans
might well return the compliment by
endorsing him for the position which
he now holds. It would have been
better had Judge Collins once upon a
time taken the same views of the pro
prieties of a member of the supreme
bench.Preston Times
Duluth Coming Into Her Own.
Duluth now gives fair promise of
coming into her own. For years she
has been content to boast of her com
ing greatness and all the while play
second fiddle to the twin cities. Her
wholesale interests have been dictated
largely by twin city houses who
operate branch houses there or are
interested in some other way. The
railroads have discriminated against
the city and her great advantage from
her waterways has been offset in one
way or another. At last some of the
big ones have tired of this thing and
are going to come out into the open
and fight for their rights. They are
raising a fund of $20,000 to carry on
the war with the railroads, the News
Tribune has exposed Michigan street
methods and a determined effort to
get at the bottom of the high cost of
living there is being made. Duluth
is bound to be the metropolis of the
north countrywhen it is to attain to
this position depends entirely upon
its own efforts. We all want to see
Duluth win.Aitkin Age.
Frightful Fate Averted.
I would have been a cripple for
life from a terrible cut on my knee
cap," writes Frank Disberry, Kelli
her, Minn.," without^Bucklen's Arni
ca Salve, which soon cured me." In
fallible for wounds, cuts and bruises,
it soon cures burns, scalds, old sores,
boils, skin eruptions. World's best
for piles. 25c at C. A.. Jack's.
For farm loans go to Robt. H.
King. He gives lowest rates, best
terms and quick service. 50-tf
g^ notice. Expert advice free
A private institution which combines ail the
advantages of a perfectly equipped hospital
with the quiet and comfort of a refined and
elegant home Modern in every respect No
insane, contagious or other objectionable cases
received Sates are as low as the most effi
cient treatment and the best trained nursing
will permit
H. C. COONEY, M. D.,
fledical Director,
Merchant Tailor
4 The new fall and winter patterns have $.
4 arrived Call and inspect them
Fit guaranteed and prices right
Repairing Cleaning Pressing
Main Street, Princeton
Resident Photographer
The Highest Grade Work
Studio Opposite Dr. Coon
ey's Office
Expert Accountant,
Over 30 Years Experience.
1011 First Ave North
The Rural
Telephone Co.
Lines to Dalbo, Cambridge, Santi
ago. Freer and Olendorado.
__ Good Service in Princeton and to all
adjoining points We connect with the
Northwestern Long Distance Telephone
Patronize a Home Concern.
Service Day and Night.
T. J. KALIHER, Proprietor,
Princeton, Minn.
Single and Double Rigs
at a noments' Notice.
Oommeroial Travelers' Trade a Specialty.
wtnm KIMTE
Under the Personal Supervision of
For the Care of Surgical, Maternity
and Noncontagious Medical Cases
1 Princeton Minnesota
Automobile Supplies
E I have them for you, such as Spark Plugs, Dry
Cells, Storage Batteries, Carbide, all kinds of
Mobile Oils and Gasoline. Anything not car-
ried in stock I can procure for you on short
Farm Mortgages,
Insurance, Collections.
to buy.
First National Bank
of Princeton, Minnesota.
Paid up Capital, $30,000
A General Banking Busi
ness Transacted.
Loans Made on Approved
Interest Paid on Time De
Foreign and Domestic Ex
S. S. PETTERSON, President.
T. H. CALEY, Vice Pres.
J. F. PETTERSON, Cashier.
M. M. Stroeter will conduct farm auctions either on commission
or by the day.
Princeton State Ban
Capital $20,000
Does a General
Banking Business
Interest Paid on Time Deposits.
I We Make
i A Specialty
Farm Loansfo
Townscnd Building,
Princeton, Minn.
Dealer in
Fresh" and Salt Meats, Lard,
Poultry, Fish and Game in Season.
Both Telephones.
Main Street, (Opposite Starch Factory.) Princeton, Minn.
Discount Sale
We are giving a discount of
WW IO Percent i
on all Ladies and Gent's Ox-
fords. Call in and see us before
going elsewhere. We have them,
tan, oxblood, patent, gun metal
and vici kid Now is your time
iti itl iti ilfi ilh ti I 1 e. .e
Solomon Long
2m^k^^i^S^MiMSil^!M^^ &&*< & v&& i&%^jm^m^i^dM^ i

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